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No. 15089
19 kB, 544 × 288
122 kB, 1280 × 694
58 kB, 704 × 528
39 kB, 712 × 564
Let's talk about kino

Old thread: >>44
No. 15109
214 kB, 1920 × 936
Do you use IMDb or Letterboxd to log/rate what you're watching?

I've recently ported over my watchlist and ratings to Letterboxd since they made the import feature available for free users now and they also finally released an Android app by now

It has a pretty nice UX and there's more options for sorting, but I also miss the old-school appeal and layout of IMDb, e.g. I can't fathom why they decided to put the average rating of a movie below the fold since it's usually a major indicator what to expect of a movie

Anyhow, if you want to check it out: https://letterboxd.com/
No. 15134
12,6 MB, 640 × 360, 3:35
only reason to own a tv/netflix account

song: DLZ - TV On The Radio
No. 15147
No. 15161
80 kB, 513 × 604
Absolutely not.

I keep my data in a disk drive, to myself.

And to you :3
No. 15162
1,2 MB, 1991 × 3000
<3 I got asleep but me do love
No. 15172
84 kB, 1152 × 480
72 kB, 1152 × 480
59 kB, 1152 × 480
45 kB, 1152 × 480
Once again, I was tricked. By the name and year, I was expecting some bad-ass western. Instead I got some light-hearted prison slice-of-life fun. At least until some point, after that it got darker and darker and I was actually close to shedding some tears at the end.

Reminded me a lot of One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.
No. 15174
111 kB, 1152 × 480
92 kB, 1152 × 480
101 kB, 1152 × 480
76 kB, 1152 × 480
Also, I set up my controller with Antimicro so now I can screencap all the Sexy Car Washing Scenes from afar
No. 15337
12 kB, 182 × 268
Been watching the Polish political-thriller series 1983. It's a pretty good so far, set in an alternate universe where terrorist attacks in 1983 led to the people identifying with party again so that the cold war never ended. It is a bit >Polish in the sense that some terrorists attacks in Poland somehow averted the near collapse of the entire communist world and despite being set in 2003 everything feels cyber-punk but you can get into it.

Netflix had to get creative on the diversity for this so half the population is Vietnamese
No. 15521
>It's a pretty good so far
That's interesting, Polish reviews are generally pretty bad
No. 15522
17 kB, 274 × 184
Guys can anyone remember a depressing russian movie about a school aged girl that isn't Lilya 4 ever? I remember someone mentioned this film on old KC so I read the summary but never actually watched it. The only details I can remember are that a Russian girl with some kind of disability gets taken advantage of by people whom she thinks of as friends, and that it's really sad. I repeat, the movie I'm thinking of is not Lilya 4 ever

thanks ernst
No. 15538
No. 15545
124 kB, 1028 × 558
121 kB, 1028 × 558
111 kB, 1028 × 558
190 kB, 1028 × 558
Rewatched this one yesterday. It's an extremely well done Korean murder mystery thriller based on a true still unsolved case.

Cinematography (esp. the way foreground and background are used), acting, music, everything is top notch.
Stays suspenseful until they very end, but also lots of humourous scenes.
Definitely a must-watch.
No. 15546
Yep, this is a masterpiece.
Here is one short but insightful analysis of the cinematography (no spoilers): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4seDVfgwOg
No. 15552
Igors? No.

Anonymous quebec posters who might or might not be Igors due to lack of displaying their identities? Possibly.
No. 15554 Kontra
I have long suspected that at least one of the shitposters was just an Igor alter ego. The worst posters on KC were probably the Canadians and Quebec had the absolute worst shitposters of anybody by far.

So basically no. If you actually wanted to talk about things like art, photography, historical fashion trends that would be great. But somehow I doubt that's what you mena.
No. 15610
Being exposed to Canadians on the internet made me despise Canada as an entity.

It's like a soulless version of the US. The US is very polarized in that a lot of terrible shit happens there, but also a lot of amazing culture and art comes from there (unironically).

Canada has all the dehumanizing, nihilistic modernity of the New World, but none of the soulful contemplation that comes with it.

Just look at their cultural output. Fucking johny test and total drama island, fuck you nickelodeon for making me watch that shit.
No. 15616
As much as I dislike all that bullshit talk about "soul" and whatnot, in this case I mostly agree with you. Canada is the land of the victorious eudemonism. But maximizing happiness isn't necessary the best way to live, and it's more than likely that you will just end up in cultural stagnation if you actively pursue it. Sure, if asked where would they rather live, in Canada or in the US, most people would say Canada (myself included), but what would they rather watch, or read, or listen to, hmm?

Nonetheless, Canada does spawn some quality contributors to the culture once in a blue moon, like (keeping with the threda theme here) that Cronenberg dude.
No. 15640
662 kB, 1900 × 1267
Most fiction I would not ever actually want to be in though. That's often part of what makes the stuff so interesting and exciting to look at. I think it's just that, how does the saying go, conflict is the engine of all drama or something, meaning that it is this constant cultural tension and deliberate conflict that creates it. Our country was by design set up to be in political and economic conflict constantly. I think by contrast a lot of Canadians just come across as really passive aggressive.
No. 15651
288 kB, 826 × 966
>Eudemonism definition, the doctrine that the basis of moral obligations is to be found in the tendency of right actions to produce happiness.


Dunno, I know a Canadian. He told me there is bad vibes, poverty and that Canadians eat trash
No. 15659
342 kB, 1535 × 2048
What do they say, without spoiling the ending?

You're looking too much into this. Canadians are just as fucking awful irl as online and I'd put it down to how they've remained provincial even as they built cities which carries with it something to prove.

How It's Made and Exotica are/were was pretty genius. Canada does make pretty good stuff occasionally but from a distance it is hard to differentiate them from Americans.
No. 15666
Well that last part is definitely true. To this day I am amazed that Kraft Mac n Cheese is Canadian. It is like the absolute epitome of garbage american food so much so I had always assumed it was because of us. But then I see their other stuff like Poutine and yeah, Canadian food is basically like America food minus any of the redeeming features or culinary inventions like Tex-Mex, Cajun, Southern BBQ and so on. And don't give me that shit about maple syrup and maple candies because we have Vermont. Dunno about bad vibes and poverty though because well I am pretty sure they have nothing comparable to us. I mean like even Trailer Park Boys is I think a very good indication of the differences between us. In America you have no idea what kind of soul crushing despair that environment is like. The closest Canada probably gets is the far southeast and southwest like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver just having cold shitty weather and lots of heroin.

I think when you look at US media it very clearly comes across just what level of violence and poverty and just general baddest of bad vibes we can be used to, like The Wire or Breaking Bad or something. But maybe that is part of what Kazakhstan meant, that we have more "soul" whatever that means which at this point I can safely assume translates to soul crushing poverty, despair, violence, and dystopia in a bleak land carving rivulets out of a soul where hope used to be.
No. 15679
Kraft Mac n Cheese IS American, it's just really really popular in Canada.

>but from a distance it is hard to differentiate them from Americans.
You can't even from up close, except for how they say the vowel in "about". Studies show that this one feature of Canadian English is actually being exaggerated more and more over time, as Canadians seek to have one thing which actually differentiates them from Americans.

The only unique cultures in Canada are those that don't speak English. People from BC just feel like Californians, people from the Rockies just feel like Midwesterners. Ontarians stand out mainly for being obnoxious cunts.
No. 15686
I heard a theory that all the really obnoxious ones come from Alberta
No. 15749
Albertans are just Midwesterners.

The problem is Ontario, which is the seat of what passes for high culture in Canada. To the extent that a Canadian is acculturated to this complex, they're cancer, no matter which province they're from, but normal people from other parts of Canada are usually free of the taint.
No. 15779
I thought Quebec was that? Isn't Toronto wait
>The cinema of Canada or Canadian cinema refers to the filmmaking industry in Canada. Canada is home to several film studios centres, primarily located in its three largest metropolitan centres: Toronto, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec and Vancouver, British Columbia. Industries and communities tend to be regional and niche in nature. Approximately 1,000 Anglophone-Canadian and 600 Francophone-Canadian feature-length films have been produced, or partially produced, by the Canadian film industry since 1911.
Oh ok for some reason I thought Toronto was also in Quebec and thought Montreal and Toronto was where all Canadian film was located.
No. 15816
Can't find anything as cool as Kill List.
No. 15820
Does anyone watch Parks and Recreation?
No. 15906
37 kB, 704 × 400
67 kB, 704 × 400
33 kB, 704 × 400
34 kB, 704 × 400
What a depressing movie. There was some great cinematography, and Kitano is stylish in the main role as usual, but the meandering plot based on the "Yakuza in America" gimmick felt forced and the sub-par acting, especially by the non-Japanese actors, somewhat ruined it. There was lots of violence but it was for the most part short and poignant, more like executions than usual action movie gunfighting. The dramatic music by Joe Hisaishi contrasted to some long silent scenes set a very solemn tone and in total the movie felt very nihilistic, as the writing and acting were too flat to convincingly convey human connections between the characters that might have given more meaning to the violence.
No. 16048
I don' want to post it in the documentary thread since it's film art also sound art

What is it? A posthuman desert in the future? The horror and terror of civilization?
At least an experience after which you can decide for yourself

No. 16051
Damn, I'm impressed. At the video that achieved to evoke so many emotions by such relatively simple methods and that I've actually sat through it.
Really creepy stuff, I was tense until finally some humans showed up.
It should be shown to people who claim that they hate people, I'm sure they would immediately stop praising the cold machine gods and become good humanists.

Reminded me a bit of this btw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LE3RlrVEyuo (though it's almost like watching MLP in comparison)
No. 16080
He has some other movies that deal with similar issues it seems. I clicked The balcony last night too, but didn't watch it as I was hyped with some texts then.

Your is an art project too, right? I remember it being mentioned in an article.
No. 16292
I've read the accompanying articles on ballardian.com in the meantime too, pretty interesting stuff. I can't imagine watching all those videos, and certainly not for fun, but I still decided to actually archive them on my HDD for good measure. There was also this other guy mentioned who has some interesting videos: https://vimeo.com/157567140

Yeah, it's by Hito Steyerl, some German-Japanese artist. I read about her in an article as well, on e-flux IIRC
No. 16297
> this other guy mentioned who has some interesting videos

Like that one. Tho I had a few problems understanding the Ligotti recitation. It reminded me on the concept of the non-identical. I'm not sure if I really know what it is tho.


Ha. We probably read the same article then.
No. 16311
79 kB, 508 × 755
133 kB, 1782 × 1048
30 kB, 620 × 372
44 kB, 620 × 372
The House That Jack Built, a film about a serial killer by Lars von Trier. Seemed to have caused some outrage in Cannes, angry people leaving the cinema etc.
I liked the acting and the gore but the more "artsy" aspects (like the narrator who seemed to be part of the inner dialog of the main protagonist or whatever) felt a bit out of place, to me at least.

Overall would recommend.
No. 16315

It was odd and interesting. Liked it too.
No. 16318
The narrator is a clear reference to the Divine Comedy. I think the whole part about hell was unnecessary, he shouldn't have poked the viewer with those meaningless references.
No. 16319
80 kB, 712 × 438
45 kB, 708 × 438
55 kB, 708 × 438
84 kB, 708 × 438
Loved this two-part Soviet adaptation of Hamlet. It was quite a different experience than reading the English text, much more solemn and dramatic. Though the text and content were abridged, I still felt like nothing was missing and enjoyed the Russian translation by Pasternak. The acting was first-class, even the extras did a great job which made the story all the more immersive. Additional dramatism was added through Shostakovich's great music. The intricate and authentic set and costume designs looked amazing in black and white. It was particularly impressive how the movie takes advantage of both theatrical blocking and dynamic, stylized movement as well as carefully orchestrated cinematography.

To be honest, I didn't even pay that much attention to the words, I mostly admired the video effects. I find it amazing when people achieve such an impressive effect with such simple means.
No. 16343
>To be honest, I didn't even pay that much attention to the words, I mostly admired the video effects.

Yes, I know what you mean. These effects make it in the end but they go hand in hand with what is said I think. They never match, just like you cannot be identical with yourself. Therefore you cannot be somebody. Just a short explaining, the experience is something different tbh. That's art.
No. 16345
Why do Russians switch around the G sounds with H sounds? It isn't like they don't around have an H sound.
No. 16347
From memory it's spoken vs written weirdness, mixed in with a bit of what was fashionable at the time of standardisation.
No. 16348
>spoken vs written weirdness
Yep, for some reason back then they used a transliteration system to represent foreign words instead of a transcription one, which would be much more suitable for everyday usage, because it gives the idea of the approximate pronunciation of the word. In my opinion, transliteration is only practical for linguistics specialists, mainly in the field of morphology. Still, could be worse, I've heard that at first they spelled Ivanhoe as Иванхое (ee-wun-ho-ye), but later changed it to much less ridiculous (but still not exactly precise) Айвенго.

Lately loaned neologisms tend to be mostly written as they are pronounced, but older words keep their traditional spelling. Even if someone decides to do a modern Shakespeare translation, I'm pretty sure that they will still call it Гамлет, not Хэмлет, because people just wouldn't understand.
No. 16357
Well the one show I looked forward to The Orville.
Disappointing first episode.
2nd episode another gay alien episode, but better.
I hope it gets better as I enjoyed the first season so much.
I doubt it as I don't care for dating mechanics in space between 40yo Captain and his 1st Lt(??)
Magic negro who is just smart, which kills the buddy dynamic between coon and ginger.
Ginger is really dumbed down.
Side character with big head had some funny moments.
Plot where they save half a species was anti-climatic and had no tension, but they threw in a porn sub-plot.

Why is all TV garbage.
No. 16358
820 kB, 2800 × 1178
12,2 MB, 700 × 394, 0:05
It turns out that STD has released a number of 'Short Treks' over the past few months and I watched them all like a battered housewife stays with her husband. Highlight is probably 'Calypso' which is an unremarkable Black Mirror episode, worst is either the Tilly episode or the Saru backstory depending on how much you like Saru.

Coming soon: more animated series, short treks, comedy series and STD is expected to last a very long time now for some reason.
>"I go back to my childhood and Luke Skywalker, the [Star Wars] farm boy who looks out at the twin suns of Tatooine and imagines his future. Trek never gave me that. Trek was always fully formed adults, already in Starfleet and people who have decided who they are. And it never was aspirational that way," he said. "It's important to me to find a way to go back and reach younger kids in a way that Trek should and never really has."

How is Kurtzman able to get away with this?

I'm not raving about Orville S2 either. It's okay and I enjoy watching it but this isn't my Star Trek fix and I've noticed that the actress who plays Kelly has been really phoning it in lately. The show is acting like a sitcom now.
No. 16359
I'm glad that EC has a hivemind on this. Enjoy Ginger's angelic voice as a reward:

No. 16360
There is a new series of Luther, which I haven't seen yet.
Tattoo series in Victorian England with Tom Hardy was good, or at least not shit.
I seen 2-3 new-ish black mirror episodes, Jesus Christ they fucking suck I think it was series 4.
So definitely stop at series 2.
I caught up with all the GoT episodes from season 2, when I last stopped watching it, great waste of time, but enjoyable.
No. 16361
Good find it was good for the first two minutes of the video, until it turns into Fame.
No. 16373
42 kB, 712 × 438
36 kB, 712 × 438
33 kB, 712 × 438
I still need to give special mention to how the ghost of Hamlet's father was portrayed. Too bad the screenshots turned out shite
Really haunting, and achieved just with lighting, costume, acting, slow motion etc., no digital special effects

Just watch for yourself, it's really an epic scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQDnvhQsiTU

>They never match, just like you cannot be identical with yourself.

Ha, I didn't even really think about that, but it makes sense for sure.
No. 16440
H sound was considered to be pronounced in Russian like modern Ukrainian H.
No. 16518
No. 16520
I am almost angry after watching or trying to watch the first three new episodes. I had to skip forward through long parts of them. The first two were boring relationship-soap-opera material, the third an equally boring family drama. Not even Roberto Picardo saved it for me. I get the feeling McFarlane is trying to lose the fans who enjoyed his show for being the better alternative to STD. If there is one thing I want to see as little as possible when watching something set in a sci-fi universe it is social drama. What I only now realized is that I find none of the characters likeable. Really none. A ship with the Crushers, Pulaski, Neelix, Kes and Jake Sisko would not be worse. And now there wasn't even a good story to take my mind off the insufferable crew.
I will save myself from watching any more episodes unless I get so bored I would otherwise kill myself, or any of you are truly overwhelmed by it.

He should stay a singer. As an actor he feels like a bad copy of Simon Pegg to me.

I liked Taboo because I like Tom Hardy so much, I even enjoyed Legend, even though that was objectively horrible. I am looking forward to another season.
No. 16525
I saw Elysium, not an immediate regret but that movie was dumb as hell.

Re-watched Universal Soldier, never one of my favourite movies and I now get the 'dumb action' movie label, however I wish they still made these types of films.
Lots of deaths, some cool scenes, a few funny quips, far too many kicks in the fight scenes.
Reporter picking up live hand grenades and throwing them back, kek, I really liked this movie, I want to watch more of the same.

Anyone else only want to watch Bruce Willis movies, one of the many reasons I don't go to the cinema is that nothing is appealing.

I did go see Johhny English(Mr Bean) recently, stupid but competent film, enjoyable.
No. 16528
The last diehard movie was so reprehensible fucking stupid I just couldn't deal with it. I guess having a guy on the front of a VTOL jet was a pretty cool stunt, but otherwise I kinda hated that movie and it was largely forgettable and the definition of the kind of dumb bydlo shit some vatnik would watch. I don't really like action movies in general. Actually pretty much anything with low mental stimulus that relies on high emotional stimulus I'm not going to like.
No. 16530
Like every year I watched the first Die Hard on Christmas. The last other movie with Willis I watched was Looper which was okayish. I haven't seen Universal Soldier since maybe twenty years ago, but not too long ago I rewatched Cyborg, also with Van Damme and I could recommend it for what seems to be your mood right now.

I don't know if it is us getting older or if everything really just gets more stupid by the year. Or maybe it is simply that you have seen every idea used a thousand times over before. I have never watched any of the Fast and Furious stuff and I cannot imagine ever doing so, even though it should by now be one of the most successful franchises out there. The later Die Hard and comparable films are probably aiming towards the same audience.
No. 16531
I think in a lot of instances it is genuinely because things are getting stupider, and I often feel like the internet is becoming a major contributing factor to everything becoming way more shit. You would think at least it could somehow preserve and spread more international culture but instead all I see is greater levels of stupidity and atomization.

Die Hard movies never actually intended to be anything great, but at least the first and secondly were passably good fun, in spite of a few retarded hoo ra usa #1 shit like the "eurotrash terrorists", which I think happened around when Cold War ended so everyone was confused who to make a villain. But the last Die Hard suffered I think the most from being a post-9/11 film, which frankly wasn't even that big a deal but the whole weepy "we're the worst innocent victims ever this is worse than the holocaust!" crying eagle propaganda shit went into overdrive as did our tyrannical laws and society has never recovered from it--not from the terrorist attacks themselves, but from our own government and toxic culture it helped spawn.

There are a lot of other reasons for things being dumber and in the case of Die Hard movies it is just typical sequel deterioration but yes everything has sincerely gotten both dumber and trashier over the last two decades particularly following the Columbine-9/11 shit. The worst is the combination of creeping anti-intellectualism which while embodied by poltards is pretty society wide, coupled with rampant soulless consumerism.

Which is all a shame because never before have we had such great potential for science and culture but it's all being wasted.
No. 16532 Kontra
Oh and I should probably clarify that my opinions are being very USA centric. This is actually a major reason why I instinctively started abandoning culture of my own country in the early 2000s starting with the discovery of EDM and euro electronic music. It is also why I gravitated towards a place like KC before it was utterly destroyed by the cancer, because a lot of what my country makes is crap. Ironically I think the Slavs for example are becoming great cultural producers. I like Russian contributions to things like witch house and Poland weirdly enough has become a great vidya producer. I suspect the Arab and Islamic world also has great potential, at least in the more Salafist-frei zones. And who knows, maybe by the time I am an old man Africa will be producing much quality content, but right now America is several layers of cringe and braindead.
No. 16533
31 kB, 312 × 445
I think part of it is they try to make even the very stupid shit try to seem smart sometimes for some reason and don't just do a lot like say a John Wick where there's not really much you need to follow. I have seen some dumb people try to over analyze some very simple movies and even say shit like, did you catch that or later say it took me a while to figure out what was going on when there was literally nothing going on.
No. 16534
I have watched most or even all of the more popular Russian/Slav movies and I wasn't too impressed I must say. I prefer Asian ones, or the occasional gem from France/Britain/Other Countries.
No. 16539
Interesting Fact, Die Hard, maybe the second one was suppose to star Arnold Schwarzenegger.
No. 16541
113 kB, 1024 × 576
82 kB, 1024 × 576
113 kB, 1024 × 576
87 kB, 1024 × 576
Very nice movie. It is sometimes meditative, sometimes poetic (yeah, they also mention Robert Frost and Walt Whitman), sometimes cozy (and I have no idea how does it manage to be like that, since it mostly takes place in a prison and in a swamp). I watched Mystery Train before, and these two movies have the same dynamic of everything going from bad to being not so bad: in both movies people find themselves in pretty nasty situations, but then it becomes just a tiny bit better, like thin rays of hope breaking through heavy clouds of apathy and despair, but what's interesting is that there is no certain conclusion, these movies narrate the journey and the things that could happen during that journey, not the destination. It doesn't matter if you reach the destination or not, it only matters that you keep walking.
No. 16542
You gotta love Tom Waits.
No. 16561
80 kB, 1280 × 687
652 kB, 1000 × 562
179 kB, 1920 × 1080
113 kB, 1280 × 688
Suspiria, remarkable remake of a 70s horror film of the same title,
while the director Guadagnino insisted it's to be called a cover version
and an homage, not a remake.

In the center of the plot is still an ancient witch coven that hides behind
the facade of a renowned dance company. The movie plays in the late 70s divided Berlin
this time, during the "German Autumn", the culminating of the conflict between the RAF terrorists and
the (West) German state. Almost everytime the film shows scenes outside the dance company's
building, one can see and hear German riot police and radical protestors in the streets, squatted buildings,
the Berlin Wall etc. There is also of course some German language. Important part of the plot
is an old German professor who lost his wife during the Nazi time due to her being deported
to the KZ Theresienstadt, and who personally never got over this loss.

A lot could be said about this movie, but most importantly to be mentioned are the outstanding
acting performances, especially of Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson, the filming technology and cinematography
filtering out all primary colors and using specific camera zooms very commonly used in the 70s in order to achieve
a 1970s-style effect, and as well the physical presence of the film due to the brutal horror scenes and the contemporary
dance elements.
No. 16568 Kontra

Trailer that doesn't spoiler too much:

No. 16572
This, as well as Mystery Train, look like I should give them a try. Though I'm not convinced by Jarmusch so far, as I didn't like Stranger Than Paradise and Night on Earth - Dead Man was ok, but I don't really remember any of them that well. Maybe I'm just too much of a sucker for more classic story arcs.

I'm a bit mad I missed it when it was still running recently in the cinemas. Really liked the old Suspiria, but I'm intrigued by this one as well even though(or because?) it looks completely different.
No. 16581
>Though I'm not convinced by Jarmusch so far, as I didn't like Stranger Than Paradise and Night on Earth

Stranger than Paradise was ok for me. Night on earth was more difficult to enjoy. Broken Flowers is the best Jarmusch movie I've seen.
No. 16600
130 kB, 1300 × 1381
>in order to achieve a 1970s-style effect

Any good read on why 70s films and TV looks like 70s films and TV?

I will write my bachelor on German postwar history and I gather thoughts here and there. I want to couple aesthetics with another field, maybe a TV show.
No. 16602
1,9 MB, 1792 × 839
27 kB, 614 × 313
97 kB, 1200 × 800
89 kB, 1600 × 900

Changes in filming methodology (lightning, lenses, filters) and film technology/chemistry.
The film directors wanted a rougher, grittier visual style with more "street credibility" and Kodak &co delivered them the films that made it possible.

Between pic1 and pic2 are only 5 years.

Pic3 and 4 are in the 2010s fake 70s visual style that's so much in fashion.
No. 16609
As far as Jarmusch goes:
Stranger than Paradise - kinda meh, feels like the first of a trilogy, never gets off the ground
Mystery Train - pretty good but plot goes nowhere as well
Night on Earth - excellent imo (whoever enjoyed it might also like Holy Motors: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2076220/)

If you don't know Ghost Dog, give it a try, it's weirdly relatable and also has an actual plot (tl;dw Black Weeb Samurai turns Ronin).
No. 16610
>Ghost Dog


Not really necessary to be a good film. I've just lately getting into (also post)modern art theories and I guess it's the same for film that one is avoiding the classical patterns in order to articulate something outside the usual stories, usually meta stuff is explored. Form instead of content! very modern and so on.
It's "die absolute Userfeindlichkeit", because usually people are like what the fuck, what does that even mean? Often one could say the 2deep4you meme is actually true as they don't get that movies/arts are revolving around meta topics.
But then again some "art" is not really explainable. Many art is not to grasp completely.
No. 16611 Kontra
>Changes in filming methodology (lightning, lenses, filters) and film technology/chemistry.
>The film directors wanted a rougher, grittier visual style with more "street credibility" and Kodak &co delivered them the films that made it possible.

I especially wonder why the latter occurred, it has to do with 70s developments. I know some german TV show raised fear of "american conditions" regarding crime. I know New York had a crime problem in that decade.

Just have to think of Mrs. 45 now.
No. 16619
22 kB, 800 × 450
I just finished with Inland Empire. And by finished with I mean I stopped it. I don't understand why Lynch got weirder with every movie. For me the line was Lost Highway, which still had a plot you could somehow follow. Everything before was nice or even great. Inland Empire is unwatchable for me. It doesn't even have cool aesthetics or remarkable dialogues. I only felt really uncomfortable watching it. As if I was lost in a feverish nightmare.
No. 16620 Kontra
>As if I was lost in a feverish nightmare.

It's not a cool aesthetic for you but I suppose that's what I mean with form in the post before yours.

I don't wanna sound like an intellectual slob, but I'm deeply interested in arts discussions on a theoretical level that is coupled with interpretation, I'm not even a real cineast nor a film theorist tho, I just like to watch obscure and indie leaning cinema from time to time
No. 16639 Kontra
I'd say it's a cinematic reflection on the fundamental changes in western societies of the late sixties: Civil right movement, sexual revolution, Vietnam war, anti-culture and other subcultures, upcoming electronic and digital age etc. etc. forced everyone working in the arts, especially performing arts, to question old conventions, including of course conventions related to aesthetics, visual style and cinematography.
No. 16746
38 kB, 624 × 368
45 kB, 624 × 368
18 kB, 624 × 368
I initially stumbled upon this movie when researching the Japanese rock band by the same name, Dotsuitarunen (=Knockout). Apparently raking in several awards at the time of release, it wasn't until recently that a widely available version with fan-made subtitles resurfaced on YouTube*.

It's a bittersweet tale of a man who knows only one way to solve his problems: with his knuckles. After getting knocked out in a fight and making it out alive from a difficult brain surgery, star boxer Eiji Adachi (Hidekazu Akai, himself a pro boxer) decides to throw the towel and attempts to run hiw own gym.
Despite the help of another old ex-pro boxer, the mysterious and stuttering trainer Makio Sajima, they fail miserably albeit comically due to Eiji alienating his students through his hard-knocked teaching methods.
Troubled, but unable to imagine a life without boxing, Eiji decides to come back to boxing despite his head injury, as he proclaims "What else can I do? I know nothing but boxing."
After the obligatory Training Montage, the story culminates in a final fight between Eiji and one of his former soft-natured students. Just as the opening fight, it's another matter of life and death.

I have to admit, I haven't watched many boxing movies but I really liked this one. It has an endearing story, solid cinematography, great fight scenes, odd characters and lots of humorous moments that at times border on the surreal.

No. 16749 Kontra
45 kB, 624 × 368
43 kB, 624 × 368
27 kB, 624 × 368
19 kB, 624 × 368
Few more shots
No. 16785
This looks good. I love that style. Will give it a try. Thanks!
No. 16947
Well, I figured out why Orville season 2 is such a failure.
They killed the buddy dynamic.

You don't need an in-depth view of a character when they are someone's relation or buddy.

First season we had the Captain and the ginger as buddies, the captain and his ex-wife who were buddies, the black guy and the ginger as buddies and the crew played of the gay worf and robot for keks.

There is none of that here, which makes it feel disconnected.

While the first season also had the two strange aliens, the robot and the black gay guy, which don't need this dynamic because they are aliens who need stuff explained to them and the audience as well.
They both get far less screen time, but both get individual episodes instead

Seems they want to do individual stories for each episode and it is quite tedious, the episodes are not even linked and it is difficult to see any character arc, losing the qt3.14 did not help as well.

Tone seems to be made more serious and the jokes which remain fall flat.

Soundtrack and music are very poor as well.
No. 16966
Hey has anyone seen the new Preacher series? Is it any good? I'm a bit skeptical of a TV adaptation being as good as the graphic novel but eh whatever.
No. 16996
>I'm a bit skeptical of a TV adaptation being as good as the graphic novel
First a caveat: I have only seen season 1. It's not a faithful adaptation considering the entire season is set prior to the road trippin' of the comics. It felt like the producers wanted to play with the Preacher premise and world, rather than adapt the books. Judging the show on its own, it does have interesting characters and the plot is well constructed without being overly drawn out. It aslo has enough absurdity and surrealism mixed in to create the feel of a comic book. While your skepticism of it falling short of the graphic novels is warranted, I would still recommend it.
No. 17142
Orville season 1 is a failure, too imo
No. 17270
565 kB, 612 × 792
This is the best movie of the last 2 years make sure you watch it
No. 17285
It looks and sounds unspeakably retarded and bydlo
No. 17308 Kontra
You can't be serious.
No. 17327
42 kB, 300 × 400
119 kB, 1004 × 1000
50 kB, 670 × 533
74 kB, 600 × 1100
I know right!? Can you believe it's been 25 years since Hercules aired on tv!
No. 17338
64 kB, 474 × 676
29 kB, 474 × 308
51 kB, 1024 × 576
Fucking must see 2 hour Nokia commercial. Was the past really as awesome as this movie portrays?
No. 17339
103 kB, 1280 × 720
81 kB, 1280 × 720
80 kB, 1280 × 720
105 kB, 1280 × 720
Technically a documentary, but since it's more entertainment I'll post ITT

So McAfee moved to Belize after the financial crisis and was acting up there with an entourage of heavily armed gangsters, coprophiliac hookers with fetal alcohol syndrome and a pack of ferocious dogs. Some poor schmuck who moved there as well for his retirement and couldn't stand McAfee running the town poisoned his dogs so McAfee had a hitman execute the guy.
This is the main course, then there's some minor stories about his drug kitchen, the time he run a yoga retreat and wrote 5 books on yoga as well as other outrageous stuff.

Would recommend if inebriated
No. 17340 Kontra
93 kB, 1280 × 720
73 kB, 1280 × 720
105 kB, 1280 × 720
159 kB, 1280 × 720
More shots of the man himself
No. 17344
>poisoned his dogs
He deserved to die. You do not fuck with three things: a man's wife, a man's children, and a man's dog. Besides if he had a problem with the man why did he just sneak around and poison his dogs instead of dealing with McAfee himself?
No. 17376
31 kB, 400 × 580
which past? Before mobile phones?

Philm: I don't like it when they make up things. The end of the film is made up
No. 17380
155 kB, 1280 × 720
191 kB, 1280 × 720
222 kB, 1280 × 720
143 kB, 1280 × 720
The story goes iirc that McAfee would hang around the beach with his pack and the dogs would terrorize all the people passing by. The guy supposedly attempted to talk to him about it first but you can guess how much influence some petty middle aged boomer who moved to Belize of all places would have with the bathsalts-huffing quasi-kingpin of the place. Still, it was an amazingly petty and stupid thing to do, only explanation I can think of is that the guy must've just wanted to get whacked.

pic 3: supposedly his disguise when he was hiding in Guatemala out after the murder
pic 4: one of his bodyguards mentioning one of the topics Mr. McAfee just wouldn't shut up about
No. 17381
Aren't you gay?
No. 17385
No. 17387
393 kB, 320 × 240, 0:19
Thanks I'll watch it
No. 17440
499 kB, 1440 × 1080
39 kB, 500 × 390
301 kB, 923 × 1300
309 kB, 1542 × 2175
This is actually a great action movie, remake of a 70s film by the same name and for de niro it's Heat 2.0

No. 17468
Sadly De Niro isn't a guarantee for a good movie anymore, and hasn't been for years now. I really wonder why. He can impossibly need the money and is somewhat ruining his reputation and legacy with some of the shit he was in. Clive Owen is okayish, even though he isn't a really good actor imho. Statham is just bad and does bad movies. Are you the same guy who recommended >>17270 ?
No. 17504
Roger Ebert was asking years ago when reviewing Righteous Kill or one of those generic movies of his why top actors like De Niro suddenly become attracted to really bad movies later in life. Maybe they want to keep working no matter what to keep depression at bay but it really ruins their reputation when half their IMDB listings are cheesy surprise appearances in comedy movies where they play themselves. Anything with De Niro is still better than Oceans Twelve of course.
No. 17507
>Maybe they want to keep working no matter what to keep depression at bay
This is definitely a good reason.
Also there probably aren't always interesting open roles to play , and some actors' styles just go out of fashion.
Besides, while I certainly don't want to sweepingly denigrate the whole profession, many actors aren't exactly known for their intellectual prowess and decision making. Lots of famous actors are broke or in debt so they really do have to do it for the money.
No. 17789

Watched this a few days ago, hilarious stuff. It's a comedy about the adventures of three new conscripts in the Russian army.
Very surreal cinematography and absurd humor, it reminded me a lot of the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas movie, except in the setting of the Russian army
No. 17845
10 kB, 182 × 268
Just watched El Cuerpo - The Body. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1937149
I had very mixed feelings throughout the film. Sometimes I feared it might drift off to become some cheesy ghost story or just be a like a remake of thrillers often seen before just with exchanged roles. But it was nothing like that at all. The good acting and the nice cinematography kept me watching luckily and I must say it was a real delight. Totally worth a watch.
No. 17897
85 kB, 250 × 369
29 kB, 261 × 381
Budget $14 million
Box office $14.3 million

In a 2017 interview, comedian and actor Tom Green stated that the box office receipts for his film Freddy Got Fingered did not reflect the actual attendance, as he thinks that movie goers under the age of seventeen bought tickets to Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles and snuck into the theater showing his film.
No. 17898
71 kB, 450 × 667
224 kB, 1012 × 1500
18 kB, 264 × 376
Two trance-music movies from 2004

Pete Tong is good, second one on the right is shit
No. 17912
22 kB, 247 × 402
40 kB, 640 × 360
98 kB, 800 × 450
17 kB, 480 × 360
So I watched Galaxy of Terror movie and it was total underbudget mess. Well, what I need to expect when Roger Corman in movie (however, Roger Corman's Grand Theft Auto 1977 movie I liked very much unironically).
This is one of those movies who have art cover that means basicly nothing in any way and not related to movie. This movie have simple basic core - spaceship landed on planet to save other spaceship, and there pyramid that brings other people fear into life and all dead exept one... classic. In way of narrative and elements it more or less mediacore "alien" ripoff. Funny thing that it was one of the first, if not first James Cameron's work on movie as production designer and I may say that for this budget this movie have nice special effects.
Anyway, most wierdness come that adittionaly to plot they wanted to make worldbuilding, which is kind of crazy - some sort of other galaxy, planet on edge, film starts when OVERLORD of this planet (guy with shining red face) playing computer tabletop game with some witch old lady who know everything and kind of narrator, then for rest of movie this nothing was remembered at all, during movie was radomley throwed some "lore" which means nothing to audience, parts of movie look random and crazy mess and you can only guess what scenarists (who was absoluetly no-name people) meant, untill end where all this back to actual "overlord" memes but it still absolute and total mess, not in tier of crap like modern "Warcraft" movie, but it like they wanted to make universe, but they has no skill and it not described at all but still this movie part of it and you never understand in your life what the fuck is happening.
And yes, this movie is source of multiple bizzare scenes like rape by giant worm, cutting hand in style of Italian 70s trash movies etc. Recommend I watch it to anyone? Well if you watching all crazy b-movies from 70-80s probably. I also liked how was presented start of spaceship from planet and I felt like some of those ideas cameron taked to his "Aliens".
No. 17929
1,1 MB, 699 × 1000
212 kB, 304 × 406
I feel that if I watched any of those movies I'll be extremely depressed from heartache.

I remember when I watched the Man on Fire's rave scene. I was so surprised and excited that for once they featured psytrance in a movie. That rave scene's music - as far as I remember - was by Absolum.

Stark Raving Mad's music genre is not really my cup of tea, but the rave scenes with the music were so good.

I have been listening to electronic music since somewhere in the 1999-2000s and I am yet to attend a rave or a party.
No. 17960
Heyyy Egypt is back.

I also would recommend Bubba Hotep and Night of the Creeps, as well as Life Force. Semi cheesy 80s horror movies are the best. I have no idea why every single thing about the 80s fucking sucked but somehow they managed to pour all their efforts into making fantastic horror movies. I watched many of them as a small child.
No. 17969
I never left.
I am lurking here daily yet I have nothing to say and nothing has been happening in my life lately but work, anxiety and waves of depression. 10/10 would go crazy again A+++++
No. 17970
4,2 MB, 1400 × 2168
346 kB, 336 × 500
shut up. New York in the night with saxophone music, men acting overly macho and women wearing ultrawide shoulder pads and hair with so much spray that you can smell it from the television? And every single evil company is named Globotech or a derivative of such? Come on.
No. 17979
Those are also reasons to hate it. You forgot about having an idiot president and numerous human rights violating regimes being propped up and hilariously corrupt and evil black ops including most notably in public the Iran Contra scandal.
No. 17992
192 kB, 960 × 480
After wanting to watch it for an eternity i finally managed to watch The World's End yesterday.
It was fine. Not what i expected and not as good as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz but still a nice movie.
No. 18012
I felt really uncomfortable watching it, because I saw so much of the protagonist in myself. That is a pretty bad angle when this person and his way of life is also the main source of humour. Overall the movie to me was too much like a combination of the two others before with no new ideas by itself. I really couldn't enjoy it in any way.
No. 18022
319 kB, 1380 × 2048
New Horror-SciFi series. Some Freaks on a space ship wake up from stasis long before they should have, they have no idea what went wrong and who the other guys are. Then things slowly start to get ugly and uglier.
Kind of mediocre but ok for genre fans, I guess.
No. 18027
I know this isn't the right thread for this but your post directly reminded me of https://store.steampowered.com/app/380150/STASIS/
Does anyone know how is Stasis? It is where you wake up on a spaceship before you should have and everything has gone wrong, but things get uglier and uglier the further you explore.
No. 18029
Sounds like Pandorum from 2009, which was actually good btw.
No. 18035

Yep, the story isn't very original. But of course they can go much more into details of the various characters than in a film.
Think of LOST in space on a Pandorum tier claustrophobic space ship, with some gory happenings here and there
No. 18047
I am pretty sure there is even another series or film out there that was made not too long ago with the same settis, i.e. people wake up on a space station and do not know what is going on or who they are. I started watching it but everything was just too cheap for me to get into it. I looked up both of what you posted and I am sure it was none of that.
No. 18062
No. 18068
No, that wasn't it. There was a whole crew like in Origin but like I said, it was not that show I think. I'll try to find it.
No. 18080 Kontra
It was Dark Matter.
No. 18092
You did it, my scf-fi itch is now in dire need of scratching. I guess I'll give this thing a chance.
No. 18227
40 kB, 331 × 475
417 kB, 1920 × 1080
62 kB, 710 × 390
Due to a video that mentions old horror movies I went back looking horror movies from the 1970s and 1980s like I did so on several occasions in the past. Just watched A Blade in the Dark, it's an Italian giallo movie but got dubbed for the American market. The plot is really good with many twists and many many suspicions by the viewer. Really good but the end is a bit weird yet resolves with a wtf.
What I like about these films are those creepy and eerie synth and piano themes. I don't watch current horror but this old themes are gone completely, old gritty synths or pianos whose keys get hit in those distinct disharmonies. The plus is this movie builds in this horror music as element of the plot, as the protagonists writes such music for a horror film.
Not so much of interest but all these Italian woman look stunning and beautiful, really sexy.

You can watch it on Youtube, like many of those old films, tho the quality oftentimes is not good:

No. 18280
27 kB, 450 × 338
Is there any obvious reason I am missing for why movies today are always, or extremely rarely less than, two hours long. Often even more? Only a few years back the standard length of a film was roughly 90 minutes. Or was there a reason for that shorter length and they have overcome something in the time since? The reason surely cannot be that writers have suddenly become so imaginative that the directors aren't able to fit all the awesome ideas into one and a half hours anymore. Can anyone here make an educated guess, or maybe even share knowledge on this?
No. 18310
71 kB, 947 × 531
86 kB, 948 × 530
67 kB, 947 × 533
I was thinking maybe it has something to do with DVD/BluRay capacity but that didn't seem right as they are both capable of storing ~2hrs. So I stumbled upon this article which concludes that according to IMDb data movies aren't actually getting longer. They got longer from 30s to 60s (possibly to differentiate from TV) and stayed more or less sames after that. But read for yourself, it's a rather short and informative article:

No. 18314
Thanks! What struck me right away was the mentioning of an intermission. I only ever had one when watching Dancing with Wolves as a child. I was really confused back then because I had never experienced such and at first thought the movie had just suddenly ended. Even though I got a soda during the break I was pretty annoyed by it.
Also the graph Average feauture film length proves my perception right. The "Top" movies have indeed increased in length on average. With exception of the bump during the early to mid-sixties and then steadily on from the mid-eighties. The graph even goes further up as it leaves the scale.
Another interesting point in the article is the mentioning of LOTR in this regard. That might indeed have been the start of a new fashion and the moment when the movies makers realized that there is a high demand for lenghty films.
No. 18318 Kontra
No. 18321
I remember a lot movies from 80s and 70s and 60s that was around 2 hours. Some of them are director cuts of cource, but I never spotted too much change in movies size too
No. 18703
Thunder Road 2018.
Best film I have seen in a long time.
Cop has a breakdown due to his mothers death.
Not a comedy, seamless transition, watching it for the 2nd time now.
No. 18710
A solid 97 on rotten. Thanks, Ernst. I'll watch.
No. 18735
You know what it actually could be was made for TV. Why? Because each movie generally got 2 hour time slots but was filled with a bunch of garbage commercials so generally the film itself was like hour and a half. We used to tape things like Alien 3 onto VHS and stopped recording for commercials. All of that is obsolete now and nobody watches movies on TV anymore and if they did there's that whatever it's called you could program to record shows for you. But you don't, because how everybody has NetFlix and such. It's the same reason a half hour show would be 22 minutes and an hour long show 45 minutes per episode, because all the rest is open space for commercial garbage in a half hour or one hour time slot. I don't even know how anyone put up with this because it ruined every movie. The only nice thing was having an excuse to get up and get a snack or use the bathroom without missing anything.
No. 18740
Funny thing that directors cut of metioned by you Alien 3 is like 2hours 5 minutes or something.

>It's the same reason a half hour show would be 22 minutes and an hour long show 45 minutes per episode,
Older TV series actually bigger, like if I remember correctly, Star Trek Original series was like 50 minutes per episode with much shorter intro, compare to more modern serieses with 45-min episodes.

>But you don't, because how everybody has NetFlix and such.
I don't think it is any common there. Here everyone have "Torrtent" or "watch online without registration...". Great services indeed
No. 18745
Counterpart (the brilliant cold war based alternate reality SF series) second season has ended and 3rd season has been cancelled.

That gave me a little sad.
No. 18793
67 kB, 1014 × 570
I am currently watching Future Man and I cannot say it is a must-see. The first season starts quite well being often truly funny and using all the obvious references to older sci-fi movies in an entertaining and even original way. But midway through it I got very tired of the characters who are being awfully developed. The main protagonist is never more than a copy of Marty McFly, the female takes a ridiculous sudden 180° turn in the most stupid way I have ever seen and the other male constantly in almost every single scene acts like Charlie Kelly high on glue. There are two extremely bad episodes in the second half of the first season but it still had a somewhat satisfying finale. Now I am in the second season and so far they should just not have bothered and better waited some time and kept thinking up better scripts. It is painful to watch in every way and I would be highly surprised if this gets to be continued while other much much much better series lately have not been. Well, or maybe I shouldn't be surprised if it happens.
No. 18832
>Thunder Road 2018.

Really liked this one as well, thanks for the recommendation.
Extremely impressive performance by the main actor (who also turned out to be the writer/director), will definitely watch out for more by him.

>Not a comedy
Overall not I guess, but there were quite a few really funny moments
No. 18935
Season 2 Episode 7
Yep I'm done with the Orville.

As for recommendations, try out Taboo, set in Victorian England.
No. 19065
199 kB, 788 × 1051
This is the best action movie I have seen in years


Must watch from '93
No. 19073
>Yep I'm done with the Orville.

Try the next episode. It's where they've been spending all the budget.
No. 19074
fuck you, but okay :)

Watched a few old movies with Kid and Play, a half cast and nigger hiphop duo, before rap was totally degenerate.
They did a series of movies.
Maximum comfy, never seen them as a kid.
House Party, HP2, HP3 and Class Act, has the sensibilities of a young Will Smith, no weed memes and they are stand out films.
10/10 comfy, more competent than stealing Hardvard, but on a similar, silly teen movie without the endless sex and drug scenes.
Such as life has changed.


In regards to Awfulville :^), I made a long ass post before it sucks, first series was as breath of fresh air, it didn't hit all the right notes, but was good, new series is garbage, maybe bc I don't watch much TV.
No. 19098
I wrote above that if anyone of you would recommend an episode I would watch it and so I did. I checked and this has indeed the best ratings of the second season by far. It isn't totally bad but also really anything but good. The clear highlight was the song by ginger. Else this is an old story recipe often used not only in ST but sci-fi overall before and almost everything about it could be seen from miles away. What made me almost stop watching right away was just another stupid relationship bs. Can they not have one single fucking episode without that? And this time it was almost like they tried hard to come up with something so exceptionally ridiculous that nobody would understand it. Falling in love with a machine that cannot even fake interpersonal skills! Do I miss the joke here? Was there any build up to this in the series so far? It didn't even make much sense plotwise and was probably only there so someone had a reason to get emotional and overact. The other thing I am highly annoyed about is the replacement for the qt. She is simply Janeway but with an even worse hairdo and less dialogue.
If this is the best they can do I am really glad I passed on other episodes before. I for my part really hope earth gets blown up in the continuation and this show gets put out of its misery.
No. 19101
what you can say about that? First 5 episodes I watched was okay - terrible humor but if you ignore it, this is moderate star trek. I will not ever metion discovery.
No. 19102
89 kB, 1000 × 667
The relationship plots have certainly been overplayed this season. I'm wondering if there is some overarching reason for this that will become apparent in the season finale or if they just got lost somewhere in writing this. Apparently they've been playing the twist since the show began so I suspect it all links together.

I liked the Isaac plot with the doctor though. It was sweet.

>The other thing I am highly annoyed about is the replacement for the qt. She is simply Janeway but with an even worse hairdo and less dialogue.

Agreed. I think the season was written with Alara in mind and in that context it makes much more sense to have had her romance another outcast given she's considered to be retarded on her planet. Still could do with a least one proper exploration episode considering that is what the show is about.

I'm going to say it, STD has gotten slightly better. Terrible still but the last episode was Saru-centric and therefore okay with pretty good alien design.
No. 19109
I liked the Isaac plot with the doctor though. It was sweet.
I can understand the kids growing attached to him, there were truly some cute moments. Not the doctor herself. Not in the way it was portrayed here. She announced him as her future partner. That was just a stretch too far. She might as well have said she wanted to marry a plushie. And like I said I don't see how this was even necessary for the plot. Isaac being simply a treasured member of the crew would have worked fine enough to move the story forward. If all these relationships are just part of an arc that leads to a satisfying conclusion it will need some truly imaginative writing. So far it is the worst recurrent theme I ever saw, completely destroying any hint of sci-fi vibe and turning the show into something like Seinfeld, just without the jokes.
No. 19500
64 kB, 704 × 512
58 kB, 704 × 512
56 kB, 704 × 512
81 kB, 704 × 512
Finally got around to watch this masterpiece. Somehow I had associated with silly plot and bad SFX, possibly because of all the spin-offs. But this is actually a deep and serious movie with great direction and the SFX doesn't even look that silly as shots of Godzilla are used rather sparingly.
I was dozing off inbetween but I'll gladly rewatch it another time soon.
Absolute must-watch, you have no excuse.
No. 19501 Kontra
63 kB, 704 × 512
49 kB, 704 × 512
80 kB, 704 × 512
103 kB, 704 × 512
Some more nice stills
No. 19533
I like the second season of The Orville more than the first one, however I
agree the relationship crap is rather cringe inducing and needless. At this point
The Orville seems like a cheap ST clone for 10years olds to me.

STD, same or similar as in first season is only watchable if I imagine it as random
SF series. I can't find any resemblance to the ST-universe in it.
As such, random SF-story, it's ok but nothing special.

None of both series come close to the classic ST series of the 90s.
No. 19557
I think Orville suffers from the budget more than TOS did. Most of the season seemed to be bottle episodes in hindsights because everything went on the pew-pew effects toward the end (which actually seems to have had some cgi scenes noticeably cut). I'm interested in seeing what the season finale will be like.

The thought I keep getting from Orville though is "this would've been a great Trek plot-line". Imagine if Voyager had ended with a twist that Seven of Nine was a sleeper agent and their easy time in Borg space was really due to them being lab rats to study how the feddies operate. Maybe the Borg somehow then trick the Federation and the Romulans save the day making two great baddies of the franchise appear as much more competent adversaries.
No. 19559
>Maybe the Borg somehow then trick the Federation and the Romulans save the day making two great baddies of the franchise appear as much more competent adversaries.
Relationships of Romulans-Federation-Cardassians-Klingons was more than fully used as plot driven thing in mid-late DS9

What in 2nd season with "jokes"? I hate Seth's humor, like absoluetly. If he not did this, it'd be much more enjoyable experience

But STD, man it crap, even as random science fiction - characters, dialogues, narrative, it's impossible to watch.
No. 19560
>I like the second season of The Orville more than the first one
Did the first season rape your wife and kill your baby children?
When I try to watch the Orville or STD, I keep thinking of the shit they gave ENT and why they put it down. In a more fortunate universe ENT would be an unending soap opera today and the scripts for the best episodes of the orv and std have been rejected as utter unwatchable crap.
No. 19605
7 kB, 480 × 360
I don't get hate for ENT too. They honestely tried to make a prequel before TOS, in times before humans become what we know them in future and did it really great for the most part.
No. 19606 Kontra
>cgi scenes noticeably

Noticeably bad, yes.

>Did the first season rape your wife and kill your baby children?

It was just mostly garbage.
No. 19611
666 kB, 1920 × 1076
CGI is allways awful when you notice it and allways awesome if you don't.

t. movie expakt
No. 19794
Hello Ernst, I am only looking to watch films that are a masterpiece. What do you recommend?
No. 19796
since a masterpiece is such vague term you can look up film classics, an film history canon, or the imdb 100

Otherwise: I like Fallen Angels and a fuckton more movies

No. 19808
Basically what >>19796 said, though I'd rather recommend something like the Cahiers du Cinema or Criterion Collection as toplists, e.g.:
No. 19810
the imdb was a joke more or less. What you get is what is seen as masterpieces by the average hollywood consumer.

taste of cinema and its film lists is where I get my dose of indie cinema and what I imagine cineast consider classics

No. 19824
43 kB, 576 × 432
42 kB, 576 × 432
50 kB, 576 × 432
52 kB, 576 × 432
Well, this was something.

All the good stuff: Holy Grails, voice actors, gender-bent characters... just like in my favorite chinese cartoons.
Except it was a 4 hour long movie adaptation of a Wagner opera based on a 13th century medieval romance.
I'm not even going to start unpacking it, just read http://www.monsalvat.no/sybrbrg.htm if you want some background info/analysis. I'll just post some screenshots since it was quite a feast visually. Unfortunately fairly low resolution though.

  1. The young and trigger-happy Parsifal
  2. After long deliberation Syberberg decided against using Linkin Park - Crawling as the background music. Maybe he'll change his mind for the remake.
  3. They loved the swan. Why did he have to shoot the swan?
  4. Jk, the swan wasn't even a real swan.
No. 19825 Kontra
47 kB, 576 × 432
52 kB, 576 × 432
44 kB, 576 × 432
58 kB, 576 × 432
No. 19826 Kontra
36 kB, 576 × 432
43 kB, 576 × 432
40 kB, 576 × 432
40 kB, 576 × 432
No. 19827 Kontra
45 kB, 576 × 432
48 kB, 576 × 432
57 kB, 576 × 432
43 kB, 576 × 432
Okay, this is getting out of hand. Let me know if anyone is interested, and I'll dump a few more screenshots.
Else I'll just leave you with the boobs and the Bosch.
In the meantime I'll be writing my essay Why I Want To Fuck Parsifal: The Erotics of Art
No. 19840
Creed II, meh Creed I is better, but the romantic subplot and muh death girl, who gives a fuck.

Cleansed myself by watching Jurrasic Park and Rocky II :)
No. 19884
31 kB, 576 × 432
54 kB, 576 × 432
19 kB, 576 × 432
39 kB, 576 × 432
Now I feel bad about joking about it. It's absolutely great and if you care about art, you should watch it!

Coming up next will be Syberberg's 7 hour epic Hitler: A Film from Germany, though I'll need some time to prepare myself.

In a satisfying manner of tying up loose ends I found this fantastic review of it by Susan Sontag during which she also inevitably talks about German Romanticism: http://www.syberberg.de/Syberberg4_2010/Susan-Sontag-Syberbergs-Hitler-engl.html
No. 19956
141 kB, 1280 × 720
101 kB, 1280 × 720
87 kB, 1280 × 720
71 kB, 1280 × 720
Peppermint Candy, 1999, by Lee Chang-dong, former minister of culture of Korea and novelist, the guy himself writes the scrypt for his movies. Not every country is so lucky to have such talented people as ministers.

The director of the movie is a honorary Russian. He always makes stuff about suicide, homicide and extreme suffering in general, if he lived in Russia and made films exclusively for the Russian audience then the Russians would use a derogatory term "chernukha" (the "blackest" literature/cinema depicting a lot of depressing stuff) to describe his works.


His movies look quite cheap and it's hard to find good looking scenes, but the plot is always good and heartbreaking. I saw 4 (Oasis, Peppermint Candy, Secret Sunshine, Poetry) of his 6 films, and Oasis with Peppermint Candy are my personal favorites and I consider them one of the best movies I have ever seen. Oasis also belongs to a very rare type of films in which the protagonists are disabled or mentally deficient.

The main character in Peppermint Candy is a dirty scumbag, but the task of the film is to make the viewer feel empathy for him and only a sociopath would feel nothing during the ending.
I personally watched the movie two times, one year ago and one today, both times I cried.

I'm a little surprised that such films aren't very popular on imageboards considering that many people there have been in similar situations, many of us regret the mistakes we made.
No. 19958
By the way, in the film there are a lot of details that become more noticeable after watching it for the second time. I just now understood that the most important scene in the life of the hero takes place at the railway station.
No. 19984
Never heard of these, but they sound quite interesting. Thank you.
No. 20017
30 kB, 248 × 400
This is certainly one of the stranger movies I've ever seen
No. 20030
It wasn't really that strange, now, was it? I mean, yeah, there are telepathic dogs and whatever that "screamer" thing was, but other than that it was pretty straightforward and even kinda realistic.
No. 20117
15,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:55
Here is a short sequense from Oasis. The girl dreams about how her relationship would look if she didn't have cerebral palsy. This segment is what made me watch the movie for the first time.
No. 20127
I had no idea what was going on
No. 20213
I wasn't sure where to post this. It's an old animated rendition of the Aztec / Mexica creation myth. Pretty neat IMO:

No. 20272
139 kB, 580 × 899

Some "Psycho"
Some "Le salaire de la peur"

Nice copy with red tones

Unrelenting monothematic

No. 20403
Restoring thread order 9
No. 20487
147 kB, 1920 × 800
110 kB, 1920 × 800
259 kB, 1920 × 800
106 kB, 1920 × 800
Very intense movie about an English boxer getting busted in Thailand for drug possession and trying to fight his addiction and his way out of prison. Based on a true story and shot in a grimy realism: few dialogue, most of it incomprehensible Thai yelling anyway, harsh lighting, fluid camera movements (didn't even try to capture any of the fights).
There might be some minor shortcomings plot-wise, but these are by far outweighed by sheer style combination of the absolutely insane looks of the full-body tatted Thai extras and general prison setting, the droning ambient soundtrack and stellar performance by Joe Cole.
Would definitely recommend, probably one of the best movies of the 10s IMO.
No. 20488 Kontra
131 kB, 1920 × 800
256 kB, 1920 × 800
142 kB, 1920 × 800
120 kB, 1920 × 800
No. 20547
Am I going to be disappointed in this?
Going to check out Valerian and Lucy.
No. 20559
Not sure how I stumbled upon this one, probably because a remake is planned, but this was a really good anime movie considering it's somewhat unknown (I've never seen it on any top lists). Awesome animation reminiscent of other classics from that era such as GitS or Akira (and I don't say this lightly), not surprising though considering the director worked as animator on both of those and it was produced by Katsuhiro Otomo. Plot-wise it also borrows themes from of both of those(special military units, international politics, cyborgs, mutants, posthumanism), however it's set outside of the city in a hidden military base in the Turkish Ararat mountains. Unfortunately the story is a bit straightforward so there's not much build-up of suspense, there aren't really any twists or added depth, as e.g. the diving scene in GitS which only takes a few minutes but adds a lot to the characters. The soundtrack is also quite solid but nothing special, though a few of the tracks were sounded quite unique. Would definitely recommend, particularly for people who are into that era of animation.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5JX2gO2bGU
No. 20964
170 kB, 960 × 1500
Us is okay I guess. The plot makes no sense at all, the whole lesson of privilege is clumsy and the woman playing two parts wasn't impressive at all but the comedy moments with the father were decent. Jordan Peele should have just made a black comedy about a goofy father on holiday with his wife and kids.

I kept thinking how unreasonable it was to attack people who did nothing wrong. Apparently I'm wrong and should sympathise with violent murderers who dress as Michael Jackson in thriller for some reason

Too late to save you but yes. It's like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie in that the opening montage is stellar but every after is a shitshow.

Cara Delevingne's song isn't terrible. It grows on you.
No. 20982
116 kB, 722 × 1000
We did that type of ending before it became mainstream: The Movie.
In theory, we had to empathize with the black widow and desire the death of Tigrero and the owner of the store, but it became quite hard after she got fucked by a mute (!) killer whom she hired to avenge her recently (!!) deceased husband (!!!). How often do you sleep with people with whom you didn't even talk?
It became weird when the store owner offered her financial help and tried to kiss her, she rejected him and in the next scene the widow told the killer that she had no money and that she was ready to repay the killer with her body. There wasn't any build up for this relationship.
No. 21016
1,1 MB, 900 × 600
I watched this around the time it got released on DVD in the US. I liked it but agree with your assessment that there isn't much substance to it although it is a fun ride.
Have meant to read the manga for a long time but haven't got around to it.

Might watch this today:
She [Lee Ji-eun] plays a different character in each of the four segments, which are written and directed by a different critically-acclaimed director.

She's a singer I like and she's done some acting but I don't think anything quite like this.
No. 21019
She's my favourite singer! Thank you for posting this, going to watch now.
No. 21058
Please be a foreigner, or become one soon.
No. 21277
Am I the only person who rages when there are modern fonts in "historical" movies?
No. 21279
No, it annoyed me as well but I never really though about it until now.
No. 21281
340 kB, 1300 × 1113
587 kB, 1328 × 874
385 kB, 798 × 366
I'am very much care about all elements of movie aesthetics overall, espeshially in historical and fantasy/science fiction ones.
This why I love Poirot TV series for examples - they really tried to replicate 1930s and oppening of this series is magnificent.

Tbh I watched Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines; Or, How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 Hours 11 Minutes movie - this is 1965 british comedy movie. And I sadly want say that this is bad, and if you want see something like this - better try The Great Race (1965) or something. Most of this movie is boring, race itself is like last 1/4 of quite long movie. Humor over stereotypical and mediacore at the time, and it aged badly so most times you get facepalm from jokes instead of fun. Jokes like "military prussian and their marches and trombones" reminds me of one particular 90s ukrainian comedy show, but in ukrainian comedian show it was done better even. Joke where german general do trombone by his mouth oveeused to death. Japanise and Americans are not funny at all - it's just basic stereotypes without jokes. I already imagening british people who written it: "ha ha this americans! Ha ha this japanise samurais ha!" There is intermission in movie and like it was popular - cartoon style opennings and credits. But unlike something like Pink Panther or Fantomas they absoluetly bland and forgettable. Same goes with Italians and french. Together with stereotypes, movie also count on jokes "haha early flying machines was dumbly constructed it's so funny" - this overused since oppening of the movie and it already was done more funny everywhere, even in reality. There some funny jokes - they are rare but joke about "if you not help me, protestants will win the race!" I remembered quite well. There is funny sequence with french-german pistol duel that in theory can be executed 10 times more funny but still this is okay. Overall I was bored and lost 2 hours of mine life on basicly nothing. Not a miracle this movie not very remembered today.
No. 21283
>Poirot TV series
Well, they didn't have a quick and cheap technology of printing billboards here and there.
This disease appeared in recent movies, like, late 2010s.
No. 21312
No. 21314 Kontra
This exact post probably marks the decline of EC
No. 21628
66 kB, 1024 × 512
No. 21631 Kontra
Hell yeah
I'm already cracking up at the introduction with all the water bottles and fidgety Zizek
Sage for off-topic ITT though
No. 21652
My guts want to tell me that it will be cringy. It's more about the speakers and their fanbase than actual content? Or am I failing to see the importance of this battle: will it be representational for the left vs. right state of things?
No. 21656 Kontra
Something tells me I should care, but I just can't. It's not like they have a concrete issue at hand, it's just done for the sake of publicity and money.
Out of the two, I respect Zizek more.
People are already discussing who "won" the debate about nothing.
No. 21659 Kontra
Only took a short peak at the debate last night, only caught a glimpse of Peterson criticizing the communist manifesto. At this point already I felt sorry for him, poor guy. It's quite clear that marxism is not his field of expertise, not to say that he barely knows anything about it. Given that Žizek is a brilliant rhetoric the debate must have been even more so a sad one for Peterson and his followers. In general I believe that discussions between marxists and non-marxists are a fruitless endeavor. It's like discussing with religious fundamentalists, if not even worse. In their heads anyone who doesn't surrender and affirm to Marx's theory and marxist theory is an ideologue, unable to see through the . Very much like early christians thought of those jews who didn't follow their newly crowned messiah to be in a sort of existential slumber. But enough of this, it seems like there is another level to the discussion that is mostly overseen. Žizek is an intellectual authority, his credo is to think instead of acting, Peterson is a moral authority, he wants his listeners to act. And that's a critical point Peterson himself is probably not even aware of, in fact it's the No. 1 weapon against any marxist. Even Marx himself did not offer any kind of invitation to a concrete act, he merely offered a critique of capitalist ideology. It's the fundamental trauma of any marxist, to be in the belief about knowing all about the problem but nothing about the solution other than it must be communism and that its coming is necessary and unavoidable in the end, very much like christians believe in the coming of heaven. Adorno was an outstanding marxist for realizing the tragedy of this situation. At least he forbid himself, probably thanks to judaist influences in his thoughts, to even mention the name of the utopia due to mentioning would damage the vision of paradise he held on to so dearly.
No. 21660 Kontra
>unable to see through the .
unable to see through the veil of alleged delusion relations of production impose on him.
No. 21734
11 kB, 424 × 234
164 kB, 423 × 235
37 kB, 700 × 420
I watched this series when it was airing and loved it. I've been waiting ages for the sequel which aired last year but I can't seem to find it uploaded anywhere not even BTN.
No. 21742 Kontra
bs[.]to has it, Deutschland 83.
No. 21750 Kontra

No. 21751
Also wanted to suggest, but I think it has no english dub there.
No. 21788
Did you end up watching it? I still haven't XD
No. 21797
42 kB, 720 × 400
51 kB, 720 × 400
71 kB, 720 × 400
54 kB, 720 × 400
Pretty eerie low-budget Japanese horror by Ju-On/The Grudge and written by none other than Chiaki J Konaka (Serial Experiments Lain, Texhnolyze etc.) loosely based on The Shaver Mystery stories.
The main character played by Shinya Tsukamoto is a middle-aged cameraman who gets lost in the depths of his mind, madness and a subterranean city below Tokyo. There's no point in spoiling the story since the movie relies on the viewer trying to interpret what happens, but it has some interesting stylistic aspects, such as the movie containing few scenes with dialogue, instead being commented through the nondescript mumbling of the main character.
It's definitely interesting conceptually as it's one of few movies I've watched so far that manage to translate the deep horror of e.g. Lovecraft or Junji Ito onto the screen, all the while being on a shoestring budget (maybe that's actually the trick)
No. 21937
Why did Australians never tell us about skippy?
No. 21938
Because it was widely distributed and pretty famous compared to most of our domestic television. Didn't it even see air in the USSR?
No. 21952
Last Orville episode, watch.
Yea or Nay.
No. 21956
It picks up from the last episode in a predictable way but is worth watching because it's not just The Love Boat in Space. Another episode where I think it is more fun to think of it as a kernel for a really good TNG two-parter.

Have you been watching GoT? I only give a shit about Jaime and Bronn now. Everything else is cringe.
No. 21957
I hated the first season :)

But I watched it again because of season 3 coming out and my brother and whore-wife were watching it.

I gave up because butt sex, dragons and the blonde bitch cringe.

Recently I binge watched 4-7 because I found a streaming channel, meh, but good time waster.
I'll binge the last season when the penultimate episode comes out.

Actually looking forward to some fan edits of the whole saga as I think it has potential.
However the whole stonk women thing bores me.

I may re-watch Rome and Sparticus as they were top-notch.
No. 21960
Yeah. Season premiere was good. Last episode was a wash, although it was clearly done as just character establishment since it's basically the first time in the series since the first several episodes where everyone is together (along with taking the dead man to KL to strike a deal) and a lot of them had some awkward connections between each other. It also was clear this is a bunch of buddies in the cast hanging out together so it in general felt like they were taking their jobs less seriously. Still hasn't killed my enjoyment of the show, though I question at this point what a show can do to the zeitgeist and people's overall mentality.
No. 21995
Oh, I enjoyed ep2 quite a lot, it was very chill and cozy. I have mixed feelings about the upcoming battle: It's built up like there will be 2 episodes of non-stop fighting, which would be a dread. On the other hand, the last two seasons really demonstrated that they know how to do battle. The Dragon ravishing the Lannisters transport was very well done and the siege of Casterly Rock, narrated by Tyrion was great as well. And then the extinction of the Boltons in the season before was quite the experience.
No. 22008
>However the whole stonk women thing bores me.

Well, at least you will get a good nights sleep.

>It also was clear this is a bunch of buddies in the cast hanging out together so it in general felt like they were taking their jobs less seriously.

Arya and Sansa annoy me for this reason. Arya in general annoys me now. What is even the point of Jon Snow and his arc now?

I like how the Battle of the Bastards gave a real feel of what being trapped in an encircled army is like. We probably won't see something like that again.
No. 22009
50 kB, 600 × 746
It was a completely ridiculous, contrived, and unrealistic battle though. Being an expert in such things myself, having played many Total War and Mount&Blade games, I found it impossible to get immersed in the action.

>Arya in general annoys me now. What is even the point of Jon Snow and his arc now?
Hahaa, BeT yOu diDnT see thAt comIng!!1!
I want to smash in the heads of the showrunners, they are the worst kind of cretin imaginable
No. 22019 Kontra
Not using spoiler tags is a bit of a dick move.
No. 22021
168 kB, 600 × 660
187 kB, 535 × 481
409 kB, 1024 × 768
737 kB, 3024 × 4032

>Arya: teleports behind you

I didn't need to watch this trash after the 3rd season. The quality deteriorated with each season, and the writers began to pander to the American audience more and more, the amount of stupid "cool" one-liners and B-movie-like scenes exceeded all reasonable limits and the story arcs of too many characters went nowhere. I stopped asking questions long time ago, my personal boiling point was the meaningless and ill executed death of Littlefinger, so much build up and intrigue wasted for nothing.
GoT positions itself as Subversion of Tropes: The Fantasy, but in the end the series has become very predictable. I hope that Martin will not shit himself and repeat the show's mistakes while writing the ending for the books.

Felt kind of bad for Jorah, one of the most pathetic characters in the show. Being friendzoned like that and then dying for the woman that gave him a cold shoulder no matter what he did and at the same time fucked two others guys (not counting Droggo) doesn't seem like a honorable thing to do. Also, I made some new content with Jorah, 1nd pic. Look how they massacred my boy.

8 seasons of 50-60 minutes long series each one building up the hype for the walkers didn't deliever. I have a feeling that the series would be better if all the supernatural elements and scenes related to Essos were cut out, and instead the show was focused on the petty rivalries of noble houses.

Are you happy now?
No. 22023 Kontra
He actually bothered to put a pic that says "man who was cucked to death" as one of his pictures. He's clearly a shitposter from k*hl and I'm not even going to bother reading anything he wrote.
No. 22024 Kontra
Ironically this is one of the few instances that don't annoy me at all. They act believably like sisters who grew up as kids together so any offset buddying works seamlessly with the show. I mean things like Sansa and Tyrion, Arya and the Hound or Beric, Robert's bastard and Arya, theres just a lot of things where clearly the actors playing them have way more familiarity or warm feelings for each other than they should have as a result of off stage antics that bleeds onto the set. That is the difference. Arya and Sansa are at least long lost sisters who just recently got reunited and found out the other was still alive so it makes sense.
No. 22025
Stop looking for the 5th column everywhere. You're like one of those retards from KC looking for people from 4chan/2ch, or 4chan posters looking for reddit posters, or 2ch posters looking for 0chan/iichan/VK posters. I visited Kohl only two times when they spammed the old EC and during the last one a half years I spent more time on EC than anywhere else.
No. 22028
You made a shitpost without spoiler warnings. And no one had to look for those sorts of shitposters because they made themselves painfully obvious before killing KC. This is a nice place. Why shitpost on it?
No. 22030
You're probably braindead if you would call a couple of well-written paragraphs and high quality original content a shitpost. Seek help.
No. 22031 Kontra
I usually stay out of any drama but lately this is getting really tiresome. Are you the same guy who wanted to forbid others apu-posting even though it was around since the first day? If there's anything here that reminds me of kohl/late kc it's the constant name-calling >>22025 already described. We're among friends here, there is no kind of shitposter group infiltrating EC or something. People from Kohl stay at Kohl and Ernsts stay at EC. Sure it was painful when old EC died but now things changed and you've got to shake off the fear of some secret invasion. As long as Kohl stays up we're safe, no reason to hate them at all. Also pretty much every poster here is a local, if you study the threads closely you might realize.
No. 22032
I'm not even calling him an invader as the central point
No spoilers coupled with>>22021 this first image, and you expect me to not make a remark on it? It is the same as if people started making the place feel like sosach. Nobody even talks like that except on vierkanal or something.
No. 22035
You don't even speak Russian, you don't know what "sosach" looks like.
No. 22037
9 kB, 200 × 180
I've tried posting there before. I abandoned it for being too weird and irritating to use and the userbase too retarded seeming.
No. 22038
And to finally read it and answer, it's not that bad. There have indeed been a few too retarded moments and the entire army of the dead being vanquished and only a few characters getting killed off while clearly everyone was absolutely massacred at all locations with Arya somehow slipping by and neither Jon nor Dany getting killed in swarms on and on are indeed solid complaints, but at the same time I don't actually mind it if they turn out just to be a fart in the wind, which happened to a ton of characters throughout the show including the High Sparrow if you remember because the basic premise seems to be, no one is safe, no one is truly wearing plot armor except apparently the last two living Targs, Cersei, Jaime for some odd reason, Arya, Tyrion etc and that even if someone is built up into this huge threat it doesn't protect them from death, which comes for us all eventually including apparently the personification of death itself and all his armies and all his white walker lieutenants even if they've been made up into being this big thing, which again wouldn't be the first time. Remember the Red Wedding? Or Blackwater Bay? Or hell even Stannis Baratheon.

Each and every single one of all these characters and factions basically amounted to being a fart in the wind, except house Stark for some odd reason having relatively few casualties. They basically only lost Rob, Ned, Lady Stark, and I think that's it. And Rickon, just looked it up I thought I recalled some Stark kid dying early. Just be thankful there isn't a Lady Stoneheart. I can't imagine how much showfags would bitch.
No. 22078
254 kB, 1024 × 1447
130 kB, 1280 × 720
85 kB, 926 × 526
126 kB, 760 × 526
Guess I'm late to the party but this was absolutely glorious, watched it on the big TV with a proper sound system and it was definitely worth it.

Pure action and awesome FX but also combined with a compelling story and interesting characters. Lots of memorable scenes, probably one of the best movies of the 2010s.
No. 22110
I don't really liked this movie. For me there was nothing really memorable and also, mad max franchise officialy turned full-comic-cartoon-style fantasy thing.
You see, I liked original movie for how realistic it was. Australia in deep depression, world in total economical shit, realy grim, but actually realistic future and in this sseting presented regular story of policeman who want to survive and save his family.
In 2nd movie, it turned into more generic post-apocalypse, but remained being grounded enough to be more than belivable. Gore and fights in this movie looks quite real, but same time dynamic enough to name this movie very full packaged with action. And then 3rd movie kind of even more generic post apocalypse, had great start but after fight in arena scenarist don't know what to od and done hell lot of crap with "memes".
This movie - well, there nothing realistic there at all. It's really good, over-surreal comicbook with many beutiful, but non-real elements turned into a movie. This thing is as far from original Mad Max, as it possibly can.
No. 22139 Kontra
I hated the first one and fell asleep trying to watch it.
I really enjoy Mad Max 2 and Fury Road though.

t. bydlo
No. 22141
Can you recommend me a free streaming page for movies? I just started to really get into the art of film, now I'm curious to see more. Remembered some of the streaming pages I used years ago but seems like they got taken down or something.
No. 22142
Tbh, I don't think foreigners can really appreciate the first Mad Max. Hell, I doubt a significant portion of Australians can really appreciate it. You can get the general idea and some of the vibe, but a lot of the little details that come from being shot in Rural Australia are only really impactful if you've lived in Rural Australia for a meaningful amount of time.

>Australia in deep depression
Ebin, that's just what small town Australia actually looks like. I mean, the old family homestead that in my mother's family had kerosene lamps and a wood stove well into the 70s and maybe the 80s and this was in a more economically alive part of Rural Australia (we had a factory). Most of Australia is just hot Siberia tbh.
No. 22189
148 kB, 1200 × 851
how interesting. I'm not telling that I think exactly like Russia but something similar. There's an alien feeling in that film. Perhaps it's because we are not used to the scenario

>Most of Australia is just hot Siberia tbh.

And that's why we need action films from Siberia
No. 22190
>me from being shot in Rural Australia are only really impactful if you've lived in Rural Australia for a meaningful amount of time.

Tell me tell me

I love Mad Max the first

No. 22195
Got to go to work, but will do a quick and dirty in that the way background chracters talk, the way buildings look (sun bleached and slightly falling apart), the way the light falls and the general colour palette etc. is very authentic. I think they talk a bit about it on wikipedia, I think it was in Victoria and most of the extras were actual locals. While that might seem obvious, it is like I said, you will get the idea but the details that really make the 'feel' of the setting are better if you are familiar with them. In some ways, Mad Max 1 is like a film version of Australian Impressionism.
No. 22214
771 kB, 1382 × 2048
76 kB, 600 × 400
33 kB, 1264 × 528
53 kB, 1264 × 528
In fact, the film spends very little time on wrestling and just follows the fading celebrity trying to cope with the problems formula + some family drama. No surprise that Nicolas Cage was offered the role of the main character but turned it down, so instead they chose Mickey Rourke. Rourke performed quite well in the most important emotional scenes, what a shame that he didn't even get an Oscar nomination for this.

I was shocked when I looked at the body of this 40 year old "granny" whose striptease didn't want to watch the guys. She has a decent looking face and a goddamn goddess tier body, the woman looks better than 90% of 20 year old girls.

No. 22215
Marisa Tomei? Yeah, she's literally kino in female format.

I just use excel.

I second this.

Kids in the Hall had its moments though.

No. 22238
222 kB, 1085 × 1600
She looks incredibly sick and used nowadays. Her eyes haunt me. Seriously look at more recent photos of her. There's something really spooky in her eyes that I can't quite fathom. It almost makes me think she joined some type of a Satanic Hollywood cult that has degraded her at all levels. It isn't just the thousand dick stare or drug abuse or something like that I don't think. There's just a deep well of sadness, despair, and haunting I cannot understand. Or idk. Something just looks incredibly wrong and sad there, even, idk what.
No. 22258
809 kB, 1176 × 811
Starbucks is expanding into new markets.
No. 22316
710 kB, 1894 × 2914
399 kB, 1920 × 1080
47 kB, 336 × 500
1,9 MB, 613 × 257, 0:02
So I watched Mad Max 2 (1981) & Escape from LA (1996) last week on the big TV again, that was pretty fun. Both great action movies, Escape from LA somewhat more gimmicky of course.

Well, I think your analysis it pretty much correct, I just really appreciate how cutting edge FX are used in this movie to make it uniquely something from the 21st century, while also maintaining great plot and characters. It's definitely far from the first Mad Max movie, but then again iirc that was more of an "origin story" before the complete collapse and I think when you compare it with e.g. 2nd movie Fury Road is not that dissimilar, just more high octane

For more: https://www.reddit.com/r/Piracy/wiki/megathread#wiki_vii._movies.2Fseries_.28streaming.29
If you dare, try Leonflix, it's an app that crawls various video hosting sites: https://leonflix.net/

Personally, I torrent most of my movies through https://rutracker.org though
No. 22340
226 kB, 1592 × 796
If you like the over the top aspect of Fury Road, I highly recommend Tank Girl. It's probably one of my favourite films. It's not really a 'good' movie but it's top ebin. It really oozes character. Pretty typical of a flop turned cult classic though.
No. 22346
Shit, I loved that and then forgot about it. Always wanted to read the comics after watching the film. I was like 12 years old when I watched it, secretly at night zapping through the TV channels, stumbling upon the intro sequence of Tank Girl, my pubescent self was immediately drawn in.
No. 22658
93 kB, 777 × 437
So this is first shot of "Star Trek Picard" series.
What do you expect? Since I seen many people from "discovery" team and Kurtzman as lead - I expecting this to be absolute shit. And if it will have cross with discovery, or will ever metion this "discovery" it will be absolute fail.

Only hope is that they learned they mistake and now will try at least follow continiuty. On this first pic of show I see First TNG movie/EarlyDS9/Voyager time uniform. Hovever, this is very strange already, since with end of DS9/TNG movies since first contact they already have different uniform.
No. 22684
they show tisser and it basicly don't show ANYTHING. Just picard, he is on vineyards and blah blah blah.
I want to see tech, uniforms, ships, races in details, at least briefly - I want conformation that it will be not discovery 2.0
No. 22871
I recommend Warrior. The 19th century San Fransisco Chinatown Set Design is amazing.

Barry is on par with breaking bad.
No. 22873
I'm completely dissapointed by Warrior.
No. 22878
What is a good show to watch about S-P-A-C-E? I've seen or tried watching already Star Trek TNG etc, Firefly, The Expanse, Farscape, I dont know if Stargate would count, and I haven't seen it since I was a kid so maybe I should try watching Babylon 5 again. How is Battlestar Galactica? Isnt it basically space Mormons vs the robots? What are some other good shows? Or a documentary would also be welcome I guess as long as it isnt shit like Greek hair man talking ancient aliens. Haven't found a really great docu on exoplanets yet. Other good space TV shows ernst would recommend?
No. 22881
BSG was easily the best space-show of the 00s. It's less Mormany and more gritty in the sense that the naval officers behave more like they should.

Space: Above and Beyond is also criminally neglected.
No. 22883
Battlestar galactica 1978 is good. Pure classic with great effects for series and almost on-going plot. https://youtu.be/vzyHxYxc-Mo New one... tried to watch it, was below mediacore for me. I want try to watch Lexx, seen it only when was a kid.
Stargate is nice series. Start from 1993 movie and then watch SG-1. 1st season is not best but then it going better.
No. 22885
Space above and beyond is good. If you can find it. They are embarrassed of it because it is good and they only made one season. I think some of the guys who made it were involved in making X-files and Millennium.
No. 22949
48 kB, 704 × 384
40 kB, 704 × 384
26 kB, 704 × 384
63 kB, 704 × 384
Watched The Hourglass Sanatorium. It's somewhat close to Carnival of Souls and Jacob's Ladder, but much less creepy and much more surreal. Due to its weirdness, there could be no single correct interpretation; some even see it as an allusion to the Holocaust. I would recommend it if you're interested in a bizarre but at the same time beautiful non-conventional "horror" movie.
No. 23106
96 kB, 265 × 380
Do contemporary Noir movies exist? And I don't mean movies from the 20xx that are set in 194x but contemporary films set in the present but are noir styled or have a noir plot with noir aesthetics.
No. 23107
Yes, they are called neo-noir, I guess?
No. 23108
271 kB, 730 × 516
115 kB, 980 × 653
202 kB, 640 × 905
I've been to this Japanese movie festival and want to plug this movie called We Are Little Zombies (2019): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qjOEQattO4
Would definitely recommend if you get the chance to see it. It's an adventure movie about four kids who lost their parents yet can't feel sad about it. It's chock-full of dark humor, great music and very creative fast-paced directing (quite a lot of references to video games, too). The only criticism is that it drags on a bit too long at some points, and while it's still entertaining throughout, it just exhausts you at some point. Still, really looking forward to what the director will brew up next, he seems like a pretty crazy guy, and for his first feature film that was really impressive.

Another movie I've seen was the manga adaptation Inuyashiki (2018) but that was really bad. Extremely uninspired and cringy. The only redeeming quality was that the language used was so simple and dialogues were delivered so slowly, it's probably a good movie to learn Japanese.

Nice snapshots, I've been meaning to watch this one for a while too.

Many contemporary movies have at least some noir elements. The first (and newest) movie that comes to mind for me is the new Blade Runner 2049. Sin City (2005) & Brick (2005) stick very true to the noir formula while being set in the present, to the point of being gimmicky but probably still enjoyable.

Check out this list maybe: https://letterboxd.com/lander/list/best-neo-noir/
& this one has some more Asian movies: https://letterboxd.com/fight_professor/list/neo-noir/
No. 23110
>Blade Runner 2049. Sin City (2005) & Brick (2005) stick very true to the noir formula while being set in the present, to the point of being gimmicky but probably still enjoyable.

I watched Brick many years ago and really liked it, the others sound gimmicky to me. I lately watched the first Blade Runner, it was alright, but not the Noir I'm looking for. I probably want European Noir. I watched some neo-noir film lists, the ones about white trash US sounded interesting but most of them don't seem to fit the settings I am imagining. I don't want any cops being involved in something but Joe Average carrying a dark secret or getting pulled into some criminal shit. Nice long shots, scenery and good dialogs.
No. 23117
Check out the Simon Brenner series with Josef Hader maybe, it leans more toward comedy but definitely has the "Average Joe" factor. Trailer for the newest (4th) movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlM0cbsn4PE
Refn's Pusher trilogy comes to mind as well; I guess it's more regular bleak "crime drama", but it might fit in terms of cinematography/aesthetics.
No. 23149
Sin City seems like that and it is pretty gimmicky with a clear mind for a bydlo audience but still it's pretty good. Very good noir film conversion of comic book to movie format without being anywhere near like usual capeshit and a good story told through vignettes with good aesthetic.
No. 23245
606 kB, 1000 × 1500
Just watched episode 1 of a new historic police/crime series called City On a Hill, playing in early 90s in Boston.
Promising so far.
No. 23274
Apparently The Man in the High Castle had season 3 come out awhile ago. This is the nice thing about not paying attention. Shows get released you had no idea happened. What are some really good shows playing now? Better Call Saul still hasn't released the new season yet.
No. 23279
I was binge watching Stephen Chow's filmography (the director of Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle) and one particular scene in Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons got pissed me off. At first I thought that it's all just a coincidence, but with each new second while I watched the movie it became clearer that the director completely ripped off one very cool looking scene from Asura's Wrath and even made it look worse. Here's a comparison of scenes from the film and the game.


The movie itself is quite weak and its heavy reliance on cheap CG in the final sequences make the scenes unbearably embarrasing. Even CG scenes in the Russian movies in the mid 00s looked better than that abomination produced in 2013.
No. 23332
Good 80s touch but too much focus on race relations using a modern lense.
No. 23467
87 kB, 716 × 480
73 kB, 716 × 480
79 kB, 716 × 480
81 kB, 716 × 480
It's a shame that this pilot never got turned into a full show. It's funny (in a darkly humorous way), it has a great animation and visual style and the soundtrack is cool. I guess it's just too expensive to produce a whole series of such quality, but couldn't they just make a feature-length animated movie of this pure awesomeness? I'm certain it would be very popular.
No. 23468
Yeah, know about it. Funny thing, it was heavy-metal but with more humor and irony. Sadly, project costed too long. If you interested, Tartakovsky now working on new project which different thing, but I think you may be interested in something like this
No. 23469
Looks cool, but it's just pure action, from what I gather? I liked Korgoth because it's a comedy, and Primal seems to have much more serious mood. It also reminds me of the Soviet Mowgli cartoon a little bit. It's good to see that 2D cartoons are making a comeback, though, and not in an overly simplified style of Adventure Time and Steven Universe or stiff animations of Metalocalypse and Archer.
No. 23572
Well, two days ago, I broke the ice, and watched an American movie for the first time from start to finish in god knows how many years.
So, I watched Interstellar, and I'm pressed to say, I'm impressed. It's good. It deserves the title Film-epic in my opinion. Though I was a disappointed at how they forced the happy ending in the end, instead of going through with the Adam-Eve motif with two of the astronauts surviving and rebuilding humanity, but then again, it's a Hollywood movie made for the US market, you can't challenge an American's mind. (And if we consider it, the whole thing was built up as a loop from the get go, so now I'm just blaming the movie for not meeting my structural expectations.) That's why it had a dual finale: One for brainlets (100 IQ), and one for the people with the above average IQ of 105 :^)
Naturally, I'm talking about the adrenaline filled scene with the docking and organ music as the ship is spinning, and the "smart finale" was the scene inside the black hole, transcending the 4th dimension
I like it when a character transcends his humanity and gains deeper understanding, changing the world in the process. I liked the black hole scene for the same reason I liked Evangelion.

It's a great movie. I'd wholeheartedly recommend it.
No. 23583
40 kB, 817 × 510
137 kB, 1200 × 800
A girl is raised inside an underground facility by an AI controlled robot called "Mother",
designed to repopulate the earth following an exticntion event. The unique bond between
the two different beings is threatened after a second human appears.
No. 23594

interesting premise and pics but I'm not very convinced by trailer
No. 23596
79 kB, 475 × 667
>Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil

The plot is based on the ancient folk tale of a blacksmith who sells his soul only to then reneged on the bargain. It's a Basque film so you have to be in the mindset of a feature length short movie but if you'll like it if you liked Pan's Labyrinth (only replace the Spanish civil war with the First Carlist War).

Ignore the ratings online. The reviews seem to be bitching about it ending where it does when anything else would only ruin it.
No. 23613
Oh that looks really interesting, thanks.
No. 23622
Cool. Will watch tonight.
(@Germlings: Its on Netflix. Dubbed or OT)
No. 23632

The trailer shows too much of the plot.
No. 24203
93 kB, 1280 × 532
75 kB, 1280 × 532
95 kB, 1280 × 532
106 kB, 1280 × 532
Initially I've been apprehensive since it's an American production about Japan but this was hands down the best movie I've seen in a while. Captivating tragic story about giri("burden of obligation") with lots of twists (written by Paul Schrader who also wrote Taxi Driver & directed/wrote the Mishima (1985) movie), colorful analog cinematography, tense action scenes with great swordfighting & great acting particularly by the two leads Robert Mitchum and Ken Takakura.
It was quite refreshing to see a serious take on the yakuza since in most recent media they are often portrayed as comically over-the-top & ridiculous.
No. 24204
125 kB, 1280 × 536
94 kB, 1280 × 536
80 kB, 1280 × 536
140 kB, 1280 × 536
>Lee Chang-dong, former minister of culture of Korea and novelist, the guy himself writes the scrypt for his movies. Not every country is so lucky to have such talented people as ministers.
Can't help but be impressed by people who manage to succeed in multiple areas.
I've watched his newest now, first movie of his I've seen though I've had some of his others on my watchlist for a while.

It was quite a treat visually & there was some really moody scenes with music so it flowed quite well and didn't feel like it was too long despite of 2.5 hrs of runtime. The story was initially quite intriguing and definitely touched on many contemporary topics such as alienation & unemployment etc. but I feel like in the end it was a bit of a letdown, it lacked some "punch". Still an awesome movie, would definitely recommend.
No. 24580
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ1aiK-MivQ

The story is actually kind of reminiscent of Fight Club, however it's presented quite loosely and also much more experimental visually.
Definitely a treat in terms of cinematographic effects, as already known from the director (& actor) Shinya Tsukamoto's chef d'oeuvre Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989). Particularly the vignettes showing off the inhumane Ballardian skyscrapers & landscapes of the urban sprawl were memorable, also the completely overdone wound make-up. The movie also features similar themes of alienation, violence & body modification.
Sadly, the pacing is a bit of a letdown and after the initial set-up unfolds there isn't a lot happening. However it's not as bad since the movie is just under 1.5 hrs long. Would definitely recommend if you're into weird & violent movies.
No. 24582
Nice. I want to watch movies again. Might be one of those two. Do you have an eye on contemporary Chinese cinema?

The trailer of Tokyo Fist reminded me on me current readings of philosophy and horror a bit, since the trailer was rather affective as good horror has to be. Probably more eerie than horror that movie is tho. Yet crashing boundaries is what both might have in common.
No. 24587
>Do you have an eye on contemporary Chinese cinema?
Not really, but at least AFAIK there's not that much interesting stuff for obvious reasons, mostly just blockbusters. There have been a lot of awesome movies coming out of Hongkong and Taiwan in the 80s & 90s though: Hou Hsiao-hsien, Ming-liang Tsai, Wong Kar-wai & John Woo would be the greats to recommend, and there's also lots of lesser known stuff.
The only recent mainland Chinese movie I can think of is Black Coal, Thin Ice (2014) that won at the Berlinale & got some hype but really it was just a solid crime thriller as they are a dime a dozen in Korean cinema especially. Another animated Chinese movie that I've been meaning to watch, that has been banned in China, is Have A Nice Day (2017). Jia Zhangke is a director that gets namedropped quite a bit.
Maybe I should read up a bit more on Chinese cinema actually, it interests me as well.

>The trailer of Tokyo Fist reminded me on me current readings of philosophy and horror a bit, since the trailer was rather affective as good horror has to be.
Yeah, it'd definitely fit right into the whole discourse, though Tetsuo: The Iron Man is the classic of course in regards to this body-horror & technology fetishism theme.
No. 24588
I've seen Fallen Angels, Chunking Express and
My Blueberry Nights by Kar-wai, especially the first was great. Aesthetically pleasing, which is why I will watch Toyko Fist tonight I think. I'm not a cinephile tho always interested in more independent stuff ofc. Yet I don't want to watch a b/w tonight or anything with quite some length as Burning. I rather slowly grasp the narrative and aesthetic potential of film, sadly.
Nothing more independent coming out of China? I've seen this thriller with the coal and the body parts, is it Black Coal? I liked it.
No. 24589
Got around to watching Choomah Island 3. It was pretty good tbh. A deece end the series.
No. 24595
187 kB, 727 × 582
Perhaps no Tokyo Fist tonight, the streams are not working. Did you download it or stream?
No. 24597
41 kB, 544 × 288
19 kB, 544 × 288
45 kB, 544 × 288
30 kB, 544 × 288
Fallen Angels is great for sure. Would also recommend Rebels of the Neon God to you, it has similar Asian metropolis aesthetics, but it's a bit more bleak.
>I've seen this thriller with the coal and the body parts, is it Black Coal? I liked it.
That's it yeah. Tho it seems like half of those more artsy movies have something to do with rural towns, coal mines and violence :D
>Nothing more independent coming out of China?
I'll let you know when I learn more.
Btw incidentally stumbled upon this magazine on China, maybe it's related to your interests: https://logicmag.io/07-china/
I got it off rutracker in HD, you can get a lower res version from e.g. piratebay
No. 24599
Looks good, I will look for a stream :DDD

>ru, piratebay

Never used them, only sharehosting I've experienced the first rapidshare gui ever and later streams in my youth and early twens

>logic mag

Wow, that looks super interesting! In recent years my interest in China reached new peaks. Not sure if I will put it on my list of readings, it's bursting already, I want to finish around 15-20 books until October, which is unrealistic I guess, given that I have to write two papers as well.
No. 24603
372 kB, 1916 × 1076
293 kB, 1916 × 1076
168 kB, 1916 × 1076
586 kB, 1916 × 1076
So I ended up watching this Chinese animated movie. It's a dark comedy with a bunch of more or less odd characters and storylines around a stolen bag of money interspersing and coming together at the end (à la Snatch and similar movies).
The stiff animation style takes some getting used to but it's well executed with many detailed stills. The almost complete lack of music (except for a randomly inserted surreal sequence depicting the dreams of some side characters) underlines the austerity of the Chinese underclass that makes up most of the cast. The story is nothing too ambitious, but the characters are quite interesting and the comically philosophical dialogues feel very on point. Sadly, the movie ends somewhat abruptly at just a bit over 1hr of runtime.

>Never used them, only sharehosting I've experienced the first rapidshare gui ever and later streams in my youth and early twens
Well, it can get difficult to find somewhat rarer movies without torrenting.
No. 24606
>Well, it can get difficult to find somewhat rarer movies without torrenting.

True, especially old ones. Newer independent stuff that is more acclaimed with cinephile people already can often be found tho. At least a year or two back when alluc.ee somehow a stream search egine was still open, I found many films from film lists. There exists a follow up but it did not had Tokyo Fist e.g.

I watched Rebels of the Neon God btw. on a russian streaming page without any subs tho, but they weren't that necessary anyway. A good film about the lives of big city dwellers.
No. 24684
39 kB, 720 × 400
58 kB, 720 × 400
58 kB, 720 × 400
29 kB, 720 × 400
Pretty interesting post-fallout grotesque from Poland dealing with the power of superstition/religion & difficulties of social organization. The social/psychological commentary was a bit too on-the-nose but it still had some nice visuals & sub-plots even if the crappy quality of the rip really didn't help to distinguish details in the very monochrome sets. The camera work had me excited at the beginning with some neat following shots of the protagonist wading through the unwashed masses reminiscent of Hard to Be a God (2013) but the rest of the movie didn't quite live up to that.
>The Ark does not exist and will never arrive.
>Don't believe in hearsay, witchcraft and superstitions.
>Your today and tomorrow is only in your hands.

>I watched Rebels of the Neon God btw. on a russian streaming page without any subs tho, but they weren't that necessary anyway.
Nice, kudos for watching it without subs!
No. 24700
>kudos for watching it without subs!

It's a new experience, since you don't have to concentrate on that, without understanding the 'details' but you get other things to concentrate on then.

Do you have any pdfs of the Logic Issues? I bought the one about China to get an impression of the magazine, since a few issues really sparked my interest. But the three possible downloads all stopped after a few seconds and they have not respond to my email so far. Fo the print issue they say they are on holiday until January, but Emails... c'mon wtf? I payed $5, I can expect the servers to be ok.
No. 24714
Trailer for Netflix' Witcher series is out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSqi-8kAMmM

It's 105% Hollywood, the extra 5% is for using british english to make it seem "foreign" to murricans.
I know you shouldn't curse something based on a teaser trailer, but fuck me this has no slavic vibe to it at all.
Also, Geralt looks like a C-movie cast trying to resemble the Geralt of 'Witcher 3' (the game), which was already far away from his description in the books.

In other words: Meh, not surprising, ignore.
No. 24806
>Do you have any pdfs of the Logic Issues?
Nope, sorry. I was just reading some of the articles that are available online. Hope they'll get back to you!
No. 24807
They send me an email, about 36h after I sent mine. But I'm satisfied now, they don't have their own servers and the new download possibility worked perfectly. The issue is good, I'm halfway through. A very good magazine quality. I thought it would be more academic, but it's more journalistic, yet keeping the bar high enough.
Will definitely buy some other issue within the next months.
No. 25296
157 kB, 1280 × 720
2,1 MB, 2100 × 1135
Got to see movies by Sergei Dvortsevoy, a Kazakh-Russian director.
His recent film, Ayka, got much praise and acclaim, and I must say it's a kino of amazing power. It was in production for 6 (six!) years.

It tells a story of Kyrgyz woman who tries to survive in Moscow and remain true to herself against all odds. It's a sad and humanistic movie.

His other full-length work is Tulpan, made in 2008. Hard to describe its genre. It follows attempts of a young Kazakh to become a chaban (steppe shepherd), and to succeed he has to marry a girl. Thing is, there is only one girl in 300 km.

A comedy, a drama, again a comedy - it's a story about a steppe and tiny people that dwell in it with their tiny dreams and aspirations.
Would recommend this movie to Kazakh-loving Aussie if he is still around here. Very aesthetically pleasing images of magnificent Steppe there.
No. 25301
49 kB, 800 × 450
Tulpan is fucken awesome. I love that movie.
No. 25354
This is looking brilliant, thank you for the recommendation.
No. 25690
18 kB, 261 × 382
Rewatched Mean Machine. It's a British remake of the Longest Yard. Ebin film. Vinnie Jones as lead is great and he fits it like a fucken glove (for those not in the know, he is a former professional football player famous for rough play that was borderline on-field hooliganism, and getting booked mere seconds into a match).
No. 25694
I just watched Bone Tomahawk. Not sure what to think yet, but I do want to recommend it as it did get the atmosphere right and kept me on the edge of my seat.
It's a western setting mixed with horror and slasher elements. Interesting characters, weird plot.

Would watch again/10.
No. 25699
I will watch Evil Dead 1 and 2 tonight.
I got popcorn and will use it.
Rate my plan.
No. 25703
Evil Dead are ebin, popcorn is disgusting.
No. 25756 Kontra

Popcorn is super comfy and practical. Just drag & drop any magnet link on it and you can start watching.
No. 25829
22 kB, 474 × 315
79 kB, 1080 × 1080
227 kB, 2048 × 1151
1,4 MB, 1916 × 1224
superficially about an 80s serial killer, but it's also an allegory of JQ. first incident symbolizes europe until 19th century, #2 is early 20th century america, #3 is boomer era, #4 victim is a sort of philip roth confession about present era, #5 and finale is how 21st century will play out. the victims become gradually less suspicious and he becomes gradually more up-front and openly sadistic with more power.

von trier lets the killer drive a red hippie-van thoughout the whole movie, compares him with autistic glenn gould and bob dylan and lets him praise postmodern and posthuman aesthetics. many other details that support a redpilled interpretation. all of the usual critics that i looked up afterwards didn't touch any of this.
No. 25830
Looks superbly interesting tbh, will add to my list.

Last films I've seen:
Mississippi Burning, Yojimbo, Sanjuro, Harakiri and Bone Tomahawk.

I can recommend all of them, though all are in the category of 'Don't watch if not currently in the mood for this genre'.
Don't have much time right now, but if any of those are on someones list and they want to know more, ask and I shall answer within the week.
No. 25831
Rewatched all Alien movies except Prometheus and Covenant

Alien 1 and Aliens(2) have just horrible character development, most characters are just grotesque stereotypes. Visual design though is still top notch.
Alien 3 (extended) is greatly underrated, first half is very good, ending is garbage. Got some Leviathan (2014) vibes.
Alien Resurrection(4) is underrated but has shitty story. It is not that bad.

Also it feels like the universe could be split into 2 parts:
Alien, Aliens, A:R (horror and action oriented, classical movie themes)
Alien 3, Prometheus, Covenant (emotions oriented and religious, ignoring other movies)
No. 25844

mhhh, seems I have to watch the film a second time and compare it to your interpretation.
No. 25856
Original Alien is one of the best science fiction movies. I don't know what you call about "bad characters" - it is litteraly story about rusty space truck with some team of very ordinary people. All dialogues and conversations feels real and natural from how generaly they talk and act - not like actors who play, but like real people - most of which not very smart. I think scene of dinner before the birth is mine favorite in this regard. Characters can't change ir evolve or show us their "deep iternal world" since overall event is too short, but we given enough background to belive that they are not background but actual people, characters - and there kind of too much of them, but this works, and works better than it "The Thing" for example, althrought "The Thing" is exellent movie too.
Combination of characters based on real, averege people, rusty-dirty science fiction but very belivable enivorment created pure opposite to fairy-tale of classic clean and heroic science fiction. Because this movie feels very real - this is not starship enterprise with cardboad bright walls - no, you can feel everything, get into situation very seriously, and add to that realism to got this horrific dark technological maze as claustraphobic place, blackness of space around and one of the most strongest ambient soundtrack ever made. And all parts of movie works on this single idea of complex psyhological horror that tell absoluetly science-fictiony story, but same time feels as real, as possible.

Third movie problem... well at first it was mean to be set in millions years in future where monks flyung on spherical wooden ships - this I'd watch lol. But well, how it ended it was nice too. I clearly get what director aimed it and multiple times watched regular and director's cut version. But oh boy director's cut version is long and a lot of this scenes is pointless - and this is problem of movie. It trying to build concretic atmosphere, but most of this elements don't really needed and same time I feel like something missing from film to complete this overall picture. Feel of prison also in places felt unnatural - yes, director kind of wated to shift to emotional aspect - and while he sucseeded in some places... in other eeh. Mine favorite parts of movie is again awesome ambient soundtrack, scenes with storm over Fury 151, also ending - I absoluetly love desighn of soldiers and people from corporation. He trying hard to make something unusual, something in concretic style of no-so-generoc future instead of 2nd movie "u.s.of.a. marines in spess" and I feel sad that we don't get more of it instead.
4th movie was directed by french director as I know and you clearly see it from a start. It trying to build your science fiction world and give back to it instead of just making some situation with abstract background, so you need tune up into mood to expect parts that may remind you fifth element, Jodarovsky's comic books, Riddic movies. Stylish rustiy future that gone too future, so in places it feels like fantasy and already go into "warhammer" category of future. And it feels really great - I'd not call this movie "dumb", it just gave some crazy scenes and world and you got what you need to expect, but it is also "universe" you want more stories in.

Promwtheus... err, this movie don't have any real "deepnes" like it trying to show and besides it there not much really complex - exept maybe some "black goo + vore" fetish but in rest it not very complex science fiction movie with pseudo-philosophical background "oh what if we was created by ayyliens and we will find this ayyliens?" and some scenes in it as you know not very smart. Covenant already have a lot really idiotic scenes, almost modern disney tier plot elements mixed with even more amounts of pointless pseudo philosopy and movie trying to sell it by "nostalgia" on original alien. Pathetic, this movie remind me Terminator Genesis. I'd rather than this 2 last movies better take Alien vs. Predator movies and vidja games, thanks.
No. 25858
Prometheus was fucking awful. It is basically "dumb Murrican teenagers go to a cabin in the woods and get killed by some shit", only in S-P-A-C-E. Because of it I lost any desire to watch Covenant, and now I have a serious suspicion that Ridley Scott is actually a talentless hack, and that the success of his movies should really be attributed to other people around him, like Dan O'Bannon or Hampton Fancher.
No. 25860
Well covenant worse, much worse. You may watch it for laught.
Exeacly, same way as George Lucas. Hos original ideas and stories is complete shit. Eithout directors, artists, soacial effect creators and scenarists his Star Wars was not how they ended, but some random cheap trash science fiction nobody remember about exept "best of the worst".
And his prequels is lame attempt of directly copying ideas from Expanded universe authors.
No. 25890
I have no idea what even the fucking point of that movie was. I didn't even know about Covenant but saw the one scene where he basically virus bombs the giants because...fucking why again? There wasnt a single goddamn thing that made any sense. Even the alien vs predator franchise which itself can be pretty awful made infinitely more sense than whatever the hell those movies were. Prometheus and Covenant is basically the Bethesda version of the original alien movies. The last real Alien was Alien 3 which frankly wasn't bad. I don't know why everyone likes to bitch about it so much.

As for the prison planet it also basically makes sense. It's like a barren planet wide version of Australia except even an aussie convict can theoretically build a boat even if no way in hell is he ever making it back to England on his own. Here I really doubt those convicts are ever going to build an entire freaking spaceship to escape and besides even if they did take over the prison what are they supposed to do? I don't think the planet can even grow food.

It certainly made a lot more sense than Alien 2 at least. I mean, it's a prison colony. Who gives a shit what happens to them? Not like anyone is going to notice or get the call for help. Meanwhile taking out not just a whole colony but then risking an entire platoon of space marines along with a traumatized and pissed off corporate worker is just asking for causing this huge scandal and losing control of the situation. It was a neat movie but the whole plot of first building a colony there (which also means absolutely paying out the ass for it) and then sending in a bunch of marines all seemed way too fantastic and unrealistic. At least if they could get said sole living witness to Nostromo infected and then liquidating everyone else due to a mysterious "plague" or whatever would make sense. It was also more of a fun movie that didnt need to rely on pants on head retarded plot holes, like "let's send in a bunch of marines" "now let's take the weapons from all the marines because YOLO" "now let's have a couple marines manage to hide bullets and spray wildly because YOLO some more and pretend nicking the coolant in a nuclear reactor will cause an actual fusion bomb explosion because we need more tension." The whole stupid thing of that movie was IQ89 laziness on the part of screenwriters probably also because some asshole suit Hollywood equivalent of EA meddling decided it should be more like an action movie FPS shitfest than survival horror. At least Aliens 3 was an actual survival horror that was tonally consistent with the first one, not Rambo in space.
No. 25904
Covenant is good though.
Prometheus was a mistake, with that I can agree, but Covenant is a very decent movie if you can avoid comparing it to original movies
No. 26105
116 kB, 1280 × 1280
I watched Deadpool I&II recently and i liked it.

Favourite quote: "I'll get timeboy, he loves killing kids!"

t. connoiseur of capeshit, light entertainment and also a pleb
No. 26114
Even though they claim Deadpool was a passion project, I don't see any credit given to Kickass, which showed a capeshit film can be dark and humorous.
Super (2010) was funny as hell.
Where I do not regard Deadpool as funny, it had funny moments but balanced the right amount of emotion with humour and violence, the sequel stands up better than most other sequels, not a particular fan, but worth a watch.
It unfortunately led to Suicide Squad and other shit trying to copy the tone, which failed.
No. 26148
In alm honesty I've seen two capeshit things that were good, and those are The Dark Knight and a couple XMEN movies. Days of Future Past was really good, and the one set in the Cold War wasnt bad either. I do remember seeing one that was terrible though. Or maybe it was a few and they blur together into one capeshit mass.

Speaking of comic book stuff, has anyone seen Preacher? Is the show any good?
No. 26177
237 kB, 367 × 357
193 kB, 716 × 480
Just watched this adaptation of a Kafka short story. It was okay, really nothing special. The main point was the animation itself, which was Experimental, but I just probably don't get it. (Or it's just simply not my cup of tea. It's gritty and intentionally crude, it reminds me of some Pilotredsun animations, weirdly enough.)
Besides the wacky, surreal animation, it follows the source material word-for-word.
Honestly, if it wasn't Kafka, I wouldn't really care for it.
No. 26184
What’s your deal? Why do you come here to harass via shitpost an actually decent poster?
No. 26187
I remember watching when it was paired with Walking Dead, and I liked Preacher more. I would recommend it.

>A Country Doctor.
Since I like experimental animation, I searched for this on Youtube. It's definitely surreal. I think the director was trying to create a dream-like feeling, where there the viewer had no solid and reliable visual footing. Maybe that was to convey the doctor's lack of control; they were the new priests and people expected them to magically fix things. At least that's how I interpretted it.