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No. 16242
21 kB, 1369 × 254
I think that this magazine deserves a thread of it's own. What do you think of it?


And an ironic post:
No. 16244 Kontra
144 kB, 1024 × 1001
>Classical liberalism upholds the values of limited government and individualism. Adam Smith. John Stuart Mill. George Orwell. Dave Rubin. All of these great men have been classical liberals: believers in the power of men and women to forge their own paths through life, free from the state and social justice warriors.
>The problem is that almost nobody knows what classical liberalism is. However many reports the Cato Institute releases, and however many people Dave Rubin interviews, people still associate the word “liberal” with Barack Obama.

Why is this hack e-celebrity even mentioned in the same sentence as legitimate thinkers? Macabre article.
No. 16245
Read the OP, carefully.
No. 16246
>Jacobin is a popular left publication, what shall we call our reactionary magazine?

My generic leftism might be triggering me, but I don't think this thread makes sense. It seems like you want to talk about the ideas presented rather than the magazine itself, in which case it would pollute the catalogue less if we had a thread for politics articles in general, or something.

I'm not even convinced that a thread like this can exist on an imageboard without descending into shit flinging.
No. 16247
It's not reactionary, and the article on NPC meme I've linked is more philosophical than political.
No. 16248
Isn't it an NRx project?
No. 16250
Is it? I've found very little info on this site on the internet, that's why I made this thread. The NPC article wasn't reactionary, have you read it?
No. 16273
The name Jacobite is most certainly a nod to Mencius Moldbug, and they also have quite a few articles by Nick Land, the two of whom arguably are the intellectual forebearers of NRx. Still it's probably not fair to dismiss it as an "NRx project", they have quite a few articles from people of varying views, e.g. I liked the one called "IKEA Humans" by Samuel Biagetti: https://jacobitemag.com/2017/09/13/the-ikea-humans-the-social-base-of-contemporary-liberalism/ which is pretty much old school Marxist/leftist
No. 16289
>NPC meme
That is a poltard meme which is even more grating because I'm the one who invented it when ripping into the moronic herd mentality of right wingers on KC many years ago. Similar to how they stole wojak and turned it into some retarded faggy american political partisan symbol. I would just like to note that it was specifically hyper partisan right wingers that I was using NPC for, namely because of their empty brained knee buzzwords and sloganeering to the point where any discussion on a shithole like /pol/ is exactly like the experience one has with the same loop of several phrases of text appearing above non-character NPCs in a crpg, the overall effect being an eerie sense that these people are not even human and in many instances literally can be bots.

The article itself is an exercise in futility and a good example of the saying that a philosopher can see the universe in a grain of sand (and conversely, you can beat a dumb motherfucker into a coma with the library of Alexandria and he will have not fundamentally changed his state). He doesn't even seem to get where "feels guy" originally comes from, or the fact that its misuse is basically like that one comic where someone is on the bus trying to interpret the image and concludes he is sad because he has cancer. The author of this article is seemingly two steps away, rather than one, from the original meme, being essentially another example of the "how a fandom is destroyed" stick figure comic or more generally that terrible mix of the curse of eternal September and all the idiotic bydlo who do not understand memes and hence destroy them; in perhaps the greatest irony, the worst destroyers of memes being now the poltards themselves, who maintain exactly the same total lack of self insight.

But moreover as I said, I am personally the one who started using it in a pejorative sense specifically against rightards who seem not to appreciate the irony of the fact they have coopted "NPC" as another of their very brainless buzzwords for which I was mocking them, alongside the usual "cuck" "JIDF" "SRS" and so on one buzzword responses they often gave to any disagreement or critique. They are essentially flashy robots who are only good at slogans and buzzwords, but this is the same behavior largely described by such terms as "sheeple" and which has been described more or less for centuries which is the herd mentality of dumb peasants who are lacking in both education and native intellect. In a modern sense, one would call them creatures who, given an online format where text is the only input/output, cannot even reliably pass the Turing test. Speaking of which it has occurred to me the great folly of still using imageboards rather than setting up a blog or LJ or whatever if I'm going to keep bothering to post online. For one thing, it would help prevent the Chinese whispers, which is only marginally useful in a "wartime" scenario where you are camouflaging yourself among the largely adequate masses and using the voices of others as human proxies.
No. 16291 Kontra
I did not read the article but you know that images get occupied with different meaning in different context. Somebody took that picture and translated it into a different cultural sphere.
No. 16294 Kontra
You know what is the best for here about
>"cuck" "JIDF" "SRS" and so on
The holy war.
Everyone using it must be purged out of here if they don't stop use it.
We lost one EC.
The second EC must not be lost.
When EC III comes up, it will be the Apocalypse.
Praise Ernst.
No. 16299 Kontra
I forgot to add:
P U R G E!
No. 16305
59 kB, 600 × 600
I have never seen anyone use those terms here iirc. I'm just pointing out a few of the most overused canned lines, one of the newer ones I start seeing on other places like YT comment sections like "orange man bad!" This is because they either refuse or are unable to engage a topic in any other way, and the board is, at base mechanical level, not designed for any kind of actual discussion. So it becomes a hollow echo chamber of meaningless slogans, which is something that 1984 roughly addressed. It is dumb bydlo herd mentality in its purest form, to such an extent that it feels like you're surrounded by Fallout NPCs shuffling around. They are naturally so hyper partisan as to be like programmed robots, organic shells with whatever might have passed for personality completely overwritten with their cancerous ideology, and perhaps worst is they seem oblivious to their own or even having an ideology, which results in them doing things like for example calling people who didn't like Trump "good goy" (which is another of those NPC repeating floating text remarks) despite the fact this is the most Zionist president we ever had and that fact was clear at the beginning. This level of lack of self awareness is of such an extent that, again, they do not even act like an intelligence that could pass the Turing test. I would also assume most of them are too fucking stupid to understand what a Turing test is, and would likely just try and adopt the term "Turing test" into their senseless assemblage of buzzwords in much the same way a chatbot often accrues whatever random phrases it encounters to randomly misuse later.
No. 16324

Found our inner soundtrack. Thank me later.
No. 16336
>The article itself is an exercise in futility and a good example of the saying that a philosopher can see the universe in a grain of sand

Virtually any philosophical article on a work of art (give or take meme in this case) could be covered with that demeaning cliché. I disagree that it is futile.

>He doesn't even seem to get where "feels guy" originally comes from

>author of this article is seemingly two steps away, rather than one, from the original meme

Although knowing the origin, source of that meme would be a nice addition to the article, knowing it wouldn't add or subtract anything to the philosophical core of it's analysis present. It would certainly be a show of vast knowledge on where some MS Paint drawing emerged first (be it Krautchan in this case). Being chan-elitist in this particular case is lacking reason, this is not a 4chan post, not a post on meme history, but rather an article on a meme that is alive now and has little (to no) connection with 2009 Krautchan.
No. 16338
Thank you for straightening this out.
No. 16339
The author seems to dismiss poltards, mentioning
“The Democrats are the real racists.” “Reality has a liberal bias"

along what an "NPC" would say.
No. 16342
What I meant by that was that on some fundamental level it is intellectual navel gazing to try and find deeper meaning in poltards' buzzword of the month. The fact these memes have been stripped of all contextual meaning should tell you something, and it is why I find ultimately little of value in a person attempting to discuss thirdhand a meme that is being used secondhand bereft of its original meaning. The ultimate product to me of such a discussion is, at best, a very intelligent person often using it as a cudgel or way to shoehorn in what they really want to talk about, which is a grander version of abuse and twisting of meaning of the original meme by certain malefactors. It is reminiscent to me of some adults trying to discuss the meaning of children's internet slang, followed by somebody else trying to write some mini-dissertation on it, all the while not even having a real grasp of the core subject.

It is not a bad article, just somewhat divorced from reality to me.

The concept of slogans, thought terminating cliches, and various other thoughtless reflexive responses are not new. It is mainly an expression of rampant anti-intellectualism.
No. 16344
202 kB, 787 × 646
Also here take this OP
Gift for your thoughtful entry into of serious discussions
No. 16346
Thank you for clarifying your point, Ernst.

I think this deserves a thread of its own at some point. I am a staunch proponent of normalizing the relations with Turkey.