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No. 10318
1,5 MB, 2560 × 1920
How do I even start eating this? I can't find the courage to open the first please help.
Open to suggestions on how to put wise limits on myself too, I really can't afford catching diabetes.
No. 10319
You could send some of it to poorer Ernsts. Me, for example :3
No. 10321
Eat only one each day. Oh, and throw away the "blanc" ones.
No. 10324
Would but the shipping will be more than the chocolate no?

Already one a day seems too much if it's going to be everyday.
And the real problem is how to control myself?
I would need a dispenser on a timer wich pops half a bar out every 12hrs or someting.
No. 10325
How does one even end up with that much chocolate? That's more than I've eaten in a decade though tbh, so I can't really help you on the rationing thing unfortunately.
No. 10327
Can you count how many kinds of chocolate you have?
No. 10328
Found the golden ticket.

The kinds are all there sorted out except two piles but no other new flavours.

Calculated 8592 grams of chocolate.
On their website the 6pack of bars is 16.20€ that makes me owner of €250+ worth of chocolate.

I feel rich.
No. 10329
You know, having 8.5kg of chocolate and not knowing what to do with it is a pretty quality problem to have. So by 'golden ticket' I presume that there was some kind of promotion that you won? Neat.
No. 10330
Yes the supermarket was having a very special deal bin today.
Buy 0 get 100 free.
No. 10331
1007 kB, 1280 × 720
You should count the number of days between now and the expiration(or best by) date, and then divide that number by the number of bars. Whatever that answer is, eat one bar for that many days. That way your decision to eat chocolate on any given day is based purely on logistics.
No. 10332
I don't understand, pls eggsblain.
No. 10334
Then according to logics I shall consume one bar each -2.580 days.
No. 10336
Shoplifter detected!
No. 10338
20 kB, 210 × 240
Oligarch tier
No. 10339
*President tier
No. 10341
30 kB, 603 × 306
  1. Put it all in a pot and melt it
  2. Mix 50/50 with milk to make it thin and drinkable
  3. Drink it all within 1 hour
No. 10342
166 kB, 351 × 349
>Would but the shipping will be more than the chocolate no?

Not if you send many bars. Don't make us come and find you.
No. 10343
Just but it under something in the fridge, i am weird, bc i only eat stuff i can see, if i can't see it i don't want it and if i see it i have to finish it, feels third world.
No. 10344
1,5 MB, 2560 × 1920
I'm starting to belive that this was a big, big mistake.

I'm wondering wich will crack first: the liver or the stomach?
No. 10345
Definetly going to do this this evening! Great Idea!
No. 10346
That's reasonable.
If you pay shipping I will def send! Sorry but I don't have the money to ship lots of packages everywhere.
No. 10347
I doubt my mind will forget that easily about chocolate..
No. 10350
143 kB, 341 × 475
You'll ged fad :DDDD
No. 10351
228 kB, 480 × 360
Go out and give it to homeless people :3
No. 10363
Are they really tasty or just posh crap? If really tasty Bernds Ernsts might be interested in roughly shop or internet prices + shipping...
No. 10366 Kontra
Hello, can you send me the blanc framboise, if you don't like them.

Also explain the golden ticket more precisely.
No. 10369
It looks extremely pleb, just by the packaging.
No. 10384
They are okay considering the facts. I can't complain.
Sorry no blanc framboise and nothing with milk is availabe.
Besides being among the oldest 6/2/18 the milk made them look funny. The smell was fine and also the taste was quite ok but they look so off.

All of the darks, wich are the majority anyway are still very good!

The whole reason I got them free is because the shop can't sell them anymore, but we all know chocolate dosn't expire.. at least dark one.

Anyway I have been in bed since, the liver was the weakest and I'm quite sick. This should teach me well for the rest!
No. 10385
I think the homeless from around here would tell me to fucl off.
No. 10447
177 kB, 1280 × 814
You suffer so much with that chocolate, truly less is more. John Mcafee said he was less stressed after he went from $100 million net worth down to $2 million. It will be a burden off your back to be poor again.
No. 10526
Yes you are right I should give it away.
I suffered from it enough.
Europe Bernsts I want to send dark chocolate to you, but shipping's on you sorry I can't afford (there's a reason why I look for trash behind supermarkets) so speak up and we can arrange something.
No. 10532
Damn. Even the homeless in France get massive amounts of really nice chocolates. Here even the non-homeless eat random half eaten pizzas they found in a Walmart shopping cart.
No. 10537 Kontra
Looking at shipping options without giving out names.
Mondialrelay seems to have good offers but I think they want recipient's name even for drop off at house.
Maybe classic post is better?
I have never sent packages before..

Isn't just culture things?