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No. 1513
104 kB, 720 × 1280
what is your highest level achieved in academia?
No. 1514
90 kB, 890 × 670
Diploma. That's what you got when finishing university before there was Bachelor/Master.
No. 1517
High school. t. blue collar
No. 1518
just high school, I couldn't handle it anymore after high school.
No. 1519
I dropped out of highschool and got my GED.

Still the most powerful poster on the planet.
No. 1521
Master degree in automation systems and unfinished PhD in optics.
No. 1523
No. 1525
Uni diploma in software engineering. I'm a lazy and socially inept ass though, so I don't even try to find a better job (or just a job in my field) and I rot away tightening nuts and bolts. Still, I don't have a lot of responsibilities and the wage is decent, so it's fine.
No. 1539
3,4 MB, 400 × 225, 1:17
I dropped out of my Masters research last November. I'm planning to get it done in my spare time so I can just hand it in but I can't even open the document ;_;
No. 1548
>unfinished PhD
Did you do that to avoid conscription?
No. 1551
199 kB, 1357 × 1281
Oh haha wow

t. not a h4xX0r at all
No. 4419
Whatever happened to Karina?
No. 4420
I don't even have my BA yet with 26. But I plan on getting masters and if that is working out well, I would try a Phd. But plans can change and it will take another 3 years at least to get there, I suspect 5 or so.

So far my writings get very good grades and lecturers think I'm not the usual university student I'm actually interested.

Even worse then that my english is below what a good high school student is capable of. Perhaps I will sign into one of those "get fluent" course at my uni. And I need to read my english texts and not just look out for translations.

I just got Carbon Democracy and hopefully I will have time to read it
No. 4421
2,0 MB, 2464 × 1640
Two Highschool Maturation Exams two years ahead of schedule.
No. 4423
A B.S.in business administration that I've done next to nothing with.
No. 4455
9 kB, 181 × 194
Its dont
No. 4497

She moved to Italy and had some bf there. Or do you mean after that? People stopped posting about her around that point.
No. 4505
She's still streaming. Kids just lost their interest in her.
No. 4567
BSc. Doing an MSc next year.
No. 4571
BA. Which on one hand is great shame no masters, on other it's useless and I don't want to then commit two more years into something niche that I also can do fuckall with.
No. 4586

(dropped school after 9th class, later attended a high school diploma for adults course for a year,
then lost patience and dropped out again)
No. 12177
Can we use this thread as a general academia thread?

What are you guys currently researching?
No. 12180
Also this site might be of interest for anyone in academia: https://paperkast.com/

relatively new HN-like paper aggregator
No. 12196 Kontra
You should open a new one that is appropriate, but I think the interest is low so far.

I can only talk about what I read and sometimes have to write about, mind I do humanities.