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No. 14407 Systemkontra
906 kB, 1836 × 3264
Recently, Kazahstan poster had an interesting idea about thread dedicated not to random pics, but for drawing and paiting and other kind of original content. He sadly not created one, but I think this is neat idea - when you learn how to draw and paint it always awesome to have help and critique, and I think with earnstchan quality of posting we can get very good reasults in help each other mastering our skils.

On op-pic I place my night fast drawing because it only thing I have on my phone right now that replated. Please, share with us your creations and ask questions.
No. 14470
234 kB, 1536 × 1536
I drew this.
No. 14508
Do you have tablet, or you doing this just like by mouse?
No. 14510
I have an Ipad
No. 14570
248 kB, 898 × 1197
This picture started in a small sketchpad before I cleaned it up and added color using my tablet. Drawing right now is slow and awkward, but not impossible.
No. 14598
How confort to draw on one of this things? I use Wacoom Bambo tablet.

It is self-portrait?
No. 14600
I have an apple pencil for it so it's fairly easy to draw on. I don't find it any harder than paper really.
No. 14627
301 kB, 1018 × 1272
>It is self-portrait?
Yes, it’s kind of an avatar-me. I might keep tinkering with it to make the details more accurate. The muscles should be much bigger x:D.
Here I am vacationing in Paris
>Wacoom Bambo tablet
>apple pencil
I’m using the Galaxy Tab A, with S pen, but also have a small Wacom which I'm still getting used to.
No. 14640
597 kB, 2000 × 3000
Nice caricature-cartoony style. Simple, but indeed finished character.
I, in comperacing, often starting drawing something overcompicated for my skill level and often never managed to fisih it. Like I made some scetch, but don't know if I have enough skill not even to paint it or start background, but if I'll be able to finish sketch peoperly.
No. 14682
>drawing something overcompicated for my skill level and often never managed to fisih it.
I have a similar problem. While I can finish cartoons like the above, I struggle in more "advanced" styles. In most of the oversized stuff I usually work on, I erase so much I almost go through the paper. I almost never finish them, but draw until I'm certain the next line will make it worse. It's a tradeoff; do I want to finish something, or do I want to get better? There's no better way to learn than getting in over your head, even if that means drawing a foreshortened face wrong twenty times in a row.
It's strange talking about finishing drawings, since the picture I posted is the first thing I've actually finished in over a month. The sling really restricts everything past my wrist, which obviously slows me down. It should be coming off soon.
>I made some scetch
You have a lot of impressive details in there already. Even if you don't have enough skill to properly finish it, go as far as you can, learn and, if you have to, move on to the next one.
No. 14778 Kontra
I failed miserably, it was even worse than last time... I won't post it here.
No. 14824
36 kB, 367 × 489
189 kB, 700 × 700
>I failed miserably, it was even worse than last time
>failed miserably
Not yet, Ernst. Not until you give up.

I didn't know what to draw today, so I just started sketching from my collection of photo references. I did a few others before I decided this one deserved more attention. I kind of like how the loose linework turned out.
No. 14851
306 kB, 1536 × 1536
This one turned out better at least.
No. 14873
9 kB, 300 × 300
Are you making buildig of general shape before doing draw? If not, I recommend doing it and also add general line of body and pose before moving to detail, it can improve shape of your drawing.
No. 14904
1,0 MB, 1235 × 1325
583 kB, 1123 × 1123
That's good to hear.

Sometimes I try to get away with skipping steps, but my anatomy always suffers when I do.

This picture turned out better than I thought it would. The coloring definitely helped cover my mistakes, and the background added some visual interest. I also did a series of in process pics while I was working, so I'll post those too.
No. 14905
Sadly my picture still in process so I have nothing to post.

Are you trase or just keep pic as refference?
No. 14907
434 kB, 1000 × 1468
Yes, but usually it's light, particularly in this case I was drawing from a reference. I had the line of the body down, a line for the hips, shoulders and waist.
No. 14909
>Are you trase or just keep pic as refference?
I just use the photo as a reference. I know the result isn't as accurate, but I think tracing would limit my ability to interpret anatomy and keep me from developing my own style.
Don't worry about not having something ready yet. You can post whenever you're finished.
No. 14910
324 kB, 1366 × 768
342 kB, 1366 × 768
Note to self: figure out how the hell I not only guessed my hand dealt, but guessed the exact order of cards on the flop Jack three seven and roughly matching suit. Also how I guessed the spin would land $50,000. I can't even tell if this is intuition from playing so much I just can guess the algorithm or if it's just being in the zone so much I can do precog stuff again. Most importantly, how to apply things to practical uses like making money.
No. 15050
213 kB, 700 × 700
Woman with an axe, version...10, probably.
No. 15110
330 kB, 857 × 1024
1,7 MB, 1096 × 1506
I wish I was cool like Francis Bacon, playing with the human form and make schizo paintings, and make it look GOOD instead of just unfinished.

I like playing with form and color, but I never manage to construct the work into a coherent message, just aimless noodling on a theme.

Also, I am determined to finish my spoiler image submission before the end of the year, I was just busy doing pointless, thankless errands for my family members. That design work for brother's internet cafe that was demanded of me? Was never used, and he didn't ask about it again. Thanks for wasting my time, dude.

Also, I'm going to compile a list of resources for learning to draw/paint, practicing, etc. probably upload some of my books to a file hosting service, so we could start off the next thread with posting them.

I'm making these promises because expressing intentions is at least a mildly effective way of not abandoning projects (works 30% of the time :-DDDDD).

I like the fluidity in your drawings, very expressive and "alive". I find it's more important in figure drawing to express the fluidity of human body language than to focus on anatomical correctness. In fact, pursuit of anatomical correctness a lot of times results in stiff figures.
No. 15112
Honestly I actually like your art. You're good at it. As in, better than every single person on here by far.
No. 15117
Well, to be honest, I'm quite insecure about it.

I drank a lot of kool-aid about work ethic and that if you're ever satisfied with anything you do, you have signed a death sentence to your artistic development.

Contentment breeds complacency and all that. So far I can't figure out if such a rigorous philosophy is bullshit, or if I'm just not man enough to power through perpetual dissatisfaction like some nietzchean ubergod.

I hate happy people.

It's amazing how much more productive you can be when you do things that you like, but doing things you like has the downside of knowing that you are pursuing cheap titillation in the form of cheap kitsch illustration, rather than pursuing Meaningful Art(tm) (if only I knew what that is).

I get stuck on the first couple of steps because I start asking existential questions in the vein of "what is it that I'm actually making and what does it mean", and can't come up with an answer. Must be some OCD shit.

It was a lot easier when all of my concern and understanding of art was "I must learn basic anatomy and color theory", instead of thinking about what to actually do with these skills. I could just follow the books and do the exercises back then.

"god what a faggot" - me
t. me
No. 15121
Yeah well it shows. On the flip side you get that
>I hate happy people
thing. It does often seem the mentally ill or so called are much more prone to either extreme, either artistic genius or being fucking horrible at it. I cant do much art. I made I think one thing I was proud of, and several other things I liked, and most of it got thrown in the trash by maintenance because I was an alcoholic and it still feels like a hole in my soul from that.

You have talent imo which is rare. And I'm not just saying that toxic chan culture has made me a hyper critical asshole about everything. It is hard to describe too, I just see "it" when I see you post your art a lot of the time. But I too believe in the Mike Tyson effect. That being, whatever you think you're bad at and not good enough at especially if insecure is what you're most likely to overcompensate in and get really good at, whereas whatever you marked for yourself as "I'm good enough" is probably what you're shit at. Not sure what I'd be good at, but I never think I'm aggressive enough and too trusting and forgiving, and that I have an adequate spiritual insight. Reality of self appraisal is usually the opposite.
No. 15125
Art turns bad when people try to be Deep and Meaningful instead of just doing what they want.

I've forgotten 99% of the high literature I was forced to read in school, but there are many moments from "low-culture" SF novels that will stay with me forever. Not just because of the subtle artistry involved, but because those novels were genuinely fun to read. They had been written to be enjoyed, not to be meditated upon, and they were superior works of art for it.

If a refined and perceptive mind creates something with genuine effort and enthusiasm, some meaning will inevitably bleed into the product. I'd rather look at a drawing that came out of your simple desire to create, than something consciously created from the start to be Meaningful.

In fact, I can't actually think of a single good work of art in any medium that was the result of a conscious attempt to create Fine Art. Every time I've seen a good author try to do that instead of trying to do what they were naturally good at, the attempt fell flat.

also, if you want financial independence you can draw porn for a few hours a day while planning out your actual art. My best friend makes all of his money doing either that or sprite art for video games, and he could make enough money to support himself even in California if he had to.

And if you do try to break into that business, tell people you live in California or somewhere else expensive, cause they pay people from sovok-land a lot less
No. 15127 Kontra
Continuing on another note, I think the best attitude to take towards yourself and your work is a self-aware egotism. You need to feel genuinely good when you create something good, while still being aware of all the mistakes, and of the fact that you can and should do better. You need to be satisfied by "good-enough" attempts on the path to perfection.

Pure self-assholery only works for people who have a limitless well of energy and confidence. That confidence comes from an insanely inflated ego, from borderline pathological narcissism, and not from any individual work that they create, which is why they are able be so hard on themselves over specific pieces of work. You're taking an attitude towards yourself that only works for "happy" people, and as long as you keep that attitude you're sabotaging yourself.

I'm not a happy person, and I'm aware of many mistakes in the story I posted in the last Today Thread. However, I feel good about what I created, and that motivates me to create more of it, and post more of it online. Hopefully at some point enough to be published.

Speaking of which, is it alright to turn this thread into something about art in general, rather than just drawing or painting? I'd like to post stuff I've written and get feedback on it, but the only other place I could do it is the Today Thread. I don't think anyone else here writes creatively, and it'd be rather narcissistic to make a thread just for myself.
No. 15131
356 kB, 800 × 960
1,1 MB, 709 × 851
1,1 MB, 709 × 851
>I like the fluidity in your drawings, very expressive and "alive".
Thank you. I can slaveishly reproduce anatomy, but those drawings can't equal the energy created in a few well placed gesture lines.
I've never had to think about meaning in art, only what I wanted the end product to look like and how I could get there. I suppose I'm still learning, but also that's one advantage of cartoonist/illusrator level art. Since it's end serves a commercial purpose it doesn't need justification beyond that.

I stumbled across this painting and decided to do some editting.
No. 15139
3,4 MB, 2000 × 3000
Hell, what I'am the lazy bastard. Don't have time to properly sit for couple of hourse and just finish this already
No. 15155
>I'd like to post stuff I've written and get feedback on it
While writing may not fit the thread title, it certainly falls within the help and critique subsection of the OP. If you're looking for feedback on creative projects and such this is probably the best spot.

Thanks for the update on this one.
No. 15156
I have considered drawing porn, but that'd be an even bigger betrayal of my principles than drawing cringy fantasy and sci fi art that I so like :-DDDD.

But that's the point, right, being overly idealistic is completely infantile, and at some point you have to grow up and do things out of pragmatic necessity, even in art. As a kazakh philosopher once said, "Even if you have to wash a donkey's ass, make a living" :-DDDD.

In fact, I have noticed that when I do things out of necessity (drawing a commission for example), the result turns out... adequate (well, at least finished), because there was a clear cut goal in front of me. When I do stuff for myself, I get lost on the way and drop the project because I have no clear idea of what I want it to be.

So yeah, I guess I have some growing up to do in that regard, chasing butterflies is no way to live.

I am afraid of turning into one of those people on deviantart or whatever, who are happy in their mediocrity. I see all these people who enjoy drawing, have found a rut/niche that they are comfortable in, and stay there, because they feel good and people like it. It disgusts me to imagine myself turning out that way.

On another hand, being happy in one's mediocrity seems like a tempting alternative to being miserable in one's mediocrity, which is where I am now :-DDDDD.

Regarding posting your writing, I actually think this thread could be redefined neatly into a hobby/craft thread to fill a bigger niche. I bet there's a lot of stuff ernsts would like to share, but don't have a proper context. Like photography, writings, hell even gardening and origami.

So go ahead, it'll be interesting.
No. 15165
>I am afraid of turning into one of those people on deviantart or whatever, who are happy in their mediocrity
I think the main problem is their underlying mediocrity. They don't have great ambitions or high standards, and so inevitably their talent rots.

You don't sound like that kind of person, but you can only find out if you try. Draw for commission, draw what is fun for you. And feel good about yourself, develop an ego, acknowledge your talent, because that will give you the motivation to work and to improve yourself. You've already got the self-awareness in spades, and you don't have anything to fear so long as you make a conscious effort to retain it.

>but that'd be an even bigger betrayal of my principles than drawing cringy fantasy and sci fi art that I so like
The most important thing you can do is to stop looking at fantasy and SF as cringy and meaningless. It sounds like you like the idea of making high art, but that you don't actually like doing it. That's probably a sign that you shouldn't try to make high art.

Genre and fantasy and SF don't degrade the artistic quality of a work, nor do they even fundamentally reduce the ability of a work to say something about the real world or the human experience. You won't win the approval of the guardians of high culture... but who cares? They're few and irrelevant, and not particularly smart or worthy of your regard. There's no more depth of thought going on in the heads of people reviewing the latest Jonathan Franzen book than there is going on in the heads of people reviewing the latest capeshit movies. There's more thought going on in communities of artists that tend not to have hang-ups over precise subject matter, or even in dedicated SF communities.

As an artist, you generally want to A. make a living, and B. make work that satisfies not just yourself, but other people whose opinions you value. The second is more important. But whose opinions matter to you? The masses? No, clearly not. The kind of people who write for publications like the NY Review of Books? Why should they matter more? Their IQ might be a little higher, but they've all crawled up their own asses fawning over unreadable books with page-long metaphors, or similarly trite pieces of visual art.

It sounds like if you just accept SF and fantasy are not in conflict with meaningful art, you'll do a lot better. Perhaps as a test, try combining the aesthetics that you like with the higher meaning that you want to convey.

>So go ahead, it'll be interesting.
>If you're looking for feedback on creative projects and such this is probably the best spot.
Alright, to start I'll repost what I linked in the last Today Thread, and I've got another piece that I'm going to upload very soon.
No. 15388
115 kB, 560 × 560
A tree frog.
No. 15400

That was an enthralling read, I enjoyed it very much and without distraction.

At the beginning there were points where I was slightly taken out of the story due to prose/style - some of the words / expressions felt very modern-english, which reduced my immersion somewhat. But after a while I stopped noticing.
I thought that maybe a writing style, using descriptions and associations that a person from that period in history would use, rather than modern words would let the reader get into the character's head more. Sort of a way of inferential world-building, where the reader can piece together context through the thoughts of a very different different person, rather than being directly told about it in-writing. Though, I'm not sure if that would work for what you are going for. It might just end up unintentionally portraying the characters as dumb, as is a frequent stereotype associated with pre-historic humans.

All in all, it was a great read. Are you planning on continuing it? The ending seemed rather conclusive, as far as that particular character is concerned. Although, if the story was meant to be less of a character study of a prehistoric man, but rather a "story from prehistory", it can be continued through other characters from the setting. Set up a stage, so to say, and explore it through the eyes of different people involved.

I think it's a great concept that has a lot of interesting stories to mine for, the set up of the conflict allows for a lot of things to explore and be written about human society. How genders, age, life outlook / philosophy, etc. are affected by the society one lives already mentioned in the story could be "zoomed in" to tell even more interesting stories.

Just my thoughts, I'd enjoy reading more of this.
No. 15418
Thanks for reading and feedback.

>some of the words / expressions felt very modern-english
Can you point them out? In general, I prefer natural modern English in all settings, as people in the past didn't sound to themselves like they were in the past - they just sounded normal. But I have noticed some modern vocabulary creeping in that doesn't have a place, simply because the concepts weren't around back then. For example, units of time. I still need to think of an alternative to using hours.

>Are you planning on continuing it? The ending seemed rather conclusive, as far as that particular character is concerned.
The intent is to cover what I think are the most important developments in history, and humanize the changes associated with them. This story was about the replacement of hunter-gatherers by farmers, and I feel like I've dealt with that well enough for now (at some point in the future I may expand this one story into a proper novel, and touch on more things as you suggest). I've got at least a dozen more story ideas for later points in history, and I'm working on two at the moment:

  1. The rise of Indo-Europeans, or more broadly, the rise of hierarchical patrilineal chiefdoms in the Bronze Age. Even more broadly, it's about the rise of highly stratified human society in general. This actually takes place in exactly the same location, so you get to see the descendants of the farmers deal with the experience of conquest themselves. But this is the only connection to Krow's story.
  2. The rise of cities and large states. It's be about a barbarian slave from a remote part of the Balkans navigating life in a major Roman city.
Then I'll probably tackle the rise of religions of salvation, and the causes underlying the decline of large-scale societies. Later on I'll deal with things like mass printing, liberalism, industrialization, and the internet.
No. 15451
436 kB, 720 × 1200
Ah fuck it, I'm just gonna call a bunch of people today and try to get a job.

Like, what do I have to lose, huh. And once I have stable income, I'll have a chance at personal development.

You know, personal development would probably be a lot easier if I could afford shit like painting supplies (shit's expensive yo). Or buy a damn stylus for my drawing tablet. OR get my old HDD fixed so I can recover my sketches and projects.

Here I go, today's the day.

Also, honestly I only picked up digital art because it's cheaper, I don't actually enjoy drawing on the computer, it doesn't give the same feeling. If I could afford art supplies, I'd paint with oils exclusively tbh.
No. 15452 Kontra
Huh, meant to post in today thread but I guess it works.
No. 15463
>For example, units of time. I still need to think of an alternative to using hours.
Use the positions of sun and moon, also maybe the sounds or appearance of certain animals.
No. 15567
61 kB, 300 × 449
197 kB, 700 × 700
I developed this >>15388 a little further, tightening up the lines while trying to keep the loose sketch impression. The lower leg gave me the most trouble; it had the easiest lines, but relied more heavily on coloring which is where I tend to struggle. Picture 1 is the photo I was using as a reference.
No. 15856
532 kB, 976 × 1432
64 kB, 651 × 469
Since I don't have a graphics tablet any more, I'm trying out drawing with pencils and a black marker on paper then scanning and coloring the image.

Not having a digital eraser is pretty tough, maybe I should take a break from digital and try to get good at traditional. I think photoshop taught me some pretty bad habits. Like doodling nonsense and then fixing it with an eraser, which is not possible on paper.

Here's a skeleton jelly. I have a couple other doodles I need to clean up and color. This is actually kinda fun.

I think you might have lost a little bit of tension in the pose. The original frog looks alert and poised to jump, while yours is kinda laid back.
No. 16309
625 kB, 900 × 900
>I think you might have lost a little bit of tension in the pose.
I tried to get more energy into this version by pulling in the body, flattenening the head, and shortening the front arm. I was changing as much as I could around the edges without my having to entirely repaint the body and face. The result is still too rigid compared to the model, but it's a little better I hope.
No. 16601
189 kB, 1500 × 819
2,0 MB, 1800 × 982
My edit of Nighthawks by Edward Hopper is finally finished, or at least close enough to finished that I can post this version. I was initially going to include only Ernstwurf in this one, but since the original painting was framed in such a wide shot he turned out really small. My solution to this problem was to add a countryball to more definitively show the diner as Ernstchan. I know I could have also tried painting the woman as Erna, but I wasn't confident in my ability to match Hopper's human figures and wanted to avoid a jarring style clash.
No. 16605
Good Ernst Wurf, bad perspective on the text at the top. Draw some guides in an overlay to help you with the font.
No. 16627
2,0 MB, 1800 × 982
>Good Ernst Wurf
Thank you.
>bad perspective on the text at the top
Here is Version 2. On the first one I used a font with minor warping. While that gave me clean letters, it also led to some perspective problems. I thought I had fixed that by aligning the E with the sign frame but, since the vertical lines weren't parallel, it wasn't a perfect solution. On this version I tried hand lettering with a guide based on the letters in the original painting.
No. 16651
Much better. The EC logo is too washed out. Have you tried painting it on a different layer and then applying it to the background with frequency separation?

Here is somewhat detailed explanation of how it works: https://fstoppers.com/post-production/ultimate-guide-frequency-separation-technique-8699
No. 16683
2,0 MB, 1800 × 982
>Much better
Thanks. I should have known a font wouldn't fit the painting, but I have no confidence in my hand lettering skills. I should find more opportunities to practice.
>The EC logo is too washed out
I think that was the result of my overuse of blur, smudge, and erasing tools trying to create a weathered look. I managed to fade the colors, but lost the clear edges. In this latest version the logos are repainted hopefully better and a little larger. I also brightened the sign by 25% to better match the coloring of the original.

>frequency separation
I usually blend everything smooth, and then try to get texture by adding subsequent layers. It looks like there is a better way. Thanks for the tip.
No. 16693
21 kB, 361 × 192
I liked this one.
Are you the Ernst that did the Calvin and Hobbs banner last year?
No. 16703
>I liked this one.
Thanks for the feedback. There was a pretty big change in the sign between v2 an v3 and I'm always a little afraid that I've made the drawing worse. It's nice to get honest opinions either way. I keep copies of old layers just in case I have to do a lot of undoing.
>Are you the Ernst that did the Calvin and Hobbs banner last year?
Yes. I drew that one and another Ernst helped me with the Ernstchan lettering.
No. 16724
73 kB, 800 × 750
You do good work, and IMO, very talented
No. 16741 Kontra
40 kB, 505 × 318
Thank you, I really appreciate that.
No. 17111
1,1 MB, 806 × 868
No. 17471
25 kB, 300 × 387
You can't go wrong with Calvin and Hobbes theme.

Very nice
No. 18885
So I've been in a depressive/degenerate phase for the last few months, and I've barely written anything since the first story I posted.

I'm going to get serious about writing every day now, and I'll make updates each day on Wattpad. I've started on one other project, a survival-horror series, and I'm going to alternate between that and the history series every other day. Feedback provides a lot of motivation, so I'd appreciate anything you guys have to say about my ongoing work.
No. 19442
4,1 MB, 4009 × 4010
Oh yeah, I finished this shortly before getting hired, forgot about it.
Since I still don't have my tablet pen, I traced the gun from a 3D model with vectors.

Half of my workflow seems to be image editing as well as drawing anyway.

Still not entirely happy with it. I struggle with animne hair.
No. 19443
Funny thing, what made me go and actually "finish" it was that I started scrambling for shit to put in my portfolio for getting the design job.

In the end, I didn't need a portfolio, they just put me in the reception right away to see how I'd do.
No. 19446
Nice. Seeing your work has prompted me more than once to open Krita and Blender again. The Krita part is just doodles, though, and the blender part doesn't fit this thread.
No. 19447
314 kB, 2498 × 1666
Tbh, when I proposed the idea for this thread, I meant it to be a more general "creative hobby" thread.
Including drawing, 3D, design, papercraft, music, even gardening. I should pick up 3D modeling again.
I used to make custom prop models for the source engine as a kid, and dreamed of becoming a freelance 3DCG artist. Then transitioned to fine art.

These days I only use rudimentary 3D work to visualize lightbox designs and such.
No. 19510
148 kB, 428 × 700
74 kB, 800 × 598
>I traced the gun from a 3D model with vectors.
A clever solution, and having such a well-drawn hand really made it work. Btw, What does it say in the lower right corner?
This Tom and Jerry has been sitting in my pile of half-done projects, but seeing your completed spoiler image has motivated me to finish it. The first picture contains the original animated frames, which I took from the episode Professor Tom.
No. 19511
399 kB, 1600 × 900
15 kB, 236 × 164
Thanks, but I just noticed some flaws in the hand that I must fix ASAP when I go home, it's bothering me. I probably spent more time on the hand than any other part of the drawing. Faces get easier the more stylized they are, hands are constant difficulty in all styles :-DDDD

> What does it say in the lower right corner?
I have no idea. I just took some writings from the japanese terminator DVD cover art, to make it look like a seal on one of those asian wooden prints :-DDDDDD

>This Tom and Jerry has been sitting in my pile of half-done projects, but seeing your completed spoiler image has motivated me to finish it. The first picture contains the original animated frames, which I took from the episode Professor Tom.
It looks really nice, although I'm not sure how you'd compose it to fit banner dimensions, since the picture is square-ish.
No. 19540
4,1 MB, 4009 × 4010
Here's a fix that nobody will ever notice or care for.
But it had to be done. Fuck my ADHD, I always miss some detail.
No. 19544
Pretty good/10. Would recommend for ec spoiler image.

The Kanji remains a mystery - I tried using a draw tool but no luck. I did however discover that the Japanese abbreviate Schwarzenegger to shuwa-chan :3
No. 19546
I'm going to take a wild guess and say it means "teru mi na teru" :-DDDDDD
No. 19547
>teru mi na teru
Almost. It's "taamineetaa". Also, those are katakana, not kanji.
No. 19548
So some random moon runes I swiped off of google images actually fits.
Neat. I honestly thought it said something like "over 120 minutes of laserdisc video" or something.
No. 19550
over 120 threads of laser discussions
No. 19566
87 kB, 1200 × 800
I read the first 11 pages of Sapporo. It's hard to give critique on a work-in-progress, since I don't know how the pieces all fit together, but I'll offer my opinion on what you've written so far. You jumped right into the plot and kept the story moving forward. I thought that part was well done, but then I felt you limited the emotional impact by drifting too much between focal characters. I don't know if that was a conscious style choice, but I wanted to experience the moments from within one character at a time-and then feel his/her reactions. As a reader that would increase the tension. Other than that one note, I liked the story, and am curious enough about the deviations and the setting to want to read more.
I hope you're out of your depressive/degenerate phase. Also, don't forget to come up with those rando names.

>I'm not sure how you'd compose it to fit banner dimensions,since the picture is square-ish
I wasn't really thinking of it as a banner but, to satisfy my curiosity, I did a quick mock-up to see if it could be. The results aren't perfect:Tuffy is too low, Jerry is too small, the blackboard is too empty-but the bigger problem is the resolution. The image just pixelates too much when reduced to 300x100. I don't know why it's doing that or if I can fix it, so it probably won't be a banner or anything. I had an idea to use the image as the TV screen in a larger cartoon, where Ernstwurf is watching television or something. Too many ideas, and not enough time. Maybe I just need to get better at discerning the good ideas from the bad ones without chasing every random concept down the rabbit hole.
No. 19576
282 kB, 1080 × 1920
1,5 MB, 2160 × 2880
1,4 MB, 2160 × 2880
395 kB, 1080 × 1920
I should up my drawing scale.
Having a good eye is nothing to berate. P cool.
No. 19577
Nice, reminds me of kubo tite's art :-DDDD
No. 19585
First one is doing it for me. Reminds me of the cover of a manga whose name I forgot, but the Kazhak should be able to help since I've seen talk about it on old EC. It plays with structure of images and relates that to structures of our reality (often recursion). Also it does weird shit with eyes.
No. 19586 Kontra
No. 19590
It was Ultra Heaven
No. 19595
2,0 MB, 2880 × 2160
2,1 MB, 2880 × 2160
2,0 MB, 2880 × 2160
382 kB, 1920 × 1080
Eyes are something that I keep coming back to. I don't know why. The recursion thing reminds of something I drew invoking the Droste effect with eyes stacking on their own reflections. I'm trying to find it but it might be in a different sketchbook. These are recent drawings.
Kubo's cool. Never got too into Bleach though.
Will check out. Looks familiar.
No. 19626
2,8 MB, 2000 × 1600
Very cool art! Are you using ink, right? I never been able to make something decent on paper. When I see some people do awesome concepts in albums with ink or markers it always makes me feels sad that I can't draw in this scetch or comicbook artsyle

Anyway I finnaly finished one of mine drawing. It is in spoiler because it contain Nudity
No. 19632
111 kB, 310 × 350
I've found a solution to the pixelation problem I mentioned in >>19566. Basically I just need to apply a Gaussian blur to smooth the lines, then use a filter to sharpen the results. Search:fix pixelation. It's the first result.

>I finnaly finished one of mine drawing.
Nice, I knew it was only a matter of time before we would see more of your work. It looks familiar, did you post an incomplete version before, maybe in a Today thread?
No. 19633
Thanks. Yeah, it's ink; I switch back and forth between a micropoint or a dip pen, sometimes a small brush for dark patches. Had a tablet but the pen broke and I'm waiting for a replacement.
Yours looks pretty clean, pretty vibrant. Those centaurs look kind of familiar, are they from something?
No. 19637
268 kB, 450 × 600
>Nice, I knew it was only a matter of time before we would see more of your work. It looks familiar, did you post an incomplete version before, maybe in a Today thread?
As far as I know, no. Last thing I did I posted there was goat picture adn I not finished it still because well as usual, I'am lazy person who draw only when have specific mood. Thanks.

Ah, yes, tablets always tend to broke, and there even parts that you need constantly change. Thanks my Wacom Bamboo works pretty well all this years.
No, this characters from top of my heda, I drawn them for a friend who very like centaurs. But I not that much like centaurs when parts are proportionally "imbalanced" so tend to draw this cartoonish goat-deer ones. For face of one of character I got inspiration from this picture
No. 19743
Yeah, mine didn't wear out though. My dog got a hold of it and he's into biting.
Sheeit, I like Devaronians. One of my favorite humanoid SW races.
No. 19755
Ha ha, funny, I thought that make devaronians are very lame - just DEVIL MAN. They insert it in Episode 4 because they just had devil mask from other movie and not much budget for more ayyliens.
No. 19759
Man, I like it when something's just DEVIL MAN though. Demons are cool. Everything in that cantina scene's improvised and looks fucking weird, but I like em.
No. 19761
74 kB, 739 × 1000
110 kB, 868 × 1024
Well, cantina scene from episode 4 is actually decent, since only rare amount and species there was "random" - on others, like ithorians worked concept artists and special effects dudes, and most of population of cantina become well known SW races - like Rodians, Talz, Duros, Biths etc.
However more late scenes like this - Jabba's Palace in Episode 6 for example just "let's throw more random shit in scene we don't care at all, it's fairy tale movie after all". Which I don't like absoluetly, because since EU, I like to apply more systematic approach to star wars where it's actual universe, and such scenes is Star Trek Original series tier with "random shit every episode you will never see again"
In mine headcanon universe I reduced number of races in SW to dozen, remaining only most unique, original and developed.
No. 20001
1,1 MB, 1600 × 2200
125 kB, 450 × 315
This is what peak autism looks like. Yesterday I went to see a psychotherapist, today I felt a little bit better and so could start drawing
No. 20007
Hand drawing is probably hardest part of human anatomy draw for many people
No. 20008
I don't know whether it's a compliment or a subtle way to say that it looks like shit. Well, I personally think that human face is the hardest part, making a good looking portrait of a real life person (not a generic human face) takes decades to master. You can use tricks and make the audience believe that your anatomy is correct, but even the slightest mistake in the face is palpable to the viewer.
No. 20010
No, if you done tihs without tracing and refferences this is really good.
No. 20012
I did it using references. I would like once in the future to draw the back of a man standing on a beach and facing the water, with his hands behind his back holding each other. I had to take photos myself and draw using them, because it's always hard to find suitable references on Google.
No. 20021
Well I think you can find reffecences seprate - standing man from back at least. Exept refference it really usefull to understend structure and muscules, so you can draw thing from top of you har in any position.

You are right abuuy drawing head with specific facial features. It is true skill to see in human person specific details and then properly trnsfer them to your drawing. This why I sometimes love very simplified styles, but where you can still recognise original person.
No. 20191
2 kB, 241 × 133
Wish I could draw with mouse better.
No. 20192
Ha ha, cute. But if you don't have tablet, why not draw by pencil?
No. 20230
I've given up on trying to draw in paint. I need something like a tablet and electric pen or whatever those are called, or pencil and paper.
No. 20233
You can draw in Paint with tablet as well :-)
There are how to draw with mouse, they mostly seem to involve curves. I could draw in CorelDraw or such at this point.
No. 20234
Don't buy anything else than a Wacom.

t. Wacom customer service
No. 20238
Well you can draw by vectors

I previously with my tablet used Paint Tool Sai, but now I'am using Manga Sturio 5
No. 20244
140 kB, 600 × 200
64 kB, 300 × 100
I changed the composition of this picture >>19510 from 4:3 to 3:1. When I was rearranging the elements Jerry wound up being too small. To make him larger I decided that instead of having him write on the chalkboard, I could use an image where he was wearing Tom's mortarboard and holding a pointer. So I guess I didn't really change an old picture, so much as I created a new one that happens to look a lot like the old one.
No. 20486
1,7 MB, 3000 × 1643
There is another drawing I'll probably never finish. I spend on it enough time and I need to move on to learn new stuff. It is really better do quick scetches of specific things to get more good at drawing and paiting, that go for some sort of bigger projet that you need spend some time doing monotonous stuff
No. 20512
How do you draw properly?
No. 20516
Andrew Loomis - Fun with a Pencil
Bert Dodson - Keys to Drawing
Ernest R. Norling - Perspective Made Easy
No. 20517
You ought give a blowjob to the nearest artist and continue to do it until you absorb all his life energy and creativity.
No. 20523
>How do you draw properly?
But also practice. Find something you want to draw and draw it. Then find something else and draw that. Just like any other skill, the more time you spend doing it the better you'll get. If your drawings don't look like they're "supposed to", don't worry about it and just keep filling up sketchbooks.
No. 20527
Also 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' by Edwards. It's a real kick-start if you manage to set aside one week of time and go through with the excercises.
No. 20538
47 kB, 500 × 375
I had long suspected we had a Ukrainian woman. Now I am convinced of it. This is why all the ancients from Greece to Rome to Caliphates to the British royals knew the only solution was anal sex with men to restore your life force.
No. 20552
11,0 MB, 122 pages
>Andrew Loomis - Fun with a Pencil
Have this
No. 20681
556 kB, 1000 × 1000
Well I spend some time on drawing. It ended mediacore I guess but well, here it is.
I put it into spoilers because it contain nudity, yeah.
No. 20735
270 kB, 1100 × 850
No money for the psychotherapist, no money for a nice food, no money for medicaments, no money for a laptop battery that would allow me to draw outside the apartment. Every time I draw at home I have a panic attack and think of bad things. Such is life on the Little Russia.
No. 20747
339 kB, 750 × 750
Nice work, particularly with the the characters' body language. Very expressive.

Do what you can to take care of yourself.

I finished this one. I'm happy with the overall composition, but the details are a mix of things I like and things I don't like. I'll probably try a few more ideas in this style.
No. 20770
Thank you!

I like you comic-cartoon style, more you do, more it look like actual real artists work. It would be funny if we all will learn how to draw on EC.
No. 20805
103 kB, 500 × 494
>I like you comic-cartoon style, more you do, more it look like actual real artists work.
Thank you. I'm definitely better at cartooning than I am at serious/realistic drawing. I'm going to see if I can develop this style a little further. On the next one maybe I'll give the faces a better anatomical shape, and use more specific details on the background. I suppose then it would be a hybrid realistic/cartoon style. It might work.
>It would be funny if we all will learn how to draw on EC.
Just keep drawing-it could happen.
No. 20943
391 kB, 1080 × 1440
375 kB, 864 × 1152
334 kB, 864 × 1152
162 kB, 1005 × 579
Back. Tried out some stuff on a new sketchbook. If any of you work on paper, pay attention to the kind of paper. Working with ink on finer paper feels like a dream.
Is this from a model or from memory?
I like that angle. Just pops nice.
No. 20961
hey good stuff m8
No. 20967
You probably professional artist? What instrument you using for such sketches?
No. 20978
264 kB, 864 × 940
677 kB, 1440 × 1080
416 kB, 1152 × 864
414 kB, 864 × 1152
Oh, I'm not a pro, at least not in any official capacity yet.
I mentioned this before, but I mostly use micropoint pens and/or dip pens (with a bottle of india ink) and sketch out things with a mechanical pencil. The pens come in different point sizes and the dip pen has different nibs for different line qualities. Sometimes I use a brush to fill in black spots. Since sketches are really light, lead supplies last a while.
Don't know the name of the paper itself but they tell you upfront that it's for pens. The texture is softer than ordinary paper and smoother than paper for pencil sketches, though it feels a bit thicker, a bit stronger. The texture makes for easier movements and absorbs ink better.
Thanks m80
No. 20998
It's without references.
No. 21002
You draw like really great sketch artist. I'am probably never manage to handle ink properly, lol. Good luck with your drawing.
No. 21004
66 kB, 400 × 400
Great work. What you were able to accomplish in just the lower left corner of doodles of stuff shows incredible control.

>I like that angle. Just pops nice
Thanks, a good composition can really go a long way. The original layout I chose wasn't as interesting, so I cut, resized, and rotated the individual pieces into something more dynamic. Being able to make fundamental changes without starting over might be the best part of digital drawing.
I'm trying to repeat the process with this next one. It's not finished yet, but it's getting there.
No. 21319
1,1 MB, 1024 × 1575
Some stuff which I'll 99% will never gonna to finish.
No. 21321
I love it. You titled it Page 1; how many pages is this project? And is he playing Mario on a classic Nintendo?
No. 21322
9 kB, 161 × 143
>When the hallucinogens you thought were duds kick in
No. 21325
Well only this - one. Idda was to have more but as usual - half way you relise that you can do much better than what you done already and want to move into other project before finishing this one. I lind of fucked up all projection in last panel lol.

It was intended to be simple story like you know all this lame video game internet comics in 00s - one dude which is pc gamer trying out at night his buddy's console game and failing in this game which cause him to go angry, this woking up this buddy at middle of night etc. etc.

Ha ha this things I do to not forget what I want to do in next panels.
No. 21420
592 kB, 1000 × 1500
My finished version of this drawing >>21004. When I was adding color, I had a lot of trouble selecting a suitable palette. After a number of false starts, most of which used too much red, I think I found a combination that works.
No. 21427
Cool stuff! Yor pictures really looks like something professional caricaturist do.
No. 21438
Thank you. This particular drawing style allows me to highlight what I'm good at, and hide what I struggle with. I'm definitely going to keep working on it.
No. 22062
321 kB, 851 × 1500
This drawing started out using a photo reference, but the distorted cartoon anatomy made that reference almost useless. So much for short-cuts. After giving up on the model reference, the hardest part was getting the girl to actually look like a girl. In my initial foreshortened sketch she looked like a male wrestler in a wig, and then she was a kind of monster-thing, and after that she was a short old woman with a lot of problems. Finally, I found the look I was going for: a normal human female with no glaring disfigurements and a cute haircut.
No. 22065
304 kB, 1342 × 967
14 kB, 180 × 217
In mine opinion, eyes kind of close to each other, making "the akira effect" on face. However, not bad.

I hovever still has no time to finish mine pic of Demetrius Zaarin. (in spoiler is original apperance)
No. 22084
322 kB, 855 × 1500
>eyes kind of close to each other
I can't believe I didn't notice that, especially since Kazakhstan made a few posts in the Random Picture thread highlighting the effect of improper eye placement. Thanks for pointing it out so I could fix it. These eyes are much better.

>I hovever still has no time to finish mine pic of Demetrius Zaarin
Well, it looks good so far. You've worked some incredible details into those TIE ships.
No. 22088
434 kB, 855 × 1500
209 kB, 1300 × 956
595 kB, 2048 × 1536
Staring at the same picture for a long time blurs your ability to see details like that. Your eyes get used to the composition.
So it's useful to take a break every 30 minutes (I can't do that, I must work for several hours without interruption), or flip the image from time to time to trick your brain into seeing it as a new image.

Same applies to colors. If you initially pick a too narrow color palette (too cold or too warm), your eyes will adjust to it (kinda like how they adjust to brightness, cold skylight vs warm sunlight IRL), and see more contrast than there actually is in the image. That's why I do the color equivalent of the above trick, I will mess up the colors in photoshop (more sturation, warmer/colder, etc), then click "undo" and compare the two. This allows you to see the original colors in a new context. (yours, for example, seems to be slightly desaturated). Colors only make sense in comparison to other colors, so switching back and forth between two different color schemes will allow you to adjust the original to be more balanced. You do have to be careful when adjusting colors though, because you can easily trick your eyes again and pick a new color scheme that is also wrong. I like to stare at a white wall in neutral daylight to reset my cones once in a while.

Keep in mind though, that your monitor's settings can drastically change color perception, that's why I make sure to calibrate the colors on every new monitor I work with. You can't get it 100% perfect without special equipment and a REALLY good monitor, but you can get pretty close, or at least make sure that your image is not shifted too much towards red, green or blue. There are some tricks to do that without any special equipment, I could write up some tips if you need it.

You can see an example of the difference that this makes if you walk into a cheap tv store. Every image will be slightly different, which can throw you off if you actually paint / do design work on such a monitor.

(still waiting for my pen to arrive, so I can't contribute with my own work, sorry)
(also, I seem to fuck up formatting several times in a row when writing any semi-long post with multiple attachments. I wish there was a preview feature :-D)
No. 22089 Kontra
444 kB, 855 × 1500
Fugg it, I know it's personal preference, but for an art style like this, I'd go full ham on contrast and saturation, to get that classic comic book look.
No. 22097
27 kB, 253 × 253
I appreciate the tips on flipping the image and alternating between two different color schemes. I've noticed that I can get so mentally locked in to drawings that I end up not seeing them accurately. Hopefully that will help.
Honestly, selecting a color palatte has always been something of a stumbling block. For this drawing I tried starting with a simple decision-I chose a faded yellow for the shirt(picture 1)-and then picked every other color based on how it looked against that yellow. Except for the caped hero, who is just Superman blue and red, it's a very narrow range. Since that first decision determined all the others, I can see now that the colors could only be correct if the shirt was correct-and the shirt is probably too desaturated. I mean, judging by your saturated alterations, it certainly is. In comparison to those, my couple look like they donate enough blood to pay the rent.

>your monitor's settings can drastically change color perception
I do most of my coloring on a tablet, and have noticed the difference when I see it on other devices. The experience is exactly like a TV showroom, and none of them match. The only one I'm concerned with is the tablet. Since that's where I make the color decisions, it's the only one that has to be accurate. It's an andriod, and the screen is currently set to the factory default. Are there any easy ways to test if I'm seeing true colors?
No. 22100
How do you make the eyes have that kind of depth/reflection? What pencils did you utilize in the software you used?
No. 22101
9 kB, 1588 × 877
8 kB, 1398 × 867
563 kB, 641 × 728
You can't pick a color and then build up the rest of the color composition from there, because there is no such thing as a "color" independent of the rest of the color composition.
The same color will look drastically different depending on which colors it is next to. See pic 1: both the squares are exactly the same RGB value, but look different depending on the context they're used in.
So you might start with a nice flesh tone on a white background, and it looks fine as long as you're looking at it in the context of white. You might even be dissuaded from picking a darker, more saturated tone because it looks so strong on white. But as soon as you put it in a different color composition, it looks completely washed out.
Color composition is an ongoing process, during painting, every new change or addition you make will recontextualize your old colors. You'll have to learn to juggle your color composition as you're painting. Alternatively, come up with a balanced color composition before you do any actual drawing, then sample from there. Example in pic 3 is a color study for one of my old (lost) paintings. Notice how the lit parts of the dark/shadowed areas look bright and desaturated, but the moment you put them into the lit part of the composition, they suddenly turn dark and saturated. It actually still fucks with my brain when I paint, I'll be like "oh, I'll pick this nice washed out neutral tone and use it as a highlight somewhere else". The moment I put it down in a different place, I'm suddenly painting dark nasty blobs instead of light tones.

Regarding tablet color calibration, must tablets and phones actually come decently pre-calibrated, at least they're not hugely tinted. I think the only color adjustments you can make on a tablet are software based, so maybe look for an app. But I wouldn't worry about it too much unless it's really, really off. As long as you figure out the proper color composition within your tablet's particular tint, it will still look balanced overall. It will just look different on other devices or in print.

When I make color adjustments I usually open two images. One photo/painting with a rich color palette, and one light gray background. I will then rock the RGB sliders back and forth slowly inching in a direction until I can't see a tint. I'll periodically look at my white ceiling to refresh my eyes (most of the time, what I thought was grey turns out to be tinted in some way). I repeat the process until I get as neutral of a grey color as I can discern. Sometimes it helps to put a white paper against the monitor with a grey image during daylight (the lights in your room, the sunset, etc can affect your perception of the colors on the monitor), to see if my gray is actually grey. Usually, if it's slightly shifted towards blue, that's fine, as monitors are meant to imitate cold daylight. Hope this helps.
No. 22102
98 kB, 1843 × 866
31 kB, 800 × 600
89 kB, 600 × 294
It's a simple effect.

An eye is a ball with a dent in it, the dent is covered with a transparent lens that bulges out.
The dent, when lit from above, forms a gradient like the inside of a half sphere (top is in shadow, bottom is lit). The lens is transparent, but still reflects highlights. So you just put a highlight on top of the gradient.
The iris is literally a hole meant to absorb as much light as possible, so it's dark.

There you go, eye. This technique is even used in video games, where they will model the eye's dent and put a transparent dome with high specularity on top (render was self made).

Anime eyes work the same way.
No. 22111
>Hope this helps
It does, and I appreciate that you took the time to share some of your experience on this. My linework is far from perfect, but it's miles ahead of where I am in understanding color.
No. 22291
387 kB, 1600 × 1400
Too oten I end up drawing thicc girls, probably it's just easier for me to draw fat characters.
No. 22304
Those abs are much more unrealistic than the thiccness of the woman. It's very rare to have abs in that pose unless you are deliberately showing off.
No. 22311
335 kB, 1651 × 1543
423 kB, 640 × 360
I drew the guy using references.
No. 22312
And you could use Arnold Schwarzenegger in his best days as reference, but it would not be realistic. At least if you strife for the realism where the girl has a normal body, thicc or not.
No. 22317
Tbh, I think "but that's what it looks like IRL" is a poor excuse for compositional problems.

Real life can often look unappealing, or "wrong" to the eye, or not convey the sort of meaning that would be appropriate for your work. It's the artist's job to transform reality, rather than just imitating it.
Photography is another can of worms entirely. Even if you disregard the various ways the type of lens and characteristics of the camera affect the image, simply relying on the composition done by the photographer, instead of coming up with your own, hurts the work.

Both reality and photography often does look weird and "wrong", especially when turned into a painting. I humans simply view paintings differently to photorealistic images. The goal is to make something look "right", rather than make it right.
No. 22414
129 kB, 581 × 1195
225 kB, 1056 × 1000
>Too oten I end up drawing thicc girls
Same here; either that or anorexic. I experiment with the lines until I find something that works, and to my eye that usually means pushing anatomy toward extremes. Probably a result of my cartooning crossing over into the rest of my drawing.

I'm working on a larger(pencil on paper,23"x46")version of this >>22084 and wanted to take a picture to document its progress. In a side-by-side comparison, right now I like the original more. By the time I'm finished, hopefully the new one will be the better drawing. Hopefully. I'm optimistic.
No. 22421
The way you stylize your characters would probably lend itself to critical carricatures. I couldn't really pinpoint what it reminded me of until now and it might seem like a stretch because it's subtle details in posture, perspective and facial expression: It reminds me of Lubomir Arsovs art: https://vimeo.com/242569435
No. 22431
>Lubomir Arsovs art
In Shadow has actually been a recent influence. Arsov's concepts and symbolism were brilliantly executed, but I was also inspired by his approach to drawing figures. He does a great job balancing anatomy with exaggeration, and it's that type of look I'm trying to create. Something that blends realism with cartoon distortions and perspective. If I have somehow reminded you of him, then I'm on the right track.
No. 22452
Yes, you are. It's amazing that you were inspired by his stylization and even
though you have your own style and I have only seen Arsovs work a few times,
I was able to see the patterns.
Good work.
No. 22652
255 kB, 616 × 833
Guess what came in the mail? A digital tablet pen.

Guess what didn't? The ability to convey likeness in a portrait.
No. 22654
I like the colors, as I do with most of your works.
No. 22656
>convey likeness in a portrait
Portraiture. After fighting through landscapes, still lifes, and figure studies, you now face the final boss.
That's excellent news about the pen. I'm glad you're able to make art again and your self-criticism is why that art is going to be great.

>I like the colors
Me too.
No. 22659
681 kB, 1232 × 1666
Worked on it a bit more. Slightly more resemblance there, but still something off about it.
Thanks. My art teacher taught us a lot about the importance of colors, and he used to compliment my colors, so I naturally focused on color composition. My technical drawing ability, on another hand, fell behind. It still sucks to this day. The juxtaposition of elaborate color composition with horrid, deformed faces actually led him to believe that I was making conscious transformative experiments with form, and flirting with avant garde, which made him very proud. I had to clarify to him later that I was, in fact, trying my hardest to make an accurate portrait, but failing, because I've been skipping drawing classes :-DDDDD.
No. 22660 Kontra
Dang it, from the thumbnail it became obvious that the eyes are a bit misaligned.

Also, it's weird to admit that the neck is the part of the painting that turned out the best, despite having the least effort put into it. The tone is just right. Meanwhile, the face became muddled as a result of mulling over it too much. You can tell that I was struggling on that part.
No. 22671
153 kB, 664 × 1404
>Slightly more resemblance there
Agreed. I can't put my finger on a single detail, but the aggregate changes form a nicer, more convincing portrait. The face might look muddled to you, but I'm not seeing it that way.
>he used to compliment my colors, so I naturally focused on color composition.
It's funny how small things can affect how you develop as an artist. Well, the time you put into learning color composition really shows in your painting.

I'm still working on this one.
No. 22672
69 kB, 705 × 600
89 kB, 900 × 845
39 kB, 404 × 500
65 kB, 900 × 728
Man, even if you aren't totally happy with it, it's still an achievement and a half. It's something you've really finished. You're just updating the final result to be better rather than mulling on the first stroke and getting nowhere.

>flirting with the avant garde
You know, I have thought in the past that you'd make a great futurist.

Also I'm curious about the creative mindset. How exactly does one create. I can only really analyse things that I see, and while it means I can understand what it is that the artist has done (in a basic way), I just completely and utterly fail to comprehend the way that one can create something genuinely unique. Even working from a reference, you decide on your own where the lines fit together, where the light falls etc. and it's completely mind boggling to me.

Feel free to ignore. I'm not going to use the information in any practical manner other than to sate my curiosity.
No. 22699
You are getting really good at depressing laughter. Much better facial proportions that the last attempt here as well >>22414
No. 22706
386 kB, 1597 × 2390
63 kB, 800 × 1056
27 kB, 1267 × 490
48 kB, 400 × 600
>Agreed. I can't put my finger on a single detail, but the aggregate changes form a nicer, more convincing portrait. The face might look muddled to you, but I'm not seeing it that way.
From what I gathered, the likeness of a face is determined by very specific and very sensitive variables in the proportions of the face. Distance between eyes, nose to lips, corner of mouth to center of eye, etc. As long as you get those right, everything else doesn't really matter. It's the reason caricatures work. It's sort of a non-linear information encoding system. Very small changes to certain proportions will make the face look like a different person. Meanwhile, overall shape of the face can be completely different, but as long as those tiny details match, you get likeness.

>I'm still working on this one.
I really like the way you did the perspective, it's very dynamic.

You know I love blabbering too much about the philosophy of art to ignore this question.
But it's a difficult question. It's like asking "how do you build ans ground attack aircraft?". Where would you begin explaining that one? Do you list all the individual components and what they do, but miss the whole picture? Do you explain what aircraft are in the first place, and the principle of converting heat energy from fuel into lift? The historical context that led to the existence of such a thing as aircraft?

And although your average Ilyushin Il-2 is far more complex than some blobs of color on a 2D surface, visual art is similar in that it's a system of nested ideas that all depend on each other, and when arranged in a certain way, create a unique "Thing". There are infinite ways to combine the various parts of a plane (from the level of atoms, to individual components), and only a very, very small number of resulting combinations will produce something good. Same applies to creating art. In a way, it's an exploration of the infinite possibility space of visual images in search of one unique combination that is "good".

The question is, what are those "parts" that we are combining, in the case of art? Now, there are different layers of abstraction you can use, from the level of individual atoms, to large literal concepts like "person sitting next to a table". We need to find the smallest level of MEANINGFUL abstraction, so atoms won't do. Neither will concepts too large, as they will limit us to one particular type of object, rather than all possible objects. (not all paintings contain a person). This smallest level of usable abstractions is, I think, what defines a certain medium / field / style, etc. In the case of building planes, it's engineering concepts that pertain to aerodynamics, thermodynamics, mechanics, material properties, etc. For art, it is shapes, colors, lines, tones, and the relationship between those. There are ways to combine shapes to create a pleasing result, and ways to combine colors to create a pleasing results. Then there are more ways to combine those results with each other, to create a pleasing combination of pleasant shapes with pleasant colors. And the complexity keeps going deeper and deeper. Creating art is the methodology of finding that one unique combination in this infinite sprawling graph.

That's in theory, starting from bottom up. In practice, a lot of times, especially beginners, start from the largest concepts, and then move towards the smallest layers of abstraction. So the biggest level of abstraction would be "I want to draw a person", then you move down, deciding the shape of the person, trying to make that shape appealing, to the smaller shapes of the details on his face, etc. etc. So you would try to place his shoulder line in such a way that the resulting shape is pleasant. Same with the head and other individual parts. Then within those larger shapes, you place the smaller ones, such as nose, eyes, fingers, etc. so that they look pleasing inside THOSE shapes. And so on recursively.

Now, everything I wrote above is an absolutely awful way to teach art, but for someone looking to analytically dissect and analyze art, I hope it's satisfactory.
No. 22707
Very satisfactory. Not really any questions. Your comparison between levels of abstraction and aircraft design are actually more accurate than you might have actually thought initially. Since for a ground-attack aircraft I would say that the two core components are payload and survivability and there are multiple ways to achieve those same goals and they can also change in importance depending on what specific kind of thing you're going for. Portraiture to a scene with a person in it as with CAS aircraft to interdictor. Both belong to the large abstraction (painting of a person, attack aircraft) but the pairs are vastly different concepts.

I guess the rest of it is within the inexplicable wheelhouse of the human soul and creativity :-DDD
No. 22769
242 kB, 317 × 451
I painted a thumbnail composition / sketch.

Gotta find some architecture reference to actually turn this into a detailed painting.
No. 22770
It looks like the lost city of Vulcanberg beyond the grey wastes
No. 22773
Yeah, it's pretty generic tbh.
Le escherian underground city with impossible architecture. Fantasy environment concept art 101.

Still, I like the composition itself, just needs some better and more dynamic perspective.
No. 22775
No. 22783
1,3 MB, 1680 × 1050
2,4 MB, 2177 × 3056
994 kB, 8000 × 8000
1,5 MB, 1889 × 3120
Interdasting. I'm a big fan of that aesthetic. Always wanted there to be a game that combines the feels of Arx Fatalis, Requiem The Vampire Knight and a doom metal album album.

Anyway, here's another sketch while I'm on this vibe.
No. 22786
Honestly I wish there was a KULT RPG but even the PnP itself is wildly obscure and I don't know how it could be made into a real game, though I'm sure if it were it'd make the PnP itself explode in popularity too.
No. 22831
That's fucken rad. The white really takes it to the next level.

The game itself is mediocre. If you really want to play gnostic horror, it's pretty easy to just hack CoC or Gumshoe for more investigative routes, and maybe HERO or Palladium (big maybe) if you want to go more on the fighting end.

I mean, if I really wanted to do a metal album cover themed game, I'd reskin Exalted. It's a game that lets you do pretty much any kind of balls to the wall character since the the premise is high end demigod PCs where you can actually work with the kinds of niche but powerful demonic crap that makes sense in a doom metal concept.
No. 22832
233 kB, 1250 × 1250
>Much better facial proportions that the last attempt
Thanks. The original faces were set too low on the body, and if I had been working on the tablet I probably would have just dragged them up a few inches. Since I couldn't do that on paper I had to redraw them, and I'm glad I did. I'm also glad I took some pictures, because I have now completely messed up the woman's arm and need to use them as a reference to fix it.

>just needs some better and more dynamic perspective.
I like what you've done as is, but I really respect that drive to bend and twist things just a little further.

Here is another Tom and Jerry edit. The background and characters were pulled from various frames of the "Professor Tom" episode, just like the others posted earlier in the thread.
No. 22861
Been watching some art related youtube videos.
All in all it makes me think that youtube is a platform for mediocre "content creators" whose media skills outshine their artistic skills.

This particular video really highlighted it for me:

I'd hate to be this kind of person. God forbid someone recognizes your skill and diligence, and tries to push you to create something more ambitious than kitschy pin-up illustrations. Let me whine about it and fish for sympathy and compliments on youtube.
As a lazy, unorganized, ADHD piece of shit, I'd love to have the kind of meticulous personality that allows one to make highly clean, polished and finished artwork. I think it would be a very nice skill to have. But what I noticed is that this kind of autism also comes with the side effect of being an unimaginative, bland, soulless, creatively bankrupt and willfully ignorant sperg.
No. 22863
514 kB, 1907 × 1225
80 kB, 988 × 728
4,3 MB, 2738 × 1825
16 kB, 400 × 297
I mean, is it even really pin-up? When I think of pin-up it's kitschy for sure, but also often got a lot of soul. Especially old bomber nose art.
No. 22882
117 kB, 1300 × 957
452 kB, 600 × 982
Well, I'm not sure what else to call it. It is so bland, it literally has no genre.
I'd describe it as illustration equivalent of stock photos.

Anyway, I decided to drop the escher meme and open up the composition instead. The simplified negative space in the middle now guids the eye upwards, so I can put some fancy detail in there later.

The left side of the composition is still quite uninspired, I need to do something about it.
No. 22886
70 kB, 960 × 640
>"content creators" whose media skills outshine their artistic skills.
I listen to podcasts where creators talk about their process and such, even though I never actually look up their work to see if they have any artistic skill at all. I'm not sure what I get out of it, other than some reassurance that working artists do exist.
No. 22888
You know the odd thing is I swear I've seen this exact image before but I can't place it. Which means to me that we must have been seen the exact same content somewhere else before(?)
No. 22902
On another hand, I kind of prefer the strong, grounded feeling that the more prominent silhouettes framing the bottom of the page give.
I might revert that, but keep the changes to the rightmost shape so that the composition isn't so boxed in.

You mean the stock photo? I grabbed it off google images literally searching for "stock photo color woman face"

Well, to me, changing up the composition of an image is a constant process, so tweaking and changing it is a given. I usually redraw the scene several times on top of itself before even hitting the "save" button.
Usually, I'll start with some vague aesthetic or feeling that I want to convey, and then just move shapes and colors around until I "discover" something that evokes a similar experience. Which means I never have anything particular in mind when I start off, I have to find the composition by basically throwing random shit around.
In fact, the two sketches, the environment composition and the scene with the cultists were meant to be a depiction of a dream I had, where I was immersed in a myst-like environment that evoked the sense of both monumental scale, claustrophobia, and sinister mystique. When I actually got into the attempt of turning it into a painting, I discovered that I couldn't come up with a composition that conveyed the whole dream experience, so the idea branched off into two separate sketches.

If I were to cram both those scenes into one painting, neither of them would have an appropriate compositional significance to have a strong effect.
No. 22907
>monumental scale, claustrophobia, and sinister mystique
I think that if those are your goals and you had to pick just one, then to me at least, the first does it better. The use of white just feels more 'off' in a mildly sinister way. Dunno why, just the way it looks to me.

Could you theoretically combine them in a way that maybe draws the eye to the corner with the figures, creating a sense of confinement on the exterior of the cityscape followed by breaking it with a large foreground tower into a more open scene? Or is there not really an effective way of breaking a single piece into two significantly different moods like that?
No. 23280
354 kB, 1913 × 975
This drawing was going well. I had everything where I wanted it. And then I decided to give the girl's head a slight turn away from the camera. Of course this meant I also had to realign her neck, which led to moving her shoulder, which then required a repositioning of her entire torso-a move that left way too much room between her breasts and hips. It was at this point I realized her head was better the old way, and I should have just left it alone. Now, before I get to work un-doing all of that on paper(including redrawing her old head), I'm going to digitally ink and color pic 3. I'll try to copy over the belt from pic 4, because that was the one change I actually liked.
No. 23398
267 kB, 1190 × 937
Shitty sketch of an experiment with a new rendering technique. Smooth gradations between shadow and light transitions. I prefer leaving the sharp brushwork in my paintings, but it has to be noted that this technique is so much easier and quicker, since you only have to lay down two tones, and smudge them together, instead of manually applying each brushstroke. Also, I think it looks more "appealing" in a normie sense, because if its cleanliness. I think if I were ever to make commercial art, I'd use this technique.

I have a problem where I have lots of ideas and visions floating about in my mind, but I can't seem to come up with a coherent large project that unifies all of those elements. I want to move away from random sketches on spontaneous ideas and actually build a coherent whole from the ground up. I'm ashamed to admit, but I've literally never done this in my life. It's something I really, really need to learn.

It helps to make several sketches with different compositions, angles, moods, etc. before committing to adding detail and elaborations.

It helps to prevent this exact situation where you have to undo hours of work to change a small detail in the composition. I know I had a problem with this (and still do), where my initial sketches would look so awful that i couldn't help but try to "fix" them, when it's not even apparent yet if I would end up using that particular sketch. That one track tunnel vision mind that makes you lose sight of the whole is the reason I never zoom in when painting digitally. I need a constant reminder of how the whole piece looks so I don't get lost in details.
No. 23400
Have you ever tried more detailed architecture instead of characters?
eg. the view of a street in a city with a specific setting (cyberpunk is en vogue, but whatever you wish). You could make a series of paintings as if walking through several streets from the eyes of someone who is trying to find something or someone who is being followed etc.
No. 23408
>an experiment with a new rendering technique
The technique is different, but the result still looks like "you".
>I have lots of ideas and visions floating about in my mind, but I can't seem to come up with a coherent large project that unifies all of those elements.
I understand the desire to finish something that stands on it's own. Are you trying to think of a single image which incorporates multiple elements, or a series of paintings tied together by a narrative/theme like >>23400 mentioned?

>lost in the process
"Tunnel vision" is a really accurate way to describe my experience with that drawing and life. I'm focusing on the lines, without considering how they all fit together. Well, if this frustrating experience helps burn a few lessons into my brain, I'll consider it time well spent. Even when I can get away with just jumping into the page and grinding out a finished drawing, it would be better to put that effort into establishing an efficient, repeatable process.

I want to do something similar to what you described(with cartoons, though, instead of paintings). My idea was a series of images following a dog through a city, all from an extremely low angle looking up. The emphasis will be on the architecture. I still need to figure out the details, like where the dog is going. And also I need to get faster at drawing.
No. 23410
I was thinking something along the lines of a graphics novel. Something that establishes a setting and a story that ties together all of the visual ideas I have.
Problem with embarking on a large project is the constant anxiety of not being good enough to pull it off properly. I have massive gaps in my knowledge of anatomy and form, so whenever I start working on something that I would be proud to showcase, I can't help but think "dang, my anatomy is shit, I should be grinding fundamentals instead". Being guilty about actually doing something I enjoy was the primary cause of my years long "artist block". Poison of the mind.

On another hand, I'm afraid of falling into the trap of only drawing things I enjoy, and failing to develop in other aspects, sort of a wider version of beginner artists hiding hands and feet because it's too difficult to draw properly. Again, failing to live up to the standards of virtue and work ethic that I set for myself.

I think the most obvious and probably correct solution to this problem is to just start on something anyway, even if it comes out wrong. Whenever you read a long running manga series, the early art looks wonky, but gets better and better over the years, despite mangakas not having time for deliberate, academic study once they get a gig with a publisher. They develop their skills in the process of working on a project.
No. 23443
2,8 MB, 3795 × 1832
studying the pelvic area
sleep deprivation euphoria is the greatest motivator
No. 23450
Good shit. I wish mine was motivating. I tend to just feel good and wallow in it when my euphoria kicks in.

On the subject of a larger project, maybe it's time to dust off your Mad Mambet concepts: Cyber-Bolsheviks and Techno-nomads being particularly prominent if I recall correctly?
No. 23454
>graphics novel.
It's understandable that a project like that would cause some anxiety. From what I've seen of your art, it could be brilliant, but the pressure to make it brilliant would be equally immense. On the plus side, it would be a great way to do commercial art without dealing with clients.
>I think the most obvious and probably correct solution to this problem is to just start on something anyway, even if it comes out wrong.
Absolutely. There's no way to anticipate all of the problems you'll have to solve in a large project like that, but whatever gaps are in your knowledge, they're not insurmountable. Tbh, no matter what your current skill level, and yours is quite high, you're always going to be better next year. But that doesn't mean you should wait to start a project you're passionate about.
No. 23495
778 kB, 1393 × 3000
I finished this drawing >>23280. Since I switched from paper to working digitally, I was free to move things around without being afraid of more time consuming mistakes. Tilting the characters a bit, and pulling the girl's arm into the corner, created a more asymetrical composition. I wanted to give the image a sense of motion, and I think that did it. I'm also happier with the coloring than I was with the original version of this idea(seen here >>22084).
No. 23602
233 kB, 708 × 800
1,1 MB, 1500 × 1500
The power went out for a few hours today(thunderstorm), and with no other distractions I was able to focus on this and finish it. A drawing of a bee, made using pic 1 as a reference. One thing I learned:insect legs are complicated, but you can make a lot of mistakes and still have the result look like insect legs. It's a lot more forgiving than human anatomy.
No. 23621
67 kB, 620 × 292
The shading of the photo is too weak and one can see that in your results.
Good work though, but something to keep in mind.
No. 23655
1,6 MB, 1500 × 1500
>The shading of the photo is too weak and one can see that in your results.
You're right about the shading; the tones aren't dark enough, and as a result the drawing looks a little flat. I also didn't realize I had used so much green. I must have spent too much time looking at the same colors again, and wasn't really seeing them correctly. With that in mind, I decided to give painting another try. This time I made sure to take regular breaks, and adjusted the brightness, hue, and saturation levels a few times as I worked, to help my eyes more accurately assess the colors and contrast(Thanks again for that tip, Kazakhstan). This version should be better.
No. 23693
What a based photo 10/10
No. 23719
What program are you using?
No. 23729
That is way better indeed. Congrats.
Open Beepainter 2.7
No. 23747
239 kB, 1022 × 602
Thank you.

>What program are you using?
I did this on a Galaxy Tab A(with S pen), using MediBang Paint. I've tried a lot of others, but that's my favorite all-purpose drawing app. Infinite Painter is a better painting program, but it's not free so a lot of features are locked. Ibis Paint has a great 'hand stabilizing' feature(for smoother lines), but I'm not as comfortable working with it's other tools. Of course Krita can do everything, but there isn't a mobile version. So, on the tablet, I use Medibang for everything, unless I need something it can't do, or does poorly. Like reducing images. For some reason Ibis is great at that, but Medibang tends to pixelate things.

>That is way better indeed.
Thanks. The funny thing is, I probably would have just left the old version alone if >>23621 hadn't mentioned the shading problem. Once that was pointed out, it started the process of noticing other mistakes and I just had to fix it. Then, of course, I wound up adding a background too. That background was actually pieced together after experimenting with some 'fill' tools I rarely use. When I tried just one layer, a gradient fill, for example, the background lacked depth. Then I figured out that by stacking various layers on top of each other I could create something that added a lot of visual interest. Using the fill tools was a bit of a shortcut, since I should have used the opportunity to practice my painting, but at the same time the end result is something I'm happy with. The pic shows what I did.
No. 23920
75 kB, 1380 × 900
Thank you KDE, very cool.

Check this out. I installed the new version of krita. It completely destroyed my old settings and brushes, as it always does. I remembered I had to back up my shit right after I clicked "install" and it was too late.
Ok, whatever. Spent half a day configuring my brushes.

Then I try to paint, and my tablet cursor is fucking misaligned. The interface maps 1:1 to my screen, but the canvas itself is scaled from x0;y0 by some factor. Normally, it wouldn't be a problem, except that the color picker tool and the color wheel are considered part of the interface, making it impossible to pick colors with any hope of accuracy.

At first I thought it was an offset issue, and tried to offset the brush by the number of pixels the interface outside the canvas takes up. Didn't work, of course, the further right/down my cursor went, the more out of sync the brush got. So check this out, my tablet surface is 10" by 6". My monitor is 1920 by 1080, so 16 by 9. The interface correctly scales the cursor position by the display ratio, but the drawing canvas by the tablet ratio. For some ungodly reason. Despite the fact that it says "1920x1080" in the Krita settings, it's not what the program is actually doing internally. It's mapping 1920:1080 to 10:6. Add to it the fact that I have my tablet surface cropped to 16 by 9, and you're in for some fuck. Strangely enough, if I set my tablet to the full surface area (which would make my cursor travel slower vertically on a 16:9 screen), it was still misaligned. It's a mystery to me why.
It took me a whole day to figure out what the fuck is going on, which granted is probably because I'm retarded, but still, fuck you KDE.
No. 23975
180 kB, 1687 × 2271
Fuark lads, why is drawing so hard.
This blockout took me too much time. I redraw every single shape multiple times until I feel like I got it right, as if I'm making graphics design rather than a painting. But I feel like shape design and composition is pretty important, I can't deal when something looks wonky.

Maybe I should do these blockouts in a vector drawing program, since they're flat shapes anyway.
No. 23979
Lately I’ve been trying to draw pirds with pen&ink however I’m unsure if I should use photo references online or try to sketch the ones at my backyard feeder.
No. 23982
Congratulations on solving that. I was trying to figure out why Krita would need to apply an x1:y1.06 factor to the screen to maintain alignment, but only ended up scratching my head. As you probably saw, Krita's manual suggests "trial and error" to solve this. It made me laugh that solutions still require guesswork.

>I can't deal when something looks wonky
When the options are either a frustrating process, or accepting substandard work, I know which one you'll choose. At least you're effort is producing good results.

I would try a combination of both. Do quick gesture sketches from the pirds at the feeder, capturing their motion and energy, then suppliment those lines with bits of more detailed anatomy from photographs.
No. 23993
36 kB, 1147 × 1721
80 kB, 1689 × 2471
>When the options are either a frustrating process, or accepting substandard work, I know which one you'll choose.
Unless I unknowingly miss something obvious due to brain fart :----D

Did some sketches in mspaint. I love working in mspaint, it's simple and relaxing, no worries, just draw shapes and use bucket tool. Maybe I should use mspaint to come up with compositions for larger work, I seem to be more productive with paint for whatever reason :-DDDDD
No. 24003
This is brilliant. Makes me want to paint again... but I really should work on my thesis right now :<
No. 24009
Second picture actually started as this >>23398 sketch, and I kept changing several times over until it turned into something interesting. What was left was the general color scheme, and the left leaning composition of the figure.

The value of not throwing away any work, you can extract something even from a cliched, meaningless doodle.

Hope you find the time to do some art soon.
It feels fantastic to finally have the mental stability to sit down and draw. It feels strange to say, but I feel happy lately. Like, actual, pleasant, calm state of contentment, rather than a maniacal high. That's a new one.
No. 24011
Why dont you try making art for vidya? People love artsy stuff getting put in vidya. Hell I already was looking at Little Nightmares, Fran Bow, Gris, Beckett, and Iris.Fall.
No. 24013
Dang, this is looking slick!
Do you have a Devianart or something where you show your work?
No. 24025
284 kB, 648 × 1152
132 kB, 768 × 432
231 kB, 864 × 1024
422 kB, 1080 × 1920
Fugg. Losing track.
Once I get my tablet fixed I should probably do something like that.
That's cool bullshit though.
No. 24030
Is that colored with copics?
I'd love to try those art markers sometime, but a decently sized pack of them costs more than my whole computer.

Also, not sure if they're better than watercolors.
No. 24031
879 kB, 2000 × 2000
I wanted to finish it but I can't. Every day I feel a strong guilt that I don’t draw, but I lost the will to do anything.

There was a girl in the city lusting over my dick, sending me kinky stuff + before her I met another girl whom I picked up in something like an anime club. Every time I felt shame and disgust and while flirting with them I constantly thought of the ex-girlfriend. I feel nothing for other girls except the first. Apparently celibacy for me remains the only way out. Maybe it will bring stability to my life and give me more big dick energy to draw.
No. 24032
Took me a while to regcognize the tree as a dick.

The right (camera persp.) elbow is out of proportion and the neck muscles are too prominent in comparison to the rest of the body. Otherwise nice work.
No. 24033
Nah, same brand as my other pens. They're not that expensive but a ton of them are still a bit price-y so I only have a few colors.
Probably not but they're fulfill a niche for quick flat coloring. Though I use that sparsely.
No. 24034
I've been celibate for years. It was a good move. Wasted a decade on multiple relationships going nowhere and dumb drama.
No. 24041
Any military gear pros can tell me what I can put on this character to make the design feel "finished"?

I feel pretty competent at shape design and composition, but I realized that I have a very poor visual library for that kind of stuff.

I can't even draw a gun.
No. 24058
551 kB, 628 × 620
I like drawing realistic noses on anime girls
No. 24059
51 kB, 405 × 431
Don’t do that
No. 24061
1,7 MB, 1253 × 1752
18 kB, 202 × 493
For finishing details, you can always copy reference draw inspiration from GI Joe's Desert Trooper. I don't know if you planned on adding a gun, but here is a page which includes wiki links to his weapons:


This is indescribable. I have no words to describe this.
No. 24068
1,8 MB, 2880 × 2160
295 kB, 711 × 1439
345 kB, 864 × 1152
96 kB, 432 × 512
I'm triggered.
No. 24069
I know it's petty and vain and narcissistic but I'm still mad at myself for having not done much drawing for the past three years. I used to draw all the time in high school and now it feels like whatever skills I had have deteriorated substantially.

Oh well. Enough bellyaching, I'll get back to drawing.
No. 24082
330 kB, 2526 × 1552
24 kB, 923 × 640
43 kB, 480 × 707
42 kB, 416 × 575
The big one is webbing I'd say. It adds a lot of the typical shape and texture of a uniform, even if a full rig isn't used. There are lots of variants though and they change a bit over time. You've got it ranging from P08 through to MOLLE. Take your pick, I don't know what style you're trying to capture exactly.

I've also got an East German pack designed to work with webbing (none of the rest though) if you want closeups of any fittings, or different angles just ask.
No. 24090
130 kB, 900 × 1200
537 kB, 1280 × 720, 0:02
flips canvas
O fuggg :-DDDD. I wanted to make the figure in an exaggerated, cartoony style, but that far arm is definitely fucked. Also, the middle of the piece is getting really busy, with both hands, and object, and some tangential lines (such as the ones on the cape) all concentrating there. Not sure how to alleviate this effect without making some fundamental design changes.

Nope, I don't have any social media accounts at all, actually.
I'd like to have an online portfolio, but I feel like I need to make some kind of substantial work before I start posting stuff online. Not just half baked scribbles on vague ideas.

Good calls, thanks. I'm going for something retro, early 20th century stuff. Considering that I'm planning on setting this in a desert, maybe it could even be african colonialism themed.
Maybe we should start some kind of moderate scale project. I'll be the designated artist, while you'll be the "historical consultant" and pedantic technical autism enforcer :-DDDD. Bring in the german programming pro, and we have a 3 team video studio :-DDDD.

Another anime editing connoisseur, I see.
No. 24091
85 kB, 1890 × 1172
69 kB, 794 × 800
123 kB, 770 × 800
53 kB, 800 × 496
If you're after early-mid 20th century desert aesthetics, look into the Long Range Desert Group. Very interesting formation from WWII.

>while you'll be the "historical consultant" and pedantic technical autism enforcer
I mean, if you want historical pedantism and/or general autism, feel free to consult at any time. I don't think that I'd serve much use as a permanent member of a team. Maybe in the concept phase when people want to add historical aspects, but after that my skillset for digital development are theory only.
No. 24095
778 kB, 1284 × 1301
Added some color. I pretty much cheated by using overlays and color space filters in photoshop. Results are so-so, but since The point is to finish just finish something in the foreseeable future, I think a pragmatic approach will work. Now we're coming to the actual difficult part. Hand and face anatomy, adding detail. I'll have to consult reference for this.

Also, tell me if I'm posting too many trivial updates too frequently. I think it'll be interesting to display some ongoing process, but I don't want to get too spammy either.

Interdasting. I love the design on those vehicles. And those goggles are pretty cool, too. Would you think it'd be ok to add epaulets to his cape thing, or would that be considered not part of the uniform? The idea is that it's a hard leathery stamped out thing that wraps around, clips on the chest and on the helmet, so I guess it's an accessory to the helmet. I want to add some points of interest, as that area is looking pretty empty right now.

Also, got any suggestions for a cool gun I could give this dude? Or any suggestions on equipment in general. I'm considering expanding the canvas to capture his full figure, legs and all, so I'll have to kit him out from top to bottom.
No. 24097
67 kB, 600 × 602
119 kB, 962 × 904
733 kB, 3115 × 2396
712 kB, 628 × 799
The scarf probably wouldn't be part of the BDU but just an addition to the helmet from your image. No reason not to do it anyway. It's art, and since you aren't going for a historical image, there is also no reason to not add them if you think they'd look cool. If you wanted to go for something more accurate, maybe look at making it cloth and introduce a pattern, or some patches. There were also some mesh ones floating around so you could have some minor uniform detail show through something like that. Alternatively there are options like binoculars or having an actual scarf hanging out over it (common gear in the desert because being in a foxhole at night was still very cold). Or give him a monkey :-DDD

As for guns, I assume you want something a bit more impressive than a bolt-action rifle. Lewis guns are pretty iconic for the era, and the Bren gun looks cool, even if it was lacking in some ways. I can also hook you up with the autistic detail you will find utterly useless in terms of exact proportions for the Lewis gun :-DDD

The lower uniform can go a few ways. Shorts were obviously common but the most striking pants of the era to me were the ones that Italian paratroopers wore which were baggy all the way down and then tucked in at the ankle. You get similar looks when Germans start to not bother keeping their pants tucked in too.
No. 24099 Kontra
763 kB, 1772 × 1748
103 kB, 1026 × 400
215 kB, 1024 × 768
Also, your colours look good. As for trucks, I'm personally more partial to the Morris C8 'Quad'. It's one of the most ebin utility vehicles ever made tbh.
No. 24101
Desert helmet is looking great.

>tell me if I'm posting too many trivial updates too frequently.
You're definitely not. Like you said, it's interesting to see art being constructed. I personally love 'in process' stuff, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. It's like looking behind the scenes, or maybe in some cases like watching outtakes. Anyway, post as many as you want.

Right now I'm working on a few drawings at once, waiting for one of them to seperate itself from the pack and demand my full attention. Will it be "head in a jar"? Or "waitress spilling coffee"? Only time will tell.
No. 24193
486 kB, 1200 × 1800
Since the robots in this drawing are all the same, adding some variety to the color scheme was tricky. I ended up painting every robot with an identical set of colors, but put each one on its own layer. I then adjusted the tone of each layer/robot individually until I found a decent balance. I also put all the red on a seperate layer, to keep it from getting dulled during this process.
No. 24211
770 kB, 1284 × 1301
495 kB, 1284 × 1301
825 kB, 1600 × 1200
The more you refine a work, the more it loses that initial "spark" or "soul" or whatever you call it. The mark of a true master is to be able to carry a sketch all the way to a finished, complete work without losing that initial expressiveness.

Anyway, the proportions, although intended to be stylized at first, started bugging me, so I toned down his neck and forearms. Had to do some "work" for my brother again, so not much progress. I wish I was like one of these high energy japanese people who work 10 hours a day and still somehow find time and willpower to spend 6 hours a day on their hobbies. Alas, I am not a big brain disciplined east asian, I am a stereotypical lazy mongol.

Pic 2 is a failed experiment where I tried to push the color contrasts and give those characteristic deserty purple shadows, as well as detailing the cape. But I felt it got too busy, and the additions didn't really work well with the initial composition, so I reverted it. I'll keep those elements for the next desert themed thingy.
Unfortunately, I'm having trouble incorporating aussie's historical references, as I laid down the rough design of the character before consulting him. I'm thinking after this, I'll make a few sketches on a similar theme, but with the historical reference as a central element.

I really like the design on the robots. I think red/white semi biological look is underrated for sci-fi. And the close-up composition is pretty effective, gives an uncomfortable feeling like you're right there in the crowd of robots.

Also, maybe you should look into construction and perspective drawing, it really helps with putting objects and figures in striking perspectives that you tend to go for.
No. 24212
73 kB, 564 × 988
133 kB, 736 × 1405
95 kB, 735 × 595
53 kB, 446 × 640
Your third pic's source has more of that style. It was the aesthetic of the White-aligned faction in the New Phyrexia set in Magic. The intended look was meant to be skinless flesh and porcelain. I agree that it's breddy cool.

You know though, the more I look at your picture, the more I see Afrika Korps, especially in the helmet. I don't know why I didn't see it earlier though. You'll probably have more luck there due to their trademark abundance of "weird kraut shit™" though admittedly my knowledge of German stuff is lesser than that of the Allied war effort which I've always found more interesting.
No. 24213
Every time someone tries to design a cool and brutal looking military outfit, it ends up converging into kraut shit. It's a pretty prevalent phenomenon, and it even happens unintentionally. I guess they really tapped into that authoritarian, brutal, "I'm ok with licking a boot THIS stylish" aesthetic.
I think the first thing an authoritarian regime should get straight is making their enforcers look cool. It activates the same kind of primal, irrational admiration for power that makes men in their 40s buy 700 horse power muscle cars.
No. 24214
59 kB, 620 × 453
252 kB, 1000 × 731
145 kB, 600 × 439
171 kB, 942 × 689
Some more examples of rad as hell white New Phyrexian aesthetic. NPH was an ebin set. Cool aesthetics and a high power level. While I no longer really play the game due to the cost of entry just being better spent elsewhere (even fringe decks like Restore Balance and post-ban Eggs are over US$100, let alone actually good ones). I'd 100% start playing again if they did another New Phyrexia set with the same level of plain old good.

Very true. However Nazis also go to the other end of the spectrum and look super dorky at times, and other times just plain odd.

Also, I hope that my autism isn't spoiling your enjoyment of your picture. Tbh, it looks good to me. I may enjoy history a great deal, but I'm far from the kind of fag who thinks everything has to be accurate all the time.
No. 24216
I don't know. I mean on one hand some of them do look cool, which means at least they didn't totally fuck up Phyrexiand which was always pretty much my favorite faction. But on the other hand, they basically just look like a bunch of assimilated iPods and I fucking hate that that cunt Steve Jobs made his completely shitty aesthetic so widespread that it's now what people use to look "futuristic." Sorry but I prefer my aesthetics with sharp edges. It adds a certain extra intimidation while still being able to remain elegant.
No. 24218
OG Phyrexia is indeed the raddest with how it was basically battlebots powered by corpses that spewed greenhouse gases into the air, but I never saw Norn's Phyrexia as 'ipod'. It was pretty apparent to me that the thing they were trying to pull was contrasting the flesh with stark porcelain, especially when you combine it with virtually every reference to the Machine Orthodoxy emphasising its focus on 'purity'. Besides it was 2011, was the ipod thing even that big at that point. Pretty sure they were still just music players and other brands still held a decent amount of the market.
No. 24225
Nazis (and most modern armies) are constrained by IRL necessities, so a lot of things can end up looking really dorky. The Nazi look is easy to copy since it's got a lot of visual cues that make it distinct. Stahlhelm, collars, a Hugo Boss inspired look, etc. It's the easiest way for westerners to denote "evil" while freeing up other design cues to be used by the friendlier groups. So some bad guys look like they're stuck in the 40s while the good guys look more like modern soldiers.
I think it all depends on the needs of the "bad guys". Some deliberately try to look disturbing and intimidating, others look alien and aloof as if they have no concerns of what they're fighting, others look deliberately drab, or disheveled and desperate to convey an unstable organization.
No. 24289
137 kB, 1000 × 761
1,2 MB, 800 × 1121
Didn't do anything substantial today, just figuring out how to render a surface with a certain texture instead of just being a nondescript matte object.

The illusion of texture is created by the edges of the transition between highlight and halftone, and halftone and terminator shadow. This helps tremendously with conveying the material characteristics of an object.

Also, figured out how to exploit the krita brush engine to simulate a more realistic brush, with each bristle getting larger individually, instead of the whole brush getting larger. Pretty happy about that. Now if I could figure out a way to lock the brush rotation so I can make thin, sideways strokes with the flat brush. I wonder if chinese tablets have tilt or barrel rotation detection yet.

I guess when you're not feeling like drawing, doing some exercises, and trying out new techniques is a decent enough compromise.
No. 24297
1,2 MB, 1000 × 1344
110 kB, 1200 × 801
He's starting to look like a knockoff soldier from tf2 :-DDDD

Still procrastinating on anatomy. I think I'll give him a bike once I figure out how to properly incorporate it into the composition.
No. 24298
Looks cool. As for placing the bike, maybe have the bike acting as makeshift shelving for other smoko stuff. Hang a water canteen of the handlebars, have a mess kit on the saddle etc.

That's how I'd do it at least, dunno if your vision is different though.
No. 24299
I think I'm going to redraw the character on top of the background because I like the background more than the character :-DDD.

I envisioned him more dusty and less nazi, I don't know how I ended up with a desert nazi. I'll put the nazi in the backburner and reuse him in a more nazi friendly setting in the future. Also, the whole design is kind of clunky, doesn't have much appeal.

Fuck it, I might replace him with an anime girl, instant twitter followers and commissions guaranteed.
No. 24302
867 kB, 2048 × 1536
I do like the background. The greens are nice. Keep us apprised of your progress.

>replace him with an anime girl, instant twitter followers and commissions guaranteed.
No. 24303
Fug. Meant to say that it reminds me of some parts of Australia, just colour boosted. I like our scenery.
No. 24305
Maybe just modify the helmet just a bit. It's the only "Nazi"-ish looking thing in my opinion.
No. 24308
1,2 MB, 1000 × 1344
Partly inspired by central asian steppes as well.

I'll sketch around for new designs using the reference provided by aussie, then see what fits best. For now, I changed his clothes so that they don't clash with the new background so much. Also, arms are gone because mom told me his right arm was too small and he looked like a cripple. I'll have to figure out what to do with his arms.
No. 24313
264 kB, 1552 × 585
Thanks. I was a bit worried about using a close-up composition, since there was no negative space-and that's my usual crutch. Without that, I was forced to rely heavily on tone variance, and I'm glad it worked out.

I decided to try out a simple "draw in a box" method. When rectangles are drawn in 2 point perspective over my sketches, the errors are easy to spot and fix. I don't mind distorting an image, for exaggerated effect or whatever, but having this frame of reference should ensure those distortions are intentional.

This is developing quickly. Desert Helmet was a figure in need of a setting, and now it's the other way around. It really is a great background.
No. 24314
Quickly by my standards, yes. I'm quite pleased. But I've heard of professional illustrators who finish one work a day. Can't imagine doing that, I need stuff to simmer in my brain for a while, to figure out where to go next. Rarely do I have a crystal clear idea of what I want as an end result.
My workflow pretty much consists of starting with an idea, trying to develop it, realizing it doesn't work, then reworking it completely. Which is a great improvement over my previous workflow, which is abandoning stuff when it doesn't work, instead of reworking it :-DDDD.

I used to think it'd be a drag to force yourself to finish something when you realize halfway through that there's a fundamental flaw with it, just for the sake of finishing it. But it turns out, you can keep replacing parts that don't work in a continuous process until you eventually end up with something decent, that has no resemblance to what you started with. I call it the theseus ship approach :-DDD.
No. 24480
680 kB, 901 × 1380
After a week of sketching out ideas, I finally settled on a composition for this "head in a jar" drawing. There is still a lot of work to do, but at least now there is a path to the finish line. For a while there, I was starting every day by erasing the previous day's work. It's always a relief when a drawing is finally "anchored" in place, by a signicant focal point or element, and all I have to worry about are the details.
No. 24515
139 kB, 1000 × 1000
Would making a banner based on this album cover be a good idea?
No. 24519
Sure, new banners are always a good idea. That album cover has a lot of interesting elements to work with, too; you could even write Ernstchan in that Amon Düül font.
No. 24541
222 kB, 648 × 864
177 kB, 605 × 807
Gotta open side.
No. 24553
You should find some local bands and see if they'd fancy you doing some cover art. You've got a distinctive and edgy (I don't mean this in the pejorative sense) style.
No. 24574
760 kB, 1920 × 1080
196 kB, 840 × 720
175 kB, 648 × 864
259 kB, 1135 × 561
That sounds like a novel idea. Considered it but.
Actually I should just do it. Fuck the but. Thanks m8.
Just need to actually exist.
No. 24583
This is all outstanding work, and to repeat what the UK said, it's very distinctive. With your combination of technical skill and creativity, you definitely have something unique to offer.
No. 24620
It's not just that though. It's the fact that he's very good at it while also coming across as being fairly unique, to the point that all this could easily be mistaken as concept art for a vidya. Honestly it wouldn't even surprise me if he actually already does do concept art for different entertainment companies. The sad thing though is knowing that so many peoples' talent would end up being wasted on dumb shit like taking commissions to draw retarded anime moe shit or slashfic just to make rent money.
No. 24624
149 kB, 621 × 711
561 kB, 1349 × 1011
366 kB, 1152 × 864
193 kB, 710 × 540
Thank you.
I'm flattered you think so, though no I've not hired by anyone in that capacity. Until relatively recently I was a borderline NEET though recently got into a steady job.
It's kind of funny you mentioned gaming. It's not something I consciously aimed for, though a few of my recent influences do come from gaming art (Yusuke Kosaki's work on the NMH series, the techno-organic militaristic aesthetic in the later Metal Gear games, some fashions in idol games, etc). Still, didn't want to copy them. It's just some concepts I had in mind are better spoken using some of their language, so to speak.
I like moeshit, though I wouldn't want to it be a dominant force (we have a complicated relationship). Getting paid for it on the side looks harmless for the moment. Just gotta not go back to my choking streak and actually exist again.
No. 24842
2,2 MB, 1883 × 3100
It took a lot more work than I anticipated, but I managed to finish this >>24480. I tried to focus on color and mood, and to that end I changed my approach a bit. While I usually finish the lines and then figure out a color palette, this time I worked on both at the same time. Kazakhstan mentioned color composition as an ongoing process, and I tried to take a step in that direction. By starting with some greens/yellows, I was able to tweak them as I arranged my lines and solid blacks. I think it turned out better than if I had rushed the painting at the end. Oh, and I definitely need to practice foreshortening faces.
No. 24956
1,3 MB, 1012 × 758
I recently picked up Golgotha, which is The Black Hack reskinned to be diving spoopy abandoned alien installations. Some of the art is breddy good. This one reminded me of the colours that Brick was using before in his dungeon-diving picture.

Don't mind the black boxes in the bottom corner, that's just me covering my watermark (name and order number).
No. 25050
706 kB, 1280 × 1920
I made this to practice sequential art. I didn't worry too much about refining the details; my main goal was to compose a complete page with a clear narrative. The concept depicted is a dystopian future, where a permanent underclass live below ground in mobile tunnel-homes. There is no story other than that, and I based it on something described here >>24983 in the Today thread.
No. 25442
8 kB, 205 × 246
Can Ernst recommend some exercises to improve? I practice perspective using boxes and lines to frame work, but I fear that I'm not improving very quickly.
When people say "jus practice bro lol" that means nothing. I would like some practice that will make me better.
No. 25444
124 kB, 500 × 746
Err, you're a better artist than I am my dude. I can't offer you much of anything on the technical side, particularly because you don't actually seem to do much of anything that's really abstract or free flowin--oh wait fuck you're the same guy who does those vidya monster sketch looking ones too aren't you? Well in that case I got nothing. The only other thing I can say is that you seem to not be connected with your emotions as much when drawing. Everything retains a much more clinical or technical feel to it, as opposed to something expressive, which is how I often found myself doing shit I really liked back in the day.

So in that case all I can possibly offer you for a perspective is, something like this

You should go and take dance classes ernst, and learn to become much more comfortable in your skin and connect with your inner self. Practice that. Then your painting will be improved.
No. 25447
Nah, man. This is my first post in this thread.
No. 25449
90 kB, 736 × 768
>Can Ernst recommend some exercises to improve?
One thing that has helped me improve is studying a lot of photographs. A good excercise is to do a series of image searches for whatever it is you want to draw, and then use those as a reference for quick gesture sketches (not tracing). Look closely to see how objects fit together, how forms change when receding into the background or moving towards the viewer. Also pay attention to the negative space created between objects, and try to reproduce that. The idea is to get a good sense of all of the shapes which make up an image. If you can get those outlines right, then the details are a lot easier.
No. 25495
1,0 MB, 1280 × 1920
Another attempt at drawing a full comic page. Like the last one, my goal was to illustrate a simple narrative sequence, but I tried to be more creative with the 'visual moments' in each panel.
No. 25504
This comic made me chuckle
No. 25562
147 kB, 800 × 800
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.
No. 25566
Well done, I like it
No. 25637
108 kB, 439 × 357
I want to learn how to draw stuff with pen and ink that looks like medieval woodcuts and etchings
No. 25915
172 kB, 1024 × 1046
I tried. Still working on the bicolor version.
No. 25918
183 kB, 1024 × 1046
I think I did my best. Sort of happy with how it turned out.
No. 25920

Add on lower lent "ernstchan" word, you know USSR emblem style and will be 10/10
No. 25923
32 kB, 300 × 100
Made a new banner too.

Honestly, I don't know where it'd fit well. The image I used was a simplified version they put on stamps and prints, since it was easier to colour and edit. Adding more symbols into the mix would make it feel more cluttered in my opinion, but I could try.
No. 25937
74 kB, 450 × 558
115 kB, 450 × 558
220 kB, 450 × 558
Looks great; I incorporated it into this Spede image. Unfortunately I started working with the tricolored version, and now that I've finished I see you've improved it.
No. 25944 Kontra
162 kB, 450 × 700
I added some appropriate text.
No. 25946
There is nothing that I want to draw. I can do anatomy references all day. But when it comes to what I want to make, I just draw blanks.
No. 25947 Kontra
(pun very much not intended)
No. 25950
No. 25969
96 kB, 574 × 429
>when it comes to what I want to make, I just draw blanks.
It could be the artist's equivalent of writer's block. I get that occasionaly. Try giving your brain a flood of new visual/creative input to work with, browsing art sites and webcomics, etc. And reading articles about artists also helps sometimes.

It was a really good pun.

Thank you.
No. 26080
501 kB, 1563 × 1200
Beauty, 1915
Boris Kustodiev
No. 26089
Disgusting and Jewish.
No. 26090
47 kB, 592 × 320
lol whatever nazi
No. 26091
I have a fat fetish

Boris Kustodiev was a skilled painter whose ability to communicate the fantastic with color and technique give him a spot in the history of Russian artists. I really like looking at chubby women. If you know anything about painting, you can appreciate the combination of softness and accuracy in his figures. Do you know how sometimes they're so fat that the belly hangs over itself a little bit? If you put your hand under there it's so warm. "Disgusting and Jewish" is a totally anti-intellectual thing to say, and frankly it's anti-art. hnnng
No. 26096
>If you put your hand under there it's so warm
No. 26127
12 kB, 300 × 278
>>25918I really want one of our banners in that style to say
People for the Mushrooms and
Mushrooms for the People in cyrillic under it.
No. 26130
197 kB, 480 × 360
A Samurai Jack edit.

I could do something like that. Did you want the image of Lenin you posted, or was that just used as an example? The biggest challenge will be to ensure it doesn't become cluttered with text, but it's doable. And it shouldn't be nearly as difficult as that Amon Düül II cover posted earlier in the thread which I'm still tinkering with.
No. 26144
29 kB, 555 × 370
>A Samurai Jack edit.

Looks awesome.
No. 26151
197 kB, 480 × 360
Thanks. These are really fun to make, and since the call went out for more Ernstchan material, I have an excuse to indulge myself a bit. I should probably crosspost some of these to /b/, since they made the initial request.
Also, I forgot to color Samurai Ernstwurf's front leg in the bottom panel. Even though it would likely go unnoticed, I felt compelled to fix it.
No. 26179
335 kB, 1200 × 935
‘Cats being Instructed in the Art of Mouse-catching by an Owl’,
Lombard School, circa 1700.
No. 26181
45 kB, 453 × 604
Perhaps it would be nice to change the apple with an ernst leaf?
No. 26182
39 kB, 300 × 100
Speaking of Banners, I made this one about a year ago and never posted it. Props if there are any real motherfuckers who can identify what the original is from.
No. 26191
And "Discuss seriously."

But that's gonna be quite hard.
No. 26226
91 kB, 453 × 604
>identify what the original is from
tfw I'll never be a real motherfu**er. It's a great line, though, and the banner has soul. I like it. Add it to the thread in Meta.

I replaced the apple with an ernst leaf, but you were right about the text. Changing that is quite hard. I got the words in there, but I couldn't achieve the same 'texture' as the original.
No. 26280 Kontra
91 kB, 453 × 604
I worked on the lettering some more. The texture still isn't perfect, but it's better. I also added the 'bite' to more closely mimic the apple logo. I'm not sure if that's an improvement or not.
No. 26335

No. 26337
17 kB, 500 × 500, 0:07

hooooooo, you are awesome doing this stuff.
It is very hard to recognize that is a shop.
No. 26341
No. 26347
466 kB, 619 × 736
You should work for Donald Trump, your shops are far better than the ones of his goons. :3
No. 26351
115 kB, 640 × 360
>it's real
No. 26352
301 kB, 595 × 436
It's pretty hard to judge these days whether or not a trump tweet screencap is real.
No. 26362
6 kB, 259 × 194
>hurr Ernst falling for faked Trump tweed durr

Why you are a weisenheimer and claim, that it wouldn't be true, when it is so easy to examine?

No. 26363
M8, I checked if it's true before posting it. It's true and it shouldn't be. Hence the post.
No. 26367
I apparently misunderstood. My apologies.
No. 26368 Kontra
The funniest thing about all that is he's deliberately been going out of his way to fire and silence anyone anywhere in government talking about global warming, and yet here he is trying to buy Greenland? He doesn't even think climate change isn't real. Kontra for being wildly off topic.
No. 26369
293 kB, 717 × 745

It was tricky trying to cover the original tatoo without leaving obvious brushmarks. In the end I decided to use some cutouts of his skin as a patch. It worked better than I thought it would, and only resulted in a few of his moles moving a little bit.

What do I have to do to get that last .002%? X<D

>it's real
I was surprised too.
And also: Why only one Trump tower? Greenland is a big place; show some ambition :D.
No. 26370
>and it shouldn't be

Regarding this I disagree. I liked the tweed of Trump and it makes him sympathetic towards me.
No. 26373
Ernst do please help. I am looking for those peculiar cartoon type drawings which depicted rural Russia (I think). The art style was distinctive with cartoonishly large eyes. One picture in particular of a group of noseless trees preparing to chop off the nose of another tree stands out.

I hope someone recognises what I am on about and can help me find these images. I used to see them on the KC quite often.

Sorry for intruding on the threda

t. picture seeker
No. 26379
No. 26382
Oh my God yes! Thank you so very much.
I have been looking for these for a very long time and I cannot tell you how grateful I am. God bless you
No. 26525
161 kB, 480 × 360
Johnny Bravo Ernstwurf.
No. 26558
Wow, that's a trip to the past. Nice one.
No. 26582

My thoughts exactly. Man Johnny Bravo was quality television.
No. 26598
206 kB, 480 × 717
I'm glad you guys like it.
This is one of my all-time favorite shows. I even remember going through a Johnny Bravo dressing phase; for a couple of years everything was blue jeans and plain black T-Shirts. Good times. We're all Johhny when we're alone in front of the mirror, right?
I'm currently doing another Johnny Bravo edit. I want to make a gif from the scene where he juggles salt shakers on his chest to impress a girl. It's a good bit to practice animating because in the original Johnny's head doesn't move, so I only have to place Ernstwurf's face once for all 10 frames. Right now I have it set with Ernstwurf wearing the cap, but I think it looks better with the Bravo hair.
Pic is a mock-up for comparison.
No. 26909
264 kB, 480 × 360, 0:01
1,4 MB, 480 × 360, 0:01
Johnny Bravo Ernstwurf juggling the ernst leaf. The mp4 has better image quality than the gif.
No. 26910
473 kB, 440 × 350, 0:01
This is awesome, good job Ernst!
No. 26913
1,5 MB, 260 × 194, 0:05
Wtf. You are awesome. And a big asset for every imageboard.

But plz stick with Ernstchan
No. 26914
323 kB, 320 × 240, 0:01

Sorry for my rather small applause. This was not intended.

See here my real applause.

t. Josef Stalin
No. 26916
969 kB, 435 × 250, 0:06

wtf, today is not Stalin's best day.

See my applause which is appropriate for your great work now.

PS: Just need to be around Molotow, then I feel like myself and I am the real Stalin.
No. 26930
Thank you very much. I had a great time making this, and I even think I'm getting faster.

You're very kind, Ernst, and I enjoyed the applause progression X^D.
And of course Ernstchan is my board until the day comes when we're all posting from the retirement home, or I get a gf. Whichever comes first (X~D.
No. 26994
1,3 MB, 750 × 1334
Screech owl. I don’t like it but practice is the only way to learn
No. 27009
I envy you

My artistic ability is shit. I drew like one single good charcoal drawing in my life and that was it. Most of the rest of it sucked and to this day I am still butthurt that most of my art got thrown out, which is entirely due to my drinking so heavily at the end of college I wasnt even able to clean my dorm room in time so custodians threw all my shit out before I was able to come back and get it.
No. 27012
49 kB, 400 × 400
Also envious. I mean, those layered feathers...I can't do texture nearly as well as this. I really should commit more time to practicing different surface qualities.
No. 27056
55 kB, 300 × 100
55 kB, 300 × 100
>I really want one of our banners in that style to say People for the Mushrooms and Mushrooms for the People in cyrillic under it.

Here is a "Lenin is a mushroom" banner I made from an old USSR poster. The second pic is an alternate version where I inserted the mushroom symbol from Mario Bros. onto the flags. I wanted something to break up the large blocks of red, and that seemed to work. The translation of "People for the Mushrooms/Mushrooms for the People" came from Deepl; I hope it's correct.

Reply to /int/14407

Ok, that was close. I Made one more last second change and added some darker red to the underside of the mushroom. Trust me, it's much better.
No. 27057
Excellent! Can we also have a bigger version than scaled down one? I am tempted to use it as my desktop background.
No. 27058
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>The translation of "People for the Mushrooms/Mushrooms for the People" came from Deepl; I hope it's correct.
Well, not exactly. "people for the mushrooms" should be "люди для грибов", but it somehow ended up okay accidentally: "люди за грибами" can be (very) roughly translated as "people are going to pick mushrooms". Also, I would suggest using a slab serif font (French clarendon would be best, I think) for Cyrillic letters, because it would look more revolutionary. I added an archive with an example font, you can use it (don't use capital letters from it, though, they are butt-ugly) or find something similar. Other than that, great work.
No. 27060 Kontra
Oh, and an interesting variation: instead of "люди за грибами" you can make it "люди, за грибами!". We lose the first part of the "people for the mushrooms, mushrooms for the people", but instead it becomes an imperative sentence meaning "people, let's go pick mushrooms!". Kinda like "workers of the world, unite!".
No. 27061 Kontra
Oh, and an even better translation of "people for the mushrooms, mushrooms for the people" stylistically will be "народ для грибов, грибы для народа".

By the way, threda is on systemkontra.
No. 27072
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388 kB, 1200 × 400
Thanks; it's nice to know I pulled off the concept. My original was 600x200(pic 1), but I just remade it at 1200x400(pic 2). Since I had already done the hard work of figuring out a composition, making it a second time was surprisingly easy. This isn't the final version, though, since I'm going the implement the recommended text changes.

Thanks for the help. I'm going to use "народ для грибов, грибы для народа". To change the font I'll switch to a desktop, and then try typing in cyrillic on a western keyboard. It should be interesting.

We'll wait on Kazakhstan to make a new one. He was making an OP pic.
No. 31793
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27 kB, 950 × 373
Here's some drawings I made, even though this is on Systemkontra and there will be a new thread in the morning.
I was going to make some joke about a thin looking Gargomon, but I'm too tired and I feel like my style of drawing will make him look like a dog with silly ears.