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No. 16123
14 kB, 276 × 183
where can I find German TV or just shows (even American blockbusters) with German dubbing AND with German AND with English subtitles?

American blockbusters with German dubbing would be OK (it should be easy to find English subtitles or rent English version of movie)

https://www.schoener-fernsehen.com/ doesn't have subtitles even in German

learning German frog here
No. 16127
guten morgen. you could try netflix. you can choose between different dubbings and subs on most content they have there. i watch english language with english subs there for learning reasons, too.
inb4 netflix hurrdurr
my neighbour shares his account logins with me. so i dont have to pay for it.
No. 16130
Netflix is the best call here.
Otherwise bs.to but without subtitles.
No. 16131 Kontra
I could not think of any besides classical DVDs. I don't have netflix but there exist other (German)services that might have German movies or shows with subtitles.

bs.to is your best bet but as mentioned, no subtitles.

Otherwise you could try ARD Mediathek or is it for German IPs only?, they must have subtitles too, because of Hörgeschädigte.
No. 16133
Honestly, as stupid as it sounds, Friends. It got translated into damn near every language.
No. 16134
That doesn't make it better for learning German than pretty much everything else that isn't too niche
No. 16143 Kontra

There is also a Mediathek app :

No. 16148
If you are interested in real crime stories Aktenzeichen XY might be for you. I watched them all with my ex gf when I discovered them back then on Youtube. Nearly all shows from 1967-1997 can be viewed on Youtube. The newer once only partly.

The German subtitles for the old videos work quite flawlessly.

Every show has three films (cases) ranging from homicide to robbery and burglary. The other cases are not interesting really.

As an example, just wait a coupled of seconds until the film starts
No. 16149 Kontra
Ok the subtitles work semi sometimes: "unverschämt" was rendered "und so schön"; "Tapsi" was rendered "Taxi"

Such cases, but 80% or more just be well.
No. 16150
>Otherwise you could try ARD Mediathek

https://www.arte.tv/en/ has German and French language shows with EN subs.
Some of them are even good.
No. 16174
how about untertiteln for TV series in German (any specific website)?
is such thing popular in Germany?
No. 16202
Does Germany make any interesting cartoons?
No. 16203
Well, there are those movies based on some comic series https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werner_%E2%80%93_Beinhart!

But i guess it's not really made with an international audience in mind and so it has a very special and very German humor.
No. 16205
It does.
t. grew on German cartoons
No. 16208
Cannot think of any. But then again I had a late 90s childhood with Super RTL and Prosieben/Sat1 weekend cartoons while despising KIKA and ARD/ZDF
No. 16220
Watch Babylon Berlin on Netflix, top-tier TV.
No. 16727
Do you mean Dogs of Berlin perhaps? Couldn't find Babylon Berlin on netflix, if it's region-locked in Germany I will riot.
No. 16732
No. 16733
Is there some educational show in German with basic dialogues and such? Like, situational show, with topics "Greeting", "In the shop" and so on?
No. 16742
Not sure what you mean, a show that is made like a text book in German TV?

This might be interesting to you
No. 16760
No, that's not it. This video is what was usually supplied with textbooks on audiotapes.
Such shows were like real shows, with video part. Though I don't think they are different much from such voiced dialogues, they just hold your attention with moving pictures.
Thanks anyway.
No. 16770

only german cartoon i know that was advised to me
No. 16771
How about old children shows? There are some quality ones.
Sadly children TV in Germany went from teaching and entertaining to only entertaining in the last few years.

It's not made for teaching a language but they talk loud and clear with easy to understand words in such shows.


No. 16783
The only thing I know of that would fit your description is Telekolleg. But I already looked and they don't have a version for beginners' German, or at least I couldn't find it. I am pretty sure something like that also exists in Britain, they should have one for learning German. Sadly I cannot help with a name.

Here is what I am talking about: