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No. 15307
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Is there even such a field as Theoretical Xenology? I would propose creating this possibly prone to pseudo academic field with the sub-fields of:
▪theoretical xeno biology
▪theoretical xeno linguistics
▪theoretical xeno materials sciences
and so on and so forth. Do note this is not all as regards intelligent life, as I am ultimately actually much more interested in divergent evolutionary pathways and biology than our own. It only just occurred to me how in any possible human/alien interaction it is probable that a misunderstanding is going to lead to immediate violence in the off chance fear and greed doesn't. For example, when encountering intelligent life for the first time (or any life really) I think that a much more universal thing to do is to slowly and calmly squat down and sit in the lotus position with palms raised. This is or should be considered as the universal grating of "we come in peace" since any hand gesture is much more likely to be interpreted as threatening. This especially includes the "I've got my hands up I'm unarmed!" approach because you will look like this. Of course it is also highly dependent on things like their own articulation since Slav squatting could look like a predatory pounce.

I could only find this sadly

Also this should be a parallel field

It would of course probably end up holding a lot of potential innovation in our earthly human fields too such as materials and technical sciences, culture media and the arts, and sadly also warfare such as tactics and weapons systems, whose design may also be inevitable.

Since language will be impossible with other life forms at least for a time this means we are going to be really almost entirely on body language and patterned energy or chemical emissions or (lack thereof) with everything including wild animals. As such I would think rural dwellers used to dealing with cross species signaling would have the advantage and one thing that would absolutely be fundamentally required for a center of learning or lab would be having things like cephalopods such as Cuttlefish and octupusim for urbanites to interact with as well as pirds such as parrots and ravens, jumping spiders, and ant colonies.

How could a space ship communicate? What would it communicate? Turning the lights on and off in sequences to indicate electron positions in sequence along the known periodic table to establish some kind of theoretical baseline for shared knowledge?
No. 15316
Intelligent alien life is probably going to be disappointingly similar to us. Considering the vast amount of evolutionary niches to exist since the development of complex multicellular organisms, and the fact that only humans have developed scientifically advanced cultures, the human model is probably the most likely one for productively intelligent life to follow.

>Since language will be impossible with other life forms at least for a time
Assuming we aren't trying to kill each other, it probably won't be substantively harder to communicate with them that it would be with an uncontacted human culture. Our primary methods of communication (speech or sign language) will likely be utterly incompatible at least as far as production is concerned, but worst case scenario we can learn each others' written languages and use those for communication.
No. 15317
Gesture-wise what about putting your palms together about chest high while pointing elbows to the sides a bit. I think it would be obvious that the form can be aggressive in any way. It should be clear that one’s hands are unable to do anything at that state. The open hand method is good as well. Also sitting on the ground with your butt and putting your legs straight forward should be very non-aggressive. If you have 5 seconds to take a look at the human physique you’ll immediately recognize it as a passive stance. Would of course look quite dumb but maybe function is the only thing we should be considering.

For communicating we probably should start with similar ideas as the golden record features. On a spaceship to spaceship level that might be a bit difficult though.
No. 15320
You mean like the prayer kind of stance? Maybe, except we do know Pistol shrimp and Praying Mantises use it when hunting. Also open palm may not always work but is primarily to show you have no tools in your hand and thus no weapon. It is also an appearance of being smaller and more passive and gentle. This could backfire of course if mistaken as a showing of weakness to be taken advantage of.

I have noticed that this stance in general appears to make most wildlife less edgy. If you immediately sit when you see a wild animal but do so calmly and slowly they are less likely to give a shit about your presence.