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No. 1380
137 kB, 1200 × 1600
KC abandoned ship at just the right time
No. 1383
KC is dood, but bernddom is alive, so I don't really get what
>KC abandoned ship at just the right time
No. 1388
46 kB, 496 × 588
The torch of our flame moves with us. You will notice 4krebs was abandoned long ago but the light of its illumination moves onward. It wouldn't be surprising if something such as EC just became a new underground hub only to be completely ruined next decade.
No. 1392
But EC is ruined, this place is meta-postironic reflection of old EC.
No. 1395
You post is some sort of trolling?
No. 1397
That's ok though, the very best parts have been carried over
No. 1400
My post is some sort of meta-postironic reflection of old posts.
How'd you define best and worst parts?
No. 1402
le not my problems dance
No. 1405
>That Russia

What kind of world cup experience are they alluding to here?