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No. 11875
28 kB, 960 × 540
3,2 MB, 4160 × 2340
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3,3 MB, 4160 × 2340
Hello. Let me introduce me. I used to post on Krautchan, as the bunny chilean bernd. Since it demise a few months ago i decided it was a good time to take some time to do more productive things in my shitty life. Things are going smoother now, so i guess, since i have more time, i could go back and start posting again in some imageboard. After looking wide and long on the new colonies of good'ol KC, i have decided to settle here, for a while. I wish this place was a little more active, since there threads alive from June on the front page, and this place gives me the vibes more than a light version of Northpole than KC.
Since i dont want to waste a thread on a presentation, this is my third bunny. I got it from an old lady who captured her, and gave it to me because she didnt had any space to take care of it. Shes wild, so i had big trouble taking her out of her cave that day.
No. 11877
1,9 MB, 350 × 236, 0:08
3,7 MB, 640 × 360, 0:36
Cute buns
No. 11892
2,3 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:31
It'ds be an very cute rabbitenings. Can we having a cute thread?
No. 11901
noice, I remember your bunny threadas.
No. 11911
38 kB, 368 × 200
Talking about pets, is it justifiable to perform surgeries them for owner's convenience? Most neuter them, but some don't stop there and take out claws so they wouldn't hurt furniture or cut vocal cords so they wouldn't have loud voice. Does neutering belong to the same category as claws and vocal cords category?
Maybe it's better to not own them if you know that you can't afford them life without hurting them?
No. 11912
> is it justifiable
Generally speaking a lot of things can be "justifiable" with varying shades of no, but I think the word you may mean is ethical, in which case it is varying shades of no.
>cut vocal chords, declawing
It isn't
>spaying and neutering
Mainly this is actually done to cut down on the number of ferals, which of course in turn leads to more animals with more sufferings getting randomly hit by cars and such or given away to "shelters" which execute most stray cats and dogs they get without ever finding them a home.

>docking tails and ears
No. Mutilating a dog's ears or tail I find especially cruel since they use them to communicate and detect things.

Most of the people who engage in these practices are already some of the worst shit human beings anyway, who often do things like that because they'd rather have their animal mutilated than bother with a potentially dirty tail wagging. I don't even know why someone like that would get a pet to begin with.
No. 11913
Pretty much. Tails on lambs is very justifiable though depending on where you live. In many parts of the world, if they don't have the tails taken off it gets flyblown or other nastiness more often than not and they don't have the same control over it as cattle do so they're not losing a tool they can use anyway. It's genetic dead weight that when taken off is done for health reasons and not for aesthetics. Just an interesting corner case to the phenomenon.
No. 12092

Hi and welcome to our tiny oldfriend oasis.
I vaguely remember your threads from kc.
Is it possible to tame wild bunnies and do you eat some of them or you have them just for fun?

>take out claws so they wouldn't hurt furniture or cut vocal cords so they wouldn't have loud voice.

Banned as animal abuse on the EU.

>Does neutering belong to the same category

Not really because the animal in question can still have a normal life. For female animals it even has health benefits compared to giving birth x-times. I personally don't support it for
pets, though.

>I don't even know why someone like that would get a pet to begin with.

No. 18079
2,4 MB, 640 × 360, 0:39
2,0 MB, 640 × 360, 0:10
3,7 MB, 640 × 360, 1:05
2,1 MB, 640 × 368, 0:43
I am going to necro this thread for cute things for depressed people
No. 18084
93 kB, 400 × 300, 0:02
No. 19008
63 kB, 225 × 189
Hi OP, if you're still here. I was known as the FerretFinn and am still saving up for a pet ferret.
No. 19012
How much can a ferret possibly cost?
No. 19014
400€, but the vet bills can be in the thousands.
No. 19321
Hi, ferretfinn im chinchilla american did you recently ask about caring for chinchillas on kohl?
No. 19322
Definitely not unless it was for the animals health benefit
No. 19352
3,1 MB, 4032 × 3024
In addition to dogs, I have hedgehog friends.

But one dog still needs to learn that hedgies are friends and not food.
No. 19354
Yes, I was considering chinchillas but in the end decided against them. Living in my one room I have no place to store the hay. That rules out pet rabbits too and other hay eaters...
No. 19390
Aren't bunnies and hedgehogs uncomfortable with being handled since they're prey animals? Idk I've heard people say that holding them freaks them out.
No. 19391
1,2 MB, 360 × 360, 0:15
Depends on how you hold them and how used to you they are, plus they're still basically wild animals who haven't had the same length of domestication as say cats and dogs. I think hedgehogs in particular are supposed to be touchy about it though. Rabbits just don't seem to like being lifted especially without giving their feets something to rest on.
No. 19394
It takes some time for a hedgehog to get comfortable with you. When they get annoyed, they just ball up and hiss. But after a while, they can become more friendly.

I also had rabbits as a kid, and they were pretty friendly.
No. 19408
>they were pretty friendly
I think if you are literally food on feet by design and your only survival strategy is running away trying to be faster than the hungry thing following you, once you are trapped in a cage, you have no other choice but to appear friendly.
No. 19461
It actually is less likely to work with prey animals I think, since they can't afford to be as not skittish as predators and their survival depends on being paranoid and suspicious of everything. Plus it's not like they wouldn't immediately have the chance to flee once they're out of the cage.
No. 25671
I'm now looking into dogs, maybe a shiba inu.