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No. 15222
21 kB, 600 × 384
Ernst, do you know how to make compliments?
Let's try and make a complement to Ernst's post above you.
Just imagine someone you love/admire.
No. 15223
I don't love or admire anybody at this point.
No. 15224
Just do the compliment then. You know, people do them not to show their attitude. They do this do spread lies and get what they want.
No. 15225
Can't do such thing with pootine in op-pic.
No. 15226
I admire your honesty.
No. 15227
I admire your admiration for honesty
No. 15228
49 kB, 277 × 296
I admire your admiration of admiration of honesty.
No. 15229
90 kB, 970 × 1085
Putin is very good at making compliments.
Pic related.
No. 15231
>they do this do spread lies and get what they want.

Your leader is wise, strong, handsome and smells of bear musk and virility. You should feel proud to live in s country that is singlehandedly telling the entire evil Western/Anglo/USAian hegemony to go to dick. When you suffer it makes Putin stronger which makes Russia stronger so it can defend the world from the Nazi hohols and Syrian terrorists that zapad likes to create and spread. I also happen to be quite poor and it is cold also dark and windy but am uniquely able to communicate these glories.

Actually there is just something about Russia I really like but can't quite put my finger on it. If I were fluent and surrounded by bydlo and had to deal with "extremism" laws that attitude might be different though. Russia and Russians is honestly just about the only country I actually respect. Wouldn't mind a gg re on round two of Cold War. I just dont have that same kind of respect for China or Chinese culture at all.
No. 15239
22 kB, 387 × 258
I admire your admiration of admiration of admiration of honesty.
No. 15243
You seem like a much nicer person than the overwhelming majority of your countrymen.
No. 15246
that's a nice hat
No. 15247
50 kB, 750 × 600
No. 15251
I find some Russian men really exotic and hot.If they are westernized and still have the accent, it's perfect. It's a shame there aren't more popular hot Russian men.
No. 15252
49 kB, 500 × 432
No. 15253
Living as a gay person requires a lot of inner strength even in somewhat inclusive societies like Korea
No. 15254
>Your leader is wise, strong, handsome and smells of bear musk and virility.

This post smells of /pol/.
No. 15256
>Ernst, do you know how to make compliments?
That's an interesting question, actually. Making compliments is not as simple as it may seem at the first glance. First off, you have to make sure that the person you're complimenting is proud or can be proud of the attribute being complimented. Complimenting a woman who has big breasts with a phrase "you have awesome tits" just won't work, because impressive bust is pretty much a win in a genetic lottery, not a product of labour of the woman in question; in this case, it's better to say something like "you have a great figure", because it implies that you admire the woman for making an effort to keep the breasts to waist ratio high, and not for her naturally huge knockers.
Secondly, the praised attribute must be something that is widely accepted as a positive trait, even if both the complimenter and the complimentee (I'm not sure if those are real words, so I apologize in advance) consider it a positive one, because it may hurt the complimentee's reputation regardless. E.g., complimenting an Iraqi person's skill in dispatching Murrican soldiers might weird a lot of Westerners out.
Thirdly, it is better to make compliments if you really mean it, because insincere compiments may come off as awkward at best or mocking at worst.

After summarizing, I have no idea how would I properly compliment people on an anonymous imageboard. I do not know much about you guys in the first place (with a few exceptions: I wouldn't be surprised if someday I'm gonna get drunk at the Kazakh schizo and the Strayan Central-Asia-boo marriage ceremony), so I will just go with a realtively safe one: you all are erudite people.
No. 15258
I usually prefer to compliment peoples' work rather than their traits. I think it's better representative of the person's "true" self, rather than his biological / psychological assets.

The only exception is kindheartedness, which I think is a universal good.
No. 15261
>I usually prefer to compliment peoples' work rather than their traits.
This is a good strategy. It isn't important what people are, it's important what people do. In my experience, even the more naturally blessed people react to praises to their actions better than to praises to the qualities they were born with.

>The only exception is kindheartedness, which I think is a universal good.
That one I disagree with. Kindheartedness may be interpreted as an availabilty for exploitation. I was told by my teacher in high school that I "will make a good husband". She probably didn't mean anything bad by that, but it pissed me off nonetheless, because of all the potential implications. In my opinion, it's better to hold these kinds of compliments off.
No. 15264
I meant that kindness is one of those traits that I find admirable in a person, not that you should necessarily compliment them on it.
No. 15265
It wasn't clear from your post. Anyway, my point is that you gotta be very discreet whenever you compliment even the best of person's traits, because it may backfire.
No. 15270
I love your language with all it's quirks. Tony Blair - regardless of how he is as a politician - had charming English.

also that's a nice top hat

Best tractors in the world!
No. 15272
You are a nice and interesting person who is a genuinely great addition to the EC.

I can even forgive your apparent Anglophilia
No. 15276
Wouldn't weird me out. It's their country and we invaded it for no reason. We don't even have conscription anymore so the military is largely just mercenaries, psychopaths, and retards these days.
No. 15304
I love America and really want to travel through all 50 states.
No. 15306
You have probably the best accents in the world and for some reason were basically the first among post-Rome European powers to come up with democracy and abolishing power of absolute monarchs afaik. This trend continues even into modern era with WWII and being the last holdout against authoritarians and despots. Obviously these sentiments and advances in freedoms appeals to me. Also culture of good natured political banter I envy.
No. 15322
You really hate your own, don't you?

Believe me that Russia isn't a white power fairytale ruled by a "strong leader". It's drowned in deep corruption with Putin not more than a puppet of many different clans. Where did you get this image of Russia from, really. /pol/?
No. 15324 Kontra
Oh wait fuck forgot sorry, autism. Funny thing is I thought I was laying the sarcasm on way too thick and obvious.

Anyway I like and admire your sense of brutal realism. Also there is something C&A about the way Russians try to speak English.
No. 15327
Damn, I should've been less particular in my previous post. All I wanted to say is that skill in killing people isn't exactly considered commendable universally. Still, it prompted you to write an interesting post, so I don't really regret it.
No. 15343
Oh, my bad. I haven't been on chans for too long and missed out on what EC has become, and if people here are capable of something more than KC 2018 shitposts..
No. 15345
193 kB, 480 × 360
Your sincerity should certainly be complimented.