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Official wat nou - thread.
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Comrade Corbyn will lead the revolution once the vote of no confidence happens.
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>EU dood
Is it?
It only proved the stability and actual desirability of membering in the EU. Financial advantages of status quo overweighted financial advantages of probable leave. If it comes to Britain being like
>Joke on us, we were merely pretending to be retarded xDDDD we don't actually want to leave the EU :DDDD
it would be meaning that Russian services didn't work well very funny to watch how they retract back.
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>It only proved the stability and actual desirability of membering in the EU.


Also we could discuss Brexit in news thread, no?
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>Also we could discuss Brexit in news thread, no?

Yes, please.
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EU gives bongs the Canada deal, or Hard brexit under WTO rules.
Discretionary deal to keep freedom of movement for further 2 years.
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There's a pretty good channel of a brit who talks a lot about brexit

I think it's important enough that it can have its own thread.
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Why are Ernst-channers so pretendious?
They act as if they transcended to another level of sophistication and discussion, but it is just the same everyday squabble in a different beige package.
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It's not pretense, it's etiquette. Used to be kind of a big deal, when imageboards were much, much slower. Consider that a thoughtless, pointless thread will remain for months, rather than be bumped off the board in a matter of hours. Yeah, people used to treat "self moderation" seriously, before imageboards became too fast for moderation, let alone self moderation.

Although, I'm more of a fan of the idea of filling a pointless thread with interesting discussions, rather than simply expressing discontent. Let him that would move the world first move himself and all that.
No. 16704 Kontra
I was expecting 120 words/post autistic rambling. Therefore we could as good move the posts or delete the thread.
No. 16707 Kontra
In your opinion, what is even the point of this thread? If OP wanted to talk about the Brexit, he could use the news thread. If he wanted to talk about the EU, there even is another thread by a Greekball on page 2.
In my opinion OP wants to go nowhere. He just wanted to make a pointless shitpost like he is used to see elsewhere. Why doesn't he just stay in places where such posts are common? This board aims to be not another of such. Is that bad?
No. 16713 Kontra
It isn't. Compare the OP here to virtually any other thread or discussion. There is a significant drop in quality between retards who shat up Kc and the rest of the internet and discussions here. If you cannot differentiate between a decent discussion and blatant shitposting you're part of the problem.
No. 16715 Kontra
>delete the thread.