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No. 14283
48 kB, 380 × 436
What things do you lads recommend for getting over a cold manflu, other than the passage of time? I had to go home sick from work today but the office is really too busy for me to be taking the whole week off.

I assume that eating half a tin of Christmas chocolates just now was a mistake.
No. 14288
41 kB, 628 × 300
361 kB, 2312 × 1251
Use all following examples only if you don't have fever

-Put your feet in bucket (or basin.. what correct english word?) with hot water. And after some time in bucked, immideatly go under a blanket

-Cover yourself by blanket with pan with potato and hot water that you boiled and breathe putting your head very close to surface of water to remove sneezing at least for some time

-Drink hot milk with onion or with honey —Čor with both. How to do it: boil milk and directly after it boiling drop some honey there or shrinked onion. You can remove onion after some time in milk and then drink it.

-Ask someone to put on you pic 1. And after some time when they will be not that warm, while removing other person can make massage by them while removing. If it done right, it is very effective.

-When you have annoying cough, put hot water in warmer like pic2, cover it by towel and additionaly you can fix it by this towel it on your neck. Very usefull it have sleep if you start actively cough at night.
No. 14289
Hot lemonade with honey
Chicken soup with tomato concentrate and vermicelli
Paracetamol or Ibuprofen
Orange juice or Guava
and actually going to the doctor.

dont not take antibiotics all willy-nilly.
No. 14294
I too am suffering with the flu, but I wisely chose to cure it with an extra dose of cigarettes and coffee.
No. 14295
Whenever I get a bad one I just hammer back some aspirin to get rid of the headache long enough fall asleep and then nap away the better part of the day. Works fine for me most of the time, back on my feet in a couple of days.
No. 14296
Something I learned in Russia:

Heat some freshly squeezed lemon juice, add red pepper, then pour into glass with a double shot of vodka. Drink and go to sleep. It helped me a lot.
No. 14297
>Ask someone to put on you pic 1. And after some time when they will be not that warm, while removing other person can make massage by them while removing. If it done right, it is very effective.

It's bullshit that can even be dangerous
No. 14298
Wtf? We always did this and it always helps, and nothing dangerous happened, wtf.
No. 14299
The idea is the same as putting leeches on your skin with the difference that those cups can develop a way, way higher suction. Same as with leeches (or any alternative "medicin"), people who believe in it believe that there's a positive effect.
No. 14300 Kontra
Hell, what the alternative medicine? This things of cource not for some kind of sucking like some crazy people frefer to thing, but this is nice massage with hot air, and basicly it same shit as putting your legs in hot water or other kind of home therapy of flu. You don't need to put them so they will SUCC LIKE HELL, of cource if you shit like this BDSM it probably dangerous to health.
No. 14305
>and actually going to the doctor

But he will tell you precisely that.

It's been like that my whole life.
>My stomache hurts
>Well you better get a hot cup of tea and a lot of rest. Then you take this harmless medicine which you allready got at home

>I have a bad cold
>Well you better get a hot cup of [...]
>Retard-Version: And some antibiotics even though I don't even know if it's a virus. Let's kill some grannies using your healthy body as a host for next generation deadly germs :DDDDDD

>My joints hurt
>Sports! You should definitely do some sports

>My back hurts!
>Swimming. Yay, Swimming. Who doesn't like it? :)

>I have migrane. Like. Allways.
>Do you know about Ibuprofen?

>My knee swell up to a size twice as big and is filled with something like water. It's joint hurts. The other ones too, I'm 12 years old and can barely walk
>Do you sweat at night? No? Splendid, no cancer then. Ah well.... let's see some specialists
>Dunno lol
>Let me get out some of that shit with a syringe, oh sorry hit your knee cap from the bottom xDDD didn't hurt right? xD
>Lol wat I'm a dentist? (I literally was at the dentist because of that)
>Wut? xD
>Sp...sports? Maybe some sports help?

Seriously every traditional chinese physician would be better.

Physicians. Guys who tell me what I know I can google myself with ease.
No. 14306 Kontra
That was a not so good post I am afraid.
No. 14307
interestingly, my version of it is the exact opposite:
>have a cold
>they do nothing
>go to the doctor, gives me completely different set of pills
>all is good.

>ACL semi torn
>go to doctor
>MRI pls
>yeah you have a semi tear. take those and rest
>all good

>go to doctor 1
>go to doctor 2
>actually knows his shit
>get treated
>all is good.
No. 14308
This is why I want to be a surgeon rather than specializing in medicine: so Ernst/Bernd doesn't make fun of me.
No. 14309
Surgeons and a good Dentist (very rare) are the types I can respect very much.
No. 14310
I actually have a lot of respect for good doctors who know their stuff.

also, protip: get your medical training in a third world country. you'll see some shit in year that a first world professional will see in ten years.
No. 14311
Haha yeah that reminds me of something my dad said when we were talking about a colleague of his who was a general surgeon in Delhi before coming to USA: if you practiced in a place like India, you've definitely seen some shit.

Incidentally, lots of the videos you can find on the internet of particularly gruesome surgical procedures (e.g. debridement of Fourier gangrene) come from India. I think medical privacy laws might work differently there but idk because I'm not Indian.
No. 14312
Would you elaborate that? Your post isn't exactly a 10/10 like it is.
No. 14351
I have a cold too and nothing ever works. Best thing that these home remedies do is to increase well being, which is important, but they don't really make the cold go away, just the most annoying symptoms. I am ingesting vitamin C nonstop, sleeping a lot, drinking hot teas with honey, taking remedies, staying warm, etc. It honestly never works, so far I've managed to get rid of the the throat mucus and pain, and that's good enough to me.
No. 14355
A doctor once told me that a flu without treatment lasts two weeks. But with treatment it'll be gone in just 14 days.
No. 14356
I often get taxi to the dacha and lay in banya there. Body temperature is what kills a viruses. But paracetamol is obviously the best.
No. 14396
76 kB, 450 × 450
7 kB, 330 × 330
21 kB, 293 × 450
>recommend for getting over a manflu
Pic 1 to ease the suffering while you wait it out. My only caution is to not be fooled by the "flavor"; they can put whatever they want on the box, it still tastes like medicine.
>so Ernst/Bernd doesn't make fun of me.
That's [strikethrough]a good[/strikethrough] [strikethrough]a great[/strikethrough] the only reason to pick a career.
No. 14398
22 kB, 494 × 507
No. 14408
Lots of Vitamin C, sage tea and as much resting in warm bed as possible.
No. 14415
Funny post, I also know some great advices. I recognize that some of those come from economic pressure that the needed examinations like MRI or other readiological stuff cost money, and as long as you're still going to work, they will tell you to wait and come back in a month or so in case it doesn't get better over time. Still, very annoying to arrive at the doctor with a clearly sprained knee and he tells you to come back in a month. A month later, when tha pain hasn't gone, he has mercy and sends you to the MRI, and you have to wait another 4-6 weeks to get an appointment. After that, it's another week until you get the results, and let's see... oh, a torn ACL, torn inner ligament and meniscus wrecked - man, that sure did hurt all that time XD.

Also: Drink more water, it's good for you.

>and a good Dentist (very rare)
Luckily, I recently found one, after years of dealing with people who:
  • were treating me like a baby for some unknown reason
  • trying some weird hypnosis style stuff without me asking for it
Now I have someone who just does the job, and has his office 5 minutes away, so I can walk there. Feels good man!
No. 14432
120 kB, 500 × 243
Today I forced myself to go to work because stuff needs to get done. I went through 3 packets of tissues, now have a cough and I badly messed up a simple form I needed my boss to sign. That feel when I legitimately have homework to do tonight as well.

My question is do I smoke knowing that it makes the cold worse or do I stop and risk getting quitter's flu? Also nuts to it, I may have only been at my job 4 weeks but there's no way I should go in tomorrow and risk death-by-bronchitis.
No. 14434
You can use an e-cigarette when sick.
No. 14435
I dunno, wouldn't it still irritate the bronchioles and thereby flood the lungs with mucus? I know that vapes can cause a hiccup if it's burning too hot for example.
No. 14440
I vape when I have the flu or laryngitis. It's okay but the flavour is not there. With Bronchitis, I usually take a break from consuming nicotine (but vape every two-three days because muh addiction).

You dont really need to blow massive clouds, a mouth to lung setup with 9mg e liquid should be fine in your case. I can help you choose something if you want to.
No. 14464
You could try nicotine gums also
No. 14543
Doesn't do shit cap'n

Actually what I have found is this http://smokersonly.org/product_facts/stonewall.html works like a charm. I have no idea where in fuck I even got it from but somehow I had a whole unopened package. Worked better than patches and gum.
No. 14545
Looks interesting, didn't know such stuff even existed

Gum gives me a decent buzz, then again I'm not a heavy smoker at all

I'll probably try something like what you posted once my gum supply is used up since I actually don't enjoy chewing that much
No. 14555
I think I had the Java flavored one. It basically just tasted like some kind of slightly grainy chocolate and coffee hard candy. It also last forever I could take just one and keep it in my cheek for like 4-5 sessions without needing to swallow it and it killed the cravings better than gum ever did.