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No. 163
2,1 MB, 9 pages
No. 165
2,5 MB, 540 pages
>1 file per post
No. 166
464 kB, 82 pages
4,8 MB, 394 pages
6,4 MB, 366 pages
299 kB, 32 pages
oh nvm, had to enable javascript
No. 170
Oh great. It nice that we can share great books again. Sadly, I currently has no much on phone.
No. 192
3,4 MB, 28 pages
316 kB, 35 pages
7,3 MB, 367 pages
136 kB, 10 pages
No. 220
What is the file size limit here?
No. 221
I fucking KNEW IT when I saw that 176 post pdf thread to download it then and there. But yet again for whatever absurd reason I let reason and logic dictate against my intuition. "Oh it won't 404" I said. "It isn't like I can't download them all later" I said. What I never imagined was that mods would close the whole site. But because I followed reason instead of instinct now don't have a couple hundred pdfs.
No. 246
Who cares? It's the fucking internet, you can get pretty much any PDF of any book you want.
No. 248
No, you can't. For example, I wanted to know more about economy of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, I found a book "the Ukranian SSR in numbers" but I can't find the scans anywhere. And this is the official statistical compilation released by the government of the USSR! I assume that this book had more than one edition, yet it's difficult for me to find any.
No. 256
>I assume that this book had more than one edition
I think there must be at least one in local central region library.
No. 261
I don't leave the apartment and I can't send relatives to the regional library.
No. 271
>I don't leave the apartment
Why though ;_;
Is it too dangerous on the Ukraine?
No. 273
Because I don't work and I don't like to go outside. On the Ukraine it's better to be a poor sonbasket NEET than a literal wageslave with a monthly salary smaller than $150.
No. 3482
941 kB, 79 pages
Just another interesting book about Russian wealth and how Russians are getting buttfucked by the oligarchs, written by three young economists, two of which have become quite prominent.
It's unbelievable how much all Soviet propaganda about the cons of capitalism in Western countries was exaggerated yet perfectly captured the grim future of its republics. Our grandchildren will look at our times and curse & pity us for the fact that we were stupid enough to fight for the interests of the upper class. The West, of course, behaves very shitty too, they're okay with harboring stolen money and collaborating with criminals if it benefits them.
No. 3483
>R.D. Laing
What these two gigantic assholes achieved:
giving "conservatives" arguments to cut budgets and "de-institutionalise" people who are unfit for life outside of institutions. Like
>hey, mental illness is ill-defined, we can't diagnose shit, and it might actually be the past and present relationships of the patient with the world that are to blame, so release this paranoid schizophrenic, it's is his human right to become a homeless alcoholic!
>at least that's what we argue when we try to siphon more of your taxes into our pockets and the pockets of our friends
No. 3485
354 kB, 26 pages
Just read this one, interesting take on history but massively lacks depth (then again it's a 24 pages essay). Particularly interesting was the part about female emancipation being a sign of an empire's downfall, sadly not much proofs delivered besides a short passage from the islamic historian Ibn Bassam.
No. 3490 Kontra
thanks. piketty's critique on capitalism is kinda lukewarm socdem style, he doesn't dare or is too opportunist to get to the real nitty-gritty, however his stuff is still well written and interesting. he's a good economist and deserves more attention.
>it's unbelievable how much all Soviet propaganda about the cons of capitalism in Western countries was exaggerated
i don't think so. like, it was actually far too forgiving.
No. 3491
>The question is [..] is not itself insane

Yeah but how do I know?

t. IQ 89
No. 5092
486 kB, 15 pages
No. 5093
>mathematical metaphysics

what in god's name is that

I'll check out the organic textbook though. thanks
No. 11767
Paper from World Bank describing the conditions of existence of welfare state in modern rapidly changing high-tech digital economy, and how to deal with emerging issues. They cover up a lot of topics in the PDF, including the rise of the populist parties provoked by stalled income growth for the lower class and the disappearance of the middle class.

World Bank is a gold mine of research papers, it's nice to spend your time reading their fresh reports about nations and economic and social transition of the world.
No. 17733
1,2 MB, 14 pages
696 kB, 862 × 899
46 kB, 650 × 919
Where are Europe’s last primary forests?

The third pic is not from the pdf but based on it, source:

No. 20026
717 kB, 79 pages
So hey Russia re: Cold War 2 3l3ctric boogaloo are we going to do this with a secret agreement or what? I propose that it is in both our national interests to fuel a phony second cold war between us at all levels of society. I further propose that we should secretly cooperate on this in order to trigger a new space race as the substitute for war. I am also fairly certain that, given the right sort of light touch push, the Arab world can also have a renaissance eventually of renewed interest in astronomy and seeding the Ummah across the stars and whatnot. Judging by Venezuela situation I am taking it you're still keeping China on team red rather than switch positions?
No. 20078
Finland strong. What happened to Poland's forests?
No. 20079
I know that in German Partition Polish forests were heavily exploited, later during I and II world wars logging was very serve, done again by Germany and the wars itself damaged the forests too.
No. 20177
3,2 MB, 12 pages
226 kB, 948 × 683
No. 20328
3,9 MB, 64 pages
What Ernst thinks about kohlzine?
Ive heard that some of the contributors post here but not fully sure its true.
No. 20331 Kontra
>anything kohl
No. 20333
1,8 MB, 23 pages
1,6 MB, 68 pages
3,0 MB, 60 pages
3,1 MB, 57 pages
Haven't had the time to read the newest issue, but I looked through the other ones and there were some interesting texts: some article about D'Annunzio, some silly sci-fi or that surreal story by some American who gets humiliated by his family on Christmas etc. Other texts were of course not so interetsing but you can just skim through it and see whether something interests you.

Definitely worth checking out, it's surprisingly quite good (also since the design is quite well done which adds a lot)
No. 20335
I thought about publishing something in it. Nothing came of it. Though I'd still like to publish a shorter translation piece in it if I can. That'd be a sizeable readership.
No. 20336
Haha but I think this books not related to kohlchan
No. 20337
Is there any point, I gave up after edition 2.
No. 20338
The point makes more sense on kohl with its "culture" of shitposting, Ernst is much slower and posters don't need a motivation for writing walls of text.
No. 20339 Kontra
The first issue starts right out from the word Bernd. Do you have any other communities which uses words "kohl" and "Bernd" together?
No. 20341
Frankly, who gives a shit? If there's actually interesting stuff in it, it could come from bloody Mars and I couldn't care less. Getting in a huff over retarded crossboard drama is just feeding the flames instead of letting them die, and at this point it is kind of retarded. Their site doesn't seem to be disappearing and dumping them on our laps again and what spillover we get nowadays (which is cleaned up even) is not really any more intrusive than what we used to just put up with from KC. This place really needs a good 6-12 months of hands-off moderation like we used to have on the old site tbh. You can't even hijack a bad thread anymore, and that's practically a tradition.
No. 20343 Kontra
Well, if so maybe they are, so I'll support you by putting contra on
No. 20349 Kontra
It starts with "The Virgin Monarch and the Chad[something kr other]" I dropped it before even reading the first sentence. Fuck k*hl.
No. 20351 Kontra
They killed KC and then EC. They are cripple kanker channers who killed our home. I will never ever forgive them for that and trespassers should be shot on sight.
No. 20353
KC and EC died because of the board owners. Kanker only fucks with the quality of the posts.
No. 20354
I'm going to re-edit the Green Peaches short story, and send it in to the Kohlzine. Nothing wrong with that, I guess.
Yeah, the footnotes merge into an essay, accompanied by the short story. I can see it. It's like it's already finished.
No. 20356
62 kB, 14 pages
738 kB, 135 pages
1014 kB, 50 pages
1,2 MB, 59 pages
No. 20359
KC died because the posters were such shit that the admins simply said it's not even worth it. Almost all the good posters were gone by the time it went down, pushed out by actual cancer. EC went down because for some mysterious reason the worst cancerous shitposters were asshurt at having any moderation so they personally raided the EC admins. They then fucked off to the current shithole where my understanding is it's openly a pedophile board and welcomes the worst cancer that ruined the other two. There's no excuse for them, it's their fault, and I am going to die before I forgive them for what they did in ruining homes. I hope they do something stupid some day and get sent to prison to be raped by Turks.
No. 20364
47,2 MB, 97 pages
That contradicts the official version. KC died because Der General was just tired of hosting KrautChan.
>On 21st of March 2018 the Admin decided to shutdown the website after losing control of the domain and realizing he was too old to host an imageboard anymore.
EC went down because the board owners got doxxed.
>They then fucked off to the current shithole where my understanding is it's openly a pedophile board and welcomes the worst cancer that ruined the other two.
That's not 100% a lie but you are exaggerating.
No. 20369
923 kB, 7 pages
2,2 MB, 17 pages
No. 20371 Kontra
And screeching every time its mentioned helps in any way? The old site may have gone down, but EC was killed by people ramming a stick up its arse.

Sage for off topic.
No. 20397
7,1 MB, 444 pages
Restoring thread order 2
No. 20406
4,0 MB
No. 20460
9,8 MB, 59 pages
Dynamic response optimization of an acoustic guitar

I've always been interested in the interaction between art and the physical medium that embodies it. I sometimes go into research binges on such topics, and I thought this paper was quite interesting.

Audio engineering, signal processing, acoustics, the science of sound, etc. are really interesting topics. I wish I had the smarts to delve deeper into these subjects, writing audio processing algorithms sounds like an ebin hobby.
No. 20461
174 kB, 717 × 459
I actually work sometimes with a younger guy who studies Audio Engineering at university. It's interesting indeed.

In relation to audio study though, I mostly just suffer on the Australia where antique radios are expensive, making practice all but impossible.
t. still does on-and-off radio study that goes little to nowhere
No. 20462
What kind of radios are you after? I know little to nothing about them and am not sure if it would be worth it sending them from here, but I guess they are much more easily available for me if they are so rare down under.
No. 20463
Just an old valve superhet. Nice, simple and cosy. They're not really worth importing though. I've looked online and while they're way cheaper, the shipping can be quite a lot because it's international, heavy, fragile and can have sizable dimensions. Don't worry about it, I'm not. Shit'll happen when it happens.
No. 20464
Also, they're not so much rare as it is that the value of things that are 'vintage' gets massively inflated, and the Australian supply isn't big enough to get flooded and bring the prices back down like it would in the US or Europe where there are just more pieces floating around. I've seen what are common models being sold in bad shape and with missing tubes for more than what it's realistically worth restored and working.
No. 20465
Not a worry. I just thought I might help some fellow Ernst with something since I sometimes lurk flea markets and such stuff seems to be offered a lot.
No. 20466
Thanks for the offer though. Truly grateful for it. It's just logistically inefficient.
No. 23078
9,6 MB, 483 pages
The Making of the Slavs, History and Archaeology of the Lower Danube Region,c.500–700 by Florin Curta.

This book offers an alternative approach to the problem of Slavic ethnicity in south-eastern Europe between c. 500 and c. 700, from the perspective of current anthropological theories.

Byzantine authors began employing names such as Sclavines and Antes in order to make sense of the process of group identification that was taking place north of the Danube frontier. Slavic ethnicity is therefore shown as a Byzantine invention.
No. 23098
Saved, put on a reading list.
History's weakness it's reliance on written sources. Our perception will always be distorted by Roman, Greek (then Byzantine), Persian and Chinese views on the people who lived north (in general sense) of them. Lacking in writing or - those who had a writing system - in literature or - due to climate, not proper storage conditions, etc. - in preserved written works, history have to rely on what the neighbours noted about these "barbarians". And this will be lopsided and full of gaps.
Archaeology was a great addition to the toolbox for those who research the past. Too bad remains can't talk, interpretations can be faulty as well and many questions still remain unanswered. For now.
No. 23114
4,0 MB, 8 pages
A fun, brief history of early Soviet research on Tick-Bourne Encephalitis in the Far East.
No. 23233
>Reading this Shit voluntarily.
LoL how dumb are you I didn't even read auch Shit when i had to wrote Term papers in uni, still graduates with good Grades and i make more than you so.

How does IT feel to be too retarded dir Life?
No. 23240
how did you get here from kc /b/ lol
No. 23242 Kontra
>still graduates

That's why universities are shit these days. People like you should get a good beating and be kicked out whenever they try to enter an university
No. 23244 Kontra
We know all too well that it's a troll from Kankerkanal.

I doubt that you will pass university without reading anything, even when you graduate in STEM you at least have to read the abstracts to make an argumentwhich is rather sad tbh, a joke to science, passing without citation is not possible here, I refuse to believe that.
No. 23318
There are more reasons for universities to be shit than ignorant students, btw.
No. 23320
Protip: No one in the real worlf gives a Shit about your ivory Tower circle jerk. If you do it the assburger way and are too dumb for shortcuts, you are too dumb for Life.
No. 23333 Kontra
10 kB, 256 × 256
Salaried Masses.jpg
No. 23350
>passing without citation is not possible here, I refuse to believe that
It is in a university of applied science, where the really smart people go. No one wants theoreticians from unis, they are worthless for any job. They learned fancy words and how to suck nigger dicks, but they are useless.
No. 23353
661 kB, 1200 × 1648
If the thing you are bitching about is turning schools into socio-political indoctrination camps, that's a fair question, and is a problem specifically because it's undermining the assburger STEM and actual scholastic achievements of uni, which we need now more than ever particularly when you see the exact kind of morons in the US who act like all opinions are created equal--they aren't, and that's a problem creeping into education that includes the fucking idiots in this country who refuse to teach basic concepts like evolutionary theory and logic and rhetoric. In fact you already sound like a fucktarded american trying to "prove" the world is flat by showing a glass of water and saying see the water is flat. It's the same problem as people trying to teach trannyism is not a mental illness and gender is "just a construct." This happens specifically because people aren't taught logic and rhetoric anymore and have this retarded mindset you have of "so I told the teachin lady only letters I need are U, S, and A" this is not a problem of academia, but rather the problem is its lack thereof.

Terribly sorry if being educated makes you butthurt.
No. 23355 Kontra
>Napoleon Syndromes opinions

Phew, what a surprise.
No. 23357
Are you american?
No. 23359
Wtf is a uni of applied science? How are you going to apply chemistry for instance if you can't read ACS journals
No. 23361
I think he is talking about the fact that some universities have facultulties for emerging fields, and there you don’t necessarily have to “citate” “useless things” but rather you just need to support your freshly made theorem and experiment.
t.Overheard such a thing at a fast food restaurant from a group of uni students
No. 23363 Kontra
It's a Fachhochschule, you don't need the highest highschool graduation to go there. They usually have majors that are more specialized than what you can do at uni, e.g. certain engineering, the amount of praxis is higher than at uni, but I don't know what that actually means. Every uni major here requires doing some weeks of practices at least. So in sum. You have real professor but people who don't want to deal with to much abstraction.
The only field in which they are better paid are the social workers, kek.

this quarrel is so pointless, but fifi wanted it
No. 23430
No one wants to hire Green Kids Out of Uni who only know fancy words. FH ist one thousand times better.
>Higher pay
Lol as a taxi-driver doing black Labor?

It's like a university, but they actually teach you skills that are in demand in the economy, instead of useless knowledge about some arrogant professor's favourite Hobby.
No. 23431 Kontra
22 kB, 575 × 401
No. 23439
Career doesn't end with a Bsc (FH :D) or Msc (FH :DDD) for smart bois.

t. Dogdor
No. 23472
It doesn't matter, anyway. The whole discussion is stupid. All German 'universities' are pathetic. A degree is worth exactly what you pay for it. In Germany, that is nothing. With all the student benefits and welfare for students, you even get positive net-worth out of it. Which means you pay a negative amount of money for your degree. Which means it is worth less than nothing.

This paradoxical situation means: a Ph.D. from a German "university" is worth less than a M.Sc is worth less than a B.Sc. The smartest thing to do in Germany is to do an apprenticeship and get a real job.

It's the same in the US. An industrial engineer makes a minimum of $50 an hour. There is no minimum wage for CS-graduates from community colleges, obviously. And a community college is what a German university is the equivalent to. No other school in the USA is that shitty. Heil Merkel!
No. 23551 Kontra
>A degree is worth exactly what you pay for it
lol. american detected.
No. 23642 Kontra
lol. communist detected.
No. 26375
2,0 MB, 19 pages
Cranial deformation and genetic diversity in three adolescent male individuals from the Great Migration Period from Osijek, eastern Croatia

Three individuals dating to the Great Migration Period (5th century CE) were discovered in a pit at the Hermanov vinograd site in Osijek, Croatia. We were inspired to study these individuals based on their unusual burial context as well as the identification of two different types of artificial cranial deformation in two of the individuals.

While all three individuals were adolescent males with skeletal evidence of severe malnutrition and similar diets,
the most striking observation is that they had major differences in their genetic ancestry. Results of the genetic
analyses of the nuclear ancient DNA data for these individuals indicate that the individual without artificial cranial
deformation shows broadly West Eurasian associated-ancestry, the individual with tabular oblique-type has East Asian
ancestry and the third individual with circular erect-type has Near Eastern associated-ancestry.
No. 26431 Kontra
t. Angry american carpenter
No. 26433
912 kB, 114 pages
1,0 MB, 32 pages
1,7 MB, 16 pages
2,5 MB, 532 pages
This reminds me, is volafile still a thing?
No. 26436
>All German 'universities' are pathetic

>A degree is worth exactly what you pay for it
universities are not money making sources

what does 'still gradute' mean?
No. 26443
In the Anglo (dominated) world everything is a money making scheme.
No. 26445
>universities are not money making sources

tell that to normies
No. 26451
>In the Anglo (dominated) world everything is a money making scheme.

This. Even friendship and such stuff.
No. 30719
830 kB, 213 pages
No. 30952
7,0 MB, 725 pages
7,5 MB, 560 pages
4,5 MB, 559 pages
1,6 MB, 84 pages
Sharing the books from the recent Humble Bundle Linux book sale.
No. 30953
8,5 MB, 153 pages
9,7 MB, 536 pages
2,0 MB, 354 pages
5,7 MB, 494 pages
No. 30955
5,2 MB, 638 pages
5,7 MB, 944 pages
3,0 MB, 268 pages
8,1 MB, 456 pages
No. 30957
4,4 MB, 544 pages
6,1 MB, 434 pages
6,5 MB, 1156 pages
And the last one.
No. 30967
thanks for this
No. 31022
42 kB, 466 × 466
Thanks. Day of the breakening soon.
No. 31043
Does ernst support epub and mobi?
No. 31056 Kontra
Yes. All supported formats are listed right under the text box you used to write your post.
No. 33731
1,6 MB, 12 pages
5,8 MB, 20 pages
1,3 MB, 20 pages
10,1 MB, 13 pages
Some European Neolithic related pdfs I fetched from the web during the last few weeks