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No. 10282
46 kB, 537 × 435
What happened? Why did it go down? Why is it back?
No. 10283
102 kB, 1229 × 642
My posts on ernstchan.com were too good so merkel took it down, now we have this poor copy. My posts are still the best out of all the knuckledraggers here but I keep it at an iq89 level to keep the site alive and to control your orgasms.
No. 10284
Krautniggers pillaged the original site and slaughtered the admins with doxxes.
No. 10285 Kontra
This post alone makes me think you should be banned for shitposting

The faggots on kohl doxxed the admins which helped kill the site. Do you remember all the worst shitposters, trannyposters, poltards from 4kanker etc who ruined KC? They ruined the site.
No. 10291
135 kB, 1200 × 1200
actually it was pornography addicted kohlburners

pic and link related
No. 10293 Kontra
It's just a link to their catalogue. The fuck am I supposed to be seeing? I'm not wading through all that shit.
No. 10300
A bunch of the old ernstchan mods were openly affiliated with antifa but thought it was a big secret. It wouldn't have been a problem except they pretended that they weren't ("hahaha if we were really antifa (SECRET CLUB) we wouldn't be stupid enough to say it") so people posted screenshots of their public social media accounts talking about being in antifa. Then they freaked out and took everything down.
No. 10303 Kontra
>bunch of
There was one mod who was affiliated with German leftist parties. This asspained the faggots enough they raided the site and tried to dox everyone. The reason they got so butthurt to begin with was mods started dropping the banhammer on people for shitposting and made "nigger" and "cuck" bannable words. Which frankly I didn't have a problem with because it never affected any good posters. In fact "cuck" should still be a bannable offense if it isn't already, and became that way on KC specifically because we were getting flooded with 4kanker invading us. If you look at the current state of a place like cabbagechan or /kc/ or the fate that befell KC it should be abundantly clear why it was a good thing to ban the fuck out of everyone from 4chan. The original admins of EC never even wanted to be a refugee site for krautchanners. It was their house and their rules, and it always was a better chan because of it.

This pissed off the most openly cancerous elements because everyone decided EC was the new KC. Hence them trying to take down the entire site. I bet you cabbagechan to this day has every one of the worst shitposters there. I bet that site now gets flooded with gaytex spam, tranny spam, CP, Al Quebeci, that retard from Texas in Germany, every one of the worst posters from KC. I bet there's a ton of people on there who don't even recognize old KC webms and memes and openly shit on things like comfy threads and IWO threads. KC was such a piece of garbage by the end because of people like that I stopped using the site entirely by late 2017. It doesn't surprise me that you faggots managed to kill our old home completely a few months after that. If we ever get a flood of those sorts of shitposters again they should all ruthlessly be banned. If you want a /pol/ circlejerk while spamming tranny dicks and shitposts, you can fuck right off to any of the dozens of other boards.
No. 10320 Kontra
Minor correction: That mod was not affiliated with the Antifa, he was just using the URL antifa.gmbh as vhost in IRC, which is just a joke (and admittedly a pretty good one at that).
That being said, most of the mods were sympathetic or involved with the chaos computer club, which can be argued to be "left" if you are looking at it from the right.

t. former mod
No. 10335 Kontra
>and admittedly a pretty good one at that
I feel hard to understand German humor. Joke has left us without EC.
Maybe it's too good for this world.
No. 10370 Kontra
Disclaimer: I know the tropes about explaining jokes and german humour.

Still: GmbH is the risk-management solution for starting a for-profit company in Germany (think of "something GmbH" as "something inc."). This goes directly against anything most Antifa groups want to represent. So registering the domain antifa.gmbh holds great potential for trolling people who either do or do not get the joke and get reactionary about it.
In the case of the vhost used in the EC IRC you might say it backfired, but ironically it wasn't this mod who got doxxed and harassed, he just triggered the mob and the admin then took the bullet for it.
No. 10373
How do you explain this then: https://twitter.com/kaikubasta
No. 10374 Kontra
I know Kohlchan exists, but, but it was still the Krautchan userbase. Kohlchan inherited the majority of the KC userbase.
No. 10382 Kontra
> chaos computer club
Anyone who's attacking them is a bonafied faggot who should be ignored and their servers poisoned
Bawwww who fucking cares what these dumb faggots think.
No. 10388 Kontra
76 kB, 640 × 480
>If you look at the current state of a place like cabbagechan or /kc/
I really hope you ain't talking about endchan/kc...
No. 10393 Kontra
No but having just checked it out it looks like a weeb board and is also shit. I meant the cripplechan board, which was also unspeakably terrible. Protip if the *chan in question has a /pol/ board right alongside it, the /int/ is guaranteed to be absolute dog shit.
No. 10403 Kontra
Would you mind not spreading that and also not bumping this thread, please?
No. 10438 Kontra
Well, our little community severed ties with KC main back in 2016 and we have great many serious discussions in many topics and created many OCs since then. Sadly we also suffered catastrophic events not even once which forced us to move then lost all of our threads, twice. We have a lone poster who has to do anything with /pol/ and he is quite bearable and not /pol/ and not any "weeb" stuff haven't had any influence on us.
With a...
>just checked it out
... one cannot actually form a well founded opinion as a proper conclusion can only be reached by longer period of lurking.
Ernst has many sympathetic posters even if the place itself a little stuck up and gloomy but by your post I can tell that while Ernst didn't, you yourself personally pretty much deserve everything Kohlposters did. I hope you personally will enjoy it in the future as well.