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No. 15695
322 kB, 800 × 759
How are you supposed getting euphoria and fun on New Year celebration if you've got no alcohol?
No. 15697
75 kB, 750 × 665
Perhaps you seeking the wrong thing Ilya
No. 15699
128 kB, 375 × 500
Inhale nitrous oxide, drink cough syrup or turn around in a circle as fast as you can until you fall to the ground.
No. 15700
54 kB, 604 × 453
Where the hell would he get nitrous oxide? As for the cough syrup, the amount required to get sufficiently high would probably be more expensive than the amount of the alcohol needed to get utterly shitfaced.
No. 15702
381 kB, 1024 × 680
I got too drunk during Christmas dinner and remarked that it was unsurprising that my sister's fiancé had such a large head owing to the tendency of average cranial volume to correlate positively with latitude across human populations (he is Swedish).

I don't think I will be drinking during New Year's Eve celebrations.
No. 15705
65 kB, 604 × 453
Alternatively, you could get drunk to the point that you are unable to talk anymore. Assburgers are usually bad with nonverbal communication, and so, due to gestures being the only mean to get your points across, your capabilities of weirding out your relatives will be severely limited.
No. 15706
Can't celebrate Christmas on real day, can't celebrate NYE on correct day.
Ohh Russia, we love you.

I might not even drink on NYE, I only get one day to recover and have spent >15 years intoxicated, maybe I just have 4 beers in a bar in stead of going to the moon.
No. 15746
Don't know about Russia, here you could just buy it in a store or order it on Amazon.
No. 15754
I have actually ordered chloroform from Amazon before. I've actually still got that huge bottle of it in storage too somewhere afaik. Yes I was completely amazed at well anybody simply allowing me to buy something like a liter of it with no checks whatsoever and to then ship it through the mail (which I had thought was also illegal, or at least everything from toxins to bullets to butane lighters to radioactive and car batteries etc aren't supposed to be shipped but everyone does it anyway?). Which if I ever locate it I may have to at least air out if not dispose of because apparently the shit can release phosgene as it decomposes.

To be fair, I had actually gotten it for use as a solvent and largely just ended up using it when acetone or ethanol or whatever couldn't strip something like glue off. Or to try and use in making tinctures and extracts since I heard you can with butane didn't want to use that or alcohol until realizing I didn't trust myself with trying to extract herbal remedies with it.

I have no idea if you can still buy all these sorts of things on there though.

But as for the gas, I have discovered that apparently some North Americans get high from air horns in this way. As in, they blow the air horn in their face and huff it
I would actually highly recommend against this. There are a lot less retarded and extremely dangerous ways to get high. Hell you could even just smoke some coleus blumens leaves if they dont have pesticides. Just don't get brain damaged from huffing compressed gases.