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No. 16306
227 kB, 500 × 492
Old one systemkontra'd
No. 16310
I forgot to add, some of your electronic/industrial tier music really reminded me of me being in college and listening to that. Would be funny if we were doing roughly the same thing with the same music feels around the same time.
No. 16341
818 kB, 2222 × 3026
Been listening to a lot of Anglo-Saxon metal again. Dog this album is very off-style for this band who tend to sprinkle this sound onto supporting tracks rather than go balls deep with it, but it goes to show the talent involved when the band can go from black metal to cosy acoustic album without losing out in quality. Dunno if it's my favourite album in the subgenre, Curse of the Cwelled by Forefather is a very strong contender for that title. I mean quoting the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in the first track is a strong opening for thematic purposes.

>Winterfylleth - The Hallowing of Heirdom

>Forefather - Curse of the Cwelled
No. 16351
I've recently taken to nightwalking. Partly, it's to keep healthy. Although I have no desire to become physically impressive, and I look at gymnasiums in the same horror as the Maccabees probably did, I do want to be physically robust (it's also the reason why I've started taking cold showers and abstaining from alcohol). Mainly, however, it's because it's fun.

As part of that, I've been listening to a lot of ambient stuff while out on these 1 - 2 hour walks, specifically "dark ambient" stuff from Cyro Chamber on bandcamp. There's some good stuff there, and the one I've recently been listening to is Winter Restlessness by Mount Shrine -
I've also gone back to listening to "dungeon synth" although I use that term loosely in reference to Vinkalder's Ambient I -
which to me seems more "neo-medieval" (a ridiculous word, but there you have it, it's a tag on bandcamp!).
No. 16353
No. 16356
Sounds cosy.
No. 16362 Kontra
It really is, and I urge you to try it, especially if you have difficulty sleeping. Obviously, don't bother with night walks if you live in an unsafe city - I have no idea how safe Hong Kong is (I'm sure it is!). Also, if you do decide to "urban nightwalk", tailor the music appropriately. I think dark ambient works well because I walk in rural areas, but something like 新しい日の誕生 by 2814 -
or Warm Night Fall by Sebastian Paul -
would, I think, go really well with Hong Kong. But obviously, personal taste and local knowledge are with you here.

A polite kontra as I don't wish to detract from OP's topic.
No. 16367
No. 16371
I just caught wind of the city pop meme so I've been listening to Japanese radio hits from the 80s all day
No. 16471
No. 16476
Cool shit, grab this, you might like it

I find myself listening to Electric Wizard - We Live on a daily basis in past week, one of my favourite metal bands from when I was younger. Best Stoner metal with sludge vibes especially on this album.

also this track is the best
No. 16477
I never really understood why there's so much hate for this band. I mean, they're a bit edgy with all those masks and costumes and shit but it's hard to find a Metal/Nu Metal/Whatever band that isn't at least a bit too edgy.

Mushroomhead - Sun Doesn't Rise
No. 16479
24 kB, 400 × 400
No. 16480
I like Slipknot too. Who got the idea that you can't like both?
No. 16481
Maybe the people who hate it you where talking about? I've heard it for the first time and I can kind of relate.

I mean like, saying that they are only a bit edgy and then

>I find it hard to concentrate with all my past mistakes
>To begin my life
>I can't feel my faith can't recall my crime
>I think I sealed my fate along the way I may have lost my mind
>I guess we're all damaged in our own way
>Alone in our own way
>Distant headlights desolate highway

No. 16485
No. 16492
168 kB, 962 × 729
Bri'ish Acid Techno making you bonkers, mate!

>DDR & The Geezer - Mad Cows On Acid

It's from 1997 and I like how the B side is called BSE. Those punks tweeking a 303 was a really good incident in history
No. 16523
Behold I give you Polish Age of Empires rap

Also where is Egypt is he just busy?
No. 16564
477 kB, 609 × 700
>Duran Duran - Save A Prayer
There's nothing like melancholic 80w pop in the evening
No. 16567
>State that you never understood why X is Y
>get an honest answer
>act like a bitch and take it personal
>reply with boomer meme tier music, you could've atleast went with tiger lillies

New Connan Mockasin's pretty damn good
No. 16571
I did not participate in this thread until that post.

No. 16573 Kontra
17 kB, 440 × 398
No. 16574 Kontra
I just saw "Oh, Slipknot...!" and posted a related funny song which you maybe didn't even realize. Fucking shizo.

Still. Have a look into Richard Cheese, shit is funny. Maybe even for salty drunk bums from eastern europe.
No. 16580
Been listening to this artist lately. Very distinct sound in my opinion and one that is pretty cosy. Not as mind-quieting as dark ambient tends to be, but breddy good.

No. 16632
So I looked it up and apparently there's a wide variety of variants on this "3D chess" idea but not an actual rule set for Star Trek chess. I dont know why this surprised me so much. I guess I also figured the rules would not be that these are just different sectors of the same board (because that would be fucking stupid instead of just using a bigger board) so I always figured there was some arcane rules on how you moving a piece on an above board simultaneously moved or caused an action on a below board.

I should just invent a thing like this and call it Heaven and Hell or something. I bet I could use the exact same visual style too since I doubt that can even be copywritten.
No. 16650
>since I doubt that can even be copywritten


Also: Sweet summer child, how naive, how naive. Apple still holds a patent for a rectangle (of a certain ratio) with rounded corners[1].

[1] https://www.theverge.com/2012/11/7/3614506/apple-patents-rectangle-with-rounded-corners
No. 16658
I doubt anyone is dumb enough to be one here, but I kind of wonder how ancaps deal with copywrite. Wouldn't a free market not have such a thing?
No. 16665 Kontra
Depends on what form of capitalism you try to embed the free market in. Unfortunately I have no idea what Marx initially wrote about patents. But the more modern view of Smith, which is still taught to economy students world wide, patents are very much anti-free market since they take the balance around monopolies (that romantically inclined wishful thinkers convince themselves is a real thing) and flush it down the drain.

kontra due to OT
No. 16675
Like the German says, it depends. The deep parts of the Libertarian bunny hole put patents as anti-freedom, but intellectual property can be enforced on an individual level through licensing similar to how software works, good branding to associate your original version with higher quality, or just by leveraging trade secrets to outright have something that can't really be copied.

In the current world, you'd have to be careful to steer clear of trying to evoke Star Trek in your sales. You could get away with the basic shape I'd say but if you push too hard in it obviously being 'Star Trek Chess', you're going to get hit with C&Ds because you're riding their product's popularity for your sales. You'd be better not just renaming it, but totally reskinning it into a 3d board game that happens to share very similar rules to a 3d chess variant. There's more plausible deniability there. It's an old trick from the miniature wargames world for how to make 3rd party bits for GW minis without getting buttfucked by their zealous legal team.
No. 16677
He is not me. I didn't answer to >>16481 because it could only lead to a discussion about edgyness and who needs that?

t. >>16477 and >>16480

Now, have some German whatever

No. 16679
>Illoyal & Bass Deaph

Nice. I saw them live in 2011, there were maybe 10 people attending. They were playing tracks from "Das Krankenhaus ist unendlich" which were much more experimental than their later stuff and the venue cleared out completely. So a friend of mine ended up smearing hand cream on Illoyal's face because it was getting late and the few people still hanging around just wanted to see Antilopen Gang. In the end we still had to take a taxi home.
This is not even funny, now that I think about it. But anyhow it's my story about Illoyal. After that I bought all his releases to atone.
No. 16725
306 kB, 500 × 374
14,9 MB, 6:28
8,9 MB, 3:53
61 kB, 268 × 400
I like that picture a lot. It reminds me of something, but I cannot put my finger on it. The idea of opening music threads with some OC is one I support strongly.

It physically hurts hearing such music while it is so cold, windy and rainy outside. Even though I haven't been on a beach holiday in ages, I immediately miss it and get a memory of the smell of suntan lotion for some weird reason.

Would you mind sharing some tunes or significant artists? J-Pop and K-Pop always passed me by even though I enjoy the positive vibe they transport whenever I heard something by chance.

There are a lot of songs by Duran Duran I do not like at all. Especially Wild Boys I find simply gruesome. But they also did some very remarkable pieces, "The Chauffeur" being my favourite:

Weird that this is from 97. It sounds just like the tracks done on the continent a few years earlier. I guess this kind of music hit them pretty late and while everyone in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany was going apeshit to it, they were still stuck on their garage sounds.
I guess you are also >>16300? If so, I think we are about the same age. I have a lot of good memories, some might be even the best of all, connected to this music and the songs. I hold Transfiguration especially dearly. The second tune I added is one of the first, or even the first "Jungle" track later being better known as Drum'n'Bass on the continent.
No. 16726
I kind of got into Heavy Metal today for a few hours:

>Black Sabbath - Lord Of This World
>Motörhead - Jailbait Live Toronto 1982 (HD)
>Motorhead - Dead and Gone (Music Video) (Lyrics )

Bonus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8tmCQUURiY
No. 16797
9,8 MB, 4:16
9 kB, 225 × 225
Don't know why i like it because someone farting with his ass pressed against a wall would sound better but i do.

Have one of my favorite tracks of those guys and a link to something somewhat relatable from a (i think) Canadian guy.

No. 16820
It's not terrible and still way better than dubstep.
No. 16823
stand back kids
much better nu-metal band comin thru


this album rules and ill fight anyone who says otherwise
No. 16825
Honestly I know it is kind of bydlo of me but
then again, O Fortuna basically came from a whorehouse, and frankly I thought most mainstream music was crap ten, twenty years ago and I doubt it's much of any better today.

Meh I never really liked SoaD too much even back when I listened to such things. Actually most of it was pretty shit even back then, particularly Papa Roach. Holy hell that album was bad. Anyone remember Blink 182? What was it, Sum 41, that bad was just awful. Slipknot was okay, Korn Disturbed etc if you're being an angsty teenager mad at the world riding on a school bus. Also I didn't know this but apparently the whole band of SoaD is Armenian.
No. 16829

>Hydraglyph - Ultrasound RMX
No. 16841
6,1 MB, 3:06
5,2 MB, 2:30

What's not terrible? Illoyal or Tha Impaila?
Both are intentionally terrible but in my opinion somewhat charming.
In the case of Impaila, he released 2 albums from which the second one is definetly improved in quality while the first one offers gems such as this.
No. 16853
>01 - Linien.mp3
Nice, never heard this track. Do you know what release it's from or is it just a single track?

Listened to the newer album, it's pretty rad actually. I like the lower-pitched vocals, reminds me of Lil Ugly Mane
No. 16858
40 kB, 512 × 307
I found this very peaceful last night. The album cover is a tropical fish and it carries exactly the sound that promises.

Would recommend wearing headphones.
No. 16863
I tried listening to speedcore again tonight, and my opinion on it kind of evolved from "this is not music!" to "this is still not music but sometimes, probably it can pass as music and those ones already are very exhausting"

last time I tried speedcore was in...2003-2004 maybe? And right now when I tried listening to it again I found it very exhausting. I still dont know how do some people listen to that.

>SFOB Speedcore Front Ost Berlin - Speedcore Symphonia Part II - Kindesschlaf

As soon as I put away my earpieces I literally said "well, that was exhausting". And yes, I said it in English as well.
No. 16866
I listened to Shostakovich for the first time today. It's surprisingly different from the styles I am used to (Brahms, Bach, Schubert, Vivaldi, Paganini, Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart, (Arturo) Marquez, (Aldemaro) Romero, Britten...).

Though so far I've only listened to 'Leningrad', which seems to be the most famous piece. Recommendations for what to listen to next (from Shostakovich).
No. 16869
Linien is from a ep called "Lieder kurz vor Schluss"
I just looked and it seems the original download link is dead but i would upload it for you if you want.
No. 16875
8,5 MB, 3:42
7,9 MB, 3:27
>i would upload it for you if you want.
Please, that would be awesome!
No. 16884
Thanks, but this looks like your profile link or sth., in any case seems like I can't access it directly
I'm not a MEGA pro but I think you'd have to get the link of the specific album folder to share it
No. 16885
No. 16886
No worries, it works now. Thanks a bunch!
No. 16887
My list would be:
Symphonies 4,5,7,9,10,11,12,15 (And 2 and 3 if you are interested in Russian avant-garde. They are less than 30 minutes each, half avant-garde, half propaganda.)
Piano concerto 1,2
String quartet 8
Jazz suite 2 (+ Tahiti trot)

Try to seek out versions done by Russian orchestras. The faster the music sounds, the better.
No. 16894
377 kB, 1200 × 840
Listening to some of his newer non-rap stuff right now btw, it's pretty neat actually. Very rhythm-focused and groovy, sort of "world music" with electronic but at times more experimental (he also does a bit of spoken word):

No. 16905
I never knew the USSR made Jazz-Fusion.
It's pretty rad. Makes me feel full of energy.
No. 16982
Alright, I didn't share what I'm listening to for too long so just a couple songs.

>Kate Bush - There Goes a Tenner

>Hamish Imlach - Erin Go Bragh

>Skoll - D'Annunzio

>Duran Duran - Save a Prayer

>Atlantis - Tak jak chciałeś

>Scum Rats - Devil in Disguise (psychobilly cover)
No. 17309

It's time to feel alright x 45
No. 17375
Nice taste but man I feel like you're into way more obscure stuff than me
No. 17378
Thank you.

Well, one mark of going in too deep in this genre is when you start reading track names and you dont understand them, also when you listen to voice samples you hear either broken English or a slavic language, lots of it.
No. 17382

Old school UK dubstep, this stuff slaps
No. 17383
Some late night coziness and feels for you, Ernst.

I know I had those nice feels.

>Vangelis - Theme from Missing
No. 17384
>you hear either broken English or a slavic language
Yeah pretty much
No. 17386
11,9 MB, 320 × 240, 4:28
No. 17397

Extremely good album produced by the same guy who did In Utero with Nirvana

actual fact: Kurt Cobain was a big fan of Metallica but only first two albums, I can relate, everything after that was shit
No. 17399
57 kB, 420 × 315
Tito & Tarantula are best known for the From Dusk Till Dawn soundtrack, but they actually have a few very good albums.
I used to listen to them a lot years ago but somehow stopped.


No. 17437
17,6 MB, 640 × 360, 5:01
No. 17476
I randomly got recommended this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7Gkh_9hyi8 but strangely it's the only thing he's done I liked so far. Most of Enigma TNG sounds like some bad blend of death metal. Also just posting because I am confused how the thread on systemkontra bumped above this one?
No. 17490
39 kB, 400 × 150
546 kB, 620 × 846
No. 17492
How can something sound so desperate, yet so powerful and beautiful at the same time?
No. 17498
impressive. very powerful, yet controlled and not a hint of boastful showmanship. what a conductor & orchestra. they have a new fan now, even though i'm not really into shostakovich.
No. 17541

The jam is on. I wonder if I'll finish writing before it ends.
No. 17562
87 kB, 580 × 571
Somewhere between synth nerdism and an obscure 70s or 80s movie

No. 17796
No. 17798
32 kB, 304 × 288
Oh yeah, I have that vinyl. You are aware it's an alias of Legowelt? On the Seaside is my favorite.


No. 17799
Yes, my friend. I am envious.


I enjoyed this collaboration, hope they release more.
No. 17813
Xosar is doing some good tracks herself. there is a Dekmantel where she plays live, but I don't mean the new one from 2018. Cannot find the old so I will just post a track of her I like.

No. 17846
I can't stop listening to the anthem of the Armenian SSR. It has a really nice eastern vibe to it, mixed with your typical soviet grandiosity.
No. 17872
651 kB, 1070 × 656
941 kB, 1353 × 830
Noice. Holographic Matrix was a good release, too. For some reason my copy sounds a lot more lofi than the one on Bandcamp. This track has a neat colundi feel to it.


Same feel with the DDR anthem. That feel when born too late to visit.


Now for a proper colundi track.
No. 17934
Who listens to UNKLE here?
No. 18040
It's interesting, and also interesting because I can't yet tell if I like it or dislike it


Some of it vaguely reminds me of Tricky, which I greatly enjoy
No. 18082
No. 18100
One of the very few tracks that remained with me after the dubstep fad

>Roeyksopp - Runinng to the Sea
No. 18136
8 kB, 203 × 248
A acid/303 line made from heaven (4:00+). It really has the sound of a vector pointing into nothingness while being light, zero gravitation in that space, space

No. 18150
Good Tune.
No. 18167
Today I woke up with a generally bad mood, the weather is cloudy and raining. Then I was browsing for music on the internet and I ce across this:

>Rose Red Flechette - Penetrative

I do not know what is this (apparently it is labelled is psycore/psybercore), but it suits my current brooding morning. It kind of reminds me of the digital hardcore genre of the mid-late 90s (stuff like ec8or and atari teenage riot).
No. 18182

Jack Thackray - Lah Dih Dah

A british singer/songwriter who sings within the French chanson tradition and in a baritone record.
No. 18278
I just discovered John Maus some week ago (I've seen the videos in my recommendations for years but for some reason I always thought they'd just be some rather lame retro-synth stuff) and I've got to say that his songs really hit a nerve inside me. So sweet and painful at the same time. It's a very rare thing that I can listen to songs over and over again but here we go.

>Wait til next year

>And the rain

>Hey moon
No. 18298
It had to be UR. I never knew about Inspiration, good track.

Add these to the must play of UR:


[the live version makes even more fun, it's more energetic]

No. 18380
i remember ur/submerge would sport quite a "revolutionary" and anti-commercial attitude and they would call their stuff "for those who know".
the final frontier is probably my no1 favourite track of all time. i associate a lot of good memories with it, too. if i had to choose a track to listen to till i die it would be this one. i've heard it so often, but when that epic 303 line comes in it kills me every single time. entering a time tunnel in a spacecraft probably feels similar.


No. 18388

Well, ofc!

It's cool that UR staff also did this, which means mad mike but shit this track is so energetic and house, gotta jack when the chords come in right after the kick drum is running a few bars

No. 18446
26 kB, 500 × 290
I woke up totally deranged from sleep, had this line in my head
>I love it then comes a bass or synth melody ...goes like .. I love it ..du, duu, du

Thinking damn what was that track title. I opened youtube still totally deranged from sleep and I knew I don't know the title but out of nothing like a fucking super lighting my mind revealed to me the name of the artists to the track Talking Master which was played by Moerbeck in a set when he was in my town, that I was looking for a few weeks ago or so.

It was Heron.

>Heron - Talking Master
No. 18502
Germanballs, are you still up for a rave this year? We already had the plan to create a telegram group but once again I was procrastinating answering. Whoever planned to make one, just do it and upload the link ITT. I will join.
No. 18549
65 kB, 700 × 480
I'm surprised this isn't actually a professional soundtrack to anything
It sounds amazing. Like, I don't even know how actually to describe it. It sounds like Gregorian or Orthodox dark ambient. Truly, this can be the soundtrack for the 23rd century's glorious homosexual space Christianity. I hereby demand as the Prophet that this be played during our religious wedding ceremonies.
No. 18553
Sounds quite cool, though not at all gregorian.
No. 18577
Random Japanese New Age-ish ambient

No. 18606
You should check out Hiroshi Yoshimura. His music feels so healthy and comforting. I always listen to it when I'm really fucked up.


No. 18631
In my opinion UR was techno at its best, and that goes for Drexciya especially.


Thankfully, Gerald Donald is still producing.

We also have DJ Stingray who I'm liking a lot.


I adore Yoshimura's music. Along with recommending his entire body of work, I would also recommend Harumi Hosono, Yutaka Hirose, Yoshio Suzuki, Akio Niitsu, Kuniaki Haishima, Toshifumi Hinata, Tomoyuki Asakawa, Takatoshi Naito, Takahiko Ishikawa, Shiho Yabuki, Shigeaki Saegusa, Satsuki Shibano, Motoko Hamase, Kohsei Morimoto, Akira Ito, Yoshitaka Azuma and Kenichiro Isoda.

They're all on Soulseek if anyone is interested.

No. 18632 Kontra
No. 18635

They really created a distinct sound.

Gonna listen to the Zyklus - Elektronisches Zeitecho

peeps like Plant43 took up that more scifi sound of electro, an 808 or another drum computer and some synths: cold and eerie space travel

No. 18636 Kontra
Very nice tune. I think Cignol might fit that description very well. His entire output so far has been mint.