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No. 14116
54 kB, 500 × 332
No. 14117
But... we have music thread?

And this music not very nice and not that old for me sorry
No. 14118
But...It's not about old music?
Also, there is a thread about classical music 3-4 pages in the past. It's okay to have separate threads.

Please post older and nicer.
No. 14122
No. 14128

I mean we have general music threda
No. 14129 Kontra
Is it Dobrochan or what?
No. 14133
It not speed board and better not create same tier threads multiple times, so there always be place for threads of really new thematics on first pages.
No. 14155
Following the same logic, there are plenty of other places where people can discuss everything, why create ernstchan then?
No. 14159
So we can have a place to discuss slowly, of course.
No. 23101 Kontra

>Wamdue Project - King of my castle [1999]

>old music