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No. 13298
65 kB, 400 × 400
How does one make money online that doesn't involve crypto/SR/camwhoring? like for example, how does one actually start a blog and make money from it? Do you need to set up all kinds of things like bank account, a paypal or whatever, and have advertisers pay you or what?
No. 13300
>Do you need to set up all kinds of things like bank account, a paypal or whatever, and have advertisers pay you or what?

Yes, you also need something interesting to write about and even then you won't earn much from something like a blog.
No. 13314
I will describe work not related to blogs.

It's nearly impossible to make money online if you're from 1st world country, because the average salary will not cover the cost of living in America. I want to become a freelance artist, but it's because even $200 a month would be enough for me to have a decent (by Ukrainian standards) life in my country. A lot of people on Russian imageboards work as translators or copywriters for $100-1000 a month.
There's also this type of work where you type captcha and answer stupid questions on special web-sites like Toloka, but the pay there is extremely low and you gonna work for literally cents and get $100-400 a month, it's a very dull and exhausting 24/7 job. In general, the only viable online proffesion for a 1st worlder is programmer, the others pay too little (translators, copywriters) or require many years of study and self-promotion (freelance artists).
No. 13332
Pretty much this.
I have also looked for online translation agencies like gengo (the pay is generally low but you get work easier than as a freelancer) to make some money, but it just wouldn't be worth my time here in Germany. Might be really viable for 2nd or 3rd world countries though.
No. 13337
853 kB, 750 × 2238
Blogs are unlikely to be profitable nowadays for various reasons

Pic reated seems to be from 2010, so a bunch of these are not profitable anymore, but should suffice as a primer to get an idea what is possible

As >>13314 said for grunt work you will get outbid by people from places with lower living costs, that's why a lot of people working as online freelancers move to Thailand or whatever, cf "digital nomad"

In any case you need to have good motivation and organizational skills, and also learn the skills required for what you want to do, e.g. programming, writing, marketing etc.

So if you're serious about it do your research, there's a huge amount of resources dedicated to "how to make money online" though obviously they all also want to sell you something
If you have any specific questions or ideas we can then talk ITT

If I would have any business sense I would now attach a link to my blog or sth.
No. 13381

You can always try trading online if you have at least some capital.
No. 13387
This chart looks like a joke.
No. 13771
Buy low sell high
No. 13774
It's very dumb, that's for sure
No. 13778
1,1 MB, 1196 × 602
The preamble is definitely a joke, but the flow-chart itself does accurately breakdown how money is made on the internet. Of course even that just lists what you can do, but not how to it.
>Action figures painted to look like different action figures
I just found out people do that. This guy used to sell his but doesn't anymore what kind of artist turns down money!?
No. 29947
B u m p
No. 29965
As a general rule regarding being independent:
it's all about marketing and promotion. You will spend most of the time marketing yourself and your product. Reaching the customer is the primary objective. What you offer is secondary, although it helps if it's something people actually need.
I see many people thinkering about the product, even producing something superb, then going bankrupt or barely getting by because they're not thinking about marketing.

So become proficient in marketing and you can sell anything. It helps when you're high energy and inquisitive and creative and extroverted.
If you're looking for an easy job you simply 'do' without much effort then most regular jobs will pay better and are more what you're looking for.
No. 30051
108 kB, 442 × 253
destroyyin 3 beers ayyy
No. 30055
The answer depends on what you are trying to do. You need to know how to make money online before that will mean anything. For example if you are a writer, you know online publishing means your articles need to be read by a lot of people. If you are a business then your products are worth a lot to the customers who buy them. If both you and your business are trying to make money online, then they are both very similar.

The first step in making money online is to pick something that interests you. That something could be a website, blog, or an application. If that niche is too broad to fill then you have to look for something specific than that.

Take a trip to the mall to try out one of that niche but there is another website worth your attention and that is the one for which you are writing the article.

Now that you have picked one you want to fill with content that you can take to market in the near future
No. 30079
That you can make a lot of money without having to be a crypto/SR shill by having a well placed "buy now and sell later" type of website that's built for the same userbase/engagement (and a low conversion rate)? Or, that your "selling" site is a legit business trying to make some money that way?

I think the first of these answers isn't going to work.

What's the second answer?

I'm trying to think of an online business I'm interested in because I don't think it's a scam. That it's a legit business that has a few things going for it:

They use crypto for their revenue sources (includiing camwhoring, sr/camwhore, p2p purchases etc.) They have a highly engaged and engaged user base They manage a marketplace of goods and services
No. 30096
I sell things in my local ebay aka mercado libre. Im studying so i work like 10hrs a week on my store and get like 400Usd in profits. And when im collapsed in studies i just pause the pause. I import the things from China using a virtual prepaid Credit card so i dont have to go to the bank and caring about paying bills every month
No. 39523
No. 42302
Hey how do I start investing in things like stocks?
No. 42304
Trading Fraternity/Stock Market Live, on Youtube. Guy is a selfmade millionaire who trades for a living. He has a ton of really informative videos, and livestreams his trading from market open to close literally every day.

Trading can easily lose you all of your money, or more money than you have if you trade options. If you don't have the discipline to follow an ironclad set of rules NO MATTER WHAT YOUR FUCKING GUT SAYS, don't even bother. The number 1 rule is follow a strict set of rules designed to minimize the risk of losses - especially catastrophic ruin cases where you lose all of your money.

It is the easiest thing in the world to say "well yeah, I could lose it all, but that last trade worked great! If I double down and put all of my money into it, I'll never have to work again!" And then the market moves in another direction for reasons outside of your knowledge and control, and you lose all of your money on what felt like a sure bet. The problem is, you don't know what the sure bets are, and the idiot voice in your head WILL tell you to double down, ESPECIALLY when you have just made money and should be worried about cementing your gains.

t; idiot who made ridiculous gains in a couple of weeks then lost almost all of it. If I had listened to that dude's advice instead of my gut, I would be up 500-1000% instead of just 70%. NEVER EVER EVER listen to your gut on any trade that is more than 1% of your total worth. Your gut is retarded and doesn't know what to do. Once you have a sound investment strategy, you need to be able to execute it like an emotionless robot. If you can't do that, the only investments you should make are long-term buy-and-forget blue-chip stocks, that you can reasonably expect to appreciate gradually in value until you retire.
No. 42308

If you REALLY want to make money by trading, you should watch videos and read up on options trading - what options are, how they work, how to invest in them. Only consider trading options once you instinctively understand how they work.

Success is about rules. If you cannot follow a set of rules autistically, don't trade. If you can't master your emotions in the moment, no matter how strongly your gut tells you THIS IS IT, THIS IS THE RIGHT MOVE, don't trade. That will kill you no matter how well you know the fundamentals. Trading is 90% discipline and composure, not knowledge or raw intelligence. Every time you read about dumbasses losing their life's savings, it's because they KNEW they were onto something and listened to their gut instead of an autistic set of rules.

If I sound like a faggot repeating this over and over again, it's because I really don't want to worry that I put Ernst onto something, and that he might go bankrupt and kill himself because of it (and ultimately me). I'm already terrified that my dad learned about options trading through me. He's already ruined my mom's retirement plan once by following his gut, and even though my mom has locked him out of the bank account, if he clicks one wrong button on the broker's website he could put them $200k in debt to some asshole in New York.

Now that that's out of the way:
If you really want to trade, start trading with a very small account on Robinhood. There is no minimum account balance, and no commission on trades. I can refer you to the site and we each get a free stock, but there's a 90% chance that you will get some shitty pennystock, so don't feel obliged to.

The Trading Fraternity guy has a lot of videos about how to turn a small account (~$250) into thousands. He's done it for fun several times over on stream, and it's plausible for you to do it as well. BUT, you have to follow the rules like an iron-clad autist. For the love of god, kill your emotion and trade like a Zen monk. Once you see your account so far up from where you started, it'll all go to your head, and you'll tell yourself that you're just one or two trades away from not having to work for a living. But you will NEVER reach that point if you think like that. Rule #2 (after Rule #1: Always follow the rules) is to never leverage your account over a certain percentage of your total worth. I.E. if your trading account is worth $5000, never have more than $500 in active investments. Rule #3 is to remember that it doesn't count until it's cash. Your account might say $5000, but if $4500 of that is in stocks and options, you don't actually have $5000. You have $500, and $4500 worth of assets that could theoretically be worth nothing tomorrow (especially true of options).

I could give more advice, but I'm still a dumbass who lost most of what he gained, and is trying to claw his way back up. Go watch that guy's videos and streams (as well as other videos on Youtube explaining the basics - but only take general advice, don't take specific stock picks from fucking Youtube). You will eventually learn enough to treat trading as a profitable hobby. After a few years, you might even be able to make a living off of it (but don't ever plan on it - that dream will make you desperate, and once you lose composure you lose money, which of course takes you further away from your goal).
No. 42309
Last dumbass rule:
You will learn this anyway from your general education on options that you will certainly acquire on your own in the near future.

But never, ever, EVER sell an option (to open). If you sell an option to open, your loss can be theoretically infinite, whereas buying an option caps your losses at the initial investment. Only fucking morons will ever sell options to open a position. This is the #1 most important thing to understand about options, and until you understand why and how this works, don't even consider trading.
No. 42311
How do you make money offline?

The Internet isn't some magical place where you can just receive money. The only thing it does is making it easier to reach customers globally.
No. 42327
At the same time it makes customers world wide more antagonistic to being reached, mind you. Not in equal measure, though, at least not yet.
No. 42357
Affiliate marketing still works to some degree but profits are going down. The reality is you will have to jump into black hat marketing for mostly anything that will be profitable and even legit quality products will need at lest some grey hat tricks to grow fast and make you money that is not "if my content stays good enough I might make some money from it in 3 years".
E-thot scams still work like a charm and the chance to get busted is near zero. Just sell some beta orbiters some pics you find literally anywhere for $30-50 worth of Amazon Gift Cards... You can easily get 1-4 customers per day, if you're into jail bait even more in the usual places
Flipping IG and TikTok accounts is easy money on certain markets but that is now more of a investment. Build them with a large number of followers now in what ever niche that is alway popular and sell them in 2-3 years for $100+ per account
Porn, porn always works so a porn blog where you just upload fap galleries from image boards is always in demand and porn affiliates give zero fucks how you generate your traffic of how you funnel them to their site
Reselling services always works, drop shipping with the "free xy for $xx shipping" with a $0.30 worth item with a $8 shipping free you pocket, (you just order it from AliExpress for free lel) still works in the US, in the EU not so much.
If you have a big hobby you're really passionate about monetizing videos on YT and selling extra content on Patreon always works and scaleability just depends on your skills to pump out new quality content.

No. 42383
>Porn, porn always works so a porn blog where you just upload fap galleries from image boards is always in demand

People willing to pay for this crap actually exist?
No. 42385
They even pay for “footy streams“ you rip from free sites and put behind a paywall. The average internet porn consoomer is as naive and stupid as a 10 year old.
No. 42433 Kontra
The gigabrain move to benefit from the pandemic would've been to buy up webcams three months ago. I haven't checked it in detail, but budget ones seem to be going for at least 3x the price now. I guess unfortunately the opportunity is lost now though.
No. 52419
Gonna revive this thread for some hopefully serious discussions.

Does Ernst have any experience with ETF saving plans?

I finally amassed a little bit more money than I can think of what to do with & registered with an online broker (tbh the GameStop craze last month also motivated me). Took me a while of research but I now set up a monthly payment into the Xtrackers MSCI World UCITS ETF 1D since there's no order fees on it until the end of 2022 with the broker I chose.
No. 52420
Not really, I've some money invested in a robotics ETF but that is it(for now, I plan to invest in some more soon). I would only say that while ETFs obviously are safer I would still not be comfortable investing everything in one ETF. It's always better to invest diversely, even though ETFs do that anyway they are still tied to a certain sector or group of stocks.
No. 52521
>even though ETFs do that anyway they are still tied to a certain sector or group of stocks.
That's why I went with the MSCI World index, I suppose it's the "safest" since it's supposed to represent the economies of developed countries. Though yeah, it's 2/3 USA stocks, the top stocks being MAFAG, but it also gets updated
No. 52615
121 kB, 1004 × 565
How exactly does one set up a merchandise store? I see these things from people like Joe Scott and Kurzgesagt, as well as a whole bunch of other different things like Gamer's Nexus and Linus Tech Tips where they're clearly contracting out to a bunch of other companies, which just reminds me about stuff like Zazzle.

So how is one to do it? Can I just like design some prints in mspaint and send them the jpg or png files and get them to make it? And then am I to create some kind of a storefront? Who makes these things? How do I do it? I don't have to contract directly out to some Chinese plant correct, so who is making the money off these things?

Along that lines, which are some of the best photoshop like things to get? Or should I just get photoshop? Does photoshop or whatever embed some kind of identifiable code or exif data like things attached to it, so if I register it will expose my details?

What are some of the best video editing tools to use? Which are the best places to learn these things?

It had occurred to me that while I wanted to create an absolutely abysmal shovelware game using something like rpgmaker I could simply just use the aforementioned stuff instead to make some extra money. Of course likewise, I can put the cart before the horse and just set up the merch, and then proceed to make my shitty game.

Although along those last lines, which are some of the best programs to use for designing a game? Should I just watch a bunch of youtube videos on how to do it? I watched something about designing an alien planet's landscape before but forget which used it, although come to think maybe it was just in Blender
Do I have to actually pay for all of these tools? Like if I used Unreal or Unity I'm pretty sure I've got to pay for that but I don't know how. I don't know how to do anything that I would be doing. I don't even know where to start, or how to pay for using Unity engine, or if there's a much simpler and cheaper/free way to use something to make my first shit game just so I can see how to use these tools.
And before you ask, no, this last one is not to become a game dev, I just want to tinker with it as a hobby.
No. 52799
All that I have wanted to do is just straight up buy Dogecoins why is this such a fucking pain in the ass

No, I don't really care about the major popular ones. Idk why but Doge stood out to me and I want to buy it while it's still basically pennies a coin. If I wasted money then I wasted money but I'm sketched out how much personal shit these exchanges want out of me.
No. 52806
>Along that lines, which are some of the best photoshop like things to get? Or should I just get photoshop?
You don't need Photoshop to create designs. There are plenty of other options, and you likely won't need all the extra bells and whistles. Krita is the big one, has plenty of functionality, but I still use Medibang for its simplicity. I'm also a creature of habit.

Photoshop does have the ability to create an SVG file, which is the best format for reproducing line art. Vector art won't lose any detail with enlarging/reducing. But if your needs are simple, there are free vector programs. Inkscape, never learned to use that one. Installed, tinkered a bit, then uninstalled. Not for me. I used an online conversion site instead. Turned a PNG into an SVG(after a few tweaks-can't have lines too close or they combine into a giant blob).

>I'm sketched out how much personal shit these exchanges want out of me
Banking and brokerage regulations, can't get around them. 9/11, Patriot Act, stop the terrorists, blah blah. I'm surprised they still let us have burner phones and pre-paid VISA cards.
No. 52807
>ll let us have burner phones and pre-paid VISA cards.
Which guess exactly how I ordered some new pants last year. In that case they supplied cops too so I'm like no I'm not giving you my waist size on top of all the other personal info you wanted so I just used a fake name and a fake email and a burner. You still can't use prepaids for overseas transactions though which irks me because most key sites are overseas and I don't want to give some potentially dodgy site my real banking details. You also have to give them your social security number on reloadable cards but not prepaids for some reason.
No. 52860
So I'm filing my taxes for the first time and my dad gave me info on the stock accounts that are in my name.. I don't know what to do.

I feel like I probably should keep this information hidden if IRS doesn't know about it since I'll have to fill out another form, which is the tardy form since I didn't do this when I was supposed to.

What should I do, American Ernsts?
No. 52862
Were the stocks purchased in your name and held, or were they also sold? If there were no sales, only purchases, then you don't need to do anything. Capital gains aren't assessed until they are realized by selling the asset. If they were sold, the brokerage will file a form with the IRS informing them of the proceeds. The IRS will then assume this was 100% profit, and taxable, unless you offset the proceeds by deducting your stock purchase price.

So, if there were sales, then the IRS already knows. There is a form, schedule D, which you need to fill out. You basically list 'bought at X price', 'sold at Y price', then total up the difference. This is then attached to your tax return. It's tedious, but not that difficult if you have good records. Not a pro at this or anything, but I've had to fill these out before.
No. 52864
One of them is a form with information being represented as a commodity being sold, with my father being in custody of it.. The other form, I believe, is commodities being purchased and held.
No. 52870
214 kB, 1000 × 750
Sounds like a custodial account. Sadly, I don't know much about handling those. There are a lot of different rules and exceptions. So, to answer your initial question in >>52860, I would ask your father if there were any tax consequences in prior years. If so, how did he handle them? If not, then you need to know what type of account you have, and from there you can determine what the tax rules are.
No. 52871
Can't I just get someone to look at this? My sister suggested I use H&R Block to sort this out.
No. 52872
Why not ask him?
No. 52875
He doesn't care to discuss it
No. 52877
I would recommend downloading an IRS 1040, an 8949, and a schedule D. That will give you an idea of what questions need to be answered. They may look intimidating, but if you break the process down into steps then it's fairly straightforward. Just take it one line at a time.

If you're still confused, then H&R Block or similar would be a good idea. As an alternative, you could gather your tax forms- a W-2, the statement your father gave you, don't know if you have any others- and try using one of the e-file sites first. If you get stuck, then you can always bail on the process and go to a pro.
No. 52894
114 kB, 400 × 400
Hey britlad, not sure wherever you went but I just wanted to formally apologize to you about that and how you were right last year for telling me to invest. That is literally the fourth fucking time in my adult life I missed a rather major, epic chance to cash in because I was retarded and/or too poor to do anything about it. When you told me I should stop paying my rent and just invest you literally told me that right before this huge crypto bull run, judging by the charts. I mean yeah I eventually ran out of money anyways by new years. Yeah it was actually quite noice to push myself so far ahead on bills and rents that for once in my life I knew I could quit my job and live with myself playing vidya for months on end without any job and not even so much as get pestered with a bill in the mail. It was actually a noice feeling, but I should have listened to you. Had I actually taken that gamble back then I'd of had thousands and thousands of dollars extra now per just a few hundred which I could've easily written off as a loss, and I think a huge part of it is in being both stupid lazy. That, and because I pretty much just did not think it could justify sinking into investments then.

I would also just like to point out in the medium to short term I am absolutely expecting to be getting hosed, which is fine by me because I don't think anybody should ever actually invest money in anything particularly this volatile without mentally and emotionally having already written it off as a loss. I still consider my financial exposure well within acceptable limits, with say 5k junkcoins for $5-10 being at once the lowest possible financial exposure as well as the rather unlikley chance of it going up being the maximum returns for such a small bet.

I don't know much on investing however and I was actually disappointed to see how much airlines and cruises particularly Southwest Airlines being either up already or outright largely unaffected. It figures Southwest would be up.

Meanwhile I want to absolutely bet against myself in the longer term with quantum computers as well as genetechs if I can find the right IPOs. Apparently a megacorp holds a company literally called Genentech as the subsidiary and which now holds the 23andme databases you're a moron for paying someone to harvest your genetic data if you did that for frivolous reasons btw but which isn't what I want, and sadly it's likely going to be a bunch of chink companies to be most profitable because PRC corps don't give a shit about the rules and will just keep doing unethical or dangerous gene editing. The bigger problem is they lie, as a whole. I don't trust a word that comes out of a Chinese mouth. I will never speak the language so I can't even verify not being conned, but if I can find genetic engineering to buy into that will be the next tech rush. We are exiting the digital era and the future will not be nano, it will be genetic. The gene age will immediately follow the digital revolution and I want to cash in on that.

The other thing I'll say though is that the Quantum computing rush is likely to break crypto. Crypto mining and encryption, breaking anything without qubit level encrypts, I really don't doubt that it can just adapt with the times but I think a lot of coins won't which is what will cause even wilder speculation along with my expectation of crypto being stabilized as trash in the longest term as a result. Its primary beneficiaries are just going to be all the megacorps and Chinese government. I have no idea why morons want to do away with fiat, because crypto is more traceable than cash. When I pull fistfuls of fiat out of my account it simply disappears. Even if it's harder with Monero, you still leave a digital trail that can get used to track all your purchases. They're literally building the 666 New World Order they rant about.

But regardless, I should have invested. Even if I was risking losing lots of money, which I clearly am now and that is why I mostly picked up cheap shit and new shit even if BTC and ETH will crash and take down all the other cryptos with it. Yet even those shitcoins went up over the past year. Literally I could have made 10x my money back had I listened to you, Britain gov employee with the Titan card.

As for anything else I'm just starting to look into longer term stocks, which like my dad told me he got returns on stock from 20 years ago but I am not betting on America 20 years from how. 10 year stock sure but nothing 20-30 years unless that is also money I especially never expect to see a dime back. I'd much rather invest on European companies. Those do have a great future ahead of them. I suppose whatever the hell African Nasdaq/DOW would also be a good bet for something cheapest that will grow like crazy while being highly volatile, but I'd rather look at EU blue chips now to just hold value.
No. 52958
My thinking has continuously been evolving for months now and it has occurred to me I think the most efficient use of my time would be forking a blockchain somewhere to try and create my own crypto. My main problem is not even the ineptitude with code afaik but rather the legal exposure I could plausibly incur particularly given that it is now "regulated" and depending how I do it could be running afoul of the Securities Exchange Commission. I think that ironically the best bet for ass covering is fortuitously also the laziest, in that I could just release some shit into the wild and buy into what I made like crazy after announcing it rather than promising anything at all nor in having any actual stake in it whatsoever outside of being just another investor. I have already figured out exactly what to do and how I could do it minus the actual part about learning to use Putty or some shit like that, and also because ETH forks like what I was looking at wanted a facebook account. like seriously just what in the absolute fuck? Why. The fuck. Does anybody. Keep pushing crypto like it's some grand solution. So far as I have seen they are rapidly accelerating the New World Order cashless society dystopia they've been ranting at me about for years now. So far as I have seen immediately following the wild west crypto phase we'll have a total Chinese style control over everything linking to your social credit score. It's beyond retarded.

Like, I am pretty sure what I have in mind is actually workable, especially if I could set up some kind of cheapass home server on a Pi and just set up my own website. All of this takes way more technical acumen than I have but luckily at pre-birth character creation while I did use a bunch of retarded things as dump stats and took a few negative perks to free up more space I pretty much just rolled on a high /INT/ character under the assumption I could work my way out of any jam the negatives cause. I know I can do this if I overcome my own laziness and enforce the strictest of discipline to singlemindedly pursuing this project.
>but isn't this just some retarded get rich quick scheme where you'll only end up losing money
Plausibly yes that could happen however I am utterly convinced if I do it this way I don't even need to win the lottery, which even at a low yield of $400k would free up so much time and wealth I could start exponentially growing my money. I am still phrasing it like this because I know that there's really only a couple of avenues that could work and am amazed no one figured out this shortcut yet, so I want the idea to sound as absolutely retarded and crackpot as possible if or until I have executed it and then either I don't do it or people would eventually see why my way would work. I have had lots of other ideas that had nothing to do with crypto but this is by far the most efficient and high yield angle.

All that notwithstanding my bigger fear is securities commissions in case there is some obtuse federal regulatory law I might trip on. I know for a fact you can get arrested if it mimics securities instead of commodities, also that ICOs are regulated which in the case of ICOs I don't want that anyway because most people will think it's scams. Just a flat out commodity where I buy my own blockchain.
No. 53766
Where in fuck even it is
Oh right it's a spider not a stock market chart or whatever.

Anyway well let's see I guess I should actually keep a tight eye on my 3770kwhich I absolutely shouldn't be wasting my money on right now but otherwise good news today I finally jumped through hoops to get into stonks. It is actually quite irritating to have my privacy intruded upon to that granular a level but oh well. At least now I can have a real stock portfolio and not just shitcoinseven though one of them for some unknown reason did a 1000% profit just now and so I liquidated a good amount high and shifted it towards other coins thus leaving me like 20% profit in a month on that account.

However the irony is that the real stonks are actually imo much less valuable and far more risky to get into right now because I swear to God it's an overinflated bubble in every area of the economy and it is going to crash. I seriously consider myself at higher exposure trading on the US stock market right now than just investing into shitcoins. Yeah fuck it dude I'll see your $140 and I'll raise you cunt
No. 54711
166 kB, 731 × 731
882 kB, 1125 × 2436
33 kB, 600 × 265
218 kB, 1024 × 769
How I buy Polish and Hibernian stonks?

Hinernia REIT and Hibernian bancorp idk about and I do not wish to give a bunch of Dublin landlords my money, however I would very much like to move at least some of my money into the EU. I'd also like to have a stack of Euros but have had surprising difficulty in acquiring Euros.

But most importantly, how I buy Polish and Hibernian stonks and what are good Hibernian and Polish stonks to buy?