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No. 1311 Systemkontra
42 kB, 500 × 350
Hello, Ernst.
I'm still looking for volunteers to draw some matches.
I watched yesterday's spectacular display and tried myself if I can do one. Well, here it is. I really liked the first Spanish goal would have been nice to immortalize it but that would too much of a test of my untrained ball drawing skills.
I don't see a World Cup thread so maybe Ernst doesn't follow it, but maybe some does. I'm gonna watch today's Argentina - Iceland derby, you could join if you wish on End.
No. 1313
Also any constructive criticism about my drawings are welcomed. Dos, don'ts, tips, whatever you have.
No. 1314
198 kB, 512 × 384
1,1 MB, 320 × 240, 0:04
Ernst does follow the WC, but I didn't make a thread since I supposed that Ernst already found other places in case he wanted to talk about football. Drawing is nice, maybe you could add a CR7 reference to the Portugal-ball to honor that he scored all 3 goals. For example you could add the number 7 to the ball. On the other hand, I don't have a clue, so maybe you shouldn't listen to me.
No. 1316
Noice I loved WC and Euro threads on KC.
No. 1317
You've got a point there after all it was a hat-trick. You gave me an idea, not too flattering to Portugal tho.
No. 1319
44 kB, 500 × 350
How about this?
No. 1320
14 kB, 800 × 600
Nice! Or maybe just POCR7 instead of the striked out POR.
No. 1323
I have to think about that one.
No. 1446
39 kB, 500 × 350
43 kB, 500 × 350
Here's Argentina vs. Iceland. The second half...
Again, criticism, advice.

I thought through too and decided to revise it again as there isn't really any drawbacks and it isn't some huge work.
No. 1447
Oh I'm trying to give these somewhat uniform look. Maybe it's a bad idea but for now it'll do it.
No. 1448
They really feel like the old ones, thanks <3
No. 1449
427 kB, 2048 × 1365
Great job, I like it a lot! How about a little black refball with a magnifier inspecting Australias goal line for FRA - AUS?
No. 1450
Ofc. Yeah, drawing these with mouse really does that retro style.

Btw of course I "publish" these not on just my home chan but on Kohl as well as they are the only ones with actual WC thread and there are some ok dudes there no matter how many of them are notorious shitposters.
No. 1451
I haven't seen the match. Could you summarize what happened? Or link a video?
No. 1452
583 kB, 2302 × 1276
>Btw of course I "publish" these not on just my home chan but on Kohl as well as they are the only ones with actual WC thread
It's fine, no need for justification. Of course there are a lot of idiots on Kohl, but there are also lots of decent posters, and like always the low-effort shitposters have more visibility. Still, I don't get the hate for Kohl, I'm glad they are containing all the shitposters.

France got awarded the winning goal after goal line sensonrs told the ref that it was in. It was kind of a lucky bounce which went against the crossbar, and went straight down and oh so slightly behind the line, it couldn't have been much closer. Here's the goal: https://youtu.be/RPASvFwugko?t=97

Unfortunately they didn't include the goal line sensor shot in the video, so I looked for an image on the web.
No. 1453
That video is not available for me but found another one. It was a fine goal and I think I can draw it how you described.
No. 1463
35 kB, 500 × 350
How 'bout this?
No. 1468
80 kB, 756 × 574
Pretty ebin, you got a talent for these!
No. 1475
Thanks. I'll probably need ideas for the Ger-Mex match, I don't watch it.
No. 1478
46 kB, 500 × 350
Well, I had an idea.
No. 1492
In retrospect I'm not that amazed anymore that Austria managed to beat them lately
No. 1493
150 kB, 1024 × 768
Brilliant! Nice to see that young new EC has such sweet OC.
No. 1495
I've an idea for this Bra-Sui. Won't do it tonight tho.
No. 1560
47 kB, 500 × 350
For yesterday's wrestle.
No. 1568
Dear lord England are bad.
No. 1570
Noice, well done!

I don't know how they managed not to be 3-0 ahead after 30 minutes.
No. 1575
suck my albanian dick, loser

england are shit, england are cucks, you pay for my lifestyle, while I fuck your daughters
No. 1576 Kontra
84 kB, 604 × 453
No. 1577
I'm open to suggestions what to draw, of course I'll sleep on it, after a good night rest the ideas are usually coming, but still, right now I couldn't say any remarkable thing about this match.

Tunisia got kinda lucky in the first half.
No. 1583
Lingard and Sterling are terrible at finishing. Kane carries our attack, if he gets injured we're fugged. We were unlucky in the first half. They got a soft penalty and our deserved call got ignored. Kane was wrestled down in the box at least twice.

Second half was a disgrace though, we came out with no energy or fight whatsoever while Tunisia looked like they'd rallied. Did Southgate feed everyone benzos to cheer them up at half-time? We'll never know.

Could honestly be Kane fighting past the entire Tunisian team yelling 'Guy? Any help?' while they all take a siesta behind him.
No. 1596
54 kB, 720 × 658
No. 1597
19 kB, 412 × 360
No. 1642
40 kB, 500 × 350
Mistakes were made.
No. 1650
83 kB, 400 × 400
yes I kept it
No. 1652
Today was Poland-Senegal play, and, therefore, there were many Poles.
Maybe it's time to get acquainted with one, until they didn't go away. Though, who would want to become friends with a stranger from nowhere?
No. 1676
89 kB, 500 × 350
Many. Drink beer with them. Or something. Do that thing you can see in American movies, TV-shows, ads, magazines etc. It's called smile.
No. 1685
43 kB, 300 × 189
BZZZZ... 8 years ago vuvuzelas, now the mosquitos. Once again: Great job.
No. 1786
44 kB, 500 × 350
Now they're killing me with horns. While I draw I would listen the commentator but the sound makes it suffering.
No. 1789
141 kB, 840 × 450
Reminds me of how Paddy Power has turned Russian goal scoring into pidor-enabling behaviour.
No. 1792
At last I truly see why Russia won two games.
No. 1903
53 kB, 500 × 350
No. 1925
93 kB, 640 × 427
Very nice. Will there be a compilation image, or should we be collecting the single ones?
No. 1929
Croatia just destroyed Argentina. Third goal was just a mock.
No. 1930
80 kB, 200 × 239
Argentina kinda surrendered after that goalie blunder right before the first goal. It was really depressing, that team seems to be done for good, no signs of life detected.
No. 1934
Well, they tried to come back and had a few good chances, they just weren't good enough. I think they surrendered after Modric scored the 2:0. Truth to be told Argentine simply isn't a top team anymore and Messi isn't a second Maradona.
No. 1953
It's really no use to put them together into a "Group Stage" table because over 2/3 of the geams won't be drawn. So it looks like they will be just single collectibles.

Beacause of the Polan match - which I couldn't ignore - I didn't draw Iran-Spain. I got the tips for this tho. And I also need to draw this ludicrous display of last night.
No. 2063
36 kB, 500 × 350
31 kB, 500 × 350
Two more.
Any ideas for Nigeria-Iceland? I really don't want to draw some blacked style shit.
No. 2065
Perhaps a Super Eagles-reference (it's the nick of their team): Nigeriaball with wings and a superman-style-S in green and white, with a puzzled or sweaty Icelandball? Also: Great job, once again!
No. 2135 Kontra
Happily i don't see the WC
No. 2162
47 kB, 500 × 350
Everyone expected more from Argentina. But it's not the last World Cup your country will play.
No. 2179
49 kB, 500 × 350
No. 2182
473 kB, 440 × 350, 0:01
Very nice!
No. 2183 Kontra
Kayce shit
No. 2196
Why u no post on kohl anymore?
No. 2222
With the exception of the last one (Germ-Swede) I posted them all on Kohl, for example the Nig-Ice one during the Jap-Senegalese match. I even posted the whole series the day before yesterday during the German-Swede as they were requested by a Mexican but noone else posted.
I try and "publish" these just before the start of the matches so they get more attention but sometimes I start the match late and sometimes I post these during the matches since I draw many of them meanwhile I watch them (not the same but a previous one).
Also they are available both here and on End so if someone interested it isn't hard to visit these sites, it won't channel away any traffic from Kohl.
No. 2254
Now that I had time to think about it, I have more to add.
You >>2196 asking me tells me that you (and maybe others) are missing my doodles which means my work is appreciated. On the other hand I do this just because I feel like doing it and Bernd isn't entitled for anything and I'm not the mom of any sonbasket to wipe his nose or chew the bite for him. A little initiative from Bernd's part would also be welcomed and find the stuff what he's looking for by himself also ideas posted in the football thread on End (that wouldn't mean they are realized for sure tho).
Despite this I'll do continue to post them on Kohl as well maybe not always when Bernd expect it but do nevertheless.
No. 2284
Messi should have not eaten that much chips.
No. 2330
110 kB, 666 × 695
No. 2338
45 kB, 500 × 350
53 kB, 500 × 350
A little bit a recycling from the Pol-Sen match but I think it's fine.
No. 2360
Congrats, Argentina!
No. 2381 Kontra
I don't watch the WC and was pefect moment for go to gym.

i am Argentine but in the deep i wanted Argentina lose it for some oscure motive
No. 2408 Kontra
Is there any more boring game than soccer and is there any worst event for current russia than world cup?
No. 2409
>any more boring game than soccer
Russia plays football badly, it's widely known.
Better teams show better and more amusing game.
No. 2410
I mean just guys running around a little bit around same field and like once in 90 minutes there "goal" and this all.
I think it kinda fun to play yourself when you a kid but watching how others playing it as adult - better just kill yourself immideatly than do so.
No. 2411
You can't kill yourself if you are dead.
No. 2418
91 kB, 530 × 402
How did Germany manage to fuck up this badly? I would've thought they could handle South Korea.

We won't even get the revenge match now.
No. 2444
41 kB, 500 × 350
I didn't see the Germ failure but that feels like an important moment to draw it anyway. So ideas for that match?
No. 2447
Bunker suicide related
No. 2474
50 kB, 500 × 350
No. 2483
Nice, well done!
That cheeky smile of brazilball. :3
No. 2496
Japan played very dull game at last minutes, they just waited for the end of game.
No. 2500
No. 2501
35 kB, 500 × 350
No. 2508
44 kB, 500 × 350
This needed some movement.
No. 2512
I am really liking, how you are capturing the essentials!
You are a true artist!
No. 2563
Ebin, 10/10
No. 2693
Now that's what I call football!
France and Argentine play furiously, it's 2:1 now.
No. 2694
Oh, shit totally missed that game
No. 2696
It happens right now.
No. 2699
37 kB, 500 × 350
Should have drawn when the Belgian kicked the ball to the post and it bounced back to his head. But I realized this only after I finished this. I still have to draw Serbia-Brazil and now the Franch-Argie so it isn't likely I'll redraw this.
No. 2701
4:3, many goals. Arigie defense was nonexistent. I'm waiting for the match in the evening. I hope Uruguay will win but seems pretty tough game as well.
No. 2702
Yep, Just came back from watching 2nd half, thanks god Argentine scum is finally out.
No. 2706
Is there any outcome for this, 17 players rested, no team really trying to win.

Shame I haven't seen 1 live minute of football due to time differences.
No. 2707
49 kB, 500 × 350
Fresh from the oven.
No. 2709
Very amusing!
No. 2724
lel that CR7 face
No. 2728
Uruguay won! Great day!

A disappointment for him for sure. Played well tho put much work. Uruguayan defense was tenacious - with very few fouls I have to add.
No. 2736
Uruguay did a great job and played well. Both my most hated teams got kicked out today.
No. 2737
873 kB, 480 × 360, 0:11
No. 2747
It's honestly one of the countries I probably wouldn't mind moving to.
No. 2758
They did but looking back to both games of yesterday I'm not sure they will be prepared for France, who has height advantage over them and has very fast attacking players and Uruguay felt running out of steam by the end of the first half. Yesterday both teams seemed to base their tactic on counterattacks not sure if that's stay and how it could fare against each other.
I believe the greatest underestimated team now is Croatia. Judging by the previous three games they can get far, and are probably better than Uruguay.

Endchan is down btw, now for second day. They are moving the site again, now out of the EU to Switzerland. At least what their twitter says. I'm just posting this here coz I dunno who and if anyone here browse our board as well.
No. 2759
Some funny names exist, don't they, Sirgay Semenovich Gayorgy? :^)
No. 2765
Actually, Gayorgy Semenov or Sergeev would be more appropriate. ;^)
And it is actually Semyonov
No. 2767
If Croatia can't win against Denmark they don't belong in the final round anyway. So yes, if everything goes like expected Croatia should at least make it to the quarter-finals.
No. 2768
And we have a booby celevrity with Semenovich surname :^)
No. 2771
Oh yeah, starts in the evening.
I would bet Spain will beat Russia and I think Croatia will defeat Denmark. The Danish performance so far isn't impressive, one victory against Peru a tie with Australia and a tie again against a barely playing France.
By my judgement in the semi-finals Croatia will also be able to beat Spain. My reasoning: Portugal and Spain were about the same in this tournament and Uruguay beaten Portugal but Croatia's performance seems better then Uruguay's.

Hah, I might remembered that one.
No. 2774
Hehe, football mostly doesnt work out that logically. Also Portugal could only tie with Spain because of Ronaldo. My top favorites are Brazil, France and Spain and if our team can beat any of them it would be indeed a huge success. Well see...
No. 2775
Spain in general doesn't have more to show than Portugal it's not just their draw. Big names in a squad aren't matter that much if there's not enough cohesion, Argentina's example is a good one for that.

>My top favorites are Brazil, France and Spain
Why? They are all horrible mainstream soulless teams.
No. 2783
Spain-Russia starts. This match I don't root for anyone.

Btw. I don't mean that as an insult of your taste, Croatian Ernst. They are really feel like the jolly joker team when anyone asks someone: "what's your favourite team?"
No. 2784
No. 2785
Own goal. Was pretty hilarious. And now I'm giving color commentary.
No. 2789
Russia at least tries. Spain doesn't even.
No. 2793
29 kB, 500 × 350, 0:17
Maybe they should move toward the line but too much bother.
No. 2794
Spain trained to make penalties in this game
No. 2796
I can see they didn't train for action goal.
No. 2797
Shamefur dispray, Spain!
Now penalties. Anything can happen.
No. 2798
10 kB, 200 × 200
>that Russian goalie
No. 2799
No. 2800
Russia won, Spaniards missed two. They slacked away the first half of the match.
No. 2801
It is. Spain was lazy they were glad with their luck instead of pushing for goals. They kinda deserved what they got.
No. 2802
Shitty game but very dramatic ending, with penalties under rain.
No. 2803
31 kB, 960 × 638
Portugal out, Spain out, Argentina out, Germany out. With these odds BR stands no chance against Mexico.
No. 2805
Argentina was ousted by Frons and Uruguay doesn't rank much below of Portugal so I wouldn't say there are lots of surprises on this tournament. There's one big (Germany) and one mediocre (Spain). I prefer the underdogs so Go Mexico!, but Brazil still has more chance.
No. 2807
Yeah, yeah, but with the exception of Brazil, all my usual suspects are out already. I'm just so used to seeing at least half of them in the top 4. I'd add Holland there as well but they didn't even make it to the world cup this year.
No. 2808
I liek this game so much. Butifel. I hope they'll keep this up til the end. Exciting.
No. 2809
here goes another goal
No. 2810
685 kB, 500 × 350
Oh I totally forgot.

Two goals under three minutes, that's something.
No. 2811
Yeah, in day where was attempted protests against rising of retirement age

Now we all die before it and nobody cares because WE WON IN GAME WITH BALL
No. 2813
I heard that it's the first time since the fall of the Soviet. What's the targeted age?
No. 2816
It was first time since a lot

From 60 to 65 for men and from 55 to 63 for woman. Retirment pay in russia already like nothing and they don't going to rise it up, and with our quality of life people JUST FUCKING DIE before this age. Or die almost immideatly after depend on region.

Football is nice and all that but I was dissgussed when I see how on streets regular 50-55yo drunkers talking about this shit when they litteraly die before getting any coin from goverment. And on this fucking championship goverment spended BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF MONIES. Yes, same time as people LITTERALY DIE. This is just a joke
No. 2817
Panem et circenses. The timing is perfect from the govt.
Welcome to Europe, we have the same retirement age and not much higher life expentancy (for men). Funny thing noone likes it here everyone still takes the bitter pill.
No. 2830
Croats won with penalties. Das Fühl when both goalie saved three penalties each during the match. I'm glad for the Croats but I have to admit Danes fought well and made them back off soon so they didn't attack how they should have.
Most of the game was boring tho, better than the Rus-Esp, but boring.
No. 2833
Damn, that was scant. Danes much stronger than expected.
No. 2867
It only costs $100 for every russian to host the WC.
No. 2868
>only 100$
>in the country where 500$ month salary is considered to be good
No. 2869
They build a lot of stadions with it. On the germany it was $50 per head.
No. 2870
$500 is considered good in most of the World.
No. 2878
300$ is not 500$ btw.
And less if you leave cities.
No. 2879
19 kB, 250 × 188
>build a lot sadions
For fuck sake, giant sadiums in cities like saransk that will be abadoned immideatly because this city no need so? Or because they all very shitty builded crap by migrant workers that not cost even 1/3 of actual monies by companies owned by same 3-4 oligarhs? Or because almost all this country looks like pic releated? Or because same time as trillions on this shitty championship that was made only to cover rising taxes laws and trash uprisings and rising retirment age and new anti-internet laws they same time spend so many monies on useless projects and army and like 75% of this monies just immideatly stealed?

Fuck if you all serious about that we may switch our citizenships. You go live here and happy life to you whatever time you can survive trying to find 500$ salary for working inside rusty radioactive chemical plant somewhere in west syberia and I be happy in Netherlands.
No. 2883
But that pic basically looks like New England
No. 2885
It looks everywhere like that after it rained.
I live with less than $500 a month after rent so quit bitching.
No. 2897
Better settis than me. How do I claim asylum in Netherlands?
No. 2900
542 kB, 5800 × 2516
376 kB, 1920 × 1827
350 kB, 1525 × 921
327 kB, 1260 × 1260
Don't whine about your """shitty""" life in one of the best countries in the world, retarded cocksucker, because you got everything better than the people here. The fact that you're useless lowpaid retard doesn't cancels that the average Russian is poorer than average Dutch and Russia is worse than Netherlands.

Also, Google Maps are always open for morons like you. The pics in my next posts were the first photos of residential area that I found on Google Maps. I chose Volgograd because it represents average Russian city while Moscow and St. Petersburg are quite wealthy thanks to Russian centralized style of government, the cities contain only minor part of Russian population.
No. 2901
2,0 MB, 1268 × 737
1,1 MB, 1290 × 682
1,4 MB, 1492 × 732
1,2 MB, 1323 × 703
Nothing drives me more mad than some privileged bitch talking to some 3rd worlder to chill.
No. 2904
19 kB, 590 × 130
I see suffering championship is started. So I chip in as well. I suffer without Endchan for a day more at least.

>I be happy in Netherlands.
He >>2885 isn't happy why would you?

But seriously. It was told by million times in history. Conveniences just makes things convenient and not make people happy. You can live a shitty life with the feeling that everyday is suffering everywhere, even in high "happiness rating" countries. They are happy on anti-depressant while whining to their therapist. Life is like how you make it to be and feel like how you make it feel. Rarely can one change the circumstances but crying about them doesn't help, we all should make do with the cards we've been dealt.
And no, most of the time I'm not doing well either, I'm not "smart" because my life feels the best but because I fuck up as much as the next dude, but at least I can learn from my mistakes. To make another mistake when I try to apply what I learned, or not and fall into the same trap.
I see many problems with my country and I know it could be so much better. I see many problems with me as well and I know I could do so much "better". Even if I did maybe I could change my country as well but I don't either.
tl;dr Quit whining, people! Enjoy what you can, don't cry about circumstances you can't change but change shitty things what you can for the better.
No. 2917
>Homicide rates
Finland is stabbity-stab country.
No. 2923
459 kB, 1200 × 1200
P.S. I always forget about one very important thing. You mentioned rent, that's what spoiled 89iq Westerners like to do in discussions. The main difference is that Eastern Europeans (not only young, I know a plenty of 30-40yo couples, married people who live in small apartments with their own parents and kids) live with their parents or even grandparents, and it's not because they want to, but because they simply can't afford to rent house or flat. There's no statistics for number of people living in Ukraine/Russia with parents, but thanks to Eurostat you can notice that this is a common practice in Eastern Europe and poor countries.
No. 2930
No. 2934
213 kB, 1024 × 680
>He isn't why would you?
Because he is sissy who borned in first world and don't understand how awesome life he had compare to this fucking shit?

Oh he so sad in his apartment in Amsterdam that means that life quality in netherlands is same as in Archangel'sk oblast' village where absoluetly no medecine, only one shitty shop with lowest quality products, almost no road and salaries like 125$ for hardest work on remants of soviet farms where majority of population die from cheap illegal alchogol and boyaryshnik
No. 2940
Why would you want live long?

What is shadow economy?

Suicide is one of the hardest things to do, proves high Testosterone levels in EE.

Pics look cosy.

Also whole of Holland has less people than Moscow and everyone is a oligarch there earining 10k a month.

A new modern flat on the ukraine costs 15k on the Ukraine, even with your faked average salary of $200 it takes just a littel over 6 years to pay it back. This is a very good ratio. Here they sell the same kind of buildings for 200k+.

No one lives there any more.
No. 2942
>even with your faked average salary of $200 it takes just a littel over 6 years to pay it back.
Don't you think you have to buy food, wear, medicaments over these 6 years?
No. 2944
323 kB, 2163 × 865
Sometimes you just gotta shut the fuck up and don't pretend to be retarded if someone proved that you were wrong, you know. It's not necessary to defend your own idiotic statements just because you are too ashamed to silently retreat or openly admit that you were wrong.

>Why would you want live long?
Ask your parents, don't forget to post their answer.
>shadow economy
Ukrainian economists & officials estimate the size of our shadow economy in 40% of our current GDP (and our current GDP is $2,100 per capita, Belarus has $4,900, Russia $8,700, Mexico $9,700, China $8,100, The Netherlands $45,300. We wouldn't live better than Russians even if the fairy snapped her fingers and doubled our economy.
>A new modern flat on the ukraine costs 15k on the Ukraine, even with your faked average salary of $200 it takes just a littel over 6 years to pay it back. This is a very good ratio. Here they sell the same kind of buildings for 200k+.
With retards like you I'm started thinking that I'm in Matrix. It would be the sixth time I have this discussion. I have seen prices on propert in Western countries and I know that it's easier to buy property in USA than in Ukraine. I showed you the map, you blind piece of shit, your idiotic logic doesn't work. Here is another web-site that backs my words.
>Also whole of Holland has less people than Moscow and everyone is a oligarch there earining 10k a month.
Average salary in Moscow is 90 000 ($1400), retard. Unfortunately I don't have reliable stats about median salaries in Moscow, but it's widely known information that in Russia there is a huge income gap and the headquarters of corporations are located in Moscow.
>No one lives there
76% of Russian population lives in the cities, so where did the remaining 24% go?
No. 2947
>being single in the Ukraine
You can't deny that at only 15k it is really easy to buy a flat in the Ukraine and this Flats are even located in big nice cities with a good job marked. Such things are unpaiable in the West nowdays. Even 50km othside of cities it is normal to pay for 20-30 years and deposit 10-20% before you buy it.

Ukrainian economists & officials estimate the size of our shadow economy in 40% of our current GDP (and our current GDP is $2,100 per capita, Mexico $9,700)

2100$ WTF BRO? Okay I stop trolling now. But the weird things is that I don't think Ukraine is worse than Mexico and that the country is functiong somehow eventhrough I have no idea how.

Of course it is cheap in the USA, Land is plenty and they build it using wood. In Western Europe it is the 10x as expensive as in Ukraine and gets more expensive by the day.

>Moscow salary
Only plebs get a salary, Moscovites do business.
No. 2950
Sometimes you just gotta shut the fuck up and don't pretend to be retarded if someone proved that you were wrong, you know. It's not necessary to defend your own idiotic statements just because you are too ashamed to silently retreat or openly admit that you were wrong.
No. 2958
You writte like a girl.
No. 2970
18 kB, 736 × 362
All the above would look good in another thread.

So today is Belgium-Japan match day. Starts in two hours.

Also I don't want to open another thread for this and this one has some sidetracks already: Endchan is up again but it works lousy. Some threads (like the news thread) did't update after my posts. Tried to refresh and waited for auto refresh as well but nothing. Closed the thread and opened it, nothing. Meanwhile on the first page my comments showed up as intended. I'm pissed and I'm starting to lose hope at the same time.
No. 2977
>colombia vs england
might be a good game
No. 2978
Also, this other bracket is weak, which is interesting because there's probably going to be a non-champion team on the finals, which means there might be a new champion.
No. 2982 Kontra
1,8 MB, 325 × 244
Hehehehe I was reading that outloud with a bitchy voice and was kysed out of laughing at
>you know
No. 2987
You write like a teenager who treats imageboards as a cool teens club where you can say anything just because you feel like it.
I'm interested in what kind of braindead faggot are you, it really requires "special" state of mind to appreciate empty claims more than actual posts based on facts.
No. 2993
5 kB, 404 × 399
Hahaha those bitchy quote marks.
Oh Stacy, stop it!
No. 2994
Yeah, that might turn out good and I will be able to watch it. I'll support Colombia.
But now it's Belgium-Japan.
No. 2997
Go to ukraine or russia and say it to face, personally.
No. 2998
No. 3005
38 kB, 390 × 478
Shameful display. I was so sure nips would win after the 2-0.
No. 3008
I liked this match. It was nice how Belgium turned the score around. That counterattack was fast and resulted in a nice last minute goal. Honda's free kick just before that was impressive tho.
No. 3009
I was as well. They played still very well after that but wasn't enough. The Belgians had height advantage which they used well.
No. 3010
Last minute goal was fast.
No. 3015
Really sad stuff, for some 20 minutes there was so much happiness in the the jap side.
No. 3019
Too bad, Japan simply lacked the cleverness to keep the advantage over time...
No. 3033
Noice, BR fans finally got themselves a new chant, an actual football chant. Last one was some patriotic bullshit.

They're singing it nonstop in russia
No. 3034
but brits are still the legendary when it comes to crowd chants
No. 3038
I need ideas for the Belgian-Jap and the Croat-Dane matches.
No. 3039
Maybe Belgiumball kicks the ball into Japan's goal, when the judgeball blows the whistle?
No. 3040
75 kB, 786 × 733
No. 3045
Cro-Den, maybe something along duel of the goalies?
No. 3059
Where can I find full games, or even better 20m highlights of games.
No. 3063
Thanks for the ideas. They help.

You mean not live stream? There probably are torrents. On youtube the FIFA official channel has only 2-3 minute ones.
No. 3075
>that fucking trumpet

It's coming home
No. 3076
Tense match.
No. 3078
Fucking Colombians, what the fuck. Are they always like this?
No. 3079
54 kB, 500 × 350
No. 3080
No idea.
Frankly last time I watched football it was the 2016 Euro Cup. When "I was a little girl" - as we say it - was the last time I followed football regularly, went matches and shit. Sometimes I play with football manager/championship manager when I have the hankering for that (but I got bored kinda fast). Because the Hungarian football is so crap I don't really care now.
No. 3081
I am impressed, thanks
No. 3082
55 kB, 500 × 350
Again added some movement.
No. 3083
My pleasure.
No. 3084

Equaliser on 93rd minute. It's over.
No. 3085
And England could score only from penalty. I can't see them as a champion even if the advance. This is not enough.
No. 3086
England won but it wasn't nice. They'll play against Sweden.
No. 3087
>That last penalty

I have never sweat so much over the course of a match.

It's the typical problem of the England side. They get ahead and then they think the match is over.

Hopefully the final will be ENG-FRA. My heart won't stand a chance.
No. 3088
This wc is shit so far. I should be studying, all these matches that are prolongued into penalties are fucking up my schedule. Watching the same borefest match for two 2:30 only to see things ending in penalties.
No. 3097
Tend to agree. Many matches are absolutely unattractive to watch. Fucking defensive lines dominated tactics are ruining football.
No. 3106
Yes, the thing is that good defensive lines work, specially for weak teams who benefit from the matches ending in penalties. There's also a severe lack of talented attackers.
No. 3109
Yes, for weak teams it's the only chance of survival. But for technically gifted teams its sort of cancerous. (Thats why Croatia-Denmark was so boring after the first 5 minutes). I also noticed the lack of top goal-getters in several of the highly rated teams, btw. This leads to matches that are boring to watch, decided by standard situations (free kicks etc.) or end 0:0, 1:0, 1:1 etc.
I liked the offensive German style of 2014.
No. 3111
64 kB, 575 × 448
> I also noticed the lack of top goal-getters in several of the highly rated teams, btw
Yes, but the problem to me is that both strong and weak teams aren't even getting there.
No. 3125
Funnily enough this change was caused by the attackers being better and better.
For example the Hungarian Golden Team in the '50s operated basically with 5 attackers! But - for my understanding - they were slow and created scoring opportunities with serious passing game. Then strikers improved and become faster and faster and could run past defenders like breeze so more people needed to guard them this led to more serious defending lines. And now teams cannot allow the luxury of many strikers as the opposing teams could beat them with two or even only one talented strikers with sufficient support from the lines behind. Such cases.
No. 3128
There was a shift to 442, because of Brasil, with converted wingers, or attacking full backs.
Which is solid defensively as it allows you to attack with up to 8 players and defend with two banks of four.
Then there was suppose to be a change to total football modelled after the Dutch, but just led to experiments with different players given different roles, eg DM and AM
4-4-1-1 is common, but is basically as 4-4-2, with a number 9 (FC) and number 10(DPF).
There is a change back to total football, if you have the luxury of buying the best players.
No. 3171
Maybe so. But every formation changes can only be based the player material not on whims.
No. 3225
1,1 MB, 640 × 360, 0:19
134 kB, 900 × 1200
No. 3227
81 kB, 615 × 823
The guy looks so Bri'ish it hurts
No. 3253
18 kB, 641 × 420
>ur gay
>CIS platina
they can't escape it
No. 3261
71 kB, 634 × 1090
No. 3272
34 kB, 500 × 350
No. 3279
Good game it was. Brazil missed on great opportunities they created. Tomorrow I'll watch Russia vs. Croatia.
No. 3281
Probably best match that BR played in this WC, but Belgian defense and goalies were good, and BR attackers aren't very good at finalizing overall.
No. 3283
>BR attackers aren't very good at finalizing

Yep, it really became obvious. Should have been 2 goals at least.
No. 3302
No. 3313
1:0 for Russia for now. Well, fugg.
No. 3315
Thank god the goalie survived.
No. 3316
Maybe it's just time wasting tactic.
No. 3317
He still seems hurt pretty badly imo. Russia could still turn this around at the last minute and then it's penalties.

Then it's the England game when all the players are still fucked up :^)
No. 3318

Should have subbed GK. It's ogre.
No. 3319
Fuck. They have only one job. To shoot in the upper corners. Goalies won't catch it.
No. 3320
Russia is just about kicking the ball right now. Shattered.
No. 3321
All right. Croats won. It was a long game.
No. 3322
Thanks, Croatia, you were stronger.
No. 3323 Kontra
Gotta say that Russian goalie seem really good at penalty shots.
No. 3325
Thank you, too. It was a good game.
No. 3364
1,4 MB, 3317 × 2333
No. 3377
EC and proud?
No. 3386
871 kB, 408 × 720, 0:09
No. 3387
No. 3399
English fans triggered the fire alarm in the hotel the Swedes were sleeping in so they'd have no energy


They did the same thing when Zenit played Glasgow Rangers in Manchester for the UEFA cup
No. 3401
281 kB, 975 × 837
No. 3402
When will the jingoist West stop its rampant russophobia?
No. 3420
49 kB, 500 × 350
No. 3422
So much soul and cozyness in the picture
No. 3495
VIVA LA FRANCE! Until the final.

I would like to see Belgium v Croatia in the runners up as well. I think it would make for an interesting game.
No. 3497
A Belgian-Croatian match would be much more interesting in the Final.
No. 3498
Thanks btw.
No. 3499
>Belgium dominating midfield
>France occasionally doing some mad counter-attacks
>Both chocking on the goal

This'll be a close one. Where's Lukaku?
No. 3501
Frankly France only need a second and counterattacks like lightning.
No. 3502
47 kB, 500 × 350
No. 3503
They've apparently got the ref on their team as well. What the fuck was with that foul.
No. 3505
Yeah, that should have been a free kick.
Not many fouls in this match tho, what I like.
No. 3507

I also hoped for that variant for the finale.
The today's match also made me dislike the French team.
No. 3577
I hope this goal will set the pace for match. Go Croatia Go!
No. 3578
>I hope this goal will set the pace for match

We're working on it :^)
No. 3579
That was too near '._.
No. 3580
46 kB, 500 × 350
No. 3582
>Sterling off

It's not over yet.
No. 3583
It's not. Croats still have 3 subs. 4.
No. 3584
Will England make it?
No. 3586
Will Croats keep it?
No. 3587
4 moar minutes.
No. 3589
The final is going to be hot.
No. 3590
gg I think Croatia deserved it.

England falling apart at the second half as usual.
No. 3591
All right. Croats in. This was intense by the end. Now France.
No. 3592
Khm, khm:
>I believe the greatest underestimated team now is Croatia. Judging by the previous three games they can get far

No. 3593
I'll be rooting for croatia for sure. France can wait for the next time.
No. 3597
This was an epic win. England crumbled to almost nothing in the later parts of the game. This team deserves to win the finale. `
No. 3601
>England crumbled to almost nothing in the later parts of the game.

This is something that surprised me as the game went on. I thought all the long balls England played would shatter the endurance of Croatia but after that first goal it was like two completely different teams were on the pitch complete with English players been shoved off by far smaller players. I'll be supporting Croatia on Saturday because you deserve it far more than France.

Ah well anyway, England's a young team (average age is 22 iirc) and England won the U17 and U20 WC and the U19 Euros last year. We'll have another 10 years at least of semi-finals to win.
No. 3611 Kontra
>I believe the greatest underestimated team now is Croatia
They have always been a very good side in WC as well as in EC tournaments, why would they be underestimated? England on the other hand is usually kinda overestimated, though they sent a decent squad this time i admit.
No. 3612
>They have always been a very good side in WC
They got in the top four only once (with a third place) and with Yugoslavia twice (two fourth place) if taht's count.
>as well as in EC tournaments
They were never in the four and were in twice with the Yugos if that's count.
But beside that I were mostly talking about the general opinions of Bernds - because Ernst didn't give much opinion on this - during the discussions of the matches.
No. 3623 Kontra
What i meant with good side is that have beaten 'big' teams times, including Italy, Argentina, France, Germany and others several times. Their overall balance in terms of victories/defeats and goals in ec/wc tournaments is safely on the positive side too if i remember correctly. I definitely wouldn't count them as 'underdogs' or something.
No. 3624
If you aren't Italy, Brazil, Germany, Argentine, Spain or France you are automatically an underdog. Also Croatia is a very small country, and it's former commie territory, that also contributes to the underdog status.
No. 3625
67 kB, 700 × 394
Observe men

This is the face of the enemy

No. 3642
There are traditionally big teams liek how he >>3624 said and what he wrote about the Eastern Euro teams is also stands. Noone ever would consider that Croatia would win the WC or reach the finals. Brits were so hyped that they reached the semi-final the "it's coming home" became a greetings on the streets. And now most - if not all - people are fairly sure - including me (still I'll root for the Croats) - that Frons will win the WC.
No. 3657
81 kB, 500 × 350
I got ässbörgörs.
No. 3658
They gonna fight for the third place, no?
No. 3675
saved, you are doing a great job with these pics
No. 3683
Do you have ideas for France-Belgium, Ernst?

I tried to make a joke on this "IT'S COMING HOOOOUUUMEEE" meme without making the countryballs vocal. Maybe there would have been an easier way but it's egal now.

Thanks, my dude.
No. 3765
When you win the world cup everybody has sex for a week straight

It's impossible to be incel in Croatia right now
No. 3796
Belgian bronze. What a timeline we live in!
I might just add a Belgian flag here. But I shouldn't be lazy.
No. 3805
994 kB, 1024 × 1632
Only positive thing in this even for me was Zabivaka
No. 3806 Kontra
No. 3808
What bad in it and why you saged tyhread?
No. 3842
>Belgian bronze

Well deserved
No. 3862
I am waiting for payback from Croatians
No. 3864

No. 3865
181 kB, 1600 × 1200
>croatia scores
>bydlos screaming like pigs because muh Vida
No. 3866
No. 3867
What a display. 2-1 now and they still have more than the half.
No. 3868
Croats have to take over.
Still, we have a half.
No. 3871
What the fuck was that on the pitch. It looked like a pioneer rather than a streaker.
No. 3872
Are Croatians BTFO?
No. 3873
53 kB, 500 × 350
Frons leads by three. That's not fun.
No. 3874
y-yeah ;_;
No. 3875
Lol, they are
No. 3876
Oh my fucking Christ. This is savage.
No. 3877
Disregard that
No. 3878
I really like how the Croats' spirit didn't crumbled and kept going on.
Congrats to Frons but to Croatia as well since this is their best result on WC's so far.
Was an exciting game.
No. 3879
Croats fought till the end, they showed great game even after 4 goals from France
And congrats, France, you know have two stars!
A shame there are no FR balls here
No. 3883
ahh, shiite guys, we lost unlucky..., people are still celebrating our team in the streets over here
No. 3884
You have what celebrate your team for.
You really kept it cool till the end.
No. 3907
What to draw for the final?
What would you like to see?
I should probably do it today and/or tomorrow but with no more delay. I'll only have time in the evenings so pls think in the meantime.
Ofc I'm also considering this the same.
No. 3910
I see it like opus magnum of countryballing:
countries, who lost to France or Croatia, sit from the side of France or Croatia, and the nearer they sit to the field, the higher was round when they lost (like, England and Belgium would sit near to the field, losers of 1/4-final would sit higher tham them and so on). Croatia should be drawn pushing or attacking France and kicking a ball. Still, it has to be shown that France won, maybe by number of balls in goal.
No. 3912
The referee winning the finale for France maybe.
No. 3963
I might can work with that. Needs lot of space tho. We'll see.

I can't draw that with light heart as I don't think the referee favored France. And that hantz was really hantz so the penalty was legit.
No. 3966
>I don't think the referee favored France

Oh come the fuck on. No way was that a deliberate handball and when the ref himself has legitimate reason to question a decision he should never give it even when fifa demands he use their bullshit refball technology.

dives before you can post next
No. 3984
130 kB, 915 × 703
142 kB, 1080 × 879
223 kB, 1536 × 2048
973 kB, 2000 × 1000
Some pics from the today's team arrival in Zagreb, Police estimates 550 000 people were celebrating the team in the streets, that's about 13% of the country's population.
No. 4019

Nice. They deserve it they done very good.
Haha, Jelacic!

I watched the highlights of the match and the third goal Croats got... man... they just froze down for a moment, everyone even a goalie stood there a bit, confused a little after Griezmann's shot, liek "where's the ball?" and Pogba reacted fast and exploited the situation. Bunch of backs were there and they missed one beat, only one.
No. 4073
73 kB, 500 × 350
970 kB, 2200 × 1950
573 kB, 2000 × 2000
Well, Endchan is down so I'll post these here first.
Ofc I couldn't make it as it should be for the reasons discussed already. I have to note tho, that on Kohl a drawfag German did a drawfag thread which was alive during a Kohlcup match and even in one thread he posted that he was the previous Cupball drawer but he don't want to do it anymore or such thing. I hope he'll die in phimosis.
No. 4075
Intetesting approach, great drawing!
No. 4076
For the final I built on his >>3910 idea.
I considered just spreading the defeated countryballs all over the field as two (Argentina and Denmark) are drawn twice and that way I could have avoid that. Maybe I'll do it sometimes out of curiosity how would it look like.
No. 4081


very well drawn
No. 4086
No. 4088

No. 4714
257 kB, 1920 × 1280
350 kB, 451 × 644
Russians do you remember her from 2014?

WC fan star turned pornstar turned WC star again

No. 4738
37 kB, 477 × 386
No. 4744
What are some great world cup vlogs to watch?
No. 4837
3,4 MB, 640 × 360, 0:45
No. 4840
80 kB, 1024 × 619

If there are so many insects in Volgograd, why didn't they put the stadium right next to the Volga (where there are the most mosquitoes)?
No. 4867
There are WC vlogs?
Btw WC is over. It's four years for the next one.
No. 4885
It had struck me as strange in this movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RInbUfAZzwY but then I found out Russia is so much more horrible than I'd imagined. Just imagine continent wide stale, hot air filled with mosquitoes and deer flies.
No. 4892
...Are you aware that Russia has different climate zones?
No. 5001
62 kB, 640 × 450
7,9 MB, 640 × 360, 2:13
Pussy Riot at World Cup Final:

No. 5060
18,3 MB, 640 × 360, 3:53
>There are WC vlogs?
Si senor, mucho :-)

>36 años por esto?....que vergüenza
many such cases

The only thing that would make it funnier if alextime lordnazi walked the streets making fun of the beaners after they got eliminated
No. 5397
48 kB, 870 × 668
Found this pic by random and thought it's funny enough to post ITT
No. 5402 Kontra
392 kB, 1347 × 1167
Oh wait, it was Brozovic, not Vida
No. 7665
55 kB, 705 × 322
I'm sorry for posting this here but I won't open a new thread for this.
So endchan.xyz and .net are down due some idiot's tranny spam. However endchan.org wörks fine (with shitty geolocation tho). Access options changed a bit maybe not all of our posters know about it and there's a chance they'll see it here.
No. 10308
69 kB, 634 × 381
56 kB, 634 × 385
(Use youtube setting to play at .25 speed)

>Now we know that the ball bounded on the line and went back to the pitch. The only film that recorded the action was somewhat edited by the perfidious Brits to make the rebound images fuzzy, for that reason nobody was sure of what had happened for decades. But modern technology applied the laws of Physics and recovered the whole sequence and the truth emerged: There was not goal.
No. 11518
31 kB, 640 × 400
1,6 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:06
Again that time of the year, End is down. Or at least it gives permanent 500 error on every domain. Funny thing I checked with several "is it down?" sites and some says it's up. No news on their twitter either.
Not long ago the Roskomnadzor wrote to the company which provides the server that some loli content on /librejp/ should be taken down or else. Noone cares. Maybe Russian hackers now attacking the server as retaliation.
And again I won't open another thread for this. Maybe it would fit in the Today Thread better but whatever.
No. 11519 Kontra
Oh great, systemkontra. Noone will read this.