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No. 12072
23 kB, 660 × 371
65 kB, 640 × 363
50 kB, 700 × 467
673 kB, 1920 × 1200
Recent events:
-Brazil gets pro-right president Jair Messias Bolsonaro and current political and economical future is currently foggy. There a lot mixed opinions about him, some protests exist. Some people call him as local version of Trump, however in many ways his rithoric much more argessive and he is much more "right" person in geeral. Most of news you can find is from western sources thought, I dont know Portuguese sadly.

-In Russia situation with Chechen-Ingushetia border still strange. Most of protests ended when republican court said that decidion of Ingushetia goverment to shift border was illegal, but Ingushetia goverment said that kinda it was not, and leader of republic who so want to give land to Kadyrov said that will counter this decidion in federal court, even thought by law federal court has no rights to counter this kind of decidions of republic court.

-In India Builded biggest statue in world, 182 meters high of Vallabhbhai Patel, one of creators of India constitution and builders of modern Indian state

-In vatican was found fragments of bones which was suspected to be bones of girl kindnapped back in early 80s, most probably by Italian mafia. Vatikan already said that will give any assistance to police in this investigation.
No. 12085
In completely unimportant but funny news
I don't understand how this keeps happening. This is far from the first time an American got shot by his own dog.
No. 12087
To burgers: did the US Department of State end up responding to that Congressional letter requesting details on the aid given to the Saudis in the Yemen conflict? It was deadlined for the 31st and you're more likely to hear about it than I am over here.
No. 12095
No. 12102
362 kB, 3 pages
A good analysis of secretary of state Pompeo's Memorandum of Justification regarding US aid to Saudi war efforts in Yemen. This memorandum was required by law to keep the war money flowing, and led to the Congressional letter demanding clarification(attached pdf). I haven't seen any news on The State Department responding to this, but it's no coincidence that Pompeo is suddenly calling for peace talks.
It looks like the usual low effort anti-war movement in Congress has picked up steam following the Jamal Khashoggi murder, but I'm not optimistic anything will happen.
No. 12115
The weapons we've been selling them have been used to bomb school buses full of children. Of course with the current faggot in office I expect even more media silence about that sort of thing than usual, which is already normally pretty silent. Honestly if I was a Yemeni and my family got wiped out by an American bomb I'd probably spend the rest of my life swearing to kill as many Americans as possible.

What I wish would happen is more of these guys to start suicide bombing and assassinating our corporate, financial, and political elites. Fuck I'd pay to see that happen.
No. 12118
Yeah, when I first read that letter it was a pretty nice feel to see some part of the American establishment being the good guys in a non-limpdick manner and putting the screws to the war profiteers. The fact that there doesn't seem to be a reply is disheartening though since that stuff is largely Freedom of Information covered and not classified information. The only reason to hide it is to cover the administration's own dirty laundry. Still, if DoS is shook up a bit by it, maybe it had some kind of positive effect and the US still has some hope.
No. 12130

self-hating jew from israel discusses how modern politics is a sham
No. 12142
>Still, if DoS is shook up a bit by it, maybe it had some kind of positive effect
That was my take on this. The important points of the October letter show Congess isn't willing to rubber stamp what amounts to Saudi Arabian apologetics(I'm not smearing all of Saudi Arabia here, I know wars are driven by a few people at the top). I think the real threat to the DoS and DoD is the resolution that could cut off funding for Yemen war support.
>If passed, the resolution would give the Pentagon 30 days to wind down its refueling of Saudi warplanes and providing of intelligence on targets. Future assistance would be prohibited unless Congress voted to authorize U.S. involvement. A similar resolution was defeated in the Senate in March by a vote of 55 to 44.

It came close to passing befor the Khashoggi murder, and might actually pass if the administration doesn't do some negotiating. I assume the call for a ceasefire is an attempt to keep enough Republicans from joining the Democrats in what would amount to a public neutering of the president.
No. 12172
Midterms are in a few days too. If more Democrats come in then Al Saud is definitely having their support cut.
No. 12199
No. 12218

I remember my surprise from reading the post which suggested that sexual frustration of Muslims in the Middle East led to radicalization of youth, conflict and reinforcements of ISIS ranks. I didn't expect that in America will come the day when a community of white virgin terrorists will be formed.
No. 12298
Just don't forget, I warned you all about this
America is going to increasingly suffer gas explosions, bridge collapses, and the spread of now or new deadly disease. First, the country will be sickened as you see increasingly that there are infrastructure failures. Then you will be noticing more and more cracks in our navy, and our air force, and the other branches, as more ships and planes crash into each other or sink. Then the American economy will start to shit the bed, and shortly of that things get real as they say.
No. 12300
>In the case of Danske Bank Estonia, one of the correspondent banks did suspect something was wrong. In 2013, J.P. Morgan terminated its correspondent banking relationship with Danske Bank Estonia because it was concerned that it was being used as a conduit for dodgy funds. Deutsche Bank, however, blithely continued to make U.S. dollar wire transfers on behalf of the Estonia branch’s non-resident customers after J.P. Morgan’s departure. So did Bank of America, which replaced J.P. Morgan.

No. 12302
Trump's former lawyer (now a convict) said that Trump repeatedly used racist language in private.
No. 12303
>in private
1937-tier crime
No. 12311

Former president of mexico, who belonged to the PRI, was building a 13 billion dollar airport for the capital, now the new president stopped the construction. The project was unpopular with many groups for different reasons.
No. 12314
Honestly I don't care all that much nor do I see it as shocking. Actually I am a bit more shocked that Trump didn't say "only the n*****s could live like this" and instead it says "only the blacks live like this". This could also be because Trump is one of the establishment elites, and the wealthy elites just don't talk like that. Of course everyone knows the main reason why he even decided to run for president was because of how profoundly butthurt he was that a half black man in a higher position of power than himself mocked him. Nor do I really think this is going to shock anybody, nor do I think most black voters were going to vote for him anyway. They are saying there's no black people in his cabinet, but frankly what I found more shocking is he has no pets. That in its own right makes him profoundly untrustworthy as a personality. People can be racist assholes, but then there's whether the guy is a true psychopath or not. If you lived 70 years and never had a pet I'd assume something is very deeply wrong about you and that his other attitudes and behaviors derive from that.
No. 12318
New Caledonia, a french archipelago territory in the Pacific (less than 300k people and a bit smaller than Israel in territory), had a referendum about independence, and 56% voted for staying with France, which angered the local ethnicity, the Kanak, who think that ethnic french and other non-native ethnicities who were brought by the french are getting in the way of their independence.
No. 12320
This is interesting, but there no reason to just plain copy all news with video and one single quote. We are not news agregator.
No. 12326
It is a very interesting situation in the South Pacific because whenever an island is decolonised, what ends up happening is that ANZ ends up being the new colonial overlord because a lot of them can't keep their economies afloat on tourism alone. It got to the point where New Zealand had a 'Pacific reboot' and shifted regional policy towards exchange on equal footing and not as the wealthier country propping up the poor one. Better to have these independent states be part of our dysfunctional APAC family than as vassals.
No. 12329
Yes, I read that Timor Leste is basically australian clay these days.
No. 12330
I thought the Pacific reboot was more of a foreign aid exercise now that China is increasingly making deals/loans with vulnerable island that carry the risk of bases?

Seems like you will be shelling out tax money forever.
No. 12335
Pretty much. Same with our gulag on Nauru. The president or whatever is so deep in our pocket it isn't even funny because of AussieBux.

Yes, that is what I meant. The colonial parallels got so obvious that there was an actual threat that they could win the moral victory with their bankrolling. So instead NZ starts treating them as actual countries to maybe earn some goodwill beyond being the bux provider. This is Cold War II down here. 4d chess is the order of the day because ANZ aren't enough of a power to dickwave back.
No. 12381
I wonder of anyone non-post USSR one knows eussian language enough to understand written things and know it's own posts
No. 12388
Australia + New Zealand have 30 million people and total GDP 1,700 trillion which is more than Russia, Turkey, Iran or Saudi Arabia have. The problem is only in your head and the isolation of Western countries in general, you have incredible opportunities to influence the outside world and you can achieve a lot if the whole country wants it.
No. 12389
I'm talking about how we're playing the political game against China (in some aspects) rather than joining the US in blatantly dickwaving with our fleet because our fleet isn't really a threat to China. Even with their shitty carrier, they still have more force projection than we do with our flagship which is just a helo carrier. We even invited them to our naval wargames after catching them spying on them a few years ago, presumably this is both sides gathering intel and trying to obfuscate actual capabilities from each other in a decidedly non-live-fire scenario. We don't really do any of the freedom of navigation games of chicken like the sepps do because we don't really have the implied threat of multiple fleet carriers to back it up. Also, a lot of that GDP is in raw materials like unrefined ore and/or coal and services. Our secondary industry is pretty slim but dig up the right rocks and it doesn't matter. We're up there with Brickistan in being the go-to guys for weapons grade uranium after all.
No. 12390
63 kB, 621 × 266
At this point it seems to be urban America vs rural Anerica, am I right?
No. 12391
At this stage I can understand basic posts, even though I lack vocabulary and can't write a sentence without fucking up cases even if my life depended on it.
No. 12441
Oh sorry, I accidentaly posted it in news thread, I wanted to post it in Today Thread

И что, ты можешь прочитать вот это без гугл переводчика?

Ну иль вот, тип задачка посложнее - понять чо я тута настрочил.
No. 12446
Yes, гугл took me a while to figure out.
I can't really figure out the second sentence. My studies of Russian are falling behind due to me spending more time reading about Russian history, also wasting time playing vidja.
No. 12451
In second example, I itentionaly inserted non-standart, casual talk words into sentence, to make it not work with automatic translation. Russian have ability of word transformation and sentence structure adoption which can be undrestandable only by people who actualy know language and will not work well with current level of automatic translation.

Ты можешь написать что-нибудь самостоятельно? Я постараюсь использовать структуру предложений, наиболее понятную для автоматического переводчика.
No. 12452
Я ничего не написал, только основы
No. 12453
>Я ничего не написал
You used not correct form of verb. Написал is basicly ended single event, like "Написал письмо", when you instead most probably meant "Я ничего не писал". Otherwhise it fully understandable, but you may really add word "ещё" there, which will meant that you haven't written anything at current moment.
"Я ещё ничего не писал, только основы." or "Я ничего ещё не писал, только основы" or even "Ещё только основы, я пока ничего не писал." or whatever, I think you familiar with flexibility of word order and feel of best chose for your ordering in situation.

Yeah, I know that you said that you did word forms wrong, I not saying anything to you, I just kinda bored lol
No. 12454
It's alright, I appreciate the feedback. Thanks.
No. 12460
Please teach me how to learn Russian. Your grammar, cases, and just learning the dozens of ways to append a word is baffling me and I feel really retarded being monolingual.
No. 12479
Other case-based language learner. Get a manual and work through it. It's not easy but if you actually want to learn it then you will. The real hurdle is finding a conversational partner to actually practice with, and text alone isn't perfect because of how following a language audibly can often be far more difficult than following the text at your own pace.
No. 12480
It's interesting that the White House stuff doctored the video and then passed it as "original". How can you argue with the administration about anything if they feel free to lie?
No. 12484
The problem is then they act like professional victims and try to make people feel too guilty to press the question, and we dont have many people with the courage left to bother really pressing the pertinent issues.
No. 12489
51 kB, 640 × 426
Fake news!
No. 12491
The strange thing about this is how they really had no reason to lie. It doesn't need to be sped up, he was out of line during a formal press conference and I imagine most Democrats would accept that. I'd have crucified him for throwing his weight around with one my interns.

At least this adds fuel to the reasoning that no matter how good video editing gets institutions themselves remain too incompetent to get away with it.
No. 12500
233 kB, 1280 × 861
148 kB, 1280 × 854
182 kB, 1280 × 854
118 kB, 1280 × 784

Another forest fire in claifornia. This time was destroyed city of Paradise, not far from SF. Population of around 27.000 people was sucsesfully evacuated, even throught city alredy was in ring of fire. Of cource, this is not first case of fire in california, but pretty big one this time. Hope it will be stopped untill it will damage more things.
No. 12501
Regarding psychopaths:
>All psychopaths lie. They tell big lies, small lies, outrageous lies. They lie when they would be better off telling the truth. So why do psychopaths lie?

>When normal people lie, it’s generally to escape blame for a failure or shortcoming (as in, “The dog ate my homework”), or to preserve social dignity, (as in, “No, those jeans don’t make you look fat.”)

>In contrast, psychopaths lie in order to exert power and control over others. Sometimes they have an agenda, such as trying to con you out of money. Once we realize that psychopaths have been lying to take things from us, we are outraged, but we can understand the purpose of the lies.

>What is truly mystifying are the lies for no apparent reason. For example, I know of several cases in which psychopaths met someone online, showered them with attention, promised them the world, proclaimed their love, and when the targets finally fell head-over-heels, dumped them.

>The psychopaths didn’t get any money. They didn’t even get any sex. So why did they go to all the trouble of seducing the targets? For the thrill of exerting control over them. This is called “duping delight”...Psychopaths literally feel a rush when they convince people to believe their lies.


>Psychopaths are pathological liars. We lie to the people we meet and we lie to ourselves. I would surmise that a differentiator between the successful psychopath and the unsuccessful psychopath is not only the magnitude of the lie but the frequency of the lies as well. Some psychopaths come up with incredible lies worthy of their self-grandiosity. Some, like myself, tell mostly truth so that falsehoods are swallowed whole. It is a diverse spectrum of lying, but there is one constant that unifies all psychopaths: we lie to get what we want and feel no remorse over those lies we have spun.
sorry for sources but the last one is just hilarious
No. 12502
5,9 MB, 492 × 360, 0:59
It's a regular natural disaster in Cali but climate change is making it way, way worse. Say, how come I didn't hear about major Russian or Australian forest fires this year? Last I heard Australia has some of the most intense ones.
No. 12511
I know it's irrelevant but I found it funny
No. 12512
Our season hasn't really started yet. December is usually when it kicks off properly. That's when it's both hot and dry.
No. 12513
I think it might've been an issue for all parties regardless, still this is baffling to me. American politics have become so puerile.
No. 12519
73 kB, 577 × 1024
No. 12526
61 kB, 704 × 470
64 kB, 704 × 470
Adittionally burned down city where was shoot Westworld TV series.

>how come I didn't hear about major Russian
There was ones, they happen every year, but at this point probably nobody cares since most of fires in inhabitent zones, also goverment trying to not talk about it since it show absolute incompetence of our firefighter services, they like one of the worst in da world, and this year was more memes that people talk about - like fire in some gian mall that showed incompetence of firefighters even more.
No. 12545
Just yesterday i explored google maps. What surprised me the most about USA is that you can ride from washington to boston and only 300 miles away from washington there was a section outside of the urban sprawl.
No wonder that with such city density fires are a big news for you.
No. 12551
I was actually thinking that when I saw the clip. Watching those Russian firefighters I was thinking "oh shit what are you doing is this their best clip of 'professionalism'?"
No. 12554
I'm hundreds of miles from any big fire, not even downwind of one. But there's still a visible haze in the distance, and the light looks like it's been passed through a semi-apocalyptic filter. Almost like it's morning or evening, but it's midday, and the shadows and other little details don't match. Feels kind of eerie.
No. 12556
I am unclear on whether or not the UK is deciding against letting her claim asylum. Because you know.
No. 12557
Think about what is being asked here. They could claim asylum almost anywhere if they are able to get out of the country. There's no question about it given the evidence and public pressure. Her lawyer is already safe in the Netherlands.

What is instead being asked is for Asia to leave the country when the government is barely in control of the situation. Going by early reports (swiftly denied) she might be out of the country right now but the moment that goes public risks inadvertently killing hundreds of people.

>Because you know.

No, I don't.
No. 12606
Do you remember the moment when Murican president embarassed himself because he didn't know the differences between the Baltics and the Balkans? I do.
No. 12630
Secret plot by 200 elite neo-Nazi soldiers within 'German SAS' to slaughter politicians and immigrants in mission known as 'Day X' is smashed after former major confesses all

Funny thing - in german army really huge group of Neo-nazis who wanted to kill many guys and politicans, like some major people from green party, some ministers and former president. Interesting and big case, and probably, very big news inside germany currently. Hey, german posters, tell us more details and whats happening about this?


No. 12666
Weimar tier.
No. 12667
Sounds like bollocks. There's no credible news talking about this so I can just imagine it was some drunk lads talking about how their politicians can get fucked - obviously being Germany it's an offense fit for the firing squad.
No. 12669
Funny thing is that's not even near the most stupid or embarrassing thing he's done so far.
No. 12683
My bad night got even worse after reading that they had this plan and did not get through with it.
No. 12692
>be American security guard
>stop gunmen from making more people shot
>police arrive
>get shot
No. 12713
1,2 MB, 1920 × 1080


Merkel supported Macron's proposal of creating united European Army.
How realexecution of such proposal? Is this just talks or there may be real implementations of this idea to some degree? What European countries should do to make their armies as united force? How such theoretical force will be competitive with China/USA/Russia?

Funny thing that in original idea Macron see this as protection of europe from Russia/China and, suprisingly, USA. He also see Europe "main victim" of USA left of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.
No. 12716
They'd been talking about doing this for awhile (they meaning EU) but Merkel specifically brought this up after trump. Neither France nor Germany now sees the United States as a reliable partner so this is almost entirely the result of that retard in office destroying what's left of our international reputation. It isnt really news though as nothing seems to be getting done to create EuroFor and it's been brought up. Europe no longer considers us as protectors but now as flaky belligerants.
No. 12719
It interesting, that in theory consolidated force of core European states Armies - France, German, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal can be really competitive force with modern Russia and even China and they basicly not that much need NATO and USA support at this point.
I think nowdays after kind of random mess of post-cold war times and politics we can see how forming new major fractions, and like it was before WW2, there more than two major forces. USA need to do something to not become minor faction like Russia did
No. 12727
755 kB, 955 × 716
The deepest integration is actually being spearheaded by Germany and her need to quickly build up a competent military. This is done along lines of Eastern European and low-country brigades being integrated with German equipment so that theoretically the Dutch have tanks and the German's have bodies. Such moves are especially acute now as many EU states are increasing defence budgets but it'll take years before any of that will show -even assuming decent recruitment.

Macron makes noise but even the earlier carrier sharing deal with Britain has been fraught with questions over the French obsession with Francafrique that make integration difficult. Policy across the bloc is more or less impossible to coordinate which is why NATO has been the organisation that traditionally deals with regional security. This is why a particular spur has been the Russian invasion of Crimea and Britain (along with France the only state capable of projection) distancing herself.

European governments have collectively gone "oh fuck, we probably shouldn't have cut defence to the bone after the Cold War" in recent years. That is emblematic of the problem that a proper EU military will only solidify when a realistic regional threat emerges.

To be honest, you should be celebrating. It's long been unfair that some Chardonnay sipping, Brie huffing, metrosexuals on the continent should benefit from other's protection. The United States has enough pressure over the coming decades without having to babysit Germany whenever her “slide it in, Russia” policy goes pear-shaped.
No. 12735
280 kB, 800 × 798
As it stands, I worry that a legitimate united European Army is unfeasible to say the least. An increase in European expenditures within the current framework will not particularly assist within a formation of a united military.
I am ignorant of what the costs would be, but in order for Europe to mobilize itself as a military superpower, a full military reform for all member states would be necessary.
The current military situation of the European Union works well within the NATO framework, as assistant forces for a greater US military spearhead. One can see the coalition forces modus operandi within in Iraq to draw out how a large unified military show of force would work out. A primary opening strike conducted primarily by the US forces, followed by occupation of Iraqi territory under the banners of different nationalities, all operating within different sectors. This is a form of lessening the inherent frictions of utilizing the armies of different nations, and maintaining a main military structure upheld by NATO command.

All of this isn't to say that a European Army isn't certainly pushed for by a significant portion of the European Parliament, but that this will be simply an ideological debate within the near future.
No. 12738
Basically Europe needs to standardize everything including tools, parts, language, and command or it's going to be a complete fiasco.

Which IIRC it was the last time Europe even tried doing something like this without the US. And with the Brits possibly pushed out there goes a massive amount of your force projection, air force, actually competent soldiers and military command, and nuclear deterrent among other things. On the other hand, you won't have to deal with their hipster imperial measurements if they even use it militarily.
No. 12739
Parts and ammunition will be big ones, especially with how the smaller producer nations like the Czech Republic or Poland are going to get miffed if they aren't properly integrated and are just told to use the product of a larger producer nation. I expect the diplomacy to get pretty ugly tbh.
No. 12746
Poland makes weapons?
No. 12748
418 kB, 600 × 450
>Basically Europe needs to standardize everything including tools, parts, language, and command
The choice is evident.
No. 12750
It appears Ivan over there is not very fond of the EU, just like the burgers? KEK
I'm not a big fan of the neoliberal banker faggots who run it currently either tbh, but the EU itself, as a concept, is a good thing for it's members, same would go for a common military. I remember Britain completely chimping out and warmongering against NATO-member Spain over Gibraltar just two weeks after Brexit. NATO is obviously pretty much useless for preserving peace within Europe, burgers only need it to project power in their own interest.
No. 12752
Tbh I'm suspicious of a United Europe mainly because I see it as a tool for Satan to create a NWO. I'm suspicious of all regional power blocs for the same reason.
t. Knower of creating global Satanic hegemonies

You can also ask Russia about that.
No. 12753
United Europe is not bad per se.
But I see several problems.
There are several historical points of power in Europe. Germany and France compete with each other, and they wouldn't want to yield. There was UK, but it seems, they gave up on this competition.
Western and Eastern Europe are not equal. I'd say, Eastern EU members have become "colonies" of Western EU members. Work migrants from Eastern EU come to Western EU for better live, but do they return to their homes? Pre-2004 EU members are a lot more equal to each other.
Unity comes from mutual respect or domination. Eastern EU members are very fond of EU because of gibs, but Western EU members are less enthusiastic about EU because they must gib. When Brussels asks about actions in Eastern EU (E-EU), E-EU members make distressed look, but when there appears Russia, E-EU members remember about European unity, because EU unity made of mutual respect lets them to behave a lot more freely (like ignoring Brussels) than latest Eastern Bloc unity, which was built on domination and didn't ask any opinions.
No. 12756
>Tbh I'm suspicious of a United Europe mainly because I see it as a tool for Satan to create a NWO. I'm suspicious of all regional power blocs for the same reason.t. Knower of creating global Satanic hegemonies
Europe is herbivorous animal. China and usa will continue to do whatever they want, but this time Europe will have deeply concerned army.
United european army will deal with Africa, currently Europe has no military possibility to oppose usa or China.
I would be more afraid that they will create core european countries that will profit from european army and border countries that will only dump money in it. Whole idea is more dangerous to european union, than to its rivals.
No. 12758
Yes, they're all brought together under the Polish Arms Group which is a state-owned company that holds majority shares in the various arms companies. A lot of their home designs are tossed out as AK variants but they're based on a Polish rifle which was designed to use interchangeable parts with AK-74 rifles. They were not a licensed production, so the similarities are based on branched devlopments rather than being a variant. They do have a more modern rifle in the MSBS though which has been considered in a few places, including France (though it lost the competition in the end) and is being phased in as the Polish service rifle. They also have a small industry for guided missiles, mostly just GROM MANPADS though, and by extension some indigenous air defense systems using the same missile.
No. 12781
>A primary opening strike conducted primarily by the US forces, followed by occupation of Iraqi territory under the banners of different nationalities, all operating within different sectors.

I'd be careful with this assumption. The level of embedding between NATO armies is enormous and growing which is likely impossible to do without. Take for example that British fighter pilots were bombing in Syria long before British Parliamentary authorisation - why? Because they were on loan to American carriers. At the same time the QEII carriers are not planned to ever have a full British fighter complement (simply won't have the aircraft) but rather our frens will have a sleepover should the Argies want a rematch. Similarly, looking at the Invasion of Iraq you see the coalition armies operating in tandem which is perfectly exemplified by the Battle of Umm Qasr. It would've been wasteful to not use American, British and Polish forces together in bringing overwhelming force.

>All of this isn't to say that a European Army isn't certainly pushed for by a significant portion of the European Parliament, but that this will be simply an ideological debate within the near future.

I just don't see it ever getting the spark needed for it. The Russians are just as incompetent as we are, East Asia might as well be on the Moon, America shares European ideology and everyone else can be bombed with impunity or is seeing manpower outsourcing (AU). European states individually can already handle day to day issues and most everything else is a problem of willpower while the capacity is more than there.

It's already standardised thanks to NATO on matters like ammunition and language. Even heavy equipment is increasingly seeing standardisation around options like the Leopard and broad technology packages. I think the latter might even be a mistake considering a key advantage of Europe is a range of equipment that set the benchmark in doing certain things.

>NATO is obviously pretty much useless for preserving peace within Europe, burgers only need it to project power in their own interest.

You might want to take a look at what the EU response was to the Balkan Wars before making such claims.
No. 12797
108 kB, 7 pages
53 kB, 2 pages
1,4 MB, 585 pages
I may as well quote this in full because it is quite the happening:

>Brexit: Cabinet backs draft agreement

>The cabinet has backed a draft withdrawal agreement between the UK and the EU, Theresa May has said. The prime minister was speaking after what she said was a "long, detailed and impassioned debate" in a five-hour cabinet meeting. She said it was a "decisive step" in the progress of Brexit, and would allow the agreement to be finalised. The EU's chief negotiator said it was in both sides' interests. But leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg described it as a "rotten deal".

>BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said the cabinet was "certainly not unanimous", with nine ministers speaking out against the deal. In her statement outside Downing Street, Mrs May said the agreed package was "the result of thousands of hours of hard negotiation with EU officials". She believed that "this decisive choice is in the best interests of the entire UK", adding: "When you strip away the detail, the choice before us is clear. This deal, which delivers on the vote of the referendum, which brings back control of our money, laws and borders, ends free movement, protects jobs, security and our Union; or leave with no deal, or no Brexit at all."

>The 585-page draft withdrawal agreement has now been published, alongside a shorter statement setting out what the UK and EU's future relations will look like. The withdrawal agreement covers so-called "divorce" issues. It includes a commitment to protect the rights of EU nationals in the UK and Britons living in the EU to continue living, working and studying. There is also a planned 21-month transition period after the UK leaves the EU in March 2019, and a "financial settlement" from the UK, thought to be about £39bn.

>The most contentious part of the negotiations is a "backstop", which aims to guarantee that physical checks will not be reintroduced at the border with the Irish Republic, in the event this is not settled by a UK-EU trade deal. Both sides have resolved to ensure the backstop is not necessary by coming up with alternative arrangements.

>Speaking at a press conference, EU negotiator Michel Barnier said if this is not possible by July 2020, the transition period could be extended - and if it is still not settled by the end of the transition, the backstop would "kick in". This would involve a joint UK-EU "single customs territory", so customs checks are not needed on the border. Northern Ireland would stay aligned to the EU single market rules that are "essential for the avoidance of a hard border", Mr Barnier added, saying the backstop plan was based on the UK's proposal.

>The reaction
>Some Tory MPs are angry, claiming it could mean the UK is tied to EU rules for years to come. Earlier a senior Conservative told the BBC there could be a move to a vote of no-confidence in Mrs May, perhaps as soon as Thursday. Meanwhile Mr Rees-Mogg, who has written to MPs urging them to oppose the proposals, told BBC Radio 5 Live it was "a pretty rotten deal", keeping the UK in the EU's customs union and "splitting up" the UK.

>Despite winning the backing of her cabinet, the prime minister faces a battle to get the completed deal through Parliament. Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party - which gives the government the support it needs to win key votes - has joined opposition parties in criticising it. Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: "This proposed deal would be a bad one for Scotland, taking us out of a single market eight times the size of the UK market alone and posing a huge threat to jobs, investment and living standards."

>Afterwards, Scottish Secretary David Mundell said there had been no cabinet resignations and appealed to Conservative MPs to support the package.


Tomorrow afternoon could be interesting.
No. 12798
>protects our money
>still spends $39 billion
>protects mah jerbs
>no more Poles, more Pakis
>muh security
>still US' lapdog for retarded Middle Eastern wars, no Euro bloc protections
Tories are fucking retards
No. 12800
I think initialy, if it be german-france union, it will not affect smaller EU members and states.
And to other topic - over-unification of USSR-tier not that imporant in modern world honestely tbh. You no need absoluetly united language and one type of assault rifle for everything, espessialy if your goals not to conquer all world by tanks and nukes.
No. 12801
Poland army nowdays better than german tbh as I know. I don't know about modern one, but during soviet times it produced a lot of industrial stuff.
No. 12806
> You might want to take a look at what the EU response was to the Balkan Wars before making such claims.
Not a single local party involved in the conflict(s) was an EU member at the time. Otherwise the situation could have been resolved politically via Brussels, which would have been, put mildy, more in compliance with international law, in compliance with different EU treaties and last but not least in compliance with the constitutions of various different EU member states also. Under such cicumstances a military 'response' by the USA + lapdogs, who were, with regard to US geopolitical interests, certainly not exactly unhappy about how events unfolded there without the EU being a political frame for all parties involved, would have been redundant.