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No. 12301
2,0 MB, 4608 × 3456
Are there countries which are better to live in as a tourist but not as a local?
No. 12304
Can it be general travelling and adventure and geography thread?
No. 12305
I'm white, British and have a good education so pretty much anywhere works for me. Even as a Belorussian you will be a minor celebrity just because of how rare and unknown Belorussians are.

No. 12309 Kontra
How rude
No. 12316
What are you up to OP, I'm not sure. But it's a common picture of the white westerner living a kingly life in SEA for little money.
No. 12324
>Are there countries which are better to live in as a tourist but not as a local?
Any country you can afford.
>I've been in countryname and everything was fabulous. Food was fabulous, view was fabulous, people are nice, clubs, constant parties, sea, prices. I will definitely live there, shame that i can't find a job and can't afford a place. And i don't understand locals and i should teach my kids on my own, good we have Wikipedia.
Duh. But there are actually some nice variants, just buy low. I remember i could afford house in Spain and Portugal, turkey was a nice choice not so long ago. Thailand.
Belarussians are slavs, only few countries can differ us from Russians and Ukrainians. And people treat us the same.
No. 12367
Croatia definitely.
No. 12384
>only few countries can differ us from Russians and Ukrainians
Often, Ukrainains and Russians can't differ you from themselfs.
No. 12386
what does
No. 12424
Exept you want ask me about "gaming" slang
No. 12428
Yes, gaming slang. Why?
No. 12434
From "ку-ку" most probably. "Hi"
Not ге, but most probably "го". Г is G basicly, so this is just "go"
No. 12459
I know what the letters sound out. I just didn't know what "GE" meant in Russian gamer slang.
No. 12634
If they're speaking rather than writing they say "ge ge" rather than "gee gee" to mean "gg".
No. 12685
I think he was trying to say the equivalent of gg well played or have fun but I have no idea what KU stands for
No. 12701
>but I have no idea what KU stands for
Ku-universal word for anything, but mostly used for "hi". From the soviet sci-fi comedy kin-dza-dza. Also can be used for emotional expression, sign of respect, pointing, swear word and pop songs.
No. 13587
Most of east Asia I would imagine from visiting Japan and Korea. Korea was even better to work in as a foreigner than as a local. I out earned my Korean colleagues by almost 2x their salary and had all my living expenses, save for electric and gas, covered by my employer.
No. 13613
that is a rather broad range of meanings