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No. 14761
255 kB, 1200 × 800
I don't know where to put this so maybe just a random "ask the board" questions thread would work but why in fuck are all my android pictures gone? It's like it is automatically deleting them after a day or few days because everything I saved to my downloads folder mysteriously disappears. My other folders in my downloads folder are untouched including all my pdf files. I cant find any of my downloaded images anywhere from before like yesterday.
Pic possibly unrelated
No. 14784
connect phone to computer, order files by size.
Not a solution but a starting point.
No. 14808
Question: why do people still browse Kohl even though so much horrifying and illegal stuff gets posted on /int/?
No. 14809
No I mean, the files no longer exist. They are not in my download folder anymore and I dont move them it's...almost as if they're being stored as temp files from my cache hey wait a minute

I don't know probably because they are Nazi pedophiles? What I don't understand is staying for the worst shitposting. I saw it before and it was basically just everyone who got permabanned from KC. Probably every cabbagechanner is just the worst of the worst. I'd imagine it's probably also a lot slower than KC because everyone else left. Why what's it like now? Are people spamming actual CP there?
No. 14811
5 kB, 61 × 130, 0:01
It's bizarre as fuck, I suggest you to try the default Gallery software, it will be able to find everything.

This was my experience
No. 14836 Kontra
No nothings in there idk wtf is going on
Speaking of technical issues it's starting to get infuriating how useless the internet is becoming. I cant find shit anymore. You get the same useless garbage spammed on the front page. It's hard to put into words right now but I feel like the whole internet is just a collection of ads and complete retards now with no ability to find anything, which always was the conspiracy theory: that The Man doesn't need to erase the truth anymore because he can simply leave the conspiracy truth in broad view but pile so much shit on top of everything that finding it is nearly impossible. This, of course, does not need to happen because what organically happens looks the same.
No. 14846
You think clothed child models are horrifying and illegal? If you want to see horrifying and illegal stuff, go to Triforce or any darknet CP forum, but certainly not Kohlchan.
No. 14881
When old KC existed I accidentally clicked on /b/ several times and let me tell you, the sort of thing nonces posted on there pales in comparison to what onion posters are spamming on Kohl now. Not only is such content abhorrent, but it also endangers other posters.
No. 14891
That too. Although, way back in the day it was like level 2 chemo. Even people like me wouldn't hang around on 4krebs /b/ if it looked like such shit would start flooding. Level 1 was just gore scat etc. the kind of stuff that scares away normal people.

Although you have to ask yourself at the end of the day why you are hanging around literal Nazi pedophiles. I guess if you have to reach that point of lowest scum of the low but personally I am just trying to unplug from the internet a bit in general and find new places or just not internet at all. It's all mostly shit now anyway with complete dumbfucks and assholes everywhere, and I woke up today with a combination of two strange things: on one hand was like some Christian metal group I somehow had a hand in producing or promoting in another life (in some dream) combined with coming back to this one and realizing my unrelenting hate for everybody. I don't loathe ernsts and that's just about it. In other words I need to go outside more.