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No. 1195
1,3 MB, 3264 × 2448
Just got scammed by a gypsy.

He said he needed 4 euros for the bus because his bike was stolen.
I wouldn't give him the money.
"I will leave my ring as a deposit"
No I won't give you any money
"I will leave my ID card as a deposit"
Still no.
He continued asking and I finally gave in and gave him 5 euros for the bus. He promised "by his honor" he'll bring it back.
He still isn't back. So yes, that's how i got scammed by a gypsy because I thought not everyone of them is bad. They are. At least I only had to pay 5 euros to be protected from gypsy scam for the rest of my life.
Pic related is his "valuable ring". Cheap plastic.

t. IQ 89 gutmensch
No. 1196
>scammed by gypsy

i feel pity for you in the uni is too comon see those people, they interrupt the class and start talk about some sadly bullshit, later the students got scammed $$$, some SJW/hipster companion say me psycho for igrnore it Hahahahahaha
No. 1197
I seen last gypsy like 15 years ago
No. 1198
>in argentinia gypsies interrupt classes to tell their stories

They don't have the same idea here, I wonder how people would deal with it.

I once met a drunken guy in is 40s perhaps from portugal who was working in germany on and off for more than a decade I think. He also told me about his sister who married a gypsy and thus got expelled from the family by the father. He then told me how the gypsies go on burglar tours in europe.

well he was a drunk pot smoking guy with daker tanned skin, but I wouldn't call it absolute bullshit, These people usually just tell their life story and ofc emphasise or decorate it but they have references in real experience
No. 1199 Kontra
>They don't have the same idea here

I want to add: you barely see any of them.
No. 1201
92 kB, 750 × 401
> his "valuable ring". Cheap plastic

It may have some magic powers.
Try saying some magic incantations, while wearing it.
No. 1231 Kontra
>racist stories about minorities, based on age-old racist clichés
Kohlposting threda.
No. 1253
It really did happen to me. I even posted the ring as a proof. My story contains zero racism, I even trusted a gypsy despite all the bad stories you hear about them and had to pay the price for that.

Racism is treating someone differently (usually worse) because of his race. I just told a story about how a person scammed me.
No. 1255
Good for you that you've never met those people.
No. 1256
You should have told him to fuck off.
You truly are IQ89.
You should have told him to fuck off and then you should have walked away yourself.
No. 1258
I immediately regretted what I did. But now I can laugh about my own stupidity and will never fall again for such scams.
No. 1261
This. I'am not rasist and meet nice people of many nationalities... but gypsies are not fucking joke. It's not even race nowdays, it just.. some sort of cultural thing?
No. 1262
I think because they look outstanding (of local culture), they are a lot more noticeable, though, maybe, gypsies-crimnals don't make a big percentage among other gypsies.
I know a few legit gypsies living lawful life, guy got married in 14 and he is an actor, singer or something.

But I got accused being racist, guy who said me this said that I looked like a victim, so they scammed me. Ebin logic, but he's from Caucasus, I guess, it's normal being hostile to everyone there.
No. 1264
Ive had this kind of thing happen to me. some gyppo asked for 2 euro for some dumb shit. I open my wallet and he sees I have bunch of coins, then he asks for 6 euro instead and almost like reaches for my wallet. I put the wallet away and tell him to scram and walk away but he followed me angrily for a while yelling shit. luckily it was day time with lots of pedestrians, otherwise I would had gotten stabbed probably.
No. 1265
Should've asked him for some tears of his virgin daughter, so you at least get some value for your money.

really, gypsies/people from Bulgaria, Albania and such are all mostly dirty subhumans looking for money
No. 1266
I used to be broke when I was in uni.

I saw a homeless guy in my age and asked him if he wants a cigarette. Sure I handed him one.
Then instantly a gypsy woman closely approached me with a greedy look if I also had a fag for her - the homeless guy was embarrased even - and I gave her one too, because I not, it's just a fag.
She actually asked for more.

How and why can they be so shitty?
No. 1267
I remember once I was with my father at the local BAUHAUS parking lot buying some construction materials, when suddenly a smug gipsy appeared and talked my father int buying a set of knives, inspired by this success he apparently got cocky and started to try to pressure my dad into buying a set of pots, too, then proceeded to throw some info leaflet into the car, opened the backseat door and piled some cartons on our backseat. At this moment I had enough I got out of the car and threw all his shit out and told him angrily to piss off and that we don't buy anything from him.
No. 1269
They really are a shameless bunch. Once they asked me if I have a hundred forints (Half a dollar or a third of a euro) because he "needs it for medicine for hid dyind daughter", saying all this while he has two packs of fags in his hands and a bottle of liqour.
No. 1270
>in the bar
It's context dependent.

In the public uni is very common see it.

At early i was the typical student, always trusted in they and every word from they. Some day they interrupt the class, they tell about get fired from factory and start requests for some "support" in order keep hungers families. Ok give it .

Next day, i'm waiting in the bus station, i recognise their faces, they wear big backpacks, nice cloths, nice shoes, so many guys... they looks very happies .... i realize they are simply traveller, they run out of monies or need more.

I will clarify in Argentina they are not gypsies else scammers simply, rarely can see one.

Sorry for my espanglish, i don't write long texts. Fixation are welcome.

Meta: i love blog thredas, now EC is too iq100 and kolh are too iq69, i can't find the iq89 but this place is better.
No. 1271 Kontra
Welcome and enjoy your stay.
No. 1273 Kontra

No. 1276
Let this serve as a lesson to you about what happens when you leave the house. Life is ezpz when you never leave EC.

I truly grew to despise bleeding heart students when I studied in a post-industrial city for this reason. But there it was mostly smackheads. It is like feeding seagulls, you only create a situation where they go feral and start becoming truly aggressive.

Even the actual gypsies I've gotten to know over the years have expressed a similar sentiment having found themselves ostracised for the crime of escaping a cycle of poverty-by-culture. One lad was left basically illiterate by his upbringing but you mysteriously never see anyone crying over that.

I'm sorry but if this is a true culture or ethnicity then it doesn't deserve to exist.
No. 1284
I have I nice story from early childhood about gipsies, too. But that was (probably some of the last) real gipsies still living the gipsy way with horses, wagons etc.
No. 1289
I never gave gypsies money and once got €5 from gypsies while hitchhiking.

czechmate, atheists
No. 1292
I had a similiar experience once. I was waiting for my train when a young, somewhat cute, gypsy girl approached me with eyes full of tears and despair.
I got so emotionally overwhelmed by her dramatic performance that I agreed to give her 5€ for to buy some "food for her child". She even offered me to follow her into the train station's supermarket to watch her buy the goods and I came with her because I still was sort of confused and just let it happen. Finally when we stood in the supermarket together I decided that it would be ridiculous to watch her so I told her goodbye and got away. I went outside to smoke a cigarette and soon my train was coming, so I entered the station again.
Going to the platform where my train would disappear I noticed her again. There was no bought food in her hands and she just stood there, now not crying anymore but still in visible distress. It seemed like she noticed me and stared away from me in shame. I felt betrayed, but I wasn't angry at her. I rather was kind of abgry at myself for expecting the virtue of honesty from a beggar.

Some time later I was on the bus and it seemed like I had met her again. Now that morning I was in a bad condition because of alcohol and drugs and just sat on the bus half-dead. She came in, this time looking happy and carrying some bag from a clothig store with her.
I gave her a quick look and she countered it with a friendly smile.
At this point I'm not even sure if it was the same person or just an illusion.
No. 1293
33 kB, 480 × 630
Stopped by the traffic light I was approached by a fat gypsy who basically looked like a brown skinned Mario character. He held a sign that said some shit like "need money for medicines, my daughter is sick".
I had a bunch of change in my pocket so I thought why not and handed him a few coins (something like 2 or 2,50€ I think). He looks at me and goes "WHY NOT 10€" and from that moment I'm quietly wishing for a gypsy holocaust.
No. 1295
I once got grabbed and intimidated into giving a bum $20. It was on the main mall in the city, well it with plenty of people who didn't care to help despite having a good gawk at my distress.

>Gee Ernst, why don't you go outside more often?
No. 1297 Kontra
82 kB, 1600 × 1066
Posting in a Horst-thread.
No. 1298
82 kB, 1600 × 1066
To the Germans in this ITT threda: Educate yourself, stop being Horsts.

No. 1299
Gypsy culture really can be scary and barbaric. There were guys who were proposing to buy "their new iphones and tablets" near the entrance of subway station near me. So one day police got several of them. Turns out they were slaves of some "tabor"(gypsy tribe) passing from europe to Ukraine. Junkies, bums or stolen kids. Gypsies left right when police got the first one, I heard Ukrainians stormed this tabor with army battalion after that.
No. 1300
82 kB, 1600 × 1066
42 kB, 1190 × 689
403 kB, 1920 × 1080
>stop being Horsts
Okay I'll try... HNNNG!

Did it work?
No. 1302
>stop being racist
>become climate-change-denying laissez-fair-capitalist instead
At least there's improvement in some areas.
No. 1328
Do they speak German, If not why would you respond I would converse with some parasite who didn't speak my mother tongue in my country.
If anyone approaches me and isn't in my direct line of sight, I tell them to fuck off.
If in direct line of sight or they make eye contact, I say No thanks and continue walking.

Last woman got quite upset as making conversation I told her feeding africans is like feeding rats and they should not have children out of wedlock and where are the fathers.

I get asked by children all the time, as they are raising money for school, If I am not commuting I give them around 5e, 99% of the time I am commuting but If I am having a pleasant walk I give them cash.
Street performers, when I am abroad get a few euros as well.
No. 1330
It's an improvement
No. 12345 Kontra