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No. 13434 Systemkontra
305 kB, 1600 × 1200
I was banned from kohlchan for 5 days, saying to return back to this place. The things is...i've never been on this chan before, but i will follow mr moderator advice.
No. 13438
What kind of post did you make that was simultaneously Ernst-tier and bannable? I didn't know that Ernst posting could be a bannable offense.
No. 13440
Complaining about /pol/ posting and making fun of right wing ideology is a bannable offense on kohl.
No. 13442 Kontra
132 kB, 545 × 424
No. 13454 Kontra
So it is literally just another 4kanker clone filled with 4kanker and pedophiles? Bernd is truly dead.
No. 13476
1,4 MB, 1092 × 1023
I'm surprised to face the fact that alternative options are unkown for Bernds on Kohl as I thought most of them visited almost all after KC main closed shop.
You might also wanna check out Endchan/kc, cozy slow board for Bernd, with lax rules we like to keep.

Also /r/-ing that picture of Europe and Bernd's exodus.
No. 13485 Kontra
126 kB, 544 × 768
It seems i made the right decision when i chose to ignore the existence of any chan except for EC when KC ultimately died from it's long lasting illness.
No. 13494
Ruh-roh. Kohl is an deds (at least posting to Kohl doesn't work anymore). Prepare yourselves for the flood!
No. 13495 Kontra
I've heard that one a million times before. I dont care.
No. 13499

I could post for a while, then I saw no one else was posting so decided to get rid of my cookie. Now I can't post.
No. 13500
Yeah, i was just finished writing a really meaningful and insightful post, even made a nice picture. Just kidding, it was a shitpost. And then, out of nowhere: weird dns error message.

The FBI admin must be copying his monthly share of data right now. I guess it will work in a few hours again.
No. 13502
42 kB, 1473 × 229
>And then, out of nowhere: weird dns error message.
Same here, makes no sense to me. If it was a dns problem, the page itself would also not be reachable, right? Of course the IP could be cached, but then posting would work. mxtoolbox also says it's fine. I hope this isn't due to any 3rd party lib that is only involved during posting.
No. 13517 Kontra
The DNS of the domain obviously still works, otherwise you couldn't even access it.

Kohl probably looks up your hostname when you post, which is currently broken.
No. 13523
35 kB, 761 × 215
31 kB, 367 × 500
FYI, repairs hopefully in progress...
No. 13612
37 kB, 474 × 280
No. 13648 Kontra
>making fun of right wing ideology is a bannable offense on kohl.

Is this true? It's officially incel /pol/chan?
No. 13698 Kontra
Worse. It's the same shit as cripplechan. You also get banned for pointing out Trump is a Zionist.