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No. 14091 Systemkontra
48 kB, 768 × 960
The old one will vanish in time, so let's continue once more.

My life does not continue any happenings worth mentioning atm.
No. 14106
174 kB, 1632 × 1224
Spent the last few days listening to Deep Purple and memorising Japanese hieroglyphs. Studying in nuiversity is nowhere near as difficult as I imagined it would be but I wish I had stayed in my home city instead of coming here. This whole thing is a waste of time.
But hey, at least winter is finally here.
No. 14108
It was fucking 15 Degrees yesterday. I feel so cheated. This is the warmest december I've ever had and I don't like it.
No. 14110
51 kB, 940 × 528
I would like to hear a vacaroo of you foreigners saying Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Just to be prepared for the future hearing foreign journalists talking about her. She is the new head of CDU, and how it most likely will play out, also our next Chancellorette. My guts tell that if there is anything in the way preventing this to happen, it is her name.
No. 14111
What is the name of the
vocaroo is that it?
No. 14112
Yes. Excuse the typo. I should start to check my posts before sending them more carefully again.
No. 14113
I really tought they're going to vote Merz, Karrenbauer seems to be a very bad choice.
No. 14114
There are names that are much harder to pronounce than hers, IMO, especially Hindi ones. Anyways, in Russian:
No. 14134
169 kB, 700 × 818
I wonder if this is a good introduction book to the serious craft of drawing and sketching things.
No. 14135
49 kB, 0:04
It's pretty impressive if it's easy for you.

The results may be shocking
No. 14136
This cover not promesing something DEEP honestley. I think, on this level, better be just videos and typical guides.
Like his for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2T7cDY7YDsg
No. 14137
You learning Japanise? As I know there two levels of hieroglyphs - one is kaijou... or something like that, and when you can learn easy basic level, next level is more serious.
No. 14138
A kaijou is a term for giant monsters like Godzilla.
What you are looking for is "Kanji" I think.
No. 14140
That's Kaiju, not Kaijou.
t. former toku watcher
No. 14150
Those were pretty good. I somehow thought it would be more of a tongue twister sort of. To me the name at least has a very harsh and negative vibe about it. But I simply hate these stupid double-names as a whole.

I think it was pretty obvious that somebody did his her best pulling some strings and shed a bad light upon him immediately after he announced his ambitions. And his proposal about investments came at a stupid point in time to add to that.
No. 14153
At first I've read "Today dread", maybe we might call it like that the next time.

Not much new happening, one more nightshift tonight and I'll be free for the next three days so I'm looking forward to comfy times in my bed to be spend. Also I think (and definitely hope) that the shift won't be too long tonight so I can get home early and start into the "weekend".
No. 14168
I'm finally done with digitalizing all the pages.
So the main body of text is complete. I'll rework it during the Christmas break. Should be easy enough.

Saw that the online used bookshop has a copy of Shostakovich's testimony in English, so I ordered it. It's a bit rugged, but I want to take notes while I read it.

Tomorrow I'll be writing homework. A 25 sentences long essay on a Roman emperor of my choice, using a source of my choice, and taking notes on the 10th chapter of the play we are studying in literature class.

The future is bright.
No. 14172
81 kB, 750 × 742
I've been somewhat insomniac lately
Had a manic episode after I finished reading Ch. 1 of Anti-Oedipus and couldn't sleep until after 5am
Now 3am is about the time I fall asleep regularly, albeit still with headaches and anxiety. Feels pretty shit to wake up so late after that, but it would feel even more shit to set and alarm and sleep less

I need to finally finish my thesis so I'm less stressed, but that's progressing more or less at least
Also should start working out more regularly again, pretty sure that helps with sleeping

Now I'm pissed because some guy on ebay is claiming he didn't receive my package and wants his money back. Stupidly I shipped without tracking so I'll have to see how this plays out.
No. 14174
1,1 MB, 960 × 960
Another day, another rejected job application. Considering trying to join the ADF again, but I dunno. I need a steady job and it's something I'm interested in but the solid rejection from what 5 or 6 years ago now? still rings in my ear when I think about it. Maybe I should book a meeting with an advisor at the recruiting office and see what my options are and what they think of my chances.
No. 14175
>Had a manic episode after I finished reading Ch. 1 of Anti-Oedipus

Performing the text so to speak?

>Now I'm pissed because some guy on ebay is claiming he didn't receive my package and wants his money back

Probably the delivery guy did not found his name on the door bell or such cases. If you have an ID you can actually see what was happening so far, what did you ship with?

Good Luck with your thesis, just push it through, steadily. Stur und stetig.
No. 14177 Kontra
2,2 MB, 640 × 360, 0:21
I started my new job last month, moved to London and all is well. My only suffering is that half my paycheck goes on renting a tiny studio flat in Central and being northern in London is a culture shock (£7.50 for a G&T the other day! Damn near burnt the place down.) Still, I only have to do a 20 minute stroll to and from work everyday and live in a nice quiet area with easy tube access. It'll do until I can afford a pad in Dolphin Square among the establishment.

Of course next month I've set myself the task of finding a gf which will no doubt ruin this peaceful situation. Such cases.

Sage because I'm becoming a kein.

I know how much it sucks fren, it took me nearly a year to land my job but once you're back in the system you're back in. Be brave and keep at doing at least one application a day or you will spiral into depression.

As for the ADF, as a former squaddie they will definitely appreciate you applying again (they did for me) and it shows the exact grit they want. Of course you should also look into going proper civil service. It's a very Ernst orientated career so long as you can tolerate the middle class.
No. 14178
No. 14179
Today is weekend, and we are celebrating my mother's birthday. So my father and I took her to a Turkish restaurant (with Turkish chefs). They were very friendly and the food was absolutely delicious, then I bought ice cream for dessert.

I am in a good mood right now, but - and with Ernst's permission - I will be coming here to this thread every now and then to express my heatenings or cozies.
No. 14180
Thanks! Very good too.
Looks like her name is much easier to pronounce than I expected it to be. Or you are all simply gifted. :3
No. 14181
I speak 21 languages include eleven extinct and 39 dialects of chinamanese how I wish.

But seriously, I studied German in school for around 9-10 years, and I tend to practice pronunciation, eventhough my German is extremely rusty and it does not sound like German, but I still try no matter what.
No. 14182 Kontra
>it does not sound like German
at least I was told so
polite kontra.
No. 14183
9 kB, 220 × 330
I finished editing a short story about a group of hunter-gatherers who encounter agriculturalists for the first time, and posted it on a website. I think it'd be pretentious to post a link to it in the Literature thread, so I'll put it here. I would like if Ernst could give his opinion:


At least you get rejections. I don't even get any response in 9/10 cases. I'll probably have to move back to my hometown where there's a better job market.

I guarantee you American journalists will screw it up, especially her first name. Picture of an egret related.
No. 14184 Kontra
>an expat poster with an american ball is blaming an american poster with a german ball
I feel so international right now.
please be a german living in the US. that would be HI-LARIOUS.
No. 14185
Your English at least seems flawless. You sound as if you were wearing top hat and monocle, setting down your tea cup only to type a few lines on the keyboard now and then.
No. 14186
thank you, Ernst. You're too kind :3
No. 14187
How am I blaming him? I'm a normal American.
No. 14188 Kontra
Apologies, my English failed me. This is not the word I meant, also I misunderstood the post, thought you were an expat.

I should stop with the polite kontras now...
No. 14191
And I am a normal German. I think Egypt confuses something here.
I started reading your story but realized it was too long to go through it tonight since I already planned on doing something else, but so far it looks like an interesting read with an unusual setting.
No. 14192
14 kB, 512 × 512
>Egypt confuses something here
I think I do. I shall shut up and lurk now
No. 14193
Nah, don't worry, EC was dead enough this sunday. Keep posting.

t. other
No. 14195
thank you.
I dont want to seem like a spammer.
No. 14196
Please don't, a few honest mistakes isn't a big deal, I didn't mean to sound accusatory. We're happy to have a poster from Egypt.

Thanks for reading it. I'm glad you like it so far, take your time.
No. 14197
>politeness on imageboards
No. 14198

You should do an IWO around your home. Where do you live in Egypt? Cairo?
No. 14199
Hello from east Cairo!

I will be creating an IWO for sure.
No. 14200
Today i was looking for christmas gifts but i'm really bad at that.

Does Ernst have a idea what i could give my sister? It shouldn't cost too much and maybe show how much i despise her in a not obvious way.
She's a dumb, uneducated slut in case it helps.
No. 14201
261 kB, 2048 × 1536
I have some pictures, granted they're old and not a lot, but they're never posted on an imageboard before

and here is a sneak peek
No. 14202
Let her be, maybe you guys go along well in the end.

Games are allways a good idea, when it comes to presents where you have no idea what to give.
These nerd-shops where you get magic cards and WH40k figures are allways a good stop. You can find quite some entertaining parlour games for adults there.

This year I accidentaly bought two presents for my sister. Well she'll get both then I guess. They've been expensive, so I was thinking about keeping one for her birthday, but that doesn't feel too good.
No. 14204
I'd be fucking hyped to see how it looks in your cunt tbqh fam.
No. 14206
what he said >>14202
Usually I am a person who gifts a needed item.
No. 14208
I'll post maybe tomorrow or in a bit, but if not today, then tomorrow.
No. 14217
2,9 MB, 2816 × 2112

I've got a lot of really old pictures from around California on this computer. Perhaps I'll make my own historical IWO at some point. I think a lot of them are actually from IWO expeditions that never got turned into threads.
No. 14222
I heard recently that Egypt has an even worse female obesity problem than us. Is this true?
No. 14223
I'd like to do an IWO since I life in one of the most beautiful most medieval cities on the Germany. (No, it's not Aachen) But I think when I do that it could be too intimate for an imageboard since we have so few posters. ;(
No. 14225
I have no idea, but obesity is an issue in Egypt - may it be men or women. I am yet to see crippling obese people (except for this international case that travelled to India and died there)

This stems from our love for food, and that being a huge part in our lives.
If we're happy, we celebrate with food
If we're sad, we console ourselves with food
If we're gathering around, we order food

and our cuisine loves ghee and butter. Oil is okay, but authenticity requires ghee or butter.
No. 14226
noice. please post!
where in california is this?
No. 14227
Just post them. I am now interested to see that.
No. 14228
That's certainly not a good reason to deprive us of a quality IWO.

Perhaps we should make a general thread for IWO posting. If me, you, and our Egyptian friend all made separate IWO threads, they would dominate the first page.

I don't know any Egyptian food except for that one bean soup that people eat for breakfast. Please post pictures and rate the best Egyptian foods for us.
No. 14229
A few bottles of some alcho-pop (WKD etc.) She'll be mad but she won't be able to articulate as to why.
No. 14230
166 kB, 320 × 240, 0:01
>I am yet to see crippling obese people (except for this international case that travelled to India and died there)
...why would obese people migrate to India?

>egyptian food
Tell me more
No. 14231
1,4 MB, 2112 × 2816
A park on the outskirts of Fresno, a shithole city in the Central Valley. The coast of California is so nice only because we made a pact with a demon to transfer all of the shit into the Valley.

That being said, the park is very nice. There's a trail in it that leads down into a small depression next to the river, surrounded by cliffs. That's where I did my first KC IWO expedition back in 2011. Can't remember if I ever posted it though.
No. 14233
342 kB, 1115 × 1600
I enjoyed your short story.
There are two ways that a story of this kind can be critiqued: as a story, and as a portrayal of anthropological theories.
I only took two anthropology courses during university, so I don't really have much knowledge about the field but I am interested in the subject nonetheless (take my scientific critiques with a grain of salt as you probably know more than me about this topic anyway :---DD). I know a lot less about literature and writing though, so I can't really give you much helpful critique on that account.

I liked that you attempted to highlight the general differences between hunter-gatherer and agricultural societies such as the decreased health and increased fertility of agricultural societies. Probably you're aware that these are just generalities however, as not all the differences that you highlight are agreed upon. For example: there is conflicting evidence towards the decreased labour hours in hunter-gatherer societies. Also, I don't recall anything about agricultural societies having wider noses; funnily enough when I first read the description of the seed-eaters my mind first went to neanderthals even though they were extinct a ways before the advent of agriculture (an intentional way to sympathize with the People perhaps?). Also, I am left wondering as to how the seed-eaters advanced at such a rapid pace as the first agriculturalists were not all that different from hunter-gatherers. I do realize that you made a point that the People knew how to farm already, so they were in fact also agriculturalists (not the correct word, I just forgot the terminology), but only of wild strains of plants as opposed to the domesticated strains that the seed-eaters had. Overall, I think this story does what it can to point out general differences between their populations and lifestyles while not sacrificing the storytelling to autistic details.

Now for my understanding of the story:
By having Krow visit another village and experience deja vu, the implication is that this has happened quite a few times before as the population of seed-eaters has gotten quite large, thereby implying that they've interacted with different groups of hunter-gatherers already as they've expanded. I like that this (and the destruction of Krow's village) was foreshadowed near the beginning. Perhaps from seeing that it was possible to assimilate some People into their group, the seed-eaters switched strategies from outright hostility to a peaceful friendliness during initial setup so as to allow them to boost their numbers in the area before they attempt an attack.
The story did seem to drag on a little bit in middle though, but picked up as hostilities increased.
I have noticed that you've tried to give explanations for possible plotholes and inconsistencies that could have arisen if you'd given less detail.
For example, you describe why Krow was able to go around the seed-eater village while brandishing a knife.
I see a couple ways that the story can progress. I don't want to taint your thought process so I won't say which possibility is the most interesting to me.
No. 14237
41 kB, 630 × 300
36 kB, 498 × 274
250 kB, 641 × 385
45 kB, 570 × 300
>bean soup
f-ful?? it's not a soup!
so c, also & a.
ful (or foul) has a mashed texture - same like mashed patotos but brown with obscene amounts of oil

also, here are the best Egyptian foods I can think of (quoting includes the good man at >>14230)

first up, we have koshary كشري. A carb bomb that consists of vermicelli, rice, black lentils, whole hummus (chickpeas), pasta (sometimes), and topped with seared onion and tomato sauce and garlic+cumin sauce...very cheap, very tasty, very heartburn. 8/10

second, we have molokheyya ملوخية - also know as Jute's mallow, made from this shrub on a bouillon base (chicken or beef), best eaten with white rice. the consistency may be off putting but trust me, it's addictive. best eaten with roast chicken and white rice or baladi bread. 8/10

third, we have mahshi محشي - similar to the balkan/turkish sarma dish, these are vegetables (also cabbage leaves and vine leaves) stuffed with a mixture of rice, dill and other ingredients. the whole thing is drenched and simmered in tomato sauce. If done right, the aroma alone can drive any proper middle easterner crazy. 8/10

fourth, we have Sharkasseyya شكرسية - a dish that was introduced with the Circassian mamelukes, consists of crushed walnuts in a bouillon base, the consistency is gravy-like suggests that it is best eaten with white rice and roast chicken breasts. 8/10

continuing in next thread>>>
No. 14239
42 kB, 630 × 300
11 kB, 275 × 183
93 kB, 640 × 360
172 kB, 1688 × 1125
fifth, we have Bamia tajin طاجن بامية - This is Okra, simmered in tomato and onion sauce called taqleyya تقلية. eaten with rice and baladi bread - 7/10

sixth, we have kabab we kofta كباب و كفتة - the closest dish I can think of to that is shashlik, basically BBQ meatballs and meat shanks (lamb, beef) on coal (and it has to be on coal) the chicken version of it is called shish tawook شيش طاووق. this is considered rich people food as a kilo of that has an average price of USD 17 (comparing to something cheap like a falafel sandwich that costs USD 0.25, and an average person eats two-three sandwiches, so USD 1.00 max). best eaten with baladi bread or as pictured. 100000/10.

now, I have to tell you about the staple of our cuisine, baladi bread and white rice.

Baladi bread عيش بلدي - (local bread) - this is not just food, but we have an emotional connection with it. We swear by it, we use it as a symbol of friendship (one highly valued methods of bonding is sharing food, especially sharing the same loaf). It goes with almost everything savoury.

Next, we have white rice رز أبيض - our rice has a shorter grain than your usual basmati. also goes with everything savoury.
No. 14240
116 kB, 683 × 1024
190 kB, 680 × 453
1,2 MB, 4032 × 3024
now, lets cover some breakfast basics:

Ful (foul) فول - fava beans simmered for six hours, served with cumin, lemon squeeze, and an obscene amounts of oil (sunflower, flaxseed, maize, what have you)

Falafel/Taameyya طعمية - fried fava bean balls.

pic 3 is a traditional Egyptian breakfast - ful, falafel, hand cut fries, fried eggplant, salad and an omelette with pastirma (kind of like beef jerky, but turkish) and tahina sauce.
No. 14241
Oh dog would
No. 14243
ofcourse, while we have our traditional food, we also eat food from a lot of other cuisines: pasta, burgers, fried chicken, pizza, lasagne, hot dogs...etc

end of summary.
No. 14244
one note to all you westerners here: before introducing Egyptian food into your body, GET ANTACIDS.
No. 14245
you bet your sweet bippy would.
No. 14246
What about dessert like Kanafeh?
No. 14247

ok, hold on
No. 14248
What for? Well I was going to make a boast about my body, but then realized I am on a form of prescription antacids, seemingly mostly for extremely bread carb heavy things. I also suspect something like stress and anxiety but I can eat tons of butter and grease. Butter and grease is soothing, like drinking pepto bismol.
No. 14249
464 kB, 1024 × 615
99 kB, 600 × 450
108 kB, 1280 × 720
69 kB, 960 × 640
as per this fellow's request >>14246, here are some desserts

because we had our breakfast and dinner, it is only logical to have desserts after.

Konafa كنافة (NOT KANAFEH, that's levantine and yes there is a difference) - made with VERY THIN dough that looks like...well...hair, and heavily doused in sherbet. can be stuffed with nuts or a custard, or plain

Basboussa بسبوسة - made from finely ground wheat and lightly doused in syrup. wikipedia calls it "sweet cake" but I beg to differ.

Baklawa بقلاوة - yes, baklava. thin puff pastry lightly doused in syrup, stuffing can be nuts or cream, or also plain.

Eish Saraya عيش سرايا - bread HEAVILY doused in syrup, eaten with clotted cream. This dessert is EXTREMELY sugary.

all of those have levantine versions with some differences.
No. 14250
because our way of cooking tomatoes is heartburn-inducing.
No. 14252
47 kB, 532 × 690
ran out of smokes
1 hour til stores open
No. 14253
I am on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varenicline
Even when absolutely nothing else worked, not even the patches or gum or vaping, this shit is awesome. It just works. I went from smoking close to a pack a day to I had one disgusting af tasting rolled cigarette yesterday and haven't smoked at all today. I was smoking 15 a day a week ago. I only smoked like 5 on my first and second day. You just lose all impulse to smoke a cigarette and don't even notice you aren't smoking anymore.

Only problem is that stress and psychological addiction triggers remain so you can start again from not smoking for months or a year. Would be nice to be on it constantly tbh.
No. 14254
97 kB, 907 × 509
50 kB, 534 × 800
197 kB, 975 × 549
283 kB, 1089 × 556
Thanks for your critique.

  1. I realize that HGs didn't necessarily work less than farmers; farmers would in fact probably have less work to do for most of the year, and I think I mentioned that. But the intensive work required to clear land, plow it, and sow the seeds would, I think, be more concentrated labor than most HGs would ever do in their lives. I don't think this view is reflected in the story however, so I might have to change it.
  2. The People don't know how to farm, but people made bread out of wild seeds even before farming. I'm not actually sure if they did this in SE Europe, though. I'm going to do a big overhaul of details after I read more about the subject matter.
  3. I'm vague about the location and the specific peoples involved, partially to lend a universality to the story, which in the most important parts depicts a global phenomenon, but also because I don't know too much about the specific place I had in mind.
The story actually takes place in the Mures river valley in SW Transylvania, between ~5-7000BC, which is when the first farmers would have reached the area. The big flat land to the west is the Pannonian plain.

4. Krow's people were genetically similar to Cheddar Man, while the farmers were genetically similar to modern Sardinians, and so I used them as my mental models for the two peoples.
I realize that Cheddar Man isn't exactly snub-nosed, and Sardinians and other southern Europeans are not necessarily renowned for big noses. Those details come from earlier drafts, but they served a narrative purpose, and even relatively minor differences between the two peoples would be magnified in the minds of both sides in a hostile contact situation.

>I see a couple ways that the story can progress. I don't want to taint your thought process so I won't say which possibility is the most interesting to me.

Well, the story of Krow's people is over, and I don't intend to write a direct sequel. If you meant how to further develop the existing story, then please share your thoughts, as I currently have no plans for major revisions.

The next story in the series will take place in the same location, but it'll be set thousands of years later, when the first Indo-European chiefs arrive. After that, the focus will shift to a Dacian slave from the same area being taken to the Rome, to explore the changes associated with densely-populated cities and world-spanning empires.
No. 14255
430 kB, 1920 × 1280
All looks very good, except the first. That's just carb overload, man, and it's probably why Egyptians are so fat.
There's a Georgian dish of walnut-puree gravy over chicken that's served cold, perhaps that's what Sharkasseyya is based on.

Puffy flatbread and rice are a true civilized man's staples. The okra stew looks delicious. The price of the meat dish is obscene, that's probably more than you would pay for that amount of meat in the US.

Most pictures I see of ful look like a watery bean stew, but that first picture is just refried beans. My nigga.

Once again, carb overload. I would still eat all of them, though.

Overall, I give Egyptian cuisine an 8-9/10, a very high score coming from me. Like Mexicans and Indians, you understand the holy trifecta of beans, rice, and flatbread, and your more complex dishes do not disappoint either.

Do you make ful at home? Can you share a recipe? It seems like a good way to try Egyptian food in the absence of any restaurants.
No. 14256
1,3 MB, 2655 × 1770
250 kB, 800 × 1200
121 kB, 1000 × 584

You might have heard of some of this already, but I must share with you the food of my people.

  1. Chile relleno = stuffed chili. You take a large green chili pepper, stuff it with cheese, cover in a batter with a lot of egg whites, and fry it. Afterwards, you drench it in sauce, and optionally melted cheese.
  2. Tamales. In order to make this, and a lot of other authentic Mexican food, you need flour or dough made from corn kernels treated with an alkaline solution. The resulting dough/flour is a staple of Mexican cuisine, and has a different and superior texture and flavor to products made from untreated corn.
A tamale is made by putting this corn dough onto a corn husk, putting a filling in the middle of the corn dough, and then folding over the corn husk. The tamale is steamed, and before eating it you unwrap the corn husk to get at the delicious treat inside. The experience is completely different based on the filling; meat stewed in a sauce is the most common, but cheese mixed with green chilies is also popular.

3. Chilaquiles, a breakfast food. You take tortilla chips, and mix them in a pan with onion, scrambled eggs, copious amounts of sauce, and optionally chicken or some other meat. Then you put cheese on top and wait for it to melt.
If you don't wait too long to eat it, the fried tortilla chips maintain their crunch even after soaking up the sauce, and combined with the melted cheese, the flavor is divine.

Traditionally, at Mexican restaurants in the US, main dishes will come with a side of refried beans and what Americans call Spanish rice, which gets the red color from tomatoes. You can see this in the last pic (fried potatoes are less traditional).
No. 14258
I don't want to stop using nicotine, though. It helps to distract me from mind noise.

Also, I think I'm having a depersonalization episode. Existential despair is creeping in and I wish I had a button that aborts reality, because this senseless freakshow offends my sensibilities. I'd like to know where all of those philosophers came up with the assertion that "being is ultimately Good", because I find the claims unsubstantiated. In fact, I've never seen any proof of anything ever being good. I see plenty of bad things all around me, though.

I mean, most (or all) things people regard as "good" aren't good in a metaphysical sense, but good in a practical sense. Being intelligent, beautiful, rich, powerful, etc. might be good, but not necessarily Good, if you know what I mean.
No. 14260
I hate those kinds of moods.
They usually pass with time, however.
No. 14261
305 kB, 753 × 960
Had my suspicions confirmed today. Most of the managers at work aren't so polite behind closed doors. Found out from one manager I like telling me and being one of the few who vouch for me. All smiling faces when I'm around and shit talking when I'm not.

I don't get these people. I'm not one for confrontation but I was always taught that if you got a problem with someone, you front up and sort it out. You don't just keep it behind closed doors and attack their livelihood which is what they're doing by starving me of hours without explanation. If you're in a managerial position, your job is to manage situations that arise, not make passive aggressive moves and hope that they quit so you don't have to manage the situation. It's kind of fucked since it's not the first time they've done it too. I remember one poor bastard didn't even get told he was fired, they just stopped giving him shifts and hoped he'd go away. Wasn't even a bad dude, just not a great fit for the position. That's the most annoying part, that they apparently have these problems with my work but can't even give me a straight talk about what they want so I can give it to them.
No. 14263
32 kB, 474 × 488
Some tor retard is advertising ernst on the most toxic site on the internet:
No. 14264
>Some tor retard is advertising ernst on the most toxic site on the internet:

Better link
No. 14265
I guess it's primal subconscious desire of domination. When they don't talk to you, they have reasons to blame you, you can't get better earlier than the critical point comes when you've collected enough failures.
No. 14267
Better question is what you are doing on cabbagechan that much. It sounds more to me like some really pitiful attempt at starting a chan fire, probably from you. They know we exist and obviously don't give a fuck. We likewise don't give a fuck about them.
No. 14269
>I don't get these people. I'm not one for confrontation but I was always taught that if you got a problem with someone, you front up and sort it out.

How naive. You're easy pickings for those vultures.
No. 14270

How many crossposters are there? And why is cabbage so damn toxic and full of schizos?
No. 14274
>She'll be mad

I was serious when i said she's a dumb slut. She would be happy about it but the rest of my family would give me weird looks.
No. 14282
Then regress lower in age appropriate gifts so if she liked Alladin as a child you go buy her that stuff. The core of my idea is to make her mad by indirectly pointing out that you think she's still a child which is 100% guaranteed to infuriate the young.

My parents did a similar thing to me when I was 14 and still into digimon (Digimon World is a great game). They went out and bought a digimon teddy-bear and such at Christmas to sneer at me for being strange. Can't wait to shove them into an old peoples home.
No. 14285
Gift her a book.

Preferably something ebin like Finnegan's Wake or Phenomenology of Spirit.
No. 14286
101 kB, 1000 × 667
>All looks very good, except the first. That's just carb overload, man, and it's probably why Egyptians are so fat.
carbs, beef, ghee and sugar, the ancient secret to happiness. and fattiness.

>There's a Georgian dish of walnut-puree gravy over chicken that's served cold, perhaps that's what Sharkasseyya is based on.
Indeed. This dish is from Circassia, an area just above Georgia, so it figures.

>The price of the meat dish is obscene, that's probably more than you would pay for that amount of meat in the US.
I know, right?
well, a kilo of beef in Cairo is around $10, you can find it cheaper but the quality would be questionable. Unless you have a way to source that directly from a farm, this would be a whole other story.

>Most pictures I see of ful look like a watery bean stew, but that first picture is just refried beans. My nigga.
that's not water, that's oil.
it's another way of ful medames, a "lite" version if you will, unmashed and is less tasty than the traditional picture.
not to be confused with ful nabet (sprouting fava beans), which has the same look but very different taste, this is more like mezza than actual food, IMO

>Overall, I give Egyptian cuisine an 8-9/10, a very high score coming from me. Like Mexicans and Indians, you understand the holy trifecta of beans, rice, and flatbread, and your more complex dishes do not disappoint either.
that's high praise, thank you.
if you ever came here, there is a restaurant called Abou El Sid, those guys server absolutely the best damn Egyptian food I've ever tasted.

Sadly, I do not have any recipe for ful medames as 90% of us buy it from shops.
No. 14287
245 kB, 1200 × 873
158 kB, 1280 × 1280
I've had fajitas and chimichangas before, quite tasty.

>Chile rellenos
I've heard about those from Regular Show and because of that I want to try them.

That looks a lot like the lebanese Man'oucheh or Turkish Lahmacun, but made out of wheat instead of corn, same filling, even.

that screams morning heartburn and I LOVE IT ALREADY.

There are three things I would like to do if I ever came to America:
  • Have a 42oz porterhouse steak
  • Try Chipotle
  • Try tacos
  • Try Taco Bell for an "authentic" American experience. Too bad the toilets in America do not have built in washers in them. THEY CHANGE LIVES I TELL YOU.
No. 14290
I've been getting my petty revenge in the period of underemployment since it just came out of nowhere with no explanation. Little ways that an employee can throw a spanner in the works without actually doing anything wrong. Like ignoring anything beyond what my contract says is my job. Is it courteous to keep an eye on things I know to keep an eye out for like stock levels, equipment playing up etc.? Yes. Have I signed anything that obliges me to do so unless directly told by a superior? Nope. Not technically my job and since they don't give me enough hours, it bites everybody else in the arse and it's fixed by the time I'm back on. No skin off my back. I also had the one cool (kitchen, there are two cool ones if we count the front of house one too) manager comment on my degrading work ethic but he came around when I explained that I wasn't getting paid enough to pay my rent and groceries without going into savings, so I wasn't getting paid enough to care about going above and beyond for them.

It's pretty incredible how many annoyances a shafted employee who's been working for you for a while can make by the way. It's not exactly playing hardball, but if they want to play that kind of game, I'm capable of sending at least some of it back.

I actually blame the head kitchen manager for the current situation. It weren't long after he showed up that his friends got jobs and I, the long-term employee who'd done the place more than a few solids in my time gets put in the doghouse. This place has a habit of driving all the decent managers away because they're underpaid and overworked so you just end up with 90% utter faggots who live on the power and 10% who understandably jump ship as soon as a better option presents itself.
No. 14291
Why are you not looking for another job, can you go on sick bennies.
I would refuse any shift which is less than 6 hours, so you end up doing 2x 4hr shifts.
What is the worst thing which will happen if you stop paying your rent, it takes many months to get evicted.
You will also have saved up some paid vacation, I suggest you take that now as you will be getting some money.
Christmas is more competitive for shifts, but just quit staying there is just digging a hole.
No. 14293
I am looking for other work. Have been for months. Not going for sick bennies because that's a one way trip to the mentally ill list and that's not somewhere I want to be. Reason I'm still there is that it offsets my costs while looking for better work. I'm not bleeding much so long as I keep working what I am. Better than bleeding a lot each week until I find more work, no? Besides, it's worse trying to find work this time of year because the application pool swells with school graduates whether that's unskilled high school or skilled university ones. And tbh the job market here ain't great to begin with. It's not actually a rare occurrence in Australia. We only have a low unemployment rate because they count the underemployed the same as any other employed person, and if you take into account technicalities like not technically being unemployed for whatever. It's something like 1 in 3 part-time workers that are in similar or barely better economic situations to my own and real unemployment is something like 10-12%. We're in the opening stages of a recession here tbh. Even the seemingly invincible housing bubble is seeing a downturn (hasn't burst though). We kicked the can down the road back in 2008 but we finally started to catch up to it.

>paid vacation
You think I could land a real job? Two things get you good jobs here. Connections and money. I have neither so I'm in caught up in the obscene casualisation of the workforce. You should have seen the hissy-fits when there was talk of expanding the rights of casual workers since employers wanted to expand every part-time position into a casual one.
No. 14303
Man that sucks, but at least you have some savings can eat and are not living in a car.
Recruitment agencies are the best to find a new job, maybe something outside catering.
I hear plenty f jobs in Perth, but also that Perth is a shithole.
I would try getting some certifications, is welding an option, maybe Health and Safety, or just go back to school.
I know not having a car in UK, denies you many jobs.
Any ranch hand jobs over there?

If you land a job with an agency then, you can get a better through word of mouth.
No. 14314
>Performing the text so to speak?
You can say that. It's interesting (and confusing I guess) on many levels, but already worth it for the radical criticism of Freud.

>If you have an ID you can actually see what was happening so far, what did you ship with?
I shipped as DHL Päckchen to Italy without tracking so I have no ID and only myself to blame really.
In any case I suggested the guy should check with his local post office for now.

>Good Luck with your thesis, just push it through, steadily. Stur und stetig.
No. 14315
>to Italy

Someone I know who lives in Italy told me the mail service is a catastrophe there. So things get 'missed' and such, takes longer times and so on. In that case you are to blame really. I mean you are not the one paying shipping, do you? I would always stay safe if I send something of worth to another country.
But then again, you are not to blame for lost goods but the buyer who accepted this way of shipping. Do you have a copy of your Paketaufgabe? If you can proof the buyer you sent it, it's not your problem really, no?
No. 14317
428 kB, 1000 × 563
Through another day I guess.

I have no more tea. (Or non that's for brewing and storing in a thermos)
My mother said she isn't going to give me money to buy more. Woe is me.
I'm out of tea for the foreseeable future.
The lack of caffeine is killing me, but at least my bag is a lot lighter, because I don't have to carry around the thermos with 4dls of tea.

My essay on Caligula was "sufficient" and "well packaged", but it lacked "concrete details" like dates. My source had none, so I guess I did everything I could. You can't grew a forest on a barren soil.
The others were told to rewrite theirs completely.
For whatever reason both of them picked Hadrian as a topic. Strange.

Finally I've managed to beat some sense into the music teacher and she actually listened to a Shostakovich symphony.
Guess I'm just autistic that I care so much about a niche topic like this.
But then again, it's completely dishonest to teach students something you know nothing about and you are just copying the poorly written textbook.
I really just care too much.

Studied some hanzi again. It's going rather well. I should be up to a hundred characters by the end of the year.
A lot of people thing I'm weird for wanting to study Chinese. The worst thing they can do is trying to demoralise me by asking this painful question:
>But isn't it hard?
No you dullard. It just takes considerable effort. It's by no means hard, but a long process. No shortcuts, work for it.
Most people just don't have a concept of the writing system at all.
Though I might have just climbed the first hill of Dunning-Kruger.

Almost at the end of my current book. I'll have to pick another one soon.
Most probably I'll read that Chinese short story I got last week.

I also went to the office supplies store. They didn't have ink for my fountain-pen. Bought a cheap folder and three notebooks.

Guess my life is just boring.
No. 14319
So today was okay, nothing really happened and that's fine.

Tomorrow I have a dentist's appointment, and I've been going there for the past two months now for root canal treatment and molar filling(?). Thing is, I am not sure that my medical insurance is fully covering me, so I am going tomorrow and fill another molar (because apparently I need that) and will stop at this molar for now until a change occurs in my dental insurance. I hope my expenses wont go through the roof...I dont really know how am I going to cover the expenses...
No. 14320
I hope you got some hundred bucks left in the end of the month.

I'd like to have your worries. I have a terrible phobia when it comes to dentists.

All the best I guess.
No. 14321
Took back a little bit of control from my sick heda thanks to meditation.

I ended up in one of those "fuck you, t. heda" states, where my brain spirals into a self-contradictory, malfunctioning state. There are many such cases, but this one in particular was a classic: too sleepy to do anything, too restless/anxious to sleep. Usually, this means that I have to wait, doing nothing for hours, until fatigue overcomes anxiety and I fall asleep, or anxiety transforms into hypomania.

Well, not this time, thanks to 30 minutes of meditation, I was able to put myself to rest, and have a nap. So yeah, fuck you too, brain, look who's the boss now.

I don't know what causes these states where my brain just starts misfiring and goes into a negative feedback loop, but I wish it'd go away. It's very unpleasant having to wait and suffer with no escape because some part of your brain went into a spontaneous chain reaction and took away your agency.
No. 14323
Thank you.

>couple of hundred bucks
Ah, how I wish I would have a couple of hundred bucks...I gave up going out and most of my hobbies because I have no money. It is hard surviving in the third world, especially in a recovering economy such as ours.
No. 14338
If it makes you feel any better, I have no bucks and no job right now and is just before Christmas.
And everything costs many many bucks here. I am tempted to find a gangster way of going at this point.
No. 14340
Dont give up, Ernst.

Everything will work out, if not this christmas, then the next. You'll have a delicious christmas dinner and you'll wear those tacky red pullovers with reindeers and santas and it will be cozy.

Merry (early) christmas to you!
No. 14341
Thanks, and you as well
No. 14352
Been combing the catalog and saving old and interesting threads.

Cringed hard at my old posts. In retrospect, that 1 month drunken binge was quite embarassing, and about 90% of my schizo ramblings are not as brilliantly insightful as they seemed at the time :-DDDD
No. 14353
Sorry, for a moment I assumed my first worlder sissy life would be something universial. Sad it's not like this.
No. 14354
Sorry, for a moment I assumed my first worlder sissy life would be something universial. Sad it's not like this.
No. 14358
106 kB, 1024 × 683
My little brother's computer isn't turning on, and instead of just asking me to fix it, he's circling around my room, loudly sighing, and basically trying to get me to ask what's wrong.

I hate evasiveness. I'm not going to do shit until he mans up and asks me directly.
No. 14359
Oh, his hard drive is fucked. Making screeching noises.

So the case was moved during work. Knowing that he's a raging sperging tard, he probably kicked it when he got owned in one of his shitty games. Well, I'm not going to give him my spare hard drive, and considering he already broke like two phones being a raging tard, I'm not going to do shit.
No. 14360
Looks like you do really dislike your child brother. Remember that he's your blood and one of the billions people more worthy than others.
No. 14362
I got an orange tree for my Grandmother for Christmas, I hope it will be fine in it's pot until then. I havn't really done anything else today, I might try and get back into drawing today, I was supposed to do 20 hours but I have only done 9 and a half so far.
No. 14363
In the last thread i said that i'm going to have a job interview the next day and instead of preparing myself i'm sitting around, browsing EC, reading wiki articles or watching youtube videos so i can wonder why i don't get a job in the next week.

Yesterday evening i got a call that i got the job which shows again, if you do nothing and procrastinate everything good will come to you one day.
No. 14364
I care enough about him to be disappointed.
No. 14367
Lol, we all have our problems and they're all shit. Es ist ein scheisssalad und wir müssen ihn essen.

Unless it is something like my car has A/C that only goes down to 15C and you have to have 13C.
No. 14370
Remember that hard drives is something that first start brokent if you have problmens with power block.
No. 14371
I growed oragne three from seed once. Not that big one, but it become bigger and bigger, it growed for like 2 years and then, when we go for vacation for a month, since he stayed out in balcony we forgot about it and it deda without water on hot sun ):
No. 14372
I wanted to grow one from seed so I could give her one of the older varieties that had a green skin, I am not sure she would like that though...
No. 14388
(see this post if you dont know what I am talking about >>14319)

My dental insurance covered me! I am anh happy!

I called the dentist's office and asked them about the bill, they gave it to me and I still had a filling to do today. Fast forward to fifteen minutes before the appointment, I cancelled and told them see you next year. I know, not the most professional thing to do from my side, but if I completed this filling today I would have paid extra - it's not much, but things are really tight this month. I am thinking of going next year and doing a bit of a dental check up.

And to celebrate, I had koshary (see >>14237).

Also, here is the track that played in my head as soon as I finished cancelling with the dentist's office:
>Voyager - Time Travel
No. 14405
36 kB, 600 × 800
I feel very debressed. Like every little bad thing and failing I keep ignoring suddenly pops up and they all crash down with full force on me at the same time. At times like these I sort of think that It would've been great to be a pot head or an alcoholic.
No. 14419
Thats great news.
But regarding the >few hundred bucks; I just realized what first world retardation that was to say
No. 14422
Junge, no worries! I completely understand.
Actually, I might have a couple hundred bucks left that will go straight to the credit card hawhawhaw
No. 14426
87 kB, 960 × 600
>I got the job
Congratulations, Ernst.
>if you do nothing and procrastinate everything good will come to you one day.
You're not the first person to say that.
No. 14427
Turns out I finally managed to not fuck up a mathematics test for once.
It got graded as "Excellent", though the teacher told me that it was basically one mark worse, and it's only from her grace and mercy that I can claim this victory.
I don't know how to feel about this.

I'm done with my current batch of hanzi again, but I'll have no time to make more tomorrow. I think I'll be done with this book by the end of next year or so. But that's overly optimistic on my part probably.
I feels nice to know even this many characters. In more "text focused" anime I sort of notice some bits and pieces and then I make myself recall the meaning an pronunciation of the character in Chinese.

I haven't been able to pursue many literary endeavour. I've been looking at the first two verses of the Nibelungenlied in the original middle-high-german version.
It's a beautiful poem. I think I managed to decode most of what I can by myself, so I'll either ask a teacher to help me, or just try finding a dictionary and work with that.

Am I shadowbanned or just boring?
I know my problems are miniscule in the face of adulthood, but still
No. 14430
It's not. I tried such things. I am now far poorer and fucked up in general as a result of it and just trying not to be even further depressed and demotivated about life.
No. 14431
I don't usually post much in today threads anyway but I think most of us here are at the stage of working on their Masters if not older. I haven't been at your period of life in a decade so it's harder to relate and only vaguely remember the crippling mind crushing anxiety and constant panic that was trying to finish school and get all my work done and whatever else. I just know that it was the only time worth being alive.
No. 14433
A congratulation.
and now you know how mediterraneans do jobs. You are now an honorary mediterranean, have a complementary basket of feta cheese, paella, black tea, grilled fish, some sand and sea water.
No. 14436
If I were you I'd be happy that I got an excellent mark, may it be grace, mercy, effort, falafel, whatever. A victory is a victory. Be happy, boost your confidence and move on to your next challenge.

>I haven't been at your period of life in a decade so it's harder to relate and only vaguely remember the crippling mind crushing anxiety and constant panic that was trying to finish school and get all my work done and whatever else.
I can still relate to that. I work in a field that required continuous studying and certification (computer networks). I had my first exam in four years and I failed it...not once, but twice. The exam cost me $200 per entrance, so I was $400 in credit card debt (which was basically my salary back then), then I passed on the third time. I was going through so much anxiety and stress (especially that my job was on the line) that my brain was about to explode, shortly, I took the second part of the exam, and I aced it first time.

I am kind of preparing for another exam now, but for some reason (depression, probably) I can't go on with my studies. I started okay then I became busy with work, now I am relatively free but I just cant start again. It may be depression, or simply a discipline problem...or both lol.
No. 14437
>vaguely remember the crippling mind crushing anxiety and constant panic that was trying to finish school and get all my work done and whatever else
Pretty much this. After finishing school, you trade the anxiety for a more time-intensive, more dull, but financially rewarding job. Even 12 years after I got my degree I still occasionally dream about still needing some tests to be admitted to the final exam. It's a pretty good feeling to wake up and realize that this will never bother me again.
>I just know that it was the only time worth being alive.
For me, it wasn't. It was a time of economic uncertainity, feeling dependent and not knowing if I am ready to stand on my own feet. If I had to pick a time when life was best for me, I'd probably pick the time 4-5 ears after my degree and into the job, when I was still younger and physically fit compared to now, but I already had proven myself in my job and had saved some money, so I knew I would be self-sufficient for the rest of my life. Also, back then I still could fool myself into believing I might have a family in the future. Turned out that... no. But well, could be worse, so no complaints.
No. 14438

Well, it is true most of us have left school behind many years ago and there is indeed a distance. I got thru school half assed and my grades are bad therefore. But nobody at university cares besides numerus clausus about your school grades, nobody will care about my bachlor grades and degree except numerus clausus. But it's important for oneself. It's training if you want to go for certain things in life. You have to put some energy into things you want to master. So my lecturers who talk to me advice me to keep on, I think they like to see how people take notice and interested into subject and work. Likewise I could imagine it's the same for your teachers.

> I just know that it was the only time worth being alive.

Nah, just because the responsibilities are way lower than in the years to come. You get some freedums and eventually grew and enjoy that and take a lot of shit as well, yes.
Just don't put all your time into school or university, Hungary. Other things can be equally important if not being of more importance.
No. 14439
>I still occasionally dream about still needing some tests to be admitted to the final exam. It's a pretty good feeling to wake up and realize that this will never bother me again.
I have sames, but mine is the highschool Arabic language exam. Five hundred pages that I need to study in less than an hour, and I am already late for the exam. Strange thing is, I was very good in the actual test and scored what constitutes as an A-.

>I just know that it was the only time worth being alive.
I learned this fact very late in my life.
Long story short, I hated school back then, little did I know that college would be my actual darkest years. Fun times.
No. 14465
2,2 MB, 200 × 150, 0:09
Ad ramblings, ep. #81212
"Watch your favorite movies without ads in our service!"
You sound like it's your merit.
No. 14468
4,5 MB, 2026 × 2865
It's too hot to do anything... I was going to go to the post office to check if my new GPU is in but it's too hot even to think about it. But it will drop by almost 20 degrees in temperature by tomorrow, that's good I will go then but it does make me worry about the state of things when the temperature goes through such changes.
No. 14469
Why do you live in the shit part of Australia, mate?
No. 14471
It's all bad apart from Tasmania. I would not mind moving to Tasmania one day.
No. 14472
There's plenty of nice places. It's just that the cities aren't any of them.
No. 14473
Outside of the city is desert and farm land, apart from in Tasmania and maybe the blue mountain range thing.
No. 14474
171 kB, 800 × 533
Desert and cattle country suits me just fine.
No. 14477
Also there are too many gumtrees everywhere, like in that photo.
No. 14478
Australia has nice weather once you get to Sydney and south of that. Melbourne has absolutely god-tier weather.

I can't judge other parts of the life experience there, though. Tasmania seems cozy but it just seems like an NZ that is officially part of Australia.
No. 14480
I live south of Sydney...
No. 14483
Oh, thought you were in Brisbane.

Yeah, you're just fucked by global warming.
No. 14488
I live south of Adelaide, it's always been hot here. I did some research and it is cooler than Sydney though.
No. 14491
+5 to 8 C - December on the Almaty.
No. 14492
307 kB, 1080 × 720
95 kB, 800 × 532
69 kB, 700 × 525
65 kB, 415 × 277
That's the other one. On old EC, both of our Aussies were from Brisbane though.
t. Brisbane dweller

I'm from Mid-North NSW. It's coastal valleys that have the best of regional and coastal Australia. Blending of farmland and native bush combined with mild weather moderated by coastal breezes.
t. rural Mid-North NSW shill
No. 14495
2,2 MB, 3264 × 2448
It was harder to find temperature averages for Enugai but it said the highest it got to this year was 32.8 c, that's not that bad actually, however the lowest it got to was 8c and the average was 18.9. The highest it got too here was 42c but the average was 15.6 and the lowest was -1c. So overall I would prefer it here. I think where you are it has a warm constant temperature, here even in summer it will get above 30 for a few days but then drop, it's dropping to 17c tomorrow and will stay only slightly hotter than that through the week.
No. 14496
This week has been pretty good considering I'm fairly far north, mid to high 20s and not overly humid. It's meant to get bad later this week into next though. High 20s to low 30s and very humid. I know you guys have a big range in temperature but is it as dry as the rest of the Brickistan or do the Alatau make it a bit more humid to make that heat extra obnoxious?
No. 14499 Kontra
126 kB, 1920 × 562
386 kB, 1024 × 768
Like I said, nice places that aren't Tasmania. Scott's Head was my actual local beach (the guy it's named for is on some fork of the family tree), but the Nambucca Estaury was also an ebin local swimming area.

Also you can tell it's a nice place because my family has pre-federation roots in the area, though more in Kempsey Shire than Nambucca Shire. My gran worked in the Nestle factory in Smithtown back in the 30s, and her family has a pre-federation homestead there, and people don't stay in a shit spot for over a century. Also, the Star in Macksville remains one of the best situated pubs in the country with a proper Australian pub atmosphere to boot.

My region is also the home turf of the man and the legend, Slim Dusty. We basically are Australia tbh. The rest of the continent are posers :-DDD
No. 14502 Kontra
I still wouldn't call them nice...

My family were here for a while as well, my great grandma had a farmstead and had Italian POWs working on it during the war and the family goes back much further than that. My grandma's great aunt was one of the first to do serious research into native fauna around here. I still don't like it here.

I don't care for slim dusty or pubs either.
No. 14512
It's mid levels humid, which is already too fucking much for me.

Northern cities which are in the middle of the steppe are much, much colder, but they're also dry so it doesn't feel like it.

I always wanted to live up north, almaty climate is for p*rsoid sarts.
No. 14513
1,3 MB, 768 × 768, 0:01
Decent breakfast, dropped a caffeine pill, feeling good

Going to use this Cold Turkey Blocker tool that Ernst recommended in the other thread and get some sick writing done

See you on the other side
No. 14514
I'm a big fan of the Central Highlands. It's a shame that modern urban utility isn't compatible with a migratory lifestyle. The amount of soul in Abai's Seasons stirs something in me and I've not even got the cultural baggage of being Kazakh. I can only imagine how it'd be to experience those same things in the flesh.

I am pretty sure you like the season poems because didn't you quote Qys at me for pronunciation help when I was first starting?
No. 14515
Yes, but in the case of Summer, I think Pushkin got it right:

Ох, лето красное! любил бы я тебя,
Когда б не зной, да пыль, да комары, да мухи.
Ты, все душевные способности губя,
Нас мучишь; как поля, мы страждем от засухи;
Лишь как бы напоить да освежить себя -
Иной в нас мысли нет, и жаль зимы-старухи,
И, проводив ее блинами и вином,
Поминки ей творим мороженым и льдом.

No. 14517
903 kB, 4032 × 1344
I am becoming increasingly obsessed with Russia. It is just such an interesting place. Even yesterday I spent 5 hours listening to lectures on Soviet History.
No. 14522
248 kB, 1024 × 720
I like our poets' conceptions of summer/drought :-DDD Rate.

I think the brutality of this land is part of its beauty. Kind of like how the steppe is pretty but its real beauty is in its inconquerability.

My road is fenced with the bleached white bones
And strewn with the blind white sand
Beside me a suffering dumb world moans
On the breast of a lonely land

On the rim of the world the lightnings play
The heat waves quiver and dance
And the breath of the wind is a sword to slay
And the sunbeams each a lance

I have withered the grass where my hot hoofs tread
I have whitened the sapless trees
I have driven the faint heart rains ahead
To hide in the soft green seas

I have bound the plains with an iron band
I have stricken the slow streams dumb
To the charge of my vanguards who shall stand
Who slay when my cohorts come

The dust storms follow and wrap me round
The hot winds ride as a guard
Before me the fret of the swamps is bound
And the way of the wild fowl barred

I drop the whips on the loose flanked steers
I burn their necks with the bow
And the green hide rips and the iron sears
Where the staggering lean beasts go

I lure the swagman out of the road
To the gleam of a phantom lake
I have laid him down I have taken his load
And he sleeps till the dead men wake

My hurrying hoofs in the night go by
And the great flocks bleat their fear
And follow the curve of the creeks burnt dry
And the plains scorched brown and sere

The worn men start from their sleepless rest
With faces haggard and drawn
The cursed the red sun into the west
And they curse him out of the dawn

They have carried their outposts far, far out
But - blade of my sword for a sign
I am the master, the dread King Drought
And the great west land is mine.
No. 14541
Concentration capacity is starting to wane so I'm quitting now. Went pretty well overall.
Didn't quite meet my word count but at least I have a pretty good idea on what I have to write tomorrow now
No. 14558
Today was an average day I'd say.
Everything went just well.
I applied for the mandatory exams I'll have because of my status as a private student.

Oh, and I'm finally done with that Shostakovich Biography. Turns out the last 60 pages were just "Table of Names" and other navigatory material.
No. 14561
41 kB, 604 × 403
being sober makes me think about lyfe, and I know exactly how fucked up it is due to high iq. I don't want to think about it but shit always pops into my head, especially now that the weather is grey, cold and wet. It's literally depression season outside right now.
No. 14562
Alright, seeing that it is 12:01AM here, I will post my day.

It was okay, coasted through it.

We're getting into the Christmas, and that means lighter workload for us in Egypt until our European overlords colleagues come back from holidays in mid January. Thing is, I am always terrified by the shell shock of emails and stress from quiet and cool December to the chaos of mid January-February.

I should be taking advantage of my "free" time and go study for this certificate that I need for my job, but I just cant get myself to doing that for some reason. Lack of discipline is a b i t c h, Ernst.
No. 14567
Either try to change it or adopt a new morality or philosophical system or mental outlook and accept it.
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference
No. 14568
Tonight I'm probably going to stay up doing the first draft of an important report that is scheduled to be finished for tomorrow. I've half a mind to fuck it off because I'm sick anyway and that should excuse dropping responsibilities but I'm too anxious of being let go to not. Yes, I should really have done this earlier but that's not how I work when at home.

Allow me to bitch though: Why the fuck am I writing a report covering a period of time that goes beyond how long I've been working here. This is silly. All I can really do is brute force things with someone else helping to fill in the blanks.

>Lack of discipline is a b i t c h, Ernst.

We all know that feel. I'm pretty sure people with good discipline would never get this deep into the internet to bother us with their busy-body ways.
No. 14571
Today I applied to a teacher recruiting agency based in South Korea.

I was faced with the prospect of working a shitty manual labor job in California while living with my parents, or making similar money undergoing the horror of teaching children, but with the benefit of living in a better country with affordable rent and the chance to meet girls.

I should have just gone to grad school.

I thank dog that I grew up in a place where the only good part of the year was the cloudy and rainy and foggy part, and so I don't have a depression season.
No. 14572
Have you read "Imperial China, 900-1800"? I'm working through it now, and it's a nice book that combines historical narrative with details about daily life and culture and interesting individuals.
No. 14577
370 kB, 634 × 435
"Hey lil' bro, I need you to design me an a3 poster/advertisement for my new internet cafe, also an a5 flier, a price list, a rule book, no smoking signs, a front sign design, also I need it in the span of a day"
Yeah dude, it's not like I had any personal stuff I wanted to do and 1 day is a perfectly reasonable time frame for such a workload.

To be fair, it's not like "practicing my art" or learning a programming language is going to get me anywhere in life, but fuck me, I wanted to spend this week doing something I deemed important, instead of saving you like $50 to hire someone who does that stuff for a living.
But of course, I'm just a NEET and a burden on my family and my time is quite literally worthless, so I'm obliged to help people who are actually doing something with their lives.

Ever since I had a philosophical revelation and decided not to be a caustic asshole, people seem to have really opened up to me, and by that I mean asking me to do stuff for them for basically nothing. Being a good person sure is hard.

Also, my father has been drunk for two weeks and is pestering me to help him dress up because he's too drunk to put on his own damn clothes. Also, he broke the sofa by falling on it repeatedly.
Even our cat doesn't cause this much trouble, and it's a wild cat we picked out from the streets. At least it shits in its own box instead of pissing on the bathroom floor (unlike my dad). It's rather displeasing to have a 120 kilogram pest in your home, which also has human rights so you can't exterminated. Also, the pest owns the apartment you live in.

I wish I had gone through with my plans to murder him in his sleep while I was still underage, I probably would have regretted it and be consumed with guilt, but I'd gladly sacrifice my sanity and humanity just to spare mom the last 10 years. As I said, being a good person is difficult.

Also, I'm having some mild anxiety and restless leg syndrome and can't concentrate on doing anything.
So far, it's been an average day. In that I now actually have an excuse to feel like shit, rather than feeling like shit for no reason.
Sometimes I wonder if it makes me insane that I think about suicide out of the blue, or that I still haven't gone through with it, given the conditions.
No. 14578
The GPU wasn't in... Two other packages were though.
No. 14581
Demand payment. You're gonna be taken advantage of if you aren't firm about it.

Your time is ultimately your only resource, don't let it be stolen.
No. 14582
To be honest I don't even want to be paid, I just want everyone to fuck off so I can do my own stuff.

Even if that stuff is ultimately pointless.
"Son, you've been "working on your portfolio" for 5 years already, you won't do shit anyway, so might as well do this, even for free". I don't know why this affected my mood this much. I mean, it's true.
No. 14583
They figure it would be better for you to do something--anything-else to possibly get you out of this rut.
No. 14584
Things that bother us about ourselves can be hot pockets if others touch them.
No. 14586
Man I miss eating hot pockets.
No. 14591
I didn't do it because I forgot to save to me laptop the work I'd already done. Oh well, the report gets published on the 26th anyway so problems weren't.

>Ever since I had a philosophical revelation and decided not to be a caustic asshole, people seem to have really opened up to me, and by that I mean asking me to do stuff for them for basically nothing. Being a good person sure is hard.

There's a difference between being a good person and being an insufferable martyr. Can't you read Peterson or something to even this out?
No. 14597
7 kB, 140 × 105
I like photos like this. They cover 99% of shit in city, making only one great shot of near-central street right after it was cleaned from trash

>Even yesterday I spent 5 hours listening to lectures on Soviet History.
Every morning I get up there, remembering where I live. Then I open news list to see new laws goverment created to make country even more totalitaric, how goverment people openly laungt at poor people with some insults and then read how many billions they stealed today. Then I turn on computer and spend day doing some shit.
No. 14607
We recently looks like get a lot of new poster. I can tell by increacing posting speed and increacing amount of short-one liner posts and threads. I don't say that new people are bad, but of cource it be better if EC will not turn into KC-style posting. And I also interested why we get new pack of people, I can assume someone dropped link on kohl or something?
No. 14613
>cant you read Petersen
lol no why the fuck would any of us waste our time reading that meme guy. I have a long backlog of things I've been meaning to read and I'm never going to read his crap.
No. 14614 Kontra
Pretty sure they know about us, and that shithole probably isnt even that fast itself anyway. Maybe they finally killed their own site again?
No. 14616
I just recently Finished reading 12 rules of life by Jordan Peterson actually (I was asked to it was not my choice). There is nothing about it that really stood out and changed my life or effected me in anyway at all, most of it is common sense. He often talks about evil and will say all people have evil inside them but I disagree, mostly it's the opposite, sure there are legitimately evil people out there but humans are geared in such a way that they try to do good, it's embedded in us. If we see a fellow human suffering we feel bad for them. Well most of us do.
No. 14617 Kontra
It's fast enough that if I post in a thread before I go to bed the thread will be dead when I wake up, it's far too fast for me so I don't actually post there often.
No. 14619
Kohl already knows about EC, but they always label it as "dead" and "nazi mods". I came from there please dont ban me, I come in peace and I lurked here for a little bit to learn about the board, and I find it a million times better, cozier, friendlier and more polite. I am seriously considering making this my new home instead of this other shitsalad. I always said that kohl is a lot more toxic than KC (especially KC2011 when I first came to an international board) and now it even became a lot worse. I am seriously considering making this my new home and migrating here forever. I promise I'll try to uphold the quality and coziness of this board, maybe add some jokes here and there.

>Isnt as fast
Nope, their /int/ board became really fast very recently.
No. 14620
25 kB, 500 × 372
No, you looks like a nice poster, and I not telling about bnnig evryone. I just tell about poeople who came there and atart acting like they do on Kohl-style board - creating some bad one-liners thread, make short meaningless posts, spamming anime pictures. Most of it was cleaned and deleted of cource, but just worry a little bit as always, because EC is thing that very easy to ruin, and things that happened with old EC when KC dead proved it.
No. 14621
8 kB, 255 × 204
People internalised the exaggerated points we made for newcomers when KC died way too much. Original EC/int/ and presumably EC in general was essentially unmoderated because it was general courtesy to do two things. Put it in the right thread and don't act like an absolute wanker. EC was always very chill, and chances were that we'd salvage a thread or just let it slide over time. I remember that one of the today threads was salvaged from a shitpost where the op was just 'AHHHHHHHHHH!' or something along those lines. Threads coming together wasn't enforced either. It was more that it was easier to just track one thread on a topic and they were usually on the front page anyway so it worked out naturally. The idea of those things being enforced only came around towards the end of the original site and was an emergency measure.

So yeah, don't get too hung up on the quality mene. So long as you aren't being a faggot, people should be pretty chill about it.
t. one of the OG /int/ Ernsts
No. 14622
>"nazi mods"
>being that said on nazi board
No. 14625
I specifically offered it to the Kazakh because there is a fair amount of old school conservative thinking in there about people who feed off you.

Nice to know something so simple could trigger the fuck out of you though. I remember why I filter US balls here.

I don't think it goes either way tbh concerning individual human good/evil. People try to be good but they're at least as capable of incredible evil which they justify as good with various mental shenanigans or sheer ignorance. The moral self-schema doesn't work as a divine panacea.

My criticism of Peterson comes instead from his position as a psychologist relying on feelings of fulfilment for direction and by extension his work on mythos relating that to imbalance between order and chaos. Like many people, when he tries to sum up a big perspective on life his answer lacks a fiery passion about how to live. He focuses on the steady improvement to make a comfortable home life and not the courage and heroism to do anything different - even if it burns and breaks you. It's a focus on the narrative stories of ancient myth and not the example of the characters.
No. 14626
Some of us still lurk kohl for shitpostings.

Personally I'm in a more or less downy phase at the moment some months already :DDD so I tend to lurk kohl in order to kill time the easiest way possible. I hope it passes again soon.

I don't like many threads popping up on EC, there is a thing about just using the frontpage and have nearly everything important at your fingertips

I would be tempted to open an thread for this

Tho I did not read the Attention issue but the one on posthuman bodies. It's an cutting edge art magazine. If you don't think modern art is just a big hoax and jizz on classics all the time, it's quite an interesting.
No. 14637
> it was general courtesy to do two things. Put it in the right thread and don't act like an absolute wanker.
Understood. I also took a look at the /meta/ board, moderation here seem swift and responsive, something I havent witnessed in any imageboard I've ever visited. GOOD JOB, GENTS.

>don't get too hung up on the quality mene
I understand. Hell, I would absolutely get by a board that only has silly jokes and nothing useful, but at least the vibe would be good and people are actually friendly and nice to each other. But lately every time I go there I get a little bit angry and confused, so I consider "quality" to be not being, well, angry and confused.

>I'm in a more or less downy phase at the moment
me too, Ernst. Me too. for some months too, probably beginning of this year xd. May you feel better, always and forever.

what the hell is going on in this ITT webs sight?
No. 14638
I prefer philosophy to self help.
No. 14639
Today was a fairly good day.

They let us off two hours earlier, because two classes got cancelled.
Finally had some proper tea when I got home.

I also bought ink on the way home. Surprisingly enough, it got cheaper. Last time I got five tubes for 140 forints, and now ten tubes for 160 forints.

My history teacher gifted me a book about the life and works of a Hungarian writer.
Honestly, taking these in depth looks at poems, novellas and plays, feels like my third eye being open.
Everything makes so much fucking sense.

Honestly, a pretty good day. I also fixed the office program on my linux laptop, so now it has a spell-check function in Hungarian.
No. 14641
299 kB, 1200 × 1600
Day sucked. Me m8 annoyed the hell out of me with his get a gf already talk and I think I snapped at him and was kind of a mean cunt. He had it coming though, because he assumed I was desperate as fuck and would fuck anything that lets me do it. Including fatties and thots. I don't want no hoes, and at the moment feel so depressed that crawling out of bed in the morning and interacting with people is a monumental task.
No. 14642
55 kB, 600 × 409
If you had some real hard problem that was forced to you - ask yourself, do you really have a problem or it is society who putted this problem on you?
No. 14643
108 kB, 800 × 662
My problems are mostly my own, but it doesn't matter. Blame searching is meaningless. When a train reks itself you try to fix things, not point fingers at who's to blame.
No. 14644
79 kB, 638 × 479
154 kB, 528 × 625
>The Seed-Eaters
Read and enjoyed.
>I would like if Ernst could give his opinion
I'm not sure what feedback I could, or should, offer. I saw a well thought-out critique posted here >>14233 and answered here >>14254 . With that in mind, I'll try to give your story the review it deserves and apologize if I fall short. To address the anthropological details, I took them as Krow's observations intended the highlight differences between his People and the Seed-Eaters. Unless I'm wrong, you were employing a fish-out-of-water story technique to educate the reader about this alien world. While your characters were important, and you had a solid plot, the primary emphasis was the setting. Given that, I trusted you to do your research and didn't have issues with accuracy.
A brief aside: are you familiar with The MICE Quotient? Its a fairly well-known piece of writing advice, and I highly recommend it.
Some story spoilers follow this point, but I'm not going to spoiler them as it interferes with readability.
Assessing the story structure, you did an excellent job. The characters moved through the plot organically without relying on the author to prod them on. Danger consistently followed reasonable actions, rather than convenient stupidity. I'm reminded here of a writing adage which says when two people are arguing, they should both be right. You succeeded there. When Krow was with the other People at the end, and the same arguments were repeated, as a reader I had changed sides-just as Krow had. The path the People had chosen was wrong, but that was only apparent in hindsight.
Canada mentioned the pacing, and I have to say that was the only weakness. Early scenes were expositional but, after the two sides fought over a deer, the story progressed with an unmistakable urgency. I understand the anthropology was necessary, and that the time spent with Krow as an observer actually helped me to identify and care about him as a protagonist. Because of this, and because you need to cover a number of seasons, I’m not sure how or if that can be tightened up.
Take or leave the above as my opinion which, when all else fails, I usually get right.
>Finally had some proper tea when I got home.
It's not the same as being able to drink tea throughout the day, but at least you're not completely cut off from caffeine
No. 14646
> Read and enjoyed.
I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the critique.

>While your characters were important, and you had a solid plot, the primary emphasis was the setting. Given that, I trusted you to do your research and didn't have issues with accuracy.
I'm actually sure that many details are inaccurate, as I'm not an expert on the subject, but as long as it's convincing enough to draw in a reader and let them experience the real focus of the story (the general experience of a hunter-gatherer seeing his world get taken over by farmers), I'm fine with it.

>A brief aside: are you familiar with The MICE Quotient?
It sounds familiar, but that's it. I'll look it up later. I've consciously avoided reading about the process of writing so far, and this story was written almost entirely on instinct. But now I'm seeing how I can benefit from a more conscious writing process.

>Canada mentioned the pacing, and I have to say that was the only weakness.
I originally wanted the story to have a very gradual build-up, with a growing sense of anxiety and inevitable doom on the part of the People. I think now that, to do that properly, I'll need to become a better writer, and turn this into a proper novel. But I don't think it'll be easy to cut out any parts of the story as-is.

>Finally had some proper tea when I got home.
My Chinese class in high school always had a pot of green tea in the corner for students to use. I'm pretty sure I was the only one who ever used it, though.

Your youthful zeal for life is inspiring me to work harder in my own. Please keep giving us updates.
No. 14652
Didn't manage to up the word count of my thesis by too much since I also did some editing and deleted a few parts. That was a bit frustrating so I just went outside to have a smoke. You know these movie scenes where you see a woman undress through a window? Just experienced it, but it was censored. The jalousies were actually down, but not completely, so since the light was on inside so I saw the shadowplay through the gaps.

Anyways gonna squeeze out another ~100 words now and call it a day.
No. 14654
>It's not the same as being able to drink tea throughout the day
Well, I sleep better now that I'm not frying my brain with half a litre of tea every day.
I just get a bit sleepy by the time my classes are over.
The second day, I was so desperate, I bought a coffee.
It was shitty and expensive. From the price of 5-6 coffees I could buy my usual fix of Russian flavoured tea that's enough for 1-1.5 months.

Well, here the library used to serve tea, but now that there is a new librarian, nobody really cares.
I miss the old librarian. She had passion for the whole institution of the library. The new one is a whiny lazy bitch who knows jack shit about anything. That's why whenever I'm there, I do most of the searching and recommending to students.
A lot of them thought I was some aide-de-camp of sorts. It's interesting how for some of them I don't even register like a student
No. 14658
513 kB, 889 × 1203
81 kB, 853 × 378
>Thanks for the critique
You're welcome
>as long as it's convincing enough to draw in a reader and let them experience the real focus of the story
The details were described through Krow and the eyes of his particular People. They don't need to be universally true, as long as you avoid glaring mistakes. Pictures related.
>But now I'm seeing how I can benefit from a more conscious writing process.
The best book on writing I have ever read is Telling Lies for Fun&Profit by Lawrence Block. End unsolicited book plug.
>to do that properly, I'll need to become a better writer, and turn this into a proper novel. But I don't think it'll be easy to cut out any parts of the story as-is
I think you're right about that. What you included so far all seemed necessary to convey the hunter-gatherer/farmer conflict. Making it longer would almost be easier than making it shorter. The way the story played out, revealing the role of slavery the larger Seed-Eater settlements, gave a glimpse into the surrounding world. There is certainly enough material to explore.
Good luck with however you choose to develop this.

>shitty and expensive
You have my sympathies. Shitty is tolerable, but paying for shitty is an injustice. I drink a lot of coffee, but add so much milk and sugar that I have to make it at home. Nothing publically available can equal my modifications.
No. 14659 Kontra
16454 = >>14654
No. 14660 Kontra
You know there is delete button on the bottom right right?
No. 14661
186 kB, 890 × 741
I desire to reapply to enter university.
However, I am saddled with work that eats up to 12 hours of my day, for 60 hours a week minimum.
I can rescue some 2 hours of my day if I stop playing videogames entirely.
Even if I lessen my workload, I will only be able to apply a maximum of 5 hours a day to studying.
At least I have 30 minutes of Ernstchan a day, and nobody will take that away from me
No. 14663 Kontra
>delete button
As my proofreading is unlikely to improve, I'll have to start using it.
No. 14668
Almost 4AM, heavy insomnia and only 2 hours of sleep. I feel like I'm going down the path of total and utter madness. I only want to destroy and to hurt. I'm looking better and more handsome every month. I am laughing and my eyes are opened wide. I don't want to try to fall asleep anymore, I don't want to force my mind to things it doesn't want to. It is awake for a reason. I'm ready to take on the fight. FUCK
No. 14669
diagnoses: adult onset schizophrenia
No. 14675
No it's not it's called a manic reaction you stupid fuck. I mean, FUCK. I hate this shit when dumb bydlo just think to call everything schizophrenia without understanding what that word means or what they think they are looking at. In other words, you are definitely a normie.
No. 14677
And we have another pack of new posters. I have today horror dream that we was conquered by KC-style posters who turned this board into shitpost rollecoaster. I bet someone placed link to EC somewhere on kohl front page or something like that.

Hello and welcome on EC. I don't know from where and why you appeared there, but please, try to avoid KC-style posting, making new useless threads, pol-tier things and bad memes, one-line shitposting. Try to follow local atmosphere, think before you posting and try your best while doing it.
No. 14681 Kontra
I think a good deal of these "new posters" are the posters that started posting on ernstchan.com right before its demise (strange coincidence). Take for example texas poster>>14669.
No. 14685 Kontra
40 kB, 562 × 437
>welcoming newfags at imageboards
No. 14687
This kind of posting I actually talking about >>14685

Thus not KC, not 4chan, not kohl or sosach and last thing I want - it become like this. And this kind of posting with "ironic quote" and "meme reation picture" is something that better to avoid as much as possible.

I don't know from where they are but this recent "wave" feels really strange and I think we should be viginlant to not lost out board.
No. 14694
54 kB, 1440 × 1068
I have to write a short (roughly 10 pages) paper on any Russian who impacted Oriental studies in this country. I picked this guy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yevgeny_Polivanov but the problem is that there is not enough info about him online so I had to go to the univeristy library to borrow a bigoraphy of him. And guess what, I forgot to charge my phone so I could only take pictures of half of the pages before the battery died. And since taking books out of the library is not allowed, I sat there for three hours trying to copy every bit of necessary infromation from the biography into a notebook.

On a sidenote, the weekend is finally here and I can get some quality sleep.
No. 14697 Kontra
Oh no, this welcoming attitude deserves nothing but redtext and image macros.
I'd say KC was lost, it's not Der_General who closed the board, but it's Godaddy who blocked the domain (IIRC). However, it was closed bt Godaddy due to legal reasons.
EC didn't have such problems. It had mods who said "nah, fuck it". And it's the mods who closed EC.
So look whom you welcome. It's them who must adapt to new board but not you nannying them. If they fail to adapt to new board, it's a problem of mods.
No. 14700
Old EC died because from small comfy bard it get invasion of shitposters from KC. This cancer basicly at first turned EC into KC 2.0 and then basicly finished it. Mods of old EC don't wanted to moderate KCancer 2.0 and it gone dead.
And now a wave of newcommers have danger to turn this place into Kohl 2.0 if them be too much and if they not accept local etiquette and feel of posting. I don't want kraukancer there and I don't want it turning into meme-shitposting poltard chat that of cource will die same way.
No. 14704 Kontra
If you don't want, don't dance around them and let them be. It's their problem to be Ernst.
No. 14707
>In 1928–1929 he expressed disagreement with Nicholas Marr's Japhetic theory, which was promoted by the regime at the time.
>During the Great Purge, Polivanov was arrested on 16 August 1937 and was charged with spying for Japan. On 25 January 1938, he was tried in a closed session of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR and pleaded not guilty. He was sentenced to death and executed by NKVD near Moscow. He was rehabilitated in 1963.
Isn't that just great?
Soviet political history is so retarded that it's amazing. It's like I'm reading a parody.
No. 14710
Mother fucker.

My tablet pen broke.

Basically, the spring that pushes the magnetized ceramic inside of the coil got weak, so the pen would register a press all the time.

The problem is, in order to remove the coil, I had to rip out the thin-ass wires from the pcb. I can replace the spring no problem (probably take one from an automatic pen), but in order to solder the wires back on, I'd either have to get a soldering iron from somewhere, or find a repair shop that does that kinda stuff.
No. 14711
Do you have a length of solder but no iron? If that's the case, you could probably do a stopgap job with a nail heated up with a lighter until you get a real iron to do it permanently.
No. 14717 Kontra
If they won't, it be our problem.
But if you enjoying pol and shitposting, who am I to stop you. It is not mine site anyway.
No. 14719
Good idea, I had a copper spoke somewhere in the garbage heap that is my room.

Should suffice. Now to finish my brother's errand.
No. 14720
In times, modern tech feels so over-complicated and same time low-relible for me. I really hope that my tablet will work nice for next year at least, I has no money to actually fix it if it will broke.
No. 14721
My pen would still work if they didn't cheap out on the spring that pushes the pen tip forward. Good job saving $0.0001 on a spring in your $10 device, chinks.

The previous one had a good spring, but the battery included with it was weak as shit and wasn't replaceable, so after a while it just died.

They just can't get this shit right.
No. 14722
Good luck with your repair! Hope you manage to do it sucsesfully. We all waiting your new art in drawing thread.
No. 14725
Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Good digital magazines are hard to find, and I always like to read about working artists. Not all modern artists are frauds and such. Even the ones that are can still be interesting, particularly for their insight into how to describe art which has no actual substance.
>what the hell is going on in this ITT webs sight?
My guess is that they wanted the webpage itself to be some kind of interactive art project. Mission Accomplished-it's a wild ride to navigate. Incidently, it would't display properly in Chrome, but loaded ok in Firefox.
No. 14726
Yeah, today.

They still haven't delivered my package to the pickup point. Every bloody bydlo is ordering shit online because of the fucking holidays, so I might not get it before the Christmas break.

With the dictionary I've installed yesterday, I was able to work on the translation today. Editing it.
Honestly, looking back at it ~two years later, it's bloody awful at times.
The first lines I've ever translated. How magnificent.
Did two chapters. Had to change one mistranslation and a lot of wordings to make it flow more naturally.

I've decided to shelf the Chinese novella collection I was reading in favour of reading Hamlet.
For this reason I took out two essay collections on Shakespeare, both has 20-30 pages on Hamlet. That should be a good start.
My history teacher helped a lot with picking the materials for Hamlet.

I've also decided that before hamlet I'll read that book about Imre Madách I was gifted. His magnum opus, The Tragedy of Man touched me deeply during literature classes. It's a world class "lyric drama", both in theme and execution.

Turns out "Ethics" is a mandatory class, and I'll have to produce a note from it for the first half of the schoolyear, and I'll also take an exam from it.
I'm going to take the easy way out and play my joker. I'm going to write about Chinese philosophy.
I've already did this multiple times in different classes, so it's essentially cheating by now.
A thousand words. That's how many the teacher is asking for. Seems reasonable.

Tomorrow I'll have two classes. Biology and History. I'd have an English class too, but I already did all the exams 'till 12th grade so I don't have to visit that.

My mother left a really big banknote for me this morning, so I'll have money for tea tomorrow. Though I don't know if I'll go into the city centre to buy tea, if I can't pick up my package.

Looks like my Christmas break will be filled with loads of work throughout. Working on the translation and reading the novellas that'll be given up for reading.
I was also given a lyric novel to read. That seems pretty light. It's for my extra literature classes.
No. 14728
Started reading 120 Days of Sodom. Original is in French but translation is passable. Pretty innteresting book about 18th century ultra-hedonist Frenchmen and their 4 months of doings. Would reccomend.
No. 14729
Read it recently, it was meh. The Songs of Maldoror is better, IMO.
No. 14732
I don't know how we ever browsed kc and let it wreck our lives, right now it's peak shit I don't see how anyone less than scum can read any threads there. Check the catalog, one out of every 3 threads is about naked women https://kohlchan.net/int/catalog.html

and those are the high iq threads.
No. 14734
Today was going just fine, I went home early, had a lentil soup to prepare myself for a bigger meal with my friends, outing cancelled (yey!), all was well...until 08:00PM.

I received an email from a work colleague for information I already checked with him and I already proposed a solution based on that data, turns out that he gave me bad data and I proposed the solution based on bad data. Suddenly my anxiety started to kick in full speed, I went researching like a mad man until I found out that my solution was kind of doable but it will cost them money to be 100% complaint and I sent them an "update". The other party hasnt responded yet, and things are still "on land" so to speak, but I am hoping this wont ruin my image.

Thing is, while I absolutely understand that people are allowed to make mistakes - and God knows I made a shit ton of them - I wasn't all that happy that I proposed a solution based on bad data. I was so sure that my data was right that I was kind of proud of myself for proposing a solution (kind of OH LOOK I DID THAT HAH). Then I find out that shit was about to hit the fan...

I pacified my anger with SNL and delicious pizza. So I am okay for now...

Update: while I did feel angry, I feel I am a bit of a prick as I am typing this. I did a fuckton of mistakes and people were always lax with me. Now when someone else makes a mistake I get angry. I mean, I know I should be lax with the guy and remember that I made mistakes and everybody is allowed to do that yada yada, but at the same time, now I know how other people felt when I fucked up...yeah, I dont know...
No. 14735
addendum: I did not do anything to the guy who gave me bad data, I was nice to him and I just hinted that he made a mistake in a friendly way.
No. 14736
Today I stopped being a sissy about my cold and went back to work. It was okay but when I tried to work late I first had the team HR rep tell me to go home for work/life balance and then I noticed another member of the team was getting mad because she always insists on being the last in the office. It wasn't even like I was working late per se. I got in at 10 so I wanted to work at least until 1815 but it's a Friday so no effort allowed.

It's a strange life in the public sector. I get why it's like this because I earn about half what my former classmates do but...And maybe this is just my English blood speaking...but sometimes you want a bit of pain. Slap me around a bit and make my heart race. It probably sounds like boasting but I want to be pushed hard rather than end up the guy whose a few steps above me who at the Christmas party felt envious that I'd lived an interesting life even though from my perspective his big house and all that is enviable.

I probably got this all wrong though and should use this good time for the stress of having children and then go into a high pressure salaryman job when they grow up to be horrible little shits.

Sounds like what you need more than anything is a new job.

5 hours day studying is fine for imo part-time and distance learning. I managed it. You even have weekends and public holidays don't you?

This board is rapidly disappearing up its own arse tbh. If you don't like a post then just ignore it or explore the topic in detail using the power of the spectrum. Elitist ree'ing will kill this place much as it has in every other serious internet community.
No. 14737
I've been thinking about picking up 120 Days of Sodom for years actually so tell me how it sticks with you. The only thing that has stopped me so far is that it sounds like a huge pain in the arse.

You were right to be angry. He made a mistake and it caused you stress and anxiety. Obviously once or twice and everyone's human but if he keeps doing it I wouldn't think less of you for losing your rag.
No. 14742
120 Days of Sodom is actually rather easy to read and not that long, it's a social commentary of sorts that uses the setting of a castle retreat of inbred frenchmen who are having crazy orgy. Lots of gay sex, pedophilia, and they kill all the children too.
No. 14747
Thank you.
I have now learned the proper contacts to check on what's needed and next time I wont be asking him for such data again. I surely have learned my lesson.
No. 14787
Work will try and get as much out of you, while paying the least possible.
Working when/sick hungover is good what else are you going to do however..
You will never win any medals, get any praise, promotions, advice, motivation, desire, references, job opportunities by working hard.
Being smart(ish), arriving 5 minutes late and leaving 5 minutes early is more valued then any actual work you do, or money you save.
However if you bring in work eg money, that is different.
Then again if you can bring in work and know 60% of what you are doing then you should start your own company.

There are jobs in UK, where you get a 7min comfort break to use the bath room, yes you are timed.
Normal jobs you can have some banter, multiple cups of teas, go for random walks and have cheeky pot noodles or pizzas.
Work related social activities, in this age there is not career advancement and they solely exist to get people pissed and laugh at them.
For high paid jobs they are an excuse to take the wife out, but the above still applies.

A good frame of mind to have is,
"I am not competing with them"
This works both with those earning much more money and also with those doing the button pressing.
I always found respecting your elders, asking for advice and being polite to everyone at work is the best for me.
There are exceptions, but you know when someone is an asshole or not going to be of any value either socially or in work.
No. 14796
>This board is rapidly disappearing up its own arse tbh
I feel like I'm at fault for this somehow.
No. 14798
>Elitist ree'ing
He just said lurk moar, that's nowhere what you're talking about. "Natives" can have the expectation of fitting in toward newcomers who might not know it until they are told. However on imageboards lurk moar was always a golden rule I dunno how people can't know about it. I guess they do know so either it's just their ego what says "I shitpost however I want" or they are trolls.
No. 14800
433 kB, 768 × 1024
If there are people coming here to make interesting posts or read them, I am happy. If they come, because they want to take a shit and leave, I am not.
I want a place where people like to post and lurk, and not go to satisfy a need they miss in their real life. May it be acting like a smartass or a retard.
No. 14801
995 kB, 700 × 933
I don't want look like annoying fart, just I really know how easely small community can be changed or destroyed. And recently I felt like there are too much newcomers and kind of overall feel of EC changing, apperead more questionable threads and questionable behaivor. I started point it out, and asked new people, but well, poland poster that I rarely seen there trought said that it is me shitposter and I should shut up, and well, I relised - fuck it, I'll just hide this threads and will try to avoid political things and hide this one line threads about nothing. If this board will change to new KC - well, it is not mine site anyway and I just will find some new comfy place in internet instead of my pointles posting that just annoying people anyway. And after in Anthro animals thread after I expected it all be good after interesting conversation with you, I presume, about zodiac animals and things like that, old Portugal poster that I count as very good one made a big post that I furfag and should delete thread and other russian was not very freindly too and I get kind of sad and thinking is there even I reason I need imageboards in my life anyway and that there a better doing something usefull instead arguing with people in internet.
No. 14804
>is there even I reason I need imageboards in my life anyway and that there a better doing something usefull instead arguing with people in internet.
The eternal conundrum of ours who now visit these small chans. We are always on the edge of breaking away but will stay. Maybe because imageboards are so familiar and other parts of the internet are so strange and, frankly, shit. And maybe because it's kind of an addiction. I try not to take things too seriously, people I don't know personally and never met can't hurt me with words and I can always find others who's posts are genuinely valuable.

>interesting conversation with you, I presume, about zodiac animals and things like that,
Ah yes, I will revisit that thread and read the new posts. Not today tho.
No. 14806
>If there are people coming here to make interesting posts or read them, I am happy. 
My feelings exactly. 
>in Anthro animals thread after I expected it all be good after interesting conversation
The thread had  finally settled down into what you had intended in your OP.  I was sorry to see it became hostile again over a simple post about a gamer. Did you know that in the US the most controversial thing about his speech wasn't the suit, but the fact he mentioned Republicans not liking him?
>arguing with people in internet
All you can do is explain your position-which I thought you did quite well. Try not to let the internet add stress to your life. 
>I try not to take things too seriously
The best attitude to have. Although it's a bit ironic in a place of serious discussions :--DD
No. 14807
349 kB, 1280 × 720
>old Portugal poster that I count as very good one made a big post that I furfag and should delete thread and other russian was not very freindly too and I get kind of sad and thinking is there even I reason I need imageboards in my life anyway
No hard feelings, things go on normally.
No. 14815
>I have today horror dream that we was conquered by KC-style posters who turned this board into shitpost rollecoaster. I bet someone placed link to EC somewhere on kohl front page or something like that.

There is an onion advertising ec on kohlchan.net/int/
No. 14820
Today was an okay day, I guess. I hung out with friends from college - who spoke nothing but football and FIFA on Playstation - something I left a very long time ago. While I had some laughs here and there, it was annoying and noisy and I was counting the minutes to come back home, I was so annoyed that I was really tense while driving and some of my neurotic ticks fired up. Thankfully, right now it is kind of foggy outside, quiet and peaceful - except for some bydlo with really loud cars and motorcycles here and there.

I do not know if this is depression or me just growing up and being annoyed with people in general...or both. Maybe I am hanging out with the wrong crowd, because last time I hung out with school friends I had a conversation about something I am interested in which is extremely rare and I was so excited and happy that my ticks were all fired up and I looked kind of weird, but I was with good people who really know me, so I felt safe.

I dont know, Ernst. At this point in my life I should know better, but I guess I dont.
No. 14821
93 kB, 800 × 450
>This board is rapidly disappearing up its own arse tbh.
Fuckin' a. Like I said before, I'm thinking that a bunch of folks here drank their own kool-aid back at the beginning of the year. I hope the German boards feel more like home because /int/ isn't particularly recognisable. And it's like you say, people need to cool their jets some on the QC. Once it gets to the point where making a post feels like you haven't asked permission to do so, you start to question why you bother. A lot of completely harmless shit gets moderated because of it too. A thread that goes into a specific niche of an existing topic doesn't need to be merged. It can be left to itself and if it sinks or swims is up to the posters who decide whether or not to contribute, and not every post needs to be a novel.
No. 14822
>The eternal conundrum of ours who now visit these small chans. We are always on the edge of breaking away but will stay.
This. I am contemplating taking a long break from imageboards like the one I took back in...2014? and going back to mainstream internet. I have a twitter account full of jokes, nonsense and cars, but for some reason I come back to imageboards where I can discuss my interests without being judged as weird or discussing with people who have inane opinions (as how it is with mainstream social media), which is usually not the case with imageboards...but lately this hasnt been the case...
I always knew that kohl was a toxic place, but very recently I found out that this place has started poisoning my mind with really bad thoughts and I am slowly realizing that I should be doing better things with my time and going back to life, to the principles I am familiar with.

but then, there is another factor
imageboards satisfy another type of internet addiction - similar to that of TV addiction or whatever.
No. 14827
45 kB, 235 × 552
I have something stuck in my eye, it was there yesterday and is still there today, I am starting to worry.

Also I was looking into Thylacines, there have been sightings of them and some footage of them on the mainland. I think that it's possible. Australia is a big place and the mind tends to assume forms are what it assumes they would be, if somebody spotted a Thylacine in the country they would probably assume it was a funny looking dog and pay it no mind. They are also nocturnal so would be harder and less likely to spot anyway and even if they were spotted at night it would then be even harder to tell them apart from a dog or fox. I don't think they exist in Tasmania, it's much smaller and people are aware they were there and have spend much more resources to look for them there, if they exist they would be on the mainland I feel.
No. 14828
I mean it's not impossible, but they were considered extinct on the mainland before British settlement even started weren't they? Seems more likely that any survivors would be where the significant surviving group remained.
No. 14830
You dont know or remember what it was like at first then. Do you know why the catalogue is so damn long? Because people were posting like 5 copies of the same thread and shitposting so rampantly that we looked a lot like 8krebs /kc/ in the first few weeks while all the good threads including some pdf and and discussions got pushed off into 404. Now it's not a problem because a lot of the shitposters got banned or left and the catalogue is fuckhuge, just maybe a little slow now. I don't know where Egypt came from but it would be great if we had more people like him. The problem is the biggest likely place people would come from is cabbagechan, and they're literally all the worst possible shitposters from kc2017. Like that is the last year I was posting. Towards the end of 2017 it was so fucking bad I just stopped making threads or responding to any other threads entirely and solely looked for vidya threads, and even then they were usually garbage so I finally stopped using KC entirely. Then of course a few months later come to find out the terminal cancer finally killed the site permanently.

It's not a big deal to me because I used to be "anon" and anon is dead. Now bernd is also dead. I'm hoping go just stop using imageboards permanently thiugh because other than a nice spot to discuss things like foreign films and culture, language, architecture etc. well that's why this is a nice place. It's why Kc was a nice place in 2009. And why parts of the internet in generally were nice in early 00s and internet was okay in 90s.

I think a better thing to say is, why did Americans come here to begin with? I mean IRL. And why did we go out West after coming to the new world?

I will tell you why it's because the rest of humanity are jackasses and scum and always have been. But now they are all online. All the retards spouting "normie" are, in fact, the normies. And it is nice to have an environment where such people feel unwelcome unless they put thought into posting and can hold an actual conversation.
No. 14831
34 kB, 890 × 985
>You dont know or remember what it was like at first then.
Ebin. You're breddy new if you're saying I don't know about early EC. You know you're replying to one of the very few non-Germans to have been on EC's /int/ from day one without leaving right? I'm the one who took the first today thread (made as a Swiss shitpost no less) and made the concept into a continuous thing. What EC/int/ used to be was endless apuposting between the few users that were active, especially the brick and myself. Nobody was looking for gold up their own poop-chute, any good discussion just happened because it happened, not by enforcement. If you were around, you'd even remember that the mod would hang out in the today thread with us under his German ball and the mod one barely ever went on unless talking about the technical side of things because everybody just did their thing. It was night and day to the current climate tbh.
No. 14833
I meant the .xyz iteration. All of which has to do with the same thing anyway which was the flood of new users.
No. 14834
51 kB, 600 × 561
How about you stop fighting and just begin with or return to making posts that worth it? This fighting reminds me of places I do not want to remember.
No. 14837
This, please. Sermons about the purpose of EC won't do anything to drive out or convert shitposters. Just try to be a quality poster yourself, and you will naturally reform others by your virtuous example (and the inveterate shitposters will be handled by the mods).
No. 14842
feeling like a bag of dicks tbh.

Pretty much dropped all projects and sleeping excessively, except doing brother's request like 3 hours a day.

EC is kinda fast lately.
No. 14845
I'm having a cold/flu.

Reading and drinking tea all day.
No. 14847
>I meant the .xyz iteration

lol. Anyway:
>I think a better thing to say is, why did Americans come here to begin with? I mean IRL. And why did we go out West after coming to the new world?

>I will tell you why it's because the rest of humanity are jackasses and scum and always have been. But now they are all online. All the retards spouting "normie" are, in fact, the normies. And it is nice to have an environment where such people feel unwelcome unless they put thought into posting and can hold an actual conversation.

Chill out, lad.

You have my sympathy. If it's the same as the one I have then it's a slow onset and slow to leave.
No. 14856
>You have my sympathy. If it's the same as the one I have then it's a slow onset and slow to leave.

Well, I'm not the only one having it atm. It does not hard hit but it has an impact and is noticeable. I have a mild headache but will swallow a painkiller and take the public transport to university to get some books. Leave the house and then back I will read a text for tomorrow and hopefully be alright until then.

additional info I forgot earlier: It was snowing for the first time. When I woke up at first it was because some one was removing the snow under my window. I got up in bed, took a glance, sighed and crawled back under the blanket.
No. 14858
1,4 MB, 1653 × 1100
1,1 MB, 1037 × 1557
1,7 MB, 1653 × 1100
1,6 MB, 1653 × 1100
Today was the first snow here this winter and I had a cozy morning walk.
And since I fixed my ipod I could, for the first time in months, listen to some music while walking the woods and fields. There were occasional moments of euphoria, but since I was taking photos I could not really drift into a meditative mode.

Anyway, a few of the photos I made for your enjoyment.
No. 14859
1,5 MB, 1100 × 1653
1,5 MB, 1100 × 1653
1000 kB, 1100 × 1653
808 kB, 1653 × 1100
No. 14860
1,6 MB, 1200 × 1600
Roughly where is here? I haven't seen any snow myself. I wish there was. The past years we either had warm winters with no snow, or almost none. Or heavily cold frosty weather with ice and snow for weeks on end. This year had been terribly hot so far, but you know that yourself. Writing from Hamburg.
No. 14863
2,3 MB, 4032 × 3024
2,0 MB, 4032 × 3024
My weekend was only one day long because we had classes on Saturday to "Work off" not having to go in on the 24th. Which is strange, because it became an official holiday, so we didn't have to work off anything.
Three classes. One was English, so that was out, one was Biology, where the teacher started teaching the new chapter about the basics biochemistry. Then the last one after the English class was supposed to be a History class, but we were let off. At least I went home, while the others decided to fuck around in the snow like little children.

Talked to the History teacher for a bit anyway. He gave me the photocopy of an essay on Hamlet we've talked about. Picking up the essay was the only reason I went to school on Saturday basically.

Took these pictures at the train station. First snow of the year.

I also read 60 pages of a monograph on the life of Imre Madách, so I'm well prepared for literature class.

I spent my today on one thing so far. We were told to take notes from the last 4 chapters of the book we are reading, because we are behind schedule. So I've been furiously reading, underlining and taking notes for 4-5 hours.
Though it's done now.
I have around 50 pages worth of material written on this book. (Though some of it is printed essays and articles, while most of it is just recaps of the themes and events of each chapter, written by hand.)
So that's done.

I'm going to relax for a bit and then solve history handouts.

Get well soon.
No. 14864
Probably Rheinland-Pfalz. Look the slope with wine trails at the river side

As mentioned also first snow in NRW (northern).

>Get well

Thanks, I'm already quite well again. Just one day without hitting hard it seems. Glad about this.
Don't overwork yourself. Detailed analysis might be good some times. But e.g. don't take notes of things that you will remember anyway or things that are really just of minor interest. underlining things of personal interest is a different thing but I would cut it down as well as you probably won't reread much of it, at least that is what I can say after three years of doing such things as own experience.
No. 14866
As the other Ernst guessed I'm in RLP (and occasionally in NRW (Zweitwohnsitz)). There has been snow in the Eifel and Westerwald earlier this year, but along the rhine this has been the first snow afaik.
No. 14867
Well, the notes serve two purpose:
1. To be useful during the time we are talking about this work in class
2. To be useful next year when I'm preparing for the Matura exam, because The Tragedy of Man[i] is a potential subject on the oral exam by itself. It's such a grandiose work of Hungarian literature.
I'm essentially writing this for my future self to make my life easier.
No. 14868
Notes are always for the future and the purposes you listed, for calling something into mind or presence again, be it class or writings/tests/presentation. But not everything is equally important and I just want to hint that it might be useful to think about what's a good way to take notes without making work that is not needed in the end. From my own experience underlining many things, detailed excerpts etc and what I found out about uni lecturers, it's better to avoid a vast amount of notes and underlinings because you will have to cut thru them again and can loose sight of what is important and what is not. I don't wanna sound like grandpa when I say you are young and will learn many things in the future. I just want to hint something to you; it might be planted in your mind and will be recalled one day ;). It's not an order, you know.
No. 14869
Well, my notes are usually like flowcharts with arrows pointing from conclusion to conclusion.
The underlining is what I base the note structure on.
Though yes, I'll learn a lot more.
Honestly, the past few months felt like my third eye opened or something.
The quality and the quantity of work I do has increased threefold I'd say.
No. 14875
175 kB, 374 × 518
There was a young woman at the laundrette today who had one of those trolleys old ladies use. I forget the name but picture attached. Anyway she's rolled in dogs muck without noticing and the smell was called out when she had just loaded the dryer and found.

Cue much apologising and her having to carry the trolley outside. How horrifying for her. But also while lifting her trolley out shes got muck on an older woman's shoe who scolds her despite it being an easy fix in a laundrette - something you would think someone would quietly handle because she's just a kid already having a bad enough time. The old woman keeps bitching though for the whole time she's stuck there waiting for her stuff and then scolds her again for not helping to clean the floor despite the owner handling it while she's trying to compose herself.

I'm loath to ever say people need more empathy but a bit of compassion wouldn't go amiss. It's not like she deliberately did anything wrong or that making her day worse will achieve anything. Really ruined my otherwise calm weekend. I wasn't a complete pussy, I held the door for her to get out with her stuff and told her everyone will forget this.

It's a trap! You think it's getting easier so you go back to work but then the mucus starts running and by the end of the day you have a cough. Then the sinuses start hurting. Once the cough starts it means the mucus is in your lungs and it might take weeks to clear out the irritant.

Heed my words and lock yourself inside with an X-Files binge. Do not exert self and never carry less than 2 packets of tissues.

>My weekend was only one day long because we had classes on Saturday to "Work off" not having to go in on the 24th. Which is strange, because it became an official holiday, so we didn't have to work off anything.

Would not have attended/10. May the coals rain down from the sleigh of Father Christmas for such cheek.
No. 14876
>It's a trap! You think it's getting easier so you go back to work but then the mucus starts running and by the end of the day you have a cough.

Today it just got better. But I read things only. Also went to the library for an hour. Was fine. I should probably go to sleep without reading anything and just let myself carry into sleep by listing to an old German TV show close the laptop

I'm free on Thursday, so I will take the day again to stay home and get healthy, while writing an essay for university on a German author that was known in the 1980s and 1990s

>flowcharts with arrows pointing from conclusion to conclusion.

I like to do that too

>Honestly, the past few months felt like my third eye opened or something.
The quality and the quantity of work I do has increased threefold I'd say.

It will be even better in the time to come if you go on like this. I can say the same for the three years I've actively been in university. Enormous steps when I look back tbh. And the best is it's just roughly 2 years since I've been reading difficult stuff like a maniac and now imagine all the years to come that can be used to refine that further and further.
No. 14877
>Would not have attended/10
Well, I usually don't attend on days like this too. Last time I would have had only one class, and I already had the notes taken for that one, so I basically said fuck it, and told the teacher to don't expect my presence.

This time it payed off because I was there (With another 9 people) and I have the notes for biology class, and I also got the lecture in my memory. Invaluable for subjects like these.
And I got the Hamlet essay for my new literary pet project so hurray for that too
I also had my hopes up that they'd deliver my package and I could pick it up, but that didn't materialise sadly.
No. 14882
Final day of the weekend.
Went okay, did not do anything but browse the internet and had a few calls with people I care about (and that's a task for me)...no issues but for a stubborn migraine/unilateral headache.

The reason for that migraine I am suspecting high blood pressure due to the increase I am having in weight, and this subject is an embarrassing one for me, a shining example of self sabotage: Imagine losing 42 kilograms over the course of a year and after a two ear plateau, gaining them back in a year. I've been trying to convince myself to get back on track and actually do the effort...but I cant seem to do that because I have to cook my own meals and I dont really have the energy to do that after I come back from work...
No. 14883
with a weather like this, I would have stayed at home, had a since cup of cocoa and stared at the horizon from the coziness of my own window thinking about everything and nothing. Cozy pictures indeed.

Gute Besserung, Ernst!

>I wasn't a complete pussy, I held the door for her to get out with her stuff and told her everyone will forget this.
You did well. People need to be a little bit more considerate. Granted, no one knows where do people come from, maybe this old lady got scolded by her next of kin for something else she did or did not do and she exploded at the poor girl, but come on, no need to continuously complain and scold an innocent person who is having a shit day on their own...
No. 14889
Just switching to eating lots of fruit and veggies to keep your stomach full and drink lots of water. I know what you mean about coming home but for the love of God you aren't eating fastfood are you? I am convinced it is not just the nature of that food but something they put in it, probably to fatten the cows and chickens really quickly that gets into the human system. I instantly gained a lot of weight and wrecked my metabolism for quite awhile after only eating for a short time because poor. You're Muslim iirc so probably this doesn't count but alcohol is so bad for you especially weight that you can actually have ice cream for breakfast every single day instead of drinking and not gain weight. I know because I did exactly that. The calories in booze is obscene and will make you fat.

Also drink lots of coffee. Or not. I know you don't like it like tea and it will be shit for the summer when you need to stay hydrated but drinking a lot of coffee instead of eating may not be healthy but is a mild form of the Dexedrine diet.

Otherwise it is actually quite easy to get some things together and make it. The key thing here is to just make a lot of portions of something that doesn't spoil fast. Idk if rice is the best, but it can be pretty filling and you can make a huge pot of it and put it in the fridge then just add different seasonings or maybe some mango and spices another day etc. Only issue is you'll be eating mostly carbs with little nutrients. I'd think that some kind of veg with rice would be a pretty good meal(s) to stretch out for several days if you arse yourself to do it even on the weekend.
No. 14892
Very nice
No. 14896
>Just switching to eating lots of fruit and veggies to keep your stomach full and drink lots of water.
This I know, and I already drink about 3.5-4.5L of water everyday or else I get a nasty migraine the next day, along with some other side effects that might include mood alteration. My problem with vegetables is that I stir fry them and this takes some time especially with washing the dishes.

> I know what you mean about coming home but for the love of God you aren't eating fastfood are you?
a mixture of fastfood and, carb-loaded/fatty home made meals (my mother sometimes cooks for the household so I eat what's ready).

>You're Muslim iirc so probably this doesn't count but alcohol is so bad for you
yes I am, and I super casually consume alcohol (a drink or two every 1-3 months), I am also aware of how alcohol is bad for me, physically and mentally -- I am already depressed and while alcohol offers a window of escapism and I tend to be "looser" after that drink, I dont want to consume more because of the aftereffects on the long run.

>coffee and tea for caffeine
I already drink a 500ml bucket of coffee in the morning to start my day, and sometimes tea after a meal (that would suppress the caffiene headache). I am kind of weary about blood pressure, but I absolutely see your point what with caffeine being a catalyst for metabolism and, well, I can include tea and coffee into my hydration share for the day.

Also, I have a curse, and I do fully admit that I am being spoiled brat about it -- I dont like old food, especially rice and vegetables. But lately I've been trying to overcome this by eating one day old vegetables and microwaving pasta and they turned out to not bad, two day old vegetables however are nneeuuugggghhh no.
No. 14898
I eat lots of pasta but I know it's making me a fat fuck, but pretty easy to just throw some sauces and seasonings together on a huge pot of pasta and be set for a day or two, because I am also very lazy.
That will do it. See this is why Kuwait is also getting to be as fat as us and the Mexicans and other Anglos. It isn't just that the food itself is terrible. It seems to alter one's metabolism. Also it still ends up costing you quite a bit more money. Try to take food with you to work. I did that for awhile, even just like a PB&J sandwich or cheese sandwich and it saved me lots of money.

If you keep eating fast food, even only a little bit, you're going to keep gaining weight because your metabolism stays wrecked.

>caffeine metabolism
No I meant more the anorexic effects. You lose your appetite. At one point I was mostly smoking cigaretes and drinking black coffee and lost so much weight not even my belts worked anymore, but would not recommend it will wreck your health especially the cigarettes. Just a bit of coffee or strong tea can lower appetite. I guess also it can go both ways if you have stress in your life, either losing appetite or eating more as a comfort.
No. 14903
I forgot to thank you for your kind advice in my first post. I do appreciate it very much.

>saving money
thing is, when I used to be with a nutritionist, I saved a lot of money on food but I spent it on the other side at the nutritionist. I had zero idea before on how important proper healthy food and hydration are to one's body, and she made me understand my body even more.

What I need to do now is go back to healthy food, cut off carbs for now, and go walk for about an hour or so and put some wacky music on for my mind to wander around...but as I mentioned earlier, lack of discipline is. a. biiiiiiiiiiiiitch.

I wish there was a more methodical approach to discipline than "stop being a lazy ass and go do something". I tell you, if I had discipline and no depression and anxiety, I would've bee nthe damn president of this country...
No. 14908
I've got some days of hard labour beyond me, my back still hurts from it and my mind still feels quite shattered from the monotonous work. Especially the last nightshift was dreadful as I felt like going beyond my capacities. My sleeping rhythm now is so fucked that yesterday I slept from 10AM to 18AM and I think I'll try to sleep in some two hours with the help of diphenhydramine (or maybe should I drink a beer instead?). At least I've got enough money now to live financially carefree for some time. Now in the following week only one short shift in the evening is left and I'll have almost three weeks off which I'm looking forward to (in this time I actually have a lot to do though, so it won't bee too cozy).
No. 14924
75 kB, 1024 × 962
Had to bring in kegs at work today. Wouldn't be an issue if we still had a functioning supply elevator, but we don't so I have to bring full kegs down steep and narrow stairs into storage. One almost got away from me but I managed to catch the handles again. Didn't notice until afterwards that in doing so, I'd carved up all my fingers. A cut here, a chunk gouged out here, the works really. Plus I put out my back bending down shortly afterwards just to rub it all in. If you've not handled kegs before, just imagine that the handle is the extra sheet metal that the thing is made of bent back over with a hole punched in it. The edges are ground off but cost-saving was definitely higher on the priority list than user-comfort. Normally it won't cut you up but having to catch a full keg that's wanting to move down them stairs makes it dig in. Feels bad getting injured for a bunch of ingrates like my bosses.
No. 14929
6,5 MB, 4659 × 3106
1017 kB, 3834 × 2556
My eye feels better today. I just came back from a late night walk to see if there were any Thylacines lurking about but there wasn't, just a few foxes. Now I'm browsing the Bundeswhehr Flickr, I don't have much interest in modern armies but looking at their equipment and uniforms every now and then is interesting.
No. 14930
189 kB, 800 × 488
15 kB, 300 × 400
I usually have lots of tiny cuts and wounds on my hands because of working with those picrelated metal containers (dishwashing for big events, so there's always a lot of them coming out from the giant and noisy industrial dishwasher). Just looking at pictures of them fills me with hate. One of them alone is no problem but huge stacks of those sharp-edged fuckers are really exhausting to work with, as I usually have to place them on a small wagon and more than often there's too much of them to fit so I always have to redestribute them to save some place. Not to mention that they come in around twelve different sizes, some of them just slightly different in small aspects. Oh yes, I forgot to say that usually they are full of sauces and leftovers so they can't directly enter the dishwashing machine and we have to wash them manually at first which is killing my back.
No. 14939

>Cozy pictures indeed.

The snow is gone now, but looking at the photos still gives me cozy feels.
No. 14942
8 kB, 333 × 151
Mission failed, lads.

The spring transplant was successful (the tip felt really nice with extra springiness, actually), but the heated nail soldering method failed miserably and I ended up destroying the pcb.

Welp, I guess I'll just draw on paper for now.

I should have listened to mom when she told me to stop being a tard and just bring the pcb to a repair shop. $15 down the drain.

Well at least I learned something. Mainly that you shouldn't try to solder 0.5mm traces with a heated up nail.
No. 14943 Kontra
Reporting in numb from drinking Glühwein with my classmates from a seminar. It was the lecturers idea. Imagine a associate professor cutting lemons and orange slices while listening and commenting a presentation and cooking red wine on a small gas stove. We got thrown out by the security at one point.
No. 14944
I guess the most enlightening part of this experience is the realization that someone for whom a $15 digital tablet pen is a big problem should probably straighten up and get a real fucking job.

I have decided to separate from my brother's endeavors and focus on getting an actual job, since we don't gel together, and he himself isn't stable enough to employ me anyway.
No. 14945
>We got thrown out by the security at one point.
Devilish move from lecturer.
No. 14949
Sad, but not quit drawing, draw on paper or on other avalible tools. Hope you can get money for new equipment!
No. 14952
Why? Nobody thought about the security showing up at one point but they do so I guess because of the technology nearly every room has built in and is worth stealing and selling.

I'm sober again and will start reading an introduction to trans- and posthumanism
No. 14953
>Mission failed, lads.
I'm sorry to hear that. At least you tried, and if the nail trick had worked out that would have been amazing.
No. 14955
78 kB, 1280 × 720
Funny thing is, now that I have disassembled it to the point of destroying it, I pretty much know how I could have fixed it without breaking it.

Instead of breaking off the wires of the coil, you can unwind the coil enough for the cylinder holding the magnetized ceramic to be removed, replace the spring inside, then put everything back together.

Unfortunately, breaking off the coil wires was the first thing I did.
No. 14959
My tax information wasn't done properly when I started my new job so I'm currently sitting on an OT taxcode. This means I don't get any tax allowance so I'm paying income tax as if I'm on 100k+. It's a good thing I noticed that on my last payslip but you can imagine there's not a chance this months pay will be fixed at this late in the month.

Very annoying as I'm doing 2 short-term savings projects atm which I might have to hold off to keep a balanced budget (£100 x 3 months for new phone, 200 x 6 for new laptop).

>I was there (With another 9 people)

Any qts?

t.priorities expert

I know that feel. My problem is I always gorge myself on junk food before I find the energy to wash up and make dinner and my complete lack of portion control because I approach dinner like a DIY project where too much is always preferable to too little.

One solution I found to easily lose weight is find a good audiobook/podcast to listen to on evening walks. It's not so hard on the body after work and if you really get something nice to listen to you can even look forward to it. Turns it into a hobby rather than a chore.

Next time don't bother catching it. Carrying kegs downstairs is something you should absolutely not be doing.
No. 14961
They're pretty bad. I really hate when they have sweet potato roasting in them because it caramelises and is an absolute fucking nightmare to get the crap off. Another bad one is having to get carbonara off of a skillet. If you haven't got a fap arm, doing that every day will give you the appearance of one, that's for sure :-DDD

Damn, sorry about that. I've done the nail thing successfully before, but it was also not being done on top of a PCB. A quick search makes it seem like even if you had a real soldering iron you'd have had some issues. Looks like they have special ones with very fine tips for that kind of thing, or they use a special solder that can work with gentler heating like UV lamp. Also using a traditional iron (or jury-rigged one I suppose) you can apparently hover with it rather than the usual method to keep the heat from wrecking the board. You probably did that since you're more of an electronics pro than me, but it's worth mentioning I think.

Yeah, I probably won't bother next time. I was mostly worried about the thing slamming down at the bottom hard enough to break the pressure seal. Unlikely I suppose but knowing my luck.
No. 14962
>I know that feel. My problem is I always gorge myself on junk food before I find the energy to wash up and make dinner

Ah yes, for the last months I have the same problem. I had phases where I would wash the dishes when everything was dirty. But since I'm tired or want to read, I just buy junk food or bread that I can eat together with cheese or meat or some cream that goes well with bread. I'm not a heavy weight tho.
No. 14963
After making all those parts, the manufacturer decided to let the whole thing rest on a cheap spring? Fug.
>now that I have disassembled it to the point of destroying it, I pretty much know how I could have fixed it
Information that might come in handy someday, but also kind of a punch in the stomach because the knowlege can't help you right now. Did you use the tablet for most of your drawing? I do some digital art, but pencil and paper are still my primary tools.
No. 14966
I finally know more than 100 hanzis. Three months of studying led me to this.
Not bad as a side-project.

My literature test turned out badly. I'm not happy because it'll bring my average down in the subject. (Though one might say that with 12 marks and an average of 4.91/5 isn't a bad average, I don't want it to get any lower. I'll see how the computer will calculate it, but another 4 shouldn't bring it down much lower)

Everyone is already scared of the midterms. Everybody will be on a crunch to get a better mark in the last minute. This year I managed to do all my subjects well, so I have nothing to worry about.

Turns out I was the only masochist in class who took all the notes from the book. Nobody even bothered to read it. So it was basically me and the teacher talking about the philosophical implications of the last few scenes.
My hard work was honoured with a good mark.
Tomorrow we'll be talking about the relevance of the Hegelian Triad to the work's structure. Though I already have that diagram printed out and evaluated.
Such is life when you talk with multiple teachers about the same subject.

When I got home, I slept for 5 hours.

Still haven't got my fucking package.

Found a hardcover copy of Goethe's Faust I-II and Urfaust in German at an online store for 3 euros. Decided to buy it. No idea when I'll be able to pick that one up.

I still haven't had any time to take a deeper look at Hamlet.
No. 14967
Maybe the hearty sandwiches are keeping it off. I can't imagine it is too bad so long as you're not eating a whole loaf of bread.

The post reminded me of a recent article I read on sugar being the main cause of obesity:
>Watson discovered that successive governments’ public health strategy for the last 40 years ‘to encourage individuals to make healthy choices’ has also given them the wrong information, allowing the food and pharma industries to run riot. Just as it took 50 years from the discovery that smoking kills you to ban it in public places, we’ve known for 50 years that sugar was the prime driver of obesity but instead blamed saturated fat. Doctors have for decades focused on the aggressive lowering of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol to reduce heart disease risk by cutting out saturated fats in the diet and prescribing statins. This in turn encouraged the food industry to aggressively market zero or low fat foods that claimed to be ‘heart healthy’ but were anything but, being crammed with sugar. This slavish mantra of low fat, low cholesterol and ‘statins for all’ has made billions for food and pharma firms but has helped trigger the massive rise in obesity and type 2 diabetes, where the main culprit is the sugar spikes from processed foods. And the solution is not new drugs, but better food.

But I'm not a 'heavy weight' either you-you SHITLORD! Just a little fluffy...and in dire need of sit-ups.
No. 14968
64 kB, 472 × 720
I need to get back into Russophillia. My laziness is all-consuming.
No. 14969
Right...today was okay.
I did some work, while I should be doing this job myself I had to heavily consult my colleague because when both of us brainstorm we come up with brilliant ideas and I usually learn a lot from our brainstorming sessions, but I am afraid that this would come to a point that I wont be able to come up with ideas for myself. But, I am still kind of learning, even with "simple" tasks that would unfurl and become not all that simple, even if we tried simplifying things and keep it as easy as possible.

also I had home made shawarma today. had nothing to do with shawarma but it was very, very good and it certainly was the highlight of my day.

indeed. I wish I lived in a serene place like this, stress is killing me and I am craving peace and quiet...and a heavy dose of cold, like 4C or less nights.

while this certainly is a good use for a walk, I already have my wacky music that I should be looking forward to, especially that I time my walks by track and it has been a long time since I properly listened to something and let my mind wander off into outer space, but I just...need...to rest.

is this the fluffy club? Can an obese fuck fluffy fellow join?
No. 14971
I'm getting a small belly somehow. I used to do some home workout to at least feel the body at times.

>Maybe the hearty sandwiches are keeping it off

Nah, I just eat nothing for many hours most days. Perhaps when I cross the magic 30 my belly will come automatically but I start to be a slop already. I've never been a sportsman but getting older does not make you get away with food sins as it does when young, at least in my case. I eat quite many sweets and shitty processed food.
No. 14972
Today I'm going to finish my French flashcard deck and the French Duolingo course. I feel like I'm much less well-prepared than I was for Spanish, simply because there's so much more messiness and irregularity in French. But at this point, I can improve my ability in the language by reading and watching and listening, so it will feel like less work.

Tomorrow, I restart flashcards for Korean and Chinese.

Snow + densely wooded deciduous forest is utterly alien to my experience, but that landscape speaks to my soul. Almost makes me want to live in Germany.

>I finally know more than 100 hanzis. Three months of studying led me to this.
If you get a proper electronic flashcard program like Anki, you can learn much more with less effort. It's free, too. 5 hanzi a day would be about 10-15 minutes, including reviews from past days. There's also decks for radicals if you haven't gotten all of those down yet.

You can find a bunch of Chinese decks, including character-focused ones, here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/decks/mandarin

I'm using the one at the top, but I don't recommend it, as it requires manual sorting to not give you advanced vocab first. I could upload my own pre-sorted version, but I'm mostly interested in the spoken language, so I deleted all the cards that aren't based on recognizing the pinyin.
No. 14975
Honestly, I do it for an hour a day, 3 days a week. It's not bad time/investment ratio I'd say.
No. 14977
I think you'll get better results if you do less time each day - the constant reinforcement helps commit things to memory better. 20 minutes a day will be <3 hours a week, but it'll get you well over a thousand hanzi in a year.
No. 14978
I was mostly sure that I would fuck it up and ruin it, but curiosity got the better of me. I have a history of breaking things attempting to figure out how they work, which is probably why I have a reputation of an idiot savant: people will be impressed with my learnedness, but then appalled when I fuck up spectacularly on the simplest tasks.
I tend to learn through failure, which means I will break shit just to see if doing things the way I am told is really the best way of doing it. Most of the time, it turns out so, and I waste a bunch of time and break a bunch of stuff for no benefit :-DDDD.

It's quite ebin indeed. Basically the moment I touched the original spring, it warped and became unusable. It gave me the impression that they took a single strand out of a cheap power cable and coiled it into a spring. I mean, it basically lost all tension from the simple stress of being used as a pencil tip.

A spring out of a simple clicky auto pen would have lasted forever, and in fact I am considering doing a spring replacement modification when I get a new pen. Hopefully, I won't fuck it up that time :-DDDDDD.
No. 14998
>Snow + densely wooded deciduous forest is utterly alien to my experience, but that landscape speaks to my soul. Almost makes me want to live in Germany.

It doesn't look like this everywhere, of course. I am lucky to life at the very border of a city with only forest an fields behind my house.
You will find places like that in the USA as well. Funnily enough this place is way to german for my taste and I plan to migrate to a less stressful, friendlier place after I'm done with uni.

Btw. I think there is a valuable measure to be found in how friendly the average interaction with a bus driver is. At least once every two weeks I witness how a bus driver is yelling at someone (sometimes also the other way around).
Bus drivers are a bit friendlier in norther France and Alsace, even friendlier in Belgium, then much much nicer in Denmark.
I've been told by my flat mate the friendliest bus drivers she had experienced were in Scotland and Finland.

This bus driver index (BDI as I will henceforth call it) seems to have a strong correlation to how chilled the people are in the region in general.
No. 15007
150 kB, 415 × 476
That feel when tomorrow I have to go on this shitty Singapore holiday. I just want to stay in my room and avoid humans, not go to a cramped city-state. The fuck am I meant to do for 8 days there if I'm not one for all the shopping nonsense? This sucks balls mang. At least I got out of having to spend an additional week in Malaysia, I think I may have gone stark raving mad if I'd been made to do that too.
No. 15008
Observe the dystopia or neoliberal utopia?. Like being inside a Sci-Fi movie.
No. 15009
364 kB, 1200 × 632
It's even pretty much all the same shops they have here. I don't get it and I never will. I'm all about market economics, but I'm also for rational actors partaking in market economics and this is not that.
No. 15013
Hold out. Maybe you'll actually have some fun.
No. 15015
You could do an IWO. The Singaporean from the late KC posted some photos once, they were breddy nice.
No. 15018
Well the environment will shape behavior and people I guess. See it as an experiment. The foreign as curiosity and not as the boring. IWO seems a good idea. You could couple it with the idea of observing the odd this place perhaps creates.
No. 15021
That's not the best metric though because it is also cultural. I live in a really shit tier city with a pretty good BDI, but then again murica so everywhere has at least a decent BDI even if the people are still shit.
No. 15038
995 kB, 624 × 352, 0:01
I spent many nights last week writing an important report that many important people will read. It took so long because I made sure to use very specific wording with clear and exacting detail so that whoever read it understands perfectly what is going on. This includes people who will read the document in future who might also want to know what is going on at this moment in time and may be missing certain points (students doing essays primarily). I'll add the very reason I was chosen to do this was that I wrote guidance with similar clarity a few weeks back to bring everyone up-to speed on a subject area only I had the skillset to go into.

Of course despite it being my report this is an office that makes use of collaborative software so over the past week everything has been pulled apart and reduced to a more primitive state. There is an older report I used as a template that has now become more detailed. Just people sticking their oar in for no reason because the civil service is full of shiftless morons with too much time on their hands. Shiftless morons who have spent too much time talking to other shiftless morons where no new information is imparted and any innovation crushed by the drone conciousness.

Needless to say I am absolutely seething that I work in such a fucking circus. My boss wants to do a meeting in a couple days about how it's all going and I'll have to grit my teeth and talk about how much I'm learning of new styles rather than just reverting the report back to when it was correct.

The fluffy conspiracy is open to all new members willing to make the thousands of £s investment in winter warmth.

It's all part of the 'Nice up North' hypothesis:

Can't you at least wander off and do your own thing?
No. 15040
Today was kind of terrible.

One thing I learned before and always tend to forget - it is also my very sincere advise to you, gentlemen:

A good night sleep helps with anxiety.

Yesterday I slept at 03:30AM and woke up today at 08:30AM and my brain was ready to work somewhere around 01:30PM. I had a lot to do today and I could not achieve all of it just because of paralyzing anxiety and stress.

I tried simulating a solution today in a lab, and while I have had experience in configuring devices, I do not have any experience in this lab environment, so I started configuring things and none of the basic commands were working (because I fucked up the device selection), and this made my anxiety flare up fully to the extent that I kept repeating "I need to go home, eat something and sleep" beneath my breath. Granted, I finished one half of my task today solely on logic, but sometimes logic with rusty concepts is not enough - and this played a part in my anxiety as well.

I am actually thinking of going back to the therapist, seeing that my mental health is slowly deteriorating to pre-therapist times. One thing I am missing now for full pre-therapist mental health: clenching my stomach and rocking myself through an anxiety attack.

Maybe tomorrow things will be better and I can get help from my colleagues who had more experience on this point...but only time will tell how would I manage my mental health.
No. 15048
Living next to old people in an upper middle class neighbourhood can be quite annoying... Yesterday they were complaining that the hedge was to tall and they said I had to remove it because it's over what the council allows, I rang the council to check and they said it's just a guideline and they can't actually do anything about it. This isn't the first problem with have had either, we have received two letters from the council about the neighbours complaining that I am living in the garage...
No. 15053
Directly engage your neighbours to distract them from their bullshit by playing checkers with them.

t. old-neighbour-pro