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No. 15089
19 kB, 544 × 288
122 kB, 1280 × 694
58 kB, 704 × 528
39 kB, 712 × 564
Let's talk about kino

Old thread: >>44
No. 15109
214 kB, 1920 × 936
Do you use IMDb or Letterboxd to log/rate what you're watching?

I've recently ported over my watchlist and ratings to Letterboxd since they made the import feature available for free users now and they also finally released an Android app by now

It has a pretty nice UX and there's more options for sorting, but I also miss the old-school appeal and layout of IMDb, e.g. I can't fathom why they decided to put the average rating of a movie below the fold since it's usually a major indicator what to expect of a movie

Anyhow, if you want to check it out: https://letterboxd.com/
No. 15134
12,6 MB, 640 × 360, 3:35
only reason to own a tv/netflix account

song: DLZ - TV On The Radio
No. 15147
No. 15161
80 kB, 513 × 604
Absolutely not.

I keep my data in a disk drive, to myself.

And to you :3
No. 15162
1,2 MB, 1991 × 3000
<3 I got asleep but me do love
No. 15172
84 kB, 1152 × 480
72 kB, 1152 × 480
59 kB, 1152 × 480
45 kB, 1152 × 480
Once again, I was tricked. By the name and year, I was expecting some bad-ass western. Instead I got some light-hearted prison slice-of-life fun. At least until some point, after that it got darker and darker and I was actually close to shedding some tears at the end.

Reminded me a lot of One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.
No. 15174
111 kB, 1152 × 480
92 kB, 1152 × 480
101 kB, 1152 × 480
76 kB, 1152 × 480
Also, I set up my controller with Antimicro so now I can screencap all the Sexy Car Washing Scenes from afar
No. 15337
12 kB, 182 × 268
Been watching the Polish political-thriller series 1983. It's a pretty good so far, set in an alternate universe where terrorist attacks in 1983 led to the people identifying with party again so that the cold war never ended. It is a bit >Polish in the sense that some terrorists attacks in Poland somehow averted the near collapse of the entire communist world and despite being set in 2003 everything feels cyber-punk but you can get into it.

Netflix had to get creative on the diversity for this so half the population is Vietnamese
No. 15521
>It's a pretty good so far
That's interesting, Polish reviews are generally pretty bad
No. 15522
17 kB, 274 × 184
Guys can anyone remember a depressing russian movie about a school aged girl that isn't Lilya 4 ever? I remember someone mentioned this film on old KC so I read the summary but never actually watched it. The only details I can remember are that a Russian girl with some kind of disability gets taken advantage of by people whom she thinks of as friends, and that it's really sad. I repeat, the movie I'm thinking of is not Lilya 4 ever

thanks ernst
No. 15538
No. 15545
124 kB, 1028 × 558
121 kB, 1028 × 558
111 kB, 1028 × 558
190 kB, 1028 × 558
Rewatched this one yesterday. It's an extremely well done Korean murder mystery thriller based on a true still unsolved case.

Cinematography (esp. the way foreground and background are used), acting, music, everything is top notch.
Stays suspenseful until they very end, but also lots of humourous scenes.
Definitely a must-watch.
No. 15546
Yep, this is a masterpiece.
Here is one short but insightful analysis of the cinematography (no spoilers): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4seDVfgwOg
No. 15547
20 kB, 240 × 223
Is Igor allowed on this board?
No. 15552
Igors? No.

Anonymous quebec posters who might or might not be Igors due to lack of displaying their identities? Possibly.
No. 15554 Kontra
I have long suspected that at least one of the shitposters was just an Igor alter ego. The worst posters on KC were probably the Canadians and Quebec had the absolute worst shitposters of anybody by far.

So basically no. If you actually wanted to talk about things like art, photography, historical fashion trends that would be great. But somehow I doubt that's what you mena.
No. 15610
Being exposed to Canadians on the internet made me despise Canada as an entity.

It's like a soulless version of the US. The US is very polarized in that a lot of terrible shit happens there, but also a lot of amazing culture and art comes from there (unironically).

Canada has all the dehumanizing, nihilistic modernity of the New World, but none of the soulful contemplation that comes with it.

Just look at their cultural output. Fucking johny test and total drama island, fuck you nickelodeon for making me watch that shit.
No. 15616
As much as I dislike all that bullshit talk about "soul" and whatnot, in this case I mostly agree with you. Canada is the land of the victorious eudemonism. But maximizing happiness isn't necessary the best way to live, and it's more than likely that you will just end up in cultural stagnation if you actively pursue it. Sure, if asked where would they rather live, in Canada or in the US, most people would say Canada (myself included), but what would they rather watch, or read, or listen to, hmm?

Nonetheless, Canada does spawn some quality contributors to the culture once in a blue moon, like (keeping with the threda theme here) that Cronenberg dude.
No. 15640
662 kB, 1900 × 1267
Most fiction I would not ever actually want to be in though. That's often part of what makes the stuff so interesting and exciting to look at. I think it's just that, how does the saying go, conflict is the engine of all drama or something, meaning that it is this constant cultural tension and deliberate conflict that creates it. Our country was by design set up to be in political and economic conflict constantly. I think by contrast a lot of Canadians just come across as really passive aggressive.
No. 15651
288 kB, 826 × 966
>Eudemonism definition, the doctrine that the basis of moral obligations is to be found in the tendency of right actions to produce happiness.


Dunno, I know a Canadian. He told me there is bad vibes, poverty and that Canadians eat trash
No. 15659
342 kB, 1535 × 2048
What do they say, without spoiling the ending?

You're looking too much into this. Canadians are just as fucking awful irl as online and I'd put it down to how they've remained provincial even as they built cities which carries with it something to prove.

How It's Made and Exotica are/were was pretty genius. Canada does make pretty good stuff occasionally but from a distance it is hard to differentiate them from Americans.
No. 15666
Well that last part is definitely true. To this day I am amazed that Kraft Mac n Cheese is Canadian. It is like the absolute epitome of garbage american food so much so I had always assumed it was because of us. But then I see their other stuff like Poutine and yeah, Canadian food is basically like America food minus any of the redeeming features or culinary inventions like Tex-Mex, Cajun, Southern BBQ and so on. And don't give me that shit about maple syrup and maple candies because we have Vermont. Dunno about bad vibes and poverty though because well I am pretty sure they have nothing comparable to us. I mean like even Trailer Park Boys is I think a very good indication of the differences between us. In America you have no idea what kind of soul crushing despair that environment is like. The closest Canada probably gets is the far southeast and southwest like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver just having cold shitty weather and lots of heroin.

I think when you look at US media it very clearly comes across just what level of violence and poverty and just general baddest of bad vibes we can be used to, like The Wire or Breaking Bad or something. But maybe that is part of what Kazakhstan meant, that we have more "soul" whatever that means which at this point I can safely assume translates to soul crushing poverty, despair, violence, and dystopia in a bleak land carving rivulets out of a soul where hope used to be.
No. 15679
Kraft Mac n Cheese IS American, it's just really really popular in Canada.

>but from a distance it is hard to differentiate them from Americans.
You can't even from up close, except for how they say the vowel in "about". Studies show that this one feature of Canadian English is actually being exaggerated more and more over time, as Canadians seek to have one thing which actually differentiates them from Americans.

The only unique cultures in Canada are those that don't speak English. People from BC just feel like Californians, people from the Rockies just feel like Midwesterners. Ontarians stand out mainly for being obnoxious cunts.
No. 15686
I heard a theory that all the really obnoxious ones come from Alberta
No. 15749
Albertans are just Midwesterners.

The problem is Ontario, which is the seat of what passes for high culture in Canada. To the extent that a Canadian is acculturated to this complex, they're cancer, no matter which province they're from, but normal people from other parts of Canada are usually free of the taint.
No. 15779
I thought Quebec was that? Isn't Toronto wait
>The cinema of Canada or Canadian cinema refers to the filmmaking industry in Canada. Canada is home to several film studios centres, primarily located in its three largest metropolitan centres: Toronto, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec and Vancouver, British Columbia. Industries and communities tend to be regional and niche in nature. Approximately 1,000 Anglophone-Canadian and 600 Francophone-Canadian feature-length films have been produced, or partially produced, by the Canadian film industry since 1911.
Oh ok for some reason I thought Toronto was also in Quebec and thought Montreal and Toronto was where all Canadian film was located.
No. 15816
Can't find anything as cool as Kill List.
No. 15820
Does anyone watch Parks and Recreation?
No. 15906
37 kB, 704 × 400
67 kB, 704 × 400
33 kB, 704 × 400
34 kB, 704 × 400
What a depressing movie. There was some great cinematography, and Kitano is stylish in the main role as usual, but the meandering plot based on the "Yakuza in America" gimmick felt forced and the sub-par acting, especially by the non-Japanese actors, somewhat ruined it. There was lots of violence but it was for the most part short and poignant, more like executions than usual action movie gunfighting. The dramatic music by Joe Hisaishi contrasted to some long silent scenes set a very solemn tone and in total the movie felt very nihilistic, as the writing and acting were too flat to convincingly convey human connections between the characters that might have given more meaning to the violence.
No. 16048
I don' want to post it in the documentary thread since it's film art also sound art

What is it? A posthuman desert in the future? The horror and terror of civilization?
At least an experience after which you can decide for yourself

No. 16051
Damn, I'm impressed. At the video that achieved to evoke so many emotions by such relatively simple methods and that I've actually sat through it.
Really creepy stuff, I was tense until finally some humans showed up.
It should be shown to people who claim that they hate people, I'm sure they would immediately stop praising the cold machine gods and become good humanists.

Reminded me a bit of this btw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LE3RlrVEyuo (though it's almost like watching MLP in comparison)
No. 16080
He has some other movies that deal with similar issues it seems. I clicked The balcony last night too, but didn't watch it as I was hyped with some texts then.

Your is an art project too, right? I remember it being mentioned in an article.
No. 16292
I've read the accompanying articles on ballardian.com in the meantime too, pretty interesting stuff. I can't imagine watching all those videos, and certainly not for fun, but I still decided to actually archive them on my HDD for good measure. There was also this other guy mentioned who has some interesting videos: https://vimeo.com/157567140

Yeah, it's by Hito Steyerl, some German-Japanese artist. I read about her in an article as well, on e-flux IIRC
No. 16297
> this other guy mentioned who has some interesting videos

Like that one. Tho I had a few problems understanding the Ligotti recitation. It reminded me on the concept of the non-identical. I'm not sure if I really know what it is tho.


Ha. We probably read the same article then.
No. 16311
79 kB, 508 × 755
133 kB, 1782 × 1048
30 kB, 620 × 372
44 kB, 620 × 372
The House That Jack Built, a film about a serial killer by Lars von Trier. Seemed to have caused some outrage in Cannes, angry people leaving the cinema etc.
I liked the acting and the gore but the more "artsy" aspects (like the narrator who seemed to be part of the inner dialog of the main protagonist or whatever) felt a bit out of place, to me at least.

Overall would recommend.
No. 16315

It was odd and interesting. Liked it too.
No. 16318
The narrator is a clear reference to the Divine Comedy. I think the whole part about hell was unnecessary, he shouldn't have poked the viewer with those meaningless references.
No. 16319
80 kB, 712 × 438
45 kB, 708 × 438
55 kB, 708 × 438
84 kB, 708 × 438
Loved this two-part Soviet adaptation of Hamlet. It was quite a different experience than reading the English text, much more solemn and dramatic. Though the text and content were abridged, I still felt like nothing was missing and enjoyed the Russian translation by Pasternak. The acting was first-class, even the extras did a great job which made the story all the more immersive. Additional dramatism was added through Shostakovich's great music. The intricate and authentic set and costume designs looked amazing in black and white. It was particularly impressive how the movie takes advantage of both theatrical blocking and dynamic, stylized movement as well as carefully orchestrated cinematography.

To be honest, I didn't even pay that much attention to the words, I mostly admired the video effects. I find it amazing when people achieve such an impressive effect with such simple means.
No. 16343
>To be honest, I didn't even pay that much attention to the words, I mostly admired the video effects.

Yes, I know what you mean. These effects make it in the end but they go hand in hand with what is said I think. They never match, just like you cannot be identical with yourself. Therefore you cannot be somebody. Just a short explaining, the experience is something different tbh. That's art.
No. 16345
Why do Russians switch around the G sounds with H sounds? It isn't like they don't around have an H sound.
No. 16347
From memory it's spoken vs written weirdness, mixed in with a bit of what was fashionable at the time of standardisation.
No. 16348
>spoken vs written weirdness
Yep, for some reason back then they used a transliteration system to represent foreign words instead of a transcription one, which would be much more suitable for everyday usage, because it gives the idea of the approximate pronunciation of the word. In my opinion, transliteration is only practical for linguistics specialists, mainly in the field of morphology. Still, could be worse, I've heard that at first they spelled Ivanhoe as Иванхое (ee-wun-ho-ye), but later changed it to much less ridiculous (but still not exactly precise) Айвенго.

Lately loaned neologisms tend to be mostly written as they are pronounced, but older words keep their traditional spelling. Even if someone decides to do a modern Shakespeare translation, I'm pretty sure that they will still call it Гамлет, not Хэмлет, because people just wouldn't understand.
No. 16357
Well the one show I looked forward to The Orville.
Disappointing first episode.
2nd episode another gay alien episode, but better.
I hope it gets better as I enjoyed the first season so much.
I doubt it as I don't care for dating mechanics in space between 40yo Captain and his 1st Lt(??)
Magic negro who is just smart, which kills the buddy dynamic between coon and ginger.
Ginger is really dumbed down.
Side character with big head had some funny moments.
Plot where they save half a species was anti-climatic and had no tension, but they threw in a porn sub-plot.

Why is all TV garbage.
No. 16358
820 kB, 2800 × 1178
12,2 MB, 700 × 394, 0:05
It turns out that STD has released a number of 'Short Treks' over the past few months and I watched them all like a battered housewife stays with her husband. Highlight is probably 'Calypso' which is an unremarkable Black Mirror episode, worst is either the Tilly episode or the Saru backstory depending on how much you like Saru.

Coming soon: more animated series, short treks, comedy series and STD is expected to last a very long time now for some reason.
>"I go back to my childhood and Luke Skywalker, the [Star Wars] farm boy who looks out at the twin suns of Tatooine and imagines his future. Trek never gave me that. Trek was always fully formed adults, already in Starfleet and people who have decided who they are. And it never was aspirational that way," he said. "It's important to me to find a way to go back and reach younger kids in a way that Trek should and never really has."

How is Kurtzman able to get away with this?

I'm not raving about Orville S2 either. It's okay and I enjoy watching it but this isn't my Star Trek fix and I've noticed that the actress who plays Kelly has been really phoning it in lately. The show is acting like a sitcom now.
No. 16359
I'm glad that EC has a hivemind on this. Enjoy Ginger's angelic voice as a reward:

No. 16360
There is a new series of Luther, which I haven't seen yet.
Tattoo series in Victorian England with Tom Hardy was good, or at least not shit.
I seen 2-3 new-ish black mirror episodes, Jesus Christ they fucking suck I think it was series 4.
So definitely stop at series 2.
I caught up with all the GoT episodes from season 2, when I last stopped watching it, great waste of time, but enjoyable.
No. 16361
Good find it was good for the first two minutes of the video, until it turns into Fame.
No. 16373
42 kB, 712 × 438
36 kB, 712 × 438
33 kB, 712 × 438
I still need to give special mention to how the ghost of Hamlet's father was portrayed. Too bad the screenshots turned out shite
Really haunting, and achieved just with lighting, costume, acting, slow motion etc., no digital special effects

Just watch for yourself, it's really an epic scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQDnvhQsiTU

>They never match, just like you cannot be identical with yourself.

Ha, I didn't even really think about that, but it makes sense for sure.
No. 16440
H sound was considered to be pronounced in Russian like modern Ukrainian H.
No. 16518
No. 16520
I am almost angry after watching or trying to watch the first three new episodes. I had to skip forward through long parts of them. The first two were boring relationship-soap-opera material, the third an equally boring family drama. Not even Roberto Picardo saved it for me. I get the feeling McFarlane is trying to lose the fans who enjoyed his show for being the better alternative to STD. If there is one thing I want to see as little as possible when watching something set in a sci-fi universe it is social drama. What I only now realized is that I find none of the characters likeable. Really none. A ship with the Crushers, Pulaski, Neelix, Kes and Jake Sisko would not be worse. And now there wasn't even a good story to take my mind off the insufferable crew.
I will save myself from watching any more episodes unless I get so bored I would otherwise kill myself, or any of you are truly overwhelmed by it.

He should stay a singer. As an actor he feels like a bad copy of Simon Pegg to me.

I liked Taboo because I like Tom Hardy so much, I even enjoyed Legend, even though that was objectively horrible. I am looking forward to another season.
No. 16525
I saw Elysium, not an immediate regret but that movie was dumb as hell.

Re-watched Universal Soldier, never one of my favourite movies and I now get the 'dumb action' movie label, however I wish they still made these types of films.
Lots of deaths, some cool scenes, a few funny quips, far too many kicks in the fight scenes.
Reporter picking up live hand grenades and throwing them back, kek, I really liked this movie, I want to watch more of the same.

Anyone else only want to watch Bruce Willis movies, one of the many reasons I don't go to the cinema is that nothing is appealing.

I did go see Johhny English(Mr Bean) recently, stupid but competent film, enjoyable.
No. 16528
The last diehard movie was so reprehensible fucking stupid I just couldn't deal with it. I guess having a guy on the front of a VTOL jet was a pretty cool stunt, but otherwise I kinda hated that movie and it was largely forgettable and the definition of the kind of dumb bydlo shit some vatnik would watch. I don't really like action movies in general. Actually pretty much anything with low mental stimulus that relies on high emotional stimulus I'm not going to like.
No. 16530
Like every year I watched the first Die Hard on Christmas. The last other movie with Willis I watched was Looper which was okayish. I haven't seen Universal Soldier since maybe twenty years ago, but not too long ago I rewatched Cyborg, also with Van Damme and I could recommend it for what seems to be your mood right now.

I don't know if it is us getting older or if everything really just gets more stupid by the year. Or maybe it is simply that you have seen every idea used a thousand times over before. I have never watched any of the Fast and Furious stuff and I cannot imagine ever doing so, even though it should by now be one of the most successful franchises out there. The later Die Hard and comparable films are probably aiming towards the same audience.
No. 16531
I think in a lot of instances it is genuinely because things are getting stupider, and I often feel like the internet is becoming a major contributing factor to everything becoming way more shit. You would think at least it could somehow preserve and spread more international culture but instead all I see is greater levels of stupidity and atomization.

Die Hard movies never actually intended to be anything great, but at least the first and secondly were passably good fun, in spite of a few retarded hoo ra usa #1 shit like the "eurotrash terrorists", which I think happened around when Cold War ended so everyone was confused who to make a villain. But the last Die Hard suffered I think the most from being a post-9/11 film, which frankly wasn't even that big a deal but the whole weepy "we're the worst innocent victims ever this is worse than the holocaust!" crying eagle propaganda shit went into overdrive as did our tyrannical laws and society has never recovered from it--not from the terrorist attacks themselves, but from our own government and toxic culture it helped spawn.

There are a lot of other reasons for things being dumber and in the case of Die Hard movies it is just typical sequel deterioration but yes everything has sincerely gotten both dumber and trashier over the last two decades particularly following the Columbine-9/11 shit. The worst is the combination of creeping anti-intellectualism which while embodied by poltards is pretty society wide, coupled with rampant soulless consumerism.

Which is all a shame because never before have we had such great potential for science and culture but it's all being wasted.
No. 16532 Kontra
Oh and I should probably clarify that my opinions are being very USA centric. This is actually a major reason why I instinctively started abandoning culture of my own country in the early 2000s starting with the discovery of EDM and euro electronic music. It is also why I gravitated towards a place like KC before it was utterly destroyed by the cancer, because a lot of what my country makes is crap. Ironically I think the Slavs for example are becoming great cultural producers. I like Russian contributions to things like witch house and Poland weirdly enough has become a great vidya producer. I suspect the Arab and Islamic world also has great potential, at least in the more Salafist-frei zones. And who knows, maybe by the time I am an old man Africa will be producing much quality content, but right now America is several layers of cringe and braindead.
No. 16533
31 kB, 312 × 445
I think part of it is they try to make even the very stupid shit try to seem smart sometimes for some reason and don't just do a lot like say a John Wick where there's not really much you need to follow. I have seen some dumb people try to over analyze some very simple movies and even say shit like, did you catch that or later say it took me a while to figure out what was going on when there was literally nothing going on.
No. 16534
I have watched most or even all of the more popular Russian/Slav movies and I wasn't too impressed I must say. I prefer Asian ones, or the occasional gem from France/Britain/Other Countries.
No. 16539
Interesting Fact, Die Hard, maybe the second one was suppose to star Arnold Schwarzenegger.
No. 16541
113 kB, 1024 × 576
82 kB, 1024 × 576
113 kB, 1024 × 576
87 kB, 1024 × 576
Very nice movie. It is sometimes meditative, sometimes poetic (yeah, they also mention Robert Frost and Walt Whitman), sometimes cozy (and I have no idea how does it manage to be like that, since it mostly takes place in a prison and in a swamp). I watched Mystery Train before, and these two movies have the same dynamic of everything going from bad to being not so bad: in both movies people find themselves in pretty nasty situations, but then it becomes just a tiny bit better, like thin rays of hope breaking through heavy clouds of apathy and despair, but what's interesting is that there is no certain conclusion, these movies narrate the journey and the things that could happen during that journey, not the destination. It doesn't matter if you reach the destination or not, it only matters that you keep walking.
No. 16542
You gotta love Tom Waits.
No. 16561
80 kB, 1280 × 687
652 kB, 1000 × 562
179 kB, 1920 × 1080
113 kB, 1280 × 688
Suspiria, remarkable remake of a 70s horror film of the same title,
while the director Guadagnino insisted it's to be called a cover version
and an homage, not a remake.

In the center of the plot is still an ancient witch coven that hides behind
the facade of a renowned dance company. The movie plays in the late 70s divided Berlin
this time, during the "German Autumn", the culminating of the conflict between the RAF terrorists and
the (West) German state. Almost everytime the film shows scenes outside the dance company's
building, one can see and hear German riot police and radical protestors in the streets, squatted buildings,
the Berlin Wall etc. There is also of course some German language. Important part of the plot
is an old German professor who lost his wife during the Nazi time due to her being deported
to the KZ Theresienstadt, and who personally never got over this loss.

A lot could be said about this movie, but most importantly to be mentioned are the outstanding
acting performances, especially of Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson, the filming technology and cinematography
filtering out all primary colors and using specific camera zooms very commonly used in the 70s in order to achieve
a 1970s-style effect, and as well the physical presence of the film due to the brutal horror scenes and the contemporary
dance elements.
No. 16568 Kontra

Trailer that doesn't spoiler too much:

No. 16572
This, as well as Mystery Train, look like I should give them a try. Though I'm not convinced by Jarmusch so far, as I didn't like Stranger Than Paradise and Night on Earth - Dead Man was ok, but I don't really remember any of them that well. Maybe I'm just too much of a sucker for more classic story arcs.

I'm a bit mad I missed it when it was still running recently in the cinemas. Really liked the old Suspiria, but I'm intrigued by this one as well even though(or because?) it looks completely different.
No. 16581
>Though I'm not convinced by Jarmusch so far, as I didn't like Stranger Than Paradise and Night on Earth

Stranger than Paradise was ok for me. Night on earth was more difficult to enjoy. Broken Flowers is the best Jarmusch movie I've seen.
No. 16600
130 kB, 1300 × 1381
>in order to achieve a 1970s-style effect

Any good read on why 70s films and TV looks like 70s films and TV?

I will write my bachelor on German postwar history and I gather thoughts here and there. I want to couple aesthetics with another field, maybe a TV show.
No. 16602
1,9 MB, 1792 × 839
27 kB, 614 × 313
97 kB, 1200 × 800
89 kB, 1600 × 900

Changes in filming methodology (lightning, lenses, filters) and film technology/chemistry.
The film directors wanted a rougher, grittier visual style with more "street credibility" and Kodak &co delivered them the films that made it possible.

Between pic1 and pic2 are only 5 years.

Pic3 and 4 are in the 2010s fake 70s visual style that's so much in fashion.
No. 16609
As far as Jarmusch goes:
Stranger than Paradise - kinda meh, feels like the first of a trilogy, never gets off the ground
Mystery Train - pretty good but plot goes nowhere as well
Night on Earth - excellent imo (whoever enjoyed it might also like Holy Motors: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2076220/)

If you don't know Ghost Dog, give it a try, it's weirdly relatable and also has an actual plot (tl;dw Black Weeb Samurai turns Ronin).
No. 16610
>Ghost Dog


Not really necessary to be a good film. I've just lately getting into (also post)modern art theories and I guess it's the same for film that one is avoiding the classical patterns in order to articulate something outside the usual stories, usually meta stuff is explored. Form instead of content! very modern and so on.
It's "die absolute Userfeindlichkeit", because usually people are like what the fuck, what does that even mean? Often one could say the 2deep4you meme is actually true as they don't get that movies/arts are revolving around meta topics.
But then again some "art" is not really explainable. Many art is not to grasp completely.
No. 16611 Kontra
>Changes in filming methodology (lightning, lenses, filters) and film technology/chemistry.
>The film directors wanted a rougher, grittier visual style with more "street credibility" and Kodak &co delivered them the films that made it possible.

I especially wonder why the latter occurred, it has to do with 70s developments. I know some german TV show raised fear of "american conditions" regarding crime. I know New York had a crime problem in that decade.

Just have to think of Mrs. 45 now.
No. 16619
22 kB, 800 × 450
I just finished with Inland Empire. And by finished with I mean I stopped it. I don't understand why Lynch got weirder with every movie. For me the line was Lost Highway, which still had a plot you could somehow follow. Everything before was nice or even great. Inland Empire is unwatchable for me. It doesn't even have cool aesthetics or remarkable dialogues. I only felt really uncomfortable watching it. As if I was lost in a feverish nightmare.
No. 16620 Kontra
>As if I was lost in a feverish nightmare.

It's not a cool aesthetic for you but I suppose that's what I mean with form in the post before yours.

I don't wanna sound like an intellectual slob, but I'm deeply interested in arts discussions on a theoretical level that is coupled with interpretation, I'm not even a real cineast nor a film theorist tho, I just like to watch obscure and indie leaning cinema from time to time
No. 16639 Kontra
I'd say it's a cinematic reflection on the fundamental changes in western societies of the late sixties: Civil right movement, sexual revolution, Vietnam war, anti-culture and other subcultures, upcoming electronic and digital age etc. etc. forced everyone working in the arts, especially performing arts, to question old conventions, including of course conventions related to aesthetics, visual style and cinematography.