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No. 1460
71 kB, 645 × 430
Dear Ernsts,
I'd want to play "Jeopardy" clone with you (Svoya Igra), but there is no pack of questions in English.
I'd propose to make such a pack.
Though I don't know if there is English version of the game.

There are three rounds, there are 30 questions united in 6 topics in every round. Questions in topics are rated with 100n, 200n, 300n, 400n and 500n points, where N is the number of rounds. Some questions are either "Cat in the sack" (Pig in a poke) - this question is unrelated to the topic and is given to other player; or "Question-auction" - this question is unrelated to the topic as well, but players bid, and the player with highest bid gets right to answer the question.
Final round - players are proposed seven topics, and every player takes out one topic he wouldn't like to answer, until there remains one topic. Every player places a bet, and every player is given 30 seconds to answer the question. If he answers right, he gets amount of points he placed, if he doesn't answer right - he loses that amount of points.
Player with the highest amount of points wins.
No. 1462
23 kB, 340 × 66
337 kB, 1608 × 998
254 kB, 1582 × 996
Oh wow, what a coincidence, I made stuff like that for KC /b/ some time ago. I used a software for this which you can download for free on the net: https://www.pftq.com/jeopardy/

You can just edit the questions and settings. I then just let Bernd pick the category and posted whatever question was next. It was fun, but it had it's downsides: Dollchan users had an advantage, since time was crucial, and in most cases the answers came in after 15-20 seconds, I even had a correct answer 9 seconds after posting the question, which raised lots of suspicions that there was cheating involved (which never was). Still, it was fun just playing it inside the thread. Do you also want to do this, or are you planning on using an external site?
No. 1488
Good idea this sounds like a lot of fun
No. 1491
158 kB, 220 × 164, 0:04
No. 1636
Hi Bernd, thanks for your work and the fun memories. Take care!