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No. 1225
3,9 MB, 352 × 240, 0:38
What are your favorite conspiracy theories?

1. The earth is flat
2. 9/11
3. Chemtrails
4. Aids doesn't exist
5. Dave Chappelle is a clone

"But it's all true" incomming
No. 1227
8,5 MB, 854 × 480, 4:27
Every side of 9/11 is a conspiracy and I yet wonder which one is true.
Maybe something in between. 911 can't happen without murrifats allowing it to happen.

But what's important about Dave Chapelle?
No. 1228
141 kB, 854 × 480, 0:05
>what's important about Dave Chapelle?

That's the question.
The storie, as far as i know, goes like this:

His "cousin" somehow got the story that Dave Chappelle was killed and cloned to the media and they happily started talking about it.
Later it came out that this cousin didn't have much to do with him and is as source as credible as a tree, but you still find (mostly black) people talking about how he was cloned in the comment section of every Dave Chappelle video on youtube.
No. 1233
129 kB, 500 × 312
My favourite conspiracy theory is "Squall is dead". If you're not into the old FF games, this isn't really interesting for you, but if you are, I recommend watching it, it's a 50-minute mindfuck, and it gets kinda creepy at times.

No. 1236
242 kB, 530 × 469
How do you know it's black people that are writing the comments?
No. 1237
Read comments, look at names and profile pictures, then tell me that those aren't at least 50% black.

No. 1238
87 kB, 533 × 725
  1. Jews are behind everything, Jews stole your tap water and drank the blood of your cattle. The meme that keeps on giving, it's incredible that something like this was able to survive for centuries.
  2. Real Putin is dead and oligarchs use his doubles to create the illusion of a benevolent dictator for the Russians while stealing their money.
  3. The USSR and the US maintained Cold War to divert the population from domestic problems.
  4. Vaccines cause autism. I was surprised to know that Trump supports this retarded theory.
No. 1242
>I was surprised to know that Trump supports this retarded theory.

His VP doesn't believe in evolution.
We live in a world where many things are possible.

Also, for the aids is not real thing in the OP:


Great documentary.
No. 1243 Kontra
No, no, thank you. I'd rather just believe you than read youtube comments. Or, you know, just forget about it.
No. 1272
Masons are the secret successors of the Knight Templars
Masons launched the Reformation
Masons launched the French revolution
Masonic-bankster international cabal initialized WW1
Masonic-bankster international cabal created Hitler
Masonic-bankster cabal created the Sovietunion
No. 1274
Those damned masons are behind everything, I tell ya!
No. 1279
-Anglos killed Pavel I to prevent Russia and France with assist of new US of A destroy Britain empire compleatly

-Kim Chen In not developed anything - he just bought some old rusty rockets and additional things from any post ussr country, most probably russia but maybe china assisted too to make show

-Nuklear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagosaki was dropped to have excuse for emperor to ask his nation to surrender, because in every other case japanise will fight to death, and if that happened japan will be destroyed to total annigilation in long bloody war. And don't forget Stalin from north blasting thought japan occupation lands faster than light and wanted to occupy as much as he possibly can.
No. 1280
>some old rusty rockets and additional things from any post ussr country
Actually, I remember some YuzhMash director was thrown in jail for selling secret technologies. If he wasn't thrown, there was some scandal about YuzhMash.
>because in every other case japanise will fight to death, and if that happened japan will be destroyed to total annigilation in long bloody war
Atomic bombings reasoned Japanese generals well.
No. 1283
Pretty much.
No. 1304
I know a free mason (former teacher of mine) and as far as i could hear out from him all it is is a circle jerk for old, rich people.
No. 1312
125 kB, 240 × 240
Make it stop. I can tolerate that nonsense in the interwebz but I hear more and more nutcases spouting nonsense in real life which makes me sanity level go down.
>brah, it is nonsense
>sound argument, indeed
No. 1334
1,7 MB, 320 × 180, 0:04
Planes have a terrorism-alarm installed in the cockpit, which anesthesizes everyone in the cockpit, locks the door, starts the autopilot and lands the plane safely at the next possible location.

This system can also fail from time to time.

Germanwings Flight 9525

This is what I actually believe :DDD
No. 1369
209 kB, 830 × 364
Chemtrails are real just like international pedo networks are real. The problem is the bydlo ruin everything. They also mix up contrails from air liners which basically are chemical trails, and then are too clueless to even surmise for what possible purpose such a thing could be.

I'm trying to remember what the name of it was but there was some pink fuzzy residue all over everything from one such test. Also in addition to things like cloud seeding (which is another thing Russia hilariously failed at https://www.universetoday.com/15189/when-cloud-seeding-goes-wrong-cement-chunk-falls-from-the-sky/) there have been things like USAF spraying simulated biowarfare agents over us, which is a lot less nefarious than it actually sounds like (they basically were just conducting readiness response exercises to biological warfare being used against us, testing overall infection and spread, wind conditions etc. although that last one probably had more to do with our own biowarfare agents being sprayed over Russia https://priceonomics.com/how-the-us-government-tested-biological-warfare-on/ also, the one thing that I question was the "Anthrax attacks" which I am convinced was a false flag although why our government decided to use easily traceable US Army stockpiles is beyond me.

It is also well known about things like this
No. 1370
1 and 3 are partially true I believe.
I thought there were studies proving 4?

I thought all these were true to some extent.

I thought all these were facts.

Never heard this one before, but I find it believable.

Do you all also think datamining and psyops operations in their various forms by various government organizations and corporations are merely theories? What about ME/AMT/PSP and the likes?

I don't know much about these but I believe them:
Pharmaceutical industry corruption (especially psychiatry and cancer),
middle east wars are for oil and to protect the petrodollar, US Dollars have negative value (debt), H. Clinton did Libya, CIA wanted Trump in all along, ISIS was trained by the CIA

A bunch more I'm too lazy to try to remember. But I know these all to be facts, or at least for the most part true. I'm surprised to find some people don't believe some of the aforementioned.
No. 1371 Kontra
By the way, I'm a tor poster. Don't trust the ball.
No. 1376
How come people who believe in one conspiracy theory usually belief in many others as well?
Why can't people believe that the earth is flat but 9/11 was just some angry sand people flying into buildings?
No. 1382
717 kB, 79 pages
365 kB, 900 × 719
I am not away of thimerosol being proven to cause it, although it seems still up for debate.

>Cold War
On the one hand it wouldn't surprise me, on the other I somewhat doubt. pdf related. There has been debate as to whether it was some sort of cheeky protest or satirical document or whether the meeting did indeed take place.

>Kim Chen
>Nagasaki Hiroshima
I absolutely doubt that. There were already talks for surrender true, but I think if anything the Emperor was trying to avoid military coup and besides which if he said so why wouldn't the people? More likely there remained some warhawks who wished to continue the war or at least gain more favorable peace terms than total surrender. But the real reason I strongly suspect was that the USA just wanted to test their shiny new toys. It was also a bluff because those literally were the only two we had and would take time to build and deliver more of them, but it did manage to strike fear of thunder of the gods into them to think we could simply vaporize their whole island.

Also the actual reason I believe is because the US just wanted to get Japan to surrender to us before the Russians could invade and take it.

>Masons are the secret successors of the Knight Templars
This has always been a spurious claim and to hear the Masons tell it they trace all the way back to King Solomon, or so the legend goes (or that Jesus Christ was one of the original Masons, which is an even more spurious claim). Although the Templar one wouldn't surprise me, except that I highly doubt there was such a distinct lineage. Things change over time. Hell even 4krebs somehow went from vaguely leftist to being filled with extremist right wingers and Nazis. Things change across the generations.
>Masons launched the Reformation
The mercantile class basically did, but to an extent yes
>Masons launched the French revolution
Basically yes (so did other secret societies theoretically, and Napoleon was himself a member of the Rosicrucians)
>Masonic-bankster international cabal initialized WW1
I don't think those are the same thing nor do I think that's what really happened.
>Masonic-bankster international cabal created Hitler
>Masonic-bankster cabal created the Sovietunion
Again I don't think these are the same thing, but in a sense yes.

The thing you are forgetting is that actually both the Communists and the Nazis had persecuted the Masons. They were by and large a more democracy oriented outfit and tended towards the revolutionary. They have been hated by totalitarians everywhere
>The Grand Lodge Astraea was formed in 1815. It united nineteen smaller lodges and counted 1404 members. Its rival was the Swedish Provincial Lodge of Russia, with seven smaller feuding lodges under its umbrella and 230 members. Leo Tolstoy describes some of the rituals in his novel War and Peace and mentions Fyodor Klyucharyov, a noted Masonic poet. According to Filipp Vigel, Freemasonry did little but to provide a fashionable pastime for bored nobles.[9] As Emperor Alexander grew increasingly conservative, the Masonic-style political clubs were outlawed in 1822. This interdict was extended by Nicholas I in the wake of the Decembrist Uprising, since the Decembrists had sprung from the Masonic lodges.[10]

>Freemasonry was legalized and enjoyed a brief revival after the First Russian Revolution. The Grand Orient of Russian People seceded from the Grand Orient de France, with Nikolai Vissarionovich Nekrasov and Alexander Fyodorovich Kerensky as its main leaders. The Bolsheviks had all the lodges closed in the wake of the October Revolution in 1917.
The Catholic Church also hates them because Freemasonry seems to spread secularism in addition to undermining autocratic governments.

If you want to see the real fruits of Freemasonry then France and the United States are two very good examples. It should also be noted that there is a grave difference between secularism and atheism. You cannot be a Mason and an atheist. Secularism basically just means separation of church and state, something that was incredibly revolutionary some time ago when the Catholic Church and the monarchies were wed. Also Masons tended to hate monarchies and be in favor of representative governments.

The theory goes that one thing which happened sometime in the late 18th or 19th century was that the Bavarian Illuminati had infiltrated the highest echelons of Masonry. Whether or to what extent that is true I don't know but the Bavarian Illuminati was actually atheistic.
No. 1385
That's actually an interesting question and I've read a paper about it a few years ago from a study, but I can't find it anymore...

The psychology of people prone to conspiracy theories is quite fascinating and not an easily isolated case that can be trivially explained. I wish I could remember the details though.
No. 1386
I believe in a variety of them to varying degrees but find some incredibly stupid. Like flat earthers are not even a conspiracy theory they're just a troll group meant to test how dumb and gullible some people are. I similarly view lizard people as some dumb idiotic bullshit. I make a sharp distinction between well informed conjecture (for example, CIA mind control experiments and government false flags) with wild eyed bullshit about UFOs. The difference usually lay in the foundation as to whether one is analytical thinking based or emotion based. All the numbnuts emotion based ones are typically false.
No. 1389
Now that you say it, i remember hearing something about such a study by this guy


Just don't know where anymore, but still recommendable to take a look into his stuff.

Problem is, no matter if flat earth, moon landing, chemtrails, 9/11, elvis or whatever.
At least 90% of the arguments those "truthers" can come up with are bullshit so you can't take any of them serious.

Of course i'm sure that there's some shady shit going on, but why believe that everything that happens happens because of some evil force in the background controlling it?
No. 1393
>Of course i'm sure that there's some shady shit going on, but why believe that everything that happens happens because of some evil force in the background controlling it?

Because we are pattern recognition automatons and the path of least resistance leads some people to never question their first intuition when they think they recognize something. Actually, there is an interesting short talk that is only semi-related to conspiracies but very relevant to this topic here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLihNlDhu_E
No. 1394
>At least 90% of the arguments
I already automatically assume 90% of the populace in that exact proportion are complete dumbasses whose opinions are at best parroting what someone else said. They are not critical thinkers. They do not know how to think. The problem is that these same gullible nitwits would buy the party line otherwise. The difference is that most of these people are not "skeptics" despite calling themselves as such, and are in fact opponents of rational inquiry.

You are mixing up different types of people into some stereotyped homogeneous glob. These are the kinds of people you can expect to believe in buying indulgences from the Church so they have more real estate in Heaven. Similarly, these are the kinds of people to flatly deny anything spiritual not based on rational inquiry but rather as some sort of social hierarchy dynamic, be it to fit in with their group or to oppose the Them, or merely to act like they're intelligent skeptics whereas skepticism means the weighing of facts and inquiry into the truth. In short, they are dumb bydlo. The fedoras are annoying for the exact same reason as New Agers, Christian fundies, poltards, and SJWs. It is an incurable condition.

As for a specific subtype you seem to be aiming for, those I cannot fully account for except the naive people to buy into snake oil scams and they are also older than dirt. You can sell them horse piss as a cure for cancer so long as you rely on their own vanity, egotism, and puffed up pride in which case conspiracy is just another marketing gimmick to them wherein you promise some kind of exclusive information. Those are a special type of bydlo who also fall for Nigerian oil scams. Like I said, the difference lay in whether they use analytical thinking to inform more reasoned conjecture, or whether they rely on emotional reasoning.

Or to put it another way, the specific INTJ/INTP stereotypes are guys more prone to working in intelligence. Why? Because their thinking suits them for detecting hidden patterns. Such people are also capable of being scientists and adroit non-conventional thinkers. These people are also more willing to admit that they're wrong. The problem with the stereotypical bydlo conspiracy theorist is that they never, ever question whether their fundamentals could be wrong. More frequently they come up with a conclusion and rather than try to test the theory they go out of the way to twist facts and warp logic in order to justify themselves.
No. 1945
538 kB, 480 × 480, 0:06
According to a national survey from 2013 in the US of A many Americans believe in very weird things.

Some numbers:

51% think the JFK assassination was a conspiracy
37% don't believe in global warming (I'm sure those numbers are even higher today)
29% believe in aliens
4% (still over 12 million) believe lizard people control everything, 7% said they're not sure.
22% of Americans between 18 and 29 believe in Big Foot. 17% Aren't sure.

There are huge differences between democrates and republicans and in age

The whole survey can be seen here

No. 1946
Holy shit, 49% of people are dumbasses. Of course there's things we still don't know about the JFK assassination, and there rumor was that Marilyn Monroe was a fake suicide.

I dont know why anyone would still believe in big foot.
No. 1990
41 kB, 495 × 660
Alternative energy theories and how the evil illuminati suppress them. Ancient spess traveling civilizations.
No. 1996
4 kB, 255 × 198
  1. Creationism
No. 1997
1,8 MB, 960 × 540
24 kB, 400 × 216
71 kB, 800 × 450
121 kB, 600 × 600
Neuschwabenland, hollow earth and cold sun.
RIF Dr. Axel Stoll ;_;
No. 2009
The one were AIDS was either deliberately or accidentally made and the JFK assassination. I like them because they show just how well a sustained black propaganda program can work even to this day in causing people to lose faith in the western system of government.

I remember being especially shocked listening to a lecture from Dr. Kenneth Vickery (one of the foremost authorities in African history) state that he was swayed somewhat by the evidence, tempered albeit by his observation that western drug trial were going on unregulated at the time. I've taken it to be an indication of the kind of biases one might have if they come out with these ideas because it fits into certain narrative you can construct.

>Kim Chen In not developed anything - he just bought some old rusty rockets and additional things from any post ussr country, most probably russia but maybe china assisted too to make show

Well, I mean to a degree I think everyone accept this. Even ignoring ballistic missile technology mysteriously being bought in Ukraine during the chaos of the revolution it was no secret that the USSR and China both lent technical assistance to the countries nuclear power program.

>I dont know why anyone would still believe in big foot.

Sounds like just the sort of anonymous comment a big foot would make...
No. 2124
There are many great theories around aids and hiv, i recommend you watch >>1242 for some crazy stuff.

It's especially great because it actually harms people.
Most other conspiracy theories are just a bunch of idiots hurting no one but that stuff makes people stop taking medication that might save their lives.
No. 2133
2. First Moon landing.

3. Many goverments put chemicals to water supply, aim to make us more stupid, more sissi and more controllable.

4. Pharmaceutic industry make us weak and more dependant.

5. kennedy was killed by C&A and military industry(tm)

6. Whole South America are puppet to imperio yanki, see "Operation Condor"

7. Any device are backdoored now, your phones, your cars, your watches, submit your data every second to big datacenter in USA. Algorithms are trying predict your actions and enter in your mind to know what the fucking are think just.

7.1 if you are developing some harmful thought they could activate your genetic cancer failure.

8. Fidel Castro and Kin Jum Do Whatever are clones, they never became friendly to USA, practically any president could get cloned.
No. 2139
How is this in any way a "theory"? They flat out tell you.
No. 2144
>Any device are backdoored now, your phones, your cars, your watches, submit your data every second to big datacenter in USA.
Yeah, it's false, some devices leak in China
>Algorithms are trying predict your actions and enter in your mind to know what the fucking are think just.
It's called "we try to provide you best service"
No. 2148
> What are your favorite conspiracy theories?
That conspiracy theories are actively encourage by different countries psyops. Also other shady organisations don't mind them.

For example.
Priests molest children. Nobody cares.
But if some loony claims vaccines causes autism lots of people start going crazy because think of the children.

There is an international network, albeit loose, trafficking human organs or keeping humans as spare parts for rich people. That isn't very interesting. But ALIENS!!! Now that is interesting.

Did I mention I really hate conspiracy nutters for these reasons. If they want to live dangerous just start looking into more mundane things.
No. 2153
>3. Many goverments put chemicals to water supply, aim to make us more stupid, more sissi and more controllable.

It's funny seeing fluoride conspiracy theorists try to work in Britain because the country is a patchwork of counties that do and do not add it to the water supply. When I used to live along the border with North Wales I'd see people in midlands talking about it turning people into mindless drones but then I'd look at the locals and instantly the theory would collapse.

>Yeah, it's false, some devices leak in China

I've been wondering if this might be a plus of getting a Chinese phone. Yeah you're data is getting leaked but then China is hardly the sort to swap intelligence with the west and they don't have the available skill base for intercepting random calls in England anyway.

Although I suppose the moment you download any application your phone is irreparably compromised by big data companies anyway. Such cases.
No. 2158
>Although I suppose the moment you download any application your phone
Through Google Play?
No. 2181

Fallacy? if X also does it, then Y its not too bad ?

>improve better service (or product)
Yeah, also Microsoft and many other says this.

Your are the Russian guy who post some pic about some JS code witch send telemetry data ?
No. 2195
Fluoride I just think was the genius of the aluminum industry turning a loss from disposing of toxic waste into a net profit by selling it to the government. You don't even need any more sinister reasoning than that it's just how capitalism works. And there's no reason at all to ingest the crap, especially not when we also have toothpaste. You only need it topically. And I genuinely think it makes people dumber.
No. 2206
No, just a bitter joke.
Every time you come on most sites, they say "Allow us this, allow us that", so, I'd say, most surveilliance comes from commercial companies, but not state.
>Your are the Russian guy who post some pic about some JS code witch send telemetry data ?
No, but I am interested to see that pic as well.
No. 2220
89 kB, 700 × 525
>but not state
Why your country ban telegram ? China start track every citizen and USA was a misstake ...

>"Allow us this, allow us that"
Yep, all time.

>but I am interested to see that pic as well.
I don't saved the pic but look too generic.
No. 2224
>Why your country ban telegram ?
IMO it's a false flag and Telegram is a tool of FSB. Officials didn't even exit from Telegram after government banned it.
No. 2295
966 kB, 500 × 579, 0:01
>And I genuinely think it makes people dumber

After half a century of data spanning multiple regions and present UK setti allowing for very near comparison across socio-economic divides?
No. 2310
Show me the proofs then

Your story seemed to rely more on anecdotal evidence. Although it could be a variety of other contaminants. Keep in mind you're talking to a country that still has lead in its pipes
Besides which there is literally no rational reason to pump fluoride into our water. Every once in awhile something breaks and you end up with mass fluorosis and fluoride poisoning here. For what purpose? Most toothpaste has fluoride in it in fact it is difficult even to find non-fluoride toothpaste.
No. 2426
>The findings do not support the assertion that fluoride exposure in the context of CWF can affect neurologic development or IQ. Study members who lived in areas with CWF before age 5 years had slightly higher IQs (on average) in adulthood than those who had not


>NHMRC (National Health and Research Council Australia) has recently finished a thorough review of the latest scientific research relevant to Australia on the potential link between water fluoridation and human health. NHMRC has confirmed that community water fluoridation helps to reduce tooth decay, and that there is no reliable evidence that water fluoridation at current Australian levels causes health problems.


>Every once in awhile something breaks and you end up with mass fluorosis and fluoride poisoning here.

What does this have to do with lowering iq? We are all well aware that Americans have never been the sharpest crayons in the box.
No. 2661
I enjoy a lot of conspiracy theories as a kind of Alternate Reality Game. I look into nearly all of them, imagining what if this were true? It gives me interesting things to research anyway. 

>What are your favorite conspiracy theories?
My current favorite is definitely flat earth. Just the amount of time and energy Flat Earthers put into their YouTube videos is mind boggling, and I respect that kind of dedication. Its weird, but I kind of want to believe that one. Just for its ambition.  It's probably second on my list of  'Conspiracies  you don't believe but wish were true' 
The number one conspiracy I don't believe but wish were true is still UFO's, but there is not a lot of new material on that one. Most videos only show lights in the sky and that is too easy to fake. It's been a while since we had anything like the alien autopsy video or the Majestic 12 documents (both were fake).
No. 2662
>alien autopsy video

I love that story.
There went really a ton of work in it, i remember seeing a documentary about it that i really liked but can't find it right now.
No. 2664
I am of the opinion that flat earthers are literally just some group's efforts at trying to discredit the very idea of conspiracies so people won't believe you when you mention some case of government malfeasance and horrors as "just another flat earther loon" or whatever.
No. 2665
8,8 MB, 624 × 352, 2:08
You have to much trust in the intelligence and sanity of random people.
No. 2667
No I put too much trust in the competence and intelligence of select groups of people. Getting some random jackass to bandwagon something ridiculous is easy. What I truly think though is the ones that genuinely believe this got massively trolled into it.
No. 2670
>I truly think though is the ones that genuinely believe this got massively trolled into it.

Of course there are a lot of people behind it who power the whole thing but that itself doesn't have to be a conspiracy.
It's simply people who earn tons of money with that stuff, just tink of the guy who made the Loose Change movies or think of people like David Ike and Alex Jones.

Conspiracy theories are a business and there's a lot of money in it.
No. 2672
I was trolling Reptiloid-believers, that they where in fact the people covering the NWO elites by spreading implausible theories.

Worked out nicely.
No. 2697
I remember it was one of first UFO stories I ever saw that wasn't presented as fiction. Alien Autopsy was even before the Phoenix Lights phenomenon, which got a LOT of coverage
Those were special because they were rare. Now we have Ancient Aliens and such on the History Channel all the time.
>I am of the opinion that flat earthers are literally just some group's efforts at trying to discredit the very idea of conspiracies

Believe it or not half of the flat earthers are always fighting with the other half. They accuse each other of putting out flawed flat earth models to make the true flat earth movement look stupid. It really is fascinating, but you're right. If someone ever stumbles into REAL corruption it makes it that much harder to get people to believe you.
Well done.
No. 3952
25 kB, 338 × 350
37 kB, 493 × 369
No. 3964
The Sandy Hook conspiracy is one of the only ones I don't like. It's one thing to say that the shooter worked for the government or that it was a false flag operation to turn public opinion against guns, but the claim that no kids died at all goes a step too far. I couldn't disrespect the victims like that. It was weird reading that the father of one of the victims was an Alex Jones listener, I didnt know that.
It's safe to say he's not a fan anymore, even though Alex has publicly backed away from his initial claims on this one.


Alex will probably win the lawsuit:

No. 3965
Don't want to countryball here, but what I really really don't get is:

>Be the only (governed) country ever and whereever in the world where shit like that happens on a regular basis
>Its da guns!11
>No dont take muh guns!!
>Da guns kill ur childrens!!!

That such events lead to this discussion is either a proof how IQ89 the people are (It would be the same here in Europe and elsewhere) or it's a good starting point for a conspiracy theory by itself.
No. 3977
What is the brain disease called where you cannot recognize faces? One thing that amuses me about this is because in that photo for instance those are clearly two different kids, yet it's being presented as identical. I've seen this before where even any vague similarities about any facial feature will make some people think it's a match, like the part of their brain that processes facial recognition just isn't working.
No. 3980
its called prosopagnosia
No. 3981
87 kB, 533 × 725
113 kB, 1024 × 768
814 kB, 800 × 512
222 kB, 521 × 656
Do these people look like one person to you?
No. 3982
I would say it's proof of IQ89. You're right that the script is the same after every mass shooting, and at this point both sides are aware that it has become a script. The left tries to pass reasonable gun restrictions, the right says that the left is gun grabbing, and nothing changes.
>it's a good starting point for a conspiracy theory by itself
This is exactly how good conspiracies start, cui bono? Figure out who benefits from the spectacle and try to figure out how they might have been involved.
No. 3983
Different lightning, probably, some plastic surgeries - I don't see why they should different people.
No. 3985
Then I don't see why these kids should be different people. For me, Putin and the child are equally different.
No. 3987 Kontra
Oh boy, who would think there are serious followers of conspiracy theories.
No. 4025
It's called aging, different facial expressions and Botox.
No. 4027
I have no doubt he has a double. Also his face probably swelling a lot, depending from temperature and pressure. And don't forget he is certainly wears some makeup for tv
No. 4137
Isn't keeping body doubles some kind of Soviet tradition since at least Stalin?
No. 4150
my favourite one is the one starting shortly after the first john was deaded (not the yoko one).
"(((they))) try to paint every individual, who is into conspiracies, as crazy."
this, by now, is not a theory; it's a fact. you actually can read about it in official documents. "but we no more do stuff like that, promise. we lied all the years, but today we no more lie. trust us without proofs."

in this context i want to come back to the ~"how people into conspiracies believe all conspiracies?" topic:
you need to be careful here. if you generalize all people, you are doing the exact same thing you blame those people to do: lack of filtering. this makes you look very stupid, since you are doing the exact same thing while denouncing it.

>Nein. Ih, eLfen!
wasn't there a 4cancer insider ~LARP a while back where the person claimed the US secret agencies are perfectly aware that mossad is behind it? there is a postbin copy of it somewhere

i think a lot of background stuff is going on. i searched a long time and tried to filter the "maybe possible" out of the big pile of trash, which is propagated. i doubt there is a single force behind all; more like multiple forces fighting in the background.
now i have to think of myself; physical and mental health. can't do much digging anymore.

i believe, no matter how bad it actually is, the best advice to change the world for the better still is:
if you want to change the world, you need to change your country.
if you want to change your country, you need to change your town.
if you want to change your town, you need to change your neighbourhood.
if you want to change your neighborhood, you need to change your home/family.
if you want to change your home/family, you need to change yourself.

start at the bottom, not at the top.

thou, it is nice to know about stuff like PRISM or mockingbird. or, or, or...
No. 4349
The problem is most Westerners particularly most Americans are way too complacent and a bunch of lardasses who not only don't do anything, but tend to actively argue against anybody who tries to rock the boat. I for one will find it funny when the house of cards comes down and they start eating each other when they run out of burgers.
No. 4411
> Dave Chappelle is a clone
No. 5741
214 kB, 1281 × 960
190 kB, 871 × 792
315 kB, 1144 × 792
In my years on imageboards, I've inevitably seen a steady flow of claims that the Sandy Hook shooting was completely staged and orchestrated by gun control proponents with the aid of crisis actors. I used to just write it off as fringe lunacy, but after some recent events in my life, I'm a little more interested than I was before especially following Alex Jones's suspension from Facebook.

Apparently, there are people who earnestly believe the witnesses in this case were acting. This in turn led to believers harassing families of the deceased, one of whom had to move several times to stop the intrusions.

Tell me, Ernst. Do YOU think Sandy Hook actually happened or was it all staged? I will accept any concrete evidence that some sort of elaborate plot was behind the Sandy Hook massacre.

Concrete evidence DOES NOT include:
  • something you heard on /pol/
  • anecdotal evidence from people in your life (for all I know, your friends are lying)
  • speculation (don't talk out your ass)
  • out-of-context photos or newspaper clippings (see above)

Concrete evidence DOES include:
  • properly substantiated information

Properly substantiated sources do not necessarily come loaded with political bias. Just like I wouldn't readily believe anything I see from pearlclutching soccer moms and suburban white liberals who want nothing more than a gun-free world, I'm not interested in your links to Infowars or any other partisan sources. Surely impartial information exists on this.

I look forward to your replies.
No. 5744 Kontra
No of course not and I'm even someone who finds it completely plausible that mind programmed (as in MK programs or BLUEBIRD etc) sleeper agents are the ones who did 9/11 as a false flag.

I furthermore think at this point that the whole conspiracy angle in this country has been heavily subverted by the Russians for at least the past decade. It always has been, but it's been really noticeable lately. Those two pics you just posted for instance. I constantly see that exact style got spammed everywhere now. It has a very specific manufactured quality to it. The pics you just posted are garbage. The theory itself is garbage, and perhaps it is also the kind of thing some complete fuckhead from another country would run about Americans because he doesn't live here. If you did, you would find it perfectly understandable how so many Americans go completely mental and start shooting everybody, most often because of a work dispute or school. We also have massive numbers of shootings due to things like divorce but they usually only shoot 1-3 people so nobody cares or notices in this country.
No. 5746
You are familiar with David Dees, right? His images are infamous. These are far from the only ones he's produced. I added them because they're emblematic of those who buy into the conspiracy.
No. 5751 Kontra
No I don't really give it any serious credence. It mostly comes down to how the people getting interviewed acted, but I don't think a person who has just been hit with such serious trauma would act normally.

t. listens to infowars and is fairly non-conspiratorial

Sage because dead conspiracies.
No. 5753 Kontra
I would also like to add that yes, while I have seen for instance the extremely strange behavior of the one father who was laughing and chatting with someone before looking like he's going into acting mode (which quite frankly could also just be an unrelated case of he's a psychopath) that the people who buy into one facet of this legitimately have a brain disorder where they can't recognize faces. I've seen those images of "this is the same crisis actor look at his ears proofs! PROOFS!" and despite some similarities it'll be quite clearly a different person. Their facial recognition hardware is fried.

Sometimes amidst the chaos there is just quite simply chaos. The "illuminati" types are just smart enough to either bring order out of the chaos or push a specific narrative, as you can clearly see both sides attempting to do--it's just that the one side is losing the framing argument horrifically with bullshit like just give teachers guns it'll be okay. We have cops acting as armed prison guards in school now, and the fuckers run and hide the one time they're actually needed. The shootings themselves aren't the conspiracy, rather it's the garbage being pushed like further police militarization, disarming the public, creating a more entrenched authoritarian prison complex etc.

That we have some psycho nutjobs massacring people is not causal to the ones exploiting it, and that includes the NRA just as much as the gun grabbers. I am well familiar with this one OP, just as I am with fluoride, purported MONARCH mind control, Nibiru, demons being imbued into each record by initiated witches system in the recording industry you name it, I pretty much know it. And both this and aliens are two completely bullshit ones.

If you really want to know how things like that would go I suggest you read Operation NORTHWOODS. The US government doesn't need trained Delta suicide commandos to turn an angsty teen with mental problems into a mass shooter. These programs exist surely, but the poltards of course like with everything else act almost like they're deliberately planted false actors themselves, stretching the facts into the worst absurdity and speculation. What the dumb fuckers did with Operation PEDOWOODS getting turned into the shitshow that was pizzagate is a prime example of this dipshit behavior, taking an originally factual investigation and turning it into a hysterical witch hunt completely misdirected from the original target(s) of inquiry. You will note poltards do this again and again, taking a factual investigation such as pedophile rings in Hollywood, the Vatican, UK elites, and Washington DC, and turning it into the most absurd fucking bullshit ever.

They do this seemingly knowingly with mass shootings. They, I suspect, are a small fraction who knowingly push this bullshit for unknown reasons, and somehow the rest of poltards just lap it up. This is the problem because of letting knowledge get into the hands of complete fucking morons and self destructive incompetents.
No. 5758
>Apparently, there are people who earnestly believe the witnesses in this case were acting. This in turn led to believers harassing families of the deceased, one of whom had to move several times to stop the intrusions.

Actually that's part of the framed argument to mislead you, how could conspiritard truthers bother those good people whose relatives "died" when those people don't exist? They are characters, like any film except it's a non-fiction "massacre" which is shown on the news, instead of a fiction "action movie" shown on Netflix.

The local news in America & Canada and national news like CBS/NBC/CNN/FOX is a giant monopoly owned by a couple Jews. As has been demonstrated many times, even our counter-culture "not for boomers" news options are trash for that very reason: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=To91BJGKr5I

This is possible because according to the supreme court the news is not required to tell the truth.

Shootings in America happen everyday, they receive no coverage or 1 night of coverage. Meanwhile the Columbine type events receive months and years of coverage, and laws are suspiciously prepared as soon as they occur. Sandy hook for example took guns out of a lot of sporting goods stores. If you add up all the events of the past several years they've probably drastically reduced our freedoms, even in the states where it didn't happen.
No. 5759
5,9 MB, 640 × 360, 2:04
Related proofs.
No. 5761
118 kB, 324 × 366
isn't infowars confirmed performance artists, a.k.a controlled opposition?
sure, every now and then they talk about serious issues, but mostly they've been placed to let the "conspiracy community" (if something like that even exists) look crazy or send you towards a dead end.

e.g. the question "are those crisis actors?" is kind of unimportant. why do the U.S. have so high homicide rates compared to other countries with similar amounts of guns per capita? why is so much money put into education without any results? what about healthcare, worker rights?

oh, and where are the few trillion dollars reported as "missing" one day before the twin towers (+1) fell?

keep 'em busy with stupid, but emotional questions. that's the real deal here.

t. conspiracy nut
No. 5763
41 kB, 474 × 677
Yes Infowars is there to discredit dissidents, it is owned by Time Warner now

When Alex Jones became very rich selling the rights to his conspiracy trash product his Jew wife finally divorced him and took a lot of it.

When you watch Alex Jones you might as well be watching Disney Channel or TMZ.
No. 5764
Try posting this on /pol/, your audience here consists of about four people, three of whom are mentally ill.
No. 5765
That's a big claim for a 32 yo neet virgin living off the dole.

If you can't figure out how to get laid or how to get a job and make money to move somewhere you'd prefer more, what makes you think you'd figure out other people or how the media or govt works. Mental illness.
No. 5766

It won't damage the board to have a thread like this for a day or two, with a few responses even of half of those are from loonies.

He posted this here because he wants some rational answers, he doesn't want the usual close-minded "but I saw it on tv!" normie or insane incels who got an education at pol.
No. 5767
Hey, I'm just trying to help you. It looks like you spent a long time writing that wall of text, it needs a larger audience. I might post it on /pol/ for you, free of charge.
No. 5768
Go ahead try it for laughs and post the link, but I'm not OP, I posted the webm above

OP got banned on kohl probably for cross posting, or for posting Dees images which often look like schizo spam:
No. 5779 Kontra
Oh my fucking god cabbagechan is shit jesus christ. Just try scrolling through the front page holy shit. I can't believe I let my life slide by with these moronic cringey fuckwits for years. Mods please for the love of god just ban these fuckwits when they come here to shit the board.
No. 5781
Tell me about it.

>Dudes I haven't had sex ever, so lets make instagram porn threads every 30 mins!
>I haven't left my house in 8 days here are my piss bottles and my collection of igor photos, why don't people like me?
>Vatniks are dumb, american involvement in maidan is pure coincidence, haha proofs so funny
>I watched it on Vice news, I know what's going on
>I just donated my monthly salary to a camwhore, people who watch soccer r so dumb!
>I never got my license, let me get pity points instead of going down to the DMV in the morning and getting it in 4 hours
No. 5788
>I have depression and porn induced erectile dysfunction, so here's another porn thread!
>here's a photo of a guys head blown off
>here's a photo of a botched sex change operation
"hey can you guys stop posting photos of dead bodies? i want to discuss something more intellectually stimulating"
>hehehe dweeb here's 3 more threads of blood and guts just for that, u mad bro?
>guys i'm officially bisexual, it has nothing to do with the tranny porn i consumed on kc in the last 3 months
No. 5789
Just noticed your thread. Thank you all the replies.

I've done some digging around and discovered this video released by conspiracy theorist "Barry Soetoro" as the source for the claims of government utilizing crisis actors:
No. 5798
Just did some more research and came across the goldmine of popular beliefs among Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists:

The links to YouTube videos in those threads are mostly dead, but it's informative to see what the conspiracy theorists are actually saying.

The one myth that can be debunked from the start is the claim that David Wheeler was out there in the field with FBI agents. In truth, the gentleman present with two other Federal Agents was a field agent named William "Bill" Aldenberg. His appearance while wearing sunglasses and a helmet makes him look similar to David Wheeler, but the similarities begin and end there.
No. 5804
Jesus Christ, this rabbit hole's deeper than I thought. Digging around led me to this:

Of all conspiracy sources I've read, the above seems to be the most plausible as it cites official documentation. Whether or not they're interpreting the sources correctly is another story, but now, we're getting somewhere.
No. 5812
>Do YOU think Sandy Hook actually happened or was it all staged?

I have a golden rule that goes if your theory sounds dumb and all of your "proof" is dumb stuff like "look at this recent picture of a child that slightly resembles one of the victims and a million other children" i go with the official version.
Something else i noticed that nearly all of those theories have in common is that to actually pull a stunt like this you would need

  1. Months or years of time for preparation
  2. A super high budget
  3. Dozens or hundrets of people who keep their mouth shut and never talk about it
I assume there would be easier and more realistic ways to get to your goal.
No. 5814
>Dozens or hundrets of people who keep their mouth shut and never talk about it
>I assume there would be easier and more realistic ways to get to your goal.

t. retard
No. 5816
9/11 is actually a conspiracy. Nineteen muslim fundamentalists conspired to commit terrorism.
No. 5819
6 kB, 240 × 240
No. 5823 Kontra
839 kB, 400 × 323, 0:01
can we plz stop silly ad-hominem posts?
No. 5836
Monarch conditioning.
No. 5838
The Simpsons is being used to show us the future


The USSR will return and include Norway/Sweden/Finland this time. The Black Sea will turn like the Persian Gulf/Arabian Sea, is that correct?
No. 6121
There are way over 600 Simpsons episodes and a movie, i don't think it's possible to produce so much content without making any correct predictions.
No. 6134
83 kB, 291 × 173
Predictive programming is a good conspiracy. Assuming that the Simpson's (or really any TV show or movie)is predicting the future, the general explanation posits that the world is controlled by the NWO or some other secret group, and they make numerous TV and movie references to prepare people to accept the world they are creating. Another explanation that I remember reading somewhere isn't really a conspiracy at all, but kind of a spiritual view. What if script writers are tapping into a collective unconscious, or Akashic Record, and are unknowingly putting future events into their work? This requires no overarching plan or control, only the belief that spirit exists outside of time. From this understanding the Sandy Hook image in Batman, or the 9/11 date in the Matrix, would be neither a coincidence nor a conspiracy. Instead the writer/prop designer was unconsciously accessing future information. I thought I would share that idea because it's interesting, but there is a better explanation:

>Another possible factor at play: “the law of truly large numbers,” a concept presented by the Harvard mathematicians Frederick Mosteller and Persi Diaconis in their 1989 paper Methods for Studying Coincidences.
“With a large enough sample, any outrageous thing is apt to happen,” the law states.


It seems mathematicians would take your side.
No. 6151
>but kind of a spiritual view. What if script writers are tapping into a collective unconscious, or Akashic Record, and are unknowingly putting future events into their work? This requires no overarching plan or control, only the belief that spirit exists outside of time. From this understanding the Sandy Hook image in Batman, or the 9/11 date in the Matrix, would be neither a coincidence nor a conspiracy. Instead the writer/prop designer was unconsciously accessing future information

Have your ever heard of structures and processes of societies?
Ofc there exist many different discourses and that is what seems to be a collective unconscious.
People wrote about their period of the 1990s and what they wrote can still be hold true today, after all they were witnessing how the world around them changed and took different shapes, shapes that still exist today, shapes that back then were only the beginning.

also read about hyperstition then you are coming into the waters you are now
No. 6152
wanna add:

Trump was a reality TV star, back then. So Simpsons took it as a joge that people like him will be president one time, they wanted to mock or point out what is wrong with society and its media and consumers.

Afterall in 1990 Deleuze wrote about the societies of control, just yesterday I heard a lecture where Galloway was pointing out that it is not only about the control motif but also the tone that signalizes a new period is taking shape.
now both combined can actually be held true today even more so than in 1990

No. 6155
The Sandy Hook/Batman thing is like pareidolia except you have a few retarded faggots going out of their way to try to find connections to it. There are none. In most of these cases you're only noticing disparate details that don't actually create any kind of pattern. That's why it appears randomly put there or unconnected--because it is.
No. 6165
64 kB, 1021 × 630
You bet I am familiar with Dees. He's ultra brutal. When I read about chemtrails my mind makes an analogy with his mindset.

It's murderous
No. 6176
Thanks for the link/video. I just finished reading Postscript on the Societies of Control
>The operation of markets is now the instrument of social control
Which connected to something about hyperstition
>Capitalist economics is extremely sensitive to hyperstition, where confidence acts as an effective tonic, and inversely. The (fictional) idea of Cyberspace contributed to the influx of investment that rapidly converted it into a technosocial reality.

With the control society Deleuze wrote about, the ability to predict the future, doesn't matter as much as the ability to create it.
No. 6181
It is unfair to say Trump was a reality star.
He was a famous rich individual who used the media for publicity.
No. 6199
If you make ice cream and bake bread you're still a ice cream maker.
He was a reality star who did some other things before, meanwhile and after like most other reality stars.
No. 6207
>as the ability to create it.

Yeah. A German philosopher tries to tackle the thing of the future is coming towards the contemporary and not the other way around. He talks about preemptive phenomenons but I think that is not all.

I just had to think about the NEOM project

That is exactly what I imagine how the creation of future works, just like what the californian ideologie works and worked like.

Ofc I would not say the future is predictable or absolutely able to create. But you can shape it in distinct ways. The fiction can at least partly come true if you have the power or power is influenced. That is what I would think of as hyperstition.

I haven't read much but I want to dig deeper into that whole complex of computation, control, technology and future

Accelerationism works with all that but I don't think Nick Land provides the right answers and the left way by Alex Williams and Nick S. is not really convincing either.
I myself will try to think around both and see what else can be thought. You just have to read stuff from both sites and in between and from other/neighboring fields to make your own way thru all that.
What matters to me the most and what attracted me in the first place to it, is that the topic of the future is important, a future that means not going back to the postWW2 times because I instinctively agree on the argument that it was an historic anomaly and its pursue is therefore not really desireable or possible to regenerate.
No. 6208 Kontra
Ok, I only knew bits about him but I think that famous media person works well too as a replacement for reality star
No. 6274
>Ofc I would not say the future is predictable or absolutely able to create. But you can shape it in distinct ways.
I agree. That is what motivates most Conspiracy investigators. We know that events can be shaped, but we don't know which ones are. I just look into everything to be sure.
>You just have to read stuff from both sites and in between and from other/neighboring fields to make your own way thru all that
That is the right way to read on things like this. Authors always write from their own presuppositions, and towards their own goals. It's important not to be led by just one or two writers and forget to have your own thoughts. I almost never find something that I fully agree with. That works out for the best, because I like to argue over ideas and it means I always have an internal fight in my head with one writer or another.
>a future that means not going back to the postWW2 times
We're going to have to come up with a whole new set of social ideas and political systems, I just don't know what they are. Most of the current political energy is focused on making the old ways work with the assumption they will work forever.
No. 6352
What's Russophonic Ernst' opinion on Fursov. He seems to be the standard soviet/russian empire jerker, but the way he tells his conspiracy theories is extremely elaborate, logical, and educated, and not at all on the paranoid pensioner grandpa level. And he has new stories everyday too. I think he might be working for the kgb, cause the internal political gist of his stories is that there is a good noncomprador clan in the russian government, and it just might win and make Rushka great again.
No. 6365
After googling feels like it is another crazy monkey, on same level as Starikov, or.. how name of NOD leader one? (Not Kane, different NOD X--DDDD)
No. 6379
I havent listened to those. What are their theories? I like the way he speaks, though. And he tells a pretty convoluted and imaginative stories, at least for my taste.
No. 6435
73 kB, 620 × 440
Russia/German ernsts please rate this:

The German newspaper Die Welt published a sensational interview with the ex-spouse of the President of the Russian Federation. In one of the most influential publications in Germany there were shocking revelations of Lyudmila Putin about the life and "death" of Vladimir Putin.

"Divorce" was my deliverance. Now I live abroad, I'm fine. But I'm scared to see what happens to Russia, "the ex-wife of the Russian president confessed. Source: Vlasti.net

Also this is strange: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3416080/Putin-s-ex-wife-marries-toyboy-21-years-junior-Russian-president-woos-younger-gymnast.html
No. 6436
This is from February 2017
Here she claims that Putin is long dead, however there is no proof that Putin's ex-wife actually said that.
No. 6437 Kontra
In that article shown in the video is says 2015 and the german is horrible grammar, so its a shop and nothing else, can't find the article either by typing the headline

and use the goddamn news thread or conspiracy thread this is nothing important or worthy to have its own thread
No. 7499
591 kB, 579 × 607
Minor story but has anyone else noticed the recent Chinese ban on plastic imports almost exactly coincided with the media/activist drive against plastic straws and cigarette butts? I don’t know if it’s broken outside of the west yet but I do know America and France have similar ongoing ‘discussions’ complete with cinema’s adopting paper straws etc.

>New findings from a group of scientists at the University of Georgia estimate that 111 million cumulative tonnes of plastic are likely to pile up around the world by 2030, after an import ban from China on non-industrial waste sees nations scrabbling to find new solutions. Coming into effect on December 31, 2017, the import ban sought to crack down on plastics flooding into the country, viewing it as a social and environmental hazard. The report calculates that since it began reporting in 1992, China has imported 106 million tonnes of plastic waste, making up 45.1 per cent of all imports worldwide, processing garbage from 43 countries on top of its own. China and Hong Kong have collectively taken in 72.4 per cent of all plastic waste.

>In the nineties, China took in plastic seeing an opportunity to profitably use it to make new tools and trinkets, and other countries found mass plastic relocation cheaper than handling it themselves. High-income countries are responsible for nearly 90 per cent of plastic exports since 1988, with the EU, North America and Japan the top exporters. Now, however, exports are flooding into neighboring nations like Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, and Thailand. These countries don’t have the infrastructure to process the plastic, and are looking to enforce bans of their own.

The announcement and ban were made at very short notice and it appears that panic has caused a switch to be activated in the media. This likely indicates incoming state/international intervention but just watching the whole system kick into gear has been fascinating.

I doubt central authority has even lifted a finger yet on this (yet). Instead private businesses appear to have gotten together to bring about change in the hope they can forestall more odious regulation while the news prepares the population. Makes me wonder how the narrative will go over the next few months and whether the plastic export collapse is going to be more painful than we’re being told.

Obviously I also feel clever for putting 2 and 2 together on this.
No. 7502
I don't know about the connection but I'm glad the environment hippies are finally battling plastic instead of CO2. I've been waiting this ever since I was a teen during the al gore nonsense. Even the atmospherefags have moved on to microparticles or whatever which seem to be the current fad. CO2 is so last decade!
No. 7506
I want to spoil your fun concerning trends without real dedication a bit.

Plastic as been an issue (since) years ago, there are several documentaries that even ran in smallish cinemas etc. It's just that politics actually takes action now. The problem has just grown so large you have to do something. If it helps is a different question.
Micro-particles are newer so ofc some people spent there attention on it. And I doubt CO2 is out of discourse when you look at this summer.
No. 7510
42 kB, 1920 × 1080
No. 7512
179 kB, 927 × 542
113 kB, 800 × 492
Terraforming the atmosphere is a way bigger deal though. People act like it somehow wouldn't happen but literally the reason this planet is even oxygen rich to begin with is due to bacteria

Likewise our activity has the potential to wipe out most life in a very short period of time, and I don't mean "short" in geological terms I mean short in human terms. Every time I think about a place like Venus I get this spooky feeling. In fact we already have wiped out enough life that we're currently living in a mass extinction event--the only real question is whether we're also dumb enough to exterminate ourselves in the process, in which case man would have proven itself at the intellectual development level of bacteria.
No. 7604
Intelligence Agencies and NSA in particular are not spying on everyone. They just act like they do, to make it seem like they have control over the whole internet.
No. 7636
I bet google knows more about you than the NSA. The thing is none of these corporations or institutions watches you live. They can if they want to and what is more problematic to me: they are able to look up your (online) history in the form of data piles they can interpret. So the real deal is not live surveillance but if you want to know about a person you just analyze data that is and was ongoingly gathered
No. 7639
I'm not going to mention real politik ones because lots of state already fabricating shit, this includes genocies, false flags and whatnot. It's common thing to justify possible intervention and if you are not aware of it I don't know how to help you.

Anyway I still believe illuminati is a thing despite lately how people try to debunk it by mocking it and cant come up with counter arguments at all, majority is always stupid and rather swayed by popularity, this is why illuminati theories are rather more obsecure on the internet. I do believe they make lots of brainwashing and stuff.

I don't believe in gay making waters but I do believe in they make people sterile and it's a good thing considering the fact the world is already over populating but bad thing is they rather pull it off in developed countries.

Ebola was an invented virus to lower african population but seeing the world is too globalized and the virus will likely to spread all the world and it'd become uncontrollable they stopped it.
No. 7640
>Ebola was an invented virus to lower african population but seeing the world is too globalized and the virus will likely to spread all the world and it'd become uncontrollable they stopped it.

I doubt people with power have been that stupid some years ago that they thought they could kill of africans by "controlled" use of viruses.

I wouldn't deny conflicting interests and acts of power shaping our daily life tho. But these conflicts and act of power do not solely act out between rich and poor. There is power conflict between rich and rich and poor and poor. Needless to say with money comes more power possibility, different knowledge and hence refined technologies used as in originating from greek techne of power.
No. 7647
>So the real deal is not live surveillance but if you want to know about a person you just analyze data that is and was ongoingly gathered
This is what I see as the biggest danger. Since data is gathered on everyone, then no matter who becomes a threat in the future the government will have an arsenal of data to potentially destroy them. Old Facebook photos are nothing compared to a decade of google search history. How much easier would it be for the FBI to embarrass someone like John Lennon if they could leak what he had been looking up online? Deleting your Twitter history can't save you-even if you dont matter too anybody for years.It's already out there, and it's already too late.
No. 7649 Kontra
463 kB, 1920 × 1080
I sure do sound paranoid. Who knows, maybe >>7604 is the real conspiracy and I've been fooled into thinking the government knows what they're doing.
No. 7653
It's actually both. Mainly it's a panopticon which is generally speaking the image law enforcement likes to present, so that you don't run, strike plea deals or confess immediately, always talk in interrogation rooms, and the like. Why? Because it makes their jobs easier and because they're usually on the lazier and way more incompetent side. It's part of why they'll shoot you and beat you for running--because they're just that mad that you made them run while wearing their utility belt.

Meanwhile the actual function is to both present that image of projected power to the citizenry while also having a control mechanism in place against dissidents. In truth it does completely fuckall to stop terrorism

This is a guy who was already on watchlists, whose very own father had directly warned US officials his concerns his son might be a terrorist, and yet the guy still got on that plane and even managed attempting to detonate his explosive device. So, mainly, it is a paper tiger whose only real threat is for blackmailing future US politicians, businessmen, intelligence officials and so on, or to help ruin the reputations of or threaten dissidents and their families (which is the insidious thing about FB).
No. 9183
Ernstpilled as fuck.
No. 9428
269 kB, 1360 × 1888
To that Finn who was trying to claim stormfaggotry had nothing to do with infiltrating 4chan, have proofs
No. 9471
Sounds based
No. 9472
181 kB, 542 × 1124
53 kB, 850 × 400
>Sounds based
I can't even tell if this is sarcasm. poltards are subject to Poe's Law in that regard.

I don't know where this retarded as fuck idea came from but there's multiple hemhorragic fevers of which Ebola is only one and no one disputes that it's natural. I think what makes you confused is the AIDS virus conspiracy theory, which probably has some merit. I also personally think that the Anthrax attacks of 2001 was some kind of falseflag operation. It's even been proven that the spores came from a DoD lab, and then the guy accused of doing it mysteriously ended up committing suicide. Smuggling out a bioweapon from a DoD lab isn't an easy thing to do.

>I don't believe in gay making waters but I do believe in they make people sterile and it's a good thing considering the fact the world is already over populating but bad thing is they rather pull it off in developed countries.
It's a class of hormone mimetic compounds that are thought to be doing that specifically called endocrine disruptors. They actually already have been proven to do things like that with molluscs and amphibians. More likely than not that combined with all the hormones in beef and dairy is both feminizing and making people fat. The irony is that this "soy" meme is actually more applicable to people who eat burgers and drink coke out of plastic bottles. As for the Malthusian argument, again I will point out how it is mysteriously propagated by elites about resource waste when the fact of the matter is it is super rich countries particularly the top percentiles who waste an overwhelmingly disproportionate amount of the earth's resources, so logically speaking sterilizing all rich people would do way more than being concerned what some Indian shitting on a street making pennies a day is doing. I mean oh it's about population control all right, but not in the eco sense you think.

> I still believe illuminati is a thing
One only needs look at the rapid de-evolution of imageboards to know this isn't quite a thing as anything that endures. Bohemian Grove is one good example. The place originally started as a commune for beatniks and artists and free thinkers. Within a span of decades it had completely devolved to being all the faggot industrialists and politicians that they hated. The same sort of thing happened with 4chan. It is now almost entirely populated by the cancer. Not just any cancer either, but the absolute worst, cringiest, most annoying faggots on the entire internet. It is a place for children and soccer moms who unironically own Anne Coulter books. So in other words your idea of what the Illuminati should be may be quite different from somebody else down the line. What people are actually complaining about is the very thing all these secret orders were formed to fight against, namely shit like the secret police and monarchs. The reason why it was such a scandal to begin with was the idea that it was some subversive movement seeking to overthrow all the royal houses of Europe.

And that is a good thing.

Although if they have any ideology at all it's closer to Luciferianism, or to an Ayn Randian ideology "no gods no kings only man" with a world ruled by completely amoral CEOs and bankers who think themselves gods. In other words, what we have today. Never forget the addage "today's revolutionary is tomorrow's tyrant". This is part of the doctrine of perpetual revolution and some of the thinking that came into the separation of powers, that the tree of liberty must be perpetually watered with blood of patriots and tyrants in an eternal struggle. Life is struggle. I think that some pop culture things like Star Wars are popular precisely because they contain those timeless archetypes. The struggles of "the Republic" versus "the empire" is literally the struggle of Rome, and of cynics and idealists.
No. 9481
>there's multiple hemhorragic fevers of which Ebola is only one and no one disputes that it's natural. I think what makes you confused is the AIDS virus conspiracy theory

There are many people thinking ebola was invented to fight overpopulation
No. 9482
Yeah well then it's an utterly shite choice and these people are clearly not epidemiologists. The thing is it just kills too fast. It's also contrary to popular belief not quite that infectious compared to other things. Plague, smallpox, influenza, these are things that can and indeed have fallen numerous empires before and completely turned the tide of whole wars not just a few little battles and sieges. If you really wanted to indisciminately kill a billion people you'd never even dream of bothering with such an infectious agent unless you could somehow get it airborne and reliably binding to fomites with long term viability outside the body. Something that could subsist on dust particles inside a passenger plane. Ebola can't do that. Something that doesn't outright kill and render bed ridden within a matter of days. A strain of pneumonia is the most terrifying type of a thing because it could spread quickly. In fact the main problem with weaponized Anthrax is actually the spore dispersal and keeping them somewhat suspended in the gaseous solution of the atmosphere. Something where the spores are still viable after laying around desicated for a couple of days (which is why say that one British island and USSR testing site in the middle of Kazakhstan are uninhabitable).

Honestly something more like a mutated strain of the flu is what's most terrifying. And part of the reason why AIDS became such a bad problem is because you can have HIV for years and still be fucking and shooting drugs and be somewhat fine if more prone to infection. A dead or bedridden human is a non-motile human, which is ultimately a relatively benign/non-infectious and contained human. The worst is if the damn thing becomes infectious after a long incubation period and the PT is asymptomatic. At least with symptoms you can catch them before they spread it too much further.
No. 9492
I really like all conspiracies in theory, they're almost like historical/political fanfiction.

The one I need to look into is Fomenko's New Chronology

>Historians and translators often "assign" different dates and locations to different accounts of the same historical events, creating multiple "phantom copies" of these events. These "phantom copies" are often misdated by centuries or even millennia and end up incorporated into conventional chronology.
>This chronology was largely manufactured by Joseph Justus Scaliger in Opus Novum de emendatione temporum (1583) and Thesaurum temporum (1606), and represents a vast array of dates produced without any justification whatsoever, containing the repeating sequences of dates with shifts equal to multiples of the major cabbalistic numbers 333 and 360. The Jesuit Dionysius Petavius completed this chronology in De Doctrina Temporum, 1627 (v.1) and 1632 (v.2).

Newton's Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms is similar as well.

Most notably I guess as I read it years ago is Newton pored over records of Egyptian priests going from king to king and finding a few times where the top religious priests just made up a whole number of kings at times and discovered this by finding one king's brother ruling almost 400 years after his own brother had died.

Seeing as how they were inflating their numbers he looked deeper and seemed to find that history was all messed up.

>Newton attempted to identify various mythological figures as historical or Biblical individuals, such as arguing that the Titan Saturn was Noah, the god Jupiter was Shem, and Osiris and Dionysus were Sesostris. The work treats figures from Greek mythology, such as the centaur Chiron and the Argonauts, as historical fact.

So not conspiracies per se unless history has been largely fabricated for ages by ancient ne'er do wells. I don't know thinking about stuff like this makes me feel warm inside.

No. 9493
The really ebin thing about this guy's theory is that he's not just some random schizo, but actually also an accomplished mathematician who's made legitimate contributions to advanced geometry maths
No. 9511
>Fomenko's New Chronology
This is a new one for me, but I've been reading about it and I must say it's pretty ambitious.
>So not conspiracies per se
Wiki calls it a pseudohistorical theory, but I think it qualifies as a Conspiracy since it posits a truth that the establishment refuses to acknowledge and is therefore complicit in hiding. Either way I like it.
>he's not just some random schizo, but actually also an accomplished mathematician who's made legitimate contributions to advanced geometry maths
That leads to questions like why did he write it and does he even believe it himself? I suppose the easy answer is money, but I don't know. I did find a thesis written at the University of Wollongong(Australia) that approached the psychology of Fomenko and his success.
>The question of this thesis is why such accounts of the past are written and, more importantly, read in post-Communist Russia
I don't know that you need a 250 page thesis to explain why people like stories, but it has a serious title and everything:Lomonosov's bastards: Anatolii Fomenko, pseudo-history and Russia's search for a post-communist identity.
No. 9512
88 kB, 467 × 381
>I don't know thinking about stuff like this makes me feel warm inside.
I don't. This upsets me more than any other theory.
No. 9533
>he's not just some random schizo, but actually also an accomplished mathematician

One doesn't exclude the other.
No. 9534 Kontra
60 kB, 604 × 441
Fomenko is well known and basicly in same team of freaks who belive in ayyliens or tell about hyperborea/atlantis and reptiloids
No. 9538
>The theory goes that one thing which happened sometime in the late 18th or 19th century was that the Bavarian Illuminati had infiltrated the highest echelons of Masonry.

That's why I called them masons pre-1789 and for later events called them the bankster-masonic cabale. Of course it is to simplified to say "the masons" did this or that like I did in
>>1272, because the majority of masons on a personal level wouldn't have a clue what was going on and most likely not even involved in the happenings, at least for the time after the French revolution.

Basically very rich and influential individuals managed to take over internal structures of the masonic temples and use them for their own advantages and purposes henceforth similar as it was planned by the Illuminati.

The Bavarian illuminati themselves were crushed by the Bavarian state after 1784, but the same methods they were planning to use to take over the masons "from within" could have been- and most likely were -
applied by much more sinister factions.
No. 9617
It probably wont surprise you but the average American over 50 believes in many of these.
No. 9618
Old people believe a bunch of weird stuff.
My father for example often rants about the Rotschilds trying to ruin the world.
No. 9619
Surprised pizza gate has not had a bigger mention.
No. 9624
My dad thinks the mob/teamsters killed JFK :DDDD
No. 9625
My 40~ year old mother believes that Stalin is a good boi and Americans never landed on the Moon. Before that I thought that Moon landing theories were popular only in the West and nobody bothered with it here, it's horrifying how so many people misuse Internet and start to believe in batshit insane shit. How can you expect democracy to work when people without proper education and awareness are allowed to vote?
No. 9629
That's because it was fucking retarded. The idea of powerful elites having pedophile networks is neither new nor farfetched, it's simply reality. That iteration however was so painfully fucking stupid and so contrived nobody brings it up anymore out of shame. Also due to it being entirely a temporary political agenda tactic it was completely dropped after the election not least of which because talking about sex crimes in positions of high political power right now is exactly what the sorts of people pushing it want to avoid, considering there's actual evidence of numerous sex crimes other than "someone left a handkerchief somewhere"

The OSS/CIA had been using the mob since WWII. That's a huge part of the reason why the mafia itself actually used to be a conspiracy theory. Seriously it was considered on the same level as people discussing chemtrails back in the 1950s and the CIA likely encouraged this because they were an intelligence asset which was seemingly burned after JFK. The CIA likely used their mafia front for that hit. See also PERMINDEX.
No. 9634
Even my barely literate peasant grandfather told me as a child that the moon landing was fake and everthing was made up in a film studio. In fact that was where I heard this theory first time.
No. 10776
69 kB, 634 × 381
They've never told the truth so why would they start with space travel? These same people lie to us about every war and even the smallest things. While they were desegregating the schools to become a land of freedumbs and dismantling public transportation across America to promote the necessity of money-pit cars to get around while feeding us the bullshit reasoning it's to fight Communism, they were selling us the moon landing.
No. 10792
33 kB, 600 × 303
632 kB, 1451 × 1900
3,6 MB, 2098 × 2245
No. 10793
Are you not white? Serious question. Because this is either arr rook same, or it is the result of a neurological defect where you have an inability to see and differentiate faces. Those clearly look like different people. The only way you could not see this is if you're not used to looking at white people or your brain cannot distinguish faces.
No. 10795
231 kB, 1024 × 804
I'd say it's more the fact that he is a raging schizophrenic than any factor of ethnic background.
No. 10796
One of the symptoms of autism is inability to differentiate faces.
No. 10799
25 kB, 293 × 290
One of the symptoms of autism is also autism, which these >>10793 >>10795 two have. They don't know make up exists.

If Christine Blasey Ford isn't the niece of Chuck Schumer, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Schumer then why does she look like she's wearing a face mask or fat suit like Big Mama's House?
No. 10803
She doesn't. You're just retarded. I honestly thought this was some kind of satire or tongue in cheek humor. Are you the same one who keeps posting stuff about 5G?
No. 10806
This is also what I had assumed, but it seems that for all his shortcomings, the man is sincere. I wonder how one can genuinely believe that Winston Churchill is Goering though.
I don't particularly care about politics, but the American lack of public mental health institutions is harming Ernstchan.
No. 10829
The hippie movement wasn't an organic movement.
The CIA transformed the image of educated protesters to druggie bums in order to make people lose respect for the protestors of the Vietnam war.

You can read about it here: https://www.amazon.com/Weird-Scenes-Inside-Canyon-Laurel/dp/1909394122

An interesting idea to be sure, but I am not 100% convinced.
This idea is not a new one. For example here is an excerpt by Frank Zappa in "Plastic People" released in 1967:

(And there's this guy from the CIA and he's creeping around Laurel Canyon . . . )

Probably he is just poking fun at the idea, but you can never be sure :DDDD
No. 10836
Do I have to babysit, this is a conspiracy thread for posting your "favorite" meaning the greatest and craziest conspiracies you've come across alongside any you might believe in, but nobody said this was about believing. Like those black & white images I didn't even have time to look at yet, but they came from the same page I linked that says Amy Schumer is Ford and they fill the page with image content. And that's a plausible theory about Amy that horrible fat feminist. If it's not her then who is it, the Kavanaugh accuser Ford is clearly wearing an expensive Halloween or Hollywood FX mask. And if she's not why does her face look like she's made of wax or 90 years old. Why does her mouth open and close while she's talking at the Congress like she's badly imitating a drugged up elderly woman living in a nursing home. And why was Amy Schumer of all people arrested protesting Kavanaugh:
Since when is it her job to undermine Trump, she's just doing it for free as a favor to her cousin Senator Chuck Schumer? If somebody is paying her to do that, why wouldn't they pay her to dress up and act as a 54 year old woman, she is a comedian turned actor after all.
No. 10839
What I'm saying is it's easy to attack the messenger and call them crazy but you never discredited the theory. If you're so great at recognizing faces then why don't you do something useful for the board for once and make MS_Paint files and uploaded the images here with arrows and captions pointing out where the theory is wrong
No. 10841 Kontra
Return to /pol/.
No. 10842
Maybe you should unironically visit a psychiatrist and ask why your identity is based on internet portals and why you even differentiate between diarrhea sites.
No. 10843 Kontra
Schizo raus!
No. 10845
Thank you for at least moving to the conspiracy thread instead of shitting up the documentaries thread at least. And also this is the kind of conspiracy theory that I think is either a joke, disinfo parody, or genuinely believed by a few seriously mentally defective people. Like what the fuck is even the point of that. This has nothing at all to do with sane, rational, factual conspiracies or well substantiated ones based on conjecture and assimilation of a few facts. It's beneath the level of reptilians for plausibility. It's hovering somewhere around flat earthers in terms of credibility or sanity.
No. 10862
20 kB, 659 × 447
>this is the kind of conspiracy theory that I think is either a joke, disinfo parody, or genuinely believed by a few seriously mentally defective people
The guy behind wellaware1 is either a true believer, or a true artist. He's been doing this for years, and >>10836 is right. Every page is filled with infographics like the ones posted above. As an appreciator of all things conspiratorial, I enjoyed it. Of course his Actor Based Reality theory is based entirely on photographs and I would have liked to see someone dig into biographies to find missing years or something. Now that I think about it, this is like the opposite of the Billy Shears is Paul McCartney conspiracy. Instead of looking at photos of different people to prove they are the same, fans studied pictures of the same person to see if they were different.
No. 10867
Your pic is a perfect example of what I mean. Those are very clearly two different sets of ears. If you don't see this then you are mentally damaged. Being high on meth will also do that to you. It's the most painfully stupid fucking thing I've ever heard of and I would suggest you go to a neurologist.
No. 10869
I was posting about 2 different theories in >>10862. The first was based on people looking similar, and the 2nd was based on people looking different. The picture of Paul was used as an example of a person who was presented as Paul, but didn't look like him(I wasn't clear on that-sorry). The ears were supposed to look different. If the ears were different, then Paul McCartney wasn't really the original Paul-that was the conspiracy anyway. I don't believe that one, but was just referencing it in relation to the contemporary Conspiracy about crisis actors and such. I'm not >>10836 btw. Ford clearly looks different than Schumer, and even if they were identical-which they are not- even that wouldn't mean they are the same person. It would just mean that with 7 billion faces a few are bound to be duplicates.
No. 10882
I agree there are duplicates we've all seen people who share faces with celebrities or our acquaintances, I wish it happened more often so people would realize we are no different from animals or dog breeds where phenotype is everything and we don't really have free will. Not only are people of the same ethnicity similar enough that there will never be a shortage of crude body doubles for politicians who get plastic surgery to close the gap, they say there are several people around the world who look literally identical to you to the point where your own family will confuse and one girl made a vlog about finding her clones, feel free to post it if you
No. 10883
2,6 MB, 640 × 480, 0:32
What a fucking underage that you don't even know the Beatles and Queen conspiracy theories

The ones I remember:
1) They didn't know how to play their instruments when they were filming their first hit. Meaning they were a front and there was a lot of money behind them, wasn't a Rothschild their manager?

2) Paul McCartney was replaced (this is obviously true). Similar to when Lindsey Lohan went to rehab around 2010 and a completely different girl was shown on tv fighting off paparazzi. It was a bigger fuck you to the viewer than when they claimed George Zimmerman was white and lightened his image overtime just for laughs while they posted baby pictures of Trayvon.

3) There were satanic and other subliminal messages in some rock songs like this one by Queen that gets stuck in your head, intelligible if you played the cassette backwards. The claim is it says "It's fun to smoke marijuana."
No. 10888
Your claims are utterly retarded and baseless for 1 and 2. Like, mental break from reality tier, and I believe in a lot of crazy shit. As for 3 everybody knows about backmasking. This has been a rumor for years and so far I've seen very little to no evidence for it. Like that particular track it sounds kinda like Marijuana but if you really listen to it it doesn't, and that's the only part that doesn't sound like complete gibberish--not that anyone should even give a shit and why the fuck would any musician or shadowy conspiracy resort to backmasking it? A ton of musicians openly say to do drugs. This is quite possibly the least controversial thing I've ever heard of and like 98% of all backmasking claims are just pareidolia. It began with I forget which band being accused of backmasking some Satanic message (which is based on the old and probably false claim of black masses reciting the Bible backwards or something, which I might add is extra funny to talk about writing and speaking backwards because the original languages of the Bible, Hebrew and Aramaic, are written right to left, thus making the ROMANce languages backwards but I digress) which likely didn't exist but now some musicians who heard that rumor did decide to start doing it deliberately
No. 10900
98 kB, 476 × 371
>body doubles for politicians
Saddam Hussain was known to have body doubles, which led to it's own conspiracy: That Saddam wasn't executed, but his double was.

After Saddam was captured there was some doubt as to whether they had Saddam, or a double.
>Over the weekend, one soldier, recently back from Iraq with the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division, which was instrumental in toppling Baghdad, put it perhaps best.
>“It doesn’t mean anything to me, with all the talk of all the [Saddam] impersonators, until they do DNA tests and know absolutely that it’s him,” the soldier told the Associated Press at the 3rd Division’s headquarters in Fort Stewart, Ga.
They did do DNA tests, but the conspiracy persists.

Also a decent article on the mathematical probability of doppelgangers

No. 10901 Kontra
61 kB, 261 × 261
I am truly sorry for the poor formatting of that post.
No. 10907
A lot of smart people believed in those rumors in the 60s-80s I think it was only later starting in the 90s that they were associated with schizophrenics who have a crazed worldview.
No. 10910

It was Iraqis who were claiming it wasn't the real Saddam, Americans were busy cheering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG5gcZH_wX8

But by the time Gaddafi was caught and killed average viewers around the world were doubting the photoshopped images and the official story. It was possibly done in such a shoddy way as to create conspiracy theorists, just like JFK and 9/11 created that. Many doubted Hitler died because his face was beyond recognition. Bin Laden was buried at sea when he was supposed to be flown to the US for a DNA test (the longest war in American history was launched to find him) and not one photo was shown to the public.
No. 10911
4,0 MB, 320 × 240, 2:27
No. 10932
Yeah you remember that time the USA and France got together to overthrow the government of Libya and murder its leader only to replace him with ISIS and Jihadists while destabilizing the country? Yeah that sure was super. Let's do it again to Iran and overthrow their moderate leader and wage another pointless war for Israel and install even more terrorists and chaos and violence under Trump should turn out just great.
No. 10945
3,4 MB, 654 × 480, 0:58
No. 12714
292 kB, 960 × 684
371 kB, 1200 × 1500
72 kB, 750 × 600
>This month, the two major online sites for reporting UFOs – the National UFO Reporting Center and the Mutual UFO Network – both documented steep drops in worldwide sightings. The declines started around 2014, when reports were at a peak. They have since reduced drastically to 55% of that year’s combined total

>MUFON ends up clearing out about half the reports that people submit. “I work with a highly filtered, highly clean data set,” Korts explained. With this data set, he hopes to see how certain UFO shapes (like saucers and triangles) and colors, have increased or decreased over time. And he wants to find which areas have more and less sightings, after adjusting for factors like population and area size. But one thing is already very apparent: fewer people are reporting sightings

Assuming the number of lights in the sky hasn't changed, with the proliferation of quality cameras we should see a corresponding increase in UFO reports. In fact the number of reports is declining[Pic 1]. This isn't due to a decreasing belief in alien visitation. The Chapman University Survey of American Fears(only America, but I think it's safe to extrapolate from this) indicates that the opposite is true[Pic 2]. More people believe and more people have cameras, but fewer are reporting sightings(the long-term trend is still relatively high[Pic 3], but the decline is substantial). My first thought was to attribute this to the rise of Flat Earth, as the two theories are incompatible, but the Chapman Survey disproves that. Now I'm wondering if this reflects a new sociological trend and is merely the decentralization of UFOlogy. Are the people who would normally report an incident to some quasi-professional organization, now just posting their pictures/videos to social media? Maybe the new validation for sightings is Likes and Shares instead of someone from MUFON adding you name to their database. It makes sense since, real or not, UFO's are nearly impossible to investigate anyway and so why bother reporting them.
No. 12715
I really wish people would differentiate between "alien craft" and "UFO". Like what that Irish pilot saw I sincerely doubt was meant to mean aliens. All the things that are not flocks of birds and weather balloons are (probably classified) military technology. Like you will notice how the "triangle UFO" was a thing especially talked about in the 90s. It was stealth bombers.
No. 12728
>posting stuff about 5G?
like this kinda stuff?
seems based on real happenings while the cause isn't clear.
on another site note: even the official pages of 5G admit/advertise with complete A.I. monitoring of all traffic over 5G. Officially because they want to optimize traffic routing.
No. 12734
>I  really wish people would differentiate between "alien craft" and "UFO"
I know what you mean.  Someone came up with the term Unidentified  Aerial Phenomena to better describe unknown lights without presuming intelligent control, but creating words is easier than getting people to adopt them. I still use UFO out of habit, but I think writers and editors know better and just like the catchy headlines. Lights are boring and UFO's get clicks,  so we're probably stuck with it.
No. 13758
I highly recommend checking out the American Pravda series on unz.com.

The author covers a lot of conspiracies, and more broadly the phenomena that allow real events to be shoved into the realm of conspiracy theory.
No. 13997
307 kB, 500 × 500
If the West wants the best for Russia, and Russian authorities' children live in the West, why the West doesn't use these handles to make Russian authorities to better life in Russia?
No. 13998
133 kB, 700 × 500
No. 14000
495 kB, 650 × 354
This one is clearly the most outrageous!
No. 14009
313 kB, 570 × 502
383 kB, 720 × 405
Oh yeah, this certainly deserves a mention. Think about it, if it's all true, that's a definite proof of ongoing technology transfer.
No. 14010
Please excuse my flood, but this particular speech by JFK is guaranteed to have a huge impact on any open-minded person. I think it will really contribute to a productive discussion of how we perceive conspiracy theories.


I also wanted to post some epic crop circles, but that would be overstepping myself.
t. conspiracy expert
No. 14011
790 kB, 2000 × 2139
An interesting story could be the basis for new conspiracy theories. US and Canadian Diplomats and members of the CIA working in Cuba recently suffered head injuries or brain damage from an unknown source and impact. I stumbled upon this from Austrian news that had a link to this article in the New Yorker. This article goes into much detail about the current diplomatic relations between Cuba and the USA. If you just want to read about the suspicious amount of head traumata, you should skip the first third of it and start at "On December 30, 2016, Patient Zero in the Cuba crisis visited the Embassy health office."
For German readers. Here is the Austrian article: https://orf.at/stories/3103004/

It somehow seems obvious that there is Russian or Chinese influence behind the strange occurences. They might be using Cuba as test site for some new kind of weapon. Given that the reported symptoms could be traced to quite a number of medical conditions and most people do not get their brain immediately scanned after suffering from them, it might work a lot better to secretly take out your enemies compared to poisoning them in their hotel or on a walk in the park. Also the next time somebody is talking about people aiming sonic weapons at them from the shadows, you might want to listen to that fella more carefully. :3
No. 14012
61 kB, 620 × 357
Did you know that they're really puttin chemicals in the water that turn the frickin frogs gay?

It's a site effect of a herbicide and not, like many believe, made by governments especially for this reason.

No. 14030
135 kB, 1200 × 486
118 kB, 1200 × 711
>speech by JFK
This is a classic speech, and I can't believe YouTube actually posted the 'There is no Conspiracy' banner on the page. This is only in the US, so I'll provide a screencap. Basically they try to discourage conspiracy theories by allowing controversial videos to play, but only with a non-removable banner which gives the official story. Of course this makes no sense, as the offficial story is widely known, and anyone looking into conspiracies will immediatly disregard it and cite the banner as further evidence of a coverup.

Whoever is behind the attacks has actually developed a weapon the US can't figure out. Unless, of course we have figured it out, but are feigning confusion to keep our own weapons a secret.
No. 14037
14,2 MB, 6:08
414 kB, 1000 × 1000
495 kB, 1000 × 1000
492 kB, 1000 × 1000
Second try
On the first I didn't realize that the added pictures were between 24 and 40MB each until I sat there wondering why it took an eternity for the upload to go through. Even though the connection is abominal from where I am posting, this was strange.

After watching that video I dimly remembered the speech being sampled somewhere, but couldn't put my finger on it. Ending up skipping through tons of mixes I finally got it. Now I want to share that song just because it gave me peace of mind finding it. I add resized pictures from the album art to make the post a little more worth something.
No. 14039
I had a lot of fun trying to spread and popularize that theory. Honestly my main (retarded) source material at the time was Springmeier and a few other scattered texts, even knowing full well how many provably factual errors and other errors the guy had, but the thing was this just made sense to me as something you could do. I to this day think some aspect of it is feasible but not very useful or stable in an unwilling subject.

Still the thinking goes that if I could just spam it as hard as I could until at least someone believes it to start spamming it then eventually I could watch and see if any test subjects eventually got triggered or if it somehow brought survivor stories forward or any such thing. Thus far, the data collection has proved less than successful. However, some really weird shit was happening at that time.

I had also inadvertently discovered that there actually IS a conspiracy theory that O'Rourke really was raped to death https://www.datalounge.com/thread/9176611-heather-o-rourke

My efforts to spread awareness of the pedophiles in power structures and their wanton abuse of that power to abuse children a la Marc DuTroux Affair has also ended in complete and utter failure, as my seeding of all this only resulted in the complete retarded faggot poltards messing everything up like they always do. No operation is ever successful if dumb/bydlo/rightards are involved. Somehow they turned this into a political smear campaign against Hillary Clinton purely as a fucktarded partisan effort. I am now convinced the masses are totally useless.
No. 14040 Kontra
Should be abominable. Seems all this stress gave me a stroke. I guess it should be bedtime for me.
No. 14662
Guuuuysssss you need to see this. I totally forgot. This is really cryptic.

No. 14676
17 kB, 207 × 253
Aaaaand any proof that this is Armstrong moon footage and not just some guy's sophomore year film project?

Fuck I can't even find the original of this anymore

There was also the infamous Heliofant's I, Pet Goat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzPpDDB46lo
No. 14733
48 kB, 551 × 459
The video appears in this 2004 documentary
Planeta Encantado 12 - MIRLO ROJO
Produced by ufologist JJ Benítez

A breakdown of the moon footage here:
The page is in spanish, but links to an english language video:
The author claims that an animation studio made the footage, but he fails to give proofs. Given that Gabe Hash is a professional debunker he should know better than to make statements without providing evidence. The analysis he provides is interesting, though.
The belief that we have secret bases on the moon, while lacking solid evidence, isn't without some justification. The US was planning one since the 1950's.
>Project Horizon would start out with 10 to 20 crew members on a mission to build a somewhat self-sustaining colony capable of producing its own oxygen and water
A trove of declassified document here:

>original of this
The creator's website
links to vimeo, so I assume this is the original:
I couldn't figure the symbolism out until I saw it described as a journey through Genisis. Brilliant
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The US has also had an interest in psychic warfare and using actual nuclear bomb detonations to travel to the stars, and the Soviets have wanted to land on the moon too. Doesn't mean any of that has actually happened yet
Also what is it with South Americans and their obsession with ayys? A lot of these stupid UFO cults like Ashtar are also really big with them.
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>Doesn't mean any of that has actually happened yet
I know; I just meant that the military likes to make big plans. Combine that with an unaccountable budget, and their habit of building secret things and, well, here we are.
>Project Daedalus
Starship engines powered by lasers we fire at helium our robots have mined on Jupiter? I was born to soon.
>South Americans and their obsession with ayys
A lot of UFO (or, UAP) videos come out of South America, but I had never thought about why until now. Maybe their unique desert and mountain climates produce more unidentified aerial phenomenon.