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No. 1627
32 kB, 200 × 200
I feel impelled to ask, how many of the founding members of ec/int/ are still around?
No. 1628
33 kB, 419 × 419
only ur mader, loser
No. 1630
>still no star trek thread
What if they didn't get the memo about new EC
No. 1632
In this instance you would say 'I feel compelled to ask'.
No. 1633
where is learning kazakh thread too
No. 1640
183 kB, 1024 × 1001
I have to admit that I'm only a lowly krautfugee who enjoys the slower pace and the absence of mindless shitposting and super-edgy nazi glorifiers.
No. 1643
Founding members of original ec/int or this one?
No. 1648
I was curious about it too.
No. 1651
>founding members
I was there shortly after it was created but i went back to KC when its downtime ended. Not sure why you'd be curious about it, i'd expect almost everyone here to have been there back then. Or do you mean the regulars during its first year of existence before KC died?
No. 1660
"being there" for a day when KC went down a year ago doesn't make you a founding member you complete idiot, you didn't even get what OP is actually asking.
No. 1662
238 kB, 500 × 710
>nazi glorifiers
Mm? I thought nazi glorifying always was and always meant to be ironic?

t. occasional ironic nazi glorifier
No. 1663
Multiple days. So who did he mean if he neither meant people who were there in the beginning nor regulars during KC uptime? People who founded "EC /int/ culture"? I guess these are the regulars. Who else? The mod?
No. 1673
The FOUNDERS, idiot. You didn't buy the domain, you didn't set up the server and no you're not one of them, even if you shitposted there multiple times for two (2) whole days when KC was down.
No. 1674
Think of when stormtards first went from being raided by anon to when the faggots found /b/. They're too dumb to understand irony.

I think that by far the stupidest post I have ever read on KC or maybe any imageboard in the past decade came from a Pole. He was sincerely arguing how Star Wars became shit when it started making fun of Nazis. Somehow he did not understand that Star Wars has always been anti-Nazi evil empire and pro-republic since the very beginning. To this day I am practically speechless a human exists like that who can wipe its own arse.
No. 1680
He asked about EC /int/ so i didn't really expect him to mean the admin or people who set up EC's server because then i'd have expected him to ask about EC's founding members. I guess EC /int/ itself could have been created by a mod who wasn't a founding member of EC though. Also i'm not completely sure what he means with "around" then. Alive? Browsing xyzEC/int/? If the founder was the admin he might not have browsed the board. Involved in moderation here? Not sure why he'd ask about founding members instead of mods then.
No. 1684
>Mm? I thought nazi glorifying always was and always meant to be ironic?
Sadly, no. It was ironic back in the years when politics didn't play that much of a role. Bit nowadays people are dead serious about this, and that is not even what annoys me most: The most offensive thing for me is that they can't keep their mouth shut. Everything is worth a thread. Some fugee did something bad? New thread. Merkel said something stupid? New thread. Literally nothing? New thread. Critizism: "OMG fuck off leftist retard Hitler founded this board you newfag!!1". And it's always the same cirlejerk, which obviously belongs to /pol/, but is tolerated on /b/. I am german, I want my Ordnung, I want threads where they belong, and I don't want any topic to be so dominant. Especially not this one, since it attracts only narrow-minded zealots, who are only there to propagate their fixed opinions, and not to discuss anything.

That being said: I feel bad for the other posters who don't really bother about this crap. I bet there are lots of Bernds there who wished that the /pol/-posters would just fuck off, but who have given up on the topic.
No. 1696 Kontra
I wouldn't mind serious fascist discussions but the /b/ nazis were either just edgelords or mentally ill guys posting graphs from /pol/ and spend their time compulsively playing internet warrior by defending Hitler and the german national socialism in general.
No. 1718
None of the team behind ernstchan.com knows who set up ernstchan.xyz. No affiliation.

t. former EC mod who occasionally checks in here because it feels a bit like the time on EC/int/ between KC downtimes and I liked those times best because there I never had to log in and could just be a regular poster.
No. 1744
I was there before post #100, probably around 50. Do I count? I made blogposts about my smelly Romanian flatmates.
No. 1745
How many mods were there on /int/ by the end?
No. 1752
Four or five enabled, but 80% of the moderation log from one mod, the other 20% from two others.
No. 1756
18 kB, 208 × 144
Bizdiń kirpishimiz munda emes. Qazaq tilinde taǵy kim sóıleıdi?
No. 1809

I more had people keeping ec/int/ alive in mind. But I was here from the start as well.


I remember you. You were complaining about them farting a lot and how one day there was a new Romanian assuming the identity of a previous one in your flat.
No. 1824
490 kB, 1000 × 810
The first time KC went down for 6 days in 2016, there was no /int/ board here on Ernst. I had to get info from the /b/ board that was all in German.
No. 1835

This is not the same place as the old ernstchan.com, though.
No. 1848
Well, ok. Like that Bavarian I visited ernst from time to time when kc went down just to get newest infa on kc but went back to kc when it was up again. So I was around when they created /int/ on ec but wasn't very active.
No. 1854
I dunno how many of the Germans made it across but there are a few here. It's not the whole crowd but there are some of us. I dunno if I'm going to be very active here for much longer though tbh. It's a good copy but it just isn't EC2017 and I just don't see it coming back. Not saying that ec.xyz is bad, just that it's not the same.
No. 1857
Why? What problem? It more or less same we just missed 2-3 posters from EC2017. But speed of posting and overall threads are more or less the same
No. 1870
I think I must be the only person here who misses EC2018 rather that the slow chat-room that it was prior to the death of KC. I only come here because the alternatives are so awful, but its speed and atmosphere make it feel gloomy.
No. 1878
>its speed and atmosphere make it feel gloomy.

One could say it's for adult people, some sort of gloominess might be unavoidable in that case. Still preferable to hyperactive shitholes full of annoying shitposters.
No. 1879
> I think I must be the only person here who misses EC2018 rather that the slow chat-room that it was prior to the death of KC. I only come here because the alternatives are so awful, but its speed and atmosphere make it feel gloomy.

You're not alone. It had a kind of cozy post rate and quality prior to kohl shitposting it to death. A shame the mods didn't stick it out.
No. 1880
I was among the first to post and advertised it on pohjo and a BRBR board.

I never posted here before and somehow lost the motivation trying to find another virtual home again. I only troll kohl when I am in a shitty mood and really bored. Otherwise I got time for better things now.
No. 1881
>Otherwise I got time for better things now.
Please tell me what you do. I try to use this general downfall of imageboards too to cure my addiction. But what to do?
No. 1882
301 kB, 1800 × 1447
The mood is just different. The shadow of EC's death lingers very heavily here. I can't put my finger on what it is exactly but it just feels off to me.

Probably not but I can't say I'm one of them. People complained a lot about it being a 'chat room' and I recall a lot of butthurt from certain posters about it, but that environment fit well for me. It was nice to be able to touch base with people I basically knew without the commitment of usernames and accounts. Without a hint of irony, it was my social life. EC2018 was just another imageboard.
No. 1884
>Without a hint of irony, it was my social life

That's exactly how I felt about EC2018 and more so imageboards in the olden days. I hate the long-term commitment of real social bonds, but IBs at their best cater to my intermittent desire for conversation. I appreciate purpose EC served for you but it seems contrary to the structure of IBs which are more conducive to the type of sporadic posting I described.

But ultimately it's a pretty unimportant matter.
No. 1904
Getting more sleep. Reading books I had lying around for ages. Practicing the guitar after years again. Cleaning up after me instead of living in filth. Cycling. Going for walks. Started a morning and evening routine of simple exercises. I spend time shopping for groceries and cooking, instead of just ordering pizza and boozing in front of the pc. I am also more chilled at work and get much less easily annoyed by interacting with my coworkers. If I really feel up to nothing much I watch a movie. But nowadays just go to bed afterwards instead of argueing about it on the webs for double of its length.

I feel much less depressed and on edge all the time. I might even get gf if I stay away from imageboards. It was great while it lasted, but to be honest, lurking is just as toxic as any other drug.
No. 1908
145 kB, 1024 × 1024
>It was great while it lasted, but to be honest, lurking is just as toxic as any other drug.
Don't blame lurking for all of your problems. Almost everything is bad if you do it all the time, even playing guitar and cycilng (by the way: are you me?). You just need a healthy mixture of hobbies in your life. If one gets annoying, do something else. If it's late, just go to bed, don't take this stuff too seriously. Enjoy the opportunity to talk to people from around the world and to share your interests with them without the need to show your face. If this causes any harm to you, then it's maybe just your habits, and not the thing itself.