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No. 12198
47 kB, 344 × 494
No. 12200
Also, for anyone interested in academic philosophy:

No. 12202
Get back to your thesis. This doesn't count as working.

You also forgot ebook sources:
No. 12209
61 kB, 550 × 430
Psychology, and I'm writing a literature review on "the effects of separation of the child from the mother" for my bachelor's thesis

It's been rather frustrating since upon closer inspection a lot of the studies are obviously flawed and the ones that aren't - it's still rather questionable how generalizable the results are.
Also following the rules for writing a proper systematic literature review is a complete pain in the ass and it's pretty much impossible to do it well as a single person IMO. Too bad I didn't mind the word systematic too much when I chose this topic.

Anyways this week after a month of depression & procrastination I finally got my shit together a bit. I transfered my manuscript from LaTeX to Word so I could write more freely and at least managed to write a few paragraphs.
No. 12212
Does the Continuum concept(*) play a role in your thesis?

No. 12231
>It's been rather frustrating since upon closer inspection a lot of the studies are obviously flawed and the ones that aren't - it's still rather questionable how generalizable the results are.

Could be worse. At least you have a clear justification for your research and can see where the current arguments may be going astray. Just for the love of God remember to tone down any internet shrillness. Academics are sensitive manbabies who don't take well to being called a schizo. The literature review is at least 50% of the effort imo so chill out. It will get much easier once you have this together in a reasonable draft.
No. 12233
1,6 MB, 1032 × 684, 0:13

YSK about https://mathpix.com/
Converts screenshots of equations into LaTeX code
No. 12235
Thanks ernst, I as a continuous latex-user will find this useful.
No. 12325
69 kB, 601 × 817
I haven't read about this specific concept before, but this looks like a rather classic reactionary argument which calls for a return to some idealized "natural state" that never existed in the first place. If anything, for the most time in human history, adversity for children was much more severe than nowadays, so babies should be evolutionarily adapted to handle it and still manage to develop more or less normally. I admit there are more nuances to this topic, but this would be my basic argument against it.

The most plausible model IMO is that some stress (e.g short separations) in some periods is actually more adaptive than no stress at all or too much stress. But this all depends on lots of factors, see pic related for a psychology classic - the nifty "boxes-and-arrows" model. The paper it's from - https://sci-hub.tw/10.1016/j.neubiorev.2010.09.003 - is actually good, but I cringe every time I see these because they so neatly hide the complete and utter mess that's hiding behind e.g. the "Neurobiological Programming" box

Thanks for the encouragement, I'll be make sure to be but a mere servant to my academic overlords, but every now and then I do feel tempted to write why it is all bullshit. In any case after doing this thesis I don't even feel like doing a Master's degree anymore, at least not in psychology for sure

Thanks, I'll keep this in mind for when I do something with a bit more maths, I realized that I don't really need LaTeX for this thesis since it's mostly text and a few tables (which were also a huge pain in the ass in LaTeX despite using http://www.tablesgenerator.com)
No. 12331 Kontra
Officially I'm still in uni but de facto I've quit now. The three years I spent there were nightmarishly terrible and I never got into it. During school times I have always wished to visit university because I thought it would be so great to meet like-minded people (obviously I was quite a narcissist back then) but reality got me really hard. Every single class was discouraging from the beginning and I've quickly found that I have have barely any interest in science. Another reason was that I've pretty much failed organization (this was a huge problem outside of uni too) and socialization, the few works and essays I submitted were fine.
I'm looking forward to officially stop studying and start an apprenticeship. I really just want to make some money and follow my interests in the few free hours. Only saging because my post is more of a blogpost than some real input.
No. 12412
>During school times I have always wished to visit university because I thought it would be so great to meet like-minded people (obviously I was quite a narcissist back then) but reality got me really hard.

Very relatable, the introductory week was quite a shock, and I barely attended uni after that. Though I managed to pull through, but only because a friend of mine who started studying at the same time kept me in the loop.

What kind of apprenticeship are you planning to start?
No. 12413
In Elementary School, they told me I'd have more friends in High School, in High School, they are telling me now, that the like-minded people I'll have fun talking to go to University. I hope I don't get duped.
No. 12418
The possibility to find like minded people in university is bigger than in school, yet many people don't care, some are interested in the topic, but not overly passionate about it and some really are more deeply interested. In a class +90% or even more are just interested or less.

Don't want to spoil it tho. I meet a few peeps that actually like to read certain stuff. Then again most lecturers are somehow autistic but that does not mean they all get along super well, I heard and read there is envy and despise on the long hallways of university middle level and upwards.

The possibilities are higher but don't expect any magic, if you can have friends that also can have other interests than IB autism it can be fine.
No. 12436
Become a lab rat and go work for an uni, it's cool.
I own (my boss does but I'm maintainer and expact) approximately 500k worth of sci-fi equipment and it's big fun so far.

t. lab rat
No. 12438
>What kind of apprenticeship are you planning to start?
FAMI, so I'm probably going to become either a librarian or archivist. I'm kind of looking forward to it because the money isn't bad and at least I'd have a regular job, but then again I'm sort of afraid that it will consume too much of my time. I guess doing a job this isn't preventable. In the time until it begins I want to do some internships though for jobs that have no clear career ladder, like translator or journalist but I don't really know where to start as I have no real connections. I've already applied to a rather small/irrelevant online news magazine and got no answer, not sure if I should just send an application again or try out other ways of contact.
No. 12439
What do you have to do? Any requirements and how much do they pay? Do you've got to be a healthy person?
No. 12440
Local newspaper and work you way up, I know someone who did this and got an internship at Focus e.g. later. But in all of these kind of jobs you can expect to get nothing but experience for your working time. How do you even have an internship at some online newspaper? except the professional ones ofc.

I wanted to become librarian once after I quit my first time studying. Thank dog I was not taken and have chosen university a 2nd time. Having the right budget and and how to get money is really frustrating and shit while being a student but at least later in life I will perhaps deal with journalism I care about and not the local pages of the local paper. Studying does not make getting a proper job some safe thing but even as historian, when you have some skills accumulated during your university time that make you deal with certain tasks, it can give you well paying jobs. It's not safe bet like IT but even there, I'm not sure if the average skilled graduate dives into the next gold mine quickly. That time might be over.
No. 12443
>librarian or archivist
That sounds pretty cozy actually, best of luck!

>afraid that it will consume too much of my time
Kind of true, but IME when you have limited free time, you also tend to use it better.

>translator or journalist
These sound pretty stressful on the other hand, as >>12440 said, you probably wouldn't even get paid at all for internships
No. 12481
Been wasting my life for almost 4 years since getting my bachelor's, considering getting a masters in Europe. Something in linguistics, history, or a really autistic field like cuneiform studies. I don't really care about the country or the prestige of the institution, as long as the program is cheap (which no masters program in the US is).

Am I fucked if I can't get letters of recommendation? I know a couple of professors who would have been happy to write me letters back when I graduated, but they've been through almost a full cycle of undergrads since they've seen me, and I'm not sure they'd be willing to write letters for someone they haven't known for so long.
No. 12486
What is your BA?

You won't be able to do a Master in history or linguistics or whatever if you have a BA in chemistry. At least in Germany it's like that but whole of Europe has the BA system.

If you have a BA in history you can just go everywhere as long as you speak the language, I think B2 might be enough. Again, this is common for Germany. Some masters are restricted by numerus clausus. But many are not.
No. 12493
Come to Baden-Württemberg. It's just something like 1500€ per semester for you ;);)

So far I know two excellent students (one masters, one PhD) who left our university due to that. They've been hired into a group which is publishing in Nature on a regular basis.

Well done! No more scientific input but a little bit of money for our lazy tax payed offices.
No. 12494

For real? I thought student fees are completely abolished in public universities all over Germany. Well, dog bless NRW, paying 600€ a year for train ticket and some other things...Semesterbeitrag.
No. 12495
I think they recently reintroduced it for foreign students or something?
No. 12496
My BA is in linguistics. Part of the reason I gave up on academia earlier is that I lost interest in the field compared to history. Am I completely out of luck if I want to switch fields? I was hoping I could break in with stellar GED scores in the right areas.

I thought that a lot of programs in northern/Germanic Europe were done in English (at least that's the case for most of the linguistics programs I've looked at). Is that not the case for history, or at least non-local history? I'm learning French right now, hoping to be at B2 within a few months, but I don't know any other European language, or plan to learn one without living in a place that speaks it.

I assume that 1500 euros per semester is something outrageous in Europe, but my first thought upon seeing that was "wow, that's very reasonable".
No. 12497
I'd hazard the confusion is between EU+ nationals and er, others. As an EU citizen I could go to Germany and my course fees would be the same as a German national with my government paying (note: in England I would pay £9k a year or around £5k for a Masters iirc).

Outside EU+ this doesn't apply and can be quite outrageous as it's where the money is made. Even in the more generous Nordic universities there is generally at least a requirement of money in the bank or someone to support you as you don't automatically get money to support yourself. Best practice therefore is instead to look at who is offering grants for international students and do your research on costs.
No. 12498
>I thought that a lot of programs in northern/Germanic Europe were done in English (at least that's the case for most of the linguistics programs I've looked at).

There are which is why learning French is such a dumb idea. If you love romance languages so much then Italy or Spain would be much better options than a people with a linguistic national identity and their own academic world.

Most educated Europeans speak English to an impressive degree and in academia proper it is essential due to how academic publishing works. You should look into what history you want to study though, going to Gothenberg when your historical interest is Polish history would be dumb.
No. 12499
Thanks for advice.
No. 12503
Part of the benefit of learning French is that it opens up the richest/most populous/most academically relevant country in Europe that doesn't just do everything in English. Academia isn't actually the reason I'm learning it though, that's just a side benefit.
No. 12506
>Part of the benefit of learning French is that it opens up the richest/most populous/most academically relevant country in Europe that doesn't just do everything in English.
Lmao. France is Africa it this point.
No. 12525
Yes, I confused EU and non-EU students.

Ok, now you haven linguistics BA. Many specialized maszer programms are english only, you have to look up then how you credits match the credits needed to start the master. E.g I have done history classes on democracy and democracy critique and political representation, if I would like to study political science as a Master now, they would account these for the 60 points which are usually needed to start a master.

you could also study anglistics / English studies everywhere I guess, the former at least as a fair share of linguistics as far as I know.
No. 12532
Well the student fees haven been abolished, but you will still pay some "quality"-fee which is quite an political outrage. I was voting for Green party when I started to study (that was reasonable because they wanted to abolish fees) just to have them introduce a smaller fee.
But maybe I just didn't look up their program well enough.

The 1500€ are for non-EU-students only.
Especially good students from Russia, Ukraine or China and India have a big problem with that.
No. 12539
Oh I didn't mean to slander the French academic world per se. Just that they can be a rather unforgiving people when it comes to language unless you go somewhere bro-tier like Normandy.