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No. 15919
79 kB, 640 × 560
If you were drafted during Vietnam, couldn't you just intentionally score in like the 5th percentile on the Armed Forces Qualification Test to avoid having to go to war? That's what I would do lol.
No. 16005
274 kB, 1200 × 1500
blocks your path

Project 100,000's your 4-F ass

Have fun in Khe Sanh, faggot
No. 16006
214 kB, 1920 × 1080
180 kB, 1219 × 710
No. 16020
Just say you are an obese homosexual with learning difficulties.
Literally being you in the Vietnam Draft, was the only time, just be yourself would have worked.
No. 16024
>Project 100,000
That. Here's a nice summary of a book about how they sent every Apu-like person they could get to Vietnam and how it didn't work out at all:
No. 16025
Never knew the US sent actual brainlets to fight in Vietnam. One one hand, this is sad, on the other it's 100% meme tier.
Seems like a big waste of time, money and equipment, not to mention it probably had really bad effects on morale that these low IQ recruits probably died en masse.
No. 16027
Vietnam itself was a horrible mistake. You are making way too many assumptions here my dude. Like expecting anything remotely like competence, decency, sound strategic planning, rationality, morality, or intellect, all of which one must prove their utter deficiency in order to even be considered for a position of high office.
I am actually not even joking there was an actual literal unspoken policy of kicking the shit upwards, often with people who had connections via wealth and nepotism where you couldn't simply fire them outright so you gave them promotions so you didn't have to deal with their stupidity. George W. Bush was a great example of this. But in the field we had something called "fragging" where certain complete shithead COs got a grenade pin left on their pillow as a warning to shape up or the squad/platoon etc would murder them.
Of course that is just explosives incidents. It would be quite easy to shoot the fucker in the jungle and claim Charlie did it, of which I am sure there are thousands of unreported incidents.
No. 16035
Bush had a higher GPA than Kerry at Yale and he also scored higher than Kerry on his officer qualification exam
No. 16037
53 kB, 200 × 149
No. 16042
4,0 MB, 640 × 360, 1:27
You ever wonder what kind of job today's kids would do in Vietnam. I suppose the natural reaction would be to say they'd come apart like tissue in the rain but I dunno, the majority have simply never been pushed and those that have don't seem like complete fuck ups.

Maybe in terms of outdoors experience they're sorely lacking but maybe other features like better education would show through. I find it interesting to think about sometimes.
No. 16043
I think there would be a brief period of culture shock as modern youth adapted to the expectations of 1970's era military life, but for the most part I think they would get used to it well enough. Overall I think we would find that drawing from a modern pool compared to a historical one for Vietnam, fewer recruits would be malnourished; however, many more would be overweight or obese.
No. 16061
here's the author of the book delivering a lecture about it

No. 16084
>But in the field we had something called "fragging" where certain complete shithead COs

My understanding is that this stuff was common enough the army was on the verge of mass mutiny when the war ended.
No. 16090
I suspect that it's actually very common, especially in the war of aggression. The military leader has to convince his subordinates that they have to fight, and it's much easier to pull that off if you don't have to come up with some retarded excuses. It wasn't that hard to make an ordinary Soviet dude kill Germans in WW2, since Germans and their lackeys had some swell time wiping out ordinary Soviet dudes' families, while trying to persuade an average Murrican to kill some gooks in the ass of the world (I bet an average Murrican never even heard about Vietnam until the war), when he'd rather be eating chicken, drinking grape soda and shagging his gf at home could prove quite difficult. And if the commanding officer has to stoop down to coercion in order to make the majority of his soldiers fight, his unit is pretty much fucked anyway.
No. 16091
>low IQ guy from Appalachia gets shot in neck
I honestly can't see the problem in this. 5,000 out of how many troops? I say the number is still way too low. Sorry but I've become much crueler and colder I guess. Us shaving off tons of idiots is a vastly superior option to sending our actual intelligent people out there. It is simply a shame we didn't ship off all the politicians and bureaucrats too.
No. 16104
If you're going to implement eugenics then do it right: humanely (i.e., using sterilization) and in a controlled environment. Don't send men with the minds of children off to war to get themselves and their normal comrades killed in some godforsaken rice paddy.
No. 16110
16 kB, 474 × 217
Why not? We have reserves. Might as well make some use of them first. You could probably have men like that clearing minefields.
No. 16111 Kontra
Don't cut yourself on those edges.
No. 16112
Did you even listen to Gregory's speech you dense fucking boomer? To say nothing of the cruelty involved in sending them into combat, the mentally handicapped are not even useful as cannon fodder. They simply do not possess the necessary faculties, from reaction time to communication skills and so on. The menial tasks they can succeed at are those in low stress environments with constant supervision. Good luck herding them across a minefield.
No. 16113
What is штрафной батальон the only problem is when they are too stupid to even avoid shooting their own men or being integrated into regular units and breaking down morale and unit effectiveness.
No. 16114
I thought that was what German POWs were for.
No. 16115 Kontra
Units of prisoners generally known for excessive brutality, but still effectively a combat formation.

Also, funny you point out others' stupidity while calling for action that trashes the morale of combat forces even more and places logistical burden on your chains for minimal strategic benefit. Tbh, you are very lucky there isn't a eugenics program like you want. Might end badly for you.
No. 16118
758 kB, 1200 × 1539
Confederate prisoners make great mine detectors.
No. 16122
That move was less about mine clearance and more about mine deterrence. He knew that they wouldn't booby trap their own men, so he made it a choice between doing exactly that or putting up no traps. It's different to walking prisoners over mines just to clear them, and even more different from doing it to your own people.
No. 16178
It took me 3 days to realise that Forrest Gump is real.