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No. 12760 Systemkontra
18 kB, 626 × 458
Why is it that, no matter the country, members of the jewish religion/race almost always find themselves at the top/near the top of positions of immense power. It isn't even exclusive to government roles or roles in the private sector - it happens in both! Russia is perhaps the clearest example as so many of the oligarchs are j*was. Now I ain't making value judgements here, but just asking who benefits and why is it so!
No. 12761 Kontra
Yeah, and why is it always muslims who own those kebab shops? It's like they get them for free.

But honestly, your "no matter the country" made me smile. There's a big matter the country.
No. 12762 Kontra
No. 12763 Kontra
12 kB, 238 × 183
Jews are semitic people, like arabs.
Semitic people are best merchants. If you have ever been to eastern bazaar, you'd know it.
Why are they in Europe?
When Roman Empire destroyed the Second Temple, jews spreaded all over the Roman Empire. Roman Empire was big in Europe as well.
Why are they in America?
They went there with Europeans.
Why are the richest?
Because Western Europe countries and USA are the richest countries.
Why there are so many jews in high positions?
When we transitioned from feudalism to capitalism, the only indicator of status has become money. Better you trade, more money you get. And jews, being semitic people, are the best merchants. Therefore, they get most money.
That is why they are near the top in many places.
No. 12765
No. 12769 Kontra
Long nosa
They merchantilistic
Culture of study
No. 12783 Kontra
This isnt cabbagechan. Piss off.
No. 12819
>be prosecuted throughout history by literally almost everyone
>gotta be creative and clever to survive (very human reaction to threat in general)
>can't trust nobody but my 'own people
>cooperation preferably among people you trust/like

This accumulated of centuries especially in Europe. I am absolutely not surprised Jews are at the top of the world now. And I think they deserve it. Even though most Jews I meet today don't care too much about Judaism, they do still have a very Jewish identity and self-perception and feel very connected to each othee/their 'people' and thus, would support each other.
No. 12831
It's because of the IQ gap
No. 12837
Strong culture of family ties and being good to each other. This works with any middle eastern nation. Middle eastern trade traditions play a big role in this too.
No. 12924
Culture of ambition and knowing how things work.
Culture of solidarity and support among their own kin.
No. 17612
80 kB, 500 × 571
>can't trust nobody but my 'own people
>cooperation preferably among people you trust/like
And yet when whites do this it's raciss and the Jews shut it down.

Ernstchan's a funny place