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No. 12643
21 kB, 303 × 303
Some time ago I wanted to banter at USA on topic being them a third-world country because water is more expensive than cola. I didn't find the pic and I still haven't :DDDDD, so I didn't post anything at all. Later, during the act of bowing to world imperialism making an order in one fast food chain, I noticed that water is more expensive there as well, what's more - usually everywhere simple water branded bottles are more expensive than cola at Pepsico or Coca-Cola Co. They make us drink sweetened water, they consciously make our bellies bigger so we would want to eat more and more.
Any initiative fire to stop this nonsense and force companies to make carbonated drinks more expensive than pure water because they'd never make pure water cheaper will be extinguished with piles of money, so I just came to outrage.
Thanks for attention.
No. 12644
Just drink tapwater, brew tea / coffee and you won't have to bother with all this crap.
No. 12649
Bottled water is cheaper here.
1l bottled water costs same as 0.5l gola

We have strong culture of water drinking, 90 of our water is local brands
No. 12651 Kontra
>Any initiative fire to stop this nonsense and force companies to make carbonated drinks more expensive than pure water because they'd never make pure water cheaper will be extinguished with piles of money, so I just came to outrage.

It isn't some perfidious capitalist plot. It just has to do with irrational behaviour on the part of the consumers who are willing to purchase overpriced bottled water.
No. 12653
36 kB, 284 × 346
Coke is more expensive in Britain thanks to taxation and that's been the case for a long time iirc. Enjoy your libertarianism, earlier in the year my bastard government effectively robbed a third of my chocolate as companies adjusted to another price rise...And where do you think that new tax money is going, huh?! I'll tell you where, children's parks and bowls clubs that I pay for to absolutely no benefit at all. Nobody ever thinks to subsidise the things that would get THE TAXPAYER out the house like booze and fanny.

But I digress. As >>12651 points out I feel the fad that began around 2006 for bottled water put up the price but it's a non-issue driven by label. I'm not sure I would call either choice irrational though as label does influence taste (we are drinking a noxious syrup), people want more fancy things and more fancy things they shall get.
No. 12654
>consumers who are willing to purchase overpriced bottled water.
I disagree. See, a lot of places serve only Coca-Cola or Pepsico beverages, and their bottled water is 20% more expensive than anybrand-cola. I don't think that water they pour in bottles is any better than water brewed in bottles for 0.25$ (or even cheaper) per liter.
I don't trust quality of local water communications implying bottled water isn't poured from the same taps, I usually boil it before drinking. Anyway I solved the problem, I take a big bottle from home. It's enough for a day.
No. 12657
>Water from a fast food place should be cheap because of my fee-fees
No. 12658
It doesn't involve fastfood only.
No. 12660
When a place offers Coca Cola only they normally also offer Coca Cola water which would be Bonaqua.

And yes there are very few springs which have a distinct taste. And plastic bottled water tastes like shit in any case.
No. 12664
>Just drink tapwater


There are less painful ways to die.
No. 12665
iirc Russia has better tap water than the Germanies.
No. 12668
I doubt that very much.
No. 12670
I'm not sure a conspiracy is afoot although, when it comes to money that's usually a good indication there is but for what purpose? I paid 68 cents for a 2l of non-brand name ginger ale the other day. I realized I wanted the much smaller and also more expensive bottles of Snapple or sweat tea but am poor so there you go. A full jug of water would be more expensive and it's literally just tap water that's been filtered. Not that it matters because you'll get brain eroding flouride in it anyway.
No. 12680
It depends on region and place honestely. But I will not try drink tapwater in big central russia city without filtering and boiling.

t.other russian
No. 12731
>It depends on region and place honestely

Of course, somewhere near Caucasus mountains or other remote regions it probably has fresh spring water quality. Still there is many lead pipes still in operation I assume even in remote regions.
No. 12732
>lead pipes

Oh fuck man, you can't even filter or boil that out.
If that's true, then here's my advice: DONT!
No. 12741
I have one: private healthcare system and fast food chains shake their hands. ALL ITS SERIOUS BUSINESS™ in freeland
No. 13135
>They make us drink sweetened water
Lol maybe work on making your water supply actually usable instead of blaming your shortcomings on America. The way I see it, we graciously provide sustenance to your people which you can't even do yourself. Alternatively, get a water filter. They sell Life Straws to use in 3rd world countries for like 15 bucks which are designed to be portable and used on contaminated water.
No. 13141
Actually logically speaking wouldn't this imply our water is expensive because tap water is shit (which it is)? I dont consider tap water safe without an added filter and even then I might be getting lead and fluoride.
No. 13143
People in this thread are talking about bottled water being expensive in Europe, not in the US. I've never been anywhere that bottled water is more expensive than soda, and by far the largest cost in bottled drinks is the packaging and shipping so it makes sense that they cost about the same.

Also I've NEVER been anywhere in the US where water is unsafe to drink. It might taste werid some places because of minerals from limestone, but it's certainly not harmful. Flouride's a topic for another thread, but I do think it is harmful especially for babies and pregnant mothers. However for grown adults the effects are small, and probably less harmful than xenoestrogens from plastic in bottled water.
No. 13144
Our municipal water supply is total pizdes. I had a private well growing up. That water was safe to drink and tasted good, certainly better than tap and bottled water. I drink a lot of seltzer now because the water is of such shit that even a Brita over the tap doesn't fix it.
No. 13148
I thought everyone in usa have water from wells.
No. 13153
Ok you think it's bad, compared to what? That means nothing without comparing it to the state of other countries. The US actually has a lower allowable lead content compared to the EU, 15 ppb vs 25 ppb. Where do you live now, have you actually looked up the levels of contaminants on a site like ewg.org or are you just being paranoid?

A lot of people in rural areas do because running water out hundreds of miles into the middle of nowhere isn't economically feasible, and we have several very large water tables. Obviously cities don't use well water.
No. 13155
You can literally taste it dude. Municipal tap by and large tastes absolutely horrendous. Although I've seen the water get discolored too before.

lol no
I have watched the land around me transform into creaturas. Best thing to do is go live somewhere with a private well and homeschool your kids and try to expose them as little as possible to the corrupting influence. I dont want this to be misinterpreted as a political statement though as the rightard version is even more horrendous than the left. Even the very message of Christ seems polluted in this land. It is like the American version of being russified and it is difficult to escape. I would say fast food especially industrial meat, public schools, and municipal tap are the leading causes of being American russified into a malevolent retarded fat slob that is barely above an animal or a chatbot subjected to perversions of nature.
No. 26357
Asking for carton of water is priceless, actually.
No. 26380
644 kB, 1291 × 752
>I thought everyone in usa have water from wells.

US have a notoriously bad water supply system.

Just think of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flint_water_crisis



I experienced it myself, when I was for 3 months in the US. I was living at a suburb for well-offs. Water out of the tab you couldn't drink, as it was of such poor quality that they had to chlorinate it heavily so that the people could use it at least for showering without getting sick.

It was of the quality the water of German public pools has. Maybe even worse.

First world, beacon of freedom and democracy, land of the happy masses USA USA USA USA USA
No. 26381
61 kB, 500 × 375
634 kB, 620 × 470

Well-off is maybe a little mistakable, as it is a matter of definition.
Lets say upper middle class. Or middle class till lowest upper class. It was not a neighborhood the likes of Floyd Mayweather junior are living
But is was residential district with considerable big houses, middle sized gardens, where the Latinos gardeners came to do the gardens, most of the houses had fancy ornaments, e.g. pillars the houses' front.
No. 26390
Yeah that's called being well off. Well off doesnt mean rich neccesarily, or certainly not oligarch rich, but if you live in a fancy house in a nice neighborhood with stone pillars and a gate at the end of your driveway and hire crews to do your gardening and landscaping then you are lost definitely well off. Landscapers aren't cheap. I was at this one job where the guy wasn't just well off but actually rich. He spent $100,000 on landscaping that year. This is the equivalent of blowing $100k to do your gardening and yard work. If you can afford to pay twice the median income just on your yard work, you are rich, maybe even obscenely rich. If you spend even $30,000 on landscaping in a year, you are probably really rich. You don't have to be rich to have a maid or gardener, but you definitely have to be pretty well off.