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No. 13747
428 kB, 1847 × 1002
27 kB, 300 × 300
133 kB, 1024 × 576
Old one on systemkontra

Share your vidya games expectations, experiences, wishes, opinions and so on and so on
No. 13748
284 kB, 668 × 668
Should I finally pirate Stellaris and try it out as a fan of 4x games but not so much grand strategy?
No. 13749
Check what people say about the DLC. Vanilla was neither a good 4x nor a good Grand Strategy game. Some expansions might have fixed that but I dunno. Early game is kind of cool though I will admit. It's just that once the land grab is done the game is just boring.
No. 13750
So how then does it compare to a real actual 4X game not needing tons of DLC like Galactic Civilizations, Endless Space, Master of Orion, and so on?

See this is the one big thing I never got about so many bernds backing Paradox shit. It always seems like they just release a broken mess that's barely even a real finished game then unless a hundred dollars worth of 0day DLCs to make it playable. This is partly why I don't really give a shit about Paradox except for City Skylines and their backing of a few decent successful projects in other studios like Tyranny and crpgs and such.
No. 13751
It's perfectly playable. It's just not that compelling once you get past the early game. Most Paradox games have enough in the base game that they're at least kind of fun. Stellaris just felt like they ran out of money after doing the exploration phase.

>It always seems like they just release a broken mess that's barely even a real finished game then unless a hundred dollars worth of 0day DLCs to make it playable.
Generally they're perfectly playable out of the box. In some cases it's arguable that the DLC ruins the game. CK2 got feature creep until it's barely recognisable as a game intended to be about the Crusading era. The original map was great because it was big enough to give you space but small enough that you felt connected to a lot of the relevant places either through diplomacy or the fact that your families had been facing off in the Holy Land for generations. With the expanded map, a lot of corners of the map were just completely disconnected from the rest of it and the game just felt less cohesive and interesting.
No. 13755
827 kB, 1359 × 655
18 kB, 976 × 252
Interesting scenario. I have intel suggesting an escorted recon flight is inbound from Syria, likely targeting either the Har Ramon Radar station or Ramat David Air Force Base.

Intel suggests a Tu-22M loaded up for recon with an escort of MiG-21MFs and MiG-23MLs. Not really a major threat since I have some older (mid-80s era) F-15s and some F-16Is which are 4.5gen, but will still keep my fighters at BVR ranges due to the Floggers carrying either R-23R or R-24R SARH missiles with maximum reach between 16 and 24 nautical depending on if they have the old ones or the new ones, not a major threat since my AIM-120C-7 armed Falcons can reach out to 60. The Fishbeds are older though and are only carrying R-13M rear-aspect heaters with a maximum range of 4 nautical, they pose zero threat unless I do something wrong.

Where it gets complicated though is that I'm not operating in exclusive airspace, meaning that there is civilian air traffic throughout the area in addition to hostile, so any bogeys must be pessimistically considered no-goes until confirmed bandits. Problem there is that it requires getting relatively close to them for an ID, i.e. getting in range of the older weapons.

I'm sending up an AEW mission just in case I need to shut down my radar at Har Ramon, but first I'm putting up a defensive CAP in the area using the older F-15s since I don't expect the escorts to leave their mission to engage there. I'm meanwhile keeping the F-16Is in reserve pending enemy ID, but I don't know how I'm going to approach that yet. I may set up an exclusion zone on airspace approaching my installations so that anything entering it is assumed hostile, but I don't want to accidentally catch an airliner in there. Another option is BARCAP along the border but that risks closing in too much on the enemy by letting them enter the patrol area, or wasting fuel investigating lots of contacts. The final option and the one I'm thinking I'll take is going to be to send up a BARCAP with a hold-fire WRP and have them bait out the enemy search radars so we can identify them with passive sensors and then send up an intercept with reserve fighters.

I forgot how fun CMANO was.
No. 13761
Wait for dlc and patch on the next week. It's worth it.
No. 13762
115 kB, 645 × 773
Actually, I have to admit, that GTA V has quite some replayability.

A shame that they killed the online mode with military armory you'd have to spend real money on and which wouldn't lead to exiting gameplay anyway. It's far from a conspiracy when I say that there is no friends-lobby for a reason. Rockstar knows that you get griefed so hard that you either start spending money or quit playing.
No. 13764
Why usa posters always put this picture with word "video games" in video games threads?
No. 13786
36 kB, 613 × 515
I just saw people doing it a couple other times all the way back to KC I think so I just started doing it and reusing the picture. I mean, I guess...why wouldn't I? It's actually super convenient for finding the thread in the catalogue or scrolling by. I also often needlessly blast pictures because a) I can and have tens of thousands collected to share and b) because they actually serve as markers to help me navigate the thread. It visually organizes everything so I can see like bees and know where we are.
No. 13790
214 kB, 1207 × 630
Made a slightly more hd and much more proportional version of mp5sd3 for half life 1 to replace m4a1 in hd pack... and even done some UV but I has no textures so whatever
No. 13794
I was under the impression that hl1 weapons all looked squashed to simulate foreshortening in the viewscreen.
No. 13800
Yeah, at least model of machinegun squashed. Model of m4a1 have underbarrel fereda launcher that goes to bottom and at least to the side - all to get impression on first person view with standart 90s fow. And in most of goldsource and source games weapon first person often not modelled from other side you can't see for sake of optimisation.
No. 13803
I used to do some minor modding for source engine (mostly adding props) and the main thing I remember is how much of a pain in the ass it was to decompile and recompile models to edit them. The entire tool chain was fucked full of undocumented features.

Then I made a hat for TF2, it got 5 stars on the workshop and a lot of comments, then I deleted it due to performance anxiety :-DDDD.
No. 13806
1,1 MB, 1727 × 808
606 kB, 1532 × 673
1,1 MB, 1638 × 900
325 kB, 719 × 569
Well, on goldsource there is problems too, but you need use a milkshape and other instruments, and if you know how to use them - there nothing that difficult. Goldsource modding is alive, new instruments, even new fan engine replacement was made. Gaben is asshole who not did anything on 20th annivercity of HL but hell, who need him.
No. 13817
9 kB, 468 × 296
101 kB, 468 × 296
48 kB, 296 × 468
I made some sonic fan art.

t. expressionism pro
No. 13825
965 kB, 1650 × 1275
Indeed... very interesting approach. I can imagine if it was painted non-digitaly, it had chance to become famous paitings that cost 1000000 dollars each lol. I'd also really want to see full game or at least cutscene in this style.
However it give me creeps. Epspessialy last one. Personaly as for general, not artistic science apporach, I'am fan of more classic desighns.
No. 13826
721 kB, 1280 × 720
227 kB, 1920 × 1080
I have mixed feelings from GTA 5. I played it a little bit, passed like 25% of plot. In theory it awesome game - big map, many cars, many things and opportunities. I like to just drawing around world, doing random stuff in gta.

Trought for some reason unlike all previous games science 3rd, this game not keept me this far and for some reason I was bored. I say I much more fan of vice city and san andreas than 5. Hell, even 4 with it's style and more serious and sad kind of plot I liked much more. And physics of cars and things, yeah. I remember how I enjoyed plot and missions in biked GTA4 addon, nad was kinda dissapointed that my protagonist was killed very lame way in like one of the first missions by memetic psycho.
I think from gra5 I enjoyed most prologue-introduction, it give me Max Mayne 1-2 feels.
No. 13829
I like it. Maybe you could add some shapes resembling the spikes on their hedas, but maybe it actually adds to the effect of the art that you left out these iconic shapes
The feet in your pic actually creep me out more than >>13817
No. 13830
What you expect they have under shoes, lol?
No. 13832
I have tried adding the spikes, but they took something away from the effect.

I think the mechanics of those doodles is that the faces are creepy and misshapen, and doesn't resemble the characters themselves but the overall color scheme hints towards the identities of the characters. So the creepy faces are imposing themselves on the identities of the sonic characters.

If they were drawn with resemblance, it wouldn't work.

It's an exploration of the relationship between forms and symbols. The forms are completely different, but the symbols (color scheme) are unmistakably those of sonic character, so you can still identify the faces as sonic characters, which creates the creepy juxtaposition. Symbols are powerful like that.

t. art analysis pro
No. 13840
V has just a super nice cheesy plot which is very well staged. The satire is also way "in your face" which makes it very comedic but grim enough to be fun at the same time. Especially the radio became way better.

It's unfair to compare it to GTA:SA. Sure it was the best and there won't be any competitor in the future.

No. 13841
2,2 MB, 1920 × 1080
Finished playing all of Postal 2's seven days.
"Apocalypse weekend" was really weaker compared to the base game. Completely linear, and basically just a really bad shooter.
The main game is fun, because you can get into all sorts of shenanigans while afoot in town if you explore, and it's up to you how you handle it.
But in Apocalypse weekend you have to kill to win. Most of my kills came from the last two days.

The final boss was piss easy to beat, even though I was playing on a higher difficulty setting. (A smaller boss gave me a bigger challenge than the final one)

Overall, it's a fun game. Shines most when it's not trying to be a shooter.
I liked the main character's catchphrases and one-liners.
No. 13843
457 kB, 2736 × 1824
72 kB, 1102 × 1361
851 kB, 1161 × 602
96 kB, 980 × 590
1st of Decembary, 5509.

Almost 9 full years since Space Ukraine was founded, it is clear that this colony's golden age is gone.
The increased wealth from selling highly addictive drugs to neighbouring colonies brought us a far better standard of life, but it also brought countless raiders seeking to loot our once unbreachable fortress.
The colony remains majestic and strong, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that every raid is another wave that cracks the stone walls that separate this citadel from the surrounding wasteland.

More and more walls are left to be repaired, turrets are running increasingly low on rare metals to keep the barbarians at bay. We have lost almost a third of our population in the last months. All of the animals that helped the colony move along smoothly were sacrificed in suicidal charges.
The space ship program, the hope that this group of people would abandon this planet is forgotten. We are no longer able to save up the materials needed to continue building the spacecraft that would get us off this cursed planet.

It is obvious that this colony is a sinking ship, and it is time to amputate its rotten elements before all hope is lost.

I shall load all of what we can salvage into transport pods and send the resources to far from this mass burial site, in order to rebuild. We shall not only abandon what we can't salvage, we shall also abandon those who we can't save. The weak of heart will be executed after they have served their purpose in preparing the foundations for the new colony.

Glory to Space Ukraine.
No. 13844
48 kB, 600 × 600
I'm still playing Galactic Civilizations III but thing is the new update was total ass because what happened was the AI never built any farms and thus never dropped down cities, so what do the devs do? They just completely nerf city building altogether and make special tiles that can only have farms built on them and are rare. Fucking dumbasses. And also the biggest problem with the game I've noticed is that the AI is actually completely shit. For one thing, you get an experimental hyperdrive at the beginning that costs 2 antimatter but gives you 5 moves. So what do I, a reasonable human player do? I just find some antimatter by any means necessary including battering my tech to slap multiple antimatter engines on everything and spam starbase constructors and colony ships absolutely everywhere in the beginning while most if not all AIs are just pissing about with 3 move ships while I've got ships going across the map at 11, 15, 20, 26 moves at a time, and plus I just keep researching all the techs that give me more moves so I can zoom across the map and take everything. Why is this shit so OP? Because whenever you colonize a planet, in addition to it being rather critical to the game and in addition to population giving you most votes on the galactic council--so thus you, the city spammer, wind up with enough votes to basically run the galactic UN and boss around all the other races--each time it gives you 10 or 20 ideology points. Why do ideologies matter? Because they give some serious OP bonuses if you keep doing it.

So thus you wind up with a major, unbeatable empire in 100-200 turns depending on map. And the AI is just some broken shit. How do the Stardock devs fix this? By just giving you a ton of different levels of AI "intelligence" all of which consists of bonuses, so basically the only way to give yourself an actual challenge is to make them smarter than Genius and give them so many massive bonuses that it's basically cheat to win.

But it's still a pretty fun game though.
No. 13846
4,6 MB, 640 × 360, 1:29
Have you tried Frostpunk yet?
No. 13847
I have not. Thank you for bringing this game to my attention, it looks promising.
No. 13853
What about Tropico? Sounds like you'd like city building management simulation/survival games in general. Which I also do. Thanks to you this is now on my wishlist.
No. 13873
Playing Shadow Tactics. Pretty good so far and kind of regret putting this title off for as long as I have.

It's a tradition

Frostpunk was "just ok" for me. I don't know if it's just that type of game or if it was because it was a poorly concealed spreadsheet sim (for example animations don't match up with resources gathered). The main campaign isn't very hard at all and the secondary ones even less so. I think some element of combat/warfare could have improved the game. Like dealing with bandits or opposing factions but then that would probably contradict the "author's vision" or something.
No. 13875
I've played and enjoyed Tropico 5, but I found the game lacking. It felt like a lot of things were missing.
No. 13877
Tropico 5 got a lot less enthusiasm. Try Tropico 3.
No. 13880
1,3 MB, 831 × 904
I played Mass Effect Andromeda and it felt like a pre release beta or something. Do they even test games before shipping them to people? The fucked up animations were REALLY hard to ignore. Also a lot of homos mixed into the game, as usual. Thx bioware. I'm glad I don't pay for games.
No. 13883
Modern AAA games are PRODUCTS, not actual games or any kind of art. They made not like was before that studio with enthusiasts and employes, that going back in forward with different ideas and implementations and concepts.

It is kinda like this:
Core concept and idea and plot with gameplay already clear and maded by corporation - not much any kind of creativity. Just standart stuff that corporation think will sell better. Core studio made only overvision and assembeling, while most of game assets - sounds, models, textres etc. did by outsource freelancers. Final quality control did only to make game at least to some level look decent so they can sell it.

Same as with andromeda happen in Battlefield 5 for example, where hell lot of hilarious non-finished parts of levels, occasional placeholder textures etc.
No. 13884
117 kB, 423 × 361
After Andromeda I can't go on sampling modern AAA bullshit. It was the last straw. I really tried to not be a hardass critic and find at least something good in these games but I'm done now. Fuck this shit and the game megacorps. I wasted so much time on this crap!
No. 13885
God damn they even had a SpaceX advertisement shoved into the game by Musk and his dirty money. Fuck! Probably LGBT payed for the homos to be everywhere too. Maybe I'm just really angery tho and inventing conspiracy theories.
No. 13887
There so many old games and mods for them and mid-budget modern games so you really can just forgot about modern AAA honestely and not feel that much bad. Recently AAA hit so low level of quality that even target audience did not like it - there was wave of fails recently in blizzard, EA and bethesda - Battlefiled 5, Fallout 76 had not best sales and low raitings. Recent blizzard event with warcraft 3 remane and diablo on mobile was not... very big sucsess to say the least.

Nah as I said it is PRODUCT so they have hell lot of hided ads, sponsorships and other thengs that cover at least some parts of million budgets. Same as in holywood cinema. I hope you will not feel angy at all gay people because this modern shitty goverment and corporations propoganda
No. 13890
884 kB, 865 × 807
>modern games
Thank god I have a huge backlog I probably never complete.
No. 13891
78 kB, 609 × 860
Really makes you think what video games will be like in the future. I imagine it as modern generic normie TV, with ads every 30 minutes and a subscription fee to watch them. Future people will see this as normal or cool even, while we will know exactly how fucked up the world became. I never asked to live in a depressing cyberpunk dystopia but this sounds like one, complete with evil greedy megacorps.
No. 13892
171 kB, 1024 × 768
>I imagine it as modern generic normie TV, with ads every 30 minutes and a subscription fee to watch them.
Well, they is already. As fan of classic games, not notably classic RPG and FPS games from 80-90-early00s I can say that 2003 was kind of border where most of even PC AAA games shifted towards bydlo-normie audience and start making just products. Then was kinda mixed period of 00s where was occasionaly still nice games and overall game industry was not that much holywood-tier.

Nowdays... it basicly is, and for couple of time. In 10s AAA games basicly souless stamped things for low-tier audience. I play it sometimes when I has absoluetly nothing to do and want chech how crap it is - like recently played battlefield 4, battlefiled 1, Call of duty WW2 and it was more funny how lame it is. But can clearly say that for last 6-8 years AAA is for kids and normies only and just another general media for mass audithory. And like all mass media, recently it become even more crappy.
No. 13893
53 kB, 295 × 338
Yeah, thank god there thousands of games from 80-90-00s so no worry.
No. 13894
What will you do when the games run out?
No. 13897
well it for specific kind of people. I like trip and adventure, I like to explore world and do other things. I don't want become truck driver in real life, espessialy in russia, but sitting in chair at home and travell around.

For example I like watch multiple hours driving videos sometimes and relax. Like I watched 4 hour video of driving from LA to Las vegas once. Then I watched 5 hour video of driving in north mid-west to canada border where was basicly very empty view outside. Then I watched driving from Rino to Las Vegas by less major road. Currently I want to watch this video - I think it will be very interesting.


I follow huge classic Doom, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Command and Conquer, Half-life, Quake and other modding communities that do huge project, giants modifications and even new fan games. there also a couple of interesting quality indie projects and smaller games, that I follow - notably Ion Maiden and call of Saregnar. From other games - Warhammer Batlefleed Gothic Armada 2, for example.
And I not only play games - I like to read, learning 3d modelling and drawing and other things so I cant say I really bored.
No. 13900
26 kB, 425 × 319
That is incredibly assburger.
Although, I like pointlessly driving around.
No. 13903
I just realized that my triple A games or rather what I consider to be me liking triple As are not, in fact, triple A games and conpanies.

Are Stardock, Amplitude, and inXile for example AAA? What about Firaxis? Because I consider these among others to be releasers of triple A games and I unapologetically love them and is why I generally shit on what I consider low tier games and usually wastes of time as opposed to something that's actually a good game and made with some actual genuine quality control and effort like Endless Space 2, which is a AAA game. Isnt it?
No. 13904
633 kB, 700 × 700
The problem is these shitty, disgusting phone devices which I refuse to call by their marketing gimmick name of "smart phones" and you shouldn't either. They already have ads right in the middle of them and paid subscription and everything. This has already crept into PC gaming because like how the distinction between PC and console garbage got obliterated this decade so to are some evil money grubbing faggots working hard at erasing that distinction between phoneshit and PC in coming years. You can already see how hard they tried it with MMOs, thankfully many of which bombed and weren't successful. You can see a game like say Crossout which while technically a PC game is built entirely out of phoneshit.
No. 13905
This is not AAA gamss. AAA games is most expensive marketing blockbusters. This is games like battlefield and call of duty, mass effect and modern elder scrolls/fallout number series, top popular console titles like Horison Down or how this thing called. That made by big companies and have billions and billions ads campains.
You ralking about mostly AA/AA+ games
No. 13913
>Are Stardock, Amplitude, and inXile for example AAA?
AA. Established studios with multimillion budget.
> What about Firaxis?
AAA. Commercial company with solid budget
No. 13914
So what the actual fuck is difference between AAA, AA, A, and Indie studios or whatever the fuck the differences are?
No. 13924
The amount of jews working on them.
No. 13959
To me this categorization sounds like a more recent invention, because I can't remember ever hearing about it a few years back.
Possibly an idea someone got after the rating of countries into triple letter categories had hit the news.
No. 13961
It not this recent things, but it start applying when games become from kinda it's small thing for "wierd ners" and become averege entertaiment for general audience.

But designations of games on "from big/known company", "from mediacore less known company with mid budget", "from small wierd company" was kinda even in late 90s early 00s already.

What I understand how it works

AAA - giant big blockbuster from giant corporation with hell lot of budget, hige ads campain, most "big" and known games by general audience, most often - lead relises for particular consoles. Big "flagships" of EA, Activision-Blizzard, Ubisoft and other things like that.
AA - big games by not so normie-orientated company with lesser budget and less ads campain, what can be called medium range games, but still far from something indy and still well known generaly by people who playing not only blockbuster "YOBA" games - like Paradox games.
A - still not individula games, games that was did by actual studios and that have actual budget and opprtunities, things that have limited knowlege - things like inXile stuff for example.
lesser - indie most often

non existent category now
B - B-category games is what was before modern times, from late 90s to mid00s when games basicly divided by A-category of "known studios games" and B-caregory - lesser, smaller studios that was still have opportunities to be on level of big studios and make products that will be remembered after they years even trought they not so big. Hell lot of this "mediacore" FPS/RTS games, clones of popular things, many different europen games with mid budget that may be still not that bad.
No. 13963 Kontra
Not very good post
No. 13964
>not recent
Maybe it somehow passed me by earlier. But how I always noticed it there used to be this categorisation into A, B, C, etc. Like in A-list celebrities, but not AAA, etc.
No. 13971
I was on my way to watching a series before hitting the bed as a thought struck me and I had to come back.
This "new" category only makes sense for those who couldn't be considered making the "A-list" in the traditional understanding. So who had a problem with being anything but A and was unable to put the effort, money or work into getting there into it, they made up the AA for them, which sounds almost as good as AAA and certainly better than B.

Just my two cents on this off topic excurse.
No. 13978
It's also to do with the costs involved. To be one of the big boys you have to be beyond the kind of company that made the B level games, but at the same time there are the big boys and the enormous boys. So nobody making these big-budget games can really not be considered among the A-list, but some are still above the others.

I do think the B listers still exist though. Think garbage like film tie-ins and crap like that. Even if they're published by one of the big names, they've been developed by small but not indie studios.
No. 13983
Okay, I'm mighty excited for the next Noclip documentary.
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qK1VHwM8bNA
Sneak peak: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5xyESwuibw
No. 13989
41 kB, 885 × 743
881 kB, 1366 × 768
1,1 MB, 1366 × 768
1016 kB, 1366 × 768
I restarted War in the West last night. I'm at the same point as when I dropped the last one, but this time I range from a week ahead of schedule to on schedule at worst. This time I implemented Operation Baytown and crossed just north of Reggio Calabria and started moving into the mountains to surround the city. German forces, including an SS Brigade moved south to dry and dislodge that division but were unsuccessful because digging infantry out of mountains is hard, even when you almost surround them, while Operation Avalanche further north landed Free French forces unopposed who can now push into the mountains and cut more rail lines to disrupt enemy supplies while US follow-on forces secure the beachhead. After that, I think the Operation Slapstick forces will be ready to go and they should have an easier time taking Taranto since it seems the Germans are convinced the main attack is Operation Baytown which is in essence a baiting action to draw the enemy into a pocket. I have a very good chance of capturing or at least putting out of commission for some time, some very good German divisions which should make the fighting a lot easier as the campaign progresses.

I'm also starting to think about how I'm going to approach Operation Overlord. I'm half tempted to land on both sides of the Cherbourg peninsula and cut it off in a pincer attack. The advantages with that plan are that I already have a flank on the enemy forces in Normandy if my troops get hung up in the bocage, as well as just not having my eggs in one basket if the landing site ends up seeing lots of reinforcements before the landings take place (it takes time to set up forces for a new landing site). The disadvantage is that I may not achieve critical mass in one location and struggle to secure permanent ports for follow-on supply.
No. 14071
855 kB, 1920 × 1080
814 kB, 1920 × 1080
830 kB, 1920 × 1080
631 kB, 1920 × 1080
I've decided to play my first WW2 Germany game.
It's hard.
For some reason I can't seem to land a decisive blow on the Royal Navy. I always catch some ships, but rarely a lot.
They probably evacuated them.

Decided to penetrate the Maginot instead of going around it. It worked surprisingly well, though it was a bit bloody, but after that, the French lines collapsed almost instantly.
No. 14075
422 kB, 1430 × 645
2,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
432 kB, 1431 × 645
3,9 MB, 3878 × 630
Kinda recent news from normie world

Recently was this game awards thing and there was announsed or was showed new trailers for current AAA games in development. And Obsidian showed their new game too. And I laughet - it is the bottom. Rage 2, new FarCry and new obsidian """"RPG"""" looks absoluetly same - ultra ugly toxic colors, many hipster/sjw/cartoon style things, and everything looks like kind of fallout 76 ugly crap. Most of I was dissapointed with obsidian - I expected... something, but they did absoluetly same ugly hispter toxic crap with gameplay.. that much more casual than was in Fallout New Vegas and aim to more FPS-survival audience.

At all, it was as ususal huge dissapointment and new normie fashion again some sort of ugly crap.
No. 14093
5 kB, 335 × 198
3 kB, 496 × 227
It's to do with how naval combat works in Darkest Hour. SAGs are hard to kill with SAGs. If you're going to do that you need multiple groups working together. One to soften them up and they will probably disengage from the fight, stopping you from achieving decisive victory. After that you send another force after them to grind them down some more after their retreat. The other option is air power whether that's a CVTG or conventional NAV bombers. They have range bands that force regular SAGs to move closer before they can attack, usually over 100km while being pounded by the CAG the whole way. If they try and disengage you still have the reach to attrit them the whole way so your battles are more decisive. This is compounded by having a good leader so that positioning which determines how good your starting position is for attacking, is high. NAV bombers are very good for similar reasons to carriers. They have a lot of reach and can harry enemy SAGs very effectively. It's far from a perfect naval system, but that's one thing it got right. It's actually pretty hard to pin down an entire fleet long enough to kill it, and after all the most massive and decisive naval battle of WWII (Midway) was an air battle. Just be glad you don't have to do realistic ASW. It'd make you tear your hair out at how impotent you feel.
t. naval warfare knower

Also, while you can beat the Maginot line, it's not advisable because it's a lot costlier in manpower and you'll need every point of it you can get later in the war.
No. 14094
Man, that actually looks pretty cool. I for one am happy for something to be 'normie' in visual style if it means that the industry is actually playing around with colours and not just using browns and piss filter for a change.
No. 14096
166 kB, 1360 × 768
121 kB, 1195 × 672
104 kB, 996 × 560
87 kB, 996 × 560
I know it's kind of a dick request, but can anyone here make a list of actually good 4X space games here? Or particularly does anybody know of any new 4X games coming out?

A bunch of guides are totally fucking useless and sometimes include strange shit like crpgs and RTS in their "the best™ new top ten 4x games" clickshit lists.

All I can actually think of are
•Galactic Civilizations series
•Master of Orion series (and even then not that good except 2 which was good in spite of furries in space races which sadly now plagues many 4x games)
•Endless Space series (only one on the list every one is good)
•Stellaris (only just trying out now after making Russian purchase)
And other I haven't tried like
•Sins of a Solar Empire (which sounds more like an RTS)
•Sword of the Stars
No. 14098
Distant Worlds is good. Very good in fact. Get it on the actual site though. More money goes to the devs and you get the steam key and the standalone in the same price. It's on sale and probably cheaper than it is on Steam at the moment too. Just expect to be confused for a while until you start to have the pieces fit together. There aren't many 4x games with the kind of depth it offers and it can be intimidating if you're used to the usual formula.
No. 14099
Oh yeah, heard of it. Anything else? Anything new? I know I am basically asking for a niche market within a niche market.
No. 14101
193 kB, 1920 × 1080
What about aurora 4x?
No. 14103
Wait for C# version if you aren't already playing. VB6 runs like shit.
No. 14107
Yeah I've heard of it. There's actually several others I have heard of like Dawn of Andromeda, Lords of the Black Sun, Stellar Monarch, Imperium Galactica, Polaris Sector a bunch of other really vague ones some of which were just completely abandoned by the studios and/or are complete shit from what I've heard. The list of these games actually seems to be incredibly small as compared to arpgs or whatever and there's seemingly few new ones ever released except for in recent years during a general vidya renaissance.

I have also discovered that Stellaris while seemingly having lots of detail and promise, and FINALLY addressing the concept of things like aliens communicating in smells or strange xeno concepts and races, actually doesn't seem to lack depth or feel like something except Paradox trying to cash in on Endless Space with Sins of a Solar Empire mechanics.
No. 14115
2,1 MB, 3840 × 2160
And now they using just random colors that blind eye like kindergarden paiting combining with cartoonish elements. It seriously psisically pain to watch at screen on this games with this crazy shit and even more toxic filters.

The only AAA game that looks normal and by gameplay feels more or less okay is new Metro
No. 14119
Is it that blinding? It's bright but I can fairly easily tell different elements apart. Like I said, the bright colours that games have been using in the last few years are a refreshing direction. I'm not going to say in the early stages of reveal whether it's good or bad since it's probably premature, but I don't think it's a total garbage fire based on the visuals at least.

>cartoonish elements
So? Something not being limited by having to be 'realistic' isn't necessarily a bad thing. Something being unrealistic can be just as fun and interesting as something that is. There are garbage fires that are realistic and gems that are cartoonish. The opposites exist too. It's not really the defining feature of good vs bad games.
No. 14120
>Is it that blinding?

It's not, he's just a very negative person who likes to point out every little fart he doesn't like
No. 14121
I wouldn't say that, screen real estate not being used effectively is a valid criticism if I'm just seeing it the odd way out. I'm just very used to busy screen/board environments from wargaming of various kinds, so my eye mightn't be the best metric of whether something is cluttered or providing visual overload.
No. 14123
375 kB, 1040 × 585
2,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,9 MB, 1920 × 1080
28 kB, 320 × 606
>Is it that blinding?
Yes. Espessialy in movment, even in bigger resolutions. To absoluetly crazy mix of colors they also add this crappy post-effects with some filters, that remind me this old late 00s "3d regimes" for special glasses, like in King's Bounty, where even developers said that you can play no more than 10 minutes like that or your eyes will melt.

>Like I said, the bright colours that games have been using
I not support GRAY GRIMDARK POTATO filters too, exept maybe some rare games that okay with them - like Fallout3/NV. But making as opposite games with even more terrible filters and pictures with maximum colors in hope it will be something new and "awesome" - terrible idea... well, not idea by iself, but execution is just disgusting. At least looking at grey most times not give you physical damage.

>Something not being limited by having to be 'realistic'
I not say about CARTOON=BAD, I typically note style of this games and how they executed. It is more or less modern graphics+crazy colors+eye killing filters and in the end they added hipster style characters, lind of like on wave of hype from Fortnight or how this cancer for kids called. All this games - all I metioned above - like created for kids and for adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that can be attracted only with constant bright colors and constant "something cool happening".

Most of dissapointment of cource from obsidian. At first, they many times promesed some kind of Art Deco and Victorian era stuff style, and I expected something like this https://www.mobygames.com/images/covers/l/355546-ultima-worlds-of-adventure-2-martian-dreams-macintosh-extras.jpg and by gameplay something at least on New Vegas level. But I got absoluetly disgusting thing that follow most bydlo fashion of most bydlo games, combined with many gameplay simplifications that made this game more like Fallout4-Fallout76 by gameplay style with lack of roleplaying elements and aim to FPS part.
No. 14124
Also, new Metro not that realistic. It have many elements that mix ruins of modern russia with some kind of Fairy talerussia elements. Like this fist trailer with this train and this village gived me some vibes of some kind of "Russian tale mixed with reality mixed with post-apocalypse". I showed it as example of normal picture, where it not try to become STYLISH just by adding shitty filters and posteffects, but be stylish by desighn of world, design of things around. And not using not potat-brown colors, not piss toxic lame desighn that trying SCREAMING how bright it is, instead be clever and memorable.
https://youtu.be/fbbqlvuovQ0?t=124 (timed) - this train at the end gived me some Siberia vibe even.
No. 14125 Kontra
link not work for some reason, part I talking about starts from 2.10
No. 14126
111 kB, 900 × 1401
50 kB, 350 × 449
613 kB, 1600 × 1232
44 kB, 400 × 266
Well the first game in the series was an FPS closer to Borderlands than New Vegas, so I don't know why you expect the sequel to genre-hop into an RPG. They didn't strip anything out of it, and it's not as though the original was lacking weird shit. One weapon is a bladed boomerang after all and impractical combat vehicles abounded. This honestly just looks like they're embracing the weird, over the top side of the first game and giving it a new lick of paint. Would make sense if it's a chronological sequel that the world became less of a dustbowl over time since the apocalypse anyway. And I don't know why you would expect something from a different series that doesn't really match up with anything from the first game. That just sounds like setting yourself up for disappointment.

And watching the trailer for the game, it doesn't even seem that hard to follow. If anything, seeing it all in motion made me like it more. It reminds me a little bit of Car Wars.
No. 14127
>Well the first game in the series was an FPS closer to Borderlands
I talk about Obsidian "The Outer Worlds" mostly, not about Rage 2, you mixed up this games, same as anyone since they look that similar :---DDDD
No. 14139
147 kB, 1366 × 728
Try to get through my GIUK Gap will ya?

ASW is really tense and fun but consumes a lot of time and resources. Just look at the number of sonubuouys it took to track down 7 submarines, and that's when I had a rough idea of their location thanks to SOSUS.

SIDE: Soviet Union

3x Tu-95RT Bear D
2x PL-641 Foxtrot
1x PLA-671RT Victor II [Syomga]
1x PLA-627A November [Kit]
1x PL- 613 Whiskey V
1x PLARK-670 Charlie I [Skat]
1x PL-611 Zulu IV

4x SS-N-3a Shaddock [P-6, ASM]
8x SS-N-7 Starbright [P-70 Ametist]
5x Generic Chaff Salvo [4x Cartridges]
12x Generic Acoustic Decoy
2x 53-65K WH



82x Type 17053 Passive Directional [Mk1c]
257x Type 30059 LOFAR [Mk1c]
7x Sea Cat Mod 1
118x Type 17054 Active Directional [Mk1c]
394x AN/SSQ-41A Jezebel LOFAR
451x AN/SSQ-47 Julie Active Range-Only
4x 114mm/45 Mk6 Twin HE Burst [2 rnds]
4x Corvus Chaff [Distraction]
4x Corvus Chaff [Seduction]
4x RIM-67A SM-1ER
710x AN/SSQ-41B Jezebel LOFAR
6x RIM-7H Sea Sparrow
43x 100mm/55 Model 1953 PFHE
9x 40mm/70 Single Bofors Burst [4 rnds]
22x 40mm/70 Twin Bofors DP Burst [8 rnds]
3x Mk46 LWT Mod 1
6x Mk46 LWT Mod 2
147x AN/SSQ-50B CASS
1x B57 Multipurpose Sub Bomb [20kT Nuclear]

That's even worse then. You're complaining about them not catering to the specific expectations you've set up for yourself regarding a new IP, and calling their work random buzzwords from SJW to hipster and bydlo because of that. Watching the trailer, it seems fine. The visuals work, whether you like them or not (they aren't painful to watch as you claim), and the rest of the gameplay seems fun enough. I don't see anything to get particularly cut up about. It doesn't look incredible but it's not particularly offensive. I dunno.
No. 14141
>andom buzzwords from SJW to hipster and bydlo because of that.

I expected nice or okay game, ARPG that can be playable - probably last chance of getting any kind of ARPG in this word. And they did what I described - interestingly enough, they maded absoluetly same shit as other cancer companies for most retarded audience. And when I get all this poo in da face and dissapointment of last chance we can get at least AA level ARPG, with nice style and gameplay and world, all I hear "it's your fault/you are negative person/why you not eat shit it is good".
No. 14142
You're making a lot of assumptions about a game that hasn't got a lot of unedited footage shown and then turning those assumptions into vitriol. One can both be pessimistic about something while reserving judgment for when judgment is due. It's done along the lines of "I don't think it'll live up to the hype, but we'll wait and see" and it's a lot less on the nose. You're allowed to dislike something, but others are allowed to like that thing without you insinuating them to be "kids [or] adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder" too.
No. 14144
>You're making a lot of assumptions about a game that hasn't got a lot of unedited footage shown and then turning those assumptions into vitriol
They showed trailer with characters. They showed gameplay trailer. And it not something hidden like kojima's babies in oil, there everything more or less obvious for everyone who played any ARPG in his life. This is have aim at certain audience, certain style and gameplay and they not hidding it. As always said, "why I need to tast poo to know what it is"? This is not non-ordinary case where works "rule of book cover".
More than that, I can say about game that was not even shown exept tisser, Elder Scrolls 6 for example: 90% it will be on Gamebryo engine, it will have new, even more generic style, it will ignore lore of previous games to make even more simplified and generic fantasy with some epic hero story and will primarly aimed not for current TES fans, but for newer generation.
No. 14145
Yes. Trailers. As in, edited footage for marketing purposes. You're basing your entire review on that alone?

>why I need to tast poo to know what it is"?
Like I said. Don't play it if you don't want to, all I was suggesting was to wait for the full game to be released and see what people are saying before you cast the die. I had no idea that waiting for a finished product to at least undergo peer review before passing final judgment was such a radical idea.
No. 14146
The thing I dislike about the trailer is the whacky lolsorandum tone. holds up spork.

I'm kinda tired of all the deadpool-esque homour in games, I'd like something really dark, grounded and gritty to come out. Something like max payne is a perfect blend of dark and self aware for me.
No. 14160
2,3 MB, 854 × 480, 0:03
He has a point though
This is my exact reaction on seeing that first pic
No. 14203
Holy hell this is fucking with my brain
No. 14205
Obsidian has been crap since after New Vegas.

When I read that the guys from Troika were making a game at Obsidian, I was really excited, because I figured we'd at least get a game with good writing even if the gameplay was shit.

But having now seen the game they're making, I've lost the last hope I still foolishly had in Western game development. There's some kind of cultural block that prevents them from making good games nowadays.
No. 14207
Two days ago it came to my knowledge that they are making a Total War game based on the Three Kingdoms period.
My inner sinoboo is weeping, because I'll never have a PC strong enough to play it.
I can't remember the last time I wanted to play something new.
I never wanted to play new games.

Maybe in 10-20 years I'll be able to play it.
No. 14209
28 kB, 619 × 453
Last game I played by Obsidian was South Park Stick Of Truth. Very much fun.

In FONV I have something like 400 hours.
In FO4, which I hate pretty much, I have 80 hours though.

How have the other games being bad so far?
I just learned about their upcoming S P A C E RPG and little do I know so far but I'm pretty hyped.
Please, Ernst, tell me I will like it a little bit.
No. 14210
Get a summer job and save up the equivalent of a few hundred dollars. That should be enough for a PC that can at least run it.

TK Total War is gonna be shit though. The campaign mechanics are still even worse than they were in Medieval 2, and they picked the most militarily boring period of Chinese history on which to base a game. No cool early gunpowder tech, no archaic Bronze Age weapons. Just endless pikes and crossbows and fantasy kung fu commandos.

Hope that helps cool your enthusiasm and make the wait easier, you're welcome.
No. 14211
>Last game I played by Obsidian was South Park Stick Of Truth. Very much fun.

Great game, but not really because of the gameplay and all the other stuff wasn't really up to Obsidian.
No. 14212
True. It's just a good game, because you find yourself thinking "OMG, this IS just like South Park".
If you don't love the TV show it's pretty much meh; which makes it objectively a not so good game.
No. 14214
I forgot they made Stick of Truth, that was alright.

Pillars of Eternity has atrocious combat, and a generic lackluster story. Tyranny had a really interesting combat, but the same horrible combat, and the writing was terrible except for the interesting setting. The art design was also crap.

Tyranny especially is infected with millennial-era cringe. It's supposedly a Bronze Age society, but there's Strong Independent Women everywhere; it tries to make you sympathize with a sadistic mass murderer because like, her friends died, and she's really sad; and every big Moral Choice™ that you make includes some stupid complaints by your party members who think about the world in the same way as Californians in the year 2018.

And then you find out that the game abruptly ends halfway through the natural arc of the story, and you uninstall that piece of shit game and try to forget that it exists.

When I contrast that to how perfectly Arcanum created an internally-consistent fantasy version of the late 19th century, I get sad about what could have been. I don't know if its just that all the good writers have left the games industry, or if they just pussied out and abandoned artistic integrity to tap into our cancerous zeitgeist.
No. 14215
Implying most Japanese games aren't shit

In fact they suffer the most from numerous bad features including what Russia was saying about looking like clowns and puke
No. 14216
Yes, looks really fun. I myself always thought about this for years. However, they still replicate some more modern features instead of go full-classic goldsource.

>Obsidian has been crap since after New Vegas.
Well, subjectively I really agree with you. Objectivly PoE1-2 not bad games, but from my perspective, very mediocare to say the least and after New Vegas I not liked any of their games. Sad, since while New Vegas is not RPG OF MY DREAMS it was at least something really what Ican count as decent fallout and as decent game in genre.

If you hated Fallout 4, you will have very mixed feeelings about that - from what I seen they remianed some elements from nev wrags, but other elements dropped way below even fallout 4. And style/universe.. well, you seen it.

Don't play/you toxic person/problem inside you/you not tried it, but, play compleatly, buy all dlcs and take all achivemnts and then say something is nice arguments that prevent any critique on any game, evevn such commertial wide-audience AAA projects that simple by it's core as wooden stick.
No. 14218
195 kB, 657 × 527
242 kB, 657 × 527
28 kB, 240 × 193
Sad! (FONV is le RPG of my dreams btw)
I'll have a look when plenty of gameplay is online.
No. 14219
Well, if I want to be logical, I never really liked TW games anyway. I always skipped the battles, and I don't think I'd be able to stomach the shallow diplomacy after playing grand strategy games for so long.
No. 14220
I usually know that feel. I stupidly bought Witcher 3 and Ashes of the Singularity neither of which will run on my PC. It may be years before I can play them.

Oh and also there are plenty of fun games dude just don't expect a good triple AAA game because 100% of those are run by megacorps and catering to dumb bydlo. I have played a ton of recent really awesome games including ToN, Wasteland 2, Endless Space, XCOM2 and so on. Well, idk how recent you mean or long ago a few were made, but lots of great stuff has come out. The thing is to look for some more obscure studies. If you like CMS like Tropico or SimCity or City Skylines a new one of those just came out called Cliff's Edge which looks pretty nice. If you like RTS I think Iron Harvest is supposed to be coming out soon. If you like tactical combat Phoenix Point is being developed and Phantom Doctrine was just released. There's actually a bunch of good to excellent games within this time period it's just that you have to look for them a bit more. Anything the hype machine got rolling is probably crap and anything the shitheads on /v/ are obsessed with is also probably going to be garbage thiugh.

It's like with the American recording industry or American breweries. If you only pay attention to what's mainstream of course it's going to be shit because it's made for bydlo. You have to look for more obscure bands (which btw is exactly what the recording industry used to do is trying to find good garage bands to advertise which is where most of the old ones came from) and craft breweries. Likewise you have to look for the obscure devs who are the same kinds of people who made all those great games in the 90s. These were basically guys obsessed with DnD or White Wolf storytelling who were operating out of a shack or closer to it. They had no huge corporate headquarters for the most part.
No. 14221
>I usually know that feel. I stupidly bought Witcher 3 and Ashes of the Singularity neither of which will run on my PC. It may be years before I can play them.
For some reason I pre-ordered Battlefiled 4 (because I had money back then probably) and only recently I played it (I also have all DLCs because they was free lol) - I played trought all not very long campain, was bored to death and deleted it lol.
No. 14224
I don't mean to upset you but today I was very happy when I used my new computer to play witcher 3 with ultra settings and ultra post processing. It's just great.
No. 14232
Why would it upset me? I know I am playing life on Russia settings and accept that. Hopefully I will find a job this month and march through blizzards and ice and darkness to get enough money to finally buy more RAM, new videocard, and/or new HDD since mine is full to the point I have to uninstall to play things and still leave just enough 20-30gb of hard drive space left so it doesn't crash. Still runs XCOM2 though.
No. 14242
>trying to watch a youtube video about a game feature
>it's a stream
>every 30 seconds the player goes "hey random_faggot666", "thanks for the donation", "thanks for subscribing faggot_69", etc. etc.

Is this what they call "interacting with the community" over there? Do normies really get fooled into thinking they're "socializing" with the streamer? Shit's bizarre and I don't like it.
No. 14259
Company of Heroes 2 is available free download on Steam for the next 14 hours
No. 14262
It depends on the stream. Smaller streams can be fairly interactive. XTRG runs a good wargaming stream and because it's small and they bounce ideas off each other all the time for moves or discuss history and it's pretty cosy. It can veer a bit into backseat gaming at times but mostly they're not a bad bunch. I know what you mean about the big ones though. Maybe it's just an outsider perspective but it is just so bizarre.

If anybody is curious about wargaming, I'd recommend his youtube by the way. There's a really entertaining PBEM game of War in the Pacific that he's running with another youtuber. +15
No. 14276
It always amuses me how people present a counter argument for an internets critique inciting to try it before.
Firstly, you're blind to see a whole bunch of praisers rarely partakes in tasting their holy grails in a similar manner. For instance, sold out journos to describe any game in the fixed vocabularly using those "unbelievable to play, incredible to watch, interesting to dive into" epithets. They typically play it when a live camera is on. It is normal for them to record their opinions on filmed material.
Secondly, it's a poor way to reflect your positive attitude because it implies horrible things such as having no voice for critisizing maniacs, pedos, adolf hitler, [insert a name] before trying it in reality.
I could say a man is an asshole before conquering a half of europe and gassing jews as well as I could say a game is a deeper asshole after taking a glance upon the trailer.
Hating something for its appearance is normal. Totally.
No. 14279
798 kB, 1366 × 768
287 kB, 829 × 438
Calabria status: pocketed with around 7 divisions worth of German troops including Armour, Panzergrenadiers, some SS and just veteran German infantry ranging from regiment through division formation size. Most notably I got these bastards:

It might not sound like much compared to the Eastern Front but the thing to remember is that while the raw size of forces was smaller in the West, the formation density tended to be a higher, so thinning them out by that many divisions is a big swing compared to a similar size in the East. The pocket will probably hold too. Italy is defender's terrain after all and that's going to really weaken their options once I bust through the Winter Line (the strategy at that point is to push the Allies into the sea on the open plains around Rome). That port of theirs that the HG Fallschirm-Panzer Div. is parked in (grey+blue chit) is bombed to shit and isn't bringing in many supplies, certainly not enough to let them grind their way out across rivers into rough terrain. God Bless the MAAF!

I've also decisively secured air superiority. I'm seeing it where I'm sending out over 20,000 sorties per week to the Luftwaffe's 6-7,000 at best and coming home with fewer losses than them. That feel when no other hex Ernst to do a split-command game of WitW with ;__;
No. 14280
If you about previous disscution, I may say that you can judge things by trailers and by covers if things are obvious - and there they more or less are.
And you can disscus and talk about tastes and preferences - tastes are personal thing, but they formed based on something - life experience, certain events and knowlege and can also be changed and modified, so I can say about some things that they have "bad desighn" and "ugly", that's all.
I also not like when any critique meet answers like "you not played enough" and "you negative person" instead of more counter arguments that make a disscution...

But whatever, I already bored of this game announses and who cares, not all people even care about it there so better just switch disscution on something different already.
No. 14326
I had this old man living in my apartment building. One day I met him almost crawling up the stairs with his shoppings having trouble to breath. I helped him into his flat and wanted to call an ambulance, but he denied. He said he had some condition and only needed to take his aerosols and get some rest. He offered me coffee and I sat with him in the kitchen for a while. There were a lot of pictures from the war so we got talking about them. He had been in that division. He told me about how they fought in Italy and how they had to defend their positions being highly outnumbered by the enemy. He didn't speak very highly of their Italian allies, calling them cowards who deserted at the first shots of enemy fire.
No. 14331
Holy fuck lmao
No. 14334
Yes I seen it too! I was surprised how ugli it is... well, it will be made by sony (yes, movies like new ghostbusters, Pixels etc.) and expected it be terrible but they even fucked up desighn. It just human torso with sonic head and fucked proportions. It is like uganda-knukles tier.

Also awesome sonic movie cast already created by fans. Thinking about this now I want my pic realted much more lol
No. 14335
No. 14402

A game frome one of the mian Civilisation 5 devs. Looks cheap, but I like concept of building your barbaric state on ruins of Roman empire.
No. 14404 Kontra
I'll better report you. This isn't shitposting board.
No. 14413 Kontra
Wrong thread
No. 14421
Mods please remove and ban
No. 14423
70 kB, 516 × 394
Another decisive victory for team a!
No. 14428
Hating (or liking) something based solely on a trailer is not the same thing as hating Adolph Hitler.

You should at least be able to watch someone stream it before deciding if the game is indeed total shit. Do you not having a saying "don't judge a book by its cover" in Russia? Although, one can have other reasons for hating things. For example I haven't even seen a stream of MoO4 yet I still hate it for what appears to be them trying to cash in on an old franchise while not just doing a sloppy job but having the audacity of charging me another $10 to play three races that were all available in the base game. They even had these three sold separately for awhile before bundling it into one DLC, which pissed me off enough I decided to not even pirate it. Although I may still pirate it to try it. This is still different than "fuck streams fuck walkthroughs fuck pirating to try myself I am just gonna say it's a shit".
No. 14692
109 kB, 1023 × 639
57 kB, 640 × 360
287 kB, 1280 × 720
110 kB, 1280 × 720
To continue disscution I started replaying GTA4 from long time ago. And since I have new PC I finnaly able to play on max ssetings without any lagging. This game have terrible optimisation: and on PC and on consoles. I remember when it come out on PS3 all people talk about long long loadings, and even on modern PC that way ahead maximum requrements it sometimes have draw distance issues. But well it was kind of new engine for studio and for it's time it was very advanced game.
It was still time when I can be impressed by physics and by graphics. And after GTA San Andreas in therms of euphoria technology for ragdolls, new level of detail, transport damage and movment, new AI... it was game that in many such ways was a real revolution.
I was also impressed by plot that have much more detailed characters and much less cheezy stuff, with kind of depressic thematic which was somethibg really fresh after "adventures of CJ"

But playing it nowdays and look at it more objectively, in many ways I can compare this game to GTA Liberty City Stories: LCS had more detailed and more "realistic" plot compare to 3 or vice city, but it have a lot repeating and boring missions with simple and repeating tasks: kill one person, steal car and respray it, steal car, save person and respray it - it feels like guys who created gameplay part of missions had no any imagination.
Same problem goes with gta4: espessialy first oart you doing basicly same simple tasks all over again. Skripting on new level of cource, there much more sequences and intheresting details and there a bag of really interesting ideas for missions, like sniper one where you have like 5 different variants how make target go from chair to window. But overall... go there, ride person there, etc. After san andreas where every second mission is something really unique and memorable it was step down.

Don't add to game fact that it is more "new advanced level" gta3, rather than "continuation of san andreas". Even trought there a lot interesting features, like in game internet, it lack most of ideas that was created by san andreas - multiple cities with countryside, rpg/adventure elements with character stats etc. etc.

I also should point mechanics: you kind of not directly control character, there some delay between input and character action which may feel akward after 3-VC-SA. Car controls are fun and more "realistic" trought many people may say that it way too realistic. Combat is heavely cover based: enemies have a lot of HP and 90% of gun combat is you sit in cover and shooting all you can see while enemies are reload (a lot of this was dramaticly changed in 5 but it is different story).

So I really have mixing feelings about this game. I'll finish it of cource, I remember nice bank robbing mission. And I'll play trought Episodes from Liberty City addons too, since they experemented a lot with many things, add many stuff and features and changed missions narrative.

Ah and yes: Niko, let's go bowling!

About little details there interesting video: https://youtu.be/GWVtZJo-HqI
No. 14693
1,7 MB, 6483 × 3634
I'm playing Atelier Lydie and Suelle. I've got quite a bit of grinding right now...

Overall I like the game, the characters, dialogue and interactions are quite good. The problem is the gameplay itself is lacking.
No. 14698
lol I have "anime" specifically on my recommendations filter
No. 14701
GTAIV is probably my least favorite GTA apart from III, and I don't like III only because it feels old compared to every other GTA fame after it, even VC. Sure, raising hell in the city became much more fun with the new physics engine, but the missions were seriously lacking, and not only because they weren't very original, as you pointed out, but also because they were embarassingly easy. I cannot remember a single mission in GTAIV that I had to replay due to its difficulty, while it happened quite often in other games in the series.

As for its plot, I don't find it very appealing. Seriousness and drama doesn't automatically makes the plot better; predicaments of a foreigner war veteran turned criminal aren't exactly the best story frame, not to mention that the development is basically "was in shit, got in deeper shit", and the bit at the end when either your cousin or your bride dies feels very forced. But I guess it's more of a matter of preference: one darkly humorous or tongue-in-cheek book, movie or game is more important to me personally than fifty serious ones. Take, for example, the movie Goodfellas: it deals with a serious theme of organized crime, but Joe Pesci's character combines both extremely dark and extremely funny features, and, despite the protagonist finds himself, I couldn't help but find his drug-induced paranoia hilarious. Or Once Upon a Time in America: it has quite tragic mood in general, but it also has a fair share of funny moments.

The characters aren't very deep either, the ones from GTAV are much more human-like than stone-faced and stone-hearted gansters of IV. A guy who goes through the middle-age crisis and has to deal with a family of a cheating wife, a dumbass son and a whorish daughter looks pretty realistic, the only unusual thing about him is that he also is a criminal. And the friends system was very annoying, too. I disliked the dating system in San Andreas (to the point that I simply killed both Denise and that casino chick in every playthrough after my first one, so they won't pester me), but in GTAIV it's even worse, because there are more people who constantly bother you and you cannot avoid befriending them if you play through the story. It can also get pretty silly at times: in one of the early missions you are forced to go on a date with some woman; later she turns out to be a government agent, and Niko acts like he's shocked and deeply hurt; but the thing is, I never bothered to go on another date with her after that early mission, so during that cutscene with the revelation I was like, "Dude, you hardly even know that woman, why worry?"

I gotta add though that both add-ons were much more interesting to me than the original, especially The Ballad of Gay Tony, which brought back some of the craziness that I loved in VC and SA. Still prefer VC, SA and V, but the add-ons certainly redeemed the game in my eyes.
No. 14702 Kontra
>the protagonist finds himself in dangerous circumstances
No. 14712
171 kB, 800 × 640
90 kB, 1280 × 720
64 kB, 1020 × 637
151 kB, 1280 × 720
Well, I like GTAIII as it's own. It is like link between Old 2d GTA games and new 3d Era - Liberty City from there not looks like real life New York, but mix of New York and Chicago and all together it more reminds me of kind of city you can see in Ninja Tutles or Spider Man 90s cartoons, which kind of unique, I guess. Stuff like kind of Goofy traffic (traffic in gta VC already much more fit place you in, there it just in many ways random set of toy cars for the most part) There also a lot leftovers from more arcade time of game - money bonuses for hard hits, telephone missions that often not explaned even why and how. And plot with characters are basic to say the least. Only thing I really don't liked about GTA3 is lack of overview map, but I guess city is kind of small anyway so it is not hard to memorise it. Ah and yeah, I turinng this "traces" or how this retarded wannabe blur effect from 2002 called, it hurt my eyes. It is funny that when I was a much younger and don't had internet, I trought that gta 3 is third game AFTER Vice City and San Andreas. When I finnaly get to this game, it felt indeed strange after VC and SA lol.
And yeah, some physics stuff are worse than even VC, lack of bikes and helicopter and overall kind of basicness of everything.. but well, when it come out, it was a lot fun. Just this game aged not so well.

While I love vice city for atmosphere and sseting, I have some problems with it same as with 3 - most notably controls and gun fights. It is too arcade, in 3-VC I feel like I not controlling my character on degree I wanted too. No moving camera whil in car, no proper aiming, all gunfights feels akward and a little bit too dangerous. Like, in San Andreas it is indeed much more fun to aim, cover, shoot and do things like that. This is one of the reason 3-VC was always much more hard games than SA-IV-V. Also interesting thing about San Andreas - I was always confused why car models in SA kind of not very detailed and textures are worse than in VC in terms of detalisation. And only not long ago, when I discovered SkyGFX that brings back to PC version PS2 effects, reflections, filters, color lighting I relised how this game should really meant to play. PC port without fan patch and SkyGFX really sucks.
No. 14716
226 kB, 2880 × 1618
402 kB, 1920 × 1080
1,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
118 kB, 640 × 360
About GTAIV... well, in a way, as I already said, this is not a sequel and continuation of San Andreas ideas, it more like "reboot". This why it called IV - a new generation of GTA games, a fresh start, same as III was. So while technologies are revolutionary to the series, gameplay, missons and all stuff around in a way are more like "GTAIII's realistic version". Hovever I was dissapointed for example that there only city and only on small islands like gta3-VC was, I expected not much, but at least a little bit of near countryside, maybe a couple of small towns around. For example - first island in game is kind of real life equivalen of long island of real life. They can extend it a bit beyond airport, add some small forest, 2 small towns and some sort of old XVIII century fort - it is not that hard for Rockstar.
And yea, game kind of easy in many ways. For example there like 5 missions to "chase car and kill person", but they all same - you don't need to kill person while you chasing him, they all just crash somewhere and whill waiting you on foot which is kind of boring. There no ultra crazy tasks for time or things like "jump from helicopted and land on plane, capture it and destroy military base" - you know, kind of stuff that normal for GTA. 90% of missions just shooting, and as I said, shooting there cover based and easy as fuck.

Also, I playing trought GTAV now too, and as metioned, enjoyed it more than before. Trought, there a lot things that done meh and could be much better. First thing that I remember triggered me since first trailers - why GTA5? It kind of same style and same things as IV just advanced. You know, VC, SA, VCS, LCS - they all was not "4", they was addons to 3, and number should mean that something really changes - like universe changed again, but in 5 there nothing like that. They can just call it "GTA Los Santos" or something like this, but not 5. Second - map is big, detailed, but feels not as interesting as GTA SA did. SA map obviously smaller, but there was hell lot of things everywhere - a lot of detail, many different regions and cities with really different amosphere. There - Los Santos and around and it feels kind of less interesting honestely. Feels like something not there, not enough of cool stuff. Always think that they can make San Diego for example, lol. From gameplay part - there was dramatic changes in all mechanics, and while some are fun, some not so much. Like new gunfights are more active. You can sit in cover but it not so safe and mission always forcing you to change your position. Enemies much more weak so gameplay style of moving around and kill enemies quickly is more effective, which add dynamic to shooting missions that GTAIV lacked. However things like car control and car physics feels more arcady again. Yeah in GTA4 it was probably too much, but there even with driving skill system it feels like... eeh.

Characters and plot are really a thing that I have mixed opinion - Idea of having three characters kind of reduce your connection to your hero. We will not touch Claude since he has no any personality, but despied other characters had background, you kind of associated yourself with them, you have that touch, that feeling of avatarhood. Even when character is kind of wierd like Tommi Vercetti, which was in prison 17 years, have problems with Rage, can kill easely and have psyhology of real mafiosi killer and criminal, and same time have manners and overall not a "simple guy", you have appeal to him and his actions too. You can imagine yourself in his shirt. Who does that guy think he is? Now I gotta dress like a chump as well as hang out with them? I like this shirt.. But for characters of "stories" games and for "episodes" I don't say same - however they are spinoffs and it is all right, it is kind of their idea to be additional stories that expand stories of already existing characters. But GTA5 is main game in series, and it have 3 characters same time and I have no direct appealing to any of them. Maybe if you really really liked one of them you are lucky but I not managed to build such connection to anyone of them. And game not concreticly put finger who from them are main one. Michael - nice guy, but his family is aanoying and he is too dumb to build even simple dialogues with his bydlo relatives. Trevor is just psycho with memes who kind of fan, but you can not feel that you want be him and he plays kind of additional role. Franklin - he kind of pretend to be main guy, but he waaaay behind CJ who already have famous role of ghetto-guy, and sometimes feels that he have not mcuh attention. All of this guys looks like awesome side-characters that always around you, but I sadly not feel any of them as main character. And fact that they all three same time damage this feeling even more.
Another gameplay stuff - I don't like switch characters menu and switch them during mission. This game also have problem of old GTAs of explaining controls very briedfly right in time you already need did it perfect for mission - swimming and YOGA was annoying to get. Police kind of lame and easy, at least in low-mid stars seach, it very easy to loose them. I don't know why they not keeped system at least from GTA4, also on streets cops are really rare, it much harder to get a star out of mission than in previous games. Weapon selector sucks too. First person mode are useless and added just for fun. There too much stuff and most of it connected to GTA Online. All this weapons skins, all this phone modes, SMS, mail, too much of this shit - yes it has no this annoying meeting system from GTA4, but there always everything around, always everything that game wants something from you, you don't feel that level of freedom you had in San Andreas, while in San Andreas there a lot of stuff to do too. And finaly what makes this game lacks personality - sseting. LA. Modern times. 3 was wierd by itself, VC is 80s miami, SA is early 90s california - this games not only just some sort of territory, but they re-created certain historical period. In gta5.. well it become so only when there 15 years passed since release and what in game become "historic" by itself.

But overall, just plaing, doing shit, doing fun in GTA5 more interesting than GTA4. And missions technically much more fun too, however again, this is not San Andreas level. But anyway, I wonder, what they will do in next GTA. I also was dissapointed of lack of new Single player addons and stuff, exept cars and clothes that appearing in-game from multiplayer. And sad that not all MP stuff avalible at SP. I not fan of merging SP with MP like that.
No. 14730
Actually war-veteran-turned-criminal is actually a very completely realistic thing. You realize that basically the entire Triads crime syndicate originated from old soldiers who lost the Chinese Civil War? Or take the Hell's Angel's and American biker gangs. These were originally people coming home from Vietnam. So it is simply a realistic thing to talk about war veterans coming home and turning to a life of crime. Alteranitively, they sometimes come home to life of fighting crime (like US cops, which includes bullying/brutalizing/murdering us) because these are the sorts of things they're good at and are too used to the long periods of boredom interspersed with periods of excitement and sheer horror. Also tfw I haven't played any GTA since Vice City.
No. 14764
>this is the land of opportunity! get out!
The fact that millions of people think Rockstar games have deep and meaningful stories and social commentary makes me seriously question if most humans are actually sentient beings.
No. 14768
Everyone is sentient, most people just run on autopilot their entire lives. They have at least the capability to be self-aware even if they aren't.
No. 14788
1,0 MB, 1363 × 657
27 kB, 980 × 541
I'm stuck about a third of the way through Northern Inferno, but it's also the kind of mission I love (submarine warfare) so I'm not even mad. The mission is to sink two Soviet SSBNs (Delta-II Class) within their own Bastion in the Barents Sea. My forces are a pair of Sturgeon Class SSNs but the search is complicated by allied SSNs meaning that even confirmed submarine contacts can't be engaged without confirmation since Soviet SSNs are also operating in the area. It's bad enough having to track down subs with subs. It's fun and very tense but also slow as balls because moving is noisy and active sensors are noisy and a noisy sub is a dead sub so you're moving slow and hoping to pick up something on your passive sonar from an enemy sub being a bit careless.

However it wouldn't be CMANO if there wasn't something to make things sticky. This is the Bastion of the Northern Fleet. This means that if my subs make one little fuckup, one decibel too much noise, and it's very possible to get the surrounding water bombarded with sonubuoys and depth charges from surface combatants and airborne ASW assets. The one bonus I have is that because the strategic situation is deteriorating rapidly, lucky ol' me on the tactical scale has authorisation for SUBROCs. If you don't understand what the attack profile is like from that data sheet, look them up. They're a very unique weapon of the era.
No. 14825
13,2 MB, 640 × 360, 2:31
This is looking pretty good. There are actually a lot of decent looking games coming up
No. 14829
Resource gathering looks a bit like OpenTTD which is certainly not a bad thing. They admit that it's very much a work in progress though, so I don't want to draw too many conclusions, there might be some significant differences that aren't immediately apparent.
No. 14839
172 kB, 1366 × 768
I'm playing Warband for the 500th time, but now with Dickplomacy Reloaded. The dicking part is dumb, but it's probably the best vanilla+ package for the game out right now.

I discovered to my pleasure that this mod includes both muskets, and the ability to create your own custom troop trees. I'm planning to live out my Oda Nobunaga fantasies of uniting the land through superior use of gunpowder technology.
No. 14840
nice game what is it name
No. 14841
64 kB, 566 × 170
Gary Grigsby's War in the West. I'd watch some videos to see if it's your thing first since it's as much an air war game as it is a ground one, but it is a lot of fun. It's also on sale for a very good discount on the Matrix Games site until January 1 so if it does catch your eye it's a good time to buy in. Operation Torch, the expansion is also good value. Adds some nice multiplayer functionality and some more scenarios detailing bits of North Africa and the larger Mediterranean Western Front (Italy+Southern France).