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No. 13299 Systemkontra
1,2 MB, 1006 × 1200
Liru is a miracle of the universe.
No. 13302 Kontra
You seem to have missed the thread
No. 13303
103 kB, 677 × 713
There was a thread? Damn...
No. 13312 Kontra
Ugly bitch wouldn't drink tea with

I also want to strongly suggest that this is not the best imageboard for your thread. The match is wonky at best.

Instead, let's talk about what you define as miracle of the universe; it's a concept foreign to me and I am interested do know what you mean by it. Is a miracle by its own nature an unpredictable phenomenon? This would imply a non-deterministic universe. I have my own theories about how deterministic this universe is, but let's hear your thoughts on that first :3
No. 13315
The biggest miracle of the Universe is that it exists at all. How unlikely is it for something to be instead of not?

We're all miracles of the Universe.
No. 13316
So you define a miracle as something that is possible but extremely unlikely? Is a miracle only a miracle as long as nobody understands how/why it occured?
No. 13318
Well, if we're going approach it from an empirical perspective, a miracle is an event the cause of which is impossible to know. Which I think the mystery of creation is. Simply being unknowable puts it outside the scope of empiric knowledge and into philosophy/mysticism.

From a metaphysical perspective, there is no reason for anything to be rather than not to be. "Nothingness" is a false concept (as explained by parmenides), but that is an empirical reservation at its core: non-being is impossible simply because we happen to live in a reality that happened to Be rather than not be. WHY existence is the default rather than non-existence, I think we'll never get to know.
No. 26142
A miracle indeed.
No. 26413
621 kB, 2220 × 1080
Zo gut