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No. 15003
4 kB, 387 × 320
Is this board an actual spiritual successor to KC or something else?

Is Krautchan board culture welcome on Ernstchan?
No. 15004 Kontra
This is spiritual sucsessor to old pre-KC death EC. KC not very welcome there in classical meaning of tihs. Hard to exaplkin, instead of making new pointless threads (which not welcome there), lurk more
This is slow, civil and serious board.
No. 15006 Kontra
This is meant to be a better place than KC.

Pure love and serious posting are still alive here. If you stay here, please try to keep it that way.
No. 15012 Kontra
367 kB, 610 × 886
Lurking the catalog should give you a good idea of EC culture.
Unrelated to that, but very related to pic, I Can Read books are available as audiobooks. So we found a solution for parents who get tired of re-reading the same stories, and I get that not everyone has the time to do that, but it seems as though children will be losing something.
No. 15024 Kontra
If you mean frogposting and shitposting then no, that is vierkanal culture and isnt welcome. It is a successor to EC which got killed by nuKC aka the cancer from 4chan just like they killed KC. It is ironically more similar to exactly what KC used to be like which wasn't similar at all to what it became.
No. 15049
This is clearly the sbiritual suggessor to northpole t: imageboard pro