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No. 17170 Systemkontra
94 kB, 400 × 402
Seems like Erntschan of Spring 2018 is back. Whatever you think, I’m happy and hope kohl dies.
This is like KC2011, pure love.
No. 17174
so much this
No. 17175
Explain please.
No. 17176
Kohl = too much freedom (pedo's, onions)
Ernstchan = not enough freedom (leftist dictator mods)

Krautchan = just enough freedom

No. 17177
>This is like KC2011, pure love.

Just wait as your post will be deleted in a minute. Ernst is shit
No. 17179
I don’t care who are the mods.
EC has potential, imageboard renaissance if you wish.
No. 17180 Kontra
Why are you here if you hate it so much?
There are a billion KC alternatives that sprung up and still function after Krautchan closed down.
You guys walked into a forest of dicks with an open mouth and you are surprised that it's bad for you.
No. 17181
I don't like it here. I want my Kohl back.
No. 17184
I was visiting original EC in 2018, and what you are saying is not true. I was never banned, even though I created some low-effort threads.
No. 17185
496 kB, 570 × 570
Just leave for e.g. 4chan, but leave. You have always been the cancer.
No. 17187
>Why are you here if you hate it so much?
Is this the imageboard equivalent to "If you don't like it here, you should go back to your country"? I thought EC was a leftist board, and yet I have met more closet Nazis here in an hour than on kohl's /int/ in months
No. 17189 Kontra
>I thought
Well, you thought wrong.
We also try avoiding politics.
>Muh leftists
Nobody cares.
No. 17190
Daily reminder that poltards like you destroyed original EC, you should fuck off to pol.
No. 17195
As far as I remember the reason was Neo-Nazis like you doxxing the admins of EC
No. 17204 Kontra
>>Why are you here if you hate it so much?

>Is this the imageboard equivalent to "If you don't like it here, you should go back to your country"

Yes, it is. And Bernds are the imageboard equivalent to an annoying gang of rapefugees that nobody wants to have.
No. 17218

If kohl stays dead the worst posters will find their way here eventually and you're already here so we'll have a plethora of kekel threads anyway.
No. 17222
I won’t even insult you back, because of pure love
No. 17227
>Kohl died an death
And just today while we're having some nice discussions about the russo-japanese war, the origins of present mess in ME and so forth...
No. 17229 Kontra
How about if you just fuck off to some other chan then?

All these fucking people whining about our board you know there is 4krebs and 8 you can go to instead. Fuck off.
No. 17231
Pedos were probably having a nice time too jacking off to their illegal shit. :^)

And then the FBI knocked on the door and said "Hi"
No. 17233
rightfully so, I hope kohl stays dead because it deserves it

Also, Ernstchan is full of bellends who think they are superior because their imageboard it teh super smart, which is just as pathetic
No. 17234
No. 17239
If you don't like it you can always go back to your shithole, with such intelligent discussion such as the look of your turd or pedophilia or whatever stupid shit cabbagechanners do. Judging by the wave of shitposting, I'd say they are indeed actual bell ends and mentally disabled.
No. 17242
I wonder how people like you ended up on imageboards. Why do you waste your time on forums for autistic anime loving losers?
No. 17244
I wish. Kohlchan will return in anne minute's
No. 17246
Kohl's back!
No. 17247
2,0 MB, 331 × 248, 0:06
>literal fedora tipper tier
No. 17249 Kontra

Most likely because he's an autistic anime loving loser
No. 17250
227 kB, 1400 × 764
KOHL'S BACK we can shut down ec again thank you all for your support
No. 17257 Kontra
We dont support you. Don't come back.
No. 17334
22 kB, 259 × 118
Go away and take your 4chan pepes and hentais with you

Fun fact: the aging American creeps of kohlchan screencap my ernstchan posts and post them on kohlchan as proof there is this person called schizenu
No. 17346 Kontra
Why did you bump it? And why haven't mods set it to systemkontra/lock/deleted
No. 17524
This text extract triggers me. Why does it talk about phono-semantic compounds and then use purely pictographic 民 as an "example"?