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No. 15412
40 kB, 922 × 603
54 kB, 994 × 601
60 kB, 1009 × 602
65 kB, 975 × 594
Did Ernst take part in any internet adventures (examples will follow)? Not just by reading but by playing an active role.
What did you do? Do you still think about it? I still think very often about the good internet times, especially because i have many screenshots saved.

I am going to start with 1 thing here but i have more to follow if people are interested in this thread.

In 2011 i found a german nazi dating site on the internet and out of interest i decided to register myself as a black man called Abadi. Because i found the reactions kinda hilarious i decided to make a thread about it on KC /b/ (which was still good at that time) and a few minutes later they had more fake accounts on the site than they had real ones. It took a few more hours for the site to go down and i don't think it came back again, at least it wasn't there when i looked for it the last time.

That's the story of how i took down a obscure little dating site with the help of Bernd.
No. 15413
Back when vk allowed non real name accounts, I was part of some russian gmod community, but then abandoned it when I discovered 2ch and became internet elite.

Then some years later on tirech some people from that group were starting threads on /b/ about some bullshit internet drama, so I went to the vk page, took some dude's profile picture, and put it in a gay dating site :-DDDDD. the end

I think I was 13 at the time, and quite edgy with the whole imageboard troller thing.
No. 15419
7,2 MB, 278 × 208, 3:56
9,1 MB, 480 × 360, 3:34
237 kB, 652 × 1196
Two more stories, two because the second isn't really special:

  1. Someone on KC /b/ started a thread about how you can find private security cameras via google, so Bernd began to search for interesting looking cameras and then tried to find out where they are, ideally to get the information needed to get in contact with the people you could see on the cameras. Examples in the .webms attached but there was more, especially a Japanese pet store was very fun but i don't have much content for that.
  2. That one isn't very special but maybe interesting for 1 or 2 of you. We had a nice thread on /int/ about sects or Heaven's Gate in particullar, i can't really remember. I looked at the Heaven's Gate website and saw that they still have contact information and so i wrote a email. After i got an answer i startet to literally interview that guy and posted the conversation in the thread. I ended the interview in the end very apruptly because other Bernds startet to spam the guy with insults. It also took a while for me to realise that he wasn't talking about him and others when using words like "we" and "us".
No. 15439
I remember the Heaven's Gate thread. One of the more interesting moments on KC.
No. 15441
I remember a couple of ones like that, including wasn't there some gift card stand involved? And harassing that poor parrot. Honestly what people should do is make is seem more malevolent so people stop stupidly hooking everything to the internet. I have no idea why all these cameras are open like that.
No. 15442
>I have no idea why all these cameras are open like that.
I guess that's because they are not closed?
No. 15446
All surveillance cameras have admin/admin as a default login and nobody ever changes it. It's also fairly easy to sniff a network and find out what devices are IPcams. Often, some server will host all the IPs and it'll be leaked.
Combining these two, you got essentially open access cameras all around the world.
t. works with surveillance cameras
No. 15465
Do nazi dating sites still exist?

t. Asking for a friend with questionable views on politics and a heart for broken girls
No. 15503
I'm sure they do somewhere.
Just google the company or site name on the screenshots and see what you find.
No. 15504
Was the capital double s thing a wordfilter or were the users just that edgy?
No. 15505
Just that edgy.
Also the first guy had the spelling of an 8 year old.
No. 15506
It's strange to see something so honest. The internet pre-multilayer irony was so weird, looking back now.
No. 15514
46 kB, 500 × 500
>tfw no German nazi gf to put her into re-education camp, mindbreak her and convert into real socialism
Why am I still on the Ukraine? Just to suffer?
No. 16076
What do you mean? People heiling the Hitler without pictures of frogs? That still exists, just not so much on /pol/ and such places
No. 16239
That's a kind of slave trainer I'd actually play. Good golly, I might just create one myself because the idea seems pretty great right now.
... I guess I better wait until I'm fully awake with making decisions, though.