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No. 15624
27 kB, 616 × 611
35 kB, 605 × 603
41 kB, 609 × 605
405 kB, 1688 × 1125
i can remember that someone mentioned a while ago that he wanted to play a party go over a nice cup of tea. can't exactly remember who it was.

there is a threda over at /b/ where people are playing chess and i thought it would be OK, if we do that over here with go.

If people are not interested, they could simply use the hide thread function :)

what board size do you wanna play?

Playing against me might turn out to not be a challenge, thou. Just to give a fair warning.
No. 15627
That was probably me.
9x9 or 13x13
Though I've never actually played against another human. And I don't know if I actually have any time for a match, sadly.
No. 15628
How do I git gud in this game? I have some books on it, as well as an app that offers some broblems to solve, but I still get my ass handed to myself by the weakest AI enemy in 19x19.
No. 15631
12 kB, 574 × 571
>9x9 or 13x13
is 13x13 fine? (+6,5 points for white)
i just took the initiative and started with d4.

i, personally, do not feel comfortable with the 19x19 board. it's too big for me. i do not have the overview of where it would be important to play.
9x9 is fine, but a bit too small for my taste. it seems to be pretty much decided by local fights only.

>Though I've never actually played against another human.
i played against a few in real life. most of them were not really into it and just went along "well, whatever" and didn't seem to really try. i also played a few matches online, but i seem to lose most of them. i think i am mainly losing because of local fights and not because of tactical reasons. maybe i should play more 9x9 matches?

>And I don't know if I actually have any time for a match, sadly.
no problem. this is slow board. 1 stone a day or week would be enough. and, if you do not find the time at all, we can also abandon or pause the match.

>How do I git gud in this game?
some premade problems are quite good to get the hang of it. afterwards i would try a few matches online. i never played against an AI, so i do not know how strong the weakest AI you are facing may be.
https://online-go.com (playing) or https://senseis.xmp.net (resources) are some nice pages to visit. there are tons of other applications to play go, thou. i do not know which are populated and which are not.
No. 15632
Well then, if I can I'll make a play a day.
Glad you took the initiative.

Very well, let's place a white stone on J-9!
No. 15637
16 kB, 574 × 572
oh, that looks quite opportunistic. placing the first stone that far into the field.
but i would have placed in the same corner. i do not like the games where you have cross-corners.

after some consideration, i play e10. getting inspired by your opportunistic approach.
No. 15638
That's where I'll leave it for today.
No. 15647
18 kB, 574 × 572
oh boi, oh boi. it seems like you try to attack my quite opportunistic stone. it hurts my heart, but i think i have to leave him be for now.

i place a stone in the last empty corner, k4.

see you tomorrow~~, i hope~~
No. 15704
That's it for today I think.
No. 15725
21 kB, 573 × 572
i feel really bad about my one stone up there. he is surrounded by the enemy.
i don't even know if i can save him - or if it is even worth it.

i think my tactic is to launch a counter attack on the other flank.

No. 15780
And for today's play:
No. 15781
It's good that you guys didn't pick a 19x19 board. Otherwise you would finish somewhere around summer.
No. 15783
It's like a bonsai tree. Let it grow over time and see where it goes.
No. 15793
23 kB, 571 × 572
i feel like my army is standing quite well, as of know.
i try to reinforce them a little bit more with a defensive play on g3!

i wouldn't mind something like that.
you up for a 19x19 match? i feel pretty lost on those, thou.
No. 15799
Nah, I'm way too much of a newb. Still get crushed pretty easily by the weakest AI on 19x19, although I did win against it consistently on 9x9, and got around the 50/50 win ratio on 13x13. What's interesting, I often start pretty decent, grabbing big swathes of clay easily, but then make a lot of dumb mistakes, like not defending it and letting the opponent leak through, or even not making eyes inside until it's too late. So for now I'll stick to theory and problems, till I can get a win against the AI at least once in a while.
No. 15800
That's cool. I never won against an AI opponent.

No. 15804
26 kB, 570 × 570
behind enemy lines.

k10 :3
No. 15806
That was a bit unexpected.
My response L-10.
No. 15807
Sorry, I mistyped.
No. 16011
26 kB, 570 × 570
happy new year.
didn't find the time the last days to reply. hope it doesn't matter too much.

if you don't wanna play on l10, i do.
No. 16018
No problem. Let's continue.
I find this quite fun, and doesn't take up too much of my time.
K-9 is my play for today.