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No. 12211
162 kB, 1024 × 578
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Does Ernst follow any professionally played videogames? To what extend?
From time to time i like watching Quake Live and CS:GO but i don't think i'm interested enough to actually visit any events like many other people do.

Some news:
McDonalds ended it's sponsorship with the German Football Association and instead focuses on eSport now.


The Danish Prime Minister just opened a Counter-Strike event in Denmark with a short speech.

No. 12236
Not really, but it does happen that i pick up on dota, starcraft and quake cpm.

Ive recently started playing a lot of warsow aswell, that is a pretty based game and good support for linux but it is kind of dead.
No. 12237
Not really professional E-Sport but I have very autistic special interest in Counter-Strike bunnyhopping. People are really making a competition out of this.
There are two YouTube channels which are the main to-go places for watching the latest World Records

SourceJump: https://www.youtube.com/user/SourceJump

FasteHops: https://www.youtube.com/user/fastehops

These are probably the most impressive runs currently out there -

No. 12263
I like bhop and kz servers in CS:S (and to some degree in CS:GO, even when the engine makes it nearly impossible) but watching those videos makes it really hard for me to believe that they're all legit.
No. 12266
They are legit. Keep in mind that these videos are obviously done with autobhop, that doesn't take the skill away but rather makes it more competitive since the skills no longer lays in hitting perfect jumps, which is more luck than skill based, but rather you have to do good strafing, find the best routes, handle high speed, etc.

There have been players on these YouTube channels who have cheated, but they got their videos removed. the ones I linked are legit for sure.

These people have spent an insane amount of time in to Bunnyhopping, up to 10k hours.
No. 12271
Yes I used to play CSGO on a MGE-level pretty much (For you guys not involved, that's 5/10) and followed NiP for that season. It was really cool and a little bit like watching the football world cup. Watching eSports is really cool when you are into that game.

Maybe I should watch Rocket League, since that's A E S T H E T I C.

How is Overwatch on a competitive level? Is it interesting? I play it but can't really see how it could compete with CSGO. Is the competitive scene big?
No. 12273
>How is Overwatch on a competitive level? Is it interesting?

Never followed it but what i've heard is that Blizzard is banning and fining professional players for making jokes or trash talk.

Besides, i think the average viewer age is around 12 and players aren't that much older, i wouldn't want to get into that.
No. 12323
37 kB, 600 × 450
I used to follow Dota 2 quite a bit from 2012 to 2016 or so
I also got a bit into it this year again for The International, but it's just not the same when the teams change so much and your favorite players from back in the days drift into irrelevance or worse

My favorite team was the 2014 Cloud 9 roster and it's preceding iterations under different names, they were hilariously inconsistent and often lost to some really bad teams, but sometimes also destroyed some of the best teams

Here's a really good vid on how they managed to win a semi-big tournament despite playing with a stand-in and losing all games on the first day, probably one of the best storylines in Dota 2 & it's rather well edited to add some dramatological effects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrP4oey2_ys
No. 12327
How often do players in Dota teams switch? What i like about Counter-Strike is that there are a lot of players who startet out with 1.6 and are active for over 10 or 15 years now and still play in big tournaments.
No. 12338
Kinda the same with Quake, among the top players in quake Champions are Rapha and Cooler, who were already top players for quake 3 arena (which was almost 20 years ago)
No. 12355
There are still some old school players around, but they often transition to playing support role or casting/coaching with time

Most successful teams usually consist of a mix of older players who have experience and 1-2 younger newcomers who are individually really good

In any case few players stay really dominant for a long time
No. 12362
There's also the problem where a lot of the old theory isn't as useful as it was, so the older players that couldn't adapt got crushed by new blood who could. Talking about the map and rune changes here which completely alter the flow of play.
No. 12395
Warsow has servers solely dedicated to bhop and strafe jumping. Things that are hard as fuck on cs is pretty easy in warsow ut it has it challenges.

Quake is actually a fun game.

Quite dead though, but on the other hand it's the only quake game where ive had issues with at all on linux despite quake being GPL:d.
No. 12432
I play alot CS:GO and ofcourse I enjoy watching it.

Today is another thrilling game. big vs mouz, a bo3.
No. 12433
I got a 5€ free bet from betway which i put on BIG.
After they won against NaVi i'm optimistic.
No. 13294
The ECS Season 6 finale is starting in a few minutes, in case someone is interested in watching and maybe talking about it in here.
It plays Astralis (Danish team and by points the best in the world) vs. MIBR (Brazilian team)

No. 13304
i personally despise esports scene because its creeping everywhere on every genre in video games. i dont mind competitive nature if im playing an arena shooter but playing shit like overwatch competitively is bit cringe. its like becoming a professional uno player instead of a chess grandmaster.
No. 13306
Every game that requires some amount of skill can be played professionally, the main difference i see between a fast paced shooter or chess is that chess is extremely boring to watch.
No. 13308
Another big difference is that the rules of chess are fixed and there is no corporation who's interested in turning a profit behind it

So there are no microtransactions, no straight-up and no under-handed P2W etc. There is lots of toxicity surrounding modern esports, naturally as lots of money is involved
No. 13309
>Another big difference is that the rules of chess are fixed

That's no difference, that's the case in every competition in every game, be it chess, football or quake.
If you look up organizers of tournaments you also find rulebooks, be it chess, football or quake

>and there is no corporation who's interested in turning a profit behind it

And the price money of chess tournaments just happens to be there without any source?
If you look up different tournaments you find organizers and sponsors just like in every other game.

>So there are no microtransactions, no straight-up and no under-handed P2W

There is no serious competition where you find pay to win structures, proof me wrong.
No. 13348
175 kB, 900 × 680
Regarding esports, I really enjoy watching SC:BW Remastered casts, especially by this charming fellow, FalconPaladin. At the moment this beats actually playing the game online for me. He casts top replays with all the big names, and makes this all into some really good time (damn I sometimes feel my English skills are rusty beyond repair and a grammar nazi would be a huge long-term benefit). There is also this Russian SC2 caster, Alex007sc2, his casts are extremely skilled, prime-time-MSM level works, however, he's casting SC2, to which I am quite foreign. Still incredibly fun to watch, so much tension and drama, it's the perfect spectator sport. I tried watching some SC:BW first-person VODs but almost caught epilepsy there, the speed is insane.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtdsmmGGEI0 for a quick link if anyone wants to check it out first-hand.
Sadly, I myself never broke the 85apm threshold. Even though Day9 made, like, an 100-hour long Let's Learn Starcraft videoguide, of which I only managed to watch maybe 7 or 10 hours.
No. 18904
228 kB, 480 × 360
Let's give this thread another try:

The CSGO major in Poland, IEM Katowice 2019, is going on right now and we already had a few nice games.
A new one is about to start so for everyone interested:

No. 18908
It isn't boring if you know what is going on or have EC tier borderline autistic tendencies. I've noted before murican football is the stupidest fucking thing ever and painfully boring even if you do know the rules.

Well, one can argue. You remember Cold War? It could easily be argued what stupidity and toxicity was surrounding chess at the time because of it.

The number of possible moves in chess are fixed. It's a tighter game in general, although I can see how the combination of timing and map like dedust makes it so you pretty much know what to expect professionally like sniper here, dude with pistol and noif hiding here etc. But still, CS is not even remotely like chess.

What does remind me more of chess is XCOM. I'd be interested to see the game played professionally and shared by kings and diplomats if it were one of the only games, which is primary reason why everything from Starcraft to CS to chess got popular. Issue with modern gaming is there's just too many to choose from and ironically kills off many communities because instead of 100k ppl playing one of a handful of games you have 100million playing many thousands of games so the player pool becomes smaller.
No. 18913
>CS is not even remotely like chess.

No one here said it is.
No. 18919
2,2 MB, 1366 × 800
What the actual fuck is wrong with the map? Did Blizzard not even bother fixing their map textures?