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No. 163
2,1 MB, 9 pages
No. 165
2,5 MB, 540 pages
>1 file per post
No. 166
464 kB, 82 pages
4,8 MB, 394 pages
6,4 MB, 366 pages
299 kB, 32 pages
oh nvm, had to enable javascript
No. 170
Oh great. It nice that we can share great books again. Sadly, I currently has no much on phone.
No. 192
3,4 MB, 28 pages
316 kB, 35 pages
7,3 MB, 367 pages
136 kB, 10 pages
No. 220
What is the file size limit here?
No. 221
I fucking KNEW IT when I saw that 176 post pdf thread to download it then and there. But yet again for whatever absurd reason I let reason and logic dictate against my intuition. "Oh it won't 404" I said. "It isn't like I can't download them all later" I said. What I never imagined was that mods would close the whole site. But because I followed reason instead of instinct now don't have a couple hundred pdfs.
No. 246
Who cares? It's the fucking internet, you can get pretty much any PDF of any book you want.
No. 248
No, you can't. For example, I wanted to know more about economy of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, I found a book "the Ukranian SSR in numbers" but I can't find the scans anywhere. And this is the official statistical compilation released by the government of the USSR! I assume that this book had more than one edition, yet it's difficult for me to find any.
No. 256
>I assume that this book had more than one edition
I think there must be at least one in local central region library.
No. 261
I don't leave the apartment and I can't send relatives to the regional library.
No. 271
>I don't leave the apartment
Why though ;_;
Is it too dangerous on the Ukraine?
No. 273
Because I don't work and I don't like to go outside. On the Ukraine it's better to be a poor sonbasket NEET than a literal wageslave with a monthly salary smaller than $150.
No. 3482
941 kB, 79 pages
Just another interesting book about Russian wealth and how Russians are getting buttfucked by the oligarchs, written by three young economists, two of which have become quite prominent.
It's unbelievable how much all Soviet propaganda about the cons of capitalism in Western countries was exaggerated yet perfectly captured the grim future of its republics. Our grandchildren will look at our times and curse & pity us for the fact that we were stupid enough to fight for the interests of the upper class. The West, of course, behaves very shitty too, they're okay with harboring stolen money and collaborating with criminals if it benefits them.
No. 3483
>R.D. Laing
What these two gigantic assholes achieved:
giving "conservatives" arguments to cut budgets and "de-institutionalise" people who are unfit for life outside of institutions. Like
>hey, mental illness is ill-defined, we can't diagnose shit, and it might actually be the past and present relationships of the patient with the world that are to blame, so release this paranoid schizophrenic, it's is his human right to become a homeless alcoholic!
>at least that's what we argue when we try to siphon more of your taxes into our pockets and the pockets of our friends
No. 3485
354 kB, 26 pages
Just read this one, interesting take on history but massively lacks depth (then again it's a 24 pages essay). Particularly interesting was the part about female emancipation being a sign of an empire's downfall, sadly not much proofs delivered besides a short passage from the islamic historian Ibn Bassam.
No. 3490 Kontra
thanks. piketty's critique on capitalism is kinda lukewarm socdem style, he doesn't dare or is too opportunist to get to the real nitty-gritty, however his stuff is still well written and interesting. he's a good economist and deserves more attention.
>it's unbelievable how much all Soviet propaganda about the cons of capitalism in Western countries was exaggerated
i don't think so. like, it was actually far too forgiving.
No. 3491
>The question is [..] is not itself insane

Yeah but how do I know?

t. IQ 89
No. 5092
486 kB, 15 pages
No. 5093
>mathematical metaphysics

what in god's name is that

I'll check out the organic textbook though. thanks
No. 11767
Paper from World Bank describing the conditions of existence of welfare state in modern rapidly changing high-tech digital economy, and how to deal with emerging issues. They cover up a lot of topics in the PDF, including the rise of the populist parties provoked by stalled income growth for the lower class and the disappearance of the middle class.

World Bank is a gold mine of research papers, it's nice to spend your time reading their fresh reports about nations and economic and social transition of the world.
No. 17733
1,2 MB, 14 pages
696 kB, 862 × 899
46 kB, 650 × 919
Where are Europe’s last primary forests?

The third pic is not from the pdf but based on it, source: