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No. 14374
23 kB, 352 × 550
I think white men are hot, blondes especially.
No. 14377
6,4 MB, 399 × 600, 0:07
cute. i used to have mild yellow fever during my mid 20s, but eventually grew out of it. i now prefer european women again, because asians arr rook same.
i'm not particularly fond of "nordicaryanviking" type blonde girls though, i'd prefer a good looking brunette with green or light eyes over blondes in most cases.
No. 14378
Question too general.
No. 14379
Thanks Ernst.
No. 14381
228 kB, 1150 × 766
They are (arguably) human, which is enough reason to despise them.

In general I dislike contemplating on race, because it reduces people to a set of biological features and traits, which is dehumanizing. Biology in general is wordly and disgusting, and when you look at people through that lens they appear disgusting.

I think racism is blasphemous in a very religious sense: putting the body above that of the spirit.

I'd compare it to post fap regret: when the arousal goes away, and all you see is a pair of twitching bodies performing a macabre and senseless ritual of bodily fluids. Likewise, when you consider a set of bodily traits without the aspect of humanization, all you see is meat.

Also another thing to consider is that this is exactly how an AI would interpret humans: as a collection of meat patterns assembled together.
No. 14382
>that this is exactly how an AI would interpret humans: as a collection of meat patterns assembled together.
we don't know how AIs interpret humans. that's a good thing for them and could possibly be a good thing for us as well. or turn out fatal.
No. 14384
72 kB, 640 × 480
strong heda
they nomads
culture of meat
No. 14385
403 kB, 553 × 1145
Elaborating, asking me "what do you think about race N" is like asking "what do you think of earlobes / nose bridges / eyelids". Nothing. It's meat.

It evokes a similar sense of distaste in me as anime does: a communication with the bodily. Anime in general gives me a sense that it is communicating with my body (primal impulses / responses) rather than my mind. Everything about it is so worldly and unsublime, it honestly sends me into a depersonalization episode every time. And even though it is manufactured, there is a sickly strong sense of FLESHINESS about it. Like a very well made real doll. It somehow triggers both arousal and disgust.

t. incoherently rambling
No. 14386
>reduces people to a set of biological features and traits, which is dehumanizing
Time for a new tinfoil hat. Seems my brainwaves are being harvested again.

Pretty much that exact phrase was in my first draft of my earlier post in the spooky thread today.
No. 14387
Here's a spooky revelation.

I've been communicating with you on EC for so long that I no longer view you as an identity, but rather, a voice. Like some subset of my mind. Reading your posts feels like having a spontaneous thought in your heda.

So, in a way, you now live in my mind.
No. 14389
215 kB, 341 × 260
I figured that I was always the little bogan in your head. It's how you've described your perception of interaction in general after all, and even I have problems humanising posters on EC as identities tied to humans but rather seeing them as text emerging from nowhere so it wasn't entirely difficult to get roughly what you mean even if my experience is at the end of the day different.
No. 14391 Kontra
It's me, your conscious.
Let's try Meth
No. 14392
are you my couscous as well? what did mother tell us to bring from the supermarket?
No. 14393
Consciousness can't desire for meth. Consciousness is merely conscious of the desire for meth.

Which, in my book, is a good idea. Meth sounds great.
No. 14394
Cheap wine and dignity.
No. 14395 Kontra
KC tier thread. low quality, one liner as starter.
No. 14400 Kontra
Agree, beter delete it from preventing EC become KC2.0
No. 14458
99% are repulsive. Some can be attractive but it's hard to say how much of that is due to plastic surgery, image editing and race mixing.
No. 14459
slanty eyes look weird as fuck
No. 14475
I didn't get to know any, but most aren't attractive imo. I can't even imagine being in a relationship with a pretty one, they just seem too distant.

Also I remember you from kohl, nice to see you here
No. 14476
Old EC-fart here. Back in the day before /int/ we used to joke that every now and again some poster from KC came over and opened a shitty thread, but because of how the community of EC thinks, the thread was not ignored or removed but instead it was turned into something interesting within the first 10 posts.

Now look at what Kaz and Aus are rambling about. It really does feel like the good old days to me, except that it's with country balls and in english.
No. 14479
Asian women are the greatest in the world. If you grow up around them and women of other races, you will inevitably come to this conclusion.
No. 14481
Bossy and materialistic oh great
No. 14482
I think from my own experience with talkint to russian and kazakh girls, I'd definitely prefer Asuka to Rei.

Because that has been my experience. Despite russian girls sometimes being cuntish, at least they're fun to hang out with. Kazakh girls are generally more composed, but also completely boring and basic.

It's sort of a mirror of the western vs oriental divide. You can hang out with russian girls because they have western liberal heda, but kazakh girls usually only hang among themselves, and sexes among kazakhs are just naturally segregated for some reason. They're's always this tense awareness of the fact that it's a girl, and therefore a different part of the social hierarchy.

Also, when kazakh girls DO act like cunts, they're more caustic than battery acid.
No. 14484
Ugly gooks. White women are the most beautiful, no flatnosed shoveltoothed gook monkey with black hair and eyes can even compare.
No. 14485
No. 14486
They like my appearance more than me, which is the thing i have never experienced before. Despite that they liked me the number of clich├ęs they thought about me was embarrassing. Like i should be always drunk, lazy, hairy and one said that i would beat her. So they objectify me and i am totally not okay with that.
>Also another thing to consider is that this is exactly how an AI would interpret humans: as a collection of meat patterns assembled together.
Implying we don't have to program Ai the way we want.
No. 14487
1,1 MB, 876 × 657
No. 14489
685 kB, 1707 × 775
You can't though, because you can't give AI a holy spirit, and it will never be in connection with the God, there fore will be unable to have a non-material experience of the world.
No. 14493
>I'd definitely prefer Asuka to Rei.
I never thought of it, but it is true. Rei and Asuka are types of Eastern and Western girl.
But this opinion is deeper than it may be thought. It is an opinion of Western (Kazakhstan can be considered West-ish, right?) man on the view of Eastern man. Everything in the Evangelion says Asuka is a Western girl, what is Shinji then? Shinji is put in inconvenient situation by Asuka only to fap on her in the end. I guess it's a metaphor of Japanese society of 1990s: we would want to be a part of the West, but the West mocks us, and it's going to continue only up to the coma of the West.
Also there is a problem. In the end, Shinji feared Rei. He chose Kaworu over Rei in complementation phase. What could this mean?
No. 14494
I wouldn't need the holy spirit, i just would create AI in the same imaginary world that i use. AI can't consider things if it haven't learned patterns for it before,.
No. 14500
The so called "spirit" and "mind" are, in the end, products of the "meat" affected by a curious little glitch called self-awareness. For example, what is pain? Basically just a signal to the animal's control core that its "meat" might be in danger of getting damaged, and the control core ought to take action to prevent the consequences which may lead to the permanent decrease of the animal's overall efficiency. But, as it passes through the prism of self-awareness, it acquires a mystical halo of sorts and becomes a metaphor: you can speak of "emotional pain" (this figure of speech doesn't even make sense in and of itself, and probably was created because of the similarities between negative emotions and actual pain in hormonal response), of pain which accompanies the overcoming of obstacles ("no pain, no gain". And I have a suspicion that martyrdom in religions has something to do with that, too: you feel better when the pain ceases, and that means that the obstacle is gone, and your control core rewards you for figuring out your way. The greater the pain, the bigger the obstacle was, and so, the martyrs who encounter the biggest obstacle of them must have been rewarded with the greatest boon, such as going to Heaven), or the pain as a synonym for something unpleasant. So the simple reaction to external stimuli becomes more complicated, gets additional meanings and interpretations, interacts and intersperses with other concepts created by your (or even other people's) self-awareness, and finally becomes an object of your conscience, that is, a part of your "spirit", "mind", "soul". The same goes for the other "spiritual" concepts, like love, kindness, justice: they came from "meat", they are under a constant influence of "meat" and they cannot exist without "meat". Therefore, drawing a clear border between "body" and "mind", "worldly" and "spiritual" is, in my opinion, not only silly, but outright impossible, and, by extension, any religion that doesn't understand the importance of the body in nurturing the spirit or deliberately denies it is wrong.
No. 14501
8 kB, 333 × 151
>being a materialist
No. 14503
People need to be dehumanised in such a manner before they can be understood. Biologically but also mentally and spiritually too.
No. 14504
1,3 MB, 480 × 368, 0:01
>chasing rainbows
No. 14505
But they're not understood. They're caricatured. The core of this idea that we talk about regularly here is that you exist within your own personal meme bubble and are incapable of comprehending anything in its true nature, not even yourself. It's comprehension rather than understanding. You get the basic idea of things in comparison to others but are fundamentally incapable of understanding anything because to understand requires it to be filtered through to the self-observer who works with imperfect tools on even less perfect information.
No. 14506
Without dehumanising a subject of interest it is impossible to understand them. One is full of bias and emotions leading to warped conclusions, however yes, one can still have warped conclusions if they are 'trapped in a meme bubble' and only dehumanise others but never themselves as well. True understanding is based on dehumanising everything, including yourself and your own people.
No. 14507
What is a "true nature" and can you prove that it exists at all, and not just a result of extrapolation of the level of understanding?
No. 14509
I recently moved to a major international city with high-tier Asians all around me so naturally I've developed a bit of yellow fever. Just a shame they don't really go out to bars or anything and I'm a brown hair, brown eye Mr. Bean impersonator. My current plan is to go to one of those late-night museum events. This is shameless nerd dating where adults go to get moderately buzzed and play around with science exhibits but I reckon I should have an easier time. That or Chinatown is a short trek away but I've never been in one of those before so don't know what to do.

Incidentally it is weird to think of how different Asians are. One of my first gfs was Japanese but I ended up mostly in it for the free food from her Dad's restaurant because there was literally nothing else to her. I reckon height is important what with their main asset being their figure.

I find your lack of sexuality disturbing. Don't you even have a preference towards certain facial features?
No. 14511
1,4 MB, 1280 × 720
1,7 MB, 1280 × 720
280 kB, 640 × 480
2,0 MB, 1280 × 720
I appreciate certain physical features on an aesthetic level. The same way one might appreciate abstract art or typography.

Pleasing visual compositions. I often save interesting faces or expressions whenever I see them while watching youtube videos.
I'm probably a fucking weirdo in that regard, but I still posit that if you're attracted to anime, you're weirder than I am in that particular regard.

Also, I'm not asexual, I get aroused, but I don't internalize the sense of arousal (well, any emotion really), so I don't consider it a part of "me", but rather just another mental function happening somewhere in my awareness.

Empiricism can not give an understanding of anything beyond its scope, and empiricism itself is founded on a logical fallacy, and thus, is a heuristic for achieving goals, rather than something that could explain the nature of things.
No. 14516
>The so called "spirit" and "mind" are, in the end, products of the "meat" affected by a curious little glitch called self-awareness.
Blindsight fan? Mind and spirit are products of both experience and genetics. While genetics is obviously tied to a meat, experience is always unique and forms your individuality in coherency with a meat. You oversimplified feelings and coherency between them and body.
>"emotional pain"
Brain can actually inflict pain
No. 14518
You've read only the first sentence of my post or something? Don't want to repeat myself.

And by the "emotional pain" I was referring to the feelings so intense that they are compared to physical pain, not the actual psychosomatic disorders.
No. 14519
37 kB, 299 × 400
I could disprove materialism with big brain arguments, but I'm too lazy to.
No. 14521
>AI can't consider things if it haven't learned patterns for it before
wrong. ais already program themselves. the best chess/go ais are way better than the best human players. they don't learn by memorizing patterns, but by playing against themselves. no humans and no big data involved. most people are still not aware that ais have already surpassed humans, even though elon musk has warned about it several times.
No. 14524
>but I still posit that if you're attracted to anime, you're weirder than I am in that particular regard.

I figured anime would be right up your alley considering the animation style is predominantly symbolic with our minds filling in the blanks. Think about it, certain types of people love it precisely because things like emotion are demonstrated without nuance and the abstraction taking precedence over physicality.
No. 14525
Chess/go/dota are games with set of rules and strict goals, it can be generated from it. So this is still patterns, they were just made inside of a specific task. Current AIs are sophisticated, but it's still just a set of tools
I was in the bus. Here is another example
Let's assume that mind is the software or firmware "black_box_mind". So body is the another "black_box_body", which is periphery and chip itself. So black_box_mind is connected to black_box_body by several lines which are "neural connections", and "endocrine system", and etc. Actions and command lines are going outside of "black_box_mind". Whole system is connected by 6 lines to "black_box_out_world", which is totally random and probably is connected to billions of another black boxes.
So how it concludes that mind is just a hardware when it's a firmware? Or how did we get from this that there is no magic involved inside of a black box? Or that mind can't exist without body. And how firmware becomes material from being saved on flash memory? I guess wordplay, but you see where my logic is going
I honestly believe that we can describe consciousness and mind using math. But i haven't seen any examples of working machines or even mathematical models that fully explains it all, so i just believe.
>curious little glitch called self-awareness
Yet this "glitch" survived, destroyed other non-glitched systems and thrived.
No. 14526 Kontra
Wrong EC tier thread.
If we would have all be shitting the same no fun one liner like you did it would be a kc tier thread indeed though.
No. 14527
Software/firmware and hardware are not fundamentally different. Suppose that instead of two separate black boxes, "black_box_mind" and "black_box_body", there is only one non-deterministic finite-state machine, capable of reacting to stimuli, processing gathered data, coming with conclusions and memorizing them by changing its state. Does it stop being a mind? If yes, why, and what makes a mind a mind then?

As for the "magic" being involved or not, I guess it's just good old Occam's razor. I do not see why should I consider conscience being of different nature than body, when there is no evidence for that claim. I could agree with pantheists that everything is conscience, though: it doesn't seem as far-fetched as other kinds of theism. And, of course, there are problems with definitions: what should we call "body", "physical", "material", what "understanding" is and what's the difference between "true" and "untrue" understanding.

>Yet this "glitch" survived, destroyed other non-glitched systems and thrived.
I never claimed that it is bad. It's just that few other animals (dolphins, primates and some Corvidae, if I'm not mistaken) have it, so it makes us weird. And we come up with lots of weird concepts which are not known to other animals, which could still stay totally alien to them should they evolve self-awareness of their own, and which will vanish together with the humanity.
No. 14529
I intend to mix my long heda eurogenes with a Chinese woman's broad heda mongol genes so that our offspring will be large heda spies for the CCP

But first I need to learn Chinese

Rate plan
No. 14530
In a practical sense, your current state of mind follows your actions and biological processes (definitely not the other way around), and it is mostly just an indication of stresses (or lack thereof) on the body. People often fail to understand these two things, and as a result they get swept up in their emotions and thoughts and lose the ability to control them or analyze them (or anything else for that matter) in a manner that would most benefit them.

Man is made of meat, and so is heavily impacted by biological changes.
Changing the diet or schedule/lifestyle of a man will impact him much more than a change in philosophy in "real life".
I think you look too much into your disparate states of mind as a judge for what you should be doing and how you should act.
I cannot really say this without being a hypocrite though, as I have a statistics exam in 2 days and I have studied 0% :DDDDDD.
No. 14531
You should get Korean gf so your offspring will have the gene that stops body odour. We should all get Korean gf to save the environment from deodorant pollution.

No. 14532
327 kB, 1103 × 777
In my case, my foray into philosophy has significantly changed my mental functioning, it feels like it has restructured my entire perception of the world.

It made me less of a nihilist and gave me a set of moral values. The important part is that those values were not instilled to me by authority (in form of social narrative or religion), but were arrived at through by thought.

Yes, it would seem like it. But virtue and anti-virtue, beauty and anti-beauty are both results of abstractions of the neutral reality, the difference is in the way they do it - whether the result is resonant or discordant.
Anime, in my view, is very much discordant. It's quite nihilistic, dishonest, manipulative, unintelligent and quite frankly lazy. Mostly because it is so commercialized, and because it is entertainment designed specifically to financially exploit mental retards. I can not watch your average seasonal anime without feeling insulted, because it is completely obvious that the author of the work is treating me like an idiot incapable of subtlety, and also wants me to buy merchandise.

Such attitude of contempt towards the audience rubs off on the anime fandom and their art as well. Anime art is never about painting a story of a character, their traits or their worlds. The entire design and presentation of a character / artwork is to either make me horny, trigger my cute response or just a juvenile attempt at being "cool". They are a set of abstrac symbols that hold no meaning behind them and represent nothing but themselves. And that's what makes them profoundly ugly. And that's the aspect of worldliness that I so hate. Anime is, quite literally, porn, regardless of how explicit it is: an attempt to pander to and stimulate the body, rather than the mind.

As for visual abstraction in general, yes, I am a fan, that's why I like manga, animation in general, and visual arts. Just not the products of the anime industry and the community surrounding it.
No. 14533
>mongol genes
Easening your task: buryats may know English
No. 14538
There also a distinction to be made about art and escapism: art attempts to reveal something truthful about the world, escapism is all about escaping it.

I would place anime, porn and gore in the same category of exploitation. It's no wonder there's so much overlap between the three.
No. 14563
Bernd please.
No. 14713 Kontra
where is OP gone?
what if i like asian hoes, fit OP's description and would be down for some fickificki?