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No. 15837 Systemkontra
249 kB, 1136 × 852
is you shitbosting my Bernd ?
No. 15838 Kontra
No. 15839 Kontra
You certanly will not
No. 15842
>getting so mad because someone called you Bernd

We were all calling each others Bernd a few months ago so don't be ridiculous.
No. 15843 Kontra
Just accept that this "Tribal split" happened. Most Bernds want nothing to do with Ernstchan, and most Ernst want nothing to do with Kohlchan.
No. 15845
Honestly this, calm your burgers guys and either ignore it or engage. A sage won't prevent anyone from shitposting and ignoring is much more effective anyway
No. 15846
538 kB, 900 × 794
Yes, Bernst .....I am
No. 15847 Kontra
>a few months ago
Fucking LOT longer than that France, even for those of us who weren't on EC originally. You know, like that nice cozy home we found that all those fucking faggots on KC and then cabbagechan killed? Kind of like how bernds also stopped calling themselves anons a very very long time ago too because of all the cancer? We don't want to make those people feel comfortable or mistaken themselves in good company. You already see these "bernds" posting the worst shit on here every once in a rare occasion.
No. 15849
>imageboards are a serious buisness
No. 15859 Kontra
The ironing.
No. 15867 Kontra

No. 15897
Bernd will travel to Brezil and buy some Land ; later on , Bernd will help the new Bresident to establish a Berndreich in ze dschungl
No. 15900
what is the textboard address that was in a pinned thread a couple of months ago?
No. 16128
16 kB, 480 × 360
How did I waste my best years (the past 14-15 years) on something I never enjoyed (imageboards)