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No. 11290
29 kB, 539 × 412
How do not revert to being overweight?
Right now I am overweight, and the only solution to slim down is lower calories consumption. Whenever I reach my desired weight, I can greaten calories consumption, but not too much. How long should I follow calories consumption, so my weight wouldn't blow up again?
No. 11291
It's hard to say with so much contradictory diet information out there even within the scientific disciplines that investigate such things.

I've found that reducing junk carbs and eating more meat and eggs can help with weight. However you can always find just as many epidemiological studies to disparage a claim in nutrition as you can to support it.

who the fug knows tbh
No. 11297
>How do not revert to being overweight?
Change your lifestyle. Permanently.

I know Ernst prefer long-winded ramblings but many times a short reply is more than enough.
No. 11323
15,7 MB, 455 pages
Attached a pretty good book on the whole topic, but it also goes a bit into science

Don't be spooped by the pagecount, there's something wrong with the pdf, it's only half as long

tl;dr is:
  1. Fix your food environment
  2. Manage your appetite
  3. Beware of food reward
  4. Make sleep a priority
  5. Move your body
  6. Manage stress
No. 11339
I lost weight by simply having better sleep schedule. Eating late night is really really bad, I lost weight by simply going to bed earlier, which keeps me from eating during the night. I'm actually sleeping more than I used to, and probably eating the same since I'm eating more during the morning now, but I still lost weight in the end.
No. 11359
Read the introduction and already like it. Thank you.
No. 11363
Has anyone tried low carb diet?
No. 11364
Exercise, eat more vegetables and drink water and tea.
Overweight here, maybe 105-110kg, can get back to 90kg in 3-6 months but too lazy to exercise.
Currently bought Monster^tm and chocolate milk at 3am bc I have two sleep cycles.
Didn't drink alcohol for 5 days, but only because my tolerance was making me buy vodka instead of beer, but Saturday is the end of my work week and do not think I will last the weekend sober.

Remember, it is normal to feel hungry, key to weight loss and maintenance is routine, eat at regular times, have cheat meals once or twice a week.
Small changes make a bigger difference than big changes, for example not drinking soda or 500ml of fruit juice, not adding sugar to tea, having vegetables with your dinner.
Than big changes such as running 5k every two days or only eating 1500kcal every day for a month.
Small changes will be longer term.

Never lost weight without exercising but biggest difference when I went from 105 to 85kg, was eating 300g of veg every night with 70-100g or raw rice weight, the veg was way too much in retrospect.