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No. 15236
54 kB, 683 × 1024
I am bored and have nothing better to do.

side note; do you know any other good international/European sites/forums?
No. 15237
How do you feel about the North?
How's christmas going? Much christmas stuff on the street/TV/whatever?
No. 15240
>how do you feel about north
Me personality? I don't think about North Korea 98.99% time of my life. When I do, I hope the war never breaks out and I once daydreamed about purchasing land in NK and getting rich if we get reunited.

> How's Christmas going?
We "celebrate" Christmas, but not as a family holiday. It's more for couples to have romantic dates kind of like a valentine's day. Some Christians go to church but that's it. There will be parties and decorations and fun events and I am alone and sad at home. :-(
No. 15241
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>I am alone and sad at home. :-(

But you have your internet friends :3

Also: I just remembered that i have those weird pictures from some Korean school project thingy on my HDD for years now, how do they make you feel? There are more where they come from if you want.
No. 15242
Are the attitudes of young people and old people towards North Korea different?

For example, does one generation want reunification more? If I was Korean, it would be a great sadness to me. Foreign influences split your country, leaving 24 million people to suffer under one of the worst dictatorships in history. Do you think it will happen in your lifetime?
No. 15244
Aw, you sweet internet stranger. Unfortunately I am not good at being alone for someone who's usually alone. I do not have great imagination to think of internet friends as real people. Therefor I am usually sad.

That pictures.. so funny and so random. What project was it? Do you know the context of their massages? The first and third seems very typical Korean thing. The first ones, It's possible they like rap music and genuinely worship them lol. The second, you took the pics in 2012 and that's when Lee was the president. One of his nicknames was 2mb (2 sounds the same as his first name and MB is acronyms of his Romanized name). That was a popular joke at that time. His memory is just 2MB like his name. Third is the most cliched Korean thing to say, I think you know it already.

I am kind of lost with the last one. Maybe he was trying to criticize Korean education system and it was a proof how his English isn't great even after many classes?

It's just funny and in a way brings me nostalgia. 2012 sounds like just a couple years ago and I can't believe it's been almost 9 years. Shiiit I am getting old.
No. 15245
why do you post m. schweighöfer? are you a fan of him or something? he went to school not far off from my place btw
No. 15248
10,6 MB
85 kB, 500 × 669
692 kB, 1280 × 960
Where exactly they're from i can't tell, sorry.
Here are all the other ones if you want, maybe it helps you to figure something out.
No. 15249
>Are the attitudes of young people and old people towards North Korea different?

Very much so. The war happened at 1950. Older Koreans were affected by the war directly or indirectly. There are so many people still alive who have been through the Korean War. My grandparents were born in North Korea and escaped to South in their teens.The kids of this generation grew up listening to their parents' horrible war stories and why their dad is mentally unstable or uncle doesn't have legs. Of course not all, but a lot of older people generally fear and hate North and communism, understandably. It's like how Americans thought of USSR during the cold war era. I feel sad for older Koreans because in a way they are destined to still live in the past. To have PTSD level of fear about communism. Some of them believe we should occupy North and reunify as South Korea.

On the other hand, the younger Koreans generally younger than 50, have no reason to care about North in the first place. It's not like we can go to North or meet many North people or anything. It just doesn't exist to younger Koreans. These people generally think Anti-communism is an old agenda and simply don't care. The only exception is men in their early 20s who have to perform about two years of compulsory military service. North Korea is the main enemy of South Korea, and the biggest reason the military service is mandatory here. So these men get "brainwashed" to think of the enemy as evil. I think more than a small number of these men believe this after the military service, but even then it's just some ideas they think to themselves. It's still not.. important. North Korea doesn't affect South in any way so it's like who cares what you think about North. Hope that made sense.

About reunification,I think it more depends on person. Generally younger people less want reunification.

I don't think it will happen in my lifetime and I don't think it should. It's not that I don't want, but it needs more steps to be prepared for that. I think North has to become a successful and independent country by itself first and then we can have partnership.

Although I think there's chances the border will be opened and we get to have relations and access to each other in some ways soon. I wouldn't have thought this was possible a year ago, but I see hope with Trump, maybe. Even though it doesn't look as promising as it did months ago. Trump was really the first president ever who cared about Asian politics for whatever reason. Weather we like it or not, for now he's the only option we can rely on.
No. 15250
Thanks for asking. I don't know him but I googled "hot german man" and he showed up. I met maybe 3 German people in my life but I think they look hot. And their accent. And it's a german imageboard as far as I know so I wanted to fit in. What place is it by the way?

Oh I thought you took the pictures yourself! What exactly are you asking? I can't tell which schools they are from by their uniforms if that's what you are asking.
No. 15257
The idea of those pictures was more "does this seem to be what's on the mind of the average South Korean youth?"
No. 15259
Thank you for a detailed reply. It's very strange to me that young people are so uninterested in the North. Also it's no surprise that Trump has gone quiet about North Korea - I don't think he's a terrible president, but one weakness he has is a short attention span. He gets very involved in one issue then flits elsewhere. He's not what you'd call dependable.
No. 15260
Oh yeah, totally. 120% Korean kids like I said.
Masterbation is life sounds more like any male kids and not Korean specific thing though. You nailed it.
No. 15262
What's Korea's relationship with its neighbours? What do people think about China, do they feel some kind of cultural connection like we do in Europe? Is there still a grudge towards Japan? Do you think that they handle their past accordingly; If no, what needs to be done?
No. 15263
It's nice to see someone who's interested in Asia!

I understand North Korea is probably the most bizarre, interesting in a morbid way to many people. We are just so used to it after 60+ years of the same old repertory. When you think about it, gravity or evolution is truly interesting and amazing but how many people do you know that are fascinated by them after they graduate high school? And we aren't totally ignorant about them. We are ignorant about the same repeated state of North Korea. The Korean summit this year brought a lot of attention to Koreans because it was something very different. It's very rare that North-South say the same thing about the future and peace so we were very hyped.

I will be honest and say that I have too little information about Trump to judge him politically. I don't want to bandwagon and say he's incompetent because everyone else says. Not that I don't think some of the things he said or did wasn't terrible, I would just rather look at the numbers and results myself and criticize according to my own judgement. Some say that North Korea and US could have a talk because Trump is unpredictable and emotional. I agree it doesn't look very promising, but I want to be hopeful. Let me invest in North and become rich.
No. 15273
How hard would it be for a foreigner with initially poor Korean to find a job in Jeju that isn't teaching related?

Have you ever been to Ulleungdo? It seems to me the coziest place in the world, even more cozy than Jeju.
No. 15275
I like kimich and Korea beer.
Korean BBQ is my favourite dinner.

But tell me about Korean beer.