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No. 16765 Systemkontra
4 kB, 250 × 140
why people think 4chan is bad?
No. 16766 Kontra
44 kB, 379 × 334
Because it IS bad.
No. 16768
Because it is...it's so bad. There's nothing even remotely interesting going on there
No. 16769
The people there are a mix of 2018 Krautchan and Reddit and the few boards that might be somewhat interesting are just as slow as ernstchan.
No. 16777 Kontra
Because it's unspeakably terrible. Even the slow boards are atrocious beyond all reason.
No. 16780 Kontra

No. 17137
Parts of it are bad, and people who prefer other imageboards exaggerate its faults due to elitism
No. 17140
Are you 2012 krautchan
No. 17145 Kontra

We are Ernst.