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No. 13145
295 kB, 1170 × 680
I'm not sure where to put this so I guess I'll just use it to talk about zines at least at first. Thoughts on this?

>A ‘zine to inspire truth seeking and soul searching amidst the modern age of nihilism and despair, promoting the ancient principle of the last true rebellion: to be dead to this world and alive to the other one.
No. 13149 Kontra
>Thoughts on this?

Wow, you can buy a t-shirt to proudly proclaim that you are dead to this materialist and consumerist world? Yeah, I think it's a load of bullshit.
No. 13158
It's a zone devoted to what appears to be some kind of born again version of Eastern Orthodox. One of the worst crimes of the Soviets was what they did to Orthodox Christianity. That and murdering the intelligentsia. And the general torture executions starvation and evil thing, which isnt surprising that an early target of theirs would be churches which would be among the first to criticize villainy while offering a better alternative of basically Christian charity and Christian version of Socialism as opposed to fedora murder Socialism.
No. 13159 Kontra
Oh wait I see what I mean. I didn't see all the "but our useless crap" spam when I went there before. Not sure why I am seeing it now.
No. 13162 Kontra
>One of the worst crimes of the Soviets was what they did to Orthodox Christianity.

I wish they would have been more consequent with this "crime".
No. 13163 Kontra
Despite that the Orthodox church likes to put on an image of being persecuted martyrs during the Soviet rule, they weren't banned and were allowed to operate freely. Soviet Union wasn't a Cambodia-tier omnicidal shithole, it wasn't much different from modern secular states, with the exception that openly religious people couldn't take privileged official positions. And exactly that was the reason of tensions between the Orthodox church and the Soviet government, and not some imaginary "battle against villainy". Priests were simply butthurt that they were deprived of any political power, and couldn't live at the expense of the common people, like in Tsarist times. Hell, they actually supported Hitler during WW2, hoping that they would reclaim at least some of the political influence they used to enjoy, if the Nazis took over. And look at these bastards now, when they can do whatever they want again: while pretending of being "spiritual leaders" of the people, they do nothing but stuff their bellies with food and their pockets with money. The only category of people who can compete with them for the title of the biggest pieces of shit are politicians, and even then it's unclear who is the winner.
No. 13185
Maybe Belerus would be free if it was actually a religious country? Because it seems to me an extremely unfree extra impoverish country under secular dictatorship. I think maybe America should even help provide the Orthodox with weapons systems to overthrow their oppressors it they want them)))

Why was Nicholas II sainted?
No. 13195 Kontra
>Maybe Belerus would be free if it was actually a religious country?
No. The only thing that would change is that instead of only bureaucrats drinking my blood I would have both bureaucrats and priests drinking my blood. Religious countries are always much less free than secular ones. Just look at the Middle East.
No. 13233
Well then what are some good sources to learn about the split between the RCC and Byzantium Orthodox Christian churches and the development of the Eastern Orthodox throughout Greece/Macedonia and into the Rus lands?
No. 13240
good stuff
No. 13251
>and the development of the Eastern Orthodox throughout Greece/Macedonia and into the Rus lands?
Primary Chronicle.
No. 13269
You are telling it to american, where religion is one of the columns of freedom
Orthodoxy was already dead by the time of revolution. People didn't believe in it and the original idea was long lost.
What many western people don't get about the soviet times that it was a form of anarchy. You could kill people you don't like by letter and take whatever you want by force. Stalin and lenin didn't list all people they want to kill by names or personally shooting at people. People did it to each other. The church was devastated by its own hands, property was taken from it because people wanted to. Religion was too corrupted already by 18 century.
I might agree that byzantine orthodoxy wasn't bad, there are many good ideas. But in here and Ukraine it was more of an national identity and in Russia church was more of a kid for tsars they didn't want to have.
Also Belarus isn't orthodox in a way like Russia. We had uniat church and our tradition still borrows a lot from paganism.