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No. 11014 Systemkontra
50 kB, 504 × 351
649 kB, 1280 × 720
43 kB, 800 × 450
430 kB, 640 × 831
Previous deda. Maybe add something to Op post, like some infor or news in next threads so OP post would not be so empty?
No. 11018
I am still trying to finish FNV.
I'm at the part with the substation in El Dorado I think it was, but I go in and everyone immediately opens fire on me. Then my computer had to be restarted because of another crash so there I am, trying to be the new lord of the Mojave although I can definitely feel the character and story getting way darker in an Anakin->Vader kind of way despite my best intentions and trying to be a more pacifist good guy from the start, slowly being corrupted into a complete monster by the wastelands regardless of no real real karma meter
No. 11019
Are you wearing faction armour?
What is your faction rep?
Certain areas are restricted and during certain scenes eg the president arriving you can not approach.
No. 11022
There are some really interesting backgrounds on how hard it is to sell old games today in this documentary on GOG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffngZOB1U2A

I figure some of you might find it interesting what happens behind the scenes there.
No. 11023
Saw it a while ago and can confirm that it's kinda interesting to see.
No. 11024
Use a stealth boi to sneak in at night and do your thing. It's way more fun to gun down all the NCR troopers though. I did it with a nail gun.
No. 11030
I'm surprised gog has such a large office building and staff. I thought they are just a few guys in a rented office and a few coders for adapting games to modern hardware (widescreen patches etc.)
No. 11033
Just beat it gg
No Combat Mk II, I pretty much ignored all faction armor except once when snooping around the Lux or whatever it's called with the masked people casino. I actually only got a surprisingly low amount of achievements but then again I also felt a pressing need to just hurry up towards the end. The game was well enough made that I completely forget game mechanics and playing it with game logic which accidentally got the Khans wiped out when I intended on absorbing them into the Greater Vegas Independent Region. I simply did not want to tell them to ally with the NCR, partly because they gunned me down when I went went to the train doors in McCarran and I never forgot about that, plus all the other idiocy and dickish moves they did. Although, I had Raul as my main companion and left him that idiotic Roman headdress just because it had DT 5.

>faction rep
With who? I didn't even want to get involved but I ended up "helping" Goodsprings by bringing a rain of shit down on them for helping that guy, which ultimately offered neither me nor really anybody else any benefit. Powder Gangers were one of the only factions I got vilified. The other two were the Legion, because fuck them (it pissed me off I couldn't take any victims down from the crosses so I went all Longinus on anyone I found ultimately), and also the Brotherhood of Steel. I felt like that was truly the moment of my turning to the darkside when I went around helping a few people in there only to very quickly figure out they not only had a self destruct mechanism but also a turrets retargeting system, and that since I was playing a sneak/speech/guns/some science character I was easily able to lift the codes off everyone and do what came naturally to me the moment I saw the option when sneaking a peek at their computer and did what Revan would do: I set all their turrets to targeting Brotherhood personnel and amidst the chaos hit the self destruct switch. This was my first and last time visiting the brotherhood. I would've helped them but the first time I saw an explosive collar was on Legion slaves, and here I was being basically a slave at bomb point running their errands. I was previously trying extremely hard to avoid killing even the Fiends but slowly got used to the killing. I think it was at that moment of seeing the smoke rise from Hidden Valley that I truly knew I had turned as my character set out to take over Vegas. I didn't even have a main story mission for it I just wanted to go there and meet the Brotherhood of Steel. I decided to simply kill them all instead, reasoning I'd probably have to fight them anyway and a Red Wedding was the most efficient way to do it without having an ongoing bloodbath.

Boomers idolized

Novac idolized

Khans liked

Followers idolized and the only faction I actually truly liked and ended up joining. I didn't trust or really like anyone else.

NCR liked because I kept running a bunch of missions for them and at one point got so fed up with Legion I ended up just outright gunning them down wherever I see them. But I also was using IRL logic. I was hoping the NCR would put the pressure on Legion and hopefully get the Legion destroyed but have the NCR strained enough to not be a threat. There were some good people in the NCR but I realized broadly that turning the dam into a bloodbath would weaken both sides so I could mop up the weakened and demoralized survivors if they didn't surrender and kindly leave the dam and the rest of Vegas to me and the new independent state resting on the pillar of Followers of the Apocalypse guidance and wisdom.

I was somewhat surprised to find out the fate of everyone. Like for some mysterious reason Novac getting fucked hard by the Legion. I have no idea why that happened. There were a few times I could've used speech checks like on the Legate in the end but by the time I got near the end realized I'd rather just shoot him in the face and kill everyone in the Legion camp. I didn't want them to retreat East. I wanted them all to die there and leave a graveyard of burnt flags and fields of corpses.

So yeah the NCR didn't fuck with me and I stopped the assassination.

How about you? What were your ultimate faction allegiances? What was your impression of the game?
No. 11037
Aren't gog part of CD project red?

Are you in zayon national park addon and accidentaly failed it?
No. 11040
As >>11037 said, gog are a sister company to CDPR, both are sub-companies of CD Projekt, which started in the 90s as reseller and translator for PC games in Poland.

The first episode of this Witcher documentary is entirely about how CDPR was founded and how the founders grew up pirating software while Poland was still behind the iron curtain:
No. 11046
Wow, what the fuck.

The Path of Exile big part 2 expansion just has you backtrack through part 1 with slightly different environments and harder difficulty.

The story was obviously cobbled together by multiple writers and contradicts itself at points.

I lost interest quite quicklynowadays I find it difficult to engage in a game that has no context for its mechanics. It's just mental masturbation at that point.
No. 11047
38 kB, 460 × 215
378 kB, 694 × 523
330 kB, 1920 × 1080
On Dominions:
>Dominions: Priests, Prophets and Pretenders is a turn-based strategy game designed by Illwinter Game Design, in which up to fourteen "pretender gods" at a time each battle for global dominance.

I said I thought you'd like it because of its fantasy angle.
The game itself is very broken, and overpowered civilizations with gamebreaking spells contribute to the game's appeal in its own way.
Civilizations have their own Gods, spells and units. The mix of real lore with a fantasy setting is pretty neat.
Overall, the game has some serious problems but it is pretty enjoyable. The interface is also horrible.
However its flaws do make it a great game, plus it has an insane amount of depth to game strategies.
No. 11048
The Context-Mechanics dynamic in game design is an extremely interesting one. In my experience, the more complex you make the mechanics and the interactions between mechanics, the more context it requires to make them interesting. People have a limited attention span, even people with good ones have their breaking point, and raw mechanics require simplicity to process, and if you want to make a complex network of mechanics, contextualising them makes it easier to process by using the audience's prior knowledge of things to your advantage. This lets you put more complexity in while not making the workload unreasonable. It's also why intuitiveness is so valuable. If something just makes sense without having to give it a second thought, then that's a mechanic that isn't taking up your audience's attention span which gives you room for more interesting things.
t. did amateur hour paper game design in high school
No. 11060
It's the same philosophy by which graphical windows interfaces were designed.

You have your desktop, on which you have your files. Files can be placed in folders. When you open a file, it appears flat on your desktop. When you delete a file, it goes to the recycle bin. When you clear the recycle bin, it's marked for deletion.

A lot more intuitive than explaining what a file system is, how to change directories through terminal commands, which command does which, etc.

Visual metaphors to reduce the complexity of a system.
No. 11070
1,1 MB, 1280 × 632
I never thought of that aspect but you're 100% right. Analogies are really great ways to break down mechanics. When I was doing my paper design in high school, Richard Garfield's work on Magic in the early 90s blew me away. There was some garbage sure, but there was one of the most beautifully designed game mechanics ever to exist in that game, Flying. It just does what it says on the can, can't be blocked unless the blocker has flying. Why? Because it can fly, it doesn't need explaining. I really like clean, well-designed mechanics, using the simple to create emergent complexity that remains manageable is a thing of beauty when you see it done. Don't get me wrong, badly designed interfaces that are full of too much autismal information can be fun to use but they're designed for the experienced user from step one and while they become good sources of information once you're over the hump, they're not good at managing attention span economy.
No. 11085
Sorry for completely unrelated but what is your opinion on thid?
Background info is the woman is representing Kazakhstan in the Olympics and this is the song they played for her medal ceremony as national anthem
No. 11086
First pic: SSB Melee veterans
No. 11087
169 kB, 369 × 317
Ebin as fug
No. 11128
The Day of Defeat servers are complete dead :(
No. 11149
Original or source? When I played last time years ago there was a lot of leople playing botg games
No. 11175
Both. Original has one server with like 4 people on it. Source has 3 dead servers. It's sad.
No. 11177
800 kB, 1834 × 1034
I just installed it out of interest and that's how it looks for me.
Not a lot but at least i could join a game.
No. 11190
164 kB, 1516 × 1092
64 kB, 1280 × 720
86 kB, 640 × 480
37 kB, 380 × 349
So I'm in act 5 of PoE on a new character, and just saw something that gave me strange nostalgic feels.
There's this hostile "frightened citizen" mobs, and all they do is run away and scream "Help!", "I don't want to die".

Those 1hp neutral mobs with no damage are such a 90s phenomenon. You know, those helpless NPCs whose only purpose is to die in hilarious ways to monsters, or to your collateral damage. Gave me comfy feels to encounter something like this again.

I remember having tons of fun torturing this NPC archetype in many games. I think someone who can't appreciate mowing down helpless NPCs in video games lacks something important as a person.
No. 11208
7 kB, 346 × 234
How to stop worry that you can't play all these games?
No. 11215
why can't you?
i cannot because i am just bad in most
No. 11217
153 kB, 1280 × 720
Can you make more effort posts? I assume you a newcommer, so here is thing - here we like to make more complex and interesting posts and avoid shitty memes for the most part. Thank you for cooperation.

I'd don't say scientists is a one hp mobs. They have their roles like almost everything in original half life "ecosystem". They had proper AI, most of them unique characters who say unique lines or part of in-game cutscene.

However I can understand what thing you point about, it often in rpg when to emulate life in cities and villages put many npcs to play "background". And aften they gived lowerest characteristics.

But I remember meme from might and magic 6 where there was no guards in towns however pesants if atacked go aggresive and can stab your low level party pretty hard. (Sorry for shitty screenshot, from phone, only thing related I found in google)

>Those 1hp neutral mobs with no damage are such a 90s phenomenon. You know, those helpless NPCs whose only purpose is to die in hilarious ways to monsters, or to your collateral damage
Is this something only "90s related"? Nowdays therr no such thing as it is? Well if you mean gta style people they still common in such sanbox games, or should be at least.
No. 11220
> Can you make more effort posts? I assume you a newcommer
I am not sure this is an entirely a good thing to ask for. The thing is that Ernsts are incredibly effort-conscious, at all times. Such an approach might be described as objectively efficient, but it does not equate to a pleasurable or enjoyable /b/ experience.
I believe it is not just the raw intellect that we appreciate so much and that defines our values. I think kindness and cuteness is essential, and it can be a wonderful addition to a dry and high-brow environment. I'd say more posts like >>11208, childish, infantile, vulnerable and cute. It takes effort to be really kind and to spread kindness, but once you get used to it, it becomes the most important thing in life.
It takes true talent to post really cute things.
No. 11221
375 kB, 2736 × 1824
Been playing Rimworld it's a very neat game.

My deep space colony was originally planned to be a colony of psychopaths so I commit all sorts of atrocities without my colonists having mental breakdowns, but I ended up recruiting non-sociopaths since I needed specialists in certain skills. At the moment it stands at 50/50, between normal people and sociopaths, and I've commited no major atrocities, the worst I did was raid a local tribe and burn down the settlement but no colonists felt sorry for them. I plan to maintain half my population as psychopaths since should shit hit the fan, I can execute half of my population and keep the colony running. (I constantly fear starvation episodes since that is how colonies tended to end in the early days).

We've just survived our third year, longest I've managed so far.
No. 11222
I don't know what "b" you talking about, but this is classic-style Ernstchan int, not krautchan, not 4chan, not even ernstchan that was under kc occupation.
We have our traditions and trying to keep this place in way we like it. And I personally don't want lost ernstchan again and don't want it to be kraukanker-like board with one-liner posts and bad drawed pictures.
No. 11223
892 kB, 1026 × 683
Yes well there is an obvious difference between Pepe trashposting and the entire KC subculture and ecosystem, of which things I do not approve, on the one hand, and posting Chen and pictures of anime girls and being a naive vulnerable child online in all, on the other hand. I believe the latter behavior should be encouraged and cultivated everywhere and at all times, for obvious reasons, right.
No. 11224
43 kB, 607 × 428
>and posting Chen and pictures of anime girls and being a naive vulnerable child online in all, on the other hand. I believe the latter behavior should be encouraged and cultivated everywhere and at all times, for obvious reasons, right.

nozzles you

No, let Ernstchan be. A nearly dead place, but a place where one can be at peace and enjoy long form posts. This type of board is a dying breed, and it'd be better for it to remain untarnished by things that one can find in all other boards. I do not want to speculate on what posesses you to desire to pretend to be a "naive vulnerable child" and to have others do so, particularly when others are neckbeards in their 20s and 30s. But it can't be a good sign.
I think this discussion is a better fit for another thread.
No. 11239
2,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
He is right about the general politeness and kindness though

On topic, this remains my favorite game. Only issue is it's pretty easy to beat in under 300 tunrs although I have yet to set the difficulty really high, mainly because I want smarter AI, not cheating bastard Ai.
No. 11241
There are thousands of games to play and it takes time to 100% complete them. I can't play games for days.
No. 11243
what is the point
No. 11246
I like when I explore the game fully.
No. 11247
But it's worth it for maybe 2% of games to do so
No. 11248
2% games out of 100000 already makes 2000.
No. 11249
From what I've played of modern games (defining modern as 2010+, I guess), there's a stark, hard-coded separation between enemies and "civilians". Civilians usually can't even be attacked, or are present entirely in "no-combat" areas such as town hubs. Especially later bioware games are guilty of that.
It's a side effect of wanting a "narrative heavy" game. Such a design philosophy seems vaguely... japanese. Like final-fantasy sort of thing.

Even Half-Life 2 did this.
No. 11250
That isn't narrative heavy that's just poor design. There are still plenty of games where you can actively dick over NPCs, even the important ones. Wasteland 2 and FNV comes to mind. Good game design is dealing with the fact that some players just want to try killing absolutely everyone. It's not a good idea usually, but you can do it. Bioware was indeed very guilty of that because it just wasn't designed that way. I also think too many players would just start whining about how the game is "broken" because they wanted several mission critical NPCs without realizing it was basically a game over from that point. I think what you are confusing is what's scripted. Like in Mass Effevt you have the opportunity to decide the fate of one of the human companions and at another time can shoot Wrex but it's all completely scripted. In Fallout you could kill literally everyone even technically the Overseer it's just that would fuck you later on, especially if you decide to blast those annoying thieving kids. FNV sorta did that minus being able to shoot children for some reason, and simply going up against one faction was a bad idea. Wasteland 2 is way more scripted but even then you can waste whole towns if you feel like it it's just you get a hit squad sent after you and the storyline becomes unplayable. The problem is nowadays games don't even let you make a stupid mistake like running off cliffs. Mass Effect and Witcher were both severely guilty of this and it had absolutely nothing to do with narrative and everything to do with laziness on the dev's part. I don't even know why jumping off cliffs wasn't allowed because jumping off cliffs was bizarrely ludicrously fun to do in FNV and it wasn't even impacting storyline at all. Problem being that nowadays devs create a little box for you to play in and don't allow anything conceivably outside that box for some reason. I'd say there is overall way less freedom in games. Only a few try to recapture that and its hit or miss. Pillars of Etsrnity is another good example where you can kill goddamn everything. It may not be a good idea but at least you can do it, even including executing companions. Speaking of which is Baldurs Gate even good from a storyline point of view like Planescape or is it just a tedious grind fest that's mostly about combat like Icewind Dale and Diablo?
No. 11251
2,3 MB, 1810 × 1024
Bioware games always was limited. They kinda evolve from top-down isometric RPG games, and have all their limitations, additionally to that, they even dumbed down. What I don't like in many isometric RPG and espessialy in bioware games, that their world is just like very theatrical decoration. Like there just a small corridor often, with placed 2-3 points of interest that you can and need to interact with to play dialogue/cutscene, plus sometimes in this corridor placed 3-5 enemies that you need to kill. This is not type of worldbuilding I like.
Half life in many ways dumb down from half life 1. They kinda emulate idea of HL1 about "game without cutscenes" but many of in-game cutscenes are forced to player, like eastern back mesa might be just cinematic that you can not skip, there be no difference. Same as leveldesign become much more primitive and lienar - relised version of HL2 cuted a lot ideas they wanted to make and count not on gameplay, but in technology - graphics, physics, face animations, reflections etc. This why HL2 in mine opinion aged terrible compare to original game.
No. 11253
>I don't even know why jumping off cliffs wasn't allowed because jumping off cliffs was bizarrely ludicrously fun to do in FNV and it wasn't even impacting storyline at all.

Even thought it dumbed down in many ways, while Mass Effect heir of isometric RPG games, FNV in some ways - at least movment, interaction with the world is heir of TES Arena and TES Daggerfall, which was games that allow absolute freedom of control character, like it was in classic FPS games and Unlima Underworld.
No. 11259
578 kB, 1587 × 868
Decided to play original Deus Ex
Kinda disappointing non lethal route sucks so much, and renderers spaz out too often
No. 11267
155 kB, 800 × 1141
There are so many remastered versions of videogames, are there any games Ernst would actually want to see remastered?
I want to replay pic related but it aged horribly.
I would also like HD versions of some games i played on the PS1 like C-12, Apocalypse, Fear Effect or Heart of Darkness.
No. 11269
Miiister.. gimme two pesos.. :3
No. 11270
Oh man, I got this game for free some videogayms magazine. I really, really enjoyed it. Even at the time I knew everything about this game is broken and shitty, but I loved it.
No. 11271
System Shock and Marathon games but they'd need a lot more than just remasters at graphics level. Combat is painfully clunky and horrible for one thing. Same goes for Arcanum of Steamworks and Magic.
No. 11274
232 kB, 900 × 675
Best option is always not remaster, but just new opensource engine. This always allow play game with modern renders or resolutions and actual community have opportunity on modding anything. Remasters on other hand, espessialy by new companies is often pic related. For example ubisoft remake of Heroes 3. Or 1998 """special""" edition of TIE Fighter. Now EA announsed that working on old CnC games remakes and I fear it will be horrible thing.

Just go fuck yourself. Seriously. This is one of reasons REMAKES and moden sequels often result as trash. Modern companies aimed for new audience of degenerates who need just modern game with easy controls, easy gameplay and all things like this.
With system shock remake they go back to more original look after critique from backers and community and hope it will be much clother to original game. https://youtu.be/TvzXqhh_ktQ
However with early looking glass games it always best experience to play with original resolution and interface to have maximum atmospheric interactive experience. Even thought there patched by Night Dive Studios version in gog with better mouse support but never played it.
No. 11278
137 kB, 1280 × 720
218 kB, 1500 × 844
I'd say it's different design philosophies.

Western games are "honest", in that they try to create an environment in which the player is just another actor. Every entity, be it the player, enemies or NPCs, is subject to the same fundamental rules of the simulated world, and are essentially the same class of object. They are harmed by the same things, they interact with the environment the same way, the game treats them the same. (It's kinda ebin how this mirrors western liberal ideas). The player is just another NPC that happens to have a keyboard input instead of a scripted AI.

Eastern games are more 'meta', in that the game itself is aware of and acknowledges the fact that it is a game, a product. So the player is a special object, NPCs are another type of object, which do not follow the same rules. There is no simulation going on, NPCs are invincible because being able to kill them would make the game "worse" as a product, and such a scenario is treated as a bug rather than a feature. The developer doesn't allow you to break the game because doing so would make the game a worse "product".

It's my hypothesis that such are the reasons that western games are janky as hell, but have more soul, while eastern games are squeaky clean like a new plastic toy, but have no Soul(tm).
No. 11284
There is just that different types of evolution combined with thing that Japan and China very slowely evolve and don't want get rid of outdated things.

JRPG bordned from three different things as I know: From their interactive novels or something like this, from console and arcade games and from early western RPG games.
And by early I mean realy early. In many mechanics JRPG still just copy systems form first dungeoncrawlers, like Wizardry.
For example, Might and Magic get rid of Encounter system in 1991, kinda dumbed down and simplified combat, but on other hand inserted combat, enemis in actual workd, so this is not just random spawn but pre-filled creatures that have their fixed logical places in the world. JRPG have this systems still today, as I know.
No. 11286
Depends on the title. Not all JRPGs are the same, it is a more diverse division than people give it credit for. Some of the 3D Final Fantasy games have visible enemies to trigger combat while others don't and that is one franchise. I have been playing Resonance of Fate recently andit is encounter based on a hex map, but also has placed enemies either to block zones off behind combat or as bosses for getting more shards (sort of MP but with more mechanics). Then you have Dragon's Dogma which didn't give a fuck about subverting tropes in western fantasy and is pretty much slay the dragon, rescue the damsel simulator and is all the more ebin by owning the fact that its concepts are derivative and just playing them straight. Tbh it's a better third person western ARPG than most actual western ones.
No. 11287
1,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
63 kB, 599 × 450
Well, I not JRPG expert but Japanise games in many wasy more CONSERVATIVE. Like I still sometimes spot things like Orcs=Pigs, like it was trend in fantasy things on west in 70s-80s. I also know that some old WRPG dungeoncrawlers are prised among Japan and early JRPG is direct clones of them.
And some more late WRPG ideas made it to japan - like this "tactical combat" (on picture of some random JRPG from google) from games like early ultima or betrayal at krondor.
No. 11289
Why the hell did you even mention Dragon's Dogma along with JRPGs? Only because it's made in Japan and it's kinda sorta an RPG? Games like Dragon's Dogma and Dark Souls have nothing to do with classic party JRPGs with turn-based or turn-based-ish combat, and usually aren't labelled as such.
No. 11292
Conservative yes, but it isn't stagnant like people think. There is also tactical combat like in RoF which is about stacking damage types, resource management and positioning and doing it on a clock. It is encounter based but the encounters are a lot more advanced.

They are quite literally Role Playing Games from Japan so I don't see how they aren't JRPGs. Them not fitting the mainstream picture that people have of that division does not make them western or not Japanese. Both of those games do feel different to play than a lot of western RPGs anyway even when they succesfully ape the aesthetic to an extent. There are a lot of things that are just a bit 'off' about them when you look at them side by side with western equivalents. You see it in paper games too. Japanese design is always in the uncanny valley. Not necessarily bad but usually noticeable even when they're copying something pretty well.
No. 11294
Is there even any point to playing Plqnescape without the high INT/CHA/WIS? Will you actually get any kind of different dialogue options or playthrough experience? This is the one weak point in a lot of RPGs which I think is part of what made something like VTMB so great because there was actually a point to playing it a second time and seeing all the content you missed first time around. With far too many it just seems like playing a wizard tier with maxed int/speech/lore/wisdom/charisma whatever is the way to go and that actually have anything different as a class or stats is only an illusion. Like I'd like to play Planescape again but I realized that it's basically just going to feel like more of a chore with cut content and no spells in return for just getting to do a little bit more damage when you hit things.
No. 11296
Deus Ex 1 in general feels like it needs more work. Aside from the obvious balance issues, such as the player getting an OP sword very early in the game, the last third of the campaign is noticeably worse than what comes before it. Most of the last levels are all warehouse/military base type places where you can simply run and gun since by this point JC can get so powerful nothing poses a threat anymore. Not even bosses - both Walton Simons and Howard Strong can be taken out within seconds. A lot of people who choose to replay Deus Ex 1 get bored the game halfway through. The first part of the game is amazing but the latter stages are so boring and un-Deus Ex-like that going through them feels more like a chore than an interesting challenge.
No. 11302
Videogame genres are based on mechanics, not on aesthetics, and the term "JRPG" has long been used as a denomination for Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy derivatives (which, in turn, were derivatives of early RPGs like Ultima and Wizardry, but that's beyond the point). Therefore, "Japanese" in "JRPG" refers to games with RPG mechanics that were popular in Japan, rather than any RPG made in Japan (I've seen some weebs using this term as such when they want to prove the superiority of JRPGs over Western ones; the idea of the nation of origin being a foundation for a genre is utterly retarded: might as well start to call Gothic series GRPGs and Witcher series PRPGs) or one that has "Japanese style". Dragon's Dogma and Dark Souls are much closer both in style and mechanics to something like Two Worlds and Blade of Darkness respectively, than to stuff like Ar Tonelico or Tales of Vesperia. Not to mention that shoving all these games under one umbrella devoids the term of any meaning and is very misleading. For example: "What kind of game Chrono Cross is?" - "It's a JRPG." - "So it's like Final Fantasy?" - "Yep." - "Fuck this shit, then."; "What kind of game Dragon's Dogma is?" - "It's a JRPG." - "So it's like Dragon's Quest? Fuck this shit, then." - "Uh, no, it's entirely different." I wouldn't even call Zelda games JRPGs, despite that they are as weeb as they get.
No. 11304
Well there are branches of game design where European is separated from American because the mindsets are very different. Board games especially have it in the common lingo, where you have the concept of the eurogame being used on game boxes and such.

Dragons Dogma plays familiarly but the underlying mechanics of progression are a lot more in the typically rigid Japanese style than the generally more player-agency focused western style progression. The game would be pretty different were it not Japanese.

Even ignoring the ones that can be argued like this, there is still a lot more to JRPGs than that specific style of game typified by Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest etc. Even superficially similar games can function very differently in practice, just like games from anywhere.

That's my main point really, that not every Japanese RPG is Final Fantasy and its ilk and that the industry there isn't just copies of games from the 90s, development has happened and even radical ones that push common conceptions of what the industy's boundaries are.
No. 11306 Kontra
>What kind of game Dragon's Dogma is?" - "It's a JRPG." - "So it's like Dragon's Quest? Fuck this shit, then

Also, this was actually one of the problems it had with its original release. People saw Capcom and assumed it'd be a balls to the wall stereotypical JRPG, even if it wasn't.
No. 11309
Sure, any game may have distinctive features that don't quite fit in its genre, and it doesn't necessary have to have all the features normally associated with the said genre. The whole point of genre division is not to have a formal and rigid definition for a certain kind of game, but to give you a general idea of what to expect of this game, preferably without being excessively verbose. Dragon's Dogma lacks the majority of usual JRPG attributes, and like I pointed out in the previous post, calling it a JRPG creates a wrong impression about it, so it's better to call it an Action-RPG (same goes for games like Dark Souls or Nioh). It certainly isn't a perfect name, but at least it works somewhat.
No. 11311
336 kB, 848 × 477
Week ago bet the whole Banner Saga series and it was perfect, what a game
No. 11314
Fair points. I feel like we are in spirit at anagreement and it is mostly irrelevant corner cases where thins start to cross.
t. suffering trying to have discussions on phone keyboard
No. 11316
It's just that overly generalized genre names rub me the wrong way, because they are unrepresentative, and it prompted me to lash out at you in the first place. I myself fell into that "Dark Souls is a JRPG" trap, and decided to ignore the game, because JRPGs are among my least favorite genres. I tried Dark Souls only several years later and found out that it had nothing to do with JRPGs like Final Fantasy, so I was pissed off at people who called it like that and almost made me to pass on a game that I may like.

t. also suffering on a phone keyboard
No. 11318
You might find this short discussion about genre-names related to Dark Souls interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lx7BWayWu08
No. 11338
205 kB, 1147 × 1527
Thinking of playing Rome Total War. Never played this series before
No. 11342
Been playing almost nothing but the dark souls trilogy for the past 2 years. Something about trying new builds, discovering new areas, new bits of the story, and the x factor of invasions is deeply rewarding to me. I suppose I'll get tired of it eventually, but for now I enjoy it a great deal.
No. 11348
I have never heard of a genre called an "immersion sim" before that video. Thief was always a stealth action to me, Deus Ex — a stealth action with RPG elements, and System Shock — survival horror with RPG elements. I agree with the notion that a genre could be defined by a select few key attributes, but I still think that a lot of subgenres are better off being a distinct genres on their own. Roguelikes/roguelikes division is justified, in my opinion, because ADoM, ToME and DCSS are played quite differently compared to Binding of Isaac or Dead Cells, and fans of the former are unlikely to be interested in the latter, and vice versa.
No. 11349 Kontra
No. 11358
System Shock is just too dated looking and the actual combat completely sucks. You're also confusing "easy controls" or rather being casualized with horrible controls where you end up fighting the controls of the game more than enemies. A very good example of this is VTMR. The mixture of controls with camera is pretty bad and the AI is just awful making every combat scene needlessly infuriating. And it isn't like anyone is harming the original game with a remake. Don't like it? Keep playing the original. There's something about playing an old enough game that just makes me depressed. It is a clear waste of my time and I don't even have fun doing it. Like the new Wasteland game was great but I don't have even the slightest inclination to ever play Wasteland 1.
No. 11361 Kontra
>System Shock is just too dated looking and the actual combat completely sucks.
Your ass is dated. There nothing aged in looking glass games exept maybe engine they run. You you can't understand simple concept of claustrophobic survival horror, or actualy controls thought which you have more feel of your character and movent, or you can't get concept that some mechanics done intentionally that way because they working as whole system, and you want super-speed easy controll shooting guy DOOM MARINE in such game - go to hell.
And as I know, you not even tried first system shok and don't know even barely what I talking about, and I say - never try it and never touch in yor life. We have enough people like you in this world

> And it isn't like anyone is harming the original game with a remake. Don't like it? Keep playing the original
So for fuck sake IF YOU WANT MAKE DIFFERENT GAME - MAKE DIFFERENT GAME AND STOP CALLING IT BY SAME NAME, make fucking new idea, make new title and not connect it to previous one. No, you want make new trash and call it like old game for new cashgarb.

>It is a clear waste of my time and I don't even have fun doing it.
So doun't touch it. Run your ass defect or other brainless crap, off your brain and "have fun". I don't know why you even touch if you don't get them and don't like. You want to shit on them or you are mazohist?

>ke the new Wasteland game was great
It was mediacore at the best, and same as new Bard's Tale barely remind something from original. Same as with Doom which logical continuations was Doom 64 and Quake 1 there no absoluetly reason to make new game about "hell" and call it doom, same reason there no even one reason exept cashgarb to make remakes and continues of this old GoldenBox-like games with idas and genres and thing that hard or impossible to implement in "more advanced realistic" way.
I still wonder what they will do in System Shock reamke and Ultima Underworld Spiritual sucsessor, however my expectations are low.
No. 11367
112 kB, 1000 × 800
779 kB, 1280 × 1024
260 kB, 2000 × 1000
>all dem assumptions
I want more an RPG/survival horror game. The combat is ludicrously bad and the game now looks bad
Compare this to Doom
Basically same thing. Except at least in Doom you could kinda run and gun.
Melee combat is particularly awful in these games

>No, you want make new trash and call it like old game for new cashgarb.
Actually I just want to play for the atmosphere and story. Seeing how I am never ever going to play these games otherwise, it would be nice.

>Run your ass defect or other brainless crap, off your brain and "have fun"
I'm sorry but I don't like "fun"

I think, the word you are looking for is sadism, as in shitting on something others care about for whatever reason. Masochism is what you do, which is playing old pixelated games made of poor control and suffering.

>and Quake 1
Quake 2 was the better game though

> done intentionally that way because they working as whole system
Well the system is not very good

>always immediately resorts to name calling and insults
Just for that poncho I would like to remind you that all these games need to be optimized for consoles. I think we should also remake Ultima with a better cover system. In terms of updating these janky old games what we really need are dialogue wheels to things like Ultima, Runescape, Everquest etc so we can help introduce a new generation to grandpaware obsolete gaming. This includes the really obsolete 1 2 3 4 etc text menus. I think we should update these games to be sleek and cut out the extra useless portions of the dialogue with an easy access dialogue wheel. I also think we should have first person remasters of games like Planescape, Baldur's Gate, ToEE, etc. You can see what a good job Bethesda did with it and how much money they make to actually save the series. I mean just think about it, Planescape is set in a city of doors right? So if each of those doors goes to an alternate dimension clearly one of those doors goes into the Mass Effect universe. I want to see a first person Nameless One who can heroically save the day against the Reapers. This would help save two series.
No. 11368 Kontra
>Compare this to Doom
Compare classic first person shooter to early action RPG games that evolved from dungeon crawlers? Fuck, are you sane?

>Actually I just want to play for the atmosphere and story.
So watch fucking movie and not play games that intended to give impact after PLAYING thim, not watching.

>I'm sorry but I don't like "fun"
>It is a clear waste of my time and I don't even have fun doing it.

So what you want, is go in games, don't even trying to understand them and constantly posting this nonsence here how "terrible" they are? Looks like you are shizo or something.

>Quake 2 was the better game though
Another opinion of casual with absoluetly nothing in therms of understanding. In which place Quake II is better game? If you want in any way try to compare Doom and System shock, and you crealy show that you not understand and don't even want to understand non system shock, not first one, not second one, and now you showed that you compleatly not understand any kind of "id formula" which made origiginal Doom and Quake games so great for what they are.

And this only you can answer:
>Well the system is not very good

>Masochism is what you do, which is playing old pixelated games made of poor control and suffering.

You know what you are? Brainless degenerate who want cheap speedy entertaiment. You don't want get into anything, you can not escape your sone of comfort, you can't even try understand this games besides "flashy images". You maximum typical example of what called "casul" And you know what insult me? From your maximum hypocrisy you can force position that this is not you is degenerate, but games are "bad". That it is not problem with you, that this is not you who "have no fun" with this games and for some goddamnted reason forsing hismelf to play it and then post coments like this.


I wanted another try to post to you what is System Shock and why it is like it is, but after " Masochism is what you do, which is playing old pixelated games made of poor control and suffering." "The combat is ludicrously bad and the game now looks bad" I understand that it be like talking with 5yo child.

>I want more an RPG/survival horror game.
Go and play five nights with freddy. I will not answer you anymore.
No. 11376
2,0 MB, 487 × 389, 0:01
>4 solid lines of capslock
I can't believe it actually worked

>classic first person shooter to early action RPG games that evolved from dungeon crawlers?
Combat looks same. It looks like it's trying to have a cover mechanic without having cover mechanics. You know what it needs? A cover mechanic for cover shooting like pressing X or RMB to go into cover mode.

> So watch fucking movie and not play games that intended to give impact after PLAYING thim, not watching.
Part of what made certain games such classics was interactive storytelling. It is like criticizing a movie and then you being all "well just read a book then" there are certain things that are just better in terms of the format. Vidya is itself something that should be elevated to true art form and not just children's toys. Most of the really good ones are good specifically because it tells a story and involves you, the player, in it. This is achieved partly through the audio-visual medium and interactivity. Something like say Fallout was partly what it was due to expert sound design. Having a terrible soundtrack can seriously detract from overall quality. Likewise can mechanics.

I think what you are also confusing is like looking at a black and white film and saying, this is a great film and seeing anything done in technicolor as monstrosity, just because it is easy to forget technical limitations. I am not saying which is what you seem to be interpreting as equivalent of pointing CGI abortions into original Star Wars films. I am saying some of these things have the equivalent of 50s B horror movie limitations. Some things are good in spite of, not because of, their very massive limitations and besides which System Shock is full of problems and I would like to experience the story without being distracted by all those numerous problems. Likewise, having really bad technical limitations is especially limiting in areas of horror unless it opts not to show anything and induces fear through suspense and psychological horror. Sadly, System Shock is a very much "show" type of situation.

>don't even trying to understand them and constantly posting this nonsence here how "terrible" they are?
I do understand them. And many of them are terrible. I forced myself to finish Deus Ex GOTY and still think it was nothing special. In fact, there were some significant ways in which Deus Ex HR was much, much better. I will probably replay HR. I am never going to replay Deus Ex.

>You don't want get into anything, you can not escape your sone of comfort, you can't even try understand this games besides "flashy images".
I have "forced myself" and there is only a limit. Why should I "force myself" to suffer for 40 hours when the whole point of a game is it's supposed to be fun or interesting somehow? My life would probably be improved having never played Deus Ex to begin with and gotten those 40 hours back. It never got better.

> Go and play five nights with freddy. I will not answer you anymore.
SOMA was a great game. So was Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth despite buginess and bizarrely turning into some weird shitty FPS towards the end of it.
Five Night at Freddy's was way better than Amnesia and Penumbra :--DDDD
No. 11377 Kontra
>can't believe it actually worked
If you posts are just fat frolling this is not the place for this kind of shit. Playing yourself dumb is worst thing in any conversation.
No. 11378
12 kB, 256 × 256
Oh and also
>Quake II
Aside from being a way better game all around, had one of the best vidya soundtracks of all time
That is pure 100% distillated 90s compressed into one hour.

I mean just look at this
now compare to this
Quake II was simply the best

Also I find it odd you completely ignored my remarks on Marathon. Which frankly should be remade, because it truly was a classic that never got enough appreciation. It just needs better graphics and the kind of handling that a modern PC can do.
No. 11380
I actually figured after writing it that probably you wouldn't even bother with my sarcastic remarks and would instead be most pissy about what I was being sincere with that I would've even think controversial. Quake II being the best game being one such remark. I don't even know why anyone would argue otherwise. And yes, giving updated AI and more fluid combat feels to System Shock along with updated textures would do it a world of good.
No. 11386 Kontra
107 kB, 517 × 591
I should add, that it is you who keeps making various personal attacks every time I express my disinterest in a certain game or am critical of anything. Why bother berating me on a personal level then if you want to keep such things out? All I'm going to do is drive you to further frustration every time you decide to be personally insulting rather than discuss things.
No. 11390 Kontra
50 kB, 640 × 480
32 kB, 640 × 480
17 kB, 480 × 360
32 kB, 640 × 400
I love Quake II. I like this game and this one of the first things I discovered when opened "old" games for myself. I evdn replayed it even with expansion packs, on software render how I love it. Thought, this love is irattional and from logical and objective side of view quake 2 is big dumb down from direction which previously made id games so great and sucsesfull. In mine opinion, it is because left of John Romero - from this time id as company will have a huge road for slow decreasing. They continue update technology but other important things that made their very simple games to something "beyound", something that made their games unironical madterpice if you see it as complex thing, but same time they remain simple.

Thing is, John Carmak was very interested in ultima underworld demos which he seen, which inspired him to make his own 3d engine, but more optimised and much more simple. This way borned things like hover tank 3d and catacomb 3d which was... almost not even a games. Raycasting engine he created was painfully simple - it allowed to make only same floor level, 90 degree walls. And at this first shareware games he not even hit potential of this games. Catacomb 3d is jusy you go and shoot one fireball, hovertank is something that kid trying first fime to make on unity in one day nowdays. However with wolfenstein 3d he polished this ideas and besides at least some level of actual artist involment in therms of textures and sprites, most important was some degree in gamepkay variaty and rules:
1.player have arsenal of one melee (knife) and three range weapons, which variaty in speed of shooting.
2.enemies divided on one melee that have low hp and go straight into close combat (dog), and range combat guys which have ranged weapons and variaty on speed of fire and amount of hp. Additional variaty provide speed of reaction. For example officer shoot very fast after spitting you and move fast as dog. Interesting not that there sas birth of one of most important core ideas of id formula: each enemy type have it's role and recognisable instantly. It have their unique spotting sound and very distict colors and sprites. So game not trying to make some "wat the fuck happening realistic shooter" but more like very simplified tabletop game like chess in real time. In this regard this why mutant enemy was unique - it has no spotting sound. It kinda broked already established by game simple rules and this why you fear them and count this rare enemies as number one threat in game. Other interesting addition - "pain". After hits on them enemies need time to recover which add some tactical element to the game.
3.Levels in game complex but you physically can remember layought of this labyrinths. While there is bonus objects - other pick ups like health in different variaty, aditional lives, hidden weapons that you may acces before they drop to you in future levels. But most interesting part is secrets. It hard to find most of them but this add at least some level of exploration to this game. There a couple of levels with really interesting secrets set ups - with labyrinth of secrets, where level build up from secrets, where secret pakman ghosts - this was very neat to find things like this in such small game. And secret levels of cource.
4.And of cource bosses. One giant enemy with memorable look and ton of hp that look always at you and neccecery to defeat to proceed on last level of every episode. They all unique but you can divide them on three categories: hitscan. Hitscan+projectale, projectale. And hitler - he is hitscan however memorable dude with his 2-stages and ghosts around level.

And there was addon spear of destity which is basicly set of levels without any new content exept skins for bosses. Instead of set of separate episodes it was one 32-map set (sounds familiar, aren't it?) with bosses every 5 levels. Thought for some wierd reason I love leveldesign of this more than original 3+3 episodes and it was first id game I completed from start to finish lol. Twist at the end with demon boss and hell like level with infity spawning ghosts was very impressive surprise to see in wolf 3d. And there was ending "cutscene" lol.

However even if wolf 3d evolved from catacomb 3d and hovertank 3d, it was still not "enough" for this formula to be ideal and absolute infinane classic. Here is cases: at first, raycast engine very much limited leveldesign. In such time simple gameplay this square-one gound level labyrinths like in classic turnbased dungeoncrawlers even with 100% freedom of movment was not enough forfps game. At second, there was not enough variaty in weapons. Just "shoot less shoot more" with useless knife is not something interesting to play with. Exept controlling ammo which is same for all weapons you has no any reasons to play with different weapons because they basicly same thing. And in third, variaty of enemies and their roles too limited. Exept doggo it just in real time gameplay just a number of hitscan that need only one thing - most simple speed of reaction. Bosses are same thing you just need to cover and shoot, they big ammo consuming sponges that requre you great amount of hits. There nothing complex about them. So even if we not count lost episodes - spear of destiny and wolf 3d is like... 92 levels? And after it you can show EVERYTHING this type of gameplay can offer and even too much. I can't name this game "dated" of cource but even at the time it was more like "small technological and gameplay experiment"

But this game was a hit still. Why? It have nuch less to offer unlike more asvanced in all ways ultima underworld. However:
1.it was game with sharewere 1st episode and whole game cost not ghat much
2.it not requre any manual and it is more like console and arcade game - simple game, simple rules, stright into action
3.very simple engine with most simple imitation 3d with free movment of player possible. Just castibg rays on lienar columns of pixels to render wals. This game was "like real 3d!!!" and with VGA 320×200 support which is very YOBA for time but can run on shitty 386 computer very smoothly - which was a real great ahcivment. There was a clone of doom with raycast engine that was ported by crazy funs on fucking commandore vic-20! https://youtu.be/Y7h3H-_8N_o
Computer with 3,5kilobait of free memory and with most shitty graphical support like it even has no proper graphical comnds in build in basic!
This is show how carmack did more great programing achivment without any hardware innovations.

Even thought this game is sequel by itself, there no way to make any remake for this. You can make other games with "nazi paranormal robots something something" and give it wolfenstein name. But how the fuck you can make remake of this most simple 3d labyringth shooting on reaction almist arcade game? This is not possible, and technological and gameplaywise sequel to this was Doom...
No. 11394 Kontra
57 kB, 640 × 480
106 kB, 640 × 480
1993 Doom is a thing that show have technical evolution together with gameplay evolution of same existing formula and type of gameplay. This one of reason therm "first person shooter" come only in mid late 90s, since games back then was mostly or wolfenstein 3d clones or doom clones respectively. There was a wierd thing such as bethesda terminator shooters but this is different thing. Okay, from begining.

Doom have new engine and new technology build in it: technology of sectors. All map divided by sectors which on plane you can make any 2d form and make them any height you want (from -256 to 256 units or something like that in vanilla if I remember correctly). And with new 128×64/128×128 textures with new pallite of colors, allowing such tweaks like "skyplane" and separate textures on celling, floor, upper wall, lower wall, and middle tranperant one like fence. Adittionaly you can change light in every sector separately! There was no color light but you can make "dynamic" light by making it on and off in period of time you want.

Engine with very crazy rendering system which I not 100% understand. There a video with better technical explanation: https://youtu.be/96nFJIxW-34 (I hope this is right video, can't watch it right now to check). But if short you know this restrictions: besides some minor restriction of sector placement you unlike ultima underworld can't have stil look up and down and not any "slopes" and similar things. You also can't have "room under room". No more moving walls and slide doors wolf3d style (untill hexen created polyobjects for this engine). Each sector limited by floor and celling and you can't have something under or upper it. Whole game was still in 300x200 like wolf3d (yes in previous post I did a mistake, not 320x200 but 300x200 native resolution.

But even this offered so much opportunity compare to wolf3d engine! And already experienced team, id used it at maximum to evolve existing formula to what it should be.
If we divide doom by elements:
1.you have acces to different types of ammo. Almost all of them unique. Melee fists and chainsaw remain beign not that usefull but at least chainsow can be used when there not much enemies around. Pistol is weak and slow. Shotgun is slow but not weak. Chaingun is fast but not that accurate on long shotting. Rocket launcher not very fast and do projectale instead of hitscan but do a lot of so called splash damage. Plasma fast projectale launcher but no splash damage. BFG is ultimate weapon with conic effect. Aditional thing: all weapons consume different types of ammo, only pistol/chaingun and plasma/bfg share same type of ammo. So this is adittional important part of gameplay: differet types of resoursed. Plasma and bfg most effective guns but they requre rarest type of ammo and consume it ultra fast. I also like neat thing how you need to remove heat from plasma after you end shooting or something, again nice little touch and such touches are very visible in such small by content games.
2.Enemies. there much greater variaty on them and it not just hitscan anymore. All key elements remain same: monsters have unique types of sound and distinct look. They also have their roles and there more of them: zombie and shotgunner. Both hitscan, one less other more damage but even when they nasty hitscan which can be much more deadly in doom style levels compare to wolfenstein ones, they weakest enemies with slow speed and rate of fire and damage, but this is thing you always need pay attention on. Imp with is most common enemy: medium speed and medium melee attacks. He go to you with medium speed, have more hp than zombie but not hitscan enemy, he throwing slow projectales. Then there pinkey and transperant pinkey: fast enemy that go right at you at fast speed and have strong melee attack and even more hp than imp. Than there two interesting fly enemies: lost soul low hp but fast enemy with absolute freedom of movment in 6 degree that thought has no much damage and hp. It also charging while attack which give player time to react. And cacodemon, which is slow flying big meatball thought it have a lot hp and throwing projectales. And the last: big a lot hp enemy that throw more damaje projectale and strong in melee, baron of hell, though he not fastest. And you have two bosses: projectale and hitscan one. This set of enemies is give much variaty. It still faightfull to id idea: not a lot enemies but each of them is unique by look and by characteristics very different from others and have it's place in whole set. There no variaty that like "10 same looking grey soldiers". There also neat things like cyberdemon immune to splash damage. Enemy infighting is other thing that add complexity to gameplay: there is huge amount of cariaty you can resolve every tactical situation. Order of killing, weapon choose and line of fire always important same as movment.
3.Maps provide much more interesting bonuses. Now there armor factor and related pick ups. 200% of armor and health can be achived thought or non regular good boost bonuses or thought collectung only +1 bonuses, so achive 200 is much harder than 100 but player allowed to do it. Other bonuses is berserk, which dramaticly increase your melee ability making fists actual good weapon, invisibility for short time, immortality for short time. There also specific bonuses: like hazard suit which allow you to walk on "bad floor" without taking danage. Also packs of health and ammo and weapons of all types.
4.game no more have bonuses for just abstract points which make it less arcade but still have secrets which was made even more interesting because new complexety of levels and there was put some degree of logic in them making them much more spottable not by random clicking on walls. Game allowed much more scripts: switches, buttons, just every sector and sector edge can have scripted event: activating and changing light, moving hight of celling and floor (secret doors, elevators, bridges), hazard types of floor (toxic and boiling blood) etc.
No. 11395
11 kB, 300 × 180
112 kB, 1280 × 960
All this polised and increased same id formula to entierly new level of complixety. It like moving from checkers to 3d chess: compleatly different level of variaty in everything, but still it self-limiting and logical game where effort was put in every aspect of it. Much effort was put into leveldesign too: with new complex abilities there was need to much more work on levels to make them interesting. And to this day doom labyringhts is something like golden standart of good leveldesign. Corridors, complexes, turns - all is memorable, easy to remember but still challenging to explore and navigate to degree it is interesting and enjoyable. On lower scale - each room constructed and filled with wnemies in a way to provide challenhe. You enter room: there a pinkey on thin bridge with 2 imps shooting from closed niches. Or there toom with a couple of zombieman, but switch rutn on trap which show you keycard but also make room dark and open secret wall with 3 spectors inside. And you have almost infinant variaty of such combat and dynamic tactical situations.
No wonder game become a sucsess with also same shareware politics of already famous company. Graphical and sound content... in it was not much effort. It used utilitarian purposes and just make game look decent enough. Sound was ripped off different metal band tracks and simple tunes. There was not much effort puted in that: some textures just ripped off pics from books like famous demon face and lion texture. Enemies is just drawen by same guy who did wolf 3d sprites or just renders of photos of toys slightly altered to fit doom palette (yeah still 256 colors limitation). Game not look ugly like very cheap things like witchaven or rise of triad, but defenetly there was no such thing as cnsisted style.
I may say that romero tried - they did interesting feature firs episode is space base, 2nd episode is base at hell and third is hell. Thought they failed on this things: id great gameplay desighners but on therms of realism and logic in levers from real life persoective they meh at best. You not look at doom level as "space base" or "infested space base". It just "random mish mash of things which look like doom level". Ironicly there fan maded WADs which with vanill limitations and textures do much more belivable enivrment. But well it was not goal of id anyway.
It have it lacks and floas still: moving in circles make you a tactical god oftent against everything exept hitscan. Lack of enemy movment abilities create situations when simple move fast and shoot destroying original idea of thinking combat so there still way to improve. But this existed complicety combined with ability of making maps and then - opened sourcecode with allowed people make their own modding tools and engines make this 25yo game still one of the most popular ones with strongest modding communities.

But same as with wolf3d, you can make remakes and modern sequels of this game? You can take "plot and style and idea". But idea - not original, plot non existed and style whatever in original because for id they was secondary. And prime was gameplay and technology. And for both gameplay and technology - Quake is only and logical sequel to doom.
But before was doom episode 4 and doom 2 and doom 64 and famous doom clones but I go sleep
No. 11436
I really don't know why so many people complained about Tides of Numenera except maybe it was just the backers getting really butthurt at lack of the toy companion, which was implemented later. Combat is also subpar as is the combat music, but hey you don't play this kind of game for the combat anyway. I think I'm going to end up doing three playthroughs. Main problem is, there's really only three classes and it probably wears thin by third playthrough but I'm really enjoying it. First time around I guess Sagus Cliffs can be really overwhelming for a new player with not much direction to go on and textwalls everywhere, but it's actually a pretty sweet game, especially depending if you savescum a lot or not, although the way you use skills by draining very limited stat points on top of at least two questline that are time sensitive adds a certain odd sense of scarcity by turning skill checks into basically a rare resource, with your intelligence checks normally draining fastest and constantly. It's a really great game especially if you enjoy reading and playing mostly with just a mouse. I keep forgetting how much better a game actually is when you deliberately avoid savescumming too, which I often do just because I don't want to miss on story and each playthrough is typically a huge time investment. Still though it's way more fun to just let things happen and deal with it even if its super annoying having to constantly drain your three skill pools, made worse by the fact you have only a few days to stop an execution and someone days every day you don't solve another issue, not that it matters because if you don't get the free bed by lying to some cultists sleeping is expensive af.

Still a genuinely enjoyable playthrough though, which is more than can be said of a lot of other games where it feels like a chore half the time (I'm looking at you PoE)
No. 11438
Does it run on actual Numenera? If the answer is yes, that's why. Numenera is not well designed for PC conversion because of things like effort not translating well to a party with non-agent members. Plus I personally think the system is a bit messy and overrated.
No. 11440
393 kB, 2736 × 1824
Space Ukraine, my Rimworld colony is nearing its fourth birthday. Four years of brutal survival, and we only had two deaths. Our founder died of plague during a trade caravan trip, and a crafter died when raiders tried to burn down our colony.

Rimworld is a great game, and I'm proud of my colony. We spent the last year under a volcanic winter, but we managed to survive. Complete Peremoga.
No. 11442
What do you mean run on Numenera? Do you mean the PnP? Then yes I believe so though I haven't played a session of that. Tides is basically Numenera for PC with whole new sections of lore and everything written specifically for the game. IIIRC ToN got it's own sourcebook. As for non-agents you mean NPC party members? Eh I guess so but that is kind of a problem in any single player PC conversion of a PnP RPG but frankly I don't notice it. The whole world is just too fun to explore and it really does adequately capture if not superceded that feeling of sheer weirdness for which Planescape was known. Basically it's a game written for people like me who are more involved in reading wikis and background lore than just trying to loot corpses. I honestly wish there were more games like this and am saddened that Pillars of Eternity fell so short. I know it isn't the most popular opinion but honestly Tyranny was way better than PoE and ToN is better than both. I also liked Wasyeland 2 way better than any of the other recent crpgs that came out and probably more than the Shadowrun games from Harebrained Schemes.

Honestly what I really wish was that somebody could make at least an adequate PC version of Call of Cthulhu like this, as well as Paranoia, although I think Paranoia would translate way better to crpg than CoC.
No. 11454
The reason Effort is important is that it is the primary system of ongoing character development because you have limited effort so it gets spent on things important to the character. This makes party dynamics interesting as checks often need to be sold to the most skilled person for said check rather than them just doing it with no cost. It is one of the more interesting mechanics in the system which is otherwise pretty meh but only works when each member of the party has agency and their own goals.
No. 11455
Oh, and I wish people would develop PC systems that don't need square in a circle adaptation. Use existing settings if you want, but the paper systems aren't designed for strict enforcement like a PC game and most RPGs straight up say to cheat the rolls or bend the rules as GM if it is more interesting or fun for the group at that time. Better to make a much tighter PC-oriented system that can use mechanics paper can't, like highly granular results charts which are not good in paper due to human memory making it bad QoL.
No. 11456
Tbh they usually do it. Thigs like "Advanced dungeons and dragons licesed product" is just at first someone thought it be more easy using existing system, then it become cashgarb from actual license.
No. 11458
80 kB, 848 × 477
131 kB, 1199 × 600
50 kB, 640 × 480
29 kB, 320 × 200
Doom 2 is wierd thing. It one of most iconic games... because it's predecessor. Honestely I can't even call it a game since this is just map pack for same game, same as spear of destiny for wolfenstein was done, with same level structure.
But there a couple of interesting decidions was made but before see this hilarious trailer/intervirw. Even it is not technically promething anything that much, this is more than Todd level of lie indeed https://youtu.be/p-KIS4Sk76c but this is funny at least.

A new content:
-New enemies and weapons trying to continue keep same id formula. Keyword: trying. Some of them actually was good: ravenant, with melee attack, memorable look and range rockets attack. Distinct, new, have his niche. More slow but more damage double barrel shotgun showed it's worth - again, nothing bad about it.
But there start not best things:
Achnatrone/mancubus/hell knight. They not terrible or breaking game, but well... their gameplay purpose is not that much clear. They not so distinct, they kinda have their cery small niche but again - id formula is not for quantality, but for quality. Before every monster was really different between each other same as weapons. There was some close things: pistol and chaingun, zombie and shotgunned. But they are start weapons and their upgrades, I always felt like doom scheme follow fibonacchi numbers: "1,1,2,3,5,8..." but now... hell knight is retextured baron of hell with less hp. He is kinda between baron and imp. But why? It like fill small gap between classes with elephant. And his look is not unique at all to say the least. Mancubus fast fire firebals but big and slow and have low "pain level. This is not gameplay breaking enemy but which his universal purpose? I see him only as fore machine for lazy levels with "hell lot of shit fire at you". Archnatrone... smapp spider mastermind, I guess. By role it very close to manubus just with slightly different characteristics. They at least can get him interesting feature like I seen in one wad that after destroying his robo legs he become flying brain. Not original to game too but it at least can be distinct feature for tactical situations.
And there comes things that not fit:
Chaingunner. Fuck chaingunners - sniper accurate hitscan that do a lot if damage and hane bigger amount of hp. It can work for labyrinths of wolf3d, in doom, espessially doom 2 with it's leveldesign it become terribly unbalanced and honestely not that neccecery to begin with.
Pain elemental - harmles flying meat that throw lost souls. Ibteresting concept and really new compare to other enemies, but sadly balance breaking. This monster not universal, it works only in certain situations and absoluetly don't work in others. And most times not work honestely. It ibviously target #1 and there not much variaty of tactical situations with him. And place it in wrong place most times get things bad. Again, espessialy with doom 2 levedesighn.
Arch-Vile - most infamous imba. Well, it have unique look and characteristics: his attack on line of vision with delay, ability of ressurect combined with hp and speed is not something we seen. But he broken - he too powerfull for regular enemy. He should made as proper boss with more hp, or downgraded - bevause situatiins where he too broken more when he is okay. And he is okay only in some good placed maps where he has no ability to use his powers at maximum which shows how broken result is from view of balance.

New maps is something: well romero looks like don't liked his previous results with texture design and did this game overall brown with a lot of wood, gothic libraries and stuff. Presonally I not very liked it but well looks like id liked it because doom64, quake 1-2 on texture side will be almost 100% brown.
But problem not textures - leveldesighn is horrible! There a number of decent levels but there some that like - what? I know there less people worked on with less time but why there infamous levels like "gotcha" or "barrels of fun"? It or broken labyrinths with over the top elements, or "haha funny feature map" - like "the crusher". And infamous city map - bad leveldesighn with bad enemy placement (chaingunners snipimg from top of buildings) and 100% failed attpempt to make "belivable enivorement" because this is looks like just another doom map and nothing like city. End boss have interesting concept but honestelly was meh - they at least can place some real new type of boss before it ir maybe even after it as "icon of sin in thrue form". Wolf3d secret levels was fun but clearly show restrictions of engine compare to wolf3d one - like sliding goors. And don't get why space increased and all become bigger. And sad that bosses yet again cyberdemon and mastermind even thought at 1st game they was unique guys now they almost regular enemy.

Doom 1 4th episode is same thing as mediacore doom2 levels, but at least without d2 enemies like chaingunner, hovever it feel even more lazy. But we know that they during work more played DnD that done work and after so huge sucsess did such chasgarb and who I to shit on them for it.

Overall doom 2 is just expansion pack, sometimes lazy, sometimes creative but iverall not desive it's fame on same level as iriginal masterpice.
No. 11467
They still run the paper mathematics though which are designed for QoL for human players. It uses a linear probability curve with low granularity because that is what D&D does, not understanding that it is done that way for the sake of having it easy to use on the spot. It's a better system to use parabolic and highly granular systems like 2d10-based d100 with a full results table (d100 is used in paper but it tends to divide results into clusters rather than having 100 different results to have to remember).

Can't make the picture crop on my phone, so just punch 2d10 into anydice and it'll show how there is a curve rather than a flat .05 for any value. Running it as a d100 standin is slightly different but is still on a curve.
No. 11471
1,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
So, I decided to finally check out Fallout 4 and have been playing it for god knows how long after work now. As a classic RPG with lots of text and choices it fails miserably, but if you treat it as an action/exploration game with customization elements for your character where you run around exploring old ruins and stuff it's actually kind of fun. It also features the most boss and awesome power armor mechanic I've seen yet. Finished the main game and am into Far Harbor and I can't say I've wasted my time with this. Spooky scary mist island was really picturesque and silent hill like.
No. 11472
179 kB, 1440 × 810
Far Harbor was nice, sadly the Nuka-World DLC isn't that good.
Overall it wasn't a bad game but all those pseudo choices where pretty much every option was neutral or the dialogue system just sucked.

Anyone waiting for Fallout: Miami? Looks pretty great for a Fallout 4 mod.

No. 11473
1,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
I wonder if the dialogue wheel of yes, no(yes) and sarcastic is gonna be the industry standard from now on. Do we have consoles to thank for this abomination?
No. 11474
> Do we have consoles to thank for this abomination?

Maybe for the design of it but i don't think you can blame consoles for the dialogue itself.
There are enough people on the PC who started calling everything RPG as long as it has an inventory system.
No. 11478
86 kB, 466 × 603
The problem isn't entirely tht either. RPGs have their origins in fantasy tactical wargaming in the 70s. The issue with it in Fallout 4 is that it isn't in the vein of the OSR which are likewise limited in dialogue. RPGs aren't necessarily dialogue heavy, or even really oriented towards it. The issue is when they try new school open-endedness with old school limited out of combat encounters.
No. 11488 Kontra
It not fallout, not RPG. Maybe for someone fun, but I find it boring. For most part it just cheap rollercoaster which you can play with your brain turned off. After introduction with doggo, "epic fight with death claw" and "accidental meeting with people who search place to live" it feels in borth therms of gameplay and what happening as something made for teenagers.
Iroony is that it still uses Gamebryo with all it's fload and disadvantages and even some animation elements directly from previous games, and playing it feels funny - it like pain old steam tank engine with new paint and try pretented it hyperloop. I not find anything in this game interesting, but if you casual and want just relaxsation or you are new at videogames - well, maybe you will find something interesting for yourself, who knows.
I feel only this emotions:
1.when it was released I was kinda sad that they managed to fuck up style and make more dumb game than skyrim
2.While playing it I was extremely bored
3.After it I with actual fun looking for next big bethesda game. I want to see how more primitive it will be and if it use gamebryo or not. It some sort of bingo. And better be positive than wait from modern bethesda new "fallout 1" or "morrowind" which is like 1% at maximum.
No. 11489
Well, it hard to define RPG as whole, if we already count absoluetly different nature of RPG tabletop and computer even if one came from another. However as I always say, better determine what RPG and what is not by number of "RPG mechanics". Fallout 4 is clearly not an RPG, there less actual RPG mechanics than in some open world FPS games.

I sceptic about this kind of projects. After famous Morrowind global projects, all other people started their own on all bethesda game with gamebryo. But unlike Morrowind, where modders just re-create old lore that is favorite by many people, but bethesda will not care about it at all, in such projects there less and lees logic and meaning. Skywind and Skyblivion where people try to port old games on new veersions of same gamebryo via limited editor and same time add their "artistic view" which make this games not even remotly be like that and when new game come out they always change engine because actual main meaning of this project at first was "more graphics!!" and overall situation look lame. Than, there a hell lot of projects like FALLOUT SOMETHING!!!! - and most of them or failed or look even worse than modern bethesda "fallouts". So I better wait when they relise at least something.
No. 11499
Great fun but crashes too much.

That multiplayer is next to unplayable due to that makes me cri everytime.
No. 11516
>I always say, better determine what RPG and what is not by number of "RPG mechanics".

Problem with that is that it relies on circular logic. There is no way to begin the cycle without an assumption that defeats the purpose of the cycle in the first place.

>Why is it an RPG?
Because it has 'RPG mechanics'
>What makes them 'RPG mechanics?
They are in RPGs.

So at some point the system becomes based on personal opinions and morphs into a classification of 'stuff I like'.
No. 11523
Problem is rpg is a really loose term by itself. I remember back when Diablo was called "rpg" I just because it had inventory/lot, character classes, and stat leveling, but it really isn't an rpg in our sense of the term. For instance, Diablo is only composed of hack and slash without any really meaningful dialogue or choices, which are now considered pretty much standard to even be called an rpg. But at the same time, you don't need character classes to be a real rpg. You also obviously can have leveling and stats without being remotely an rpg. Like Mass Effect 2 was not an rpg. It was some kind of really shitty FPS game.

>crashes too much
So in other words your standard Gamebryo game.

I personally think it was just really lazy developers mixed with executive bullshit because writing meaningful dialogue with lots of choices means a higher budget on stuff you can't instantly see and show at a trade show or with some shitty businessman presentation and put out a nice looking cinematic no matter how shitty the game really is. Case in point a game like Planescape or even VTMB or other Bioware games like KOTOR don't translate well into cinematics where you sit there reading all the dialogue. They want something flashy and attention grabbing which results in very low quality but high media buzz from some E3 show. It is a lot easier to make something look nice for two or three minutes than to write hours and hours of good story and express that quickly in a trailer.

Although, I am certain consoles played a big role. Which I don't even understand how because it's not like you can't scroll down with a controller. But the problem is you then have to actually write and code for all the different open ended possibilities rather than just shooting down a hallway with checkpoints.

Eh fair enough. Due to the way the system is presented I often end up going through even least skilled companions on effort tests every time I get the chance just because there's a bunch of ones your party can't do only you can like with merecasters, and besides which a lot of the time your companions will only have one super relevant stat like for their weapon. Although I am somehow finding it a lot easier to keep my pools full this time around by finding free ways to sleep etc. Of course after the last time I've learned well to be conservative with spending points and have tons of items and ways to restore everybody's HP, might, speed, and intellect pools on a moment's notice without sleeping. Now it just feels easy. I think that this seemingly wonky system is what would throw off a lot of more experienced rpg players.
No. 11530
>Problem with that is that it relies on circular logic.
For computer games not that much

>Why it is RPG?
Because you control character not thought your skill, but thought skills of your character, using your skill for managing character skills
>how you control character?
Thought roleplaying mechanics.

Seems logical for me. Only difference between opinions is where border - where border when ARPG become action adventure with RPG elements. For me this is morrowind - maximum action game that can still be called ARPG. For other people it's Oblivion but anyway - for tabletop this is not true, but for computer this is only way you can make border to RPG genre, because personally I not happy with things like "this is RPG because I FEEL it" or "it is RPG because you can ROLEPLAY" - since if like that, you can call absoluetly any game "RPG" and this absoluetly elemeneate all meaning of "genre".
No. 11634
485 kB, 1440 × 2399
Next sale is going to start soon
No. 11726
Weird but I don't remember KOTOR being shitty and yes/no(yes)/sarcastic(yes) in terms of dialogues, and that game was voiced. Inability to voice complex walls of text because it's expensive was one of the excuses used to justify f4 shit dialogues.
No. 11727
Main character wasn't voiced in both KotORs, though.
No. 11728
Mc usually just asks questions and says yes no anyway.
No. 11730
Nonetheless, he/she has more lines than any other character.
No. 11731
It wasn't shitty at all but the first one in particular had a reputation for all options essentially boiling down to
  1. No need to thank me, have some free money
  3. Let me ask a different question
  4. Goodbye
This problem was largely due to the very way Star Wars is structured though, where other than the fact that Jedi are also cold blooded amoral murder machines in their own sense the whole thing tends to massively reward an extreme dichotomy and tends to punish any grey zone, with all morality or karma meter in SW in general basically boiling down to simplistic chivalry and heroism vs absolute villainy. In fact the total deconstruction of all that stuff is part of why the sequel stood out so much.

I wouldn't say that the dialogue was bad though, just that KOTOR 1 often stuck you with only two extremes for your choices. Imho evil was also pretty poorly done in general in that game with the Sith aka random imperials being insufferable snide arrogant condescending twats who just sound like kids cackling while pulling wings off flies.
No. 11791
366 kB, 2736 × 1824
341 kB, 2736 × 1824
Glory to Space Ukraine, Glory to Space Heros!

Really sinking a lot of time into Rimworld and enjoying every moment of it. Pretty good game, unsure what makes it so great but it's very, very good.
No. 11800

Seriously, I spent entire days playing it and then feeling terrible at night because it felt like wasting away. Yes, it's good, but like all rogue-likes it's busywork. There is nothing at the end. Like life itself. Which is depressing. Kind of like that film Synecdoche New York.
No. 11802
I want to play Fallout 4 but since I hate the vanilla story I need a modlist.
I know that there is a good live another life mod so far. Then there should be one which will delete main quest dialogue (is it good?) and what else do I need apart from boobs?
No. 11803
Probably want to look into something to ramp up environmental hazards. One of the most rewarding aspects of FWE in Fallout 3 was the fact that radiation was actually a serious problem that could be tricky to deal with until you got over the hump and were able to start actually acquiring more meds than you were using to stay alive. If you find one that also does the same combat overhaul as FWE then even better because having it so you are counting bullets for your decent guns because they're rare to find and expensive to buy and the fact that getting hit fucks you up makes moving through ruins really atmospheric and makes stealth much more about not wasting supplies than about stealth attack damage which is neat. I dunno if such a mod exists for F4 since I don't own it, but if the FWE/Project Nevada team went on to do a Fallout 4 version then I'd consider it close to essential. From what I've seen the Glowing Sea in Fallout 4 is actually pretty well done in that respect already, I'd love to see the kind of fear it'd put into a player running the kind of mod that really makes it earn that reputation.
No. 11810
>There is nothing at the end. Like life itself. Which is depressing.

Maybe the real treasure isn't getting off this cursed planet, but the prisioners of war we mutilated along the way.
No. 11821
57 kB, 404 × 560
59 kB, 453 × 604
See Portugal gets it
No. 11882
54 kB, 500 × 417
Mods are gay. Fuck mods.
No. 11884
Absoluetly biased opinion. Are you maximalist?
No. 11886
Now I want to look for New Vegas anime mods to have my most cancerous playtrough ever.
Already did one with Nazi weapons only.
No. 11899
Not playing the new california mod, go kill your self.
On a side note I feel like this website has died.
4chan is only going to get worse.
So go fuck you guys I guess this is goodbye.
No. 11905
56 kB, 460 × 498
I have no idea what that had to do anything, but enjoy shitposting in whichever cancerous hellhole you wind up :D

Of course it's a biased opinion but he's not wrong. You know what a mod is? A mod is like tacticool shit slapped onto a rifle. If the base game is shit then mods aren't going to fix it, and if the base game is actually good then mods are probably just going to fuck it up. Prove me wrong by showing me mods that actually make a good game better rather than either being some workaround to half ass a community patch on some janky af release or something that just adds some retarded goofy as shit nonsense like Latvia implied.
No. 11926
Historical Project Mod for Victoria 2 is a masterpiece.
No. 11942 Kontra
848 kB, 900 × 506
421 kB, 640 × 360
Absoluetly nonsence post. I will not even comment part with weapons because this is wrong statements as it is but not commented by current disscution.

You need to have only "on" and "off" switch in your jujgmnt to say things like this. "Mod" - is therm for any fan projects based on already existing games content. Hundreds of games have massive mod communitis and whole social groups builded around some titles. Morrowind modding community for example is something that for more than decade produce and constantly working on new interesting and quality content, that bethesda never managed to achive even back than, I even not talk about bethesda nowdays. There so many giant big projects of mods and fan games that I can't even count, some of them become real big and licensed games - like Sonic Mania initialy was fan project but SEGA gived money and it become big sucsesfull famous commertical game. Ion Maden is developed by team of guys of Doom and Duke 3d modders who did Duke Nukem Forever mod that kinda tried to re-create Forever game from 2001 trailer into buil engine - and now they working on probably best currently retr-like shooter under publishment of actual 3D Relams.

Ironically same time like half week ago relised INDY BIG COMMERTICAL RETRO SHOOTER GAME project warlok and it was FUCKING PEACE OF SHIT. This is most primitive degenrate game on unity with pseudo-retro console pixelart that met you eye, with terrible options and controls, with leveldesighn more primitive than in wolf 3d and gamedesighn - there was no gamedesighn, there just "things" without any balance and logic. Thank god I not wasted my money on it.

Same time there was relised mod on GZDoom engine - not mod but actual total conversion, full game and this is - even if this like beta of first episode is absoluetly awesome. This is trying emulate (and sucsesfully) build engine games detalisation and overall desighn, but this is FPS with RPG-like story elements about mad max/fallout style post-apocalyptic future. There so much work was put on it, it was one of the most awesome experiences in recent time that I got.

And I don't talk about hundreds of fan and community patches and opensourceengines for many games without some of them you will not even able to run some games. Of cource since all people have ability to mod things there will be not very good ones, but making posts like "all mods is bad!" - is beyond IQ55
No. 11952
122 kB, 360 × 270
>And I don't talk about hundreds of fan and community patches and opensourceengines for many games without some of them you will not even able to run some games
I already mentioned this
> that actually make a good game better
>rather than...some workaround to half ass a community patch

>Hundreds of games have massive mod communitis and whole social groups builded around some titles
Wholly irrelevant. There are whole communities built around wearing diapers in a furry costume or starving yourself to death and throwing up until you look like skelator. Besides which I wouldn't care about a seeming appeal to popularity fallacy or non sequitur anyway because I couldn't care less about most communities.

>Morrowind modding community for example is something that for more than decade produce and constantly working on new interesting and quality content, that bethesda never managed to achive even back than, I even not talk about bethesda nowdays.
I don't really play Bethesda games and can't comment, so that's on me. But I wasn't just being sarcastic. That was a serious question asking for proofs and I'd be interested to see a game where community modding actually made a good game better with additional content.
>there so many giant big projects of mods and fan games that I can't even count, some of them become real big and licensed games - like Sonic Mania initialy was fan project but SEGA
Well that wouldn't surprise me since games like that are so simplistic it wouldn't be hard to create content for them. Not that I play such games anyway.

I actually was thinking of one specific game that is also a bit simple and very easy to do total conversion mods for, where it actually in some cases did make a good game better, but this is a rarity.
No. 11954
57 kB, 1024 × 429
>I'd be interested to see a game where community modding actually made a good game better with additional content.

To me the best example is BMS. Falcon 4.0 was great and they just made it better. It adds a whole lot of systems to the aircraft and simulates them in greater detail, updates most of the graphics, improves flight models and atmospheric effects and so on. It's a pretty insane achievement.

NASSP for Orbiter is also very impressive but is nowhere near as polished. It simulates everything that's possible to simulate for the early Apollo missions in great detail and development continues on the complex missions from XI and up. Less polished doesn't make it janky, it still runs a 1:1 simulation of the navigation computer and such but it's also in Orbiter which suffers from being a tiny project with few QoL features to begin with.
No. 11955 Kontra
259 kB, 1680 × 1050
750 kB, 1280 × 720
660 kB, 1920 × 1984
34 kB, 620 × 349
>That was a serious question asking for proofs and I'd be interested to see a game where community modding actually made a good game better with additional content.
I like how you basicly like from the moon and don't know anything, but already in posts judging and about all "communities" with most aggresive examples, and about mods in general.

I fear recommend you something in general. such you live in your world and everything that goes beyound it you will just call shit but I hugely surprised how nowdays someone who scroll thought internet can't even nearly be familiar or see something about most major big and famous mod communities - Doom/Quake and realted id games ones (how you can miss domm community? Brutal Doom is kind of meme mod (thought it recently really become something much more beyond with amount of work placed in it) but it always in top charts and news but there like hundreds of new WADs and mods every day, absolute tops and competitions every year), Half-Life1/2 (most of valve games such as team fortress, counter strike, portal, dota 2 etc. was actual mods or evolved from mods that valve bought together with original developers and which become part of valve), Command and conquer modding community with it's total conversions, fan games and even like almost new games of different genere like fan-sequel to CnC Renegade in which multiplayer I may guess people still playing https://renegade-x.com/, and of cource Elder Scrolls games, almost all of them in some amount. Morrowind have active projects that even older that game itself.

And basicly every game that was made with nice instruments build in it or they was build by fans - have some decent amount of interesting fan content - Warcraft 3, Fallout games, gta san andreas, stalker, etc.

Like I remember big Gothic 2 project, where they in years build a giant, really giant add-on for game, and even at least for russian translation found actual original voice actors and recorded hell lot of lines and fixed old ones, and add hell lot of new content and from what I seen it was indeed high quality. System Shock 2 community path that add much more detail and other tweaks and polishing in this parts that was impossible in original commerical project that has relise date. Might and Magic 6-8 GreyFace fan patches withought which better even not start game which add things like better modern hardware support and proper mouselook.

It hard to place where actual mods stpos and start actual games and official addons - only thing that divide them is one of copyrighted commercial project and other - is free fan made stuff. Sometimes developers themselfs after times did mods for their own game. John romero and other id guys did their own levels for doom and quake not long ago eve thoghut they already for many many years left id or Frank Klepacki made some tracks for Twisted Insurrection. So even statement "mods are X" is wrong. It like hay, let's say "video games is bad", "I don't like movies".

>Well that wouldn't surprise me since games like that are so simplistic it wouldn't be hard to create content for them.
Even thought it arcade type of gameplay, it not mean it much easy to made such game. Polish it and make actual commertical product. Amount of artwork, leveldesign and gamedesighn you need put into is not "I did it in 5 minutes"

>I actually was thinking of one specific game that is also a bit simple and very easy to do total conversion mods for, where it actually in some cases did make a good game better, but this is a rarity.

Even a child can make his own doom level at GZDoom builder or make his "my house is balmora" mod for morrowind or make map for counter strike.
No. 12124
I'd forgotten how hard XCOM2 is on iron man. I feel retarded now.
No. 12144
3,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
Vicky II is still a fun game.
Decided to play a game as Transylvania, and I'm doing well so far. Climbed the ladder from 67th place to 14-15th.

The biggest problem is that I start as an absolute monarchy, and I have the republicans and the anarchist breathing down my neck.
I also have Hungarian nationalists because the TAG of this country is badly coded, so even though my primary culture is Hungarian, they rebel, because Hungary itself is entered in as a "Cultural Union" that has to be unified, like Italy or Germany, and they want to unify it.
Strangely enough, the Romanians never started a revolt. They don't even have a rebel faction or a movement.

Building the industry is a chore. I have the capital, but I don't have resources for anything besides alcohol. But it works, and I have enough profits to build more factories, railways and forts, while keeping taxes for every class at ~15%.
No. 12147
Xcom 2 is nothing but just unfair.

The timers are not my style whatsoever, but getting hit in full cover with a very realistic chance just spoils it to me. What else can I do besides killing/disabling next to any enemy in one round and staying in full cover?

3 tips for Xcom 2:
  1. Try not to cry
  2. Turn around
  3. Cry
No. 12149
I have hundreds upon hundreds of hours into this magnificent game. I remember playing multiplayer with Bernds back in the day, Austria, Prussia, France and Savoy as players. Somehow I won as Austria.
No. 12152
Then tell me, what should I do to get rid of the Jacobin rebels?
I don't want to give them voting rights.
The only logical option seems like a communist takeover. That'd give me more social reforms, and still have state intervention in the economy.
No. 12156
822 kB, 1920 × 1080
551 kB, 1920 × 1080
554 kB, 1920 × 1080
607 kB, 1920 × 1080
I would just wipe them out. I used to play a lot as Russia, and if you maintain absolute monarchy as one must, you get millions upon millions of jacobin rebels.
I always found them fairly easy to deal with, the line them up against the wall method. Monarchies are fairly solid, since you can pick your own political party. I'd usually go with reactionary. Even as an absolute monarchy, you can free up your upper house so you can actually pass some reforms. I usually go with health and education.
Seeing from the pic you posted, you should be able to fairly easily deal with them. The problem is that your army isn't well supplied, and is crossing a river.
At late game as an absolute monarchy, you are bound to have gigantic revolts, there are no ways around it. You can lower your tax rate to reduce militancy to some degree, but I advise against it.
I would also advise you to install the Historical Project Mod if you haven't already.

Pictures from random playthroughs I did.
No. 12157
794 kB, 1920 × 1200
625 kB, 1920 × 1080
603 kB, 1920 × 1080
565 kB, 1920 × 1080
Shamelessly posting more screencaps, because happy I found my steam archive of random screenshots.
No. 12159
63 kB, 302 × 389
>but even if you're at war with a country your POPs will still buy goods from your enemy
Yes, but tariffs do effect the complex economic system present within the game. The vanilla game is fairly broken, but HPM does a great job at balancing out the economy and simulating a real economy.

>But there is no real protectionism and freetrade in this game.
But there is, the only problem I have is how retarded the AI is at setting up factories, so it is far better to utilize a controlled economy. "State Capitalism" works the best within the game for it allows the AI to build railroads and the like, while you subsidize the shit out of factory production.

In my Haiti superpower game, I had to keep alternating between periods of free trade and protectionism to create a superpower worthy industrial base (I think I was at #3 in industry by the time I finished). In essence, I would build several factories, more than I had craftsmen, usually ensuring I had 3 open slots for every 2 craftsmen/clerks and subsidize them, which would make my economy on the brink of collapse. Once my economy was nearing bankruptcy, I would stop all subsidization, and workers would be moved from less productive factories which would inevitable go bankrupt, and move into more profitable factories.
One this cycle of free trade was over, I would have a lot of cash, which I would reinvest into building up more factories, and subsidizing the ones I had.
These cycles were done at around ~5 years of protectionism follower by ~3 years of free trade.

If you're not playing an extremely difficult to industrialize nation, the best option is to just create gigantic amounts of factories while in complete protectionism, generate an industrial base and then slowly easy out of tariffs so your factories become profitable, and your people aren't angry due to poverty.

The problem in my estimation is that the AI does not stock a lot of money into factories to hold them through times of economic downturn, and that they have seriously problems coordinating building projects to market demands.
No. 12160
1,4 MB, 1080 × 1131
44 kB, 318 × 288
55 kB, 357 × 313
I was really disappointed at Vicky's economics when i figured out that, despite all that elaborate factory and POP systems, the economy doesn't matter in terms of the politics and world trade doesn't really matter much.

Yes, colonies do matter, because only there can rare goods be produced. But there is no real protectionism and freetrade in this game. I might be mistaking, but as far as i know even if you're at war with a country your POPs will still buy goods from your enemy. Basically, when you think about that, Vicky 2 without meaningfull economic policies is just Agar.io with map and borders. They tried so hard at making nice economy and the didn't do the most important part.
No. 12161
sorry for deleting the post, tried to correct some misprints
No. 12162
284 kB, 593 × 647
>The Russian Empire, 1922
>population: 83mil
>industry, 3rd place
No. 12164
539 kB, 1920 × 1080
6,0 MB, 394 × 313, 0:05
What's unfair about a game where you're missing two 100% shots in a row and then die?
No. 12165
Okay, then I should just spend my big pile of money on forts and guns and then kill the plebs.
Excellent. I've been doing that, but I've feared that I can't keep up with their numbers and I'll eventually have to relinquish my powers.
No. 12166
5 kB, 217 × 232
My population was so particularly low because I KEPT GENOCIDING YOU MALORUSSIAN IDIOT DEBIL HOHLI, also constant civil wars. Also I freed Turkmenistan because I wanted to see what it would look like.
No. 12167
You had 320mil people, it's a huge amount considering that the real Russian Empire had only 180mil during WW1. I'm surprised you couldn't reach the first place in industry while having access to so many resources and people with 80% literacy. The Russian Empire is a sleeping giant that has more potential than the US, Germany or Qing.
No. 12169
409 kB, 1366 × 768
408 kB, 1366 × 768
460 kB, 1366 × 768
325 kB, 1366 × 768
I've achieved 1/1/1 with Russia, but in general I lose the will to play at around 1890s since you are just a giant who can take out everyone and everything.
Pics from a multiplayer game with Bernds.
No. 12171
It's not unfair it just has a steep weird difficulty curve where the hardest part is the beginning where you have regular weapons, no armor, no abilities, nothing and it takes only one hit to kill your dudes. The funny thing is I can actually see that gif working IRL. If you're facing an enemy in HtH combat he could knock your rifle down to the side like that. This is part of why combat troops have trench knives and sidearms.
No. 12174
2,9 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
Decided to ally Russia and leave Austria's sphere, because they have like 10 divisions, and if Hungary pops out, I'm fucked, unless I have a competent ally.
Jacobin movement died down after being stomped a few times. Let's hope I don't fuck this up and I get to live till the end of the game.
No. 12175 Kontra

Activision-Blizzard anounsed new Warcraft 3 Remaster and it looks like hell cheap shitty reamke where they hired some dudes from deviantart for 5$ and orded them make this cheap remake because they out of ideas for new games.

Modern Blizzard is so disscusting. But you know what? EA in recent time started work on remasters of old CnC games too. Fuck fuck sake, let just this series go, stop raping them.
No. 12176
It looks stylistically like a shitty fucking phonegame. Although what is to be expected. This is WoWfags and Activision. So far as I'm concerned the real Blizzard died a decade ago.
No. 12178 Kontra
I know you don't like low poly 3d style of warcraft 3, but yeah, this is really different - this is not style problem, this problem is that this cheap and just bad. Portraits of units is non-animated shitty digital art. Cutscenes including shitty cheap digital art. I not liked Warcraft 3 english voice ating honestely, but there it is even worse - and they repalced it for no reason.
And this curscene video... I thought it reminds me some sort of sims 1, but this actually reminds me this terrible "meme" videos on garri's mod from 2009.

This may beat Ub*soft's remaster of Heroes 3 in therms cheapness and laziness.
No. 12182
I m definitely a lot dumber than I was a couple years ago. This game is fucking infuriating. I'm not even on the highest difficulty and I've already HAD TO START OVER FIVE FUCKING TIMES and already it's starting to look like SIXTH COCKSCUKING FUCKING TIME IN A ROW. Its having just 4 fucking team mates all of whom decide to fucking panic at the drop of a hat not to mention having the fucking sectoids mind controlling literally half my entire damn squad resulting in a mission fail or having my last surfing guy fucking panicking and running straight into another pod. I am legitimately starting to get angry at this.
No. 12183 Kontra
Nvm figured it out. You know i hadn't realized this before but the game is just horribly balanced. It is a cakewalk once you get to the late game but I forgot just how ridiculously hard it is in the beginning, like not just a little hard, but unforgivingly harsh and it's mostly because you dont have and then can quickly free up another 2 slots or get predator armor/mag weapons and even just one extra person makes all the difference in the world. I dont even think its justifiable. It's just kind of a poor design. Although I guess the logic was, might as well nerf the later game since it takes so long to level everyone up.
No. 12204
121 kB, 1063 × 1179
Should I play Nuka World? Pls motivate me to do it. I don't feel like doing it and want to delet the game already and never ever look back on it.
No. 12206
>Should I play Nuka World?

If you didn't like the main game or the other DLC you won't like Nuka World.

>want to delet the game already

Don't, wait for Fallout: Miami
No. 12207 Kontra
>Don't, wait for Fallout: Miami
This mods in development for decades and most of them just die. ANd I don't think it something worth waiting for """fallout""" 4
No. 12214
Fallout: New California 'just' released.

I don't feel like it's too great. At the moment I am stuck because I decided to [don't do anything right now] on a terminal and can't activate it again. I am also unable to find the quest ID in order to just fix that.
Shit shit SHIT.
No. 12215
You don't miss 100% shots.
It's allways silly how people complain how they missed that one 75% shot.

But still there are unfair or let's say not too sensible mechanics like worthless full cover, compared to XCOM EU/EW
No. 12220
2,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
Lost the Great War.
Though it wasn't that bad. The Germans only occupied two provinces before capitulation.
The 1M communists never rebelled, and now that I have a proper army I'm not even scared.

Another great thing is that my primary culture is finally the majority culture group.
No. 12221
>You don't miss 100% shots.

Yes, yes you do.
At least i did and i found cases of it happening when searching on google and youtube.
As explanation i could find that it seems to be a rounding error, so instead of 99,5% it shows 100% but it isn't really 100%, i don't know if that is correct.
No. 12223
For more Activision Blizzard fail
No. 12332
41 kB, 415 × 529
I failed.
I finally actually got the game going pretty well but just kept taking casualties. It got okay when I booted up to 5 member squads and then finally to six man teams, but I just kept losing people especially my tag along squadies meant to replace fallen XCOM operatives. I also just got fucked pretty hard with some weird glitch where I wasted two guys' actions trying to open a locked van door. Rebooted the game but of course on ironman it didn't matter, the dude was out in the open, and then I lost another actually trained guy. By the time I got to power armor and had mag weapons because no resources for buying any beam weapons, I suddenly got a 6day timer. And I had not enough intel or supplies so when I finally could contact the region my timer ran out. I had one day left to contact the region and the Avatar timer hit zero. One fucking day and I could've stormed the facility and reset it. And this was only on Commander difficulty not legendary.

All this is making me actually pretty nervous and self conscious about the brain lesion. I can actually tell it's damaged because now I suck at XCOM 2. I could tell when I was addled because once I tried to play the game after a couple of beers and totally fucked up. So now being sober all the time I still feel pretty wrecked and just can't do anymore. I know this should probably go in the today thread but whatever. I now think I know how dumb people actually feel. The kind of dumb person that doesn't breeze through games and life. It is becoming deeply troubling and saddening.
No. 12336
160 kB, 1200 × 800
Here are some more quality questions.
The "we're gamers" part made me think of pic related.


It's actually really awesome to see a developer to get the shit he deserves
No. 12350
235 kB, 500 × 464
No. 12364
What does a medium end (as in runs modern games so that they run smooth don't look like total butthole) PC look like these days? I'm actually breddy hardware illiterate and don't know what the difference is between all the different CPUs and GPUs are when they all have the same output numbers on the box.
t. advance thanker

XCOM always seemed way more luck based than people gave it credit for. Assuming that it works on percentile integer generation, then you are as likely to fail any non-guaranteed action as you are to succeed. Higher 'chances of success' are actually just risk offset where there are more options that end in success, but landing on any of those is still the same 1% chance as landing on any of the others, so the risk is offset but not actually decreased. That's assuming it's using an bounded integer RNG though to calculate successes though which it may or may not. It just seems the most likely option considering it's a percentile based check. I'd be interested in their actual method if I'm wrong, the statistics of these kinds of things are interesting.
No. 12366 Kontra
>What does a medium end (as in runs modern games so that they run smooth don't look like total butthole) PC look like these days?
Current standart is intel i7-8XXX type processors, somewhere in range of 8-24gb RAM, videocards with minimum 4gb VRAM, altrought 4gb in current year is something that dies too.
No. 12368
>What does a medium end (as in runs modern games so that they run smooth don't look like total butthole) PC look like these days?

Are you an Intel/AMD/Nvidia fanboy or do you not care about manufacturer? Also, what's your budget?
No. 12370
Thanks. I'll be working on a budget, not a tight one but not limitless funds either. So an i7 CPU, some kind of 4GB GPU (does it matter if it's a cheaper one like an RX560 if I'm really just shooting for medium settis?) and say 8GB of RAM, going to 16 if there's money left over? By modern I mean last few years too, not so much bleeding edge stuff. For reference, I haven't looked at an actual PC for playing games since 1GB GPUs were the hottest shit and everybody was just using MB range ones :-D

t. hanks
No. 12371 Kontra
I don't really know enough to care. Budget is somewhere between 1200-1500, but can push it up somewhat if I really have to. Like I said, I'm not looking for a supercomputer here, just something middling.
No. 12372
I recommend invest more in CPU and motherboard. It will be most hard to replace and this is thing you basicly buy for really long time
I builded my new PC this year with kind of limited budget and get

-i7-8700 - I will not try to overcloack anything anyway so bought regular version, not (k) one

-Gigabyte Z370 Motherboard for this generation of CPUs, not very expensive one, but not most cheap thing like B360 eather. Pretty nice motherboard, with many SATA and USB 3.0 inserts.

-GTX750ti - bought used. It is often very dangerous to buy videocards used, since they may be killed by cryptomining. However, I found this on aliexpress, they had great amount of them, it was some korean ultra-gaming club replacing them or something. It was delivered in exelent package and absoluetly like new. Working exelent. It have 4gb of VRAM, but not like I play modern games that much and games like Battlefield 4 if you want play this crap works on Ultra perfectly. FarCry5 works more than fine with medium-high too. Will replace after some years.

-RAM just 8gb DDR4 Single-Channel by Samsung. You don't need that much more, like this GAMER EXTRIME FINE-CASTED shit or something. Just typical RAM board with chips. When have money, will buy additional one and will have 16gbs of RAM.

-Cooler - Deepcool Lucifer V2, giant and awesomely crafted thing. Yes, it is very huge but this is really cost it-s money - CPU is cool, quite silent thing too. When you buy PC - cooler is very important part, never buy CPU with cooler-in-box - those are shit. And if cooler kind of small in size of your hand - this meants it will be very bad for thing like i7.

-storage - sadly currently using my 10 years old HDD seagate barracuda. It works very well and has no broked segments, but for modern vidja and things medium priced HDD from 2008 is meh things - sometimes I have slow freezes in cutscenes and long loadings, and when modern vidya loading something on run - it will be notacble sometimes. So nowdays good samsung SSD is best option.
No. 12374
Post saved for future reference. Thank you hardware help helper.
No. 12376 Kontra
Check out http://www.logicalincrements.com/ if you haven't, though prices might not be so accurate

Get an SSD for sure, also definitely think about getting 16GB of RAM, e.g. I don't have that much running right now and my RAM usage is at ~7GB, Chrome hogging 3GB alone. Of course I could close some stuff, but I'd rather not worry about it
No. 12377
Well, ask me if you need more help.
Ah I also forgot about power block - I have CoolerMaster Masterwatt 650. Don't but cheap blocks or block build in computer case, those are shit. There a lot bad and no-name blocks that don't output their 600w or 650w or whatever listed on package.

There also sometimes appearing things like RAM build in motherboard - try to avoid it too. And on second marked videocards there appearing sometimes GTX-X90 cards. Cards from Nvidia with "90" two last numbers is wierd things with 2 GPUs build in one board and often they saled when one of GPUs died and other kinda works - not the best choise to buy lol.
No. 12378
Advice taken on board. Thanks. It's kind of incredible to me how you guys understand this stuff. When I tried to read about them myself it was all gibberish with similar numbers, or numbers that didn't mean anything to me.
No. 12380
There's not much to understand, especially with GPUs and CPUs the model numbers already indicate the performance, the first 1 or 2 numbers show the generation, so you only need to know what the newest generation is.
So, if you say you want a middle class GPU from Nvidia you naturally go for a x50 or x60 (sometimes including a "ti" at the end, there you usually get a inbetween thing) or maybe a higher version if you decide to go for an older generation card.

Same goes with CPUs and other manufacturers.

What was the last x90 card Nvidia made? 690?
They pretty much don't exist anymore.
No. 12533
>They pretty much don't exist anymore.
I trought that last one was 790 or something, but whatever, who knows, maybe someone still sell some of that ones in secondary market, lol

>When I tried to read about them myself it was all gibberish with similar numbers, or numbers that didn't mean anything to me.
As was said, there nothing that hard about it honestely. There are famous manufactures, there is famous and infamous models, and basic numbers that you always get across when you look at software system requrements - RAM, CRU, vRAM, all this kinds of things. Building your PC not so hard too, just make shure that some parts work together - of cource motherboard should have proper socket for your CPU model, powr block is powerfull anough to maintain your configuration and things like that, nothing more.

About other things
What I dream about is game-simulator of Firearms. Realistic simulator where you can dissasamble and assamble all guns, that have history and information articles about it inside gun, all it's variants and all it's little details, kind of like interactive musem/encyclopedia, where also you have different kinds of shhoting ranges, with maximum realistic physics of gun.
I seen game like this, Gun Dissambly 2 but it was kind of phone app and was vey far from what I want too - in therms of quality and in therms of quantility too.
No. 12534
>What I dream about is game-simulator of Firearms. Realistic simulator where you can dissasamble and assamble all guns

That's World Of Guns.

No. 12535
This is basicly
>Gun Dissambly 2
just for PC with couple of differences. As I said, from what I seen it sill more like mediocare APP for shot fun. For example - Gewehr 43 - can you actually dissasamble it on table from first person? Is there Gewehr 41 of Walther and Mauser prototypes of it? Different variants that was manufactured and developed trought war? Information on all markings on gun, metal from which it was all construction? Competition with other players on real time dissambly, fiering and other things? Accesories for this rifle and additional elements that was requred? Realistic physics of shhoting with different kind of ammunition with actual physical bullet, not vector-line thing like in absolute majority of video games? And all this with VR support?
No. 12538
>I will not try to overcloack anything anyway so bought regular version, not (k) one

I'm sorry man but this is just plain stupid. Performance wise you're paying a big buck for a relatively small bang. I hope you're running it on 4.6ghz with a vcore lower than 1.35 atleast

>RAM just 8gb DDR4
Sure, if you don't want to play modern games and run windows 10 at the same time

>-Cooler - Deepcool Lucifer V2,
why would you need such a cooler for a stock not unlocked 8700?

My man, please do not listen to him. If you're planning on making a Gaming rig you do not want an i7, you want an i5. There is no difference in video game performance whatsoever and the only reason i7 is an i7 is because it makes virtual threads of which games never ever take any advantage. 16gb rams are going to be a must in 2 years from now and it really sucks to not have them right now especially if you're running windows 10.

I was actually helping my friend with an upgrade today and I have the list of what I consider to be best what you can buy for a reasonably budget motherboard and CPU. With this set-up in most of the titles the GPU will be the down-throttle unless you get a 1080ti or something.

Intel Core i5-9600K oc@4.6 to 4.9ghz
As it is right now it's the best you can get for its money, intel has some shady buisness practices and right now 9600k costs 275 euro while being the top dog in all benchmarks and games compared to previous models, and the price is same or even higher than 8600k and 8700k!

MSI Z390-A PRO DDR4 1151
MSI has the best BIOS, all the features and what does what is properly explained. I'm using z370-a pro right now with an 8700k and it's working like a charm. It's not a good board for extreme overclocks but it's absolutely perfect even for 5.2ghz.

cheapest lowest frequency ddr4 2x8gb's sticks, it honestly doesn't matter in video games, people report 1 to 2 fps differences from 2133 kit to 3200kit

SSD's are ssd's, they are convienient and boot up time is nice but it doesn't change a lot in most of game loadings. It only matters in games that have flawed loading times. I've been playing Destiny 2 recently with my friend who installed the thing on a old barracuda hdd and our loading time difference was 3 seconds :-D

Also, if you decide to go with any 8xxx or 9xxx always go for the unlocked one, the price difference is marginal and you might squeeze another year of usability out of it after 3 years or so if you decide to. If you're gonna get one and don't want to overclock it right of the bat, what you honestly have to do is disable any Turbo mode (this is super important) and set it yourself to it and then adjust Vcore to the lowest possible you can get. Default turbo settings are absolutely unstable and fucking retarded.

No. 12541
>Sure, if you don't want to play modern games and run windows 10 at the same time
By modern you mean games from last two years on ULTRA-SUPER-DUPER quality graphics? You can always buy a new additional RAM in future, when you have more money, this isn't something so much permanent so you cut your money our on other things to buy more RAM from day one. Sames go with GPU.

>why would you need such a cooler for a stock not unlocked 8700?
To get a really nice quality fan that for shure will do it's job and then can be used in future?

>There is no difference in video game performance whatsoever and the only reason i7 is an i7 is because it makes virtual threads of which games never ever take any advantage.
Depends on actual game, and there is actual difference. Well, at least if you want to have use CPU for long time - and you most probably will - better buy something that was initially more big so you will not care about it for next 5-7 years.

I'am pretty shure that he will not go and will do something major in BIOS, not will update it or do other thing, I'am also prettu shure as general user he will not go and try overcloak CPU, same as he will not try to dissasamble or manualy repair power block for example and all he nees - pretty safe configuration that he can put it by hmself or even by help from some dude and just run it and forget about it unless it need cleaning to operate.
What you and guys like you do - giant posts of doom about concretic models, overcloaking, different things that majority of people not care, and most often when there is more than two guys like you there starts infinity shitting on each other - like appearing anouther dude and start say "NO ALL YOU POST IS TOTAL SHIT! BETTER VARIANT WILL BE..." - and it ends with another set of giant posts of doom describing why "model X" is better variant than "model Y".
Honestley what you need only - reasonable computer with up-to day specs that run well and have proper quality components, nothing more.
No. 12542
> >RAM just 8gb DDR4

>Sure, if you don't want to play modern games and run windows 10 at the same time

You are an dunces.
I have currently 8GB in my very powerful gaming rig. I did not encounter any game so far which was running below 60fps on ultra, except for Arma 3 Multiplayer (30 - 120 FPS).
And I'm talking about e.g. Kingdom Come.

There may be badly optimized games which can require 9GB (so you need 12GB) depending on your background processes.

I bet you bought 16GB three years ago and now you count on this snake oil.

Rule of thumb: Go for 8GB. Check how it works out for you and decide to go for 12GB in the worst case.
No. 12583
How would you go from 8 to 12 while maintaining symmetry in channel saturation (eg. make use of dual channel?)

Asking for a friend who has not bought hardware since the early days of DDR3.
No. 12584
>Space Wolf
>tactical WH40K phoneshit
>somehow requires permission not just to access pictures, media etc but also to make and manage phone calls
Fuck. That. Seriously what possible fucking reason could a phoneshit game or anything for that matter require access to making phone calls? Go fuck yourselves gamesworkshop and especially you google
No. 12588
>what possible fucking reason could a phoneshit game or anything for that matter require access to making phone calls?

There are various reasons why many apps want that permission, for example to handle incomming calls (so you can accept them without the app having to shut down).
It can also be used as some sort of DRM but don't ask me how, you need someone else to explain that to you.
No. 12590
I asked my neighbour who dumps too much money into computers. I have 2x4GB in the first channels (often red) and could buy another identical 4GB which would run in the second channels (often white). I think this can heavily depend on your mainboard.

Micro-Star International Co., Ltd B450 GAMING PLUS (MS-7B86) 1.0
No. 12618
Alright, I can give you some examples off the top of my head, these games will be fucking annoying on 8gb one way or the other(And mind you, we're talking about a default user, someone who will most likely have shit opened in his tray, right?):
Hunt: Showdown
Total War: Warhammer 2
Monster Hunter: World
Gamberyo engine, especially if you are modding it

I mean like, yeah, sure, they will run BUT

We're leaving x32 architecture whether you like it or not, honestly. In two years from now on all triple A titles will recommend 8gb as minimum and there are already titles that work absolutely shit without 8gb, (Hunt: Showdown)
also I bet that new Assassins are the case too

Alright, so even if you don't mind the occasional stuttering when you traverse through your open world with 8gb ram you will most likely have to close everything in your tray, you will not be able to stream (And btw if you're into that then i7 or amd is the way), you will not be able to open your web browser if you're the type to store a lot of shit open.

Honestly, on one hand you bash me for saying that what I say with o/c is what a default user WOULD NOT do, but on the other hand you say that this same user will have his start-up processes list on point. Make your mind up. All you have to do in Bios is disable energy saving options and find your lowest boot-able Vcore for your intel's cpu turbo frequency.

higher vcore = lower cpu life expectancy!!!!

turbo on 8700k with 4.7ghz can set t he vcore to FUCKING 1.45, you can run this cpu on 5.1ghz with this vcore, it's SO GOD DAMN MORE THAN FUCKING ENOUGH!!! They are literally designing it so that it will break faster and ALSO be LESS stabile under load! You're a fucking noveau riche or dumb ass negroid if you won't set it up. I'm sorry boys, but that is how it is right now and this is why smart people are shilling for AMD's right now. There's less bullshit, but it's still there.>>12542

>I bet you bought 16GB three years ago and now you count on this snake oil.
I updated from 4770Q 4.2ghz to 8700k 6 months ago and bought the cheapest DDR4 2133 2x8gb kit that was available. Funnily enough, if I was to buy the same things today I'd have to pay 200 euro more for the CPU. I mean like, you know what, fuck you guys EC is dead and this brain dead russian needs to learn english and you are all a joke peace
No. 12619 Kontra
>8GB. Check how it works out for you and decide to go for 12GB in the worst case.

How are you supposed to have a dual channel with 8+4? Enlighten me. I can smell your absolutely useless CL0 heatsink rgb 5000mhz sticks through the internet boy
No. 12624
>To get a really nice quality fan that for shure will do it's job and then can be used in future?

Basically what you are doing is running your CPU on turbo or stock frequency which over feeds it with unnecessary vcore which in turn wears out the cpu, but you compensate with a solid cooling system which you wouldn't need in the first place if you set your cpu to the lowest vcore for your stock or turbo frequency because it's the vcore which is mostly responsible for the temperature of your cpu under stress xD

You can literally see a difference of anything between 15 to 35 degrees celsius running 8700k@4.7ghz on 1.2v or 1.4v, and this is actually what my bios set it up to on auto. Iv'e read about people having 1.45v. 90% of chips should be able to run 4.7ghz on 1.15v, I'm running a 4.9ghz clock on 1.25v. I am absolutely sure that all current i5 and i7 family cpu's going back to haswell can run their marketed turbo frequency on their shitty stock fans with a temperature not higher than 75c under stress. Having a 50$ heatsink with a decent thermal paste can always give you 200mhz more than that, although you have to keep in mind that there are exponentially diminishing returns after a certain point, for 8700k being it anything above 4.9ghz.

We're talking about 0.2 voltage difference, you run 5.3ghz clocks on 1.45v with scalped DIY water coolers. I hope that this example illustrates well how bad it is.

I mean like yeah, sure, the temperature is the first thing that wears the cpu out but the second one is vcore - and honestly it doesn't matter if you keep it on 40c under load or 65c, you're still melting it more if you're overfeeding it by more than 0.1v,(which totally can happen but doesn't have to and in some cases may pop in and out because that's how bad these auto control systems are)

Honestly, call me a scarecrow as much as you want but a default user in 2018 wants to be able to open up his loaded with 200 tabs google chrome to listen to some music, have his wide array of useless shit in tray ready to use and on top of all that play Dark Souls 3 on high details. This is not do-able with 8gb ram but is absolutely with 16gb and an i7. This is another logical fallacy both of you commitalso i'd like to add that using arma 3 as an example counts as logical fallacy too tbh fam xD, you recommend i7 but 8gb ram! Because i7 is going to somehow improve his single core video games experience! Where as in tasks that i7 will benefit, he will be throttled by his 8gb ram capacity!

Here's a task for you boys
Give me an example of game where there is a major disparity in fps performance between i5 and i7, other than following:
Watch dogs
Watch dogs 2
Arma 2
Arma 3

Go on

All in all it's a matter of perspective, if you consider your computer to be a disposable tool that you will have to replace eitherway with a new one and you just want it to do it's job then it will absolutely work on defaults. But implying that you actually want to keep it in good shape but also recommending 8gb ram to a default 2018 user is an absolute farce.

Get 2x8 cheapest ram sticks, no matter what cpu you will decide on, learn to configure how it works. Don't listen to any hive-mind information places like chan's or tomshardware or anything forum based. If you don't know what part to choose your best friend is always 3dguru. Remember, 3dguru never lies.

i7 with 16gb will benefit in compared to i5 and 8gb ram (Because i7 with 8gb ram is absolutely fucking retarded)is a lot of shit working simultanously on fly without problems and 2-4fps more in most titles. Although there are literally few exceptions where the difference can go up to 20 frames.

i5 with 8gb set-up is for a user that does not need multi-tasking and also can keep his pc clean by not bloating it. If you're that type of user and you can not afford i7 and 16gb ram then that is the way.

i7 with 8gb is absolutely retarded
i5 with 16gb is kinda retarded
No. 12626 Kontra
ALSO pre-skylake generation i5's could achieve higher clocks than i7's and you could push them WAY further before you got diminishing returns

So 4xxx and 5xxx i5's overclocked where outperforming i7's by like 20% in most games :-D
No. 12662
Idk man, it just works very, very (did I mention very?) very well.

This clearly puts me on the right side tbh. Keep wasting money. Did you stock up to 64GB Ram allready? Heard it's super essential for gam0rs like you and me.
No. 12671
I have 8gb and I can't even play Ashes of the Singularity or Witcher 3, Witcher 2 runs like such total ass I have to drop it to minimum settings where it still runs like ass but now looks like horribly textured cartoons with lots of jagged bitmap lines to the point the graphics are way worse than Witcher 1,, even XCOM2 I have to use moderate settings at best without it being extra choppy and I have 8gb RAM. At this point I think I'll need a new GPU and 16gb RAM to just play any title that's been at by 2018.
No. 12674
I am currently playing W3.
Your GPU is shit.
No. 12675
me the guy with 32gigs DDR4.
No. 12681
154 kB, 704 × 365
Hey, since when eggs have feelings and stuff?


the only fun i get from video games these days is shitposting on global until I get banned
No. 12686
I've been trying to find out where the overtone window ends in poe global chat, and looks like this is it.

I posted some truly retarded shit in global chat for several days. Basically anything goes, the scatalogical, sexual, outright disgusting, discussions on hentai and porn, dumb memespouting, serious discussions about gender dismorphia, your mom jokes, anything.

Well, except for this. Interesting.
Says a lot about our society huh.
No. 12690
You caught the ban for the same reason people here often get banned, which is the same reason you can easily get banned in a lot of places. Society is just sick of dealing with poltards aka the cancer that is killing everything. A lot of this could've been prevented by banning the fuck out of people more aggressively then years ago on vierkanal tbh. It isnt shocking the delicate sheeple sensibilities. It is something everyone has heard dozens of times and they're sick about poltards ruining shit. I would've banned you too and probably made it for at least a month.
No. 12691
It's more that you discussing scat porn in global just makes people go 'fucking gross, you sick fuck' but doesn't cause the devs any long lasting issues. They let you shitpost about that kind of thing too long though and people take to the social media crusade and it can cause them issues so they nip the buds that can cause backlash at the first emergence while you're free to be just generally disgusting as much as you want.
No. 12693
Yes, moderation in video games and other public social groups is just populist catering to the larger cultural narrative. But that's what makes it curious in the first place. It's a microcosm of a larger society.

A reflection of what is REALLY taboo in the western lingosphere, as opposed to what people claim to be taboo. See, in the real world, nobody actually cares about provocative remarks on homosexuality, or the scatological, or blasphemy. But people do care about black people.

You must understand how absurd this whole situation looks like for someone outside the anglosphere. You can say the vilest shit, that in most parts of the world, would incur physical violence upon you, but on degenerate wect, it's trite and banal and yawn worthy. But this one topic of black people generates outrage even when indirectly implied. It is the one thing people really do truly care about. Even if people are being outraged not because they are personally offended, but in order to display virtue, moderate public opinion, supporess unrest in the community, etc. the spirit of the meme persists and manifests, through those people as conduits. It's actually rather peculiar that the most effective way to generate discomfort among white people is to insult black people. What a curious social behavioral pattern has emerged.

As an outsider, someone who's never even seen a black person IRL, and doesn't care about american social issues, this must be exactly how whitoid tourists feel when they go to some turd world country, and break some absurd ridiculous taboos on purpose just because it is funny to see people getting bothered about something stupid like sneezing while looking in the direction of the mecca, or stepping on sacred cow shit or something. The amusement factor of desecrating something that not only means nothing to you, but also seems absurd and idiotic, of watching people get upset over meaningless and inconsequential actions is remarkable.

I recently read an article about the origin of swear words. And basically the conclusion was that swear words are offensive not because of their content, but their context. What is offensive in one historical context, is silly and childish in another. Just as you might be amused at the idea of public outrage over someone saying "bitch" on public TV in the 60s, I am amused at the idea of the entire world getting up in arms about a social issue that only exists in america. You could even call this a manifestation of american imperialism. Not only do they export their media, they also export their taboos. Even if such taboos make no sense outside of american context (insulting black people in kazakhstan is akin to insulting mythical creatures: nobody has even seen one), it becomes taboo simply because of how other people react to it. Yet another manifestation of the monkeys in a cage not eating a banana concept.

The difference between someone from kazakhstan discussing black people and someone in america discussing black people (either negatively or positively), is that without the context, the same exact statement changes/loses its meaning. Whether it's a white nationalist or a progressive expressing their opinions on black people, they have something in common: they really actually sincerely care about the topic. For me? It's just empty drivel, something to joke about. So words and statements don't have any inherent meaning. The meaning emerges in context, once you enter a different socio-memetic field, the language changes while the semantics stay the same.

this was my explantation of my very high IQ scientific empirical analysis of language in relation to social memology. the only way to find out what the words you are saying actually mean, and if they mean anything, is to say them and see the reaction. such cases

t. professional shitpost scientist
No. 12694
200 kB, 435 × 557

See, this is the difference between living within/under a culture, being part of it, and being detached from a culture, engaged but never immersed, like a true ubermensch.

An immersed person, upon seeing something that is offensive within his context, becomes offended. He acts on behalf of his culture/context, or rather the context acts through him, using him as a physical agent of its will.

A detached ubermensch looks at the situation from beyond: he RECOGNIZES, that something is offensive within its context, but doesn't become offended, because he himself is outside the context. He doesn't get upset over anything, because he is outside everything, he simply observes, recognizes and understands offensive phenomena, never becoming offended himself. He is even detached from his so called "self" identity, so not even personal insults get to him. Because he simply does not take part in the consensus of what his identity is. The idol that the outside fashions of him, means nothing to him, does not represent him. So being insulted and watching something get insulted is one and the same to him.

To add to this, the reason people get upset over seeing others get insulted, is because they share a "sameness" with that object, kind of an opposite of the previous example. One's identity is intertwined with another's so personally insulting one is equivalent to personally insulting the other.
No. 12695
To a normie, society is God. It is ever present. Normies are never in the privacy of their own selves. God always follows. Always judges. So that's why masturbating is evil even in an empty room with windows closed, because you're not alone, the little god inside your head is always there with you, judging.

A free man can agree that being racist is bad, but still make fun of niggers, because he doesn't have a personal warden in his brain telling him what to do.

i am sleep deprived
No. 12696
103 kB, 1306 × 354
>dat whole fuckin textwall
Pic related. You got banned because you were being annoying. Making off color morbid jokes or talking about scat might actually being funny. Instead you were just being unfunny, obnoxious, and preachy. You got banned for being an annoying faggot basically. The worst thing about poltards is they then screech like victims when people finally had enough of their shit and they get banned. Don't be that person.
No. 12697
No I don't think you understand. This would be like me barging into some Slav chat and shitposting about Ukraine. I'm sure they'd heard enough of it and would ban the fuck out of me.
No. 12698
The only thing a society can punish you with for desecration of its holy idols is ostracizing you from itself. But what does it matter to someone who was never part of the society in the first place? What does an atheist care if a christian thinks he's a bad christian for blaspheming? Those who are outside the context have power over those who are within. They are a dimension above. They have the power to attack without being harmed in return.

Going to a third world country and making fun of their backwards customs, for example, will cause the locals to think you're a huge cunt. But what does a WHITE MAN give a sot what some brown turd worlders think about him, you know?

you know? huh?
No. 12699
Yes, and you shouldn't care what slavs think about you when you shitpost about ukraine. Because you don't care about their meaningless struggles in their own little world. None of it truly means anything to you.

They can ban you, sure, but they can't make you "repent", so to say. They can not fix your attitude, make you understand, make you empathize. Because you just don't give a shit, and their rules and bans and whatever are impotent against you, their only purpose is to display virtue to OTHERS within their society. The only purpose of punishment is to show others that something is being done, it doesn't really do anything to the criminal, because someone who breaks laws didn't care about the society's rules and sensibilities in the first place, so the punishment also means nothing to him.
No. 12703
>going to another country and making fun of them
Poor example, as that fat annoying Russian found out in Mexico. You can go to Iran and piss them off and wind up in third world jail.
And you dont want to end up in third world jail
>white man
Not really relevant. You spend way too much time talking to idiots on image boards and so do I. People dont really give a shit too much in the real world. And as for bans, well there you go. If you give a shit enough to post there you'll probably give a shit enough about getting kicked out. And you really haven't won anything even if you don't because then they can just kick you out and be done with it.
No. 12704
>Did you stock up to 64GB Ram allready?
As a matter of fact yes, I have another work station with 64gb or ram because I do video editing for living. But yeah, in my gaming rig I am using 8x2gb sticks as I said before, the thing is you did not even read what I wrote. You don't even understand the subject, you can't comprehend that experience may greatly vary depending on your processess running in the back ground.

This is the issue of this board, it needs more brutality and less dick sucking because fags like you are pushing their fallacies in all possible topics having zero fucking knowledge
No. 12709 Kontra
Really no need to read any further details after
>AAA games need over 8gb

Sry that you're still mad today :^)
No. 12710 Kontra
>I was trolling all the time man xD haha

back to kacey with you
No. 12717
39 kB, 250 × 167, 0:02
I like where this is going
No. 12718 Kontra
>This is the issue of this board, it needs more brutality and less dick sucking because fags like you are pushing their fallacies in all possible topics having zero fucking knowledge
No, thanks, I already have sosach to see aggresive slav shitposters who hate everybody and only do insults in every posts.

To other posts _ I already said you basis that nobody going to fuck with this on level of "+5% more power!" unless someone don't just fuck with it. And all of this will be outdated after 2-3 years anyoway.
No. 12768 Kontra
You know what else is insulting? Talking and giving recommendations with lack of insight in the given subject and then when called out on it not being able to admit you're full of shit
No. 12804
God fucking damnit that's that second time in a row I failed fucking protect the device mission. First time I didnt even make it to the pod doing the shooting because fuck that I had no cover to get across an open road while dealing with two pods of Mutons, Archons, Andromeda, and Gatekeeper when suddenly reinforcements dropped down right on top of me so no fucking way I'm rushing into a 4th pod. Meanwhile I lost a good grenadier to that mission failure and damn near lost a second one.

So round two and this time I think I have it covered despite my massive misgivings. Of course the stupid fucking thing goes down in 5 turns so i already know i need to rush the objective. Well I had some map mod so this time it's inside a building with pillars. I just sprayed down absolutely fucking everything and wiped the first two pods including the andromeda and its rebound. Of course there just has to be another open street to get there. Well I keep trying to trigger them and I still cant see the fucking thing, not with my guys on the ground, sniper on roof, nothing. But oh did I come prepared this time. Full on WAR suits with grenades and rockets everywhere. So I just said oh fuck this and blew a rocket in the general area. Heard noise like it startled them but no idea if I even hit anything. So fuck this, I just hosed down the entire area in shredstorm just to open up a wall to get a visual and hopefully piss them off enough to stop shooting my device. They even paused from shooting it. [B]Still no visual[/b]. Not even with the massive gaping hole, not with a completely removed wall even with breaking ranger concealment in a terrible position. Somehow they decided not to fire that turn, while still being hidden around the device. I rushed in and actually managed to get the fucking things to ignore the device, then out of nowhere a chrysalid hits the damn thing for 5 damage thus finally killing it and ending in mission failure. I did everything flawlessly and the game went out of it's way to screw me. I dont even understand how you're supposed to do these missions without failing when you've got a meat wall of the best they've got and only 5 turns to get that pod angry at you instead of the device. I have no idea how you're supposed to do this without taking massive casualties.

I dont even know why XCOM2 seems to be the one game that seemingly proves brain damage. It doesn't even seem that difficult at first glance but somehow no grand strategy, 4x, crpg or anything requires the dedicated brainpower and it isnt even real time. I dont know how I even did this before without resulting in constant squad wipes. Seriously it gives me 5 turns to activate all the pods in front of me and the ones shooting the objective because I cant really sneak past them and even if I did it'd turn into a massacre being flanked on all sides.
No. 12805 Kontra
>I dont even know why XCOM2 seems to be the one game that seemingly proves brain damage.

It doesn't, the game simply requires some luck.
You can beat the game with 89iq by just being a bit lucky and the opposite is just as true.
No. 12821
I remember very vividly mastering the original 1994 X-COM: UFO Enemy Unknown. I was in Dublin, living with our cozy druggy russkie expat community, not really looking for a job since I had some meager savings. Mind you, that was, I think, in 2004 or 2003. The flat we were renting actually had a really old computer accidentally in it, barely good enough to open PDFs. I was hoping to study some career stuff in fact, but the computer came with X-COM 1 immediately available.
I think it took me about a week of non-stop action to fully and completely master the game. In the end, I could win the entire campaign without losing any country, without losing any of my troops as KIA, and without using any saves and loads at all. That was one really enjoyable experience, and time well spent.
No. 12825
This actually brought up some even more distant and remote memories. I remember living in a tiny rented room in a small house in south London, in 2007. I would use the local library to access the interwebs, and in the evening I would often come to the nearby train station simply to enjoy the impressive skyline of Canary Wharf that was visible in the distance. I was absolutely alone, and pretty much broke. I would go to the local supermarket to buy some simple food, like coleslaw with fresh bread. My days were occupied with playing Bejeweled 2 Deluxe that I had conveniently discovered on the laptop that I was given to accompany me in the trip. I remember installing a Win 2003 server on that old Pentium notebook, and I remember modifying the Bejeweled 2's config wildly; that was great fun.
Anyways, it is with great effort that I have managed to locate the exact place where I lived and see it on google street view. I stayed there only extremely briefly, maybe for a week and a half. There was also a TV in the kitchen, and the only movie worth watching there was Predator 2, in vhs quality. I don't know why, but this brings up some very profound nostalgia. And I have no one to share it with, except you, Ernst. I hope you don't mind.

P.S.: oh yes, Project Chanology happened, like, within a month, too.
No. 12826 Kontra
>Talking and giving recommendations with lack of insight in the given subject

I provided recommendations from mine experience, about which I pretty happy as user. You exept long posts about differend kinds of specialised CPU did not provided arguments why someone with limited budged should intially buy more than 8gb ram when you can buy more after, and insted focusing on other things. You also not provided any thing about why should inexperienced user bother with overcloacking, bios things and other deatails which is absoluetly not that critical for medium range PC builder for couple of years for casual personal use.
I builded my PC from basic recomendations of quality products that will work good and will not burn after month, which is important part, and get machine that for reasonable budget can run modern games and have potential for upgrades in future. And for this kind of stuff you don't need advices "how to build your processor from scrash by using turning lathe and flint"-tier.

>you're full of shit

Try to forget this kind of agressive speech and expressions like that, this is not krautchan and not slav drinking company to behaivor like that.
No. 12828
It isn't blind luck. The RNG spread out over enough missions isn't luck, but sheer statistics. A bad roll evens out with the good rolls across the average. The problem is it's somehow still difficult, mainly the problem being somehow I remembered protect the device missions to last roughly 7-8 turns and don't remember late game ones going down in 5 turns or less. This just isn't enough time to deal with these enemies without expert skill. It is a game of skill, not chance, it's just sometimes it seems like the skill level is so high, so punishingly brutal, that there is just no room for error at all, and once any single thing goes wrong in a mission it tends to massively fuck things up in a cascading effect of failure. Well at least this time I am not stuck with situations where like one dude gets mind controlled, another gets killed, and the last two freak out, letting one get killed until the second one gets mind controlled thus leading me to a mission fail with two MIA two KIA. It is reminding me with utmost brutality why I did shit like equip flashbangs; it wasn't because I was a noob, it was because I knew damn well what I was doing and needed those flash bangs. Plus losing anybody with any skills makes the next that much more likely to fail, and god help you if you had to evac and leave behind any modded weapons, armor, grenades, mimic beacons or anything else that's super fucking important.

It's just odd to me that this game on one hand doesn't seem that intellectually intense, but on the other feels like I'm playing chess blindfolded. I have to put more active mental effort here than any other game I can think of. It reminds me why I must've did certain things in a very specific way before, because anything too far off from the winning formula WILL fuck you hard. I do remember thinking the curve was way harder than XCOM EU which was babby hands. But I still don't understand how in fuck I played this game the first time(s). I remember I didn't even bother upgrading to Predator armor and just used some EXO suits, so some of my squad was actually going in there mid-game with nothing but their HP and starting armor. And I remember the first time I met an Andromedon and hit it with everything I had and dropped it to much rejoicing, only to see the thing get back up. Or the first pants shitting moment I saw a Sectopod. Or the funniest thing when I saw my first Gatekeeper and laughing as it crashed through several walls while Shen is saying "this one is more graceful than any of the other aliens".

I mean how? Those things were absolutely brutal. Everything was more brutal. Chrysalids with armor that take at least two hits with huge pods. Meeting this the first time. Did I savescum that much? I know I beat it twice on Commander Ironman but this is the, 8th? game in a row I tried this time. I think game before last attempt I finally managed to get to plasma/power armor stage but had too many alien facilities and actually got hit with a timer game over because apparently each facility lowers the timer so I had 6 days to stop it, and no way to afford doing so in that time limit.

It is a Nice story but what were you doing in Ireland and UK? So you are a Russian expat who somehow ended up in UK/Eire and now is in Estonia?
No. 12829
> It is a Nice story but what were you doing in Ireland and UK? So you are a Russian expat who somehow ended up in UK/Eire and now is in Estonia?
Well. I was born in the USSR, basically. I remember the Perestroika meme being forced on us by our nannies in the kindergarden. However, our country ended up being in the West, so I had the privilege of playing with legos and renting vhs tapes with cheap Van Damme action movies in the early nineties, as well as watching MTV and cartoon network subsequently. Then the EU borders opened for us in the 00's, I was just a young kid fresh out of my third uni dropout. The difference in wages was vast and many of my classmates and friends immediately went kekeke zerg rush and emigrated to the UK, in search of a better, brighter, more European life and it's associated comforts. I was really surprised to find out that both food and clothes were cheaper there than back home.
I've attempted living in quite a plethora of UK locations, lived in Bradford, Birmingham, London and some other places (oh yes and Dublin), sometimes ending up doing unskilled dumb labor, sometimes seeking employment for many months in a row, but right after I found /b/ by chance (or fate?), these tendencies kind of withered away, as I figured out that being a hikkikomori is my ultimate approach and solution to this life and what it has to offer. Haven't worked since.
No. 12830
> but right after I found /b/ by chance (or fate?), these tendencies kind of withered away, as I figured out that being a hikkikomori is my ultimate approach and solution to this life and what it has to offer
That is super depressing actually. Why are *chans so fucking awful?
No. 12833
I can sit down and pay attention to a movie or a book or whatever but for some reason I've only rarely been able to complete video games. The last time I played a game entirely through from start to finish was Dragon Age: Origins in 2016.
No. 12842 Kontra
You make it sound like that's a bad thing
No. 12845
Dunno if it's bad or not, but he actually played through the DA:O. I've never managed to complete it myself, it just bored me to death. I'd say he's definitely a weird dude, at least.
No. 12847
It's a shame that the video games were average at best and really bad at worst. It's actually a breddy interesting setting. The paper game is not bad though. Enough crunch to be satisfying but not so much that it slows down the game. Pacing was definitely the problem in DAO in my opinion. Some of the quests were fine and you felt some progression, but the memory of shit like Broken Circle keeps me from ever replaying that game. Then after that, the endgame approaches relatively quickly, though at least the railroad to the finish line has some (positive) memorable bits even if the game feels like 'that's it?' at the end. That's a Bioware thing though, I remember blinking a few times when I finished Jade Empire, my favourite of their games, because it just felt so short and I wanted to explore the world some more because it was interesting.
No. 12852
128 kB, 768 × 1024
This might be a very unpopular opinion, but Secret of Mana is actually Dark Souls for the SNES

I will not elaborate but it's impossible to prove otherwise

My 2 playthroughs of DAO consisted of playing barely beyond the intro mission, installing a nude mod for the sexy witch woman, playing it for 30 mins and never touching it again because I'm sure as hell not gonna play that shit to unlock the sex scenes
No. 12853
50 kB, 640 × 640
I looked at the reviews on 3dguru as Poland suggested, and was able to knock a good couple hundred off of my build price by going with their AMD suggestions rather than the Intel/Nvidia ones.

I can save about $300 by going
R5 2600 instead of i5 8400
RX 560 instead of GTX1050

Is there some trap here? Are the Intel/Nvidia parts actually significantly better for the uneducated pleb who just wants to play some games. It's kind of significant because everything is expensive here, so don't equate my $400 to 400 Euros because you guys get parts a lot cheaper than we do. Keep in mind that when I say a mid-range PC, I'm not really talking 2018+ games, but rather just working on my backlog from the last few 5 or so years and as long as it doesn't look like total shit, I'm not really a graphics whore so medium settis are fine with me for things that are on the newer end of said backlog.

Sorry for hassle, it's just that it's not an insignificant investment and I get antsy about spending that kind of money and don't want to fug everything up forever.
No. 12854
>Is there some trap here?
well, there always a lot things about AMD. While Intel nvidial obviouly overpriced when new, they stable compaby that relise stable things. AMD - very depends. This yers they done something, next 5 years that somewhere on background doing shit nobody cares, than they making some overhype thing like IT BETTER THAN NVIDIA AND COST LESS! while in result it was not that better anyway and there always mixed opinions. Take what you feel right anyway, there not much difference if you want just medium PC probably, just cheact it out way that it will work properly for period of time you want it, noting more.
No. 12856
Polan and rushka are right. It's a very good time to buy AMD for entertainment.
No. 12857
Cold winter increases necessity of purchasing AMD by 150%.
No. 12859

My Ryzen is still very new, so this is not a very valid statement, but until now I never noticed the boxed cooler sound-wise.
No. 12883
I also use AMD and unironically rely partly on it to keep my closed bedroom slightly warmer than the rest of the house
No. 12890
amd is hard to set up properly and your memory frequency is tied to your cpu frequency

intel is kindergarden tier and provides better performance in single threaded applications such as video games

get 16 gb's, 8700k and amd graphics card on black friday, slap the cpu vcore to 1.2v and clock it to 4.7ghz, don't be a pleb. I'm stressing here, it's dog tier easy to overclock intel cpu's. AMD is intermediate tier.

t. o/c polak
No. 12920 Kontra
39 kB, 700 × 394
>get 16gb

Here we go again
No. 13018
Ok, finished path of exile's story mod.

Holy hell the quality of writing and voice acting dropped through the floor in part 2. They must have gotten a different writer when they made the big expansion.
No. 13026
Is this game singlepayer too? From diabloids I played only Tourchlight 1, I want try some games, but I want full-single player, without other people.
No. 13029
It requires an Internet connection, IIRC, but you can play it alone. I'd suggest playing Titan Quest or Grim Dawn instead though, if you're looking for a singleplayer hack 'n' slash.
No. 13051
1,2 MB, 1177 × 611
338 kB, 1000 × 709
130 kB, 1010 × 716
I trought that this game already beated by death because it is empty shitty early acces "survival" on gamebryo without any NPC or proper gameplay that was made by freelancers in 5 minutes, but I didn't know how far this shit go

Enjoy - from retrofuturism of Fallout 3, where Adamovich on concepts did really awesome atompunk post-apocalypse belivable world, we ended with Todd just stealed free-usage model of soviet/belorussian firefighter modification of МАЗ-543/7310

I hope МАЗ will sue bethesda for that X----DDDD
No. 13053

20 years anniversity of Half-Life. Valve don't done shit, they not care anymore, but we can remember this awesome game and this awesome GoldSource engine, and many good valve sierra, gearbox, turtlerock and other studios awesome games and mods.
No. 13083
74 kB, 1280 × 720
10 kB, 300 × 168
1,0 MB, 1920 × 1080
34 kB, 460 × 215
Does anybody else play FFXIV? It's the best MMO on the market by far. Also a pretty good single player story RPG once you get to the first expansion. Music is fucking great too.

It's on sale now for $30 with all expansions.
No. 13091
1,7 MB, 1280 × 1656
No. 13094
I uninstalled after an hour or so, that's all i remember
No. 13098
A generic cover shooter. Serviceable at best, tiresome at worst.
Honestly, I was bored by the end.
No. 13099
14 kB, 460 × 215
New Steam Sale just started.
Also, if you want a Steam Link i would get one now, they're sold out and are most likely going to cost a fortune in a few days or weeks.
No. 13105
>are most likely going to cost a fortune in a few days or weeks.
Why would there appear demand, if they had to lower prices for 90%?
No. 13119
They closed production of this things, they cost almost nothing everywhere anyway as I know and honestely I don't know why I need one
No. 13172
It's 60€ on Amazon now and it's only 2 days after it went on sale on Steam.
Ebay prices go up as well.

Low demand + big supply = low price
Low demand + no supply = high price
No. 13193
Welp, I have ruined my character I think. I'd have to level up a new one and try again, which I'm fine with, but I ran out of stash tabs, and the inventory management is getting overwhelming. The game became more of a chore than fun, not in a good way. I'm all for complexity, but this feels like cleaning my room.

No. 13218
41 kB, 885 × 743
45 kB, 640 × 376
Playing HoI3 as France. Managed to tie the Huns up in Belgium long enough to finish extending the Maginot Line all the way to the sea and then let them dash themselves upon it while I hon hon honed. When the Soviets finally joined the war and left me facing considerably less than the entire German army at once, I started retaking the low countries. Bogged down around Brussels though, there's only one real approach that's viable at this time and it's not a good one because it leaves your forces surrounded on bad ground once they punch through. Might have to wait for British marines to get sent over so I can go over the rivers with more success.

The downside is that the game doesn't want you to succeed as France. Germany is stupidly powerful for the first few years, and they don't even seem to mind attacking across a river into high level fortifications full of a larger number of troops with better equipment than them because you barely hold on when they do exactly that. Also you don't really get any event about France standing. It wouldn't even need a bonus (though it'd be nice), just something to give a bit of flavour to winning the historical defeat. As it stands, you only get events for dying which is super lame.

I'm also trying to get superheavies before the war ends for that Char 2C feel.
No. 13221
No. 13226
I've always wondered what the actual gameplay is like... for the most part I still think these are troll games.
No. 13227
Yeah, i never got how some people can play those games for more than 15 minutes, they're so boring.
I have a tiny bit of understanding for flight simulators but becoming a truck driver or something similar isn't hard, if that's what you want to do then do it.
No. 13228
Yakuza 0 is really fun so far

Fights are pretty satisfying, the story is interesting, the world is really detailed
Side quests are also entertaining, and there seem to be quite a few minigames to discover

As someone mostly interested in atmosphere & story it's very enjoyable

No. 13229
123 kB, 1920 × 1080
218 kB, 1280 × 720
It's the best game in the series, but the others are great as well.
How far are you in? Are you already at pic related? It's the most stupid thing i can imagine and yet it swallowed so many hours of my time.
No. 13234
Played some Postal 2 today.
It's a really human game.

At first you try to avoid conflict, abide by the law, but by the second day, it'll be your God given right to smash in every last motherfucker's skull who decides to cross your path, taking revenge for every last remark they make, whenever possible.

Man, the baseball bat is one hell of an OP weapon. One-hit-kills basically anything, even on "Aggressive" difficulty.
No. 13238
I have this game just because it was on sale and because I remember it as being one of those supposed to be super edgy franchises from the 90s like Carmageddon and GTA but just watching some gameplay made me realize how disgustingly puerile it is, like even ten years ago I would've thought it too dumb and immature. Maybe 20 years ago I would've thought it was awesome. At least with Hatred the gameplay and aesthetic looks pretty sweet plus it has more the style of vaguely isometric and everything that I'd like, but looking at Postal 2 it just seems like okay so you beat a guy to death and piss on his corpse. Woo. Anyway is the game itself actually worth playing? Because one of my favorite things is where an rpg (or any game really) actually allows for real solid character development like you're describing.

For instance I think part of why I enjoyed KOTOR so much is because I had no idea of the twist coming so it made it really engrossing to where I just sort of excused my dark side tendencies because "I have more important things to do like save the republic and sheit" than worrying avoi5 collateral damage and promptly began a pathway towards the dark side, made even better by the fact that computer on Kashyyk asked me to answer scenarios where I already knew the "right" answer and told it what I thought I was supposed to do, not what I thought you should do. Computer told me I was wrong and so I switched to answering instinctively which was apparently exactly how Revan would answer too. It worked because it completely eroded the barrier between person IRL, player, and in game character which imo should be the baseline standard for any rpg. Like a real shit rpg is one where you have no idea what your character is going to say or why you're doing what you're supposed to do, forming a complete disconnect between player and character. I think this is why some games like say Witcher or Deus Ex can be so much more sensitive to becoming total pizdes especially when you have that stupid Mass Effect dialogue wheel that says something completely different to scripted lines.

FNV also managed this quite well because at first I was trying really really super hard not to kill anybody I didn't have to and tried a more stealth run despite how tedious (though more accurate and fun) it was to manually walk the entire map everywhere and sneak by enemies while avoiding sniping at raiders and gangers however by the end of the game I had become pretty hard hearted, jaded, and cynical from the wasteland and felt my very character being corrupted by it until I stopped giving a shit about picking people off. Narrative wise it was super effective.

So it is starting to grow on me but still. I mean it isnt a bad game per se, but I absolutely fucking hate the mechanics and cover system. I hated it from ME, I hated it from the new Deus Ex games, and I still hate the fuck out of it. It feels unnatural and reminds me why I hate consoles so damn much. I keep having stupid shit where I cant move organically and just trying to shift around do stupid shit like jump out of cover while trying to move to the side or things like that because of the way controls work. It reminds me of Mass Effect 2 too much. I mean, The Bureau is nowhere near as bad as ME2, but that isnt saying a whole lot since that was the worst game I have played in the last ten years. Seriously ME2 was so fucking terrible it is one of the only games I ever played where I actively wanted my life refunded not just the money. Not one other game was as bad, so the fact I am even mentally comparing the two is a sour mark against the Bureau or having to say "but iit's better" like being pissed on is better than eating 20kg of elephant shit better. On the plus side at least the mechanics do work way better than ME2 though I still hate the style. Run and gun works way better and you can actually use some tactics. Overall I would say the biggest problem with the game is that it's basically like a better version of Mass Effect after ME1 just set with an XCOM in the 50s theme and clearly was mostly designed for console players in other words a blind cash grab that would have probably been a lot better and made them more money had it not been designed to be a cash grab. The story has some potential but it is bogged down way too much by setting its bar so low as a Mass Effect type game including the stupid dialogue wheel, except that it isnt even a dialogue wheel you basically just have the option of which parts of clicking "next" to a cutscene. I wouldn't even call it dialogue options and I cant tell if it is supposed to have any impact at all.

I think it's supposed to be an XCOM in name only sort of game. There are some parts clearly reminiscent of one like there are 4 soldier classes and choosing which of two abilities while leveling up, but the whole system including permadeath translates really poorly to this format. It is clearly not made in a way you can lose a squaddie or two since you can only have 3 people on a mission and one of those people is you so odds are you're going to be forced to restart from checkpoint the minute anyone dies anyway. It is wonky and awkward.

And speak of which I fucking hate the consolized checkpoint system. I think it is meant to remind you of ironman mode which is good except that also translates poorly to format and just makes it extremely annoying because you can only save and reload according to a checkpoint rather than just having an autosave. It also reminds me why I liked watching people play Dead Space more than actually trying to play it. Checkpoints, unskippable cut scenes, (pointless) dialogue wheels, 3 dudes to a squad the whole thing just feels like they cargo culted some of the worst aspects of the shittiest AAA game made this entire century. Having an actual cover/half cover system worked into the terrible ME cover system as well as near time stop to issue orders and a flanking and shot percentage mechanic does make gameplay itself massively better than Mass Effect 2, but nowhere near enough to actually save it. It also has little bizarre quirks like you can only run in missions not in the base which makes navigating in game bafflingly annoying (why cant I just run?) but otherwise isnt that terrible.

I have quickly gone from "this is a pretty poor game" to "I think I'll finish it" though. I still dont have really high hopes for it but I have found the game itself does seem to have its charms despite all the many massive flaws. If for some bizarre reason you actually liked the steaming pile of shit known as ME2 you might really enjoy this game, but yeah it isnt that great. Although I do think the actual style of trying to issue move orders in this system is a bit bizarre but kind of works except for the fact you get shot the moment you try to reposition and while overall the team AI is surprisingly not bad it still gets really annoying sometimes but actually trying to git gud and work the system in a real tactical combat sense has been fairly rewarding I guess.

I'll also see how the actual story goes. It has also made me realize there might be some foreign 1950s Cold War era America boos who might just enjoy that sort of thing.
No. 13241
>Anyway is the game itself actually worth playing?

It's okay but there's no real reason to actually finish it. But don't compare it to Hatred, that game really is just edgy while Postal 2 at least tries to be something like Satire (and in one or two chapters it's actually pretty good at that). It also has a few mods that aren't that bad.
And no, it's absolutely no RPG it just gives you missions that you can solve in different ways, if you want to can stand in line for 30 minutes to get some milk without killing anyone for example.
No. 13249
Go to the zoo, light an elephant on fire, watch the chaos unfold. Elephants never extinguish, but they will run around and light up everything they touch.
And when people catch fire, try to piss on them to save them.

... trying to safe as many people as possible by pissing on them was a challenge I had with friends back in the days.
No. 13275
1,0 MB, 1280 × 720
80 kB, 960 × 720
As much as I love postal 2, I think aesthetically, postal 1 is the superior game.

It's what hatred tried to be, and failed.

"The earth is hungry. Its heart throbs and demands cleansing. The earth is also thirsty."
No. 13276
278 kB, 800 × 450
Just finished the 3rd chapter (the first one playing Majima) so I'm not quite there yet I think
I don't believe it can be more stupid than the crane game and I've already spent more time playing that than I'd like to admit
No. 13278
And there is also mahjong and hanafuda... Even cee-lo can be very addicting.
No. 13279
>is it worth playing
Depends. If you don't like its crude humour and violence that has been surpassed since then, then no, it's not worth playing.
It has an interesting atmosphere though. You are actually never forced to kill. The police is 99% of the time on your side, so if someone attacks you, they take him or her down.
This was one of the main selling points back then afaik.
That this isn't a lunacy simulator. Just 5 days of some random bydlo American doing weird chores. It's up to you if you want to kill someone and turn it into an absurd mayhem.

That's why I said it's human. You are never forced to kill, but as you go on, it becomes harder and harder to stop yourself from going postal and killing a bunch of people, because everyone in that town is either crazy, or an asshole. (Sometimes both).
They constantly insult and berate you and fuck you over. How long can you stop yourself from retaliating?

It's definitely a product of it's time though. As you said, it's not shocking nowdays, but it gives you a surprising amount of freedom in how you approach issues.

Hatred is more similar to Postal 1 in its tone, gameplay and camera handling.
No. 13291
>Just 5 days of some random bydlo American doing weird chores...as you go on, it becomes harder and harder to stop yourself from going postal and killing a bunch of people, because everyone in that town is either crazy, or an asshole. (Sometimes both). They constantly insult and berate you and fuck you over. How long can you stop yourself from retaliating?
So it is literally just America Simulator
No. 13317
138 kB, 640 × 480
Well, I'm too young to know whether Postal was made before or after mass shootings became a major part of the american zeitgeist, but I think it's a matter of unfortunate causality that a game that just so happens to be about "going postal", displays the sickness of american society, for no other reason than having to portray a setting where one might "go postal".

Maybe postal isn't like living in america, maybe america became like playing postal. That's deep, man.

Or maybe those are both responses to some deep sickness within american society. What if vengeful native american spirits are haunting your whole country, and turning it into a nightmare?

Also, this genre or aesthetic that I have no name for, that I'd describe as "american pessimism", is my favorite genre in all of media. From looking at stuff like postal, harvester, the 90s grunge subculture (hopelessness of suburban life), parodies of 50/60s americana, etc, you get the sense that simply living in america is a soul crushing existential torture. I love it.
No. 13319
127 kB, 830 × 518
I feel like it's a sort of revival of American Realism in a way. It's been around for a while. There's a pretty interesting film from the 60s called 'The Swimmer' that you'd enjoy immensely. Its core idea is the illusion of the cleanliness of American suburban life, and it does it with a really ebin mixture of realist scenes within a surrealist framework.
No. 13320
12,7 MB, 480 × 270, 2:29
54 kB, 970 × 450
Oh dog this whole post if it was unwitting it was superb

>Postal was made before or after mass shootings became a major part of the american zeitgeist
Before in terms of school shootings.

>ut I think it's a matter of unfortunate causality that a game that just so happens to be about "going postal", displays the sickness of american society, for no other reason than having to portray a setting where one might "go postal".
No I think it really was a certain type of expression of something underlying American society, which it sounds like that game captured quite well.

>Or maybe those are both responses to some deep sickness within american society.
They are. It is something I think not many average Americans or sometimes even visiting foreigners are even consciously aware of.

>Maybe postal isn't like living in america, maybe america became like playing postal. That's deep, man.
I think the thing you have to keep in mind is just where the very phrase of "going postal" originated from:
It became a joke in American parlance because we had a string of high profile workplace shootenings involving postal workers. I think that this has an added sick irony to it because there was always expected to be your friendly mailman who would arrive "neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" who would deliver mail with a smile on their face.

I think that if you dwell on that idea in general you will get an idea for the simmering tension in American society. Really though I am convinced that being forced to smile and be fake nice all the time helps drive people over the edge. But then again, Russians seem similarly prone to violence and they never smile.

>Or maybe those are both responses to some deep sickness within american society.
I think what you should be aware of is that we had these things prior to the more recent mass shootings in schools and Waffle Houses. One of the most famous ones happened in IIRC the 60s when some guy climbed up a clock tower and began sniping at people. Actually another really good example is the LA riots, which I think you should keep in mind as the context for this movie, which did an excellent portrayal of a guy "going postal" (and even better, he was working for a military industrial complex weapons contractor and got laid off) which had I think, the most perfectly well done American scene ever

>What if vengeful native american spirits are haunting your whole country, and turning it into a nightmare?
This has actually been a serious neuroses for Americans for awhile now. Have you ever seen the Poltergeist movies? Well, same premise. It plays to the general fears and anxieties Americans have as well as the sort of mythos about Native Americans and magics, which also is why the crying Indian environmentalist TV ad worked.

>Also, this genre or aesthetic that I have no name for, that I'd describe as "american pessimism", is my favorite genre in all of media. From looking at stuff like postal, harvester, the 90s grunge subculture (hopelessness of suburban life), parodies of 50/60s americana, etc, you get the sense that simply living in america is a soul crushing existential torture. I love it.
I am at a loss for words of what to call it, but yeah in a sense pretty much it's a kind of soulless ennui mixed with dystopian shades of atomized corporate culture society and mass media. The way you describe it reminds me more of ex-Soviet shitholes, where at least maybe it can give you soul.

Instead of soul we get coupons.
No. 13385
Actually the Bureau was pretty good by the end and scratched the XCOM itch. A lot of things with the whole storyline of EU and 2 made a bit more sense.
No. 13393
2,1 MB, 1383 × 2000
20 years ago today, Half-Life was released. I still have it installed.
No. 13394
Celebrations ongoing for a week already >>13053

Of cource gaben did nothing

Every year replaying hl-of-bs, still not tired of it (unlike 2nd game)
No. 13395
I've played OF once and I don't think I've ever played BS. Played through HL1 about 3 times and played the Black Mesa remake a few years ago before the final part was done.

I can't really remember much of OF, but every detail of HL1 is crystal clear. Don't know why, but the addons didn't work as well for me. Maybe I should give them another chance.
No. 13403
43 kB, 640 × 418
42 kB, 720 × 405
95 kB, 1000 × 480
98 kB, 1280 × 720
How it possible? I don't that much like Half life 2. I liked it more when it was newer and all this face animations, physics and graphics was still fresh thing, but I constantly go back to HL1. I can't imagine half-life without it's addons, for me it is not possible. Ignoring them is like playing only 1/3 of the game, and miss best parts. Yes, for me - Opposing Force is best half life game ever. Gearbox of that time was awesome studio, and many people who worked on cancelled Prax Wars moved to Opposing Force, and did absoluetly awesome thing. Exept maybe boss battle and one section, OF have better leveldesighn, more memorable events and characters. New content, new side of wiew, walking trought parts of complex where Freeman already been and which changed after couple of hours, fuck, from Training (most awesome training mission after only Might and Magic 7 only most probably lol) to later sections... I don't know. I can't find a single reason why people should ignore it.
And blue shift was short, no new weapons or monsters, but leveldesighn was still awesome. I remember Blue Shift Xen parts and liked them more than Xen from original game.

I think I played OF more times than original game - like 6-7 times not count coop version on SvenCoop
No. 13451
301 kB, 810 × 553
19 kB, 240 × 240
17 kB, 260 × 194
Funny thing, never spotted that mustache "Ottis" model in oppsoing force have rolled up sleeves which make it look even more like Mall Cop

And funny, even Opposing Force model package, at least it's version from modern steam release have a donut in hands, even trought funny sequence where he at shootig range tried to eat it and same time take his gun out of holster trought fat was in Blue Shift.
No. 13458
Finished Doom 2016 yesterday evening. It's more story-heavy than Doom 3 was (at least according to my memory) and begs the question as to why people thought doomguy even needed a backstory in a title that's probably going to be forgotten in 10 years because it's not revolutionary and the multiplayer is par for the course. Still it wasn't a bad game per-se though the combat turned into a bit of a boring slog in late game (ultraviolence difficulty) where it kept throwing loads of imps in with every group of monsters just to keep things annoying. The boss battles were in claustrophobic arenas with pattern attacks for the cyberdemon and hell guards which made me roll my eyes a bit since it actually made them a lot easier to fight.

Such cases, probably I'll play some VR games or puzzle stuff next.
No. 13459
Cabaret club questline was ridiculously addicting for me too. Fuck the real estate questline though. I just cheesed mr shakedown with zap gun over and over until I could afford to buy and upgrade everything and got it over with.
No. 13461
Really mediocre team cover shooter that should have never been associated with the XCOM franchise but given how that IP is thrown around (xcom interceptor/enforcer especially) i'm not surprised it happened. It's really repetitive especially near the end and your AI teammates are dumb as bricks. The story left me with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth with how it handles some stuff at the end but I won't spoil that.

Needless to say it's a shit title and you have to be incredibly patient if you want to finish it. Not the worst game of its genre but I wouldn't recommend it even for free.
No. 13465
Honestly I actually liked it and I fucking hated the way Mass Effect did it. The cover system and sort of real time with pause combat actually worked really well, and your team wasn't actually dumb as bricks. Like 95% of what was wrong with that game was everything that was wrong with EA's Mass Effect. I wouldn't say it was a shit title.
No. 13471
150 kB, 1280 × 853
Matrix Games is having a sale right now. If you've even a passing interest in autistic strategy games, this is an excellent chance to pick some up for relative peanuts. Monsters especially are at very reasonable prices, things like Gary Grigsby games and CMANO for example. Down in the $20-30 range from the $70-90 one.
No. 13477
I can't take it anymore, I can't believe that in 8 years or whatever, PoE devs didn't bother to implement input buffering and animation canceling into their game.

Every single time you use an ability, your character stops dead in his tracks, and you have to wait until the casting animation plays from start to finish before you can do anything else. It's infuriating.

There are people suggesting they implement this on the feedback forums, but as always, the die hard fans of the games are opposed to the idea of "making the game more like diablo/dota".

For reference, this is the issue I'm talking about:
No. 13478
What the fug. It's a complete non-issue to implement it. If you don't want to/can't be bothered animation cancelling then don't do it and your gameplay experience is unchanged, yet it remains a quality of life option for players who do want to do it. Seems dumb tbh.
No. 13481
129 kB, 611 × 454
860 kB, 879 × 623
This ties in to another big problem with PoE (and also a lot of MMOs/MMORPGs) - balancing to the meta.

The game is balanced according to the performance that the metagamers / min-maxers can squeeze out of the game. So changing the input handling would drastically alter the balance of the game, since the game was balanced around the fact that players exploit workarounds for the issue of having to stop to damage (mainly burst move speed increases between bursts of damage spikes, or even worse, high defense builds that circumvent movement entirely by facetanking endgame bosses).

It's the same trap WoW kept falling into throughout its history. Basically the devs overlook some near-exploit like players being able to double dip on talent points, using two skills that were never meant to be used together, and then instead of fixing the core issue, they balance the game around the exploit.

Pic related, my two most hated things in the world.
No. 13484
41 kB, 885 × 743
793 kB, 1366 × 768
1,1 MB, 1366 × 768
637 kB, 1366 × 768
That feel when starting a new War in the West campaign. 106 turns long and covering the entire Western Front from '43-'45. It ranks among the cosiest games of all time because of the amount of time you can spend going through spreadsheets and command trees. I've spent about 2.5 hours on the first two turns and the first one was largely set up already.

>Basically the devs overlook some near-exploit like players being able to double dip on talent points, using two skills that were never meant to be used together, and then instead of fixing the core issue, they balance the game around the exploit.

Sounds like 3.PF with regards to magic. The entire system is so busted that the developers just balance the entire thing around the fact that casters are going to be broken instead of fixing the actual problem that casters stepped on other classes' toes way too easily/often.

Also you better not be trashtalking the facetank. It ranks among my favourite of all time character concepts. Unless in the specific system of PoE, the facetank is busted in which case that's kind of lame and kind of defeats the purpose of the archetype in the first place, to draw aggro away from squishier glass cannons in your party. dextanks are for fags though tbh
No. 13486
PoE is really not a party/multiplayer game. That aspect is an afterthought.

Imagine building a tank character in a singleplayer game. You run up to a boss, and start hitting him for no damage. The boss is doing his cool animations, particle effects, engaging mechanics and AOE crowd control. You ignore all of that, you just keep hitting him for no damage until he falls over. Fun.

And, as a game built around min-maxing, it's especially laughable that they bothered to even include boss mechanics. Every successful build in poe uses 1 (one) spell, with all perks put into it alone.

I'm still looking for the holy grail that is an ARPG that plays like Vanilla WoW.
No. 13493
Sounds poorly thought out really. I guess that the Diablo Immortal fiasco worked out for them even better than I realised.
No. 13498
Honestly I just cant arse myself to play most fantasy or WWII games anymore. I feel like the whole themes have been done to death. And "modern war" bores the piss out of me because really it's just airpower bombing the shit out of everything and then pretending that things like armor and infantry still matters. Like I haven't even tried playing through Company of Heroes yet. It probably would have been amazing to me 15 years ago but I am old and grumpy.

It also is pretty funny trying to stay up playing GalCiv III after playing Endless Space 2. It just feels so terribly dumbed down and lacking in features everywhere except diplomacy and ship designing. It also really isnt anywhere near what a space game should be tbh. Not a bad game get all, it's just ES2 is so much better it's easier to find it lacking and also realizing how little micromanaging you actually have to do comparatively.

You know, if I had the money one thing I'd love to eventually back would be a 3D 4X space game. Every single one of them uses 2D board game style to explore "stars" which are really just islands. I think it'd be pretty interesting to see how a game like that or Stellaris or whatever would go if your "territory" or "borders" was ultimately just porous vast expanse of nothingness between the spheres. For one thing it would definitely force you to treat "fronts" differently and would probably lead to a whole different style of play by having to have a working 3 dimensional space in your head instead of looking at a map.
No. 13532
982 kB, 1364 × 724
It's not really comparable to a 4x game. It's part historical strategy and part logistics simulator. You aren't really controlling a nation, you're just in command of the armed forces. Any extra units you get are assigned, not produced and production is based on what factories are undamaged and their produce sent into the supply network which you then need to manage via rail network and depot management to get them to the front.

I find the strategic decisions far more compelling than 4x/grand strategy style systems where I can just hold off and build more troops instead of having to see what I have and make it work. Like in my current Operation Husky plan, the entire centre of the front is going to be defended by a single under strength Free French corps because I just don't have the men available on the Mediterranean front to cover it any thicker while keeping the required forces on the main pincers. Especially not when I have to also plan a Northern European operation to take place in the following year (Overlord). The limitations breed interesting decision points and the complexity of the supporting systems makes those decisions feel meaty with lots of variables to account for.

>And "modern war" bores the piss out of me because really it's just airpower bombing the shit out of everything and then pretending that things like armor and infantry still matters.
t. interwar pro
Besides the fact that you severely underestimate the power and importance of ground forces on a modern battlefield, you make it sound like that kind of game isn't super fun too.
No. 13576
Mass Effect had so many other things going on besides the combat to make up for the shitty cover system combat though. Bureau was just mission after mission with the system basically being smeared in your face 24/7. The entire game is basically no reprieve from mediocrity. If you like that more power to you but again I don't see it as a title worth recommending especially to XCOM fans.
No. 13580
831 kB, 1600 × 900
>Mass Effect had so many other things going on besides the combat
What? dumb wheel of "dialogues"?
No. 13581
I'm not that burger but the world building in Mass Effect 1 was pretty nice. Not on the level of something like LOTR, Book of the New Sun or Dune of course but for a late 2000s sci-fi action RPG it was breddy gud. Also the score was nice in 1 & 2.
No. 13582
That's still more interactivity than bureau. Don't forget vehicle exploration and very customizable weaponry (sadly lost/diminished in later titles). Characters were more interesting too compared to bureau's cardboard cutouts.
No. 13592
36 kB, 576 × 591
There was not actual that much of worldbuilding. They used same formula they did in KOTOR, that was just mixed with most classic stamps of science fiction without anyting particulary notable or uniqule. Score I don't remember, probably it was more like an ambient one.

>That's still more interactivity
I remember when it was new, Mass Effect was main aim of memes about degradation of RPG genre (while about tes oblivion was more talks about poor voice acting, ugly desighn and physics/randomisation "alive" AI and bad lore changes) - like this first picture, that sadly on russian, but this one of pics from that time that show when this "dialogues" has no option at all. Game was criticized for like of variaty, ail on low audience, primitive combat and roleplaying systems, linear "cinematographic" plot with some "freedom" elements that was made meh trought.

Of cource nowdays all """RPG""" games like this, or even worse and domber indeed, but I remember when such things was still something "new".
No. 13596

The discussion was about the comparison between Xcom Bureau and Mass Effect. I never said ME was a magnum opus, by the way, only that it's a better game than bureau. That should illuminate how bad of a game it is by the way.
No. 13597
Well never played X-com properly so can't say anything, but isn't XCom some sort of Tactic game?
No. 13602
553 kB, 1091 × 827
But Mass Effect had pretty detailed world building around an element that can change mass. I bet you didn't even read the ingame wiki you normie and just ran around shooting things. Part of the reason people got angery at ME3 was that it ruined the setting and flushed the world building down the drain. Then we got Andromeda.
No. 13605
Yes, most all X-Com games were turn based tactical games about killing aliens. X-Com the Bureau though was something more akin to the Bioshock games if I recall correctly, I never played it but those were my impressions of it seeing videos.
Just a first person shooter with some watered down RPG mechanics is what it appeared to be on the surface.
Well, now looking at some screen shots some look first person, but some look third person.
No. 13607
31 kB, 787 × 102
> Yes, most all X-Com games were turn based tactical games about killing aliens. X-Com the Bureau though was something more akin to the Bioshock games if I recall correctly

It has as much in common with Bioshock as a tranny does with being a woman.

By the way the best way to evaluate a game is to actually play it.
No. 13608
Mass Effect 3 was a good enough game. It was actually fun and exciting to play and at least half fixed most of what was wrong with 2. 2 was just a complete piece of garbage all around. It was just really terrible combat mission after combat mission and every single one of them was just running down a small corridor. It somehow managed to take the worst of FPS and make it only about that. I have no idea why anybody pretends it was better than 3 and when 2 was the biggest piece of trash I've ever seen.
No. 13609
13,7 MB, 720 × 1280, 0:59
Some trannies are women though...
No. 13621
They botched the endgame, the rest was okay.
No. 13622
Oh wait there was also that max edge asian ninja. He was pathetic. I probably should remember more things that were botched but who cares. The game is ded so no point in remembering.
No. 13624
I readed it a little bit - I remember when I was younger I really spend with 1st and even more with 2nd game quite some time, but looking back at it, I not find anything much that I not seen in other detailed ssetings. Same I may same about gameplay. Ask me in late 00s that videogames like Mass Effect of Crysis will unironically become CLASSIC - I would not belive you one bit.
No. 13644
I make an important distinction between Mass Effect and the steaming pile of abortion that was 2. Mass Effect 1 was basically just Bioware trying to make a KOTOR game but with their own original content. Considering the fact they had to make it up out of whole cloth whereas a franchise like Star Wars, Vampire: the Masquerade, any DnD game, Warhammer etc has had literally decades to get the mechanics right and build up the lore, it was a worthy effort. A bit ambitious if fell short, and kind of a meh game overall, but the ending really helped nail it.

Mass Effect 2 is I think when EA came in and started completely fucking everything up. I have not one single nice thing to say about that game. None at all. NOTHING about that game was good. The entire thing went from a third person RPG shooter to some kind of fucked up third/first person console shooter. There was no real meaningful choices, dialogue, inventory, the unbelievably irritating and tedious replacement for the Mako getting random resources, my god what a shit show. The story itself was so unbelievably fucking stupid and contrived it's mind boggling, like just "here is a mysterious man with an eXtreme spelling Illusive man (because like elusive and Illuminati huh get it huh?) who used to be the bad guy and now we'll pretend to go moral grey area and have you spend the entire game fighting the typical generic scifi bugs for fuck knows what reason" finished off with the over the top idiotic human skeleton Reaper boss battle.

Yeah, you fight a Reaper. With just a gun. And it's a spoopy skellington.

That game was such shit that its awful memory ruined my enjoyment for Bureau for hours.

The Bureau is like if Mass Effect 2 was turned into an actually good game.

It really didn't though. The primary thing ME3 fucked up IMO was turning Cerberus into cardboard villains again but at least they tried to explain it. Combat was better, pretty much they just fixed ME2 with 3.

It's basically like a crpg if crpgs had only tactical combat without any of the roleplaying. Think something like Fallout Tactics.\

I ended up liking the Bureau because frankly it got that part down really well of what it must feel like to be your squad in almost first person view and in close to real time. I actually think the transition worked really well and I ended up really enjoying the combat. The thing is though they clearly wanted to remind people more of something like ME instead of XCOM, so there's that. Complete with useless dialogue wheels and such. I also discovered that those serve a role. It changes the game outcome and

wait deja vu did I already post all this?
No. 13646
ME2 did do class gear better than ME1 tbh. Classes within the broad groups felt very samey in the first game because they just shared a single ability pool while in ME2 they did diversify it a bit and restricted weapon selection for classes. It might not have been as good in terms of gear choices and customisation, but the classes were more distinct which was a small plus. Then again I see Mass Effect's development throughout the series as them exploring where they want the game to sit. The first was them doing something they're familiar with, the second went to the other end and focused heavily into the shooter aspects to the detriment of other parts and the third tried a middle ground approach where the more visceral combat of 2 was mixed with a bit of the freeform gear aspect of 1. Haven't played Andromeda so can't comment on what they did there. From what I've seen though they went the mix and match DIY class building option.

Lair of the Shadow Broker was also breddy cool. Its pacing (and soundtrack) was very well done in my opinion, with a slow start developing steadily and never really slowing down until you're at maximum hype going into the final boss, but ymmv.

>Illusive man (because like elusive and Illuminati huh get it huh?)
It's an actual word, just archaic. In modern English it's been largely replaced with illusory.
No. 13673
738 kB, 1200 × 499
811 kB, 1200 × 499
I mistook the thumbnail for a legit americana style painting. The color work looks very promising, especially considering that very few movies seem to pay attention to color (just make everything blue and orange, or worse, piss yellow). I have no idea why they deliberately put a piss filter on everything when it's possible to make a more interesting color composition without losing the mood of the scene or making the cgi look any worse.

It's frustrating that I have to muster up the motivation to even watch movies, there's so much stuff I wanna watch.
No. 13674
46 kB, 423 × 700
Warcraft movie should be deleted from existance and re-created from zero by different people in different time anyway
No. 13676
120 kB, 800 × 720
I would love to watch a warcraft movie that was made on a low budget with rubber suits. Not being ironic.
No. 13678
1,1 MB, 1024 × 768
49 kB, 400 × 465
17 kB, 200 × 262
116 kB, 1024 × 768
I really liked to see warcraft movie without fanservice, terrible plot and in original classic games style and narrative, with more realistic and dark fantasy and serious approach. Without bad hispter-looking actors, crazy shit that broke universe for sake of looking cool and aimed not for modern wow fanboys. I not care about budget that much, if it had good scenarists and operators and physically watchable, it be bettr than relised warcraft movie anyway
No. 13695
Yeah, technicolor is ebin. I like it a lot.
No. 13708
121 kB, 1063 × 1179
What universe breaking things were in the movie?
No. 13709
64 kB, 1280 × 720
19 kB, 480 × 269
17 kB, 480 × 360
50 kB, 300 × 375
Let's start from fact that blizzard themselfs not accept it as "canon" and said it is separate cinematic universe
It is hard to point certain parts of plot and vishuals where it did mistakes or changes, since overall movie have little connection to original style, story and plots. There some characters and locations that kinda have familiar names, but nothing more - this movie has nothing in common with warcraft besides some basic plot twists and name.
From things that even absoluetly non familiar with universe can list - Garona not cursed, he become traitor because KING ASKED HER TO KILL HIM, Khadgar not cursed by mediv too and not become very old man. Dalaran already flying for some reason even trought it was become flying rock in 2nd Wow adoon, like many many years after it was destroyed in warcraft 3. Trall shipped like little moses, in river that should throw him in opposite direction from where it ended in movie (little Thrall and ork characters probably most retard changings of this movie... after Medivh and Khadgar), Stormwind and villages around it presented like they look after they was rebuilded after 2nd war, when this region was liberated, and results of rebuilding of city and people who rebuilded it is major plotline of original wow so it impossible to miss if you played as human at least once, Aliiance for some reason created not after 6 years after stormwind was destroyed and in lordaeron in begining of 2nd war in northen parts of eastern kingdoms, but there already in stormwind for some damned reason even it broke all logic of world relationship and politics, more than that - high elves already presented in concul, what the fuck.

Overall - giant logical plot, contained by videogame and two good books of creation of horde, medivh story and fall of stormwind was not only shrinked into short movie that just not have even 1/3 of requred time, but it even for fan service purposes retconned and changed major events, resulting plot be abosluetly dumb and illogical mess.
No. 13710
Flying Dalaran did look completely fugged up. I think they'll do the same thing with Warcraft reforged. Make it look like modern WoW and insert every retcon so WoW only kids can relate to it more. Sad!
No. 13718
360 kB, 1100 × 1221
Well shid, my invasion is falling apart already. Operation Husky finished pretty much on schedule, give or take a few days, but my plan for the invasion of Italy proper is way behind schedule. Probably won't be ready for a couple of months without an Axis retreat from Reggio Calabria kind of behind schedule.

My plan is fairly simple though. I'll be launching Operation Avalanche to the southeast of Salerno with the US II Corps heading for the port to get it opened up for supply and the US VI Corps is going to push east along the Calabrian border. The Free French I Corps is going to be a follow-on force for Avalance and they're going to be guarding the approach through the mountains from Potenza and keep the beachhead from being overrun while the main thrusts are moving away from it. Meanwhile Operation Slapstick is going to land both east and west of Taranto with the British XXX Corps to land east and push into encircling the city while the British X Corps moves toward Salerno to link up with the Yanks and cut off any remaining forces in Calabria. The British airborne are going to hit Brindisi and cut off any remaining forces in the heel of Italy. The US 82nd Airborne are going to remain in reserve. I just wish that the amphibious HQs weren't taking so long to plan the invasions. Even having withdrawn multiple corps for the planning phase before the completion of Husky, I'm several weeks away from them being ready to go. I might have to try and execute Operation Baytown which is an attack across the Straits of Messina but they've got excellent ground in the city there and I don't have full control of the crossing so I'm limited to a single hex wide point of attack.
No. 13723
Funny thing that it was not retcon - it was just event, and happened only in 2nd addon. If they going to RETCON it even in warcraft 3 remake - this is new level of retardation, seriously.
No. 13736
545 kB, 1025 × 960
Funny fact if you wonder, why in Half Life and addons all glasses or black, or have texture of eyes on them - Goldsource engine can not shot transperant surfaces on separate 3d models, only on map brushes. However with adittional .dll-s that was added with retail version of Day of Defeat game, it become possible to do transperant things. All modern versions of goldsource games in stem have this feature, so you can do transperant elements on models for your mod on gldsrc as much as you want.
No. 13741
366 kB, 2404 × 910
664 kB, 2085 × 960
337 kB, 860 × 530
234 kB, 1536 × 768
In case anybody interested - evolution of HECU soldeirs models from Half-Life.

1.Original Half-Life soldier models. Pretty low poly and sometimes pretty funny, I'd say. Black marine guy that smoking is head from cuted model of cool sergant with gatling, when his model was scrapped because was not serious enough for more final desighn concepts. I like original half life faces textures, they drawed in some... kinda strage way. Most of this faces in later games and addons and models will mostly be redone to level when they not recognisable - like barney, for example. For their animations, complections and overall look in-game they always reminded me "ninja turtles with guns"

2.Models from Oppsoing Force - OF, since it centered around soldeirs, redesighned them in slightly more high detail and there also much more variation exept this four, like two guys (medic and engeneer) I posted above. Possibly, the best model varaints in my opinion. Yes if you get close they slightly done in different style from way valve did original HL1, but this is in all aspects really better - more detail, more elements of equipment that much more logically look like some real life military equipment, and faces look like faces, but yet that still have proper detalisation to not be out of place from Half Life level of detail and engine capibilities.

3.So called High defenition pack - HD pack is something that run by default in steam versions of games, trought you can now disable it from menu and I recommnd to do so. I not in any way fan of this "HD" pack. Initially, this was moldes from cancelled Dreamcast port of half life made by Gearbox same as opposing force... but there they for some reason started really experement with models, changed style and other elements of overall look. This models was kinda improved and then relised on PC as this "HD" pack that features new weapons models and new npc models and come together with blue shift (blue shift was meant to be exclusive dreamcast content campain originaly). In case of NPCs - HECU included, I don't like new style, new faces and they feels way overdetaled for HL1 detalisation level and with vanilla limited animations that just looks like some kind of bad "hd mod" made by some fan. There is example of awesome very detailed models for goldsource that looks organic, but this example is clearly not of them.

4.Playstation 2 port models - PS2 port with it's excusive pack "decay" featuring a lot more improved model with this new style, and HD pack models was even more improved there. There was kinda updated version of engine that gearbox will lately use in their james bond game, also for models was made more animations and new "bones" - they finnaly can rotate eyes and blink, more smooth talk animations and so on made them a little bit more organic. And because there was updated even more models and objects on map, it look really more organic. However, I may say that I find their style even less appealing than HD pack one. So my favorite remian OF ones, if someone can properly made them more HD but same time more organic, it'd be really cool.
No. 13746
170 kB, 1280 × 961
Hey should I finally try Stellaris and pirate it?