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No. 11141
420 kB, 853 × 937
Things foolish people say about geopolitics:
>Russia is weak because it has a smaller GDP than Italy
>China will surely overtake the US as the great world power
>Trump/Kim/Putin might start a nuclear war because he's so crazy
>We're going to run out of oil soon
>Don't them ISIS, call them Daesh because they hate that
No. 11145 Kontra
>Assad must go
>Israel is America's closest ally
>Trump is a puppet of Putin
>India will be a world superpower by 2040
>War is always unnecessary and avoidable
No. 11155 Kontra
Things retarded cocksuckers say
>Things %ad hominem, no argumentation% say
No. 11156 Kontra
>Things ppl say when kohl is down
No. 11180
249 kB, 1293 × 728
>sushi was invented in Japan
>Russia will invade Europe