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No. 13810
260 kB, 1400 × 575
65 kB, 640 × 640
There was a couple of threads on specific thematics - about maps, about trevel for specific countries, about people's culture in different regions, so why not have united thread for everthung like this in one place? Disscus travelling of Ernst and travelling overall, show videos from exotic countries and tell others about place you live in. Interesting places and maps also allowed.
No. 13811
115 kB, 1000 × 899
498 kB, 1398 × 931
157 kB, 1062 × 598
90 kB, 1021 × 580
I want start from very confusing question: Nigeria

From information I know, it have pretty high GDP for african country, it also have some nice cities and regions. Trought in outher sources it still described as dangerous to travel so I really want hear more objective view on country from other people who know actually more about it. I'd like to visit blck africa one day. So - Nigeria is what often described as "shithole" and same bad african country and really dangerous to visit, or it more or less okay for someone who have post-USSR standarts of quality (not very high)?
No. 13815
142 kB, 1024 × 768
1,0 MB, 1920 × 1280
259 kB, 1024 × 678
Nigeria is a shithole with very high crime rate. If you want a nice African country go to Namibia. Nice nature and developed cities.
No. 13816
Nigeria has biggest GDP in Africa simply because it has the biggest population, which also means that it is bound to have some nice neighbourhoods full of rich people in its main cities, but the country is complete chaos. North part has muslim guerrilla, south part has poverty.
No. 13819
156 kB, 800 × 600
1,8 MB, 4104 × 2736
3,4 MB, 3000 × 1996
97 kB, 960 × 638
unfortunately there is still slum poverty next to windhuk (katutura), but overall namibia is doing okay for an african country with little natural resources. it's politcally stable, too. also namibia and swakopmund in particular is still sort of german turf in africa :3
i wish the govt as well as private individuals would care a bit more about namibia. german remains an official language in namibia and the südwester community still feels connected to us.

t. has relatives there
No. 13820
It's not safe. Army robs you with guns. Basically you can be not afraid to die and rich zones are safe. But you will be definitely robbed if you are there for the first time.
No. 13821
There are tons of abductions all the time
No. 13823
Interesting. I should read about this more. I already forgot somehow that there was german colony in Africa. I guess in africa everywhere interesting nature one way or another, but well, if I ever going to visit africa I want best experienc possible.

Overall, exept arabian and south africa, what best african country in therms of quality of life and what african country have potential economicl grow in future? Ethiopia? Angola?

>t. has relatives there
This is really interesting too. You in contact? You was in Namibia multiple times?

Okay, so this is more unsafe than safe. About far deep regions, yeah, I heared that there... bad stuff happens.
No. 13857
>You in contact?
my mom takes care of maintaining the connection.

>You was in Namibia multiple times?
nope. i actually want to visit them and i could probably even live there for a while. but i'm socially awkward irl, don't have gf and never met them in person. it's too much of a challenge for me.;_; at least i'm not a kissless virgin
No. 13858
You should go, i would go if i had the change and might visit South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania as well and make a nice little IWO for Ernst.
I'm a social retard as well but i guess it would be worth it.
No. 14611
How overall quality of life of this german people in this country? African countries of cource not very rich and not very safe. German people feels better there than averege black citizens or they live kinda same? Why they not go back to germany for better life quality?
No. 14645
i don't know how to smalltalk plus i have no sense of humour, so i'm afraid that after we'd br done talking about family, news and general life here and there i'd snap back into my usual mode of talking very little and being a boring, middle-aged single uncle from germany.

i'm no expert as i never have been there, but i'd say compared with standards in germany german namibians lead generally a decent "middle class" or upper middle class life in terms of personal wealth, or they are wealthy business people. many black namibians belong to the middle class as well, but they also tend to struggle more often financially i.e. are poor.
>Why they not go back to germany for better life quality?
young namibians may come here to study. after they've graduated they may decide to not go back to namibia, because there are more and different career opportunities on offer here for them. for older südwesters it wouldn't make sense to leave, because they would have to sell their farms, close their business or quit their job. also they live there since many generations and feel themselves both as namibians and germans.
No. 15354
1,4 MB, 1900 × 1184
49 kB, 606 × 500
149 kB, 897 × 1280
I have a geography based question:

Do people in larger countries actually have decent knowledge of their country's geography?

I ask this because while reading about the Russian Civil War, I constantly had to pause to better understand where exactly was this or that city located in.
It's fairly easy to be a Portuguese person and understanding where all the 5 major Town sized cities are, but I find it hard to believe the average Russian juggles the knowledge of the several cities in his heda.

This also makes me think because in school we had to name all the rivers that our country has in Geography class, but I suppose anyone from a decently sized country wouldn't have this.
No. 15357
I dont know every river no, but in general yes I think we do. This is also because we are often severely atomized and have people we know or have known all over the country so I imagine with Russians it is much the same. Of course Americans also tend to know about fuckall beyond their own country though.
No. 15358
Most Americans have a very poor idea even of their own country. They will know where the most important states are, generally, but beyond that the other parts of the country will be names and vague cultural associations devoid of any firm place in a mental map.
I don't think the average Californian could find Pittsburgh on a map, and I don't think the average Pennsylvanian could find San Jose on a map.
Even within California, we have cities of several hundred thousand that Angelenos and San Franciscans don't have a firm idea of the location of.
No. 15369
Most Russians have a very poor knowledge of this country's geography. In fact, I'm pretty sure that most people in this country would not be able to name any five cities or towns, aside from Moscow and Saint Petersburg, if they were presented with a map like the one you posted only with all the names of the cities erased.
No. 15375
Australia is large but most of it is empty desert and the population is heavily focused around the major cities. So there is not actually much to know about.
No. 15380
It depends on person. We don't name all rivers of cource, but in georgraphy we learned biggest cities, deferal districts, production and economics of regions, climmate zones, minorities and internal republics, borders of countries aroun us, biggest rivers and also had separate pack of lessons about our own region, it's cities, rivers and all things like that, so on this lessons we pretty much learned things like people in smaller countries.

Personally I may say I know georgraphy well and may name main and a dozen of minor cities, roads, regions and all things like that and show them on map if you want.
No. 15386
I finally figured it out. I don't think it has anything at all to do with your fat fingers pressing the wrong buttons on a phone. I think you're dyslexic.
No. 15390
236 kB, 820 × 643
>It depends on person
It's the same in the US. Schools teach a lot about geography, but whether or not the average adult retains it is another question. Songs can help a lot.
>50 States and Capitals Song by Wakko Warner

>Yakko Warner did one for world geography too
No. 16192
Unironically how I know all the Presidents.
Sometimes it takes a while because I have to sing up to that point in my head.
No. 16207
Singing has been the form of remembering history thorough the history of the mankind. Sagas, legends and so were sung.
So I think it's pretty natural if you have to sing up all the Presidents. It's just our nature.
No. 16214
No. 16253
I find that the early 19th century is a real fogbank for my knowledge of US presidents.

In some ways it's embarrassing that I know about as much about US leadership than I do about Britain's, but then PM is a more boring role. Personal executive power is far more constrained in parliamentary systems.
No. 16277
Early 19th century was a time of a lot of important structural developments, but very little happening in terms of active politics. Even the wars were inconclusive or irrelevant except as part of structural processes.

I can forgive people for not knowing any presidents between Jefferson and Buchanan.
No. 20391
Stop shitposting across all board.