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It is about Horror Punk, starting from The Misfits, then the two samples This is Horror Punk 1&2 which tried to give a good overview of what emerged after the reunion of The Misfits end of the 90ties (without Glen Danzig of course) and after this some random pieces of the genre. To be honest, some psychobilly and othere familiar genres are within this playlist. by Horror Punk & Psychobilly


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Hide No. 31442 [Reply]
28 kB, 500 × 550
(a post of no particular interest and importance follows)

That feel when I love Motorola now (or at least what Motorola used to be years ago).
Fifteen years ago I bought the pic; at first, even though I didn't intend to use it for anything but calling and messaging, I felt pretty disappointed: it had issues with my provider draining my money through GPRS, it had troubles with reconnecting after I'd turn it off or take a ride by metro (all those issues were dealt with later), it couldn't serve as an mp3 player, its cam sucked (the whole process of moving photos from the phone to PC was really FUCKED UP), but then I kind of got used to it.

So the thing survived falling into water and uncountable collisions with all kinds of hard surfaces, and was serving me well for 15 years up until last week when I broke my charger (not the original one, the original got broken some eight years ago).

At first I didn't think it was a big deal until I ventured fourth to find a new charger. Turned out, it's not that simple. Additionally, I wasn't sure it was the charger that broke, not the phone itself.

So, not hoping for much, I tried to charge it via USB-PC. As expected, I failed. Then I googled whether L6 is capable of charging via USB at all. Turns out, it can, but, first, I need special drivers, second, the phone has to be charged at least for the slightest bit (thanks God, it was). Drivers were a misty matter though. L6 got out of production in 2005, I think. So why would anyone update drivers to it (fuck you Asus, fuck you Microsoft, fuck you Gigabyte)? And yet Motorola provided me with working Windows freaking 7 drivers for the phone! They worked smoothly and my 15 year old phone is charging right now just perfectly.

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No. 31446
171 kB, 1152 × 833
Well motorolla was great when they produced radious for the U.S. of A. military :---DDD

But I, as european patriot had ЁPIN Phone - NOKLA 6300
That was beutifull, compact, had metallic case. I found it - somebody lost it and I found it lying on the ground in perfect condition. Awesome machine. Played many many J2ME games on it.
No. 31627
19 kB, 170 × 402
RIP Nokia
No. 31631
I remember that thing. My brother had it, I think it was fully rubberized.
He once tossed it to me, but it hit me in the face. Hurt like hell.

Hide No. 27331 Systemkontra [Reply]
2,1 MB, 1366 × 768
1,4 MB, 1366 × 768
1,7 MB, 1366 × 768
8,5 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:28
new treda betta
No. 31673
I know it's CoD/Modern Warfare which is a well known thoroughly trash series from a trash publisher/dev but
For some inexplicable reason they blamed the Highway of Death massacre in Iraq on Russia. Why I do not know. Normally I cannot understand this but judging by some reactions people are so sincerely fucking stupid I can see why someone would think such a bald faced lie would work on certain people (I actually spoke with someone who still thought 15 years later that Saddam had something to do with 9/11 and she wasnt stupid imo, though people around her definitely were).

It increasingly feels to me like EA and Activision solely exist to gobble up small studios and destroy them because they're controlled by the Illuminati and can't tolerate anyone having dissenting or conflicting opinions with propaganda. Still, this is just...I...I mean just fokinwutm8

At the same time it's mysterious to me how if you alter a minor detail there are people willing to say it's completely different. You know the sort. "No it's called Takistan not pakistan this clearly has nothing to do with Pakistan" sorts. It was partly why I found discussing things like PoE or Ember so infuriating because there was always this like 20-30% of people who would go out of their way to say they don't see any connection with other things. To this day I have no idea what motivates such people, how they think, or if they're only pretending to be stupid but it really reminds me most of the worst sort of Orwellian stereotypes about a double thinking brainwashed mind. This, I presume, is why some people still use such obvious lies and falsehoods to push their agenda.
No. 31709
499 kB, 1920 × 1080
509 kB, 1920 × 1080
807 kB, 1920 × 1080
981 kB, 1920 × 1080
I give up, I can't play this anymore. It's too boring and totally feels like a chore.
Combat is too rare and short, and kinda boring anyway, stealth is bad, writing is horrible, it's not just because of leftist crap or because it's cringy and juvenile, it's just bad and feels like it's draining my IQ. Disco was written by leftists as well and was fantastic. This one is one of those trendy ones that will use it's politics as an excuse and shield against criticism.
Everything is so unoriginal and uninspired, it is like a fanfiction, but not to a single game but a whole handful of aaa games: Borderlands, New Vegas, Bioshock, KOTOR, No Man's Sky, Prey 2017, rpg games in general. And it feels really cheap, really amateurish, just like fanfiction. It has no personality, aside from mediocrity personified.
No. 31722
>still trying to blame everything on leftism
Comrade, the problem is clearly Capitalism.

No really, I'm not even joking. The problem seriously actually is modern Consumer Capitalism. I've thought about this with why so much of pop culture is trash particularly American stuff and that's the conclusion I've come to, which is that consumerism is the worst destroyer of art imaginable.
No. 31729

Hide No. 30749 [Reply]
1,1 MB, 1920 × 870
193 kB, 700 × 460
What do you think about Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg which is the tallest building in Europe and made by a Turkish company?

It is intended to become the HQ of Gazprom.
No. 31491
>Does the curvature call to mind the onion dome of Orthodox churches, in contrast to the western tower, informed in part by gothic architecture?
Not at all. Since it built for Gazprom it just made in a form of a gas flame.
No. 31499
Somewhere there near working center of russian "trools"
No. 31501
No. 31562
Those windows seem like huge privacy concern. Of course it won't really matter if some weirdo with a drone 1000 feet away is watching you, but still I don't like it. Also it reminds me of a skyscraper I made in Minecraft where it was all glass except the floors and corner pillars, I don't think it looked good in that game and I don't think it looks good IRL.

Hide No. 26224 Systemkontra [Reply]
135 kB, 2000 × 1000
No. 31541
Because climate change is one of those issues that's pretty children centric, like school shootings. It's because some retarded fucking boomer won't ever actually have to deal with or suffer the consequences for all the damage they've caused, but the people who are children right now, will. That is why this is a discussion about young people and the type of earth they will inherit, especially because the mentality of many boomers seems to be "lolwhatever not my problem"

As for protests yeah the London or wherever it was metro protest was kind of dumb, but it did get you talking about it. You are discussing the issue right now. That is the point of these protests. They succeeded in their goal. I am of the mentality that results count, so having a clearly defined goal and taking whatever if at times ruthless tactics are necessary to attain that goal is a respectable position. Everyone is talking about climate change a lot more. People are considering a lot more how yeah, it may not be our problems as adults but the population who will have to suffer for our wrongs already was borned and is living right now. Centering the discussion on these things is a valid point and a valid tactic.
No. 31547
>Because climate change is one of those issues that's pretty children centric,
Most adults do care about the consequences. And children have absoulutely poor reasoning especially greta herself, when it comes to climate change.

I would rather listen a scientist with facts than brainwashed child would believe anything with enough brainwashing. Climate change happened and still continuing because people were making emotional poorly thought decisions, this whole greta and cult are embodiement of that.
No. 31578
>I would rather listen a scientist with facts

That is basically all she is saying.
No. 31603
no, not at all. it's all "I'm literally crying right now" with stupid gestures.

Hide No. 31180 [Reply]
2,3 MB, 4160 × 2080
2,3 MB, 4160 × 2080
2,4 MB, 4160 × 2080
2,2 MB, 4160 × 2080
After some years of cooking with the aim of making it effortless, as little time consuming as it can get, but also with tasty and healthy results, i feel like recommending the following tools (beside pressure cooker):

  • microwave oven, for steaming or boiling vegetables, also for pre-heating food before frying or stir frying it. You can also find other interesting applications for it (like regenerating silica gel, at minimum power but keep always a glass of water to dispose of the extra energy)

  • slow cooker, for stewed or simmered meat of any kind, legumes, sauces and soups, also making broth from leftovers.

  • bread machine, for gruels (i don't use it for bread anymore: for good results you have to grow your yeast colture and it was too much of a bother, despite very interesting and quite rewarding)

  • automatic soup machine: you put ingredients, add broth and start it. In half an hour you get your soup. Problem is, you get about five portions of it, and in the beginning it is quite easy to mess up your meal if you don't follow their recipes. Then you get the gist of it and know what you can do wit it.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 31262 Kontra
Generally speaking yeah, it's a very slow board that heavily discourages thoughtless and impulsive posting. I like it that way. I grow more deeply ashamed of wasting a considerable chunk of time and youth on a shithole like kratuchan
No. 31487
t; man from country that just adds milk and sugar to tea and then drinks it

The thought of English tea is viscerally disgusting. If you're going to turn tea into a sugar and milk desert, at least add interesting spices or flavorings like Indians and East Asians do. Or do whatever Thais do to create their transcendent elixir.

For how central tea is to your culture, your tea culture is really disappointing.
No. 31496
323 kB, 1051 × 794
>other cultures
>worry about such trivialities as taste and presentation
>get conquered by no nonsense brits who shove a teabag in a mug and add water
No. 31516 Kontra

Nige? How did you find Ernstchan?

Hide No. 4705 Systemkontra [Reply]
23 kB, 450 × 300
1,6 MB, 1268 × 655
We have a dedicated thread for movies, series and short films but not about documentaries and i think they deserve one.

If we happen to already have one and i just missed it or the moderation thinks this fits in another thread, pls just delete.

I start with this

China´s lonesome sons - The difficulties of finding a wife in China

It pretty much follows a guy who is buying a wife.

Documentary is German with English subtitles.
No. 30693
1,1 MB, 1322 × 892
this was great, too bad it's so hard to find it
could only find it at a finnish private tracker
No. 31486
There was not a really good thread for this, so I posted it here:

Choice quote:
"Irony is the song of a bird that has come to love it's cage..."
No. 31885
360 kB, 800 × 1120
Some nice music documentary about the German alternative Rock scene of the 60s and 70s, also known as Krautrock.

Krautrock - The Rebirth of Germany

Here's a little shorter video about Krautrock as well.
No. 32570
British documentary about plague
Wow I didn't even know about that one. Or that London seemingly regularly suffered plague every 20 years. The thing that's so remarkable to me is how much they seemingly combined the kost outright lunatic quackery with otherwise perfectly reasonable seeming options, like quarantining the sick including with people they spent close proximity with (a QT is useless if only the actively symptomatic are held), trying to take what appears to be similar to sterilization procedures and avoiding contact with fomites, and killing off all the dogs and cats, which could even work with some diseases wiping out all the animals in the city but in the case of plague I'm guessing not so much. Odd that there is also no mention of culling livestock which is one of the reasons disease ran rampant to begin with, at least in cases other than plague.

There is probably a terrifying lurking danger building right now with last line antibiotic resistances combined with anti-vaxxers.

Hide No. 31166 [Reply]
200 kB, 798 × 612
Yesterday, I took a bus to a forest reserve, I chilled for some time, but then I forgot it was a holiday past 17 hours, and there was no transport back to where I live.
I had to walk 4 cities until reaching my place, it took me around 3 and half hours of walking, from rocky intercity roads scorched by the sun, to religious slums (Bnei Brak) where all lights were out, even Petach Tikvah industrial park saw my lonely figure walking there at night.
Have you ever done something similar in your life? Is getting into these types of situations some evidence of craziness? This is not the first time in my life that I had to walk long distances for hours and hours out of necessity.
No. 31270
Sometimes I really wish I lived in Tel Aviv instead.
No. 31364
>but not to the West, where the sea is at.
This is the problem with Israel. If you colonized the seafloor there would be more than enough land for both Israelis and Palestinians.
No. 31365 Kontra
Haha imagine all the conspiracies if Israel literally built a city on the sea floor. Varg would explode.
No. 31454
Reclaimed land is shit. Living in this hypothetical place would be hot and stinky.
The best course of action is to keep boiling the palestinian frog and acquiring high hills to live.

Hide No. 14283 [Reply]
48 kB, 380 × 436
What things do you lads recommend for getting over a cold manflu, other than the passage of time? I had to go home sick from work today but the office is really too busy for me to be taking the whole week off.

I assume that eating half a tin of Christmas chocolates just now was a mistake.
No. 31373
There are indications that vaccines degrade the immune sytem's ability to adapt to new generations (mutations/strains) of the
pathogen the vaccination was made for. So it's more similar to a doping for the immune system (with negative side effects) than a training for the immune system.

The best training for the immune system is actually getting really infected with standard pathogens and overcome the infection.
No. 31374
Stupidest thing I’ve read today.
No. 31381 Kontra
great arguing skill
No. 31388
I hope you guys are talking about flu vaccines exclusively.

Hide No. 31047 [Reply]
30 kB, 605 × 393
This is probably a dumb question because I am an ignoramus but: in what way was Soviet scrutiny and censorship of avant-garde visual art / music during the 1930s and onward different from Nazi persecution of "degenerate art"?
No. 31052
11,4 MB, 372 pages
8,0 MB, 349 pages
Depended really on a whole variety of things.
How respected were you as an artist internationally. (So, was the state interested in "assimilating" you into the narrative)
How revolutionary were you. (CAN you be assimilated into the new Stalinist narrative)
How hotheaded were you. (Are you willing to compromise with the state)

The Soviets wanted to show how "forward thinking" they were, so they didn't just outright kill everyone they hated or deemed formalist/bourgeois/Trotskyite/Menshevik/Fascist/Reactionary.
If the artist was useful for the system and was willing to compromise, then they'd ask for a few propaganda pieces, and would let him write or compose whatever else they wanted on a smaller scale.

The doctrine of Marxism-Leninism boasted that the USSR's culture was the next step in cultural evolution. It was beyond the west. So obviously, assimilating contemporary art was important. Turning avant garde artists like Shostakovich and Mayakovsky into cogs in the system. Shostakovich gave up, Mayakovsky choose to have a bit more dignity/wasn't smart enough/willing to try undermining the system from the inside, so he bit the bulett. Admirable I'd say. That is, if we can believe the reports that it was a suicide.
There is this old joke about the event.

[Show 21 more lines]

No. 31096
You can find similarities and analogies between every two objects in classifying them as widely as you can. You can divide them onto one broader category and be happy with it, arguing its validity with analogies popped up. It's all about intellectual jerking off, at some point.

The soviet saw the censorship coming right out of the top establishment (it wasn't a socialistic state in terms of power-sharing, to begin with) by way of denoting anything with a story different from depicting regular agricultural people talk about the revolution or key figures in the mythology and ideology of the new state.
Stalin in 1929, afaik, ordered to outlaw everything that was "formalism" which formally meant everything that highlighted a "form" more than content which meant everything apart from ideologically driven excitement about new life or events directly preceded and influenced it. Since about then, he had decided to be a great sole movie producer taking decisions on what films were to be shown. Of course, it narrowed down the soviet cinema output to 4-5 movies per year, and this span of time is widely regarded as a period of, at least, darkness. Even eager adherents are not prone to name a couple of films of oh-yes-superior soviet culture off that age. Similar courses of action were applied to different strands of art save for the differing executors.
So it started off as a way of repressing the culture which, in this regard, was aimed at gaining insight from the revolution and could bring some undesired questions into peoples' heads.
The establishment had seen them as a bunch of variables one might toggle with. And tools like that were applied mainly to ensure the power of the stalin's government. Films he chose, for instance, were largely patristical depicting him as THE father.

[Show 3 more lines]

No. 31114
Soviet and Nazi censorship were very similar in the sense that the state authorities were entitled to ban everything (music, literature,
paintings, cinema, massmedia etc.) that they considered opposing to the state and the state's official ideology.

Specifical differences were caused by the different ideologies, the different historical developments (Nazis 12 years/ commies 70 years) and the different structure of the administrative machineries in both states.

For instance in Nazi-Germany the censorship was executed by the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda while the USSR had a government agency engaged with the censorship of a certain field, for instance one agency that censored all publications that were printed.
The film industry was supervized by Stalin himself, if he thought a certain film's message would collide with the goals of the socialist
state or undermine its authority the film was banned, sometimes also the director purged from the party or arressted and sent to Gulag.

Also other than in Nazi Germany all publishing facilities (including theater, opera, music) in the USSR were state owned and strict control was
already executed at this level. A manuscript had to pass censorship of a state owned publishing house in order to be published and distributed.
Books which were known to meet the official taste, (for instance famous communist leader speeches) were printed in huge numbers while less favored by officials material might be only published in small numbers and not distributed widely.

[Show 1 more line]

No. 31117
>Typical western literature such as best-sellers and romances barely existed in the USSR.
Thing is in post-stalin USSR that decigion what to print and what to publish was on different goverment stuctures, and often they worked same as all soviet goverment machine - kind of corrupted, lazy, sometimes dumb. It's like imagine that you have "additional" barrier before publishing of some g-man, who may or may not allow book depend on his mood today.

Some western books, movies, music was more or less allowed if it was find "ideologically correct". It also depend on what kind of year and "glorious leader" now in the office. Like in 70s you may have article in newspaper about star wars "americans again making terrible imperialistic shitty horror movies about space, fug them X--DDDD" while after like 5 years in 80s you may have gian articles in "Technika Molodyzhi" magazine with giant pics of different trivia and tech from "Empire Strikes back".
There was french comedies in cinema, some american westerns. A lot western classic from Jack London to Alexandre Dumas was more than presented, same as modern wrighters like Gerald Malcolm Durrell and his books about nature, while books like "Twelve Chairs" had some censured moments.

Hide No. 11227 [Reply]
42 kB, 454 × 325
30 kB, 455 × 321
I'm trying to self-teach myself piano and it's not going well (no surprise there).
I have basic knowledge on correct hand position and movement also I know elementary music theory.
Currently, I'm trying to learn a new piece - Aquaria Ending
and I've doubts about correct fingering for the left hand.
The problem starts right at the start when I need to jump from A to B flat (pic 1)
I've tried to land on 5th finger, but it is quite thin so it slips very easily from a black key;
now landing on the 4th finger is more stable but where do I go from there? If I play F with the second finger a lot of tension is unavoidable.
Playing F with thumb and then going over it with 2nd on B flat and finishing with 5th on F (pic 2) sounds fine but feels overly complicated since I need to move my arm a little up and to the side from the shoulder to complete the thumb over motion.
Sure there is a simpler solution that I'm not seeing.
No. 26289
I am playing the drums and your problem really sounds like a motoric issue, which you can just master by playing it piece by piece over and over. Just go as slow as you can and get faster whenever you masterd a few notes. Its hard not to rush.
No. 26321
17 kB, 480 × 360
53 kB, 561 × 560
generally one should mirror the problem in right hand and see whats more comfortable, for me it's still 5th

also stick your elbows out
No. 26354
15 kB, 324 × 182
Use the Svensson-Claw-Grip.
Piano teachers hate this trick.
No. 31091
25 kB, 474 × 437
I did 521 with no problems, maybe flatten your 5th finger a bit more, or flex your wrist a bit more to the left.
also since the piece uses the pedal, you can start going for the Bb2 as soon as the A3 is sounded.

your fingering is unnecessarily awkward especially for a root-fifth-octave which you will see A LOT. It's much better if you manage 521 and get used to moving that hand shape around, it'll help you find those intervals without looking at the keyboard.

>sticking your elbow out while crossing fingers
pic related