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Hide No. 86694 Systemkontra [Reply]
134 kB, 640 × 853
No. 87445
The neighbours boy is listening to Eminem, a track from the Marshal Mathers LP whose name I can't remember.

What's really strange about this is: That squirt wasn't alive when I first held the Marshal Mathers LP in my hands in the year 2000. It just feels ... like ... I need to adjust my model of the world. Because right now it doesn't work that people who weren't born while I was a teen are listening to the music I listened to as a teen.

Has my teenage years music really become dad music already? What the F U C K? I don't even have my masters degree yet, where did time go?
No. 87453 Kontra
I know only a handful of Eminem tracks, Real Slim Shady, Without Me, Lose Yourself, Stan, Just Lose It (?), and Toy Soldiers (which was my teens).

t. less than a year until haver of masters degree to late nonetheless
No. 87458
4,9 MB, 5:19
Let me tell you a story from 2018 when I was in a foreign city with a few work colleagues.
In the evening we went to some kind of club thing.
It was cool, they played Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit and Lil John and all that stuff from my teenage years and I was happy to finally have some good music in one of those dancing establishments.
When I went to piss and passed a bill in the hallway; it had all the events of this establishment.
There I found out that this very evening was oldie night.

Also, what's your favorite track from TMMLP? Mine was always "Criminal".
No. 88001
I like amphetamines how does Phenmetrazine?
always been interested in it after finding out Trump has a script for it

Hide No. 87400 [Reply]
624 kB, 2048 × 2048
No. 87401
cringe. i ain't no goddamn hohol.
No. 87402 Kontra
Sorry but we support Ukraine here.
No. 87403
>Sorry but we support Ukraine here.


>cringe. i ain't no goddamn hohol.

Why are you writing so derogatorily about the Ukraine?
No. 87441 Kontra
6,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:40
Slava Ukraini

Hide No. 87298 [Reply]
1,1 MB, 1230 × 690
What does Ernst think about the new German foreign minister?

I think she manages to combine ethics with smart foreign politics and gorgeous beauty.

I also admire that she is not hiding her feet. That is real body positivity. And I think that her feet are very beautiful.


I also love that the took the subway. That is a clear sign to the normal people that she is also thinks about them and that the loves them.

No. 87386
>This is a pretty good thread.
Thanks, my friend from Portugal.
No. 87387 Kontra
Yep, poorly executed troll

Just ignore his bullshit
No. 87388
>but her feet look pretty normal I don't really get what the big deal is

And still she is not afraid of showing it. That is body positivity.
Signalling to the normal people of Germany that they also don't have to be shameful of their potentially not so beautiful body parts. I am really grateful for this, as my feet are no model feet neither.
No. 87389 Kontra
>poorly executed
Good enough for EC's Germans.

Hide No. 31886 [Reply]
23 kB, 450 × 300
360 kB, 800 × 1120
Old one autosage >>4705

Some nice music documentary about the German alternative Rock scene of the 60s and 70s, also known as Krautrock.

Krautrock - The Rebirth of Germany

Here's a little shorter video about Krautrock as well.
No. 87043
Knew about this documentary from the two guys or the girl and the guy? throat singing in front of the debacle. Couldn’t have guessed it was from Herzog.
Anyway, thanks for presenting it. I watched it and it was magical. That Jesus guy seems like a good bloke.
No. 87046 Kontra
You know that Child is the wealthiest south American country. You know that, right?
No. 87055 Kontra
It's not even true, lol.
No. 87285
This. It is Uruguay.

Hide No. 86359 [Reply]
237 kB, 580 × 662
Ever heard of Chongqing, Dongguan, Tianjin, Xi'an and or Hangzhou? Well each of these cities has at least 10M inhabitants
No. 87162
I remember when Abe was shot, I saw nyt's reporting begins with something like "Former prime minister of Japan was wounded near Kyoto." I mean, if laowais have no idea of Nara, we cannot expect them to know any city in Asia, can we?
No. 87169 Kontra
I remember the time when I was like 10 or something and my grandma told me that "Tokyo used to be called Kyoto" and was surprised when I told her that they were different cities alltogether and Tokyio was called Edo.
People have no idea about things.
No. 87174
Your mum is not a weeb
No. 87240
To my mom, Japan, China and Korea is all the same, she can point out none of them on a map, it's all just places where yellow people with lots of bicycles eat rice and manufacturer electronics.

Hide No. 84170 [Reply]
125 kB, 1024 × 860
1,3 MB, 3296 × 2328
192 kB, 1200 × 879
Previous thread:

Let's discuss out personal journeys towards healthy living and physical fitness. Discuss personal progress, milestones, dieting and/or problems you may have encountered. If you don't know where to begin, ask others and they can help.

What are your methods and routines?

Personal milestone: 100 lbs / 45.36 kg lost in a period of two years.

[Show 2 more lines]

No. 87112
I slowly gained weight since summer, so I started to take action. I started eating in a regular schedule and biking 20min once a day. I already lost 2,7kg in a week. Nice being young.
No. 87113
>Fuck legs, I walk 50 minutes every day to wörk and back home.
No. 87126
I started taking muay thai classes in july this year and managed to lose 10 kilos so far, and got in a pretty good cardiovascular shape.
Now it doesn't just cut it anymore, I feel like I reached a plateau and I need to do something else to keep improving and I think lifting is the way to go.
No. 87127
The frustrating thing about getting fit is I know what I need to and I know how to do it.
I wish I had a personal assistant or a coach to berate me of exercising and stretching (I can kick pretty hard but not too high). I'm doing more overtime at work and I feel even the smallest little change in my routine I just devolve into shitty eating habits, getting too tired (mentally) and not achieving shit. I wonder if there's a pill for that, or my testosterone is too low due to me taking hair loss pills

Hide No. 87013 [Reply]
6 kB, 123 × 244
I've spent enough time online having serious discussions that I've come to realize something.
Not saying it's some novelty idea or anything similar, but I have been trying to maximize the intellectual value each conversation or discussion that I might have online, and with that I have become somewhat confident in one thing; Positivity and open-mindedness, pride being completely put aside are one of the things that are the basis for a discussion that could hold value for both people participating in it.

The best discussions that take place are ones where people consider themselves to be on equal ground intellectually, seeing the person you are arguing against in a way that doesn't take away his or her intellectual value or potential to make a good point that could potentially change the way you think. There's a common mistake that many people make when it comes to discussions, and that mistake is the idea that being right is the most desired outcome.

The very concept of taking part in a discussion with the idea that you want to be right, is already taking away potential for a discussion that could be more intellectually stimulating than you would have without the idea. What is right or wrong should be completely irrelevant, there are a variety of different discussions with people, that as an outside observer, could consider one of the people wrong or right, still make for conversations that have value.

[Show 6 more lines]

No. 87019
major setback in attempting to know things:
communication proved conceptually impossible
No. 87048
8 kB, 246 × 278
post 1/2 of my drivel

Good post but kindaaa long winded. Lemme give my 2c or more:

>... open-mindedness, pride being completely put aside are one of the things that are the basis for a discussion that could hold value for both people participating in it.
Well, yes.
>There's a common mistake that many people make when it comes to discussions, and that mistake is the idea that being right is the most desired outcome.
Well, yes, but pride is often a serious sickness. Or stubbornness is. I have a few people around me who refuse to have productive discussions, never say sorry or "I was wrong", they also "win" all "discussions" and "debates" while not even backing up any claims... Depending on the person I tell them they are wrong, full of shit or stay silent and let them assume they "won". In extreme cases you have narcissists... Most people also do not know how to debate AND use fallacies. How could you know this political decision x was bad concerning y if you are not the premier of Croatia? What a load of shit.

[Show 25 more lines]

No. 87049
9 kB, 264 × 400
post 2/2 of my drivel

>there are other ways of progressing
There are but I have to admit, tech is also the first thing I think of, but we also have universal suffrage, secularism, diverse food, health, and so on... I also like utilitarianism and egalitarianism. How much of it is tied to tech or how much is tech tied to it?

>Going back to what I was saying earlier regarding positivity, I think that having a negative view on things does hold some value, but there's only a specific amount of things you are able to achieve through having a more negative view on things. Positivity opens way more doors. I think that when you approach an argument, or an idea, with a positive outlook, you are allowing the person the freedom to form their own individual point of view without scrutiny. When you do the same thing negatively, you are essentially negating the person's idea or point of view, implying that the person should distance themselves from the conclusion they might have reached.
Again so much to unpack, I prefer a neutral but curious position, maybe that is positive? But there is also "healthy scepticism" I guess? There are ideas and topics I know nothing about and there are cases were I know a lot, so maybe I am dick for dunking on "bad" ideas after or even before I stated my position and backed it up.

[Show 19 more lines]

Hide No. 86855 [Reply]
59 kB, 640 × 853
They named Monkeypox into "MPox" because it's "racist against monkeys". Why not call it R162pox? It would be a better name. That's R 16:2 pox if you want a hint.
No. 86868 Kontra
Is this the usual shizo or another one?
No. 86893 Kontra
No. 86928

R162pox is simply a better name than "don't be racist against monkeys" pox. I'm not saying it's what Rev 16:2 refers to, I'm saying the name is better. Dr. W.H.O. has been spewing political correctness in their names increasingly like a spreading virus.

Hide No. 86862 [Reply]
540 kB, 884 × 663
And goodbye world
No. 86879 Kontra
World doesn't care.

Hide No. 45215 [Reply]
191 kB, 1280 × 960
9,1 MB, 640 × 360, 4:33
129 kB, 500 × 738
266 kB, 1377 × 975
And space etc. Old one died.
No. 86687

>The parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, makes its hosts bold [...] in rodents, infection generally correlates with decreased fear of cats and increased exploratory behaviour.
>[...] data on grey wolves (Canis lupus) collected intensively in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, over nearly 27 years.
>The team looked at 256 blood samples from 229 wolves, which had been carefully watched throughout their lives, and had their life histories and social status recorded. Meyer and Cassidy found that infected wolves were 11 times more likely than uninfected ones to leave their birth family to start a new pack, and 46 times more likely to become pack leaders — often the only wolves in the pack that breed.

>46 times more likely to become pack leaders

Can we have a study done on humans, please? I would really like to see if there is a correlation between toxoplasmosis infection and choice of career path.
No. 86691
Iirc there has been something about cat people being different from normal people because they got toxoplasmosis from their cats. Or they are cat because of toxoplasmosis, I don't know anymore.

There's also research indicating people getting a HUGE broadcasting compulsion from a diet consisting mainly of wild boar.
No. 86704
Both. They Like cats because they have toxoplasmosis, the cats spread toxoplasmosis. Tixoplasmosis makes mammals drawn to cats and makes the cat stench tolerable. It also make them underestimate risks. For example, cat persons exhibit more reckless driving due to their infection. Toxoplasmosis is the cat's symbiont, it generates easy prey and dumb servants for the cat.
It appears it is also the wolves symbiont, making wolves alpha as fuck and thuzms ensuring their reproductive success.
No. 86705
Only the badass wolves will kill and eat a cougar, and that in turn makes them more badass so they can dominate the weak beta wolves into submission!! Nature is awesome in v the way it eradicates all weak and worthless life!