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No. 14848
257 kB, 675 × 1000
How is it to grow up with christmas propaganda films and songs that bring christmas in direct connection with winter and snow while you have sunshine and heat outside?

Also: General christmas thread if you want
No. 14850
85 kB, 709 × 423
Even though it gets cold in the winter here, it never snows. I still associate the winter with snow though.
No. 14855
It's hard to explain. All the songs and motifs are imports save for a few local ones, but most of the practical acts of the holiday are a mix of traditional stuff with a southern flair. BBQs are as popular if not more so than traditional roasts, and in our family, we cook the ham and chook early and have them cold for lunch. There's a lot of beach happenings too.

Tbh though, the most important and sacred holiday event to a good proportion of the population is this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boxing_Day_Test
No. 14861
417 kB, 600 × 600
I didn't have anything like a traditional christmas for years now. But I cannot say I am sad about it, or wished it was different. I somehow stopped to really care. Watching Die Hard has become my routine. Obviously I am not the only one the movie means something to around this time of year.
No. 14862
New Year celebrations a couple of last years become kind of meh and boring. I don't know if it because I now not a teenager anymore, or because grandather died and our family meeting in grandma apartament not so big anymore and feels empty, or because country overall become more poor and current atmosphere don't gives right feels for such celebration.
No. 14865 Kontra
Same here. As I grew older it just became the day everybody is out in the night. Still a new year beginning feels like a turning point every time. Maybe it's just because you grow older and are more aware of it. Another year again.
No. 14878
I have either worked or stayed home every single new year for the past decade so the day is completely and utterly irrelevant to me.

As for the other holidays they have all generally decayed in meaning or relevance. This is even more true now that I dont drink.
No. 14917
It has no effect. All Southies cherish Christmas as the time to eat seafood, drink chilled wine and go swimming
No. 14960
Summer vacation spirit is stronger than christmas spirit. Once in a while people will remember that it's christmas season, but since we're a cathol country this mostly means eating good stuff in family, the shopping habits are not very strong, instead people spend more money traveling to beach.